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Parent Newsletter



Tuesday, 25th October, 2000                                            Term 4 Week 4

Principal’s Report

Dear parents

Once again Eltham High School Year 12 students demonstrated their maturity and sense of responsibility, as well as their positive relationship with the school. The last day was a celebration – beginning with a breakfast at school, and finishing with the formal held at Rivers. We were all very proud of them – and their understanding that having fun doesn’t mean behaving irresponsibly. Our best wishes go with them during the exam period.

In many schools across Victoria, the behaviour of Year 12s on their last day has become a matter for media discussion. The last day, in some schools and for some students has become a licence to behave badly, a rite of passage involving damage to property, the humiliation of staff and members of the public and the bullying of younger students. But, at Eltham High School, this was a day of celebration and, we believe, a reflection of a maturity and sense of social responsibility, which the school’s discipline approaches have helped to engender in students.

Another celebration of a different sort is planned for next weekend, the 28th and 29th October. We would encourage all parents to take the opportunity to drop into the Arts Festival, which will be held at the school during this time.

                                    Helen Rix, Assistant Principal, Paul Rose, Principal




All parents and students are invited to attend the Middle School Information night on Wednesday, 25th October at 7.30pm in the school hall.  Handbooks and students selection sheets will be issued and the Middle School Program will be explained.  Small group workshops will allow parents and students to clarify issues relevant to them and seek further details of the selection process. A light supper will be provided. Looking forward to meeting with you.



All parents, friends and students are invited to our Arts Festival this weekend on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October between 12 noon and 4.00pm.

Work from all levels will be displayed in the visual arts and technology subjects which include the following: Ceramics, Graphics, Painting, Print Draw, Photography, Drawing, Wood, Metal, Textiles, Beading, Food, Media.

The festival will be officially opened at 2.00pm by ex student Dominique Falla who is a very talented professional illustrator who will also be displaying some of her own work.

At 2.10pm the following students will receive art technology awards for achieving two or more A’s in their Art Technology Subjects:

Excellence in Art Technology Awards 2000

7A     Kym Grundy, Ryley Broekman

7B     Tayo Takzawa, Jem Edsall, Steven Keast, Erica Marson, Luke Alteri

7C     Arwen Pagon, Brittany Gardiner

7D     Holly Baldwin, Peter Poposki

7E     Dane Norgate

7F     Matthew Shand

7G     Jessica Trask, Kate Van Noorden

7H     Rhiannon Taylor, Peter McMahon

7J     Leah Holmes, Kate Dorrington

8A     Emma Gutleridge, Tom Richardson,

     Mirian Fishwick

8B     Belinda Stubbs

8C     Ruby Tobin, Skye Holder, Simon Walshe

8D     Ben Plant

8E     Elise White, Nina Barwald

8F     Emily Darling Filby, Caitlin Davey, Nina Bowes

8G     Amy Davey, Kallan Smyth

8H     Julia Hemingway, Yasmin langly, Jessica Butler

8J     Laura Johnstone, Caleb Longfield,

     Candice McKay

Middle School Architectural Studies

Andrew Clarke, Tristan Hopkins (& Print/Draw)

Middle School Lead lighting

Anna Fogarty

Middle School Photography

Oki Gardiner

Middle School Ceramics

Jessica Green, Reuban Liversidge, Stephanie Camera, Sam Dowely, Gemma Mathew, Nashira Car

Middle School Art Studies

Alana Pallister, Michael Carter, Anne Marie Scarce

Middle School Print/Draw

Vanessa Davis, Katherine Lumford, Liam Scott, Kerryn Ablitt, Corrine Haby & VCD, Tristan Hopkin

Middle School Drawing

Thea Osborne, Allison Lemcke, Lily van Eeden,

Middle School Visual Communication

Corrine Haby, Brooke Palmer, Anna Smolenaers, Natasha Filaton, Blake Griffiths

Middle School Metal

Anna Fogarty

Middle School Beading

Juliet Martin, Larissa Salter, Bandice Batty, Liam Scott

Middle School Painting

Briana Barling, Steven Constantinas, Emily Buffan Friedrichson, Nicola Dougherty, Emma Agius

VCE Ceramics

Matthew Salvo, Sonya Patterson, Nicholas Agius, Selene DeBree, Juanita Watkins

VCE Materials Technology

Matthew Watson


Gemma Lethborg, Juanita Lacey, Kate Berry, Mona Ray Grief, Zoe Spawton, Georgina Butterfield, Andrea Tham, Sarah Berners, Josie Lee, Lucy Goode

VCE Visual Communication and Design

Kim Moore, Jason Isaks

VCE Materials Technology Wood

Chris Tucker

During Saturday and Sunday there will be music dance and drama performances, face painting, devonshire tea and Indonesian food.

Come along and enjoy !!

Parents are most welcome to come along and help us set up the display on Friday, 27th October.

Many thanks.        J.Carter  Visual Arts Co-ordinator.


Congratulations are in order for Felicity Rodda of Year 11 who has received the Mathematics Encouragement Award from LaTrobe University. The award is given to the best achieving Year 11 mathematics student. The primary objective of the Awards Program is to encourage talented students of mathematics to continue their studies in maths.

Congratulations are also in order for the following students who took part in the Australian Mathematics Competition for the Bank of Melbourne Awards:

Year 7/8: Matt Bolger, Jem Edsall, Georgia Simon, Carlie Alexander, Hilary Guilfoyle, James Alexander, Jake Greenway-Read, Robert Clark, Caitlin Davey, Lachlan Giles, Shae Hart, Daniel Bass and Rebecca Norman.

Year 9/10: Andrew Wembridge, henry Sherrell, Aaron Humber, Paul Skeen, Carolyn Deller, Michael Carter, Catherine Macrae, Adam Grigoropoulos, Jessica Green, Sophie Chilton, Elise Rynia, Michael Gurling and Nashira Car; and also to Tim Maxfield of Year 11. Remaining certificates will be given to students during class or they can be picked up from Mr Coventry in the Science office.

Edassist are offering students going from Year 10 to Year 11 the chance to participate in their Summer School which will run from Monday 8th January to Friday 12th January 2001. Further details, including brochures are available from Mr Coventry.

Rob Coventry, Maths KLA


7.30pm 31st October to 3rd November

EHS hall – children $4; adults $8

Bigger than Ben Hur,

better than the Bee Gees,

more profound than the collected works of Slim Dusty

. the first Eltham High School original production for 2 years,


 Romeo and Juliet with a touch of buffy and a heap of disco.

What the critics have said .. “Great Lighting”.. Aaron Chidley; “Better than the olympics” .. Juan Antonio Samaranch; “My plays would have been better with disco”.. Shakespeare; “It went right over my head” .. Einstein.


Shown below are the dates for enrolment and second hand book sales. This is to help families plan for the end of the school year. Complete and detailed information will be sent home with each student in the next few weeks. Please read the detailed information carefully as this will help to ensure that each student is administered accurately and efficiently.

2000 Year Level

2001 Year Level

Hand in 2000 Texts for Sale


Purchase 2001  2nd Hand Texts


Complete Enrolment Procedures by:

Submit New Texts Booklist by:



29/10 – 16/11






13/11 – 21/11

22/11 NOTE 3






22/11 NOTE 3
























4/12 & 5/12



NOTE 1: Years 11 & 12 students will individually hand in texts at the school office. Years 7 – 10 students will hand in texts by class groups in Room 503.

NOTE 2: All 2nd hand texts sold 3.30 – 7.00 pm in Room 503 (Year 7 2nd hand texts from 2.00 – 7.00 pm).

NOTE 3: Year 11 and Year 12 new English and Literature novels will also be available for purchase. This gives students the opportunity to read the novels over the holidays.

Parents, please note, we will need help to staff the second hand book sales. If you can volunteer a couple of hours to help, particularly between 3.30 pm and 5.30 pm on any of the dates in column 4 above, please contact Peter Gurney by phoning the school.



The concert on Friday, 13th October was a great success. Well done and thank you to all performers.

Upcoming performances

Senior A/H dance     Health & well being performance Thursday 26th at Lower Valley Montessori

Senior A/H & Yr11     2.30pm 28th and 29th October

               Arts Festival

A/H dance          production 30th Oct.-3rdNov.



By Catherine Macrae and Alice Goddard, Year 10

This was the question posed to us as we attended the 7th annual State Constitutional Convention as student delegates a few weeks ago. Along with almost 150 other students we enjoyed the privilege of spending the day occupying the seats normally taken by our politicians, which I might add, are large, squeaky and not very comfortable. Our day commenced with a speech given by Dr Brian Costar who briefed us on the range of issues we needed to consider before making up our minds on the question. We were addressed by 2 speakers Felicity Hampel QC and Dr Nick Economou, Senior Lecturer at Monash University who argued the cases for and against prior to our discussion of the issues.

The most popular section of the day was undoubtedly the afternoon session, Soapbox. This was time in which we were given the freedom to express our views and try as hard as we could to convince fellow delegates of our opinions. This proved to be rather lively as we and approx. 90 other students stood up to the microphone and gave it all we could in our strict time limit of 2 mins. A much-enjoyed day concluded with a mock referendum in which the delegates voted no to a Bill of Rights.


WED..     J.Griffiths, L.Burleigh, J.Kilkenny, C.Snow

THURS      M.Russell,J.Samphier, N.Phillips, N.Joy

FRI.     V.Vivian-Taylor,S.Lynch, J.Goodwin

MON     L.adams, D.Baker, A.Collins, D.Lopez


Plan for tomorrow, today

Wednesday 25th October at 7.00pm Eltham Library, Panther Place, Eltham. Gerard Ferrara provides professional advice on how students and adults can plan today for future career and study success. Bookings essential on 9439 9266.

Casual Sales position Fun energetic person required for sales of childrens photos. Must have car & be willing & able to travel (mobile photographic studio). Position requires work every Thursday (early start, late finish). Travel country Vic. Approx 6 times per year – requires travel Wed.-work Thursday-some Fridays or travel home Fri. Contact Penny 041 6001048


School Calendar




Middle School Information Night


Eltham High School Arts Festival



Mon. 6th

Pupil free day

Fri. 10th

Year 12 exams conclude


Year 11 exams conclude




Canteen luncheon


Year 10 last day


Years 7,8 and 9 last day


Robert Theobald Public lecture

Re-setting the compass

Australia’s Journey Towards Sustainability presented by Professor David Yencken AO and Debra Wilkinson.

Thursday, 2nd November at 6.45pm

Eltham Community and Reception Centre, Cnr Main Rd. and Pitt St. Eltham. Adults $10; concession $5.00. Tickets available at the door. RSVP Event Voicemail Box 9433 3134. A light supper will be served.


Eltham Wesleyan/Methodist/Uniting Church’s 150th anniversary celebrations roll on. Events began last December with the erection of the big banner along the front of the church facing Main Road, announcing 2000 Christ’s Millennium to the Eltham community. In April church artists and craftswomen exhibited in Eltham’s Community Gallery for the Millennium Moments Exhibition. Sunday 6th August marked the official 150th anniversary, the service including acknowledgement of one of Eltham’s members, Dr Tim Marshall and his OAM award for research in soil sciences over more than 50 years, also reception of the 1850-2000 banner created by the women, and reception of the history written by Ken Eckersall. In the afternoon, friends, relations, church and other Eltham community people gathered at Eltham bookshop for the launch by the Mayor, Margaret Jennings, of Eltham Inhabitants; for most, the serious part: Church in Community 1850-2000. Morag Fraser, Eureka Street editor who wrote the foreword remarks: ‘This is sparkling local narrative with a sure sense of national context. In Ken Eckersall’s hand, Eltham is a microcosm of Australia’s cultural history, church history and the story of community’. Ian Breward, church historian commends Eltham Inhabitants as ‘a model congregational history’. Eltham Inhabitants is available at Unichurch Bookshop and Eltham Bookshop for $24.95, inc.GST (175pp). Or direct from the church office or Margaret Buckland 9435 1269.It will also be available at the Floral Art Festival 11th-12th November & from stall in Alistair Knox Park on 12th. Saturday, 11th November will see the Floral Art Festival to be held in the Eltham Uniting Church, also out-of-doors in its memorial garden, this being the weekend of the Eltham Festival. Christmas Day will see the rolling celebrations conclude with the installation of a time capsule, the day also marking the anniversary of the present building, corner John St and Main Rd Eltham which first opened for services Christmas Day 1881.

Voluntary Host Families Needed for Exchange Students

We are still trying to place a number of exchange students, both boys and girls aged 15-18, from Germany, Brazil, Canada, Italy, France and Japan. If you feel you and your family would like to help out for any length of time, would enjoy the experience of having a new family member, can afford an extra person at mealtimes and have a spare bed, share room or own, please contact Klaus Schumann on 9758 4279. Your call and help would be greatly appreciated, allowing a student whom you choose to come to Australia. Your student would be here for times varying between 5 and 11 months, from next February. Klaus Schumann, International Education Forum Aust. Ltd. Community Co-ordinator.


Do you have 1 or 2 hours to spare each week? Do Care needs volunteers to visit socially isolated people living in your area. Volunteer training to be held Tues 17th & 24th October at 7pm at our Greensborough officePh.9435 1168.


Give a kid a break – take up the Interchange challenge. Volunteers are urgently required to help families in the local area who have a child with a disability. Interchange (a non government, non profit community based respite care service), is seeking caring families, couples, singles or grandparents, to open their homes and their hearts to a child with a disability. We ask you to give just one day or one weekend a month in your own home. The child you are matched with gets to make new friendships, opening up a whole new range of experiences for them. Your contribution would also provide parents with much-needed regular break from their constant & demanding role.

October 22 to 28 is Carers Week – celebrating the ongoing commitment to the care of others – be they elderly, ill, or people with disabilities. For more information please call Christine, Donna, Robyn or Jennifer on 9471 1777.

Diamond Creek swimming Club BIATHALON

13yrs & under – 2km run - 200m swim

14yrs & over – 4km run - 400m swim

All Entrants will receive a participation certificate

Diamond Creek Swimming Club is running a Cup Day Biathalon at the Diamond Creek pool on 7th November. There is a range of sections for boys, girls and relays which may be all male, all female or mixed. Registration can be done either at 7am on the day, by collecting an Entry Forms from the Nillumbik Swim School or by phoning  Mr Butt on 9438 3123   (entry fee $10 or $15 on day). Mail Entries close : 29th October8.00am start on the Day



We would urge everyone to please note down the last working bee for the year as Sunday, 19th November – even if you can only make it for an hour.

Di Parry, Grounds Committee.



Interested in becoming part of an Editorial Team at The Age?

If you are a secondary student just completing or just about to complete your VCE and keen to pursue a career in journalism, this is your opportunity to become part of the SAGE editorial team. Simply send in a 200 word or less article explaining 2 Issues important to incorporate into SAGE for 2001. Send in your article to SAGE Publication, The Age Education Unit, 250 Spencer St. Melbourne 3000 by Friday, 27th October, 2000.



The School Council general charge has been set at $200 per student for 2001. The Building Fund donation remains at $30. Payment of the School Council Charges before 15th December will attract the early payment bonus of a pack of stationery with a retail value of around $30. More on this, the re-enrolment procedures and second hand text book sales in the next newsletter.



Are you a VCE student? Is studying for exams completely stressing you out? Need to relax? Need time out? A massage is just what you need. And its free! Bookings essential. Dates: Fridays 3rd, 10th and 17th November 10am to 6pm  at Nillumbik Youth Services Centre, 1 Youth Rd., Eltham Bookings: Mon.to Thurs. 9am-3pm 9433 3139.November, Friday, 10th November,