Text Box:  Friday 6th February 2004


School Funding Issues Resolved


Dear Parents,



Following very productive discussions with the Department of Education and Training on Wednesday, I am pleased to announce that the staff salaries funding issues at Eltham High School have been satisfactorily resolved.


The official announcement is as follows:


Public Statement

Agreement has been reached between Eltham High School and senior DE&T officers concerning staffing at the school for 2004. 


The agreement enables Eltham to implement its agreed workforce plan within the budget provided by the Department for 2004, in a way that does not require reductions in education programs or local fund-raising.


What does this mean for Eltham High School?


I will be able to employ the appropriate number of staff for the year. School or parent funds will not be required to meet salary on costs. Class sizes and teacher face-to-face teaching will be maintained at their current levels. Teachers who go on leave will be able to be replaced.  Faculty budgets will not have to be cut.  I will not be proposing any change in the 2004 voluntary levy to the School Council.


After a careful consideration of the broad range of Department of Education funds provided to the school, the resolution to the situation has been achieved without needing additional funds at this stage.


In conclusion I would like to thank all those parents and friends of the school who have supported us during this difficult period.  To be fair to all concerned I must report that in hindsight, there was a pathway to resolution of this issue that became obvious when the issues were resolved.



Paul Rose


6th February 2004