Sporting Precinct

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Staged development Plan

The school oval before the 2019 development

The redevelopment of the sporting fields was delayed. The slow processing of flood plain levels by Melbourne Water held up work. This in turn slowed down the issuing of the Building Permit, which is required prior to the start of the works. Work finally started early in 2019.

The northern end of the oval showing the site preparation for the new pavilion. Taken 9 February 2019

The northern end of the oval showing excavation for the oval. Taken 28 March 2019

Sporting Precinct Development - Community Information

To the residents of Ely Street and Eltham High School neighbours.

The sporting fields of the school will be undergoing major redevelopment over the coming months in order to establish a community based sporting facility. This is a collaborative project with the Shire of Nillumbik and with input from a range of sporting clubs in the local area.

This redevelopment involves a major upgrade of our football oval with the construction of a cricket pitch on the centre of the oval, and cricket practice nets and the construction of some parking bays closest to the Ely Street end of the school.

On the Withers Way end of the school, there will be the redevelopment of the tennis courts with super imposed netball courts, the construction of a baseball diamond and a shotput circle and the building of a small pavilion housing change rooms and toilets. The resurfacing of the Hardcourts (basketball courts) on the south side of the Stadium and the construction of some additional parking on the West end of the Stadium will also take place.

It is our intention and that of the building contractors to minimise any disruption to the normal program of the school as well as the day-to-day travels and traffic in the community around the school.

Whilst any redevelopment or building site will bring associated challenges, our proposal has been that as far as is possible, any truck etc. needing to enter the school will do so prior to 8:00 am or post the start of the school day, which is 9:00 am. This is so as not to impinge on student safety as they arrive to school, disrupt traffic flow or create congestion during a busy period of the day in the vicinity of the school.

It is proposed that once the project starts it will take around 165 days to be completed.

On completion, the facilities will be of great benefit not only to the students in our school but also to our community.

For further information on progress, I refer you to the “Sporting Precinct Development – Community Information” tab on the school website, which we will keep updating as the project proceeds.

Should you have any queries do contact the school at

Yours sincerely


Vincent Sicari

17 October 2018