Text Box: Term 1 Week 9
Tuesday 23rd March 2004


Wednesday March 24, between 12noon & 8pm interviews for Junior & Senior School students 


PLEASE NOTE: ON 24th MARCH students DO NOT attend classes on this day but are expected to attend the interviews with their parents.

Timetable: 12pm until 2.30 pm Interviews /2-30pm-3pm Tea break/3pm until 5pm Interviews/5pm - 6pm Dinner break/6pm until 8pm Interviews                                                                   Hermina Burns, Assistant Principal



from 12midday until 7pm          COST ONLY $5 / 4 Wheel drive $7  

fundraiser for student leadership course.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  please support



Principals Report

Business Week Scholarship

Congratulation to Camille Peressini who has been successful in gaining a scholarship for Australian Business Week 2004.


Australian Business Week is an annual residential business program hosted by the Faculty of Law and Business, Deakin University. Sixty of the best Year 12 students in Victoria participate in the program, managing hypothetical companies, competing as market leaders. Well Done, Camille.


Parent Teacher Student Interviews

The Middle school Parent Teacher Student interviews last week were very well attended. It is good to see the partnership working. Don’t forget that this Wednesday, Junior and Senior School Parent Teacher Student interviews are running. It is very important that students attend and participate in the interviews. The improvement plans that result from the meetings need to be a shared plan, with commitment from all parties.


Fellowship of Australian Writers Awards 2004

This Friday, 26th March, sees the 2004 Fellowship of Australian Writers Awards. A number of students have entered their individual work, prose and poetry and the 2004 Anthology has once more been entered for the Mavis Thorpe Clarke Award. Parents may not be aware that Eltham High School sponsors an award, the Jim Hamilton Award for an unpublished manuscript. I am looking forward to the day when a former student of the school is an entrant in this award. In the mean time, students and their staff mentor, Claire McKay, are all getting very excited and hope that once more Eltham High School can be successful. We wish all our young writers success in these prestigious awards.

Paul Rose, Principal



Anyone able to assist in the canteen, for even a short time we would love to hear from you.  No prior experience necessary.  This is a great opportunity to meet other members of the Eltham High School community and to also provide a valuable service to our staff and students.  Please contact the Business Manager, Bruce Martyn if you are able to assist.


Thank you to all those people who have volunteered to help with keyboarding from time to time.  We now have a good number of volunteers.  You may be contacted during the year as tasks arise.

Thanks, Bruce Martyn



Wednesday 24

Music EHS Showcase –Eltham Town Square 11:45am until 1:30pm

Parent Teacher- Junior School & Senior School Interviews (see notice this page)

Thursday 25

Music EHS Showcase Clarinet & Saxophone-Eltham Town Square

HPE M/S Active Girls Ten Pin Bowling pm

Friday 26

Sunday 28 Grounds Working Bee

Monday 29

Music –Concert-Doncaster Salvation Army Temple 6pm – 10pm

Tuesday 30

Athletic Sports- whole school activity


Planning is well underway for the big event.

The formal will be held on October 21st at 9 Darling Street, South Yarra.

For your convenience the total cost of $90 will be divided into 3 instalments of $30 each.  The first instalment is now due and should be made to the cashier as soon as possible.  The second will be in Term 2 and the third in Term 3. Thank you for your cooperation.

Year 12 Formal Committee







The music started and the year 7s looked up. Noises came from the video room. We were all interested. At the start of the week in the library, all year 7s enjoyed a short play produced by Brainstorm Productions. It showed us in an excellent display of acrobatic exhilaration that using your fists is not the only way to solve something.


Jason and Dan were the two fabulous actors, who were multi-talented and versatile. Everyone was impressed by how they were able to change characters so quickly and efficiently, especially Jason. He had three different characters to play; the first one was Joe the counsellor, trying to help Toby. The second was Toby’s father, who felt that fighting was the way to solve problems and the last character was Kelloge, the school bully. Dan also played different characters – young Toby when he was being bullied and the teenage Toby with a fighting problem.


“Sticks and Stones” was a play about bullying. At the start of the play we saw an angry teenager who knew nothing about solving problems without violence. Joe tried to show Toby why he was like that. They travelled back to the start of Toby’s school life and we find out that Toby himself was bullied. His dad told him to keep fighting. In the end Joe helped him to stop fighting and to make friends with his tormentor.


This play was unusual. There were only two actors and the set was a square mat. Few props were used but it was still quite funny. One of the main props was a wooden box. It was used as an even smaller stage, a lifting tool and a prop holder. Other props that were used were costumes and juggling balls. It could also have been mistaken for a musical as they kept in time wonderfully with the music, not just singing but using action too.


The main message of the show was not to use violence to solve problems. At the end of the play the actors talked to us about this theme. When we all left we all knew the right way to solve problems, without violence or spreading rumours.


I recommend this play for grade 4 to year 9s. It was definitely a great play to see and I’m sure many people could relate to it. I give it four stars for a good message and great hands on action.


Megan Edgoose.   7D



Next Monday, Junior and Middle School students will be asked if they want to take part in the student leadership program at EHS.  This program aims to provide students with the opportunity to be representatives for their peers at issues, forums and to take action within the school or broader community in project teams.  They will be provided with training and will decide for themselves what kind of actions they want to take.

Two formal programs which student leaders may participate in are

r.u.MADAre you Making a Difference?

This will be open to Year 7 & 8 students only.  The program will run with our Innovations and Excellence Cluster, so initial training and brainstorming of projects for the year will happen with select Grade 5 & 6’s from our cluster Primary Schools.  Students may then decide on a separate project, or continue to work with one or all of the primary schools.

Alpine School

This project will be open to Year 9 students who are keen to implement a team project in their community.  If successful, the team would live and work on their project at the Alpine school in Term 4.


Students interested in either of these leadership programs or the many other possibilities at Eltham should make sure they nominate themselves next Monday, and complete the application form before Wednesday.

Nikki Gemmill, Student Leadership Coordinator



The MS Puppetry class went on an excursion to the Al Martinez Studios in Kensington. The studio is situated in a woolshed circa 1880 and is constructed from hand made bricks and beautiful timbers such as brush box, baltic pine and Tasmanian oak.

After ascending several sets of stairs and walking through large empty rooms, we entered a huge room full of magic and mystery. Here props and puppets are made mostly on commission for shows that are to appear in Melbourne and/or around the world.

Some clients and shows include

·         The Victorian College of the Arts. The studio was required to build a ‘library’ of puppet types for tertiary students to study.

·         A show due to open in Melbourne in 4 weeks called ‘The Producers’ originally a Mel Brooks movie. The studio was required to build a dozen life size robotic Nazi German soldiers mechanised to salute, and eight ‘singing’ doves that are required to flap their wings, bob up and down.

·         The Hobbit.

We were there for two hours and were given a tour of the studio, the different machinery, processes and various materials that are used. We also were given an insight into some of the tricks of the trade.

In the main entrance to our school there are two fantastic puppets on display made by a professional puppeteer from the studio. They are of George Bush and John Howard. Come and say hello.

Sue Pickett, Puppetry teacher


Hi everyone and this has been a great term as a lot is happening in LOTE.  Many students started the year by finding out why they are studying a LOTE and here is what Joselyn Wright from 8C had to say:


Recently I went on the 2oth Australian Jamboree.  Although it’s the Australian Jamboree, scouts from as far as Canada fly over to participate.

There were around eleven thousand scouts on the Jamboree and by chance on the closing ceremony on the last night I saw some Indonesian scouts with the Indonesian Flag.  I walked up to them and introduced myself and asked them where they lived (all in Indonesian), and they said “Berasal dari Indonesia”.  Then I told them I was from Australia.  They then introduced themselves and I got a photo with them.  They were really surprised that I could speak Indonesian!

I said “Sampai Jumpa” and they said Sampai Jumpa kembali! (Goodbye in return)  I thought that being able to talk to kids from Indonesian in Indonesian was fun, and wish I had been able to ask them what they thought of the Jamboree.  I think that LOTE is very useful to learn because if gives us opportunities that we wouldn’t normally be able to do, and meeting someone from another country and being able to speak to them in their language is a great experience!

A big merci beaucoup and terima kasih sekali to all volunteers who are working with our students.  Luc Labigang completed Yr12 French last year and is coaching French conversation to current Yr12 students on a regular basis.  It is great to see Luc share his expertise and be involved in this valuable cross age tutoring activity.  We encourage more past languages students to come forward and participate in coaching Yr12’s for the conversation component of the oral exam.  We are also very grateful to Madame Brigitte Labigang, Janet Gayle and Linda Cuthbertson who are giving up their time each week to help our students with conversation practice.  We also invite any parents and friends who would like to join this pool of volunteers. 


On March 17th our Yr 8 and Yr 11 Indonesian classes participated in an Indonesian self, defence workshop called “Pencak Silat”.  The movements in Pencak Silat are based upon movements and mannerisms of animals.  Students enjoyed the workshop and learnt a few basic movements of self defence.

Our Year 7’s will be learning the monkey dance and ‘Tarian Poco Poco’ which incorporates movements from rice planting and harvesting.  More on this next week.  More news next week also on a very interesting account from one of our students who had been to France as an exchange student.

Bu Brady, Teaching & Learning Leader LOTE



SoSE Levies

Letters requesting payment of levies should have arrived home this week.  Prompt payment of these fees would be most appreciated.


Guest Speaker Yr 11/12 Economics

Stuart Buckingham, Director of Buckingham and Company of Greensborough spoke to the Yr 11/12 economics class about the property market.  The school thanks to Stuart for the interesting presentation and for giving up his time and this occasion to further develop links between school and industry.


Excursion – Point Lonsdale

Another successful excursion was conducted to Point Lonsdale for Year 10 Geography students.

Helen Morris, for the SoSE Faculty


Australian Business Week

Congratulations to Camille Peresseni of Year 12 for her success in being selected to participate in the Australian Business Week residential program at Deakin University NEXT MONTH.  The scholarship is only awarded to 65 students state-wide from all secondary schools, both government and independent.  In particular, it reflects upon the endeavour and academic achievement of students in their studies, particularly in the Commerce area.  Undoubtedly, in the eyes of the judging panel Camille was a worthy recipient of this scholarship.  Congratulations.


HTAV Yr 12 History lectures

Students from the two year 12 History: Revolutions classes were fortunate enough to be able to attend two lectures held by the History Teachers Association of Victoria on Sunday the 14th March 2004.

The lectures were given in the Old Arts building at Melbourne University, and each lasted for around an hour. General consensus was that the lectures were very helpful and were able to strongly reinforce what was taught inside the classroom.

Many key elements of the French Revolution were covered such as leaders and movements, analysing literature and political propaganda, and the period of time between 1780 and 1802. The lectures also looked at various philosophical perspectives on revolution and helped relate these to the French revolution.

All who attended the lectures gained some very valuable information and were able to gain a greater understanding of the events which took place as well as how to analyse them.

Thanks must go out from all the students to Ms Parry and Mr Oliver who facilitated the purchasing of tickets and organised the registration of students for the lectures.                      Christian Teese, Yr 12 History.



First Aid Classes

A workplace level 2 First Aid Course will be held during term 2 at Eltham High School.

Starting on Monday 26th April to Monday 31st May.

6 weeks from 3:454pm until 7:15pm

Suitable for students from Year 10 onwards and also open for parents.  Cost: students $80

Adults $125

Please contact me at the school for further details or to make a booking.    Joy Snow, Sick Bay attendant



A reminder that the $4 entry fee for this competition is now due (payable to the cashier).  All students are encouraged to enter!

The Mathematics Faculty



All welcome to attend from 9am until 12:30pm (BBQ & drinks provided for the volunteers)

A full list of the tasks appeared in last week Newsletter and is available on our web site.

Reminder: new parents to the school park your vehicle on the hard courts adjacent to the library and make your way to the Central courtyard complex where you need to be signed in by one of our Committee members.  You will then be allocated a task appropriate to your skill level.

Thanks in anticipation of your involvement.

John Coates for the Grounds Committee

Are there some parents who would like to receive the newsletter via email? If so, go to our website, www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the Newsletter link and choose subscribe, fill in the form and the newsletter will be emailed to you each



Athletics Sports

The 2004 House Athletics Sports will take place at the Doncaster Athletics track (George Street) on Tuesday March 3.  This is a whole school activity and no classes will run.  Buses will ferry students to the track from 9:15am with events due to commence from 10 0’clock until 2:30pm, when the buses will return students to school.

Students are encouraged to enter as many events as they wish

Track – 100m/200m/400m/800m/1500m/3000m/walk

Field – javelin/shot put/discuss/long jump/triple jump/ high jump

Students should dress in House colours and bring appropriate levels of protection and fluids.  A kiosk will be open at the track.  Students who win events may be invited to compete at the District Athletics on Tuesday May 4th.

Peter Nicholson, Sport Coordinator


Home Work Clubs

Junior School

Middle School

Year 7 & 8 students

Wednesday 3:15-4:20pm in room 706

Wednesday afternoon 3:15-4:30pm in room 201.


CANTEEN  R O S T E R    ____________


Wed 24

Parent/teacher Interview day

Thurs 25

Marita Car, Glenda Guilfoyle, Jill Browne, Leanne Lillie

Fri 26

Ivana Glogowski, Debra Edgell, Mara Mayall, Kerry Armstrong

Mon 29

Brunhilde Koshmashrub, Connie Deylen, Sue Pickering, Renate Burke

Tues 30

Athletic Sports Day

Wed 1 Apr

Sue Courts, Jill Tait, Sharon Dimech

HELP NEEDED–would be most appreciated.

Contact Bev or Gael on 9439 5111


S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R

March 2004

Wed 24 until Tues 30

see front page

Wed 31

Music Intermediate Band Tour to Ballarat Sovereign Hill returns Thurs


Thurs 1

Lunchtime Music Event Little Day In

Music Symphonic Band Concert at Luther college in the evening with MYSB & Grainger WS

Fri 2

Last day of term finish 2:21pm



Community Announcements/Advertising


Eltham High Students through to the fourth heat of Future Rock

An open invitation to all staff & students to attend and support this young band at the Hard Rock Café Melbourne on Saturday 3 April from 2pm.  There are neither age restrictions nor fee to attend – it is a free, family orientated day designed to support Australia’s best up-and –coming talent.

See Adrian Horsman, Benn Gaylor & Tayler Worth (Viewbank)


WISHFUL THINKING – Blame it on Stanley/52 Reasons/Twist of Fate/Far from Friday


27th March 6:45-11pm at 157 Wungan Street Macleod YMCA

$7 with flyer / $8 without

This is a fully supervised drug and alcohol free event

Foe more info contact Elise on 94676 7152


Petty’s Orchard Organic Food Fare

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th March

Apple tasting from our 200 variety collection / take a guided tour through the historic orchard / over 40 stalls offering food, wine and other organic treats / art exhibition / live music and entertainment / children’s activities / horticultural museum / cooking demonstrations. Cnr Monckton and Homestead Road, Templestowe (Melways 22 A 12)

Adult $10 Concession $6 (children under 16 free)


Mullum Mullum Festival

The 8th Festival offers 22 walks of interest to people of mall ages guided by experts in their field.

Sunday 21st March, opening & walks at Yarran Dheran Mitcham

27th & 28th March, Waterwatch, cycling, astronomy, platypus search are among many different events along the Mullum Mullum valley.

Programs available at School Office, or contact Les 9874 2641 more info www.vicnet.net.au/-mulfest/


Junior Training Camps

Melbourne Parktips from Tennis Champions Peter Mc Namara, Andrew Florent and Paul Kilderry.  Participants can expect an intense and challenging camp these school holidays if children are between 5 and 15.  They will play tennis, get some tuition and have lots of fun with our activities program.

Further information please contact 9286 1244 email aotennis@tennisaustralia.com.au


Plenty Valley Montessori School

Open Day & Fair

March 27th   10am to 3pm

A great family day out!

What is Montessori?

Come and experience the Montessori Difference!

Guided tours with the Principal every ½ hour on the hour (11am to 3pm)

Classrooms open for inspection 11:30am to 1pm.

315 Aqueduct Rd., Diamond Creek.  Melways Ref map 11 G8 phone 9438 3202




Student exchange Australia

The Global Experience – LIVE IT AT HOME

In July 2004 students from over 15 countries around the world will be arriving in Australia to study at local high schools for 5 to 11 months.  Opportunities exist to act as a host family in a volunteer capacity.  Hosting can be on a temporary, short or long term basis.

Host families help provide international students with the chance to study and experience life in Australia.  This is a great way to0 learn about another country and culture, establish a lifelong link to a family in another country and contribute to international goodwill.  If your family can offer a friendly, supportive and caring home environment, contact us today.

To learn more about this opportunity call Student Exchange Australia on 1300 135 331 or visit our website: www.studentexchange.org.au


Eltham North Soccer Club

Players wanted – Under 13 boys (you turn 14 during 2004) contact Paul 9435 6805

                           Under 15 boys (you turn 15 during 2004) contact Geoff 9435 3323)




Blood Donors need to build Easter Blood Stocks

Donate blood at the Community & Reception Centre

Pitt Street (Cnr Main Road)


Monday 5 April 1:15pm – 8pm

Tuesday 6 April 1:15pm – 8pm

Wednesday 7 April 1:15pm – 7:30pm

New Donors Welcome!

Every blood donation you make will save three lives

13 14 95 Australian Red Cross Blood Service


Wanted 2nd Hand Ti83 Calculators

Buyers waiting – please contact the General Office if you would like to turn your calculator into cash




Cello, excellent condition

Sell for $250.00

Phone 94392401



Clean plastic supermarket/carrying bags and ice cream containers for use in Ceramics Department.  Drop in to the Art Office.  Thank you

Barb Gregory, Ceramics teacher


For Sale

Full size cello – contact Jill 9431 3775/0407 481 246


Ever thought about Fostering?

On any one night in Victoria 2700 children and teenagers are safe and sound in the care of foster carers.  Kids in need of foster care far out-number the foster carers available.

Can you give a child or young person a place to call home for a while?

Your local foster care program can provide you with training, support and a non-taxable allowance.

For more information on fostering and how to get involved ring the Publicity Recruitment Unit for Foster Care.

Phone 9458 5788


Diamond Valley Netball Competition

Vacancies for Junior Netball teams and players

Under 11, Under 13 and Under 18 Mixed teams

Under 15 and Under 17 Girls teams

Matches are held at the Diamond Valley Sports Complex

Civic Drive Greensborough, on Monday. Tuesday & Thursday afternoons

Costs per player $4 per game, $10 registration per Person & $13 insurance per year

More info from Susan Rose 9435 1129


Support for Separated Families

RMIT University Psychology Clinic, as part of its research focus, is offering a number of free parenting programs to mothers in recently separated families.  These programs aim to assist young people to adjust to parental separation.

If you’re a parent of a child aged 11-15 years, have separated during the previous 2 years and would like assistance adjusting to this transition, the programs offered by RMIT University Psychology Clinic may be useful.

More information contact: Mandy Kienhuis 09925 7376 or email:mandy_keinhuis@optusnet.com.au