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Tuesday, 5th December, 2000                                           Term 4 Week 10


From the Principal


Top Arts awards – National Gallery of Victoria

Congratulations to Georgina Butterfield and Andrea Tham who have had their folios shortlisted for display in the Top Arts Awards. At this stage we are waiting for other students who were nominated, to contact the school.


Welcome to new parents of Year 7, 2001

The newsletter distribution has been extended this week to the parents of next year’s Year 7 students who are visiting the school today as part of Orientation Day.

I extend a warm welcome to you all as your children start their secondary education at Eltham High School and  wish all students success in their future studies. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities the school offers and to ‘get involved’ – we want you to enjoy your schooling.



Diane Stone - we wish Diane all the best in her change of direction and thank her for the major contributions she has made to Eltham High School. She will be missed particularly in the area of music but as well her efforts in other areas eg as a member of School Council. The staff will farewell Diane at a function to be held next Friday afternoon at the school.

We also farewelled and thanked Graeme Crowther last week on the occasion of his retirement from teaching and wished him well for the future.                                        Paul Rose, Principal



Publication Success

Congratulations to Becky Chanock of 11D who had her piece of writing titled "Ollie" published in The Age in their Education Age section.

EHS Student Anthology 2000-2001, Louder than Scarlet

It's out, it's published, and it's your writing! Congratulations to the student editors in chief, Zilla Bailey and Nic Taylor, the editorial team, and the Supervising Staff Editor Glennis Pitches on a great edition of the student writing anthology.  It's available to all students and parents, for sale at $10.10 from North of the Yarra bookshop, or from the cashier.


Writing Competitions

Novella Writing Competition, 10,000 words, closing date Dec 15.  Students who have indicated that they would like to enter, make sure you have an entry form, and get your writing sent off in time!


Nillumbik Shire Alan Marshall Short Story Competition 2,500 words.  Competition details at www.nillumbik.vic.gov.au or by contacting the Shire Council.  See Ms Burns if you are interested in entering.




The second hand book sales are finished and have been very successful. I wish to clear up one point however, the school takes a 20 per cent commission on books sold, and not 10 per cent as has been printed on some of the seller’s lists. I apologise for this error, but the school’s commission has been 20 per cent, not 10 per cent, since we commenced selling second hand books many years ago. It takes a lot of time and effort to organise and run the second hand book sales and this is a very important source of fund raising for the school. The error on the seller’s list was my mistake.

Those relatively few books that have not been sold may be collected and taken to North of the Yarra School Books who do purchase second hand texts for on- selling. Year 10 students should have collected their unsold books while they were on Peer Support Training. Year 12 students have all been contacted personally about their unsold books. Books for students in Years 11, 9, 8 & 7 and those few remaining books for Year 10 students will be returned to students with their end of year reports. Any books not picked up with reports will be considered as a donation to the Student Welfare Counsellor.

Parents are strongly encouraged to complete all enrolment administration for 2001 this week. Those families who have not yet returned the various enrolment documents are asked to please do so very soon. A reminder; the bonus stationery packs are again proving very popular and a great saving to families. To receive a free stationery pack (retail value around $30) please pay the 2001 School Council charges by Friday 15th December. Payment can be made to the Cashier any day between 8 am and 4 pm. We will also accept credit card payment over the phone. Peter Gurney, Business Manager



(continued from last week)

Best Performance in an Improvisation (male)Yr 7

Tim Monigatti          Tom Edsall

Shane Howe          Matt Bolger Hobsen

Best Performance in an Improvisation(female)Yr7

Kathryn Naja

Best performance in an Improvisation (male)Yr8

Eugene Holcombe          Aiden Phelan

Tom Deylen

Best performance in an Improvisation(female)Yr8

Ria Hearse          Sarah Burt


Best Performance in an Improvisation (male) Yr 9

Jack Mitchell          Oliver Butterfield

Best Performance in an Improvisation(female)Yr9

Brianna Barling     Amanda Hughes

Best Performance in an Improvisation(male)Yr10

Simon Child          Reuben Liversidge

Patrick Armstrong

Best Performance in an Improvisation

(female) Yr10

Oki Gardner          Bianca Mason

Nadia Bailey          Miranda Dell’Anno

Bonnie Taylor

Best Performance in an Improvisation (male)Yr11

Leigh Nuriden

Best Performance in an Improvisation (female) Yr11

Leah Martin          Stephanie Maroney

Best Performance in an Improvisation (male) Yr12               Tim Hester

Best Performance in an Improvisation (female) Yr12

Zilla Bailey          Jasmine Tearle

Jo Upson

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Zilla Bailey          Geoff Lemon

Tim Hester          Jo Upson

Kate Bruin



Christmas break up – come along and enjoy a night of Christmas music and a chance to sing your favourite carols.

Thursday 7th December 7..00-9.00pm

Eltham High School oval. Bring rugs/folding chair and your best singing voice.

Groups performing: Symphonic, Concert and Intermediate bands and our guests from Cabra College (SA).

Christmas Hamper –

If you are able to provide something for the hamper could you please bring it to the music office tomorrow.

Food and drinks available

Hostings The Cabra College (SA) Concert Band We will be hosting a band from Cabra College (South Aust.) on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th December and would appreciate some extra families to billet students on Thursday and Friday nights. The band will be busy during the days and performing at our Christmas break-up. The band will be returning home on Saturday morning. If you are able to billet one or two students, please drop me a note asap.                Mr Waterworth.

Students using school owned instruments

All instruments will be checked and repaired during the week beginning Dec.11. School owned instruments must be returned to the music office by Friday 8th Dec. Students will be permitted to take instruments over the holidays and can be picked up on Monday 18th Dec.


Term dates for 2001:

Teachers resume on Tuesday 30th January

Students begin on Wednesday 31st January

Last day of term 1 Friday 6th April


Friday 13th April – Monday 16th April

Term 2

Monday 23rd April – Friday 29th June

Term 3

Monday 16th July – Friday 21st September

Term 4

Monday 8th October – Friday 21st December



This year Paul Skeen, Chiara Lawry,

Megan Priest and Brendon Elliot were selected from the Year 9’s in the SRC to go to Junior Council.  The Nillumbik Shire runs Junior Council – which has 4 representatives from St. Helena Secondary College, Eltham High School, Diamond Valley Christian College and CLC.

The Junior Council met once a month at the Shire Offices in Greensborough for a full day.  The meetings were normally during school time but there were a few in the holidays.  One of the meetings involved going to a Youth Forum at the Eltham Community Centre where Justin Madden, Minister for Youth Affairs, spoke on issues regarding the Youth of Victoria.  There were performances from the Eltham Little Theatre, guest speakers and panel discussions.

At Junior Council we discussed issues that regard Youth and then we decided on two that we thought were more important.  The two were ‘Smoking & Drug Use In The Nillumbik Shire’ and ‘Youth Festival’.  We decided which of these were more relevant to us and then we split up into two groups to try to do something about our topics.  All of the Eltham students were in the Youth Festival Group.  We decided we wanted a Youth Festival to co-inside with the Eltham Festival.  We sent out surveys asking young people if they would attend and we had to seek the permission of the Council.  We wrote out a report and forwarded it to Council.

Because we had limited resources we could not hold a full festival but we had a lot to do with the music and the ‘Chill Out Tent’, at the festival.

Every time we went to a meeting we had 2 people from within the Shire Offices who told us who they were and what they do.

For the first few meetings we had Pizza or Fish & Chips that were supplied by the Council and on the final day we went the La Porchetta in Greensborough.

Junior Council gave me an insight into the Council and how it worked and I also made some new friends.  Overall the Program was excellent and I would recommend that if you have the chance, go there.       Paul Skeen.



Yarra Valley Regional Library will once again be running this Club during the school holidays. Upon registering students receive a “Be a Reading Wizard” reading kit. This contains a reading record and fun activity sheets. It will be available from 1st December. Fantastic prizes to be won include a $235 scooter and helmet. Contact Eltham Library for more details.



Students who have borrowed books from the school this year are reminded that they need to be returned to me as soon as possible. If you require books for 2001 please contact me on 9439 5111.

Brendan Monigatti,

Student Welfare Co-ordinator.



At the recent Whittlesea Show, Year 9 student Gemma Mather achieved great success with her Arts entries. In the painting section, she won First, Third and was granted the encouragement Award. In ceramics she won First, Second and Third and  the Most Successful exhibitor in that section.

Well done Gemma.



WED.          K. Batty, C.Richards

THURS.     S. McEwin, J. Samphier

FRI.          M.Cary,K.Nelson

MON.          J.Seidel

TUES.          L.Laos





Year 7 2001 Orientation Day


Canteen luncheon starts 2 pm


Middle School Orientation

Tue 12

Middle School Orientation


Year 9 Reports distributed period 6


Year 8 Reports distributed


Year 8 Awards Ceremony period 6


Year 7 Reports distributed

Wed 13

Year 8  Museum-Imax /School activities


Year 7 Healesville/School activites

Thur 14

Year 11 reports distributed 9  Co-ord.office


Year 10 reports distributed Gen.office


Year 8 Healesville/City to Eltham Bike ride/


Cricket/School activities

Fri 15

Year 8 Leisure Centre/School Clean up


12 o’clock Sausage Sizzle


Year 7 Imax/Eltham LowerPark/Leisure Centre


End of year program finishes


Locker clean up, furniture and classroom organisation, yard duty program and general school clean up. Interviews as required.






All ages

Saturday 9th December

Featuring SHIHAD

Plus supports: pre shrunk, Waylayd, Esdterie


Eltham Roller City, Susan St., Eltham


This is a fully supervised, drug and alcohol free event. FreeZA is a Vic. Gov. Dept. Human Services Initiative.



Letter received from

People for Environmental Protection


Mr Cousins

Eltham High School

I’d like to thank you very much for your students’ involvement in PEP’S Wash Against Waste at the Festival. The girls were great workers, plunging up to their elbows in the washing up- with great enthusiasm and it was a real pleasure to have them on the team. They were great ambassadors for the school. Please extend to them our many thanks for their cheery effort and let them know that at the end of the day there was only one bin of rubbish to be disposed of after a crowd of 5000 hungry visitors! (And most of that was from the one food vendor who did not use the Wash Against Waste service). So as an environmental action it was most successful in reducing waste generation and disposal. The kit belongs to the community and we would very much like to see it being used as often as possible by any group, association or school. I would be most grateful if you would pass the word around and should the school every have occasion to use it please do not hesitate to get in touch. Finally I’d like to say that it was a great opportunity to work with students and we would love to have a continued association with Eltham High in the future. Yours truly,

Jennifer Lock PEP Secretary.