Text Box: Term 1 Week 5
Tuesday 24th February 2004



Wednesday 25

Arts-Scrambled Prince perform Adelaide Fringe Festival returns Sunday 29

VET Sport & Rec Yr 11 Camp to Lorne returns Friday

SoSE M/S Environment to IMAX & Aquarium

Thursday 26

SoSE Yr10 Geography 1 & 5 to Pt Lonsdale & Torquay

Friday 27

M/S Puppetry Excursion to Kensington

SYN FM (Student Youth Network) broadcasting live from Eltham High School at lunchtime.

Saturday 28

O&ES Yr12 to Wilson’s Prom. return Mon March 1

Monday 1 March

Surf Camp 8E/8J with Ms Davis, Mr Ferns. Ms McTernan, Mr Lilienthal, Ms Gandolfo, Mr Kypriotis, includesTues 2nd

Year 7 Music lessons begin

Tuesday 2

Surf Camp 8A/8G with Mr Miles, Mr Tiedgen. Ms Keskinen, Ms Gribben, Ms Andrews, includes Wed 3


Principals Report

Thank You For Your Support

On behalf of the School Council and staff of the school I would like to thank all parents and their children for your support of our teachers last Friday. Almost seventy staff and a significant number of current and past students attended the funeral of Luke Thomas.  The support of the school was greatly appreciated by the Thomas family.  The high level of support was only possible because of the willingness of parents to look after their children.   The funeral was a moving one and our thoughts went out to Joan, Greg, Ben and Sally in their grief. We all hope that they are becoming reconciled to their loss but appreciate that this will take some time.  Thank you to all those who have sent cards and flowers to the school.  We look forward to Greg and Sally returning in the near future.


Australia Day Award

Congratulations to our Student Welfare Coordinator, Brendan Monigatti, who was the proud and somewhat bashful recipient of a Community Australia Day Award.  This award recognised Brendan’s long service to students and their parents in his work as SWC at our school.  Brendan is well known for his care and compassion for some of our most distressed young adults.  What is less well known is his dedication and willingness to give of his time of an evening or on weekends to support students in need.  This award is certainly well deserved.


Year 7 Band Has Successful Start

Following a very successful information evening last week, sixty students are preparing to join the Training Band in the next week or so!  We are already looking forward to the bands first concert.


Twilight Sports a Great Success

The school’s Twilight Swimming Sports were a great event last Thursday evening.  Parents, teachers and children enjoyed the good weather and good competition.  A highlight was the efforts of senior students in displaying their House colours.  The grounds of the Greensborough pool were awash with Red, Green, Yellow and Blue face paint, clothing and flags.  A great night was had by all.


Working Bee Brings out the Crowd

Over fifty parents spent Sunday morning making great improvements to the school at our first Working Bee for the year.  Members of the Grounds Committee were most impressed with the work that was done and the positive spirit shown by all.  Special thanks to all the Grounds Committee members, School Councillor Bob Ackland and School environment Coordinator John Coates for a job well done.


Advance Notice

The Australian Education Union has informed schools that the union has called a one day, state-wide stop work on Wednesday, March 3rd.  The action relates to issues surrounding the negotiation of a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.  Parents will be notified of any changes to school arrangements no later than Tuesday, March 2nd.


School Council Elections

This Newsletter carries the official notices regarding the School Council Elections.  There have been a number of small changes to the processes, which allow the election to be completed more efficiently.  However, if you are considering nominating for School Council, then you will need to pay particular attention to the dates for close of nominations – Tuesday,2nd March which is next week!!


Thank you to retiring Councillors Helen Cahill Grace Tham, Bob Ackland, Jenny Choong and Bruce Martyn. The contribution of these retiring members of council has been very significant over the last two years.  I would like to express my personal appreciation for their support of our school and their careful deliberation on the very important matters that come before School Council.


Paul Rose, Principal


What is a school council and what does it do?

All government schools in Victoria have a school council. They are legally formed bodies that are given powers to set the key directions of a school within centrally provided guidelines. In doing this, a school council is able to directly influence the quality of education that the school provides for its students.

Who is on the school council?

There are three possible categories of membership:

•        A mandated elected parent category. More than one third of the total members must be from this category. Department of Education and Training (DE&T) employees can be parent members at their child’s school. Six members of our School Council are from this category

•        A mandated elected DE&T employee category. Members of this category may make up no more than one third of the total membership of school council. The principal of the school is automatically one of these members. The principal and four other members of council are from this category

•        An optional community member category. Its members are coopted by a decision of the council because of their special skills, interests or experiences. DE&T employees are not eligible to be community members. There can be four members of our Council from this category. Council has coopted two students into this category over the last few years.

The term of office for members is two years. Half the members must retire each year and this creates vacancies for the annual school council elections.

Why is parent membership so important?

Parents on school councils provide important viewpoints and have valuable skills that can help shape the direction of the school.

Those parents who become active on a school council find their involvement satisfying in itself and may also find that their children feel a greater sense of belonging.

How can you become involved?

The most obvious way is to vote in the elections, which are held in February or March each year. However, ballots are only held if more people nominate as candidates than there are positions vacant.

In view of this, you might seriously consider:

•        standing for election as a member of the school council

•        encouraging another person to stand for election.

Do I need special experience to be on school council?

No. What you do need is an interest in your child’s school and the desire to work in partnership with others to help shape the school’s future.

What do you need to do to stand for election?

The principal will issue a notice and call for nominations following the commencement term1 each year. All school council elections must be completed by the end of March. For parents, this notice will probably be given to your child so you may need to check with them whether it has been sent home.

If you decide to stand for election, you will need to arrange for someone to nominate and second you as a candidate in either the parent category or DE&T employee category. Once the nomination form is completed, return it to the principal within the time stated on the notice of election.

If there are more nominations received than there are vacancies on council, a ballot will be conducted in the two weeks after the call for nominations has closed.


•        Consider standing for election to council this year.

•        Ask at the school for help if you would like to stand for election and are not sure what to do.

•        Be sure to vote in the elections.

Contact the principal for further information.




Our first working bee for 2004 was greeted with mild weather conditions and a fantastic turnout of enthusiastic and supportive parents. A huge array of tasks was completed leaving our grounds in a very clipped state.  A great many thanks to those who attended (over 57 individuals) and completed the range of task on offer: pruning brush cutting and mowing; weeding, planting, clearing and mulching: 5 new seats, 3 bin holders and tree guards were installed.

Thanks to Bob Ackland and Philip Green for their organisational, cooking and provisional skills along with the rest of our motivated group of parents organises on our committee (Linda, Bruce, Mal, John & Andrew) who provided leadership and support during the day.


All those individuals and families who gave so freely of their time are acknowledged.

Thanks to one and all.  Ackland, Jarvis, Hopkin, Molyneaux, Skelly, McCorkell, Sinclair, Hughes, Adamson, Stenborg, Pavey, Green, Hamilton-Green, Skeen, Wilson, Boulter, Whitechurch, Burgess, Guest, Gudgeon, Burgess, Nikolaidis, Russell, Williamson, Prenc, Burgoyne, Knight, Burns, Barden, Bateman, Hudson, Dimech, Wain, Kent, Voisey, Bowles, Boyle, Hamlet, Rose.


On behalf of the Grounds Committee I invite you to our next working bee on March 28th as we continue our drive to improve the environmental surrounds of our learning institution.

John Coates for the Grounds Committee


PS Invites are extended to all new and existing parents of the school to come along and join our enthusiastic parent group who plan and execute (and enjoy) these events at weekends.  We meet twice a term to plan events and provide input to school council on a range of planning issues related to the Grounds.



Schedule 4.
Notice of election and call for nominations

An election is to be conducted for members of the School Council of Eltham High School

Nomination forms may be obtained from the school and must be lodged by 4 pm on Tuesday, 2nd March 2004.

The ballot will close at 4 pm on Tuesday, 16th March, 2004.

Following the closing of nominations a list of the nominations received will be posted at the school. The terms of office, membership categories and number of positions in each membership category open for election are as follows -

Membership category

Term of office

Number of positions

Parent member

From the day after the date of the declaration of the poll in 2004* to and inclusive of the date of the declaration of the poll in 2006*

3 positions.

DE&T employee member

From the day after the date of the declaration of the poll in 2004* to and inclusive of the date of the declaration of the poll in 2006*

2 positions

If the number of nominations is less than the number of vacancies, a notice to that effect and calling for further nominations will be posted in a prominent position at the school.

Paul Rose, Principal


1.               “Electorate of the school” means the DE&T employee electorate of the school and the Parent electorate of the school.

2.               “Parent electorate of the school” means  all persons (except the principal) who are Parents of students of the school, other than those who are DE&T employees and who opt or are deemed to opt in accordance with clause 22 to be members of the DE&T employee electorate of the school.

3.               “DE&T employee electorate of the school” means the principal of the school and –

(a)DE&T employees engaged in work at and for the school (other than those who are Parents of students of the school and who neither opt nor are deemed to opt in accordance with clause 22 to be members of the DE&T employee electorate of the school); and

(b)     other DE&T employees who are Parents of students of the school and who opt or are deemed to opt in accordance with clause 22 to be members of the DE&T employee electorate of the school.

4.          “DE&T employee” -

(a)        means a person employed for eight hours or more per week in either an on-going capacity or for a fixed term of at least 90 days -

(i)         under the Teaching Service Act 1981; or

(ii)        by the DE&T under the Public Sector Management and Employment Act 1998; or

(iii)       by a school council of a State school; or

(iv)       under section 5 or 5A of the Education Act 1958; or

(v)        under more than one of the paragraphs (i) to (iv) above, and

(b)        does not mean a person employed, under a contract for service or the employees or the contracted personnel of such a person.

5.          Votes may be posted to the principal or placed in the ballot box at the school on any day up to the closure of the ballot. Further details on how votes may be lodged will be provided when ballot papers are sent to the electorate of the school.


Safety of Children

Some students are being dropped off in the car park area west of the basketball stadium.  Movement of cars and children in this small area is creating a dangerous situation for students.  Parents are requested not to use this area as a drop off point.  Student drop off points are more suitable on the North side of the school on Withers Way or within the school grounds entering by the tennis courts. 

Your assistance would be appreciated.



Swim Sports Results

Last Thursday an enthusiastic crowd of about 400 attended the twilight swim carnival.

Most events were hotly contested and we are in the process of formulating the inter school team to compete at Broadmeadows on March 2nd.

Congratulations to all competitors who joined in on the night – the standard of some races was outstanding with the following records being broken:

Bryce Pavey

U13 boys 50m breastroke 46:57

Erica Choong

U14 girls 50m breastroke 40:16

U15 girls 200m freestyle 2.20:37

U14 girls 50m backstroke 35:67

U14 girls 50m butterfly 34:02

James Cuthbertson

U15 boys 50m butterfly 33:13


House Points













Peter Nicholson/Max Balchin


Senior Boys Cricket

Last Wednesday thirteen of Eltham High’s finest trod the verdant green of Eltham Lower Park, pitting their talents and cunning against the traditional foes, Monty, St. Helena and Diamond Valley. They say that cricket is a game of skill and character – we were somewhat lacking in the skill department but we had a few “characters” and, more importantly, the lads played the game in the right spirit and “did the school proud”.


Drew Smith, Tim Collins, Alister Skelley and David Drapac wielded the willow to good effect. Luke Simpson, Drew Smith, Tim Collins, Peter Poposki and Matt Kamolins bowled some tight overs and Trent Courts and Matt Kamolins each made a sensational catch in the outfield.


Scores: Diamond Valley 94 defeated Eltham 73; St Helena 94 defeated Eltham 83; Montmorency 76 defeated Eltham 60.

Peter Goddard, Team Manager



Junior Volleyball

The Eltham High school junior volleyball competition for students in years 7, 8, and 9 begins Thursday the 26th of February after school in the stadium.

Triathlon Star

Year 7 student, Meg Russell, is almost assured of selection in the Victorian State Secondary School’s Triathlon team to take part in the National School’s Triathlon Championships to be held in Perth in April.  The selection for the BVSSSA team is based on performance over a series of five events.  So far Meg has won the 12-14 year old division in the four events already conducted; these meets have been held in Paynesville, Laanecoorie, Sandringham and Brighton.  The fifth and final event will be held in Laanecoorie (near Bendigo) on Sunday 29th February.  Meg is a capable athlete across all three disciplines of the Triathlon and is looking forward to the chance to represent Victoria at the National Championships.


Summer Round Robin

Senior Girls and Boys Tennis

The EHS Senior Girl’s Tennis team of Felicity Paciocco, Leanne Gatcum, Holly O’Shannessy and Brittany Gardiner defeated the Greensborough team but lost to the eventual winners, Montmorency.  The EHS team were runners up.

The EHS Senior Boy’s Tennis team of Adrian Franklin, Scott Cary, Steven Harvey and Brodie Richards were runners up top MacLeod.  There were also teams from St.Helena, Montmorenccy and Viewbank.  The number one pair of Adrian Franklin and Scott Cary went through the competition undeafeated.  The standard of play on the day was very good.  Ben Collins, Beuden Anstis, Andrew Scott and Alister Mason formed a second EHS team and performed admirably on the day.

Max Balchin, team Manager


EHS Running Club

Sessions on a Friday morning from 8am on the front oval have been well attended.  Last week the activities included relay changes, hurdles and middle distance.  Students from Year 7-11 took part in the activities.  The 2004 House Athletics Carnival will be held at the Doncaster Track on Tuesday 30th March.



Students are invited to enter this major competition (over 500 000 entrants). The competition will be held on Thursday July 29th in the school Library.

Cost:  $4. Payable to the Cashier by Friday March 26th.


Who is it for?

The Australian Mathematics Competition for the Westpac Awards (AMC) is for students of all year levels and all standards.  Students are asked to solve thirty multiple-choice problems in 75 minutes.  Students mark their responses on a special answer sheet and these are processed by computer.  The earliest problems are very easy; all students should be able to attempt them.  The problems get progressively more difficult until the end, when they are challenging to the most gifted student.  Students of all standards will make progress and find a point of challenge.

Benefits to Students

All students receive a detailed report showing how they went on each problem with comparative statistics.


All students receive a certificate or award commensurate with their performance.

The AMC provides the student with an opportunity for external recognition.  The certificates are well understood by employers and can be used as evidence of problem solving ability and willingness to participate in extra curricular activities.


Competitions can inspire a greater interest in the subject and a love of learning.


The formal setting and atmosphere of the competition can provide valuable practice for (future) VCE exams.


Parents/guardians are asked to discuss the competition with students and encourage them to enter. The entry fee of $4 should be paid to the Cashier by March 26th .

Garry Mc Kelvie for the Maths faculty



Emily Kersing (year 11) is to have her short story “Orange” published in the Autumn 2004 issue of Voiceworks Magazine.

Voiceworks is a literary magazine that publishes short fiction, poetry, articles, comics, song lyrics etc.  Published every season, Voiceworks was established over a decade ago.  The editorial committee arte all young writers themselves and are based in Melbourne, and the magazines patron is best selling Victorian author John Marsden.

The Autumn 2004 issue is themed ‘S.O.S.’ – save our souls’, and most pieces, including ‘Orange’ are based on this theme, although it is interpreted in may ways.

Voiceworks is a fantastic way for young writers to have their art published, no matter their chosen medium.  The latest issue will be launched in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, in March.

An extract from “Orange’ will appear in next week’s Newsletter.

Students requiring further information about Voiceworks can contact Emily in Year 12 or see Ms McKay.  Congratulations to a successful young writer with another achievement.

2004 Anthology Committee & Ms Clare McKay



Year 7 Information Evening

Last Tuesday we held our Band Recruitment Night for Year 7’s.  It was fantastic night and we have in excess of 60 students who will be playing in the Training Band this year.  Parents will have now received a letter indicating the instrument, which has been allocated to their child and should return the attached form to acknowledge acceptance of the position in the band.  These should be returned to the Music office by Wednesday 25th Feb.  The Method Book used for the band this year is a new publication and therefore will not be available second hand.  Method books for all instruments are $ 12.00 and should be ordered on the form to be returned.


Enrolment forms due

Parents [other than Year 7] should now have received enrolment forms.  Could these be returned to the music office ASAP.   Please see Mrs. Jill Browne in the Music office if you have not received one.

Band Performances This Week

Symphonic BandThe band will be performing at Penola College, this evening [Tues 24th] as part of their recruitment evening. Coach transport provided


Concert Band – The band will be performing at Lalor North SC on Thursday 26th Feb. for their recruitment night.  Students will have a rehearsal as usual followed by pizzas [$ 5.00].  Students are reminded to bring their uniforms to school on Thursday. The band will leave EHS at 6.15pm and return at 9.00pm [please note this is a change of return time]



The 2 EHS Choirs are up and running with a healthy number of participants in fine voice!

Rehearsal are:

Mondays 3:30-4:30pm for Choir (Years 7-10)

The VCE Vocal Ensemble will be Monday 12:50-1:25pm (Years 11 & 12)

All students are welcome to attend.  Please speak to me if you have any queries.

Alexandra Cameron, Choir Director



Welcome to the Year 7’s who are joining the program in the Training Band!

A reminder … second hand uniform, please contact Jenny Samphier 9439 2065.  AND … our Second Hand Instrument Register – not only available to our music students but anyone else who would like to purchase an instrument at a reasonable price.  Instruments on the register include percussion, woodwind, strings, brass – ring Kathy Skeen 9439 3597.  Any queries about the Music Support Group please ring Rick Browne 9439 9673.



Career News

Each fortnight Year 12 students will receive a copy of Career News. This publication will contain information about careers; courses, career expos, university and TAFE open days, seminars, scholarships and other career matters. It is important that students read it, attend relevant functions and keep themselves informed.



Year 12 students wishing to do a medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy or oral health science course in 2005 need to have done the Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences Test (UMAT). Details about applying will be available when I have them but in the meantime I have information from two companies that will help you prepare for the UMAT – at a price!


GAP Year

There are many different ways in which a GAP year can be organised. I have copies of the GAP Activity Projects booklet which offers placements in Caring, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), Outdoor Activities, Medical, Environment and Schools. Come to the Careers Room for a copy or ring 9826 6266.


Peter Goddard, Careers teacher



Environment Management Excursion-Wednesday 25th February Students will visit the Aquarium and Imax Theatre where they will view the 3D Ocean Wonderland.


8F SoSE will have a talk from a member of the Eltham CFA and 7B SoSE will have a visit from an amateur archaeologist who has worked in Egypt.

SOSE classes

Year 7 will begin their study of Egypt and Year 8 is currently working on the weather and bushfires.


Last chance for students to enter the National Geographic Channel Australian Geography Competition.  Students can win a trip to Sydney!  All participants earn a certificate for their portfolio.  It’s a 40 question multiple choice test of geographic knowledge & skill.  Students can register by paying $2 to Nikki Gemmill in the SoSE office by Friday at the latest.

(Students must be under 16 years of age on August 31st 2004 to be eligible for prizes)




This is a reminder to parents who may be eligible for the EMA.  Applications close this week and your completed form must be received by the General Office no later than 27th February.  Late applications cannot be accepted.

SCHOOL IMMUNIZATION PROGRAM cards to be returned  by Year 7 and 10 students to the General office by Wednesday February 25.

Trevor Jenkins, Assistant Principal Management



There have been some problems with end of the day buses from the school.  Constructive discussions have been held with Panorama Coaches and service alterations will commence this week.  It is expected that this change will relieve some of the crowding on buses and that students will be able to make their train and other bus connections at Eltham Station.

To Eltham Station          Dept 15:20

To Eltham Station          Dept 15:20

To Eltham Station & Research; all stops Dept 15:25

To Woodridge via Pitt Street        Dept 15:25

Bus usage will continue to be monitored.  Please contact the school if you have any issues.

continued next page

Discussions are being held with Panorama about the viability of providing a service from Eltham HS to Diamond Creek via St Helena.  A survey of requirements is being established.  Students that may be interested in using this service, please contact the business manager.    I would like to provide Panorama with some information about how often you would use the service. 

Would you:

Use it daily or only on occasions

Use the am, pm or both services

Please contact me by this Friday afternoon (26th February).


Also, a bus will be provided for the year 11 students who finish early on Tuesdays.  The bus will depart Ely Street at 12:45 and travel directly to Eltham Station.  This service will continue to be provided if students support this additional service.


There has also been some concern raised about the departure time of the 513 bus from Eltham Station (at 3:16pm) to Greensborough.  This is a Met Bus service and positive discussions have commenced with Dyson’s Bus Service to make this more accessible for students.  We are hopeful that the departure time can be put back slightly to help our students make the connection.



Cheques have now been prepared and are available for collection from the General Office.  Please note that if you have an outstanding Library book, your cheque will not be available until the book has been returned or the fine is paid.  Cheques not collected by 9th March will be posted out to families.


Bruce Martyn  Business Manager



After a short break in the program, the after school drama program will re-commence on 2 March 2004.  This is a fabulous opportunity for students to be come involved in this exciting program.  Two experienced drama teachers will be employed to run this fun filled program on Tuesday afternoons, straight after school, in the Hall.  During the year we expect there to be two performances as well as improvisation nights.


If you are interested, enrolment forms are available from the General Office.  The cost for Term 1 is $35 (inc GST) and for a full term the costs is $66 (inc GST).


re Victorian Public Transport Primary/Secondary Student Concession Cards 2004

Connex will be staffing a ticket booth at Doncaster Shoppingtown from Monday 9th February until Friday 5th March 2004 and will be located in front of Coles Supermarket.  Opening hours will be from 10am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays.  Students can pick-up applications forms and pay for their tickets by cash, credit card or cheque (made payable to Connex and endorsed on the back with all ID details) at the booth


 CANTEEN  R O S T E R    ____________



Wed 25

Johanne Johnson, Lyn Lindsay,

Sue Car, Julie Peressini

Thurs 26

Sue Ball, Angela Hennel, Norma Phillips, Jenny Samphier, Merle Schlotterlein

Fri 27

Ivana Glogowski, Debra Edgell “help needed”

Mon 1 Mar

Norma Heffernan, Renate Burke, Sue Kelty, Brune Koshmashrub

Tues 2

Leanne Bligh, Sharon Way, Jenny Harcourt, Bev Honeyman

Wed 3

Sharon Dimech, Mette Guest

“help needed”

Parents/guardians if you are able to assist in our canteen on the days when more help is needed please phone 9439 5111

Bev Cust, Canteen Manager


S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R


February 2004


Wed 25th until Tues 2

see front page




Wed 3

Surf Camp 8C/8D with Ms Goldman, Ms Wheatley, Ms Allen, Mr Jenkins, Mr Hutton, includes Thurs 4


Thurs 4

Surf Camp 8B/8F with Mr Robertson, Ms Pollard, Ms McLeod, Ms Cocco, Ms Gemmill, Anthony Politini, includes Fri 5


Fri 5

O&ES Yr 11 Grp 2 Canoeing to Westerfolds Park in morning


Mon 8

Labour Day holiday


Tues 9

O&ES (ALN) Ocean Kyaking to Lorne





Community Announcements/Advertising



Clean plastic supermarket/carrying bags and ice cream containers for use in Ceramics Department.  Drop in to the Art Office.  Thank you

Barb Gregory, Ceramics teacher



Bob Jane Eltham

FREE of charge Basic Car maintenance for girls

This Thursday evening-phone to register 9431 3011



Greensborough Hockey Club   Sign Up Day

Wanted: Boys and girls of all ages and abilities to play a fast and exciting Olympic Sport

Friday February 27, 7-9pm GHC ground, Memorial Drive, Plenty.  Melway ref 11-D5

Contacts Pres. Don Ayres 9439 2395 or Jun Co-ord Gil Doutre 9467 2460



Pottery Classes for Beginners

Adults & C children 7 years to teens

Learn the ancient craft of making pottery in a well-equipped studio. Lessons incorporate hand building, wheelwork, basic decorating and glazing techniques.

Small class sizes

Contact: Linda 9439 8057 / 0417 054 035



We are looking for girls aged 14 to! 18

Drop the misconception that Guides Re Geeks and come and join us on the 22nd of March for a fun filled exciting evening with heaps, of activities, food and laughter.

You may even find yourself wanting to stay!

We meet at the Plenty Hall from 8-9pm. So if you would. like to come please RSVP to Sonya on 0438 323 670 before 14 March.



Streets Ahead Tutoring

1 Gorge rd., Sth Morang

Year 7-19,VCE, Upper Primary

Experienced and dedicated teachers

Will help your child to succeed un2004

Phone Deb Parish 9436 8547


For Sale

Full size cello – contact Jill 9431 3775/0407 481 246


Ever thought about Fostering?

On any one night in Victoria 2700 children and teenagers are safe and sound in the care of foster carers.  Kids in need of foster care far out-number the foster carers available.

Can you give a child or young person a place to call home for a while?

Your local foster care program can provide you with training, support and a non-taxable allowance.

For more information on fostering and how to get involved ring the Publicity Recruitment Unit for Foster Care.

Phone 9458 5788




Try doing something Friday night that you won’t regret on Saturday morning…

If you’re interested in outdoor activities or just a bit of social fun, come to the Youth Road Hall at 7:30pm on Friday and see what the Eltham Venturers have to offer.  Anyone aged 14 or over can join, and everyone will be made welcome.  If you have any questions, call 9439 1175 and find out more about where Venturing can take you.



Walk Against Want (Oxfam Community Aid Abroad)

This year’s Walk against Want will be held on Sunday 21 March. Money raised through sponsorship will support projects such as digging wells and providing clean water for villages in Laos, tools and seeds for farmers in Angola, savings and loan schemes, and training programs in literacy, healthcare and human rights in Ethiopia and East Timor.


This year as well as the City walk, there will be a local walk starting at the Scout Hall in Finn’s Reserve Templestowe (Duncan Street Melway 33 B4). It will follow the Yarra Trail through Westerfold’s Park & Candlebark Park past Petty’s Orchard to Tikalara Park, then return. Walkers can choose to walk 6 km or 12 km. Refreshments will be provided at the turn around point but walkers are reminded to bring water, hat, sunscreen and comfortable shoes.

Registration begins at 8:30 am for an official start at 9:00 am, although walkers can register and start at any time up to 1:00 pm.

For more information on the local walk and sponsorship books contact:

Cathie on 9439 9527 or Val on 9722 1541(AH)



For the City walk contact:

Jo Muir on 9289 9447

Or Waw-vic@caa.org.au to register & organize sponsorship books.



Diamond Valley Netball Competition

Vacancies for Junior Netball teams and players

Under 11, Under 13 and Under 18 Mixed teams

Under 15 and Under 17 Girls teams

Matches are held at the Diamond Valley Sports Complex

Civic Drive Greensborough, on Monday. Tuesday & Thursday afternoons

Costs per player $4 per game, $10 registration per Person & $13 insurance per year

More info from Susan Rose 9435 1129


Wanted 2nd Hand Ti83 Calculators

buyers waiting – please contact the General Office if you would like to turn your calculator into cash


Support for Separated Families

RMIT University Psychology Clinic, as part of its research focus, is offering a number of free parenting programs to mothers in recently separated families.  These programs aim to assist young people to adjust to parental separation.

If you’re a parent of a child aged 11-15 years, have separated during the previous 2 years and would like assistance adjusting to this transition, the programs offered by RMIT University Psychology Clinic may be useful.

More information contact: Mandy Kienhuis 09925 7376 or email:mandy_keinhuis@optusnet.com.au


Welcome Platypus Festival

Celebrating Community, Arts & Environment

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th March 2004 Allwood House & Ferguson’s Paddock, Main Road, Hurstbridge  (Melways Map 185 K8)

FREE hands on arts and crafts workshops / Live music / roving entertainment / healthy food & drinks / environmental displays / walks & talks on the Diamond Creek / Singing, dance & history displays / processional parade / rock climbing wall & more.     Creative fun for the whole family

program information contact: Vicki 9718 2717 or 0438 596 344 or Isha 9718 0290



Carpool for the Thomastown/Lalor area.

Happy to carpool to and from school Yr 8 student.

Live in Parklands Drive, Thomastown

(off Dalton Road and parallel to the Ring Road)

Call Karen on 9464 5888


Allana LeMar - School of Bellydance

Belly dancing is great for all ages, especially children & teens.

Promotes a healthy body image, high self esteem and is a lot of fun.

For a brochure phone Allana on 9432 2492



Darwin Kakadu Trip July 2004

Places are still available on the Darwin Kakadu trip.  Details/ itinerary are available at the General office.  A meeting will be held for all those who wish to know more about the trip later this month, date and venue will be advertised in the bulletin/newsletter.  This trip is open to all students and the school community, preference given to those studying Indonesian.

Pompa Brady, Teaching & Learning Leader LOTE