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Tuesday 18th July, 2000                                        Term 3 Week 2

Principal's Report

Bay Area Wind Symphony

Last night's joint concert with the Bay Area Wind Symphony and our Symphonic Band was an outstanding success. I felt truly privileged to listen to so many dedicated, skilled and passionate musicians. My thanks to Ken Waterworth, Diane Stone and Denise Frankenburg for their organisational skills, Ken for his conductorial excellence, to our visitors for their friendship and goodwill. Can I also say thank-you to all the families that provided a billet and played host to our American friends. Without you these outstanding visits could not go ahead. Your efforts are most appreciated.

Year 7 enrolment for Next Year

You will be interested to hear that over 250 students have applied to Eltham High School for Year 7 enrolment for 2001. This is a significant increase over last year. The increase in applications has come about through a larger than normal Grade 6 class in one feeder school. The increase also reflects the good name of the school, our commitment to the development of each child as an individual, our high academic standards and the excellence of our extra-curricula program.

Despite this increase in applications, the number of places available for year seven students will remain steady at the current level. With such a small site, no "spare" classrooms, desperate need of permanent classrooms to replace some very ancient portable classrooms and a commitment to keep class sizes to a reasonable level, we are not in a position to admit additional year 7 students.                               Paul Rose, Principal


The Canteen Committee met late last term and agreed that due to a lack of information concerning the GST effect on canteen supplies, prices would not change at the beginning of term 3. We will hold a special meeting of the Canteen Committee in the fourth week of term 3 to review prices and, if necessary, prices will change following that meeting. Claire Kelly, the parent representative on the Canteen Committee, resigned at the last meeting due to a change in her employment. Claire has been very involved in the canteen and has provided support in many ways. We are very grateful to Claire for her longstanding contribution to this important aspect of the school community. As a result of Claire's resignation there is a vacancy on the canteen committee for a parent member. Would anyone interested in supporting the school in this way please contact the Canteen Manager, Bev Cust, or the school Business Manager, Peter Gurney.


WED.     L.Burleigh,V.Knowles,C.Snow,D.Shepherd     

THURS     S.McEwin,M.Thomas,K.Maxfield,J.Johnson

FRI.     S.Paull,J.Griffiths,J.Goodwin,L.Fillis     

MON.      J.Molloy,C.Deylen,M.Lemcke,D.Lopez     

TUES       V.Bates,L.Wheeler,J.Smith,A.Batten

URGENT!! Volunteers are needed desperately for Fridays. If you can assist, please contact Mrs Bev Cust in the Canteen.


The Administration Block corridor, canteen kitchen, classrooms 901, 902 and P2 were painted during the term 2 vacation. Painting will continue on the exteriors of various buildings throughout this term with the interior of classroom P3, the Commerce Block, Music Block and English Block to be painted during the next holidays.


During the last school holidays a boy's bike was left in the bike shed. To prevent it being stolen it was moved to a locked storage shed. Despite announcements over the PA system and notices in the daily student bulletin the bike remains unclaimed. Would the owner please see Mr Gurney, this week. If the bike is not collected by Friday it will be handed over to Eltham Police.


Coming Events!!


Friday 21st     Extended Rehearsal (Jazz Band)

Monday 24th     Primary Schools String Workshop

Thursday 27th     Parent/Teacher Interviews & AGM for Music Support Group

Mon 31st - Sat 5th MUSIC CAMP

Mon 31st - Tues 1st - Intermediate Band

Tues 1st - Wed 2nd - Training Band

Wed 2nd - Thurs 3rd - Concert Band & Concert Strings

Thurs 3rd - Sat 5th - Symphonic Band


Eltham Swim Squad

7:00 am - 8:00 am at the Eltham Leisure Centre every Thursday morning. Let coach Neroli Nixon help you to enjoy swimming and improve your fitness. $55 for the term, payable to the School Cashier.

Victorian Schools Road Relay Championships

33 EHS students took part in the Victorian Schools Road Relay Championships, held at Latrobe University on Saturday 15th July. The Championships, conducted by Athletics Victoria, attract very strong teams from secondary schools throughout Victoria. The Eltham HS boys U21 finished in third place in the U20 4x3km relay with only three runners, but had to declare themselves an invitation team because one of their team, James Attard had run both the first and fourth legs. The achievement of the three in this team, Cameron Laurence, Scott Wheeler and James was still one of the best displays ever of distance running from an Eltham HS team. James ran his three kilometer legs in 9:00 minutes and 9:13 while Cameron ran 9:54 and Scott 9:56 for a team total of 28:03. Other team placings are not known as yet but the Eltham students should all be congratulated on their excellent endeavours and real spirit of team-work. The teams and individual results were as follows:

G U14 - 4x2km: Emma Baker (9:03); Maddy Spawn (9:57); Tess Woodward (9:59); Tess Byrne (9:06) - Total 39:15.

4x2km: Vicki Law-Sparkes (9:53); Nicole Deller (10:47) - team in complete.

B U14 - 4x2km: Stefan Courtot (7:18); Asher Carter (8:36); James Hamlet (8:37); Alistair Skelly (8:30) - Total - 32:59.

G U15 - 4x2km: Nina Barwald (8:47); Kc Reynolds (10:57); Lilly van Eeden (10:46); Laura Johnstone (9:05) - Total - 39:35.

B U15 - 4x2km: David Crowden (8:10); Adrian Horsman (8:18); Andrew Walters (8:37); Edward Buchanan (10:25) - Total - 35:30.

G U17 - 4x3km: Brooke Palmer (12:14); Gemma White (13:20); Carolyn Deller (13:59); Adrianne Walters (13:22) - Total - 52:55.

B U 17 - 4x3km: Nicholas Laurence (10:15); Nathan Burke (11:10); Daniel Pobjoy (11:47) - team incomplete.

G U20 - 4x3km: Lindsay Parsons (12:28); Sunny Oliver-Bennetts (12:39); Claire Harvey-Beavis (14:27); Kathy Young (11:13) - Total 50:47.

B U20 - Total 38:03 (details above)     Max Balchin

Victorian State Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships

7 EHS students will compete in the VSSSA Cross Country Championships to be held at Yarra Bend Park, Fairfield, today Tuesday 18th July. The students are: Brooke Palmer (U15 girls 3km - 12:30 pm), Kathy Young, Lindsay Parsons (U20 girls 3km - 1:00 pm), Nicholas Laurence (U16 5Km - 2:00 pm), James Attard, Cameron Laurence, Scott Wheeler (U20 5km - 2:30 pm).


Australian Maths Competition 2000

Once again students at Eltham High School have the opportunity to participate in the Australian Maths Competition for the Bank of Melbourne Awards. This is a competition that attracts many entrants from across Australia and is a great chance for students to apply their skills in a well structured and broad ranging challenge. The cost to students is $3.00, to be paid to the Cashier in the general office by the 1st August. Students will complete the task under supervision in the library on the 1st of August. Each entrant receives a certificate of participation with the opportunity to gain a credit or distinction certificate or even one of the prizes available. Why not give it a go?               Maths Co-ordinator D.Miles


Term 3 started up with results from the Year 7 French Poetry Reading Competition as well as the Year 7 Poster Competition in French. Winners are as follows:

Madelaine Goddard 7H - 1st Prize

Peter McMahon 7H - 2nd Prize

Leanne Gatcum 7G - 3rd Prize

Prize winners for Poster Competition are as follows:

Kate Van Noorden 7G - 1st Prize

Rhiannon Taylor 7H - 1st Prize

Susie Dwyer 7G - 2nd Prize

Congratulations to these students and well done to all students who participated so enthusiastically. The Year 7 Indonesian classes will have their turn shortly and a copy of the required poem will be given to each student. Prizes will be given out at the next school assembly.               P. Brady (Lote)


Open Days

It is vital for year 10 -12 students planning on tertiary study to go to University and TAFE Open Days. Many students do not select the most suitable course because they do not do their research, often basing their decisions on the opinions of others, or sheer guesswork. Check out courses, facilities, location, transport, nature of courses by going to the institutions. Open Days are usually on Sundays, during August. Parents are strongly encouraged to take senior students or to encourage them to organise for a group of friends to go together. Year 10 and 11 students should collect a timetable of Open Days from the Careers Room this week.

Year 10 to VCE Transition and

Year 11 to Year 12 Subject Selection

During Term 3, Year 10 & 11 students will engage in a number of activities designed to help them decide which VCE subjects they will choose. The decisions made have major implications in terms of eligibility for TAFE and university courses and so students and parents need to prepare thoroughly before subject selection decisions are made.

Key dates:

The first stage of the process is a general information session conducted in core groups, this is to be followed up with groups of 9 students meeting in the Careers Resources Room. Here the aim is to further familiarise students with the subject selection process and give them the tools and information needed to choose subjects appropriately for their future careers.

Each student will receive a copy of the 2000 Job Guide and this is the starting point for their research. Students need to find any prerequisite subjects that are required for possible tertiary studies. Students will need to consult the VICTER 2003 booklet and the VTAC Guide, reference copies of which are available in my office. Students who have no clear idea of what they want to do in the future can choose to do the JOB TEST which involves about 2 hours work using the JOB GUIDE. This helps to identify broad categories of work that students are interested in and widens their horizons as to the range of careers possible. There is also a wide range of detailed resources in my office about careers and TAFE and University courses. Encourage your child to use them. Give me a ring if you need help with career or course advice. Queries about the VCE and how it operates are best left till after the VCE Parent Information meeting on Tuesday September 14th.

Careers, Employment and Young People 'Making the Transition from School to Work'

2 free evenings - Hear leading Industry and Education experts outline the skills required and the training programs young people should complete to obtain employment in the modern workplace. Topics:

Forum 1 : Tues.1st Aug. 7.15-9.15pm - Moreland

Forum 2 : Wed. 9th Aug. 7.15-9.15pm - Whittlesea

Contact Greg Box or Murray Southurst on 9925 7774 for detailed information.     Julie Buckland


New Class

As a result of student interest, a new senior after hours dance group will be beginning this term, starting today, 18th July. Class starts immediately after school till 4:30 pm. For enquiries contact Kiah at the school during school hours on 9439 5111.

Fees Semester 2 - Payment for semester 2 is now overdue. Please finalise ASAP. Queries, contact Kiah Gudde or Peter Gurney.

After Hours Dance Ensemble

As the A/H group will be performing this week in "Medium Rare" there will not be a class this Thursday. Class will resume as normal next week.


Tues 25th


Subschool Assemblies P1 J/S, P2 M/S, P3 VCE

Tues 8th


Year 11 & 12 Parent Teacher Night

Thurs. 12th


Eltham High School Careers Night

Mon 28th


Interim Reports due for Years 7 - 10

Tues 29th


Curriculum Day

Tues 5th


M/S Interim Reports Distributed

Wed 5th


M/S Parent Teacher Night

Mon 11th


J/S Interim Reports Distributed

Tues 12th


J/S Parent Teacher Night


The Year 11/12 Industry and Enterprise Studies group visited the Diana Ferrari Shoe Factory at the end of last term and were able to view all aspects of the production process from planning and design, to packing of the final product for distribution to retailers. The students were shown the latest technology being used, health and safety issues, the summer stock to be released etc. Our thanks are extended to Andrew Nelson who organised this most valuable excursion which the Year 12 students are using for their CAT work.      Helen Morris


"Medium Rare" is the latest production of the Eltham High School Drama Ensemble. Written by George Franklin, the play has been performed before in 1996. This year it will be showing at the Woodstock Theatre in South Morang, which has been chosen because of its more 'intimate' nature. It is directed this year by ex-student Emily Kilkenny, who is also a member of the band that features in the show and produced by Liz Lacey. The show stars Genna Upson as the "beautiful, talented and immensely popular" Princess Aurora and Leigh Nuriden as the "dag" who falls hopelessly in love with her.

"Medium Rare" includes singing, dancing and circus performances as well as corrupt bank managers, sleazy work experience supervisors and hippy mums who conjure up dead spirits like Shakespeare and Joan of Arc.

The show will run from Monday 17th July through to Saturday 22nd July with a break for the cast members on Wednesday. It will start at 7:30 pm with concession tickets at $5 and $10 for adults, "a bargain" says cast member Tim Hester.

Maggie Mildenhall, Middle School Stop Press



A "hands-on" experience about the internet will take place at the school in Room 707 on Thursday 3rd August, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm. Come along and discover:

The cost of the workshop is $25 (GST Inc). Please indicate your intention to attend on the form below. Return with payment to the Cashier by Friday 28th July. Limited to 20 places. For further information please contact Mr Gary Bass or Ms Glennis Pitches.

Internet For Parents

NAME: ________________________________

CONTACT PHONE NO ___________________

Other things I would like to know about


Please return with $25.00 to Cashier




There has been a slight delay with the distribution of reports. They will now be handed to students during class on Thursday afternoon this week.