Text Box: Term 2 Week 3
Tuesday 4th May 2004


Curriculum Day THIS Friday May 7. . . . . . . . . NO students required at school



Principals Report


Students perform at local Opening

Last week I attended the opening of the office of our local member, Steve Herbert. I was very pleased to represent the school as four of our students were performing at the opening. Danielle Fatchen and Emily Kersing, members of the Flute Ensemble and Symphonic Band warmed up the very large crowd with some excellent playing and Shelly Sforcina and Rosie Milne from the VCE Vocal Ensemble performed two songs that were very well received indeed. Congratulations to our students on a job well done.


Curriculum Day

This Friday is Curriculum Day and no students are required to attend school. Staff will spend the day in a range of activities. There will be a review of the progress of the school over the last three years and staff will undertake a detailed analysis of the range of data now available about our school’s performance. Following this staff will be working in smaller groups learning about a range of significant health and welfare issues that can affect students, so that they can better respond to issues that may emerge.


Wetlands Recognition

I was very pleased to be contacted by the Friends of the Diamond Creek last week. You may be aware that the school has a very strong relationship with this organisation and over the last few years many of our students, led by teachers John Cousins and Nikki Gemmill have worked with the FOTDC on the Falkiner Street Wetlands project. This project has been made a national finalist in the very prestigious Banksia Awards which recognise environmental activities. So well done to our colleagues in the Friends of the Diamond Creek and well done to our students and the staff who have helped to make this project so successful.


Primary School Parent Information Night


If you know of any parents of Primary School students currently selecting a Secondary school remind them of the Information Evening Wednesday May 12, 7:30pm in the school hall and our Open morning on Friday 14th May 9:30am, in the Library.


Paul Rose, Principal


Are there some parents who would like to receive the newsletter via email? If so, go to our website, www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the Newsletter link and choose subscribe, fill in the form and the newsletter will be emailed to you each week.





Wednesday 5

VCE Study Guide Sale Day 12-2:30pm

SoSE M/S Environmental Education Fieldwork pm to local area

O&ES M/S Camping to Kinglake

Thursday 6

Yr12 Music Recitals in the Music Centre 7pm – 9pm

Friday 7

Curriculum Day- Student Free day - Staff Assessing Triennial Review

Saturday 8

Music – Symphonic Band Concert at Camberwell Salvation Army Hall 7:30pm – 10pm




Anzac Day Badges

A really pleasing effort was made by Eltham High students who raised $200 for the RSL.  This represents another way in which our students are involved with the local community.

Wanted Billycart!!

Mr Mc Crystal would love to hear from any owners of billycarts who would lend or hire it to him for use in the upcoming Greek Festival to be held June 3.  See him in the SoSE staff office if you can help.

M/S Environmental Studies

This week the waterwatch will occur along the Diamond Creek.

Year 12 Geography Excursion to Port Nepean.

M/S Travel & Tourism Excursion

The Travel and Tourism group visited Tullamarine Airport on Tuesday for a presentation by the Customs and Quarantine officers.  We were given a demonstration from a sniffer dog who very quickly detected the box in which some food had been placed and can do so for up to two weeks after a product has been in a bag.  The Customs officers showed us a wide variety of objects that are confiscated such as knives, snake wine, a live snake in a video box, etc.  The excursion was very enjoyable and it is unfortunate that it will not occur in the future due to cutbacks.


SoSE and the GAT

On the school intranet, SoSE has published a “Guide to the GAT” and “Study Tips” information for students sitting the GAT, as well as a link to previous copies of GAT papers at the VCAA site.

To access “Guide to the GAT” and “Study Tips”, go to the INTRANET home page, click on the subject faculty box and select Study of Society and Environment, from the drop down menu, which takes you to the SoSE intranet page.  From the SoSE intranet home page, use the drop down menu, Subject Area, to access the GAT Guide and Tips on the GAT

A copy of the 2002 GAT is on the intranet, it can be accessed from the intranet home page under Senior Sub School-links, from the subject drop down menu box.


You can access the intranet from home.  Go to the Eltham High School web page – and click on intranet, and log in with your user name and password.



Cross Country

EHS Students are invited to take part in the Victorian Schools Cross Country Relay Championships to be held at the Harold Stevens Athletic Track, Coburg on Saturday 5th June 2004.  Teams consist of four members and age groups are taken as at 31st December 2004.  The competition is open to teams in the U14 (4x3km), U16 (4x3km), U18 (4x4km) and U20 (4x4km) age groups.  Team entries close on 20th May and the cost of entry is $5 per runner.  Students interested in taking part should inform Mr Balchin at the school.


Home Work Clubs on this week

Junior School

Middle School

Year 7 & 8 students

Wednesday 3:15-4:20pm in room 412

Wednesday afternoon 3:15-4:30pm in room 412.

Behind schedule? Need extra help? Use the school facilities- computers etc.

See Marg Fyfe for Junior school and Luke Ferns for Middle school enquiries.



Yes, it’s back.  Many people in Yr 9 & 10 are doing many wonderful things within and outside the school this year.

Those to be recognised this week are

Moura Souad and Tara Newton for academic excellence

Natalie Grindal for practical/sporting excellence and

Lauren Emery for extra curricula excellence.


Well done guys, there’ll be more to come, visit Mr Ferns in Middle School for your reward.  Any more nominees to Middle School also and keep working hard!

Luke Ferns, MS Coordinator



Year 10 Work Experience

Work Experience for Year 10 is for one week, 2-6 August (fourth week of Term 3).  I will be visiting Year 10 classes in the next week giving students all the information and paperwork they will need.

New State Government laws require students to successfully complete two occupational health and safety modules of work, called safe@work, before they can undertake Work Experience. All students will do the General Module at school in Term 2. After gaining their Work Experience placement students will have to do one of ten Industry Specific modules in their own time.

These safe@work requirements involve a lot more administrative work and so a strict timeline will be applicable:

• The safe@work General Module has to be successfully completed by Friday 25th June (last week of Term 2).

• The Work Experience form has to be handed in by Friday 16th July (first week of Term 3).

• The safe@work Industry Specific Module has to be successfully completed by Friday 23rd July (second week of Term 3).

These are the absolute last dates allowed – students are encouraged to finalise their Work Experience placement as early as possible. Students who don’t meet this timeline will not be allowed to do Work Experience and will be required at school to do a special program.

The Careers Room is open each lunchtime and students needing assistance in gaining a Work Experience placement are most welcome to see me then.


Peter Goddard, Careers Teacher


Parent members of School Council – available for contact via the General Office

Pam Blewett, Richard Browne, John Considine, Sue Dyet, Peter Hanlon, Tamara Knowles, Jill Tait and Grace Tham


CANTEEN  R O S T E R    ____________


Wed 5

Janet Oates, Sharon Dimech, Jill Black

Thur 6

Jenny Samphier, Margit Majl, Sue Ball

Fri 7

Curriculum Day

Mon 10

Renate Burke, Brunhilde Koshmashrab, Ellen Corbett

Tues 11

Rhonda Hall, Margaret Summerton, volunteer needed

Wed 12

Sue Costelow, Karen Wood, volunteer needed

If for any reason you are unable to swap or cannot continue with Canteen duty for the remainder of 2004, please ring 94395111 between 8am-2:30pm.

Gael Carter, Acting Canteen Manager




Out and About this past week……

Opening of Steve Herbert’s Office

Rosie Milne and I were asked to entertain guests at the opening of Steve Herbert’s office last Wednesday (with very little notice!)  Not knowing what to expect, we had prepared 3 songs to sing, but decided to sing just 2: “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia and “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton.

It was a crowded venue with many politicians, including the Premier Steve Bracks.  Overall, it was a successful afternoon and we were grateful to have had the opportunity of performing in front of so many respected members of the Eltham Community.

Shelly Sforcina Yr11


Choral@ Montsalvat

On Sunday 2 May, EHS was represented by 2 choirs at the inaugural Choral Festival at Montsalvat.  Our 2 choirs sang at the 1pm concert following Eltham East P.S., who were in fine form.  Our EHS Choir, consisting of students in Years 7-10, sang 3 songs: ”What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor”, “May it Be?” from the Lord of the Rings, and “Can You Hear Me?”.  The Choir received many positive comments and the final song moved many in the audience to tears with its beautiful lyrics.

Then it was the VCE Vocal Ensemble’s turn to take the stage.  We feel that we have progressed over the last couple of weeks, having only been together since February.  We were very edgy about singing in front of our peers at the VCE Assembly last week, but the Montsalvat performance was not as nerve-wracking.  We were pleased with our performance of “Stand By Me” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and received a fantastic response from the audience.  (Our Choir Director notes that not many schools can boast of an SATB* choir like ours!)  The historic venue was a great place to sing and we are now preparing for further performances at Information Night, the Boroondara Eisteddfod and the Mid-Year Concert.

James Alexander Yr 12      *SATB soprano/alto/tenor/bass


Concert Band Tour

Last Monday morning the Concert Band set off on a three-day band tour of Castlemaine/Bendigo.

Day 1.

When we arrived in Castlemaine we firstly stopped at the Castlemaine Town Hall where we performed for a Primary school, who gave us some pretty great reviews on our performance, “Best band that we have ever heard.”  From there we had lunch, then hopped back on the bus (double deck, by the way!) and drove to where we were going to stay for the next two nights. This year the Concert Band didn’t billet, instead they sent us off to gaol!   If you have seen the movie Chicago, well the inside kinda looked like that!  After we had all gotten over the shock of staying in tiny prison cells we gladly left for our next appointment, which was at a workshop with the Bendigo Senior Secondary College/and other Bendigo District bands.  Once that was over, we all gobbled down our dinner and then got back on the bus to get changed! Yep, the bus was full of people getting changed into their formal band uniform, not the best way to dress your self, trust me.   By around the end of the night there had been three different bands playing separately, but then the workshop came in handy when everyone had to perform a piece of music together. The hall was alive with the sound of music basically!

Day 2.

Tuesday was little bit more relaxed, we could pack away that lovely formal uniform for good, we had no big concerts to do anymore afterwards.   The first stop of the day was at Kennington Primary School. The only thing that held us back at that performance was that the sun was right in our face and it was pretty hard to read the music in front of you. None the less we got through it.  The kids were really cute too. At every Primary School performance Mrs George gets a bit tired and allows some one from the audience to conduct for her, I think all the kids that conducted us did a pretty good job, Cheers!!  Our last performance of the day was for Flora Hill Primary School. The little dude from that school who conducted us was great!  After lunch and a game of Octopus we drove to Flora Hill Secondary College where we had another workshop that went for 2 very long hours.  When the workshop was over we came home to the goal, had dinner and then got some free time to pretty much just bum around until lights out!

Day 3.

Day three was the shortest of them all.  There were only two performances to get through. The first one was at Castlemaine Secondary College junior Campus, where we demonstrated for kids’ year 7-8 what a band sounds like.  Afterwards we drove to the other side of the town to perform for the Castlemaine Senior Campus. This was our last performance, probably not our best but I’m blaming that on the green room we had to play in! No we weren’t too bad I suppose!  From there we came back to the goal, had a hot lunch, said good bye to the goal and were on our way back to Eltham High by 3:15, leaving a pretty good impression on Bendigo!  I think everyone involved in the Concert band tour last week should be congratulated on their work, especially to Mrs George for her time and effort that went in to make the band work!  Thank you!

Tanya Vincent, Band Leader


Year 12 Recitals

Thurs 6th May.


Unit 3 recitals will commence at 4.00pm with a dinner break from 6.00-7.00pm.  All welcome - enjoy some wonderful music.

Symphonic Band Concert

Sat 8th May, 7.30pm.  Tickets, $ 7.00 / $ 5.00 available at the door. 

Joined Lynlee Williams and Murray Mayday [Opera Australia vocalists] present Autumn Serenade – at the Camberwell Salvation Army Bowen Street, Camberwell

Band members to arrive 4.00pm

A Night of Jazz

Monday 10th May commencing at 7.30pm.

An evening of Jazz in the School Hall Stage & Jazz Bands and Ringwood Secondary College Stage Band also performing

Training Band Debut Concert

20th May7.30pm


Debut performance.  This concert will take place in the school hall with the EHS Choir also performing.

Did you know Eltham High offers violin/viola lessons?  It’s in our After School Program.  Cost is $188.00 a term for 8 lessons.  The instrument?  Violins aren’t an expensive instrument.  $200 can buy a quality student violin.  Contact Mr. Andrew Kypriotis in the Music Department for more details.



All welcome – 9am start, morning tea & lunch supplied.  For full details see last week’s edition on our web site. John Coates for the Grounds & Environment Committee


S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R

May 2004

Wed 5 until

Tues 11  May

see front page

Mon 10

SoSE Yr12 Aust History Excursion to Ballarat

Music – A Night of Jazz at EHS Jazz & Stage Bands in the hall 7:30pm

A Night of Jazz in the Hall 7:30pm

Tues 11

Arts Yr11 VCD to Melbourne Zoo

LoTE M/S Indon to CERES Brunswick

SoSE Yr11 Pol Excursion to Parliament & Electoral Centre

Tech Yr12 Design & Tech to Caroma

Wed 12

Careers Yr10 Interview skills

Parent Information Night Yr 7 2005, 7:30pm

Thurs 13

Sport – Northern Zone Athletics at Meadow Glen

SoSE Year 8A,D,H&J Medieval Day to Montsalvat

Arts Yr11 & 12 to Ian Potter Gallery Federation Square

Fri 14

Open Morning 9am until 12 midday

Jazz & Stage Bands to Generations in Jazz (Mt.Gambier) return Sunday

Sun 16

Grounds Working Bee 9am(all details last weeks edition on website)




Community Announcements/Advertising


New young theatre company - ex students “mixed nuts” perform 6:30pm Friday May 8 St Martins Sth Yarra see Ms Lacey if interested.


Come and join Eltham North Primary School

Celebrate 80 years of Growing, Discovering, Creating, Together

Monday 17th May

Open Day & Evening – learning in action 9-3:30pm & 7-8pm

Wednesday 19th May

Official celebration 7 opening of the ‘Rest a While Shelter’ & student performances 9:30am – 1pm

Friday 21st May

Anniversary Dance at Eltham Community Centre, live music & dancing 7:30pm

For more information, contact the school 9439 9639 or email Eltham.north.ps@edumail. Vic.gov.au




Kangaroo Ground Primary School

Country Carnival

Saturday 8th May 10am-4pm

Cnr Graham and Eltham-Yarra Glen Roads, Kangaroo Ground.

Police Band, Sideshow Alley, Aerobatic Display Silent Auction, Face Painting, show bags, white elephant stall, performances much much more!


Language Classes

Going overseas? Are you having overseas guests? Travelling? Just interested in learning another language? Need some help with schoolwork?

Individual & group sessions can be arranged in Conversation classes – French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Dutch.  Time and location by arrangement for further information call Monique on 9719 7661


Weekend Sculpture Workshop Environmental & Ephemeral Art

This is where site specific art, installation, landscape art, raw invention and the Nillumbik Shire Bunjil Environmental Reserve come together.  Suitable for artists, students, teachers, eccentric beginners or anyone interested in the challenge of working creatively in a response to site.

Part 1 illustrated intro & group discussion of possibilities Friday 14 May Eltham Library @ 7pm Melways ref 21 J5

Part 11 – hands-on workshop at Bunjil Reserve Panton Hill $77 inc. Saturday 15 May 9am-5pm Melways ref 264 B11


For further info & bookings contact Tony Trembath 9719 7431

Email- tony.trembathg@artdes.monash.edu.au


Attention Year 11’s

Would you like the opportunity to be involved in a Debutante Ball that will be taking place at The Centre, Ivanhoe in September/October this year.

We are looking for interested students, with or without partners, who would like to take part.  Lessons would be held in the local area and would commence in mid August.  We base our classes on having fun, whilst achieving a very high standard in presentation.  A Debutante Ball is a very special occasion for both guys and girls and we encourage you to take part.  You only regret what you don’t do.

Please call either Gayle or Andrew on 0438 074 155






EHS Wednesday 5th May

Time : 12 midday until 2:30pm

Venue: Study room

A+ Study guides / Checkpoints – 2004 / Insight Study guides / Jacaranda study packs / Macmillan Formula Guides / Wizard Study guides

Link Educational Supplies Pty Ltd.



Kevin Sheedy Football Camp

July 6,7,8 – Parkville

ASC Netball Camp

July 7,8,9 – Parkville

ASC Hockey Camp

June 28, 29,30 - Parkville

ASC Soccer Camp

June 28,29,30 - Bulleen

Features include a structured program, video analysis, written reports, lunch drinks & fruit and a coaching ratio of 1:10.  Day or residential places available.

For brochures Freecall Tony Miles 1800 671 808 or

Visit the website www.australiansportscamps.com.au




More than 600 people have sung with the Eltham East Primary School Choir since it started 24 years ago, including current and former students of this school.

Former Eltham East choristers are invited to sing again and meet friends who they may not have seen since their Choir days.  The reunion will culminate in a concert on Saturday July 31.

The program will include:

·                     A social get-together on Sunday June 6, 3.00-6.00pm; ·

·                     Evening rehearsals 7.30-9.00pm, Tuesdays 15, 22 June and 13, 20 & 27 July; and ·

·                      Concert performance, Saturday July 31, 7.30pm.

It will cost $25 to participate to help cover the cost of music, venue, postage and professional costs.

For further information about the Reunion, or an information brochure and registration form, please telephone Vivien Williamson on 0409 969773.  Completed registration forms should be returned by Friday April 30. "



Noisy girls is an 11-week course for young women aged 15 to 24 years of age.  Write your own songs, play your own music, record your own C.D  No musical experience or instrument required – just a love for music.

April 20- to July 2

Tuesdays and Fridays 11am to 5pm.

Jets Studios in Bundoora provides a range of music related services for young people.

For more info on the program ring Mark Hobbs or Elise Bishop 9467 7152



The “Bolt” youth lounge

A lounge just for the senior students of Eltham High School on Bolton Street. The youth lounge has a pool table, foozball table and a café area that is all for the use of you, the students.  Come in to study, chat, play pool or just hang out we would love to see you.  Shop 4.266 Bolton Street just near the Ridge Health Club.  On Fridays 3:30 until 6:30pm.



Buyers waiting – please contact the General Office if you would like to turn your calculator into cash



Yamaha Double F & bflat      Little use  $2900

Phone 9735 2643



Full size cello – contact Jill 9431 3775/0407 481 246

Phone Noel 9434 7414 for more information