Text Box: Term 2 Week 10
Tuesday 22nd June 2004

Student Leadership

Congratulations to the Year 9 Alpine Team!!  Their hard work and long after school sessions at school have been rewarded with acceptance of all six team members to the Alpine School.  They will reside up at the Dinner Plains for Term 4 and work on their Community learning project as well as learning intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.  Yah!!

Nikki Gemmill, SoSE teacher


Principal’s Report


Mandala Project

Some of our students have been involved in the Mandala Project – a community based arts event.

 A picture of their finished work, which was displayed in the Eltham Village, is in this Newsletter. Congratulations to the students involved – I know that an article about the project is in this newsletter. Thanks also to the project sponsors: MGS Garden Supplies, Zart Art and Safeway Eltham.  More photos are available on the Innovations & Excellence Website at www.eltham.innovations.vic.edu.au


Alpine School

As you will have noticed from the page 1 banner in this Parent newsletter, all six members of the Alpine School Team have been offered a place in Term 4. Well Done to all the team and to their teacher coach, Ms Nikki Gemmill. A great effort indeed!


Mid Year Concerts and Symphonic Band Tour

The two mid year concerts, held at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School, last week were an outstanding success.  Congratulations to all the students involved and to the complete music faculty on two great nights of high standard performances.  On Sunday the Symphonic Band set off on their tour of Tasmania.  The Symphonic Band tour is always a highlight of the year and I am looking forward to hearing the wonderful stories and memories that the students and teachers will bring back with them.


Building Fund

As the end of the financial year approaches, I would like to remind parents that our building fund is an approved tax deductible fund and that the school appreciates donations to the fund at any time. A donation to the building fund at this time provides a tax benefit to those families looking to support a worthy project and assists the school as well. Donations can be made in person at the school, by mail, or by card over the phone. Receipts will be issued promptly. Two major projects that the Building Fund will support are the upgrade of the bike sheds (scheduled for the June school holidays) and the upgrade of the school canteen – a major project that we are building up our bank account to complete as soon as possible.



Last Day of Term Arrangements

Classes will finish at 2:30pm this Friday.  Buses will have their times adjusted to accommodate this change.  Classes resume for all students on Monday, 12th July.  I hope that all students have a great holiday break and that the school community enjoys the next two weeks and comes back refreshed and invigorated for the start of term 3.


Paul Rose, Principal











Wednesday 23

Symphonic Band on Tour in Tasmania returns Saturday

School Council Meeting 7:30pm in the staffroom

M/S Drama Solo performances 7pm in the hall FREE

Thursday 24

SoSE 7B to Cinema in Greensborough

Friday 25

Last day of Term 2 school finishes at 2:30pm







The new nursery facilities in the Habitat area are well underway.  This has been a student initiated and planned project, which will make us relatively self sufficient in plants for the M/S Environmental Management Class.  And of course it will be a fantastic educational facility.

Congratulations to Taran Medcalf (Yr 9) for his initiative and design and Jake Howard (Yr 9) and Sally Hill (Yr 9) for their labour!

Very special thanks to Frank Medcalf, Mark Howard and Jim Phillips for their non-stop efforts on Sunday, to get the structure near completion.  The rest of the task is manageable by the students on their own, with out the aid of their invaluable and building expertise and power tools!

Thanks also to Bruce Martyn and Bob Ackland who also lent a hand.

Nikki Gemmill, SoSE teacher


Bored of the suburbs? Do this instead:

A fun bus trip, an overnight stay in a scout hall, spotlighting for gliders and tree planting during the day up in the Lurg (near Benalla)

Happening: 20-22 August

See Nikki Gemmill in SoSE office for more details


Can you help?

EHS is collecting non-perishable food stuff and toiletries for refugees released in to the community on temporary protection visas (currently receiving no social security support, medical entitlements, rent assistance etc and are not allowed to work).

This project sponsored by the Brigidine Sisters and supported by EHS staff.

Brendan Monigatti/George Franklin



Junior and Senior School student reports will be issued this week and Middle School reports in week 2 of Term 3.

Judy Boyle, Assistant Principal Curriculum




Last Thursday on the 17th June we went to Eltham Square and made a mandala out of coloured rice and sand.  The schools involved in this were Eltham High, Eltham East Primary, Eltham Primary, Montmorency South Primary and Research Primary School.  We arrived at Eltham Square at 9am and were very anxious to meet the artist Melinda who designed the mandala.  After the mandala was complete a photographer from The Leader newspaper came and took a couple of pictures to put in the paper.  Then after a meal of pizza provided by the teachers, we went down to the river and dropped sand from the mandala into it as this is part of the Buddhist religion.  When we came back we could choose to sweep it up or trample it.  We trampled it!  A special thanks to Lynda Cutting and Ms McLeod who organized the whole occasion.  We had lots of fun.

Lauren Willoughby, Jodie Baruta, Tayla Broekman, Cassie Brock, 8H, Danilee Murray, Elizabeth Richardson, Shannaya Farkas and Kiera Sharard 7C



Cross Country Report

Northern Zone Cross Country

On Tuesday 15th June, 15 EHS students travelled to Bendigo to take part in the Northern Zone Cross Country finals. The Cross Country course started beside the Lords Trotting Track facility and followed pathways through the forest nearby.  Fields of 90 to 100 students took part in each of the eight events conducted.  In the Under 13 Girls 3km event, Meg Russell finished in second place and in the Under 13 Boys 3km Matthew Reilly was third.  Nine Eltham HS students have qualified to compete at the VSSSA State Cross Country Championships to be conducted at Bundoora Park on Friday 30th  July.  The students who have qualified for the State finals are Meg Russell, Bianca Holman, Taryn Grindal, Matthew Reilly, James Eason, Tim Woods, Megan West, Lyulph Car and Aiden Oesser.


Girls U13 3km: Meg Russell 2nd (14:19),

Bianca Holman 9th (15:34), Taryn Grindal 13th (15:49)

Boys U13 3km: Matthew Reilly 3rd (13:12),

James Eason 6th (13:42), Tim Woods 9th (14:01)

Girls U14 3km: Megan West 7th (15:09),

Jocelyn Wright 47th (17:39)

Boys U14 3km: Lyulph Car 14th (13:30),

Rick Bennie 59th (15:32)

Girls U16 3km: Petrice Fatchen 37th (16:47)

Boys U16 5km: Aiden Oesser 5th (21:33),

Luke Grigoropoulos 45th (24:54)

Boys U21 5km: Simon Wright 43rd (26:09)


Victorian Schools Cross Country Championships

EHS students, Matthew Reilly, Meg Russell and Megan West lined up with big fields to race in the Victorian Schools Cross Country Championships conducted at Bundoora Park on Saturday 19th June. In extremely cold and windy conditions, the Eltham HS students did well on the day.


Girls Under 14 3km: Meg Russell 34th (12:54)

Boys Under 14 3km: Matthew Reilly 33rd (11:56)

Girls Under 15 4km: Megan West 64th (20:14)


Cross Country Calendar

Sat 24th July 2004-Victorian Schools Road Relay Championships-Latrobe University

(note: teams for the Road Relays will be entered this week. Students wanting to take part must inform Mr Balchin before Thursday. There is a charge of $5 per student.)

Fri 30th July 2004-VSSSA State Championship-Bundoora Park


Max Balchin, Athletics coach



During the week of Year 10 work experience August 2 - August 6 Year 9 students will spend three days Monday 2 August until Wednesday August 4 at Lady Northcote YMCA camp.  Total cost is $150 which covers transport, food, accommodation and all activities.  Info will be provided this week to all students.

Ross Pringle, Head Coordinator Middle School



Many people in Yr 9 & 10 are achieving both inside and outside the school.

Those to be recognised this week-

for academic excellence Connie Brown & Doug Scott

for program/improvement Alicia Vengust

for practical excellence Todd Cresp

and for extra Curricula Excellence Jessica Adams

Well done to all, remember to collect your prize from Mr Ferns in Middle School, keep up the excellent work and have a good holiday.

Luke Ferns, MS Coordinator



Don’t worry, be happy……

To help Year 12 students cope with the next few very busy months (Unit 4 SAC’s, exams, tertiary decision making, the Formal, ……) they will attend a Workshop which will show them ways of dealing with stress. This will be in the first week of Term 3, Thursday 15th July.


Coles Myer annual recruitment of Casual Staff

Coles Myer are looking for well groomed, confident and enthusiastic people able to work on a casual basis, including weekends and extended trading periods. Positions are available from Sept. 2004 to end of January 2005.  If interested apply online at www.careers.colesmyer.com Search Job No. POS96598


If Dean Martin didn’t say, “Keep those Year 10 Work Experience forms rolling in”, who did?

Peter Goddard, Careers teacher




In excess of 50 dedicated personnel from the Eltham High School Community and the Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club turned out in superb winter weather on Sunday to achieve an impressive array of tasks for our shared environment.  It is so satisfying to see the change that can be achieved when lots of willing individuals combine their talents and energy to work for a common cause.  Well done to everyone who attended and contributed.  Committee headed by Bob Ackland, Philip Green ( who is becoming the envy of barbeque chefs and the best buys at Safeway), Mal Sinclair, Linda Hughes, Sue Hamilton Green, Bruce Voisey and Andrew Sinclair for all their leadership and goodwill on the day.  The following is a summary of what was achieved on the day.

ü       Completion of the balustrade fence on the north side of the 400’s block.  Lots of skill, talent and expertise was on show here.

ü       Over 600 plants were provided with new homes in a couple of locations in our school grounds.

ü       Security fencing was attached to the tennis court on the southern and western sides.

ü       Paving under the English stairwell was almost completed to allow better storage for the Music Department.

ü       Significant amounts of pruning and tidying was achieved around the Stadium Complex

ü       12 cubic metres of mulch was spread around new plantings adjacent to the 400’s block

ü       Significant amounts of brush cutting and mowing were completed in various locations around the campus

ü       The bollards on the north side of the 400’s Complex were given a second coat of stain.

ü       The Art courtyard complex in the 600’s wing was given a good tidy up and the weeds removed.

I would like to personally acknowledge the attendance of the following individuals (apologies to those who didn’t sign our book) and thank them for their valued input.

Michelle McCarthy, Bruce Voisey, Philip Green, Bob Ackland, David Cowan, Mal Sinclair, Mike Heeringa, Cliff Lynch, Gordon Williamson, Wendy Gregory, Neil Anderson, Sue Hamilton Green, Mike Lester, Linda Hughes, David Sedgers, Daniel Eades-Sedgers, Joshua Eades-Sedgers, Tim Coates, Amy Coates, Michael Woods, Karen Woods, Brian Lane, Brett Matteson, Viv Baddeley, Martina Neale, Andrew Wilson, Mark Anderson, Warren Rank, Michael Essing, Sharon Hawking, Mark Cunningham, Jan Baddeley, Sam Baddeley, Georgia Baddeley, Ned Baddeley, Bruce Martyn, Mary-Lai Proppe, Russell Bulman, David Bulman, Judy Boyle, Jim Phillips, Danny Koers, Randall Anderson, Gordon Hawking, Barbara Vengust, Sharon Way, Brian Cutler, Taran Metcalf, Frank Metcalf, Danny Pickett, Nikki Gemmill, Alicia Vengust, Julia Vengust, Mark Howard and Jake Howard.

In closing it was good to catch up with Brian Cutler and Michael Rynia (past members of the Grounds Committee) who both made great contributions to our group in the 90’s.

The Grounds Committee now settles down to a bit of a break for 2 months.  Our next Working Bee is scheduled for Sunday 15th August, so by that time I’m sure lots will need to be tidied and improved.

Again thanks to one and all for all your contributions on this last Sunday.

John Coates for the Grounds Committee



M/S Drama Solos

Invitation to all interested parties to attend this free performance commencing 7pm sharp THIS Wednesday evening in the hall.

Liz Lacey, Drama teacher


Old Gardening Equipment Wanted

A group of Middle School boys, interested in construction outside of school hours, need equipment such as long handled spades and ordinary spades and picks.  If you have any old equipment lying around, unused at home and would be willing to donate it to the boys please contact Mr Jenkins on 9439 5111 who will arrange for its collection.



Parent members of School Council – available for contact via the General Office

Pam Blewett, Richard Browne, John Considine,

Sue Dyet, Peter Hanlon, Tamara Knowles, Jill Tait and Grace Tham





The Mid Year Concerts were held at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School on Tuesday and Wednesdays evenings last week.  They showcased the wonderful music making of all the ensembles at EHS.

Tuesday night saw the Training Band, Intermediate Band, Jazz Band, Choir and Combined Primary Schools Band show us just how much progress they have made this year.  VCE soloists Katherine Shepherd – Flute, Nick Gurling – oboe, Lucy Kirkland – trumpet and Jen Tan – piano, all provided accomplished performances on their chosen instrument.

On Wednesday we heard from the Clarinet Choir, Percussion Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble, Flute and Guitar Ensembles, VCE Choir and Stage Band, all providing us with outstanding performances.

The second half saw the Concert Band and Symphonic Band provide us with some wonderful music.  VCE Solists Lane Schlotterlein clarinet and Jarrid Ohanessian – saxophone, also produced entertaining performances.

The highlight of the evening was the Symphonic Bands performance of a work entitled “Somewhere Near 1770” written by ex-student and band member, Taran Carter, who was present for the performance. 

It was an absolute pleasure to listen to the wonderful music presented by all groups and the students, teachers and parents should be commended for their hard work and commitment to the music program at EHS.


Diary dates





More details to


Training Band

Intermediate Band

Concert Band

Symphonic Band

Jazz Band

Stage Band

23 August

18 August

19 August

23 August

27 August

25 August

Music Camp

Information mailed this week

Training Band

Intermediate Band

Concert Band

Symphonic Band

19-20 July

20-21 July

21-22 July

29-31 July

Concert Band Rehearsal this Thursday 24 June will be until 4:30pm with an optional visit to McDonalds.  The music for Concert Band has arrived – see Mrs George – bring a CD.


Music Support Group News

Congratulations to all the students involved in the Mid Year Concerts.  They were wonderfully entertaining, providing two evenings of enjoyment for parents and friends.  Thankyou to all those who supported the MSG by purchasing raffle tickets, refreshments etc.  There were a couple of queries from people as to the cost of tickets (but where would you get two evenings of musical excellence for $10.00?!).  The overhead costs are quite large with the hiring of the venue alone being $3,000!  and the raffle ... congratulations to Kerry Lambert and Mandy Byrne on winning the gourmet food hamper and rose plants respectively.  Many thanks to the MSG members who helped at these concerts, and for the semester - without your assistance many events would be difficult to achieve.  Special mention to Steven Poole, for making wonderful boxes to protect some very special instruments while being transported.  Thankyou Steven! 

Travelling ... we wish the Symphonic Band a great trip to Tasmania!  Our next meeting is Monday 26th July, 8pm at 14 Moola Place, Eltham.  We are always happy for more members.  (PS.  a brown scarf was left at IGGS by one of our helpers - it can be collected from the Music Office)


CANTEEN  R O S T E R    ____________


Wed 23

Mandy Byrne, volunteer please

Thur 24

Maritta Car, Jan Baddeley

volunteer needed

Fri 25

Anne Chetwynd, Greg Stanford

July   Term 3

Mon 12

Sue Bowles, Jill Rachim,

Irene Nikolaidis, Ellen Cobbett

Tues 13

Donna Molyneaux, Julie Corbett, Gabrielle Dougherty, Debbie Greg

Wed 14

Jan Vance, Anne Marshall,

Debbie Hansen

Thinking of “doing canteen duty?” why not give it a go! meet some great people and be a part of this dynamic group – free lunch supplied.  Give Gael a ring on 9439 5111 between 8am and 2:30pm

If for any reason you cannot continue with your earlier commitment to Canteen duty phone please.


S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R

June 2004

Wed 23 until

Fri 25  June

see front page



Mon 12

Term 3 begins

Thurs 15

Careers Yr12 Motivation Talk

Mon 19

Music Training, Intermediate & Concert Bands Music Camp details mailed to all students on June 23

Wed 21

Yr 8 Maths Games Day at Essendon Penleigh Grammar School

Yr 7 Immunization Hep B follow up

School Council Meeting 7 :30pm




Community Announcements/Advertising


Montsalvat Shakespeare Festival

Forums, films, workshops, sonnets, sword-fighting, music, food, dance, performances by well-known professional actors and presentations by high school students….. All things Shakespearean celebrated in the beautiful grounds and galleries of Montsalvat July 16, 17 & 18.

Enquiries 9718 1665 Bookings 9439 7712



Need Assistance?

A register of tutors is held at the office, please enquire – we may be able to assist.



Community Announcements/Advertising


Berry Street Victoria

Standing up to Teenage Aggression

A support group for parents will be held on eight MONDAY mornings in Term 3, 2004.  The emphasis of the group will be on mutual respect and support, building on parents’ strengths and reducing feelings of isolation.

To find out more, or to ask for an enrolment brochure, please contact Hien or Naomi 9458 5788 fax 9458 5825 or email: hbui@berrystreet.org.au



Blue Mountains Hotel School

Careers in Hotel and Tourism Management

The Blue Mountains Hotel School invites students, family and friends to an information session to hear about combined study and work options leading to a management career in the world’s fastest growing industry.

FREE information session Tuesday 13th July 2004

Sheraton Towers, Southgate

One Southgate Avenue


6pm for 6:30pm start (approx7:30pm conclusion)

Reserve your place now call Delas 9437 0300 / 1800 257 360



Donate Blood in Eltham

Community & Reception Centre

Cnr Main Road & Pitt Street, Eltham

Monday 28 June 1:15pm-7:30pm

Tuesday 29 June 1:15pm-7:30pm

Wednesday 30 June 1:15pm-7:30pm

New donors welcome  -   please call 13 14 95



Warrandyte Neighbour House

Learn about MYOB from an experienced trainer who will teach you how to use Version 13 and the requirements of GST

Wednesdays 28th July – 15th September 7-9pm



St Kevins Tennis Club

Ladies required for a social tennis day on Wednesdays, during the school term. – three games on Wednesday morning from 9am to approx. 12:15pm.  This is a friendly, informal group who enjoy playing together and welcome new ladies who wish to join.  Season commences 14 July.

Contact Liz 9846 2083



Gaze Basketball Camps present Lanard Copeland

Mill Park Basketball Stadium

Cnr Childs Rd & Redleap Ave, Mill Park

July 7, 8 & 9 from 9am – 3pm for boys and girls aged 7-14 years.

All skills levels welcome.  All participants receive a ball and t-shirt and will have lots of fun learning from this Melbourne Tigers Superstar.  For an enrolment form phone 1300 661 232, email simone@gaze.com.au or check out website www.gaze.com.au



Baseball Umpires Association of Victoria

Annual Umpire Training Camp

6, 7, 8 August

Venue: Waverly Baseball Club (Melways 71 J2)

The weekend consists of separate sessions designed to cover most aspects of baseball umpiring.  Instructors will include accredited instructors and umpires who have attended Professional Umpire schools in the USA.  This will ensure that the latest teachings in Mechanics, Theory and Rules interpretation are presented.

This weekend is vital for continued and further accreditation.

For expressions of interest please contact Greg 0412744491/Ian 0409704459/Mark 0418382339



MacKillop Family Services

Experience the Challenge and Rewards of Foster Care

We are calling on you, as part of your community, to help.  Anyone can apply to become a foster carer.  You may be working full or part time, unemployed, retired, living alone or as a couple, with or without children or your own.  Your contribution to a child’s life, even only for a short or a longer period of time, can shape their emotional development and trust in their community.  We are also looking for volunteer drivers, which may suit those who are interested in assisting children in need, but are unable to commit to foster care.


At MacKillop Family Services, we are dedicated to supporting you, as the foster carer, by keeping in regular contact and also offering a 24-hour on call service.  You will also receive tax free financial reimbursement to assist you in caring for the children/young people in your care.

Further info from Sarah on 8311 4555



Pottery Classes for Beginners

Adults & children 7 years to teens

Learn the ancient craft of making pottery in a well-equipped studio. Lessons incorporate hand building, wheelwork, basic decorating and glazing techniques.

Small class sizes

Contact: Linda 9439 8057 / 0417 054 035



Term 2 Vacation Workshops

For Years 9, 10, 11 & 12 students

Presented by ICS Learning Group

Giving students that extra help

-open to all students & held at MLC, Kew

Monday 5 July to Thursday 8 July

*advanced reading skills

*study skills

*essay writing skills

Class sizes arte limited early booking advised

Contact 9818 3888 or www.skillscentre.com.au





The Bolt youth lounge

Shop 4.266 Bolton Street just near the Ridge Health Club.

Available to ALL students at Eltham High School Friday afternoon 3:30-6:30pm

Study/homework assistance available

Café, pool & foozball facilities.  Come in to study, chat, or just hang out. 

If you need any information ring 9431 1115




Buyers waiting – please contact the General Office if you would like to turn your calculator into cash.



Ever Thought about Fostering?

Kids in need of foster care far out-number the foster carers available.

Can you give a child or young person a place to call home for a while?

Your local foster care program can provide you with training, support and a non-taxable allowance.

For more information on fostering and how to get involved ring The Publicity and Recruitment Unit for Foster Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9458 5788



Are there some parents who would like to receive the newsletter via email? If so, go to our website, www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the Newsletter link and choose subscribe, fill in the form and the newsletter will be emailed to you each week.





Yes that’s right its PRO ART …… again.  This time it was after school, very cold and we had been waiting outside for an hour.  But it was all worth it in the end, the free Maltesers really inspired us to think…… Arty……yes.  We had a very productive ‘discussion’ with two talented local artists (Piers and Jenneke Bateman) spearheading this great art project!  We conversed with them for hours, and got home sometime after six, it was fantastic the time just flew by.

Piers and Jenneke have generously donated paintings to go toward the future of art, so our fantastic art program can be started and a world of art can be opened to the students of Eltham High.

Piers was just full of ideas, involving foam, clay, cement and pipes!  In conclusion we are going to build the best sculpture this school has ever seen.

Anna and Ingrid, Pro Art



Happy, relaxing and refreshing mid year holidays to all