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Tuesday 15th August, 2000                                        Term 3 Week 6

Principal’s Report

Eltham High School Bands

The bands continue to enjoy success as is reported elsewhere in this newsletter. We all wish our music students well this week as they perform in the Melbourne School Bands Festival.

Student Focus Youth Services

Thanks to some outstanding work from Helen Rix (Assistant Principal), Glennis Pitches (Professional Development Coordinator) and Cath O’Donnell (SFYS, Eltham Community Health Centre), an innovative professional development program for year level coordinators in secondary schools across the Northern Region begins this week. On behalf of the 160 participants I would like to recognise the efforts of Helen, Glennis and Cath.

Public Education: the Next Generation Report

The Public Education the Next Generation Report has been presented to the Minister for Education and is available for public scrutiny. The report can be downloaded from www.sofweb.vic.edu.au/publiced. The report runs to 84 pages and will be tabled at the School Council Meeting on Wednesday 16th August.

Curriculum Days

As mentioned last week, Tuesday 29th August has been nominated as our next Curriculum Day. No students (apart from Year 12 students undertaking a practice examination for English) are required at school. Don’t forget that an additional Curriculum Day has been set down for October 2nd – the first day of term 4.

Australian Council for Educational Research

Eltham High School has been chosen to participate in a test development exercise for the programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). About 50 students altogether took part in this important international research study. Countries from all parts of the world are involved in the project which is being sponsored by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris. PISA will measure skills in the very important areas of reading, mathematics and science at a point when students have almost finished their compulsory schooling.                                             Paul Rose, Principal



Sunday 20th August 9.00-12.30pm

Followed by a BBQ lunch.

 The main tasks are

-          mulching garden beds (trailer/wheel barrows needed)

-          tree pruning along commerce block (ladder, pruning shears etc.)

-          clean out stormwater drains (shovels/wheel barrows)

-          reposition wooden seating

-          weeding garden beds

-          clean up of fallen branches (chainsaw).

-          Your assistance would be very welcome. This is the only working bee for term 3 and there is a lot to do around the school. The term 4 working bees are:

-          Saturday 14th October

-          Sunday, 19th November.

-          Di Parry for Grounds Committee.



Parents interested in contributing to the consultation on homework and reporting can attend a parent forum at the Glenroy Primary School, 50 Wheatsheaf Road, Glenroy on Thursday, 24th August 7-9pm.


Au revoir, chère Amélie

Eltham High School has established various kinds of connections with France which enable our students to come in contact with French people, authentic use of the French language and current practices of French culture. These include:

1.       Student exchange programs

2.       Teachers' scholarships and stays in France

3.       Global Collaborative Project: "French Australian Links"

4.       French speaking parents helping with Conversation sessions.

5.       Cultural activities such as "crêpes" tasting, outings, etc.

During the last five weeks we were fortunate enough to have Amélie Michelon from Saint Etienne from France in our school. Amélie told us that it has always been her father's dream to visit Australia. As a family, she toured Northern Australia and down to Sydney six years ago with her parents.  After that trip, her father's passion for Australia became her passion too.  Therefore, she worked for a whole year for her ticket and trip to Australia and here she is: in Melbourne, at Eltham High School, during her summer holidays before starting Year 12 in September. 

Amélie enjoys being a classmate and at the same time a "young teacher" in French classes.  She also joins two year 11 English classes.  Her aim is to improve her English and make some Australian friends. Our school has been benefiting from her presence in various ways: she is a young native French speaker our students can relate to easily, because of the age.  She provides more practice in speaking French to our students, particularly to those in year 11 and 12.  She is a human resource for current vocabulary, expressions, etc.  She has been another French aid to French teachers.  Eltham High School staff and students and their families have benefited from her presence by inviting her and taking her out and talking to her in French.  She enjoyed visiting various Melbourne sights but mostly she enjoyed the atmosphere at a footy game, where she was taken by Pierre, a French speaking student of our school, and his family.

Amélie is leaving us this week.  As she commented, her English has improved tremendously.  She can understand an English film on TV now without subtitles and she can have a whole conversation with people, all in English.  She leaves behind a lot of memories, new friends and images of places she visited.  Merci pour tout, Amélie, et bon voyage!  We hope to hear from you soon.  And maybe, who knows, see you in France.  À Bientôt.

On behalf of all the Eltham High School community, the LOTE Faculty and all French students

Mme S. Sophocleous


My school in France

The school where I go, in France, has one thousand five hundred students and three hundred and fifty classrooms. It’s in Saint Priest near Saint-Etienne (near Lyon). In my school there are just Years 10, 11 and 12. It’s stricter in class but it’s not forbidden to go out during the lunch and spares, and to smoke inside the school.

This year, I study English, Spanish, Law, Economics, Philosophy, History, Geography, Business administration, Computer studies, Mathematics and Sports. I’m on holidays now for two months.

In my school we can learn: Arts, Sciences, German, Italian, Arabic, Literature, Communication, Accountancy ... and a lot of other subjects.

I go to school by bus, every morning, for the lunch, and in the afternoon. I finish school at 4, 5 or 6 o’clock and I go to school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday all day, and Wednesday and Saturday morning.

I prefer my school because there are all of my friends.

In France, in Year 12 you sit for an exam with nine or ten subjects in one week, in June.

I’m here to learn English and help some students in French but I like this school because everybody is nice with me!                  Amélie Michelon



2000 Achievement Through Art Program “Run Jump, Leap : The Art of Sport”. The following students have had their artwork submitted:

Vukasin Josipovic 8H

Yasmin Longley 8H

Krystal Mihailovic 8H

Luke Neil 8H

Ben Phillips 8H

Hannah Trethowen 8H

Eric Schip 8B

Craig Cameron 8C.

The exhibition will be held at the Royal Melbourne Show between 21st September and 1st October, 2000 to coincide with the Olympic Games.

Jeanette Carter, Visual Arts Co-ordinator.






WED.     Lyn Burleigh,Ruth Seidler, Joy Poliness

THURS      Norma Phillips, Jill Browne,

     Yvonne Wong, Yvonne Connard

FRI.     Linda Grange, Judy Griffiths, Karen           Nelsen, Lorraine Fillis

MON.     Sue Wilson, Julie Seidel

TUES     Karen Gardiner, Donna Paulka,

     Glenda Guilfoyle, Margaret Hamilton

Help is needed on Monday 21st - if you can work that day, please give me a ring. Bev Cust.       



Music Camp

A very successful week of rehearsals was negotiated by many of our music students. Everyone worked very hard with rehearsals and workshops commencing at 9am and going through until 8.30pm each day. Each group, Training, Intermediate, Concert and Symphonic Bands and Concert Strings, made significant progress with support from many of the instrumental staff and their respective conductors. Thanks to all staff, music and others, for their hard work along with the parents who assisted at mealtime. I am sure this intensive rehearsal period will assist in each group’s presentation for their remaining performances this term.

Banyule Festival Mon/Tues last week

We were well represented by two of our concert bands and also both of our string ensembles. On Monday night our Training Band gave a very stylish performance which brought extended applause from the large audience. Their performance of the new music was excellent. The Intermediate band played extremely well producing a very mature sound and some very musical moments in their performance. Our strings ensembles are improving continually, and on Tuesday evening gave their best performances for the year. The increase in number of string players and the improvement of quality of performance indicates some real progress in the program.

Jazz Band Performance Mon.7th Aug.

The band performed at Mayfields in Fitzroy. A variety of music was well received from an enthusiastic audience. Thanks to Steve Hardie (band director) and each member of the band for a great performance.

Melb School Strings Festival 14th Aug.

Our Concert Strings performed at the Robert Blackwood Hall yesterday as part of the Melb Schools String Festival. The ensemble gave a very polished and musical performance bringing very positive comments from each of the three adjudicators. Congratulations to members of the group and thanks to Diane Wheeler for all her work.


Melbourne School Bands Festival

Details of our bands’ performances:


Tues.15     Inter.     depEHS 5.45pm     depRBH 8.45pm

Thurs.17     Training      depEHS 7.45am     ret EHS 12.00pm

Thurs.17     Symph.     Arr.EHS 7.45pm     depRBH10.20pm

No transport provided

Fri.18     Stage     arr.RBH 7.20pm     depRBH 9.30pm

No transport provided

Mon.21     Jazz     depEHS 8.55am     ret EHS12.55pm

Fri.25     Concert     depEHS 8.00am     ret EHS12.45pm

Coach transport provided to RBH only

All parents and friends are welcome to attend these sessions. Ticket $6. This one ticket will give you entry to all sessions except the final concert. Keep your ticket and attend as many sessions as you wish.

State Championships

Box Hill Town Hall Sat 19th/Sun.20th August

All our bands are participating this coming weekend. Both the Jazz and Stage bands will be performing on Saturday evening with our four concert bands competing on Sunday.



Intermediate Girls Hockey

The team recorded strong first round wins over St Helena and Montmorency in the local round robin last week. 8 nil in both games. Excellent team work and well led by stand in captain Caroline Keating plus the introduction of two new players in Jasmine Neagle and Fiona Byrne.

Victorian Schools Track Relay Championships

Students interested in competing in the Victorian Schools Track Relay Championships are invited to register their interest.  The Relay Championships are held at the Doncaster Venue over two days – Tuesday 29th August (4X200m & 4X800m) and Thursday 31st August (4x100m & 4x400m). Contact Mr Balchin at the school for further information.

Table Tennis

The Intermediate girls and Boys Tabletennis teams travelled to the DV zone round robin. The girls team of Hannah Wykes, Joanne Gordon, Shan Altieri and Rachel Poulter lost narrowly to the eventual winners, St Helenda SC and defeated Montmorency SC. The boys team of Mark McDonald, Simon Young, Nicholson Scott and Geoff Langford lost to StHelena SC and Montmorency SC No.1 team but defeated the Monty  No.2 team. St.Helena boys won the round robin.                    Max Balchin





Thurs. 17th Aug.

Eltham High School Careers Night

Tues 29th Aug

Curriculum Day

Tues 5th Sept

M/S Interim Reports  Distributed

Wed 5th Sept

M/S Parent Teacher Night

Thursday 7th Sept

VCE Parent Information Night

Mon 11th Sept

J/S Interim Reports  Distributed

Tues 12th Sept

J/S Parent Teacher Night



Macbeth Excursion for all Year 11 Students Thursday 24th August. The cost is $17.  Students should pay the Cashier as soon as possible.

Trip of a lifetime for Shae

One of EHSs sight impaired students, Shae Skinner, was lucky enough to be selected for a scholarship to go to Canada. She had to write a 500-word essay on the developments of technology for the visually impaired. The scholarship entitled her to go on a 3 week camp to Toronto, Canada, where she studied computers and recreation. During the 3 week trip in July Shae visited many tourist attractions such as Wonderland, Niagra Falls and she also went bungy jumping! The one thing that will remain with her always is the friendship and support she shared with the rest of the campers. She can’t wait to get back!

By Allison Lemke, Stop Press.

The Light Shines Even Brighter

Last Thursday, 10th August, Jolien Quispel, a Year 10 Eltham High School student, took part in the Olympic Torch relay as an escort runner. Jolien was chosen as an escort runner after submitting a written application in which she had to say why she wanted to take part. Jolien ran a 2.3km leg of the relay in the MtDangenong Tourist Drive. Jolien was excited by her experience saying, “It was a once in a lifetime offer and I’ll never do it again”.

Tammy Watkins, Stop Press.


Friday 18th August- Area7 SomethingFor Kate,PoundSystem&Sek – ElthamRoller ity,66SusanSt. Eltham. All ages 7.30-11.30pm.Tickets $16.50plus b/f,available atElthamRollerCity, Missing Link- City,RollingThunder, Kew &Greensborough,Fruitbowl Productions and at the door. More information on 9439 0222.This

is a fully supervised, drug and alcohol free event. No Passouts.


Try outs for Diamond Valley Eagles Friday Night Championship Basketball will be held at the Diamond Valley Sporting Complex, Civic Drive, Greensborough on the following Sundays:

27th August, 3rd September and 10th September:

U12s (born 1990,1991) 1.15-2.45pm

U14s (born 1988, 1989) 1.15-2.45pm

U16s (born 1986, 1987) 3-4.30pm

U18s (born 1984, 1985) 3-4.30pm

U20s (born 1982, 1983) 3-4.30pm


VTAC presentation for parents Thursday, 24th August 7.00pm in the library. Further details next week.

Thursday 17th August – EHS Careers Night - 2000


*  Transition from School to Work – New Apprenticeships, Traineeships.

*  The Trades          *  IT & Computers

*  Health Sciences     *  Engineering

*  Law               *  Science & Maths

*  Business & Finance    *  Emergency Services

*  Media – Photography & Film

*  Graphic Design & Advertising

*  Outdoor Ed & Natural Resource Management

*  Sports Management & Physical Education

*  Army Reserves     *  Aviation

*  Psychology & Social Work

Detach and return this slip to Mrs Buckland in the Careers Room IMMEDIATELY.




Student Name ___________________Core Group __


Names of other members of your family attending:





From the PROGRAM SESSION OPTIONS,  list in order, your five preference:


Preference 1:_


Preference 2:_


Preference 3:_


Preference 4:_


Preference 5:___