Text Box: Term 1 Week 6
Tuesday 2nd March 2004


Wednesday 3

Surf Camp 8A/8G with Mr Miles, Mr Tiedgen. Ms Keskinen, Ms Gribben, Ms Andrews, returns Wed 3

Surf Camp 8C/8D with Ms Goldman, Ms Wheatley, Ms Allen, Mr Jenkins, Mr Hutton, includes Thurs 4

Thursday 4

Surf Camp 8B/8F with Mr Robertson, Ms Pollard, Ms McLeod, Ms Cocco, Ms Gemmill, Anthony Politini, includes Fri 5

Friday 5

O&ES Yr 11 Grp 2 Canoeing to Westerfolds Park in morning

Monday  8 Labour Day holiday

Tuesday 9

O&ES (ALN) Ocean Kyaking to Lorne

SoSE Yr7 Imax Excursion & lunch in the gardens



Principals Report



Parents received a Special Notice yesterday regarding the Stop work Action occurring tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd March. The Australian Education Union has informed all schools of a one day, state-wide Stop work. The action relates to issues surrounding the negotiation of a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. A very large number of teachers from Eltham High School will be participating.

Only students in Years 7 and 8 are required to attend school on Wednesday 3rd March.


NOTE: The Year 8 Surf Camps will proceed as planned.


Paul Rose, Principal



Parents of Middle School students are invited to the Student Progress Interviews on Tuesday March 18th.  Interviews are available between 4pm and 7pm.  Students will be given a booking sheet and need to schedule a time with their teachers before the P/T Night.  Students are expected to attend the interviews with their parents.  These sessions provide a valuable opportunity for staff, parents and students to talk about the progress and learning needs of the student.  We look forward to meeting you on this night.

Hermina Burns, Assistant Principal



Victorian Volleyball

Congratulations to the following students who have made the following Victorian Volleyball Teams.

U17 boys

Beau Biggs

Aaron Fluck

Barren Patterson

John Van Norden

Dave Parsons

U19 boys

Lucas Simpson

Ryan Dunne

Cam Blewitt

Igor Yeudin

Elliot Winfield

U16 boys

John Van Norden

U17 girls

Bee Spoor

Daisy Pearce

U21 Girls

Evie Lake

Laura Grieve

U16 girls

Petrice Fatchen (final 16)



Middle School Tennis

On Thursday 26th February 2 boys teams and 1 girls team competed in the group Round Robin, the boys at EHS and the girls at Tennis City.

All teams competed extremely well, the girls defeated Diamond Valley but were defeated by St. Helena, Montmorency winners for the day.

The Yr10 boys team played in pool A and were undefeated for the day, dropping only one set all day with our first pair of Guy Franklin and Anders Villani losing only one game.

The Yr9 team, playing in pool B were winners narrowly defeating St.Helena on a count back.  All teams can be congratulated on their performances and their behaviour during the competition.  Well done Rebecca Voisey, Jeda Cacioli, Erin Dattner, Hannah McMaster, Liam Twomey, Mitchell McGough, Jake Koers and James Smith. Congratulations to Guy, Anders, Luke Grigoropoulos and Todd Miles who will play in the next round, the Northern Zone finals on March 1st.

Kerry Lambert, Coach.




Copies of the 2003 Eltham High School Anthology “Follow the Pulse” are available from the General Office for $12:50.  Students who haven’t got a copy of this great publication, both for study in English classes and private enjoyment can purchase it from the cashier.




I have received information about JOINING THE CHORUS ensembles which are a Performing Arts initiative of the Department of Education & Training.  If any student is interested in auditioning for a role as a dancer, singer or musician in the Dance Company, the Choir or the Stage Band, they should see Ms Cameron in the Music Office for more information.  Audition applications will need to be finalised by Wednesday 3rd March.

Alexandra Cameron, Music teacher


Music Support Group News …

It was wonderful to have some new faces at our first meeting for 2004.

OUR NEXT MEETING IS OUR ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING ON TUESDAY 30TH MARCH at 8pm in the Music Room – don’t be scared off by this!  While executive committee positions will be declared vacant what we also need are parents willing to assist with loading and unloading ‘the truck’ at the school and performance venues when their child’s ensemble is performing.  The more volunteers the fewer times parents will be called on.

REMINDERS … SECOND HAND INSTRUMENT REGISTER – We have a variety of instruments for sale.  If you have any queries please contact Kathy Skeen on 9439 3597.  SECOND HAND UNIFORM – This will be of particular interest to our new Training Band members – any queries please contact Jenny Samphier on 9439 2065.

If you have any questions about the Music Support Group ring Jill or Rick Browne on 9439 9673.



43 Senior Legal Studies students accompanied by two members of Staff commenced their journey to H.M Prison Barwon at 7:30am on the 12th February this year.  All were to partake in a forum to increase their knowledge and understanding of today’s correctional industry.  Within this category the School Program Coordinator presented general information about the Correctional industry, Corrections Victoria and H.M Prison Barwon.

Prisoners talked to students about their incarceration.  Issues raised included personal accountability and communication skills amongst others that had an impact on their current situation.

Below is an account of two Year 11 students’ experience of the day.  Felicity Paciocco and Ty Koers respectively.

On the 12th February Eltham High Schools Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies students and teachers Mr Darling and Mrs Panas, went on an excursion to Barwon Prison.

When we arrived at the Prison we were given strict instructions from the Prison Warden that we were not to have anything in our possession whilst inside the prison.  Each of us was then required to walk through a metal detector and subsequently underwent a further security check before proceeding into the prison complex.  Once we had entered the Prison, we were shown the different sections and were told the type of prisoners that were kept in each section.

After that we entered the Visitors centre where we met the prisoners that we would be talking with.   We met 7 men who had committed a range of crimes, including murder, armed robbery, conspiracy and drug trafficking.  We split into 3 groups and were able to ask the men questions about their crimes, their daily routines, what they did before they were sent to prison and what their life in prison is like.

Each individual prisoner gave us an interesting insight into how they felt about being in prison and were incredibly willing to answer all our questions.  We were surprised to find that the prisoners were just ordinary people after all.

Overall it was a fantastic experience for both staff and student to be able to speak with the prisoners about their lives and one we will surely never forget.

Felicity Paciocco


On Thursday 12 February the Year 11 and 12: Legal Studies group took the long trip down to Barwon Prison located at Lara (near Geelong).  The prison houses some of Victoria’s most dangerous prisoners.  There are over 600 inmates serving sentences at Barwon Prison including Julian Knight who is located in the Acacia High Security Unit.

On arrival students were “frisked” and had to pass through metal detectors to gain entry.  Several automatic heavy metal doors separate the prison from the outside world.  Once all students had passed through the entry stage, we were greeted by a female prison warden.  We were then led through the prison and shown the different units.  It was then explained to us that Barwon was a working prison which means that prisoners have to participate in some form of work.  Prisoners earn about $10 a day which can be spent at the in-house store.

Students were then broken up into groups and had the opportunity to interview seven prisoners.  Each prisoner had a different criminal background varying from murder, armed assault, drug dealing or robbery.  Students were hesitant at first, but eventual overcame the overwhelming feeling of the prisoners’ presence.  In further discussion, students came to the conclusion that the prisoners were disillusioned by the judicial system.  Many prisoners believed that they were innocent and were being unfairly punished, while others accepted their punishment and spoke of their experiences in regard to their crime, legal aid and appropriateness of punishment.

Thank you to Ms Panas for her organization of the excursion, as it was an experience we will never forget.

Ty Koers, Yr 11 Legal Studies


Student’s behaviour and involvement in the day’s program was impeccable.  The Program Coordinator and prisoners of H.M Prison Barwon presented a very engaging, thoughtful and most informative insight into the Correctional System of Victoria.

Anna Panas, Legal Studies Teacher




CHINA TOUR - September 2004

The tour is now all booked and proceeding, we still have a limited number of spaces for students.  The price has now dropped by $400 due to the improved exchange rate.  If interested please see Di Parry, Pompa Brady or Brendan Monigatti.



Thank you to the following students who agreed to be part of the YMCA photo shoot held at the leisure centre on Thursday 26th February.

Finn Millour, Simon Wright, Ashley Mc Lachlan, Jasmine Varsamakis, Jenni Lee, Hannah Jones, Kalliah Goudge, Rommy Jones, Hannah Norris, Aiden Oeser, Andrew Del Romano, Todd Cresp, Matt Bourden, Elise Thorpe, Kim Davis.

The students may be used in new promotional material for the YMCAS “Funworks” program.  Samples will also be posted on the EHS home page.

Ross Pringle, Middle School Manager



The sky in March

You might like to consider heading out of doors in the evening during March to catch the following:

The full moon – March 7

Jupiter is rising in the East just before sunset.  After the moon and Venus, Jupiter is the brightest object in the sky.  With a pair of binoculars or a small telescope four of the moons are visible. (Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto)

Venus sets in the west between 8 and 9 pm this month and is very conspicuous!

Mars and Saturn are also in the night sky this month.  To find their positions, try the excellent website: www.heavens-above.com/

Middle School Earth and Stars class



Year 7 Imax Excursion

All Year 7 students must pay $14 to the cashier for the coming Imax excursion

Middle School Environmental Management

Last week the group saw the 3D show, Ocean Wonderland (at the Imax theatre) and then visited the Melbourne Aquarium where they studied the conservation of Marine resources.  The excursion definitely complemented the school program and was a good day for all students.

Year 10 Geography

Year 10 students last week visited Torquay and Point Lonsdale to observe one of the fastest eroding coastlines in the world.  They also observed the natural processes at work and the human impact on the coastline.  All students enjoyed the day even though it proved very tiring.

Year 11 History

Students are currently completing their SAC on Nazi Germany which was a great learning experience.

Helen Morris, SOSE Teacher



SCHOOL IMMUNIZATION PROGRAM cards have been returned to the Eltham Community Centre.

Trevor Jenkins, Assistant Principal Management


RAVE REVIEW……ADELAIDE fringe festival

Midsummer Night’s Dream Reloaded

Scrambled Prince

Mercury Cinema. 13 Morpett Street

Review by Nikki Gaertner

Written and directed by George Franklin, Midsummer Night’s Dream Reloaded takes the characters and basic plot from Shakespeare’s famous play and twists them into a unique interpretation that will delight audiences.

We’ve all seen modernised Shakespeare before, but the show does more than just move the scenes and language to today’s day and age.  This cleverly written version combines live theatre with film and popular music, as well as dropping in some touches of local humour.  Dialogue is delivered using both traditional and contemporary language with easy interchanges between the two.

The show opens with a speech by “Mayor” Theseus (Paul Hogan) which prompts many laughs from the audience.  This trend continues through the show – Hogan is a strong actor and knows just how to humour the crowd.

That being said, another standout performer is Rueben Liversidge, who also had me in stitches over his portrayal of Bottom.  Adding a flavour of Will & Grace’s Jack to the character.  Liversidge owned the stage and screen whenever he appeared.

There were numerous other standout performances from the cast.  Oki Gardner as Titiania had some particularly funny moments with Bottom the Donkey, and Ben Whimpey, Tim Monigatti, Lysander, Hermia and Helena.  Whimpey deserves special mention, as not only did he deliver an energetic and humorous portrayal of Demetrius, but he filmed and edited the footage shown on screen.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the enchanted forest and encourage everyone to head to the Mercury Cinema for I’m sure you will too.

The best show I’ve seen so far this Fringe

5 stars out of 5

    An opportunity to see this great show will come our way July 17/18 during the Montsalvat Shakespeare Festival

Not to be missed!!!



It has been good to see that many Years 10-12 students have been visiting the Careers Room. Remember that all students can visit at recess and lunchtime and Year 11 and 12 students can visit during spares.


The Age VCE & Careers Expo

This annual event is held at Caulfield Racecourse on Friday March 19, 2pm-7pm; Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 March, 10am-5pm. More than 100 organisations will be featured – universities and TAFE’s, career counselling, student exchange programs, VCE resource and information providers. There is also an extensive program for subjects including: English, Business Management, Psychology, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Art.  Free tickets for the first six students who can clearly explain the difference between “career” and “vocation”. 


School Based New Apprenticeships (SBNA’s)

These are for Year 11 students who want to kick start their careers. They involve students completing the VCE, completing on-the-job or off-the-job training and paid employment. They are not for everyone – students have to be very organised and realise that at EHS it is probably not possible to arrange their timetable so that some classes aren’t missed whilst they are training and working.

There are currently SBNA’s in Automative (Panel & Paint) Cert II available.

The RACV has 100 vacancies for students wishing to do this SBNA. Application forms available from the Careers Room – act quickly if interested, interviews start this week.


Veterinary Science Open Day – University of Melbourne

This will be held on Sunday 21st March, 10am to 4pm at the Veterinary Clinical Centre, Werribee (Melway Map 206 G5). Career and Course advice lectures for Year 10-12 students, behind the scenes tours, displays of student work and individual course counselling will be offered.


Peter Goddard, Careers Teacher



Darwin Kakadu Trip July 2004

Places are still available on the Darwin Kakadu trip.  Details/ itinerary are available at the General office.  A meeting will be held for all those who wish to know more about the trip later this month, date and venue will be advertised in the bulletin/newsletter.  This trip is open to all students and the school community, preference given to those studying Indonesian.

Pompa Brady, Teaching & Learning Leader LOTE



 CANTEEN  R O S T E R    ____________



Wed 3

Sharon Dimech, Mette Guest

“help needed”

Thurs 4

Maritta Car, Meg, Yvonne Wong, Lyn Sanders

Fri 5

Debbie Knight, Greg Stanford, Leanne Wilson, Suellen Harris, Debra Edgell

Mon 8

Labour Day holiday

Tues 9

Cheryl McCormack, Debbie Greig, Sally Malkoutzis, Cheryl Saundry

Wed 10

Jill Tait, Jill Black, Lyn Burleigh

Parents/guardians if you are able to assist in our canteen on the days when more help is needed please phone 9439 5111

Bev Cust, Canteen Manager




S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R


March 2004


Wed 3rd until Tues 9

see front page




Wed 10

O&ES M/S Ocean Kyaking LYN,FRT  returns Thurs 11 

Sci Chemistry Yr12 Excursion LaTrobe Uni

Art Yr11&12 Ceramics Excursion

Eng Yr 12 Performance of Stolen CUB Malthouse  6:30-8:30pm


Thurs 11

Junior School Life Be In It


Mon 15

Junior School Sticks & Stones


Tues 16

Yr11 Grp1&2 Lwr Yarra River Cruise


Wed 17

SoSE 10 Geog 2&4 Excursion to Pt Lonsdale & Torquay

SoSE Yr11 Politics to Parliament & Electoral Centre

School Council Meeting


Thurs 18

Jewish Holocaust Museum

Yr 7 Hep B first dose Yr10 Boostrix

Middle School Parent Teacher Interviews 4-7pm





Community Announcements/Advertising


Cello, excellent condition

Sell for $250.00

Phone 94392401


Eltham Football Club

Contact Andy Turner U19’s coach for season 2004

on 9437 7342 or talk to Erin Gebert

Training nights Monday/Wednesday 6pm till 7:30pm

Phil Maylin Senior Coach (Ex Western Bulldogs Assistant Coach and Carlton Premiership Player)




Clean plastic supermarket/carrying bags and ice cream containers for use in Ceramics Department.  Drop in to the Art Office.  Thank you

Barb Gregory, Ceramics teacher




Pottery Classes for Beginners

Adults & C children 7 years to teens

Learn the ancient craft of making pottery in a well-equipped studio. Lessons incorporate hand building, wheelwork, basic decorating and glazing techniques.

Small class sizes

Contact: Linda 9439 8057 / 0417 054 035




We are looking for girls aged 14 to! 18

Drop the misconception that Guides Re Geeks and come and join us on the 22nd of March for a fun filled exciting evening with heaps, of activities, food and laughter.

You may even find yourself wanting to stay!

We meet at the Plenty Hall from 8-9pm. So if you would. like to come please RSVP to Sonya on 0438 323 670 before 14 March.


English & Maths Tuition

Streets Ahead Tutoring

1 Gorge rd., Sth Morang

Year 7-19,VCE, Upper Primary

Experienced and dedicated teachers

Will help your child to succeed un2004

Phone Deb Parish 9436 8547


For Sale

Full size cello – contact Jill 9431 3775/0407 481 246


Ever thought about Fostering?

On any one night in Victoria 2700 children and teenagers are safe and sound in the care of foster carers.  Kids in need of foster care far out-number the foster carers available.

Can you give a child or young person a place to call home for a while?

Your local foster care program can provide you with training, support and a non-taxable allowance.

For more information on fostering and how to get involved ring the Publicity Recruitment Unit for Foster Care.

Phone 9458 5788


Try doing something Friday night that you won’t regret on Saturday morning…

If you’re interested in outdoor activities or just a bit of social fun, come to the Youth Road Hall at 7:30pm on Friday and see what the Eltham Venturers have to offer.  Anyone aged 14 or over can join, and everyone will be made welcome.  If you have any questions, call 9439 1175 and find out more about where Venturing can take you.



Walk Against Want (Oxfam Community Aid Abroad)

This year’s Walk against Want will be held on Sunday 21 March. Money raised through sponsorship will support projects such as digging wells and providing clean water for villages in Laos, tools and seeds for farmers in Angola, savings and loan schemes, and training programs in literacy, healthcare and human rights in Ethiopia and East Timor.


This year as well as the City walk, there will be a local walk starting at the Scout Hall in Finn’s Reserve Templestowe (Duncan Street Melway 33 B4). It will follow the Yarra Trail through Westerfold’s Park & Candlebark Park past Petty’s Orchard to Tikalara Park, then return. Walkers can choose to walk 6 km or 12 km. Refreshments will be provided at the turn around point but walkers are reminded to bring water, hat, sunscreen and comfortable shoes.

Registration begins at 8:30 am for an official start at 9:00 am, although walkers can register and start at any time up to 1:00 pm.

For more information on the local walk and sponsorship books contact:

Cathie on 9439 9527 or Val on 9722 1541(AH)



For the City walk contact:

Jo Muir on 9289 9447

Or Waw-vic@caa.org.au to register & organize sponsorship books.


Diamond Valley Netball Competition

Vacancies for Junior Netball teams and players

Under 11, Under 13 and Under 18 Mixed teams

Under 15 and Under 17 Girls teams

Matches are held at the Diamond Valley Sports Complex

Civic Drive Greensborough, on Monday. Tuesday & Thursday afternoons

Costs per player $4 per game, $10 registration per Person & $13 insurance per year

More info from Susan Rose 9435 1129


Wanted 2nd Hand Ti83 Calculators

Buyers waiting – please contact the General Office if you would like to turn your calculator into cash


Support for Separated Families

RMIT University Psychology Clinic, as part of its research focus, is offering a number of free parenting programs to mothers in recently separated families.  These programs aim to assist young people to adjust to parental separation.

If you’re a parent of a child aged 11-15 years, have separated during the previous 2 years and would like assistance adjusting to this transition, the programs offered by RMIT University Psychology Clinic may be useful.

More information contact: Mandy Kienhuis 09925 7376 or email:mandy_keinhuis@optusnet.com.au


Welcome Platypus Festival

Celebrating Community, Arts & Environment

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th March 2004 Allwood House & Ferguson’s Paddock, Main Road, Hurstbridge  (Melways Map 185 K8)

FREE hands on arts and crafts workshops / Live music / roving entertainment / healthy food & drinks / environmental displays / walks & talks on the Diamond Creek / Singing, dance & history displays / processional parade / rock climbing wall & more.     Creative fun for the whole family

program information contact: Vicki 9718 2717 or 0438 596 344 or Isha 9718 0290



Allana LeMar - School of Bellydance

Belly dancing is great for all ages, especially children & teens.

Promotes a healthy body image, high self esteem and is a lot of fun.

For a brochure phone Allana on 9432 2492