Text Box: Term 1  Week 4
Tuesday, 18th February 2003



Wednesday 19 & Thursday 20 Curriculum days


Thursday 20  7-8:30pm

“Meet the teachers” Yr7 parents in the library

Friday 21

O&ES Yr12 Camp Wilson’s Promontory until Sunday 23 February

Yr7 Orientation Program – Aquarena

Music Intermediate Band performs Fawkner SC 9-12:30pm postponed to Tuesday 25 Feb

M/S Environmental Studies to Melbourne Aquarium 9-12:30pm

Sunday 23 Grounds Working Bee 9am

Tuesday 25

SOSE Excursion Yr11 & Yr12 Economics Lecture Melbourne University – all day

Sport – Swimming Carnival at Greensborough Pool 6-9pm





Parents of Year 7 students are invited to meet the teachers THIS Thursday 20 February at 7pm in the library. It is anticipated that the evening will conclude at around 8.30 pm, after a light supper.  Parents are asked to come equipped with the names of their child's teachers, and their form group.

We look forward to meeting you this week.

Damien Miles, Head of Junior School





This trip is being proposed for September 2004 and there has been a good response so far.

At this stage we are seeking expressions of interest from students particularly those in Year 9 and above.

Specific details are not yet available as we are seeking student numbers first before bookings are made.

The proposed trip will last 10 days and the costs are estimated at around $3000.

Please note that the purpose of such early notice about the trip is to allow extensive fundraising to take place.

This promises to be a fantastic trip and a unique educational opportunity.

Further expressions of interest should be given to Mr McCrystal in Room 104 as soon as possible.



The following article which appeared on page 3 of last week’s Newsletter is reprinted in its entirety.


Curriculum Days February 19 & 20

2003 is the final year of our current Charter, so it is an important time for reflection and review of EHS programs and directions. Feedback from staff in 2002 suggested that sometimes good ideas formulated in one-day PD sessions are not fully implemented because there is not enough follow-up time. The aim of these days is to plan how the ideas suggested could be incorporated into EHS programs. For this reason, two consecutive days have been set aside for 2003. The first day is a day for whole staff reflection and review, while the second day is a small group planning and implementation day.


The Curriculum Day on Wednesday February 19 has four main components:

§         to reflect on and highlight the goals and directions for EHS in 2003 and beyond

§         determine the major focus (theme) for each year level from year 7-12

§         a review of the major curriculum models that have been studied by EHS staff in professional development sessions over the last few years, with an emphasis on how these concepts can cater for individual differences in student learning.

§         KLA group discussions of how to enhance their programs to further engage students in their learning.


On the second day, Thursday February 20, teachers will be working in small KLA based groups to apply the ideas and suggestions formulated on the Wednesday to prepare curriculum materials to further engage students in their learning.

Parents will be able to have input into this process through the Policy and Planning Committee, School Council and the annual Parent Survey that will be distributed later in the year.


Senior School students should use this opportunity to prepare for SACs and to catch up with homework. Year 8 and Middle School students could use the extended time available for research on on-going projects. Year 7 students may find this an opportune break to rest and prepare for the remainder of a busy term.


Judy Boyle, Assistant Principal (Curriculum)



this SUNDAY 23RD February 9am


Principal’s Report

Eltham High School as an organism lives and behaves quite differently to many other schools.  We believe there are a number of features that characterise the school: our emphasis on the development of the individual, the degree of freedom of expression encouraged by our processes, the co-operative nature of our relationships, the range and scope of opportunities available to our students, to name a few.


It is always interesting to seek the insights of “mid term” arrivals to the school - those students who arrive at EHS at least halfway through their secondary education having experienced a different school before EHS.  Their observations often reflect two things: firstly, astonishment at the gentler culture that exists here and, secondly, the “complete, utter and total” absence of rules.


Eltham High School does have a gentler culture than most.  The lack of tension in such a large school is palpable - visitors very often comment on the pleasant buzz about the place.  The relationships between the various members of the school community reflect co-operation and tolerance. 


Generally, we don’t sweat the small stuff.  In many other schools, considerable energy is spent on the colour of socks, the length of skirts, whether jewellery and makeup is worn.  However, that we choose to spend our talents and energy on the main game – the education of our students – does not mean we don’t have expectations of our students.  It doesn’t mean we don’t have standards.  We do.


Our standards as they pertain to the dress and appearance of our students are clearly described in our Dress Code.  The Dress Code is regularly reviewed and we think it is a sensible reflection of community standards of what is appropriate attire for work.  Eltham High School is a workplace, a place of learning, an environment nurturing growth.  It is not a beach, a café or a party.  It is not the lounge room at home.  There are dress standards at this school and we believe they are reasonable.  In fact, for a secondary school of 1280 students aged from 12 to 18 years, our dress standards are probably the most liberal in the state.


The Dress Code is repeated for parents’ information:

“a) Students are to choose clothing and footwear for the workplace.  Their choice must reflect the working nature of the school.  Items such as brief clothing (including bare midriffs), spike jewellery and clothing with offensive slogans and pictures are not suitable.  Thongs are not appropriate footwear.  Slip on shoes and sandals are discouraged and may prohibit students from participating in a wide range of subjects.  Health and safety standards require protective clothing and solid footwear in some subjects.

b) Uniforms are required for specified activities.  They include such areas as band performances, debating performances, P.E classes, sporting events and overseas trips.”


Specifically, this means no thongs, no singlet tops, no skimpy clothing – workplace clothing, not weekend clothing.


Is this draconian? Is this un-Eltham-like?  I think not.  But “it’s the fashion” and “we can’t buy anything else” we are told.  My personal response to these cries is, firstly, I believe we are ruthlessly manipulated by the advertising, magazine publishing and fashion industries which design and promote new looks, promising increased self esteem and greater social acceptability – and delivering billions of our dollars into their bank accounts – so why blindly follow? And secondly, suitable gear is obviously available because the majority of students are dressed appropriately.


I spoke last week of the absolute value of the partnership between home and school and the sense of belonging that our young people experience when they know important aspects of their lives are in harmony.  As parents, you know that young people need not only the space to experience their growing selves but also to know the boundaries of what’s acceptable.  At Eltham High School we set those boundaries as broadly as possible to allow room for individual expression within the parameters of community acceptability. 


I urge parents to support the school in gaining co-operation with what is, in fact, a very reasonable Dress Code.  Let’s accept what’s reasonable, enjoy our considerable freedoms and turn our attention to achieving our best.


Allana O’Kane, Acting Principal



Bike Helmets

It is illegal to ride a bicycle on the road without wearing an approved bike helmet. Too many students continue to flout this law in riding to school. While we all try to make the school as safe as we can students also have a responsibility to act in a safe manner. Could parents please check that students have helmets, that they are approved and wherever possible they are on students’ heads when they leave home, not in school bags.


Emergency Recall

The first emergency recall was held last Tuesday. All students and staff responded most efficiently to the signal to assemble in sub-schools in the Stadium. It took approximately 8 minutes to move 1300 people into the Stadium and this couldn’t have been accomplished without co-operation, goodwill and good humour. Students at all levels behaved in the most exemplary fashion, enabling the practice to be over in about 20 minutes.


Emergency Evacuation

Towards the end of February there will be a practice evacuation.  Before this all students will view a multimedia presentation made by students in the VET Multimedia class. This presentation was commissioned by the Health & Safety Committee and is a practical demonstration of the skills these students have learnt.

Trevor Jenkins, Assistant Principal Management


Call for nominations


The official Schedule 4: Notice of election and call for Nominations and Schedule 5A: Nomination form for Parent Member Category were published in this newsletter last week and are now available from the General office. Nominations are called for three Parent member positions and Two DE&T positions on the Eltham High School, Council.  The term of office is from 19th March 2003 (the date after the declaration of the poll, as required by DE&T guidelines) until March 2005. 

In addition there are two casual vacancies (one for a parent member and one for a DE&T member) for positions vacated mid term.  The term of office for these casual vacancies is from 19th March 2003 until next Council election in March 2004.

Nomination forms are due at the school office by 4pm on Tuesday 25th February.

Voting in the election will conclude at 4pm on Tuesday 11th March.  Results will be published in the newsletter Tuesday 18th March.

Allana O’Kane, Returning Officer


Seven Good reasons for being on School Council

1. You will know more about what happens in the school

2. You get to bring a parent perspective to the policy decisions made by the school council. You will have a say in how things happen and you will understand more about why things happen the way they do.

3. Parents are close to how school choices can affect students. Often you will find yourself representing what you believe to be the students' interests.  The student representatives on council will enjoy your support and involvement.

4. You get to work with a team of committed people who really care about the education and wellbeing of all students and staff in the school. That is a reassuring experience.

5. Your own children will feel valued because you are showing you care about what happens for them and for their fellow students while they deal with the challenges and opportunities of life at school.

6. You will be appreciated by staff and other parents for putting in your time and concern.

7. You will feel that you make a difference. Everyone on council is heard and appreciated, regardless of age or experience.

Thank you to parent School Councillor, Helen Cahill for this contribution



Swim Carnival

The EHS Swimming sports is on Tuesday February 25th at Greensborough Pool from 6-9pm.  All students and their families are encouraged to attend.  Dress in house colours and join in the spirit of the evening.

Free sausage sizzle, free shuttle bus from 5:30pm outside the stadium and at 9pm from the pool back to the stadium.  Events include freestyle, breastroke, backstroke, butterfly – students can qualify for the EHS swim team to swim at the interschool sports.

Peter Nicholson, Sport Coordinator


PE Uniforms

PE uniforms (shirts & shorts) are now available.  It is compulsory for all Yr7’s and Yr8’s to wear this uniform for Physical Education classes and for sport.  Please pay the cashier and bring your receipt to the PE office in the stadium.

Andrea Traeger, PE Co ordinator


Beach Volleyball

Students interested in playing beach volleyball must collect permission and payment forms from Mr Thomas.  These must be returned to the cashier by Friday 21st February – and note that, as students are not at school on Wednesday and Thursday, so opportunities to return forms is limited.


Mini & Junior Volleyball at EHS

Due to the many Thursday disruptions this term – Curriculum Day, Athletics, beach volleyball etc., Junior volleyball for students in year 7, 8 and 9 will start on Thursday 27th February and mini volleyball will start on Thursday 27th March. 

More details next week.


Victorian team Trials

Students interested in trying out for a State volleyball team please note that trials will be held at the Oakleigh recreation centre, Park Road, Oakleigh on Sunday 16th and Sunday 23rd of February 2003.

U17 (born 1987 or later)

U19 (born 1985 or later)

U21 (born 1983 or later)

Sunday 16th February

Women trial 9:30-12:30

Men Trial 1-4pm

Sunday 23rd February

Men Trial 9:30-12:30pm

Women Trial 1-4pm

Athletes will need to pay $5 for each trial.

Selected teams will compete in Queensland in July.


VSSSA U16 team trials

Please note date changes!

Trials for the Victorian U16 boys and girls teams will be held at Berwick Secondary College (Ross Miller Stadium), Manuka Road, Berwick on Saturday 15th and Saturday 22nd February.

Saturday 15th. February

Girls from 10-12:30pm

Boys from 12:30 till-3pm

Saturday 22nd February

Girls from 10-12 noon

Boys 12:30 till 3pm

Athletes will need to pay $5 for each trial.

Selected teams will compete in Canberra in August.


Competitions in February

Senior volleyball round robin Tuesday 18th Feb.

Intermediate volleyball round robin Thursday 27th Feb.

Greg Thomas, Volleyball Program Coordinator



Mr Craig Veale from the Eltham CFA came to school last week to talk to Year 8 SOSE students about the different ways of preparing for a possible bushfire.  Our thanks go to him and his co workers who came to the school on two occasions to assist in the execution of this unit of work.

Helen Morris, SOSE  teacher



In Term 1 the Grounds Committee is organizing 2 working bees, one on Sunday 23rd February and the other on Sunday 30th March. 

Given the extended dry period over summer, our gardens have suffered and on the 23rd Feb our focus will be to redress some of the negative effects of the “Big Dry”.  Therefore we need gardeners.

A summary of tasks includes:

1.                   Removing dead plants and preparing for new plantings in the autumn.

2.                   Hand watering of plants in several areas.

3.                   Providing further seating around the eastern oval preferably in shaded areas.

4.                   Reinstating some bin holders around the new seats.

5.                   Resetting the paved area around the major Eucalypts in the Canteen courtyard.

6.                   Rubbish removal from the end of the tennis courts.

7.                   Affixing a rabbit proof fence around the new Environmental Reserve at the end of the tennis courts.

The Grounds Committee is also a very social group of individuals who meet regularly during the school year so if you are a new parent to the school come and join us for the ride.  We always have great morning teas, well-supplied barbeques and drinks at the conclusion of our events.

see note page 6 re electrical equipment

John Coates, Environment Officer for the Grounds Committee




The Instrumental music information evening for Yr 7 was a huge success, over 100 yr7 students will be participating in the music program for 2003


Intermediate band please note change of performance time NOW Tues 25 Feb depart EHS 9am return 12;30pm notice home this week with band members.

Band and Orchestra Rehearsals

The following band rehearsals will commence this week at the following times:


Tues 3:30-5:30pm

Fri 7:30 – 8:45am


Thurs 3:30-5:30pm


Tues 7:30-8:45am


Fri 3:30-5:30pm

Concert strings

Mon 3:30-4:30pm


Instrumental Lessons

Lessons for all students have commenced.  Students should check the timetable in the Music Centre for lesson times.


Celebration of Music 2002 – Compact Discs

A professional recording of last year’s final concert has been produced.  CD’s are available from the Music Office (404) at $20 each.



Enrolment Forms overdue. .

Could these be returned to the music office ASAP. 

EHS Choir

Choir rehearsal is on Friday morning at 8am in Room 406.  If you are interested please speak to our new Choir Director, Ms Alex Cameron.

Ken Waterworth, Director of Music



Are you looking to purchase a second hand instrument?  Ring Kathy Skeen on 9439 3597. Uniform items to sell?  Phone Jill Browne about this and any queries regards the Music Support Group on 9439 9673.



Education Maintenance Allowance

Application forms for EMA are available from the General Office.  Please remember that applications must be with the school no later than 28th February.  LATE APPLICATIONS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.


School Photographs

Students who may not have yet ordered photographs but now wish to do so, please contact FOTOMAKERS on 1300 660 626.  The school is unable to accept late orders

Bruce Martyn, Business Manager



CANTEEN  R O S T E R    ____________



Wed 19

Curriculum Day

Thurs 20

Curriculum Day

Fri 21

H.Devlin, M.Parsons, K.Bleijswijk, M.Cary

Mon 24

H.Hunter, K.Corneille, S.McFadzean, S Allen, J.Velkamp

Tues 25

B.Honeyman, R.Gaiser, K.Lester

Wed 26

D.Bok, J.Oates, A.Aulsebrook, K.Finkelde, J.Shaw

Our canteen tries to offer a large selection of foods but sometimes we run out of some items.  To ensure your child gets what you want it is advisable to ORDER.  Ordering can be done before school or at recess.  The Canteen is open for business from 8am.

Bev Cust, Canteen Manager



Community Announcements/Advertising


Eltham High Swim Squad

There will be no swim squad this Thursday morning due to the student free Curriculum day.


EHS Runners Group

Students wishing to join a running group are invited to join in with other runners on a Wednesday morning at 8am.  The first run will aim to go for 20 mins with walk breaks.  Runners of all abilities are welcome.  Meet outside the stadium.  Any student wishing to train with the Diamond Valley Athletic Club is invited to come along to Willinda Park, Greensborough (Melways 21 A4) on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon from 5pm.  Competition is held at the Box Hill venue for juniors from U14 to open age.

Max Balchin, Athletics coach



Eltham skate park Site Survey

Have your say

Council has identified two sites for the Eltham Skate Park.  The potential sites are Pitt Street (behind the Eltham Community and Reception Centre) and Alistair Knox Park West (cnr Susan and Bridge Streets).  To have your say go to www.nillumbik.vic.gov.au or visit the Eltham Library for further information.  Written submissions should be addresses to Leisure Services Unit, PO Box 476, Greensborough 3088.  All submissions close 4pm Friday 28 February 2003

For further information 9433 3161




Yr12 VCE Study cards Accounting Unit 3, Accounting Unit 4,as new $6 per pack.

Study guides for Maths Methods, Snr English, Chemistry $5 each

Smart Study Unit 4 VCE Chemistry  $5


Please see the General Office



An information evening for girls interested in making their Debut at the Parish Ball on FRIDAY  JUNE 13th 2003, will be held on Wednesday February 26th at 7:30pm in the Parish Hall, 25 Gipson Street, Diamond Creek.  Enquiries please contact Jenny 9438 1812 after 6pm.


Eltham Little Theatre Inc

presents Sing On by Rick Abbott

Eltham Performing Arts Centre Main Road Research

Melway Ref: Map 22 H 1


27 Feb, 6 Mar, 13 Mar


28 Feb, 7 Mar, 14 Mar


1 Mar, 8 Mar, 15 Mar

Commencing 8pm and also Sunday 9 Mar at 2pm

For bookings 9437 1574

Tickets $16 Concession $14


HELP!!     HELP!!       HELP!!


Hurstbridge Primary School Benefit Concert (and Family Fun Day)


Sunday February 23rd 2003 11am to 8pm


Hurstbridge Primary School, (Temporary Campus) Graysharps Road, Hurstbridge

Melways 185 J9 (Follow the balloons)

additional information please ring 9712 0185 or 0401 917945

Tickets available from Hurstbridge Post Office, Hurstbridge Heath Food Shop, Newsagency pharmacy, School, Working Cobber or at the gate

Cost $25 per family, $10 per adult, $5 per primary school age/concession



Panton Hill Football Club

Players wanted for U10/12/13/15/16s sides for season 2003

Enquiries Chris Cahir 0408 230 344

                 Ben Brown 0415 243 779


Greensborough Hockey Club

Sign Up Day

Sunday 23rd February

10am – 12 Midday

Plenty Park, Yan Yean Rd. Plenty

(Melways Map 11 D 5)

Girls & Boys Teams

U9,U11,U13,U15 & U17

New & Experienced Players Welcome

Enquiries 9467 4738


Eltham Jazz Festival

1st and 2nd March

Venues: Town Square

The Pelican New Orleans Brass Band /Glen Miller Swing Band/Andy Baylor’s Cajun Combo/ Eltham High School SUNDAY 11am / Judy Jacques

Eltham Terrace

The Pelican New Orleans Brass Band/ Andy Baylor’s Cajun Combo/ Glen Miller Swing Band

Volumes Black Cat Bone/Dene & Sunny Ford

LaZanya’s Cheek to Cheek/ The Pelican New Orleans Brass Band/Black Cat Bone

Alta Vita Aajinta

Any queries contact Lucy Anderson 9431 44989 or 4019351640



S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R


Tues 18

Symphonic Band performs at Penola College 7:30pm

Wed 19

PD Curriculum Day No students required at school

School Council Meeting 7:30pm

Thurs 20

PD Curriculum Day No students required at school

Meet the teacher Yr7 parents in the library 7-8:30pm

Fri 21

O&ES Yr12 Camp Wilson’s Promontory until Sunday 23 February

Yr7 Orientation Program – Aquarena

Music Intermediate Band performs Fawkner SC 90-12:30pm postponed to Tuesday 25 Feb

SOSE M/S Environmental Studies to Melbourne Aquarium 9-12:30pm

Sun 23

Grounds Working Bee 9am

Tues 25

SOSE Excursion Yr11 & Yr12 Economics Lecture Melbourne University – all day

Sport – Swimming Carnival at Greensborough Pool 6-9pm


Sun 2

Music Stage Band perform Eltham Jazz Festival 11-12:30pm

Mon 3

VET Sport & Rec Yr11 to Lorne Cumberland River – 3 days

Music – Year 7 lessons commence

SOSE –M/S 104,108 to Bells Beach 7:45am-5pm

Wed 5

SOSE Yr11 Geography – Docklands

Thurs 6

Sport – Athletics Carnival at George Street Doncaster – whole school

Mon 10

Labour Day holiday

Tues 11

SOSE M/S 102, 106 Geography Bell’s Beach 7:45am-5pm

Wed 12

Yr7 Orientation Sticks & Stones in hall

Fri 14

Music Stage Band performs Government House 9:45am-1:45pm

Fri 28

Injections – Yr7 Hepatitis B First injection (follow up 31 July)

Injections Yrs10,11,12 Meningococcal




Greenhills Neigbourhood Centre – Community Drive Greensborough Melways ref map 21 B1

Applications are now open for 2003 classes helping both Primary and Secondary students.  Tutoring and homework help is available in English, Maths, Chemistry and Physics as well as Primary/Junior Secondary English, Maths, Science, Reading, Spelling and Comprehension.  For information or bookings call the office on 9435 9287 or Peter on 9471 4242 (24 hrs) to leave a message


Tutoring Available

Chemistry: Yrs 11 & 12 / Specialist Maths: Yr 12 / Maths Methods Yr 12 / Further Maths Yr 12 / Physics: Yrs 11 & 12 Biology Yrs 11 & 12 / English all levels / General Maths all levels

Phone 57 861 406 or 0417 585 912



Maths Tutor

Does you child need a tutor in Mathematics? I’m an ex Eltham High School student, an experienced tutor and in my final year of Mathematics and Statistics degree at La Trobe University.  I’m available to tutor all year levels and have vacancies starting immediately.  References available if required.  Contact Owen Davey 9432 8160


Maths Tutor

BA Honours in Economics, Pure Maths and Statistics (Sheffield University, UK) looking to tutor Yr 7 & 8 students through to VCE

Call Martin Drake 0409 540 290



Please see the General Office


Aireys Inlet/Fairhaven

Self-contained unit – ocean views one min. walk to Fairhaven Beach.  Phone 9459 0174/0417 318 377




Fifteenth Annual Nillumbik Artists Open Studios


On Saturday, 1 and Sunday 2, March 2003, studios scattered throughout Eltham, Diamond Creek, St Andrews, North Warrandyte, Kangaroo Ground and Strathewen will open their doors to provide a rare opportunity for the public to talk with and see artists at work.

This is a free event representing twenty-one studios and 34 artists.  Collectively they offer a wide range of art and craft disciplines including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, textiles and jewellery

The program provides amazing first hand insights into the methods and workings of established local artists and crafts people.  By seeing artworks in the flurry of a studio environment rather than in  a sterile white gallery space, we perhaps gain a closer understanding of the artists’ intentions and hence gain greater value from the experience.

The 2002/2003 Artists Open Studio program is jointly presented by Nillumbik Shire Council and participating Nillumbik artists.

For further information, pleaser contact Nillumbik Shire Council 9433 3126 or nillumbik@nillumbik.vic.gov.au








Sunday 23rd February


Due to Health and Safety Requirements all electrical power equipment needs to be checked and tagged by an electrician prior to use. 

The Grounds Committee has engaged an electrician to be on site at the school between 9am and 10am to check and tag all power tools brought by parents to the working bee.  Bring along all your power we equipment and leads and get them checked out before use.


John Coates for the Grounds Committee




Diamond Valley Netball Competition

Vacancies exist for JUNIOR Netball teams and players in U11, U13 and U18 Mixed teams and U15 and U17 Girls teams.  Matches are held at Diamond Valley Sports Complex, Civic Drive, Greensborough on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Cost $4:40 per game, $8 registration per season and $13 insurance per year.  Further details from Susan Rose 9435 1129