Text Box: Term 3 Week 5
Tuesday 10TH August 2004

WEDNESDAY 11TH AUGUST  please note date handout to students shows incorrect date, apologies

Transition Yr11 Information Night for Yr10 students 7:30pm in the hall – expected to conclude 9pm followed by supper in the staffroom



Thursday 12th August

There will be a concert in the EHS hall featuring our Jazz Combo, Symphonic, Concert and Training Bands commencing at 7.30pm.       Admission is free.



Reminder to Concert Band students rehearsal is on this Thursday morning  9am until 12 noon




Principal’s Report

Visitors from Indonesia

This week we are honoured to receive visitors from SMA Kristen Satya Wacana school, Salatiga, Indonesia for a week’s visit.  The students are staying with some of our families and I was able to meet them yesterday. Last Thursday had a very productive meeting with the Principal of Satya Wacana, Pak Mawardi.  This enthusiastic educator shares many of the same educational challenges as do school leaders in this country: making the curriculum manageable and meaningful for students, overcoming bureaucratic bumph and working with teachers to improve the classroom experience for students.  I am hopeful that the relationship between Eltham High School and Satya Wacana will grow over the years.


Middle School’s successful week

Congratulations to all of our middle school students and their teachers on a very successful week last week.  The reports about Yr 10 work experience have been most pleasing and the Yr 9 Camp was an outstanding success.  The Yr 9 city experience last Friday was also very successful.  Well done to all.


Year 10 Work Experience Interviews

Today Yr 10 students were put through their paces at very formal interviews following Work Experience last week.  We were also very pleased to receive the support of a large number of Rotarians who conducted interviews with students.  This community partnership gave our students a much enhanced experience and I would like to thank the Eltham Rotary Club members for their support.


Congratulations to Ben Hanlon who has been successful in gaining a place for 2005 at the Australian National Academy of Music.  This is an outstanding achievement having come through an exhausting and Australia wide audition process Ben is currently in Yr12, we wish him well with his studies.


Paul Rose, Principal




Wednesday 11

Music –Intermediate Band Workshop 7:30am-9:30am

Transition Yr11 Information Night for Yr10 students 7:30pm

Thursday 12

Curriculum Day – Pupil FREE Day

Choir (9-3:30pm) &

VCE Ensemble(11am-5pm) Geelong Eisteddfod

Concert Band Rehearsal 9am-12noon

Music Concert 7:30pm in the hall

Friday 13

Music Melbourne School Strings Festival at Robert Blackwood Hall

Sunday 15

Grounds Working Bee

Monday 16

SoSE Yr12 Politics Lectures at Southbank until 4:30pm

Eng – Melbourne Writers’ Festival Youth Literature Days – all this week

Tuesday 17

VCE Parent Teacher Interviews 4-7pm




Semester 2 Student Progress Interviews

VCE Interviews

Tuesday August 17th ---4-7pm

Middle School &

Junior School Interviews

Tuesday 31st August

12noon-2:30pm / 3pm-5pm / 6pm – 8pm

Note: There will be no scheduled classes on Tuesday 31 August because all students are expected to attend their progress interviews.


Booking sheets have been distributed for VCE interviews, fill in the preferred times. Interviews will be held in the 400’s block and the library, parking is available on the hard courts between the library and stadium.  Entry is via the main door to the 400’s block behind the library.

Hermina Burns, Assistant Principal





Slapped Cheek Syndrome

Following on from last week’s stop press it seems a good time to include more information on Slapped Cheek Syndrome, or to give it the proper name, PARVOVIRUS B19.

Normally the illness is very mild, starting with a mild fever, headache, runny nose, sore throat and maybe nausea.  These symptoms can easily be mistaken for a cold and it is at this time that the child will be contagious.  After a few days the red rash on the face may appear, looking very much as if the child has been slapped on the face, hence the more common name.  This rash may be followed by a lacy, non-raised rash on the trunk and then arms and legs.

By the time the rash appears, the child is not infectious any more, but may feel unwell enough to be kept home from school.  They may need to rest more than normal, and Panadol can be given for a raised temperature.   It is best not to use aspirin.

Spread of the virus is by droplet infection, so good hygiene is important.  These measures include careful disposal of used tissues, not sharing drinking bottles and lots of hand washing.

The only likely complications of this disease could occur in pregnant women, or those who are immune suppressed.  These people should seek advise from their Doctor.

It seems that by age 30 approximately 60% of the population will have had this illness although many of them will be unable to say when they had it.

Joy Snow, Sick Bay Attendant




The Grounds Committee has scheduled its only Working Bee for Term 3 on Sunday 15th August.  As usual there is always something to do to keep the school looking neat and tidy and we always endeavour to have a project which adds to the overall improvement of our amenities and environment.

In summary the following has been planned:

1.The construction of a cypress pine fence on the south side of the 400’s similar in design to the fence adjacent to the stadium along Withers Way.

Crowbars, shovels, stringlines and spirit levels are required.

2.Completion of the Greenhouse in the Habitat Reserve

3.Planting of 200 tube plants in and around the 400’s block.  Gloves, mattocks, shovels are required

4.Further mulching on the western end of the 400’s block.  Wheelbarrows required.

5.Brush cutting and mowing in selected areas.  Brush cutter and mower will be provided

6.Pruning and tidying in the northwest corner of the school adjacent to the stadium.  Gloves and pruning shears required.

7.Positioning of 2 bin holders. 

Crowbars and shovels will be needed.

8.Staining of the new cypress pine posts after the fence is constructed.  Brushes and stain are supplied

9.Weeding and some further planting of grasses in the habitat area.  Gloves and gardening equipment are required.

The Grounds Committee supplies morning tea along with drinks and a barbeque lunch.  The event starts at 9am and concludes at 12:30pm.  Park your vehicle on the hard courts adjacent to the library and make your way to the canteen courtyard where you will be met by a member of the Grounds Committee, signed in and allocated a task.  Looking forward to fine weather conditions and a productive day on the 15th.

All welcome

John Coates for the Grounds Committee



Middle School Students

Want to win a trip to Gallipoli or the Western Front in 2005?

The Simpson Prize is a National competition open to all Year 9 & 10 students.  The focus of this years competition is the 90th Anniversary (2005) of the Gallipoli Campaign and the forging of the ANBZAC tradition.  Details and assistance in completing your entry are available from Mrs Rainey in the SoSE faculty.

Year 7 & 8 SoSE

Year 7 students are completing their mapping unit and will begin Australian environment.

Year 8 students are completing their rainforest study and will begin the multicultural topic soon.

Middle School students who have completed work experience will be involved in discussion in different SoSE units.  Students will be given the opportunity to reflect on their experiences in the business world and how this relates to their school work.

Helen Morris, SoSE teacher



Geelong Eisteddfod

The Intermediate and Stage Bands competed at the Geelong Eisteddfod last week.  Both groups won their sections producing excellent performances.  Congratulations to the students and their respective directors Mrs Davis and Mr Ball.  Thanks also to Mrs George, Mr Kypriotis and Mr Smart for their assistance at these performances.  We wish Ms Cameron and the Choir and VCE Vocal Ensemble well as they compete at this competition on Thursday this week.  The Choir will be leaving EHS at 9am and the Vocal Ensemble at 11am.

Sunday Performances

Our Clarinet Choir, Saxophone and Flute Ensembles presented an afternoon concert at the Silverwood Retirement Village on Sunday.  The residents thoroughly enjoyed the performances of each ensemble.  Thanks to Mrs George, Mrs Davis and Ms Danaher for their involvement in the concert.

The VCE Vocal Ensemble was the highlight at the annual concert presented as part of the Boite 25 Winter Festival Season held on Sunday.  The Chocolate Lillies, Klezmeritis and Phoenix also participated in the concert with two of our students, Rosie Milne and Collette Couper, performing solos which were thoroughly enjoyed by an appreciative audience.  Thanks to Ms Alexandra Cameron for her organization and direction of our students at this concert.


Upcoming concerts

THIS Thursday 12th August commencing at 7:30pm.  In the hall featuring the following groups: Jazz Combo, Symphonic Band, Concert Band and Training Band.  Admission FREE

South Street Competitions

Students will be bringing home detailed information about this event this week.

A date for your diary

Our annual All Groups Concert will take place on Thursday 16th September at the Yarra Valley Anglican School.

Ken Waterworth, Director of Music



Congratulations to Tom Waghorn on his victory at the State Judo Titles.  Tom competed in the Under 21 / under 66 kilo division and defeated all challengers convincingly.

This is Tom’s fifteenth High School Judo title – well done!!

Peter Nicholson, Sport Coordinator



Ballarat Tournament

Details will be sent home and published in the newsletter as soon as they are available. If any parents are interested in helping out as a ‘coach/manager’ on the Sunday your help would be greatly appreciated.

Contact Greg Thomas if you can help.


Victorian Schools Cup

The Victorian Schools Cup will be held on Friday the 10th till Sunday the 12th of September. Students keen to participate should collect the information and parent permission form at their training session or from Mr Thomas. Team lists have been posted up on the volleyball information board in the stadium foyer.


Olympic Volleyball on SBS

August 14


Volleyball women: Cuba v Germany

7.00pm Women:

Dominican Republic v Russia

August 15

5:30pm Beach Volleyball Men

8.00pm Beach Volleyball  -Women

9.15pm beach Volleyball –women

August 16

4.00pm Volleyball Women –

Kenya v Brazil

8.15pm Beach volleyball – women

August 17

9.00pm Volleyball Men –



Upcoming dates

Ballarat Tournament – Sunday 22nd August

Victorian Schools Volleyball Cup

            One day event – Thursday 2nd September.

Three day event– September 10, 11 & 12

National Schools Volleyball Cup

December 5th – 10th.

Greg Thomas, Volleyball Program Coordinator


EHS Swim Squad

The EHS Swim Squad will be running this Thursday morning at the Eltham Leisure Centre at 7:00am.  The Squad would like to thank Shae Hart and Katherine Girbau who have acted as guest coaches for the past two weeks. Regular coach, Neroli Nixon, will back on the pool-deck this week. If there is any student interested in seeing if the EHS Swim Squad would be to their liking, here is the perfect opportunity – swim, then relax for the rest of the Curriculum Day. See you poolside …

Max Balchin, Swim Coordinator



Upcoming events at Eltham Library

Eltham Library and Eltham Bookshop present:

Robert Drewe, author of The Shark Net will speak about his writing and launch the “Books Alive” campaign in the local area.  Tuesday, 10th August at 6.30pm.  Bookings: 9439 8700


Celebrate Children’s Book Week with Bob Graham, award winning author/illustrator.

Sunday, 22nd August at 3.30pm

Bookings: 9439 8700


Google Searching on the Net

Learn how easy it can be to find information using Google

Thursday, 19th August at 1.30pm

Bookings: 9439 9266

Rhonda Malone, Library Coordinator



Coming up……

The Student Active Arts group in conjunction with the Art Department will be running a raffle to raise funds for the Art Department.  This money will be used to support excursions, employ guest artists for lectures and workshops and purchase speciality products to be used by students.

The raffle was inspired by the very generous donation of local international artist and parent of a Yr7 student Piers Bateman who has given one of his paintings to the value of $1000.

Other artists within the school community, Kevin Spearey, Kate Hudson and Judy Roberts who have inspired to follow suit with donations of their work.

We are very appreciative of these generous offers and thank the artists.

We look forward to your support in purchasing tickets which will be available shortly.

Barb Gregory, Art Teacher



VTAC Guide 2005

All Year 12 students going onto tertiary study (or even thinking about doing so) need one of these. Only $10.00 from the Cashier – buy one now!

Peter Goddard, Careers teacher



The refugee crisis in Sudan is rapidly becoming worse.  Your donations are much appreciated and are collectively increasing, providing these people with a brighter future.  A special Thank you to those families and individuals who kindly donated to this cause, your contribution will make a great difference to these peoples plight.

For those who have not made a donation, I urge you to please take in to consideration the situation these people are in, and ask yourself, “If I were in a similar situation, who could I depend on?’  UNHCR is a means to make a difference for those in need.  Please consider making.

Baden Minas, Representative for UNAA



Inkle Looms (table models) are available, please contact the Art Department to arrange collection.

Linda McLeod, Head of Arts



C A N T E E N   R O S T E R   


August 2004


Johanne Johnson, Lyn Lindsay,

Julie Peressini

Thurs 12

Curriculum DayPupil Free day

Fri 13

Jan Pavey, Mandy Hayley, Suellen Harris

Mon 16

Dezlie Rylenskid, Maureen Wray Roberts, Connie Deylen, Sue Pickering

Tues 17

Bev Honeyman, Andrea Walker, Tania Russell

Wed 18

Sharon Dimech, Linda Alford, Anne Marshall

Thinking of “doing canteen duty?” why not give it a go! meet some great people and be a part of this dynamic group – free lunch supplied.  Give Gael a ring on 9439 5111 between 8am and 2:30pm

If for any reason you cannot continue with your earlier commitment to Canteen duty please phone.



S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R

August 2004

Wed 11 until

Tues 17  

see front page

Wed 18

SoSE M/S Geog Urban Tour to Rialto, Beacon Cove,Caroline Springs

Junior School Assembly

School Council Meeting 7:30pm

O&ES Yr 12 Cross Country Skiing

Thurs 19

Melbourne Schools Bands Festival Concert Band Robert Blackwood Hall  5-8pm

Fri 20

LOTE French Yr10 & Yr11 Film – ACMI at Federation Square

Sat 21

Environment Group Lurg Revegetation Camp returns Sunday

Mon 23

ARTS Yr11 & m/S Drawing to NGV

Music Melb Bands Festibal Robert Blackwood Hall




Community Announcements/Advertising



DVD of the Impro night performance available for $20

To order this DVD you will need to collect and return an order form from the school office.  For more information please contact Orsino Images 0408671181


FOR SALE Alto Saxophone – Selmer ‘Bundy 11’

VG Condition – excellent first instrument – recently serviced by “Dr Sax” $695 ONO

Phone Anne or Claire 9437 1808


Need Assistance?

A register of tutors is held at the office, please enquire – we may be able to assist.

Doncaster Baseball Club

The season runs from Oct-March with no play during school holidays.  Come & Try sessions for Girls & Boys 28 August and 5 September.

The club is in East Doncaster on Warrandyte Road where it meets with the end of Anderson Creek Road.

Come play with the Doncaster Dragons!

If you have any questions please ring Dale McGrath 9846 3341


Yarra Bowmen Archery

Bulleen Park Bulleen

Are proud to be able to give you the opportunity to experience the exciting sport of Archery.  Tuition is given through qualified coaches at our grounds.

Call Steve on 0411 703 299 or 9437 1958 to arrange a time that suits.



Interested Parents in Bend of Islands area who would like to be involved in car pool

Please contact Linda 0423 284 720


The Bolt youth lounge

Shop 4.266 Bolton Street just near the Ridge Health Club.

Available to ALL students at Eltham High School Friday afternoon 3:30-5pm

Study/homework assistance available

Café, pool & foozball facilities.  Come in to study, chat, or just hang out. 

If you need any information ring 9431 1115


Thank you to all the people who have contributed to our food for refugees appeal.  We still have a box in the office foyer. 

All contributions gratefully accepted.

Thanks to all George Franklin/Brendan Monigatti


Are there some parents who would like to receive the newsletter via email? If so, go to our website, www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the Newsletter link and choose subscribe, fill in the form and the newsletter will be emailed to you each week.


Host Families and Exchange Students

Exchange students from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Austria, Russia, America, Canada, Italy & Brazil are coming here late January 2005, hoping to be placed with volunteer host families.  Should you be all interested in adding a boy or girl aged 15-18 to your family for 2, 3 ,5 or 10 months to share your lifestyle, so establishing a life-long relationship with the other person you choose and his/her family overseas, please phone Klaus Schurmann on 9758 4279  Your call will be very welcome.  If you wish to go overseas yourself as an exchange student, please ring.



The Eltham Living & Learning Centre has registered as a Tax Help Centre to provide a venue and a volunteer to assist people on low incomes (earning less than $35,000) with their tax responsibilities.

Geoff Read is available at the Eltham Centre on Thursday afternoons.

To book an appointment with Geoff, please call Leonie Trufitt on 9430 1301


Parent members of School Council – available for contact via the General Office

Pam Blewett, Richard Browne, John Considine,

Sue Dyet, Peter Hanlon, Tamara Knowles, Jill Tait and Grace Tham