Text Box: Term 1  Week 2
Tuesday, 4th February 2003


Wednesday 5 & Thursday 6

School photos all levels see this issue for details

Friday 7

Yr12 O&ES Healesville – all day

Monday 10

Instrumental Lessons commence

Tuesday 11

Sport Yr8 Cricket Lower Eltham Park

School Council Finance Committee 7:30pm


Principal’s Report

An especially warm welcome is extended to all new members of our school community.  A total of 286 new students have started the year with us, 223 at Year 7 and the remainder scattered throughout Years 8 to 12.  Special programs are under way to help all those new to Eltham High School to settle in quickly and happily.


The beginning of a new school year always generates a buzz of excitement – there’s a new school for many, the comfort of renewing old friendships, the eagerness of discovering new classmates for others and fresh challenges for each and every one of us.  It’s a time to begin implementing the plans we have made for ourselves as a result of reflection on our progress last year.  (“This year, I will… work really hard…concentrate in class… start/join that new activity… learn from my mistakes…”)  Far too easily, those plans and high ideals can be lost among the hurly-burly of daily activity so it’s vital to be clear about what we want to achieve and have a plan for how we intend to get to that point.


As a school we have well defined plans for how we will achieve our goal to provide quality public education to our community.  Here at Eltham, we are committed to the ideals of public education: ensuring inclusiveness and equity, establishing high standards of student learning, developing personal and democratic values, pursuing innovation and excellence.  We believe public education develops tolerant, resilient and responsible members of our community and we shape our programs to achieve these results.


As members of our school community appreciate, the success of our school can be measured in many ways – by the range and depth of opportunities available to our students, by the ‘tone’ of the school, by the care and support offered to students and their families, by the quality of our communications, by our academic and sporting results, by the quality of our teachers, by our retention of students who have had difficulty in other educational settings.  While we constantly strive for improvement, by any (and perhaps all) of these measures, Eltham High School stands proudly among the best examples of public education. 


VCE Results

These were published in the last Parent Newsletter for 2002.  As many members of our community may have missed this news (and because we take pride in our achievements) it is worth repetition.

Our students’ VCE results for 2002 are very pleasing indeed. Five students gained study scores of 50 – the highest score possible. (Recent changes to the privacy rules mean that we are unable to identify these students until their individual permission is gained.) One of the 50 scores was in English, one in Specialist Maths, one in Media and two in Outdoor Education. Congratulations to these students’ teachers as well: Max Balchin, Geoff Tunnecliffe, Kathy Hughes and Judy Taylor.


ENTER scores were also very strong. 15.5% of students gained ENTER scores above 90. This was a significant increase on last year’s results. The highest score was a 99.7 and other high scores included a 99.5, a 98.95 and a 98.9. A significant 30.4% of ENTER scores were above 80. Twelve students received ENTER scores above 95.


Congratulations to the whole of our Year 12 class. Their efforts have been well recognised in the school and now rewarded with excellent results.


Whilst our attention is focussed on the achievements of the VCE students and the significant role the VCE teachers play in that achievement, recognition must also be given to these students’ teachers prior to Units 3 & 4 of the VCE.  It was the thinking, learning, experimenting, questioning and analysing experienced in Years 7 to 11 that laid the foundation for such significant results.


Tertiary Course Offers

138 first round offers of tertiary education places were made to our exiting students.  75% of these offers were the students’ first or second preference and the courses offered reflect the variety of choices available to our young adults: engineering, liberal arts, sport & leisure management, biotechnology, conservation ecology, law, international relations, architecture, aviation, music performance/composition, dance, education, advertising and health sciences to name but a few.


The offers are based on students’ ENTER scores and, whether the ENTER score is in the 90s or in the 50s, an offer of a tertiary place in a chosen course is a very positive outcome for those students who wish to take this pathway into their future.  Second and third round offers will see more EHS students accept tertiary education placements. 


Congratulations are in order

We extend our congratulations to Alice Wegner who has been accepted into the VCA Film School straight out of Year 12. This is a most unusual event and a real achievement for Alice. We wish her all the best with her studies. Special thanks must also go to Alice’s media teacher, Kathy Hughes.

The intermediate boys volleyball team won the Northern Zone ‘best team award’ at the end of last year and three of our volleyballers have been selected for the Victorian U15 team, competing in regional Victoria this Easter.  Well done to Petrice Fatchen, John Van Noorden and Monique Ruedin, specialist volleyball coach, Greg Thomas and the ‘best team award’ winners.

Gemma Mather & memorial mural

Gemma should also be acknowledged by the school community for the mural she created on the school’s western fence around the memorial messages to the 2 EHS students tragically killed in 2001.  Thank you, Gemma.


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Welcome to New Staff

Returning from Leave this year are Therese Sweeney (Maths/Science), Sue Keating (English) and myself (Acting Principal while Paul Rose is taking some Long Service Leave).  Also adding their considerable talents to our existing mix of experience, commitment and creativity are: Alexandra Cameron & Mark Drysdale (Classroom Music), Gavin Hickey (Indonesian/SOSE), Natalie Shilo & Dina Manikas (Maths/Science) and Jon Williams (English).  Professional development Co-ordinator, Anna Panas, and Assistant Principal, Hermina Burns, have devised an induction program for new staff to assist their beginnings at Eltham High School.


We all look forward to a productive and rewarding 2003.


Allana O’Kane  Acting Principal


Eltham High School is so lucky to have great students to work with. Their intelligence, motivation, and their willingness to work cooperatively to do what is best for them, allows us to concentrate our attentions, in the main, on the enjoyment of learning. However, there are a couple of issues that need practical attention.

Appropriate Dress for School – 7-12

The summery weather has meant that some students are not dressed appropriately for work at school.  We have reminded all students about the Dress Code through assemblies, and individual students are being spoken to. The basic message is – No thongs, no bare midriffs or skimpy clothing, no offensive T shirt slogans, workplace, not weekend clothing. Photo Days are coming up on February 5th and 6th.  We would appreciate parents ensuring that their child is dressed in appropriate workplace clothing.

I would like to draw parents’ attention to some information from an article in The Herald Sun last November. It says in part “ New national figures show preschoolers are battling horrific cancers usually confined to olders Australians.  And sun-worshipping girls under 15 suffer from melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer – almost 3 times as often as boys.  Experts warned 13 and 14 year-old were suffering rising rates of melanoma identical to the type seen in older adults and caused by too much sun.”  This information is pertinent to the kinds of clothing students are choosing, and our Dress Code takes into account the health and safety issues raised in the article.

Expectations of Sports Uniforms Year 7&8

It is expected that Junior School students will be changed for their allocated sport and Physical Education sessions, and be in the correct uniform.  Students are asked to wear the uniform in the correct fashion.  This means that the EHS Polo shirt, navy shorts and sport shoes should be worn.   We do not wish to spend time policing the sports uniform.  

We know parents will work with us, and with their children, to reinforce all those positive aspects of learning that Eltham High engenders, and support the school’s expectations.



Hermina Burns Assistant Principal, Welfare and Support



Parents of Yr 7 students are invited to meet the teachers on Thursday 20 February at 7pm in the library. It is anticipated that the evening will conclude at around 8.30 pm, after a light supper.  Parents are asked to come equipped with the names of their child's teachers, and their form group. We look forward to meeting you on the night.

Damien Miles, Head of Junior School



Another successful trip into the Tasmanian Wilderness.  Lots of laughter, tiger snakes – 12 in all!, hot weather and snow.  We had it all.  Thank you for giving us another extremely pleasurable experience.

Andrea Traeger & George Franklin, Trek leaders.

Some thoughts from the students who accompanied us

Hannah wind, rain, mud, leeches, Tobasco, not to mention killer peas and hugging trees… I loved every moment…and unforgettable experience.

Paul watching people, one by one, sink slowly into the mud.  The views were great and the many different environments were fantastic.

Soon  We walked a long way and my feet were sore afterwards, but the scenery along the way was breath-taking and the night sky was spectacular.

Liv I enjoyed all the breath taking views.  Every thing looked like paintings, too beautiful to be real.

Ria I enjoyed walking through the rainforest, I can’t wait to come back

Sandra I enjoyed walking through continuously changing scereny, seeing snow in the middle of summer and camping in a rainforest on the edge of crystal clear Lake St.Clair.

Shelley The thing I loved most about Tasmania was the amazing way scenery could change in an instant.

Chris It was very enjoyable but very tiring, it was all worth it.

Aleisha walking through the rain and sinking, into mud was all part of the enjoyable experience.




Student photographs will be held this Wednesday and Thursday.  Photographs are to be ordered on a PREPAID basis.  Order forms have been distributed to all students.  If further forms are required, please contact the general office.  Payment is directly to FOTOMAKERS – not to the school.


Each student wishing to place an order MUST have their own completed envelope with them at the time of photography – one envelope per student. 

Photographs will be scheduled at the following times:

Wednesday     p1&2             Year 10

                      p3&4             Year 11

                      p5&6             Year 7

Thursday         p1&2             Year 12

                      p3&4             Year 8

                      p5&6             Year 9


Students are reminded that suitable clothing must be worn.  Please refer to the Student Planner for details of the School Dress Code.

Any late orders (after photo day) will not be accepted by the school.  Please contact FOTOMAKERS on 1300 660 626 if you missed out.  There will be a $5 service charge for reprint, postage and handling.  Late orders will be posted directly to the student’s home address.

Bruce Martyn, Business Manager


The fires in the north east of the state and Gippsland have reminded us all just how vulnerable we are.  What Eltham High School would do in the event of a bush fire, either in the location of the school or in any districts from which students come, is covered in our Emergency Management Plan.


The plan details both emergency evacuation of the school buildings and emergency recall to the school buildings.  In addition, the Emergency and Security Management Branch of the Department of Education & Training supports school plans by liaising between individual schools and the fire authorities.


In the event of a fire in or close to the school there would be a planned and co-ordinated evacuation of class rooms: students would be assembled in a safe area to await further instructions from the appropriate authorities.  If required, students could be recalled from the school grounds to the stadium should an emergency occur in the school vicinity during a break.


If there was a fire emergency in an area serviced by school buses, the emergency services might close roads, preventing students from getting home.  If this was to occur the school would be informed and arrangements would be put in place to supervise these students at school until the danger had passed.


Should such an emergency occur information would be put on the school website: www.elthahhs.vic.edu.au and parents of the affected students would be notified through their contact numbers.  It is essential that parents ensure that the contact telephone numbers the school has are accurate and current.


There will be a number of practices in the coming days to rehearse both emergency recalls and emergency evacuations of students.  These will be evaluated to ensure that we are ready for any emergency should one arise.

Trevor Jenkins, Assistant Principal Management




Congratulations to Petrice Fatchen, Monique Ruedin and John Van Noorden on being selected in the Victorian U15 volleyball team which will compete in Echuca at Easter.


Intermediate Boys Award

Congratulations to our intermediate boys volleyball team on winning the Northern Zone ‘best team award’ in December last year.  Any team member that did not get an award can collect one from Mr.Thomas.


Kew Competition

The Friday night competition at Kew High School resumes this Friday 7th February

Junior girls play Kew at 6:15pm on Court 3

Junior boys play St.Bernards Blue at 5:15pm on Court 2

Senior girls play Richmond at 6:15pm on Court 3


Victorian team Trials

Students interested in trying out for a State volleyball team please note that trials will be held at the Oakleigh recreation centre, Park road, Oakleigh on Sunday 16th and Sunday 23rd of February 2003.

U17 (born 1987 or later)

U19 (born 1985 or later)

U21 (born 1983 or later)

Sunday 16th February

Women trial 9:30-12:30

Men Trial 1-4pm

Sunday 23rd February

Men Trial 9:30-12:30pm

Women Trial 1-4pm

Athletes will need to pay $5 for each trial.

Selected teams will compete in Queensland in July.

VSSSA U 16 team trials

Trials for the Victorian U16 boys and girls teams will be held at Berwick Secondary College (Ross Miller Stadium), Manuka Road, Berwick on Saturday 22nd February and Saturday March 1st.

Saturday 22nd February

Girls from 10-12 noon

Boys from 12noon-2pm

Saturday 1st March

Boys from 10-12 noon

Girls 12 noon – 2pm

 Athletes will need to pay $5 for each trial.

Selected teams will compete in Canberra in August.


Competitions in February

Senior volleyball round robin – Tuesday 18th February

Intermediate volleyball round robin -Thursday 27th February


2003 Travel Concession Cards Photos

Eltham High School has arranged for a professional photographer to be available on campus on Tuesday February 18th at 12:34pm to provide instant, colour passport photos as required for the 2003 Student Travel Concession Cards.  The current cards expire at the end of February after which students must have new cards in order to obtain the PTC Student Concession Rate.


The cost for a set of 2 professionally taken colour portraits is $6 payable to the photographer at the photo session.


The photos will be processed on the spot and returned immediately to the student.  Portrait quality photos are guaranteed by the photographer who will be using studio quality lighting and equipment.



Senior School

On Thursday Mrs Choong, Head of Senior School, welcomed 450 students, including 20 new students, to VCE , the largest senior group ever at Eltham High School.

As well as the classroom program, students have already been able to experience the hike to Cradle Mountain, a viewing of the English text Gattica at Federation Square and Sport sign up day.  In the next few weeks the Peer Support Program, emphasizing leadership skills for Year 11, will commence; followed by the Contact Mentor Program for Year 12 students.

Linda Macleod and Judy Taylor have been thanked for their dedicated and professional service and farewelled from the Sub-school team as they move on to other challenges in the school.  Diane Parry and Max Balchin have taken their places .   This year’s team, with their surname groups, are A-D Peter Goddard; E-K Jim Petrides; L-R Diane Parry and S-Z Max Blachin.

Middle School

There was an air of excitement among the Middle School students as many of them began to experience the elective program for the first time.

There have been major changes in the Sub-school team with Ross Pringle moving in from the Junior School to take over as Head from Barry Hutton.  Barry has exemplified all that is best in the Eltham High School Sub-teams, his leadership, knowledge and experience has been of the highest calibre he has left behind a team well able to carry this on.  Barry is moving back into the Curriculum area as Head of Maths.  Soile Keskinen has joined the team replacing Paul Oliver who has also given most valuable service.

Responsibility for core groups has been allocated as follows: 90.93,105 – Ross Pringle; 91,92,101,102 – Brenda Kline; 94,95,103,104 – Luke Ferns; 96,97,106,109 – Solie Keskinen and 98,99,107,108 – Kerry Lambert.


Junior School

New Sub-school Head, Damien Miles, returning from a teacher release to Industry position has moved to lead a very settled and experienced team at Junior School.  The first few days have been very productive thanks to the organization undertaken last year by the team under Ross Pringle’s effective leadership and the support of parents who ensured that new students came with books and money for locks and sports uniforms.  School Planners have been issued to each student to assist with planning and communication between school and home.  Welcoming the new Year 7 group is always a special time and this year was no exception, they have settled to work very quickly.

Class allocation for Junior Co ordinators is 7A, 7D, 8E, 8F – Lyn Davis; 7B, 7H, 8B, 8H – Chris Agar; 7C, 7E, 8A, 8H – Seamus Roberston; 7F, 7G, 8C, 8D – Janet Goldman and 7J & 8G – Damien Miles

All the Sub-schools look forward to a productive and successful year for every student.  Parents are encouraged to contact the appropriate Co-ordinator if there are any concerns, suggestions or requests.

Hermi Burns, Assistant Principal, Welfare & Support



Band and Orchestra Rehearsals

The following band rehearals will commence this week at the following times:


Tuesday 3:30-5:30pm

Fri 7:30 – 8:45am


Thurs 3:30-5:30pm


Tues 7:30-8:45am


Fri 3:30-5:30pm

Concert strings and other ensembles will commence next week.

Instrumental Lessons

Lessons will commence for all students week beginning the 10th February.  Students should check the timetables next week in the Music Centre for lesson times.

Year 7 Information Evening – Thurs 13th February

A special meeting will be held in the hall commencing at 7:30pm.  It is extremely important for parents who would like their child to learn a musical instrument to be present on this evening.

Celebration of Music 2002 – Compact Discs

A professional recording of last year’s final concert has been produced.  CD’s are available from the Music Office (404) at $20 each.

Enrolment Forms due – January 31st

Enrolment forms are now overdue.  Could these be returned to the music office ASAP.  Please see Denise Frankenberg in the Music office if you have not received one.

EHS Choir

Choir rehearsal will commence on Friday morning commencing at 8am.  If you are interested please speak to our new Choir Director, Ms Alex Cameron.

Ken Waterworth, Director of Music



Would you like to support the Music Program?  The ‘M.S.G.’ assists the bands with uniforms, fundraising, moving of instruments to venues and logistics at concerts.  Our first meeting for the year is Monday 10th February 8pm at 14 Moola Place, Eltham.

Have you an instrument you would like to place on our Register?  Or are you looking to purchase a second hand instrument? … Ring Kathy Skeen on 9439 3597.Uniform items to sell?  Phone Jill Browne about this and any queries regards the Music Support Group on 9439 9673.


Mosaic Designs by Brigitte Hanlon for the Ferro Concrete Table made by Middle School Ceramics Students Semester 1 2002

Barb Gregory, Mosaic Co coordinator



CANTEEN  R O S T E R    ____________



Wed 5

T.Paulka, H.Sloggert, L.Burleigh, L.Lillie, R.Hall

Thurs 6

J.Browne, L.Sanders, S.Dimech, M.Car

Fri 7

D.Edgell, L.Wilson, M.Davis

Mon 10

R.Burke, S.Pickering, A.Collins, F.Whitlemore, E.Corbett

Tues 11

C.Tilley, Y.Morrison, J.Gale, C.McCormack

Wed 12

C.Richards, W.Waghorn, K.Baxter, C.Morrison

Our canteen tries to offer a large selection of foods but sometimes we run out of some items, to ensure your child gets what you want it is advisable to ORDER.  Ordering can be done before school or at recess.  The Canteen is open for business from 8am.

Bev Cust, Canteen Manager



Education Maintenance Allowance

The Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is provided to assist some families with the costs associated with the education of their children. To be eligible for receipt of the EMA you must:

·                be either a parent or guardian of a primary or secondary school student up to the age of sixteen, and

·                be an eligible beneficiary of a Centrelink pension, allowance or benefit within the meaning of the State Concessions Act 1986 or be a Veterans Affairs (TPI) pensioner or be a foster parent.


The eligibility criteria must be met as at the first day of Term 1 (28 January 2003 which is the first day for teaching staff) and Term 3 (14 July 2003).


The EMA application must be submitted to the school by 28 February 2003 for the first payment and 15 August 2003 for the second payment.

The EMA provides an annual amount of $127 for primary students and $254 for secondary students.


The EMA is paid in two instalments. The arrangements for 2003 continue to provide parents with 70 per cent of their portion of the EMA in the first instalment, in recognition that families incur the highest educational costs at the start of the school year.


The first instalment to families of $88.90 for primary students and $177.80 for secondary students will be paid from March 2003. The second instalment of $38.10 for primary students and $76.20 for secondary students will be paid from September 2003.


One half of each instalment is paid directly to parents (through the school) and the other half of each instalment is paid directly to the school.


The portion of the EMA, which is paid directly to the school, will be used on essential educational items for which parents are normally expected to provide or pay the school to provide. This portion will not be used to offset voluntary contributions.


Parents must submit their application to the school by 28 February 2003. Parents with continuing eligibility, who are paid the first instalment of 2003 through this school, will not be required to complete a new application for the second instalment. Parents, who transfer children to another school after the first instalment and prior to the beginning of term 3, must reapply at the new school for the second instalment.

Application forms are available from the school office.


Bruce Martyn, Business Manager



Yr8 Surf Camp – Monday 7 – Friday 11 April

Details coming soon.

Lyn Davis, Surf Camp Organizer




Up to date contact numbers

Would parents PLEASE ensure that the school always has your latest, up to date phone contact numbers.

In any sudden illness or injury, if parents cannot be contacted it is always the student who is uncomfortable, waiting to be collected from school.

Following a major injury, should the student be taken to hospital by ambulance they need to have their parents there.

Please help us to be able to contact you for your child’s sake.

Joy Snow, Sick Bay Attendant



Parents are asked to check for overdue library books, including class set borrowing and have these returned so that students may be allowed borrowing this year.  Students with outstanding books will be refused borrowing.

Rhonda Malone, Librarian.



Year 12 Video 2002 (Fundraiser for Media)

Buy a video – comprising

The 2002 Valedictory Evening Video

All footage of the Last Day Breakfast

All footage of the Formal (2 Video tapes)


Pay $20 to the Bursar by February14th, 2003


Video tapes will be available to be collected from the main office from the 21st February 2003


Kathy Hughes, Media Co ordinator


Community Announcements/Advertising


Eltham High Swim Squad

The Eltham HS Swim Squad will commence next Thursday morning at the Eltham Leisure Centre from 7-8am.  Students from all levels are welcome. Our coach will once again be Neroli Nixon, a Level 2 Performance Coach.  Students of all levels and abilities are welcome to come along and join in the structured program that will improve your swimming as well as your fitness.  A hot chocolate drink is served back at school before Period 1 to all students who take part in the Squad. 

The fee for the 10-week term is $60 payable to the School cashier.

Max Balchin, Athletics coach


CONNEX TRAINS IS SELLING 2003 Victorian public transport students concession cards at Doncaster Shoppingtown Mon 10 Feb until Fri 8 Mar 2003 will be located in front of the Coles supermarket Open 1.00am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays


Research Junior Football Club Registration Day

Sunday 16th February 2003 10am until 1pm

at Research Park Main Road Research

Under 9,10,11,12x2,13,14,15,17

Coaches in attendance

New Players welcome especially

Under 9,10,12,14

Further information Contact  0413045928 or 94370118

Sport Dates 2003 Note your diary now – these dates are fixed!  Dates for Term 2-4 are available from the Calendar on the school homepage.

Term 1

Tuesday 11 February

8 Cricket

Lower Eltham Park

Wednesday 12 February

7 Cricket

Lower Eltham Park

Thursday 13 February

Intermediate cricket

Lower Eltham Park

Tuesday 18 February

Senior Round Robin – Cricket/softball/baseball/Tennis/

Volleyball/Basketball/ TableTennis

Thursday 20 February

Reserve day (in case of weather)

Tuesday 25 February

Eltham Swim Carnival Twilight Carnival at Greensborough Pool

Wednesday 26 February

Cricket finals all levels

Thursday 27 February

Inter Round Robin –


Tuesday 4 March

Section Swimming

Thursday 6 March

Eltham Athletics Carnival

George Street Doncaster

Tuesday 18 March

8 Round Robin – Baseball/softball/Tennis/Volleyball

Wednesday 26 March

7 Round Robin Baseball/Softball/Tennis/Volleyball

Wednesday 9 April

Quarter Final for Tennis/Volleyball – all levels

Peter Nicholson, PE Coordinator


Eltham Little Theatre Inc

presents Sing On by Rick Abbott

Eltham Performing Arts Centre Main Road Research

Melway Ref: Map 22 H 1


27 Feb, 6 Mar, 13 Mar


28 Feb, 7 Mar, 14 Mar


1 Mar, 8 Mar, 15 Mar

Commencing 8pm and also Sunday 9 Mar at 2pm

For bookings 9437 1574

Tickets $16 Concession $14



Eltham Junior Football Club

Registration Day

Sunday 9th February 2003-01-30 Teams nominated in the DVFL Division one:

Under 9,10,11,12,13,14,15 and 17

Location Club Rooms, Central Park

Panther Place, Eltham

Time 10am until 2pm

Free sausage sizzle/drink      Mouth guards available

New players welcome-proof of age required

Newly appointed seniors coach, Phil Maylin (dual Carlton Premiership player and former Bulldogs Assistant Coach) will be conducting a handball/goal kicking competition 10am until 12 noon

Enquiries EJFC Secretary 9431 1874



Maths Tutor

Does you child need a tutor in Mathematics? I’m an ex Eltham High School student, an experienced tutor and in my final year of Mathematics and Statistics degree at La Trobe University.  I’m available to tutor all year levels and have vacancies starting immediately.  References available if required.  Contact Owen Davey 9432 8160



Maths Tutor

BA Honours in Economics, Pure Maths and Statistics (Sheffield University, UK) looking to tutor Yr 7 & 8 students through to VCE

Call Martin Drake 0409 540 290



Table Tennis for Juniors

Round Robin Tournament

There will be a beginners Table

Come and Try Table Tennis

Bats & Balls Supplied






Diamond Valley Sports Centre

Civic Drive


Friday night 7th February 2003 Starting 6:30pm

Competition starts Friday Night 14th February.  Two sessions 6:30pm and 8pm

Rex Rouse Junior Co-ordinator 9435 5588



S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R



Tues 4

Life be in it activities Yr7

Yr12 Art & Photography Excursion to NGV Federation Square – all day

Wed 5 & Thurs 6

School photos all levels

Fri 7

Yr12 O&ES Healesville – all day

Mon 10

Instrumental Lessons Commence

Tues 11

School Council Finance Committee 7:30pm

Thurs 13

Music Information & Recruitment Evening for Yr7 Band & Music students in the hall 7-8:30pm

Fri 14

Music Instrumental Levies due

Mon 17

Yr12 Chemistry Prac Excursion La Trobe Uni 8:30am -12:30pm

Wed 19

PD Curriculum Day CONFIRMED

School Council Meeting 7:30pm

Thurs 20

PD Curriculum Day CONFIRMED

Meet the teacher Yr7 parents in the library 7:30-10:30pm

Fri 21

O&ES Yr12 Camp Wilson’s Promontory until Sunday 23 February

Yr7 Orientation Program - Aquarena

Tues 25

SOSE Excursion Yr11 & Yr12 Economics Lecture Melbourne University – all day

Sport – Swimming Carnival at Greensborough Pool 6-9pm

Thurs 27

Yr7 Orientation Students coping with change




Thurs 6

Sport – Athletics Carnival at George Street Doncaster – whole school

Fri 28

Injections – Yr7 Hepatitis B First injection (follow up 31 July)

Injections Yrs10,11,12 Meningococcal


Mon 7-11

Yr8 Surf camp  Torquay




Yr12 VCE Study cards Accounting Unit 3, Accounting Unit 4, Health Unit 3&4.(New $12) NOW $6 each pack.


Study guides for Night, Maths Methods, VCE English Unit 3&4, Snr English, Chemistry and Biology $5 each


Checkpoints VCE Maths Methods, VCE Info Proc and Smart Study Unit 4 VCE Chemistry  $5 each


Manuscript: First Suite in Eb (Holst) 2 copies available $10 each


Please see the General Office



Please see the General Office



Graphics Calculator TI 83

phone 9432 4839


Greenhills Neighbourhood Centre

Community Drive Greensborough

Melways ref map 21 B1

Applications are now open for 2003 classes helping both Primary and Secondary students.  Tutoring and homework help is available in English, Maths, Chemistry and Physics as well as Primary / Junior Secondary English, Maths, Science, Reading, Spelling and Comprehension. 

For information or bookings call Peter on 9471 4242 (24 hours) to leave a message so your call can be returned.



Aireys Inlet/Fairhaven

Self-contained unit – ocean views one min. walk to Fairhaven Beach.  Phone 9459 0174/0417 318 377



Professional Babysitter

Qualifications – Diploma of Community Services (Child Care) Eight years experience, Ref’s available

Available 7 days a week

Contact Melissa (former EHS Student) 0418 371 437