Text Box: Term 1  Week 5
Tuesday, 25th February 2003



Tuesday 25 February

SOSE Excursion Yr11 & Yr12 Economics Lecture Melbourne University – all day

Sport – Swimming Carnival at Greensborough Pool 6-9pm

Sunday 2

Music Stage Band perform Eltham Jazz Festival 11-12:30pm

Monday 3 March

VET Sport & Rec Yr11 to Lorne Cumberland River – 3 days

Music – Year 7 lessons commence

SOSE –M/S 104,108 to Bells Beach 7:45am-5pm



Principal’s Report

The Parent Newsletter is our prime method of communication of all the events and information that contribute to our rich school life here at Eltham High School.  The newsletter also gives us a most important opportunity to recognise and celebrate student endeavour and achievement.


In a school the size of ours, with the depth and breadth of its educational program, the instances of congratulation are numerous.  Barely a week passes without at least one congratulatory message from the principal.  But I wonder if these messages begin to seem undervalued because they are in such number??  I certainly hope not!


The congratulatory message itself may well be brief but each and every time we mention a name linked to an achievement, we are acknowledging the considerable effort of those involved, and their dedication and focus to the task.  These accolades have not been earned overnight, they are often the result of years of skill development coupled with some serious coaching, teaching and mentoring.  These acknowledgements of success may be concise but they also encompass the pride we have of the achievements of our community members and the role that Eltham High School has played in their gain.


TopClass, TopScreen and TopDesign are exhibitions of the very best of Victorian students’ work in VCE subjects of Drama, Media and Visual Communication and Design.  Of the thousands of students throughout the state, the work of a few is chosen for inclusion in showcase exhibitions and performances.  We are delighted that the work of several of last year’s Year 12s have been selected for inclusion in these prestigious events.  TopDesign (exhibited at Museum Victoria) and TopScreen (screened at ACMI in Federation Square) will both be enhanced by the inclusion of media works by Alice Wegner and Ruthanne Molloy, and TopClass (performed at the National Theatre) will include a solo drama performance by Ruthanne Molloy.  Wonderful!  Well done, Alice and Ruth-Anne, and thank you to Media teacher, Kathy Hughes, and Drama teacher, George Franklin.


Congratulations are also in order for Music Director, Ken Waterworth, who has been invited to perform the role of Chief Adjudicator at the Melbourne Bands Festival in August this year.  This will be a different role for Ken at this competition as he is usually conducting stunning performances by the Symphonic Band.  This year, however, the Symphonic Band has been invited to perform as feature band at the Festival Finale concert, usually made up of the gold shield winners of each section.  This is a very exciting prospect for all involved.


In addition, we are grateful to the school community members who worked at the school on Sunday building new seating for students, repairing paving in the canteen courtyard, maintaining the garden beds and rabbit-proofing the new Environmental Reserve.  Thanks to the work of these parents and teachers, the school environment is a more pleasant, safer place for all students.


Political rallies

A number of political rallies may occur in the months ahead.  Yesterday, a metropolitan newspaper carried a story suggesting that Wednesday 5th March would be designated as a day of student action against a possible war with Iraq.  Specifically, high school students would be encouraged to leave school at lunchtime to join protestors at a rally in Melbourne.


I would like to draw your attention to the Department of Education and Training policy on student attendance at political rallies as it affects student attendance.  Students attending government schools in Victoria are expected to attend school on each school day.  The Department does not sanction, approve or otherwise support, attendance by students at political rallies regardless of their nature.


At Eltham High School, we have a ‘duty of care’ to provide a safe environment for our students and to keep parents informed if their children are absent from school.  On this day, as on any day, we would anticipate normal procedures would be followed: the school will notify parents of student absences, and parents will notify the school if absences are approved by the parent.


Allana O’Kane, Acting Principal



Call for nominations

Nomination forms were due at the school office by 4pm on Tuesday 25th February (TODAY)

If nominations exceed the positions available, an election will be conducted, via the newsletter next week.

Allana O’Kane, Returning Officer


VCE School & Middle School Parent/Teacher Sessions

Tuesday March 18th from 1:30pm-4:30pm and 5:15pm-7:30pm

All students are dismissed from school at the end of Period 4 on this day.


Parents of VCE & Middle School students are invited to the Parent/Teacher Sessions on Tuesday 18th from 1:30pm-4:30pm and 5:15pm-7:30pm.  Due to the number of students involved we are running two sessions, one in the afternoon and one early evening session.  Please book interviews either for the first or second session, not for both sessions.  Students will be given a booking sheet and will need to schedule a time with their teachers before the P/T Night.  We encourage students to attend the interviews.  These interviews provide a valuable opportunity for staff, parents and students to talk about the progress and needs of the students.

Hermina Burns, Assistant Principal



Swim Carnival

The EHS Swimming sports is on TONIGHT at Greensborough Pool from 6-9pm.  All students and their families are encouraged to attend.  Dress in house colours and join in the spirit of the evening.

Free sausage sizzle, free shuttle bus from 5:30pm outside the stadium and at 9pm from the pool back to the stadium.  Events include freestyle, breastroke, backstroke, butterfly – students can qualify for the EHS swim team to swim at the interschool sports.

Peter Nicholson, Sport Coordinator


PE Uniforms

PE uniforms (shirts & shorts) are now available.  It is compulsory for all Yr7’s and Yr8’s to wear this uniform for Physical Education classes and for sport.  Please pay the cashier and bring your receipt to the PE office in the stadium to collect your uniform items.

Andrea Traeger, PE Co ordinator



USA Volleyball tour

Unfortunately the tour of the USA has been cancelled.  Concerns over the safety of students travelling to the USA given the current political climate have brought this decision about.  Thank you to all members of the Eltham High School community who contributed to the fundraising effort over the past two years.



Mini and Junior Volleyball at EHS

Due to the many Thursday disruptions this term- Curriculum day, Athletics, beach volleyball, etc Junior Volleyball for students in Years 7,8 and 9 will start on Thursday the 27th February and Mini Volleyball will start on Thursday 27th March.


Junior Volleyball

Students in years 7,8,and 9 are invited to take part in the Eltham High School junior volleyball competition that will take place each Thursday after school from 3:25pm until approx. 4:10pm. The season will run for a semester and will conclude with finals and presentation of trophies for successful teams.  Interested students can collect a team entry form from Mr Thomas or just turn up at the stadium this Thursday at 3:15pm ready to play.  We can organize students into teams on the night.


National School Cup photos

Any students who participated in the National Schools volleyball cup last December and were unable to attend the volleyball awards night should collect a copy of their team photo from Mr Thomas.


Competitions in February

Senior Volleyball Round Robin – Tuesday 18th February.  Congratulations to our Senior boys and girls volleyball teams on winning the Diamond Valley Group Volleyball competition last Tuesday.

Intermediate volleyball round robin – Thursday 27th February – Teams should go to Period 1 and 2 and THEN report to the stadium at recess.

Greg Thomas, Volleyball Program Coordinator


The School Calendar carries all Sport events, including Round Robin dates- please note space does not permit these to be published weekly in the newsletter calendar section.



As part of the year 8 program an annual surf camp is held for all year 8 students.  This involves students being away from school for two days participating in an overnight camp, surfing and canoeing activities.

Two classes at a time will attend one of the four camps to be held at Torquay, on the following dates:

Mon April 7  à

Tues April 8

Tues April 8  à

Wed April9

Wed April 9  à

Thurs April 10

Thurs April 10  à

Fri April 11

Parents should have received a letter outlining camp activities and payment details.  If not, please contact the Junior School office.

Junior School Coordinators


Surfing is one of Australia’s most popular and exciting sports more than (1) million Australians participate in some form of surfing.



Important Notice to all parents/guardians

Regardless of whether you are having the forthcoming vaccinations you must return the consent form as this is be collected and audited by the Government Health Department




Cheques are available for collection from the General Office NOW.  Please note collection times for students are before school, recess, lunch time and after school

Marika Smith, Finance Manager



The first meeting for the year of the Library’s Book Club will be held at lunchtime on Thursday.  The Book Club is just an informal gathering of students from across all year levels.  We meet twice a term and just chat about what we’ve read or would like to read, etc.  Students wishing to attend need to notify the library so that we can cater for this grand occasion.

There are still a number of library resources outstanding from last year. Would parents please kindly check with their children as to whether they fall into this category?  Library policy dictates that students with overdue resources cannot borrow anything else until the overdue resources are returned.

Rhonda Malone, Library Co ordinator



The Australian Mathematics  Competition

Students are invited to enter this major competition (over 500 000 entrants). The competition will be held on Tuesday July 29th in the school Library.


Cost: $4. Payable to the Cashier by Fri March 7th.


Who is it for?

The Australian Mathematics Competition for the Westpac Awards (AMC) is for students of all year levels and all standards.  Students are asked to solve thirty multiple choice problems in 75 minutes.  Students mark their responses on a special answer sheet and these are processed by computer.  The earliest problems are very easy, all students should be able to attempt them.  The problems get progressively more difficult until the end, when they are challenging to the most gifted student.  Students of all standards will make progress and find a point of challenge.


Benefits to Students

All students receive a detailed report showing how they went on each problem with comparative statistics.


All students receive a certificate or award commensurate with their performance.

The AMC provides the student with an opportunity for external recognition.  The certificates are well understood by employers and can be used as evidence of problem solving ability and willingness to participate in extra curricular activities.


Above all the competition is designed to be enjoyable, even for those students who might not have performed as well as they may have hoped.  The event is intended to be conducted in a pressure free environment (results do not affect school assessment) and the questions are designed to be of sufficient interest to stimulate discussion at a later time, with friends, parents or in the classroom.


Competitions can inspire a greater interest in the subject and a love of learning.


The formal setting and atmosphere of the competition can provide valuable practice for (future) VCE exams.


Students are given an opportunity to participate in a large event attempting the same problems as students in the same year level in other schools.



Parents/guardians are asked to discuss the competition with students and encourage them to enter. The entry fee of $4 should be paid to the Cashier by March 7th

Garry McKelvie for the Mathematics Faculty.



This trip is being proposed for September 2004 expressions of interest from students particularly those in Year 9 and above to Mr McCrystal in Room 104 as soon as possible.



Choir News

The EHS choir has been rehearsing for 3 weeks and is gradually producing a good sound.  Rehearsals are Fridays 8am and this week is the last week I can take new members.  The choir is open to students in Years 7-10 and new students should see me for more details.  First performance will be Monday 7 April.

Students in Yrs 11 & 12 have formed the EHS Senior Choir and are singing with a strong sound!  Rehearsals are Mondays 12:55pm.  New students should come along to the next rehearsal.

Ms Alexandra Cameron, Choir Director


Band & Choir Rehearsals


Tues 3:30-5:30pm

Fri 7:30 – 8:45am


Thurs 3:30-5:30pm


Tues 7:30-8:45am


Fri 3:30-5:30pm


Mon 3:30-5pm

Concert strings

Mon 3:30-4:30pm


Fri 8am in Room 406


Instrumental Lessons

Lessons for all students have commenced.  Students should check the timetable in the Music Centre for lesson times.


Celebration of Music 2002 – Compact Discs

A professional recording of last year’s final concert has been produced.  CD’s are available from the Music Office (404) at $20 each.


Enrolment  & Payment Forms are now overdue. .

Could these be returned to the music office ASAP. 

Ken Waterworth, Director of Music



Are you looking to purchase a second hand instrument?  Ring Kathy Skeen on 9439 3597. Uniform items to sell?  Phone Jill Browne about this and any queries regards the Music Support Group on 9439 9673.


Clean up Australia Day is on this Sunday 2nd March, and the Environmental Group wants your help.  We’re wanting as many hands as possible to come down to the parkland at the corner of Susan and Brougham Streets, in Eltham on Sunday at 8:30am and help clean up our environment.  It will be heaps of fun and there will be a BBQ afterwards.  Hope to see you there

Middle School Environment Group



Hi everyone!

The year has started smoothly for us with students settling down well with their studies of LOTE.  However students having trouble getting their required set texts and workbooks need to notify their teachers.  Often students ask “why study LOTE”?  There are lots of good reasons.  The main ones are, LOTE studies enhance our communication skills (and by learning another language we learn to communicate in new and different ways), it gives us the ability to look outside our own environment and enable us to have a global focus and our knowledge of other peoples’ ways of life, culture, thoughts and beliefs are enhanced.  This is important because learning about different ways of thinking, believing and living make us more adaptable, flexible and more accepting of other peoples’ ways.  This is crucial for fostering international understanding and peace among nations.  Furthermore, research indicates that analytical, problem solving and reasoning skills are increased in second language learners – other good reasons are that learning LOTE helps us understand how own language works. Finally Australia also needs people skilled in languages for social, economic and strategic reasons.

We wish to thank the following students and parent for volunteering their services to give our current Yr12 LOTE students assistance with conversation practice: Yvette Muscat (Yr12, 2002 French), Kate Hill (Yr12, 2002 Indonesian),Nicole De Garis (2nd yr University of Melbourne Indonesian student), Sharmayne Brady (2nd Yr Medicine Monash) and Linda Cuthbertson (parent).  It is really great to have past pupils, friends and parents volunteer their time to help our students.  We urge other students and parents who can speak some French or Indonesian to help out with practice conversation in small groups.  This is not only is invaluable for our students but is immensely satisfying for those who help.  It gives you an opportunity to practice and maintain your skills while imparting the love of life long learning to our students.  Any volunteers will be gladly welcome, and volunteers can also choose the Yr level they wish to work with.

Finally a note on possible travel to Indonesia and South East Asia.  At this stage we are still waiting to see if the International political situation settles down in the months to come.  Any queries to me please.  We hope all students will enjoy their LOTE studies and give themselves the opportunity to acquire a valuable skill.

Pompa Brady, Teaching & Learning Leader LOTE




Education Maintenance Allowance

Application forms for EMA are available from the General Office.  Please remember that applications close 28th February


Accident Insurance


Student Injury Personal Accident Protection Plan

Jardine’s Insurance is again offering insurance coverage.  This covers students for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year.  For annual coverage, the cost is $17.  Payment is to be made to the school cashier.  Application forms are available from the general office.

Bruce Martyn, Business Manager



CANTEEN  R O S T E R    ____________



Wed 26

D.Bok, J.Oates, K.Finkelde, J.Shaw, L.Burleigh

Thurs 27

N.Phillips, SD.Wilson, M.Deam, Di

Fri 28

G.Gallagher, M.Hanlon, Di

Mon 3

S.Kelty, H.Febo, J.Hacansson, J.Garard-Strvovick

Tues 4

M.Pask, J.Peressini, C.Morrison

Wed 5

J.Johnson, L.Lindsay, J.James, M.Balwin, L.Burleigh

The Canteen is open for business from 8am.

Bev Cust, Canteen Manager



Community Announcements/Advertising


Eltham High Swim Squad

7am Thursday morning at Eltham Leisure Centre – back as usual.


EHS Runners Group

Students wishing to join a running group are invited to join in with other runners on a Wednesday morning at 8am.  Runners of all abilities are welcome.  Meet outside the stadiumMax Balchin, Athletics coach



If you can dance, sing or help in any way then come along to the new drama room (the old dance studio) on Wednesday and Thursday and be part of our Cabaret that will perform early next term.  Auditions will be held this Wednesday Feb 26th and Thursday Feb 27th at lunchtime to include those with a dance or song that follows the ‘cabaret style theme”.  It will be a lot of fun and we need lots of people.  Hope to see you there.



S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R


Tues 25

SOSE Excursion Yr11 & Yr12 Economics Lecture Melbourne University – all day

Sport – Swimming Carnival at Greensborough Pool 6-9pm


Sun 2

Music Stage Band perform Eltham Jazz Festival 11-12:30pm

Mon 3

VET Sport & Rec Yr11 to Lorne Cumberland River – 3 days

Music – Year 7 lessons commence

SOSE –M/S 104,108 to Bells Beach 7:45am-5pm

Wed 5

SOSE Yr11 Geography – Docklands

Thurs 6

Sport – Athletics Carnival at George Street Doncaster – whole school

Fri 7

All Yr7 to Imax Mysteries of Egypt 9-3pm

Aust Maths Comp $4 entry fee due

Mon 10

Labour Day holiday

Tues 11

SOSE M/S 102, 106 Geography Bell’s Beach 7:45am-5pm

Wed 12

SOSE 109 Geography to Pt Lonsdale & Torquay 7:45am-4:30pm

Yr7 Orientation Sticks & Stones in hall

Fri 14

Music Stage Band performs Government House 9:45am-1:45pm

Tues 18

Parent/Teacher Interviews 1:30-4:30pm & 5:15-7:30pm

ALL Students dismissed  12:34pm

Wed 19

O&ES M/S Camp to Anglesea-3 days

SOSE Yr11 & Yr12 Politics to Parliament House

School Council Meeting 7:30pm

Fri 28

Injections – Yr7 Hepatitis B First injection (follow up 31 July)

Injections Yrs10,11,12 Meningococcal




Yr12 VCE Study cards Accounting Unit 3, Accounting Unit 4,as new $6 per pack.

Study guides for Maths Methods, Snr English, Chemistry $5 each

Smart Study Unit 4 VCE Chemistry  $5


Please see the General Office


Eltham Little Theatre Inc

presents Sing On by Rick Abbott

Eltham Performing Arts Centre Main Road Research

Melway Ref: Map 22 H 1


27 Feb, 6 Mar, 13 Mar


28 Feb, 7 Mar, 14 Mar


1 Mar, 8 Mar, 15 Mar

Commencing 8pm and also Sunday 9 Mar at 2pm

For bookings 9437 1574

Tickets $16 Concession $14


Panton Hill Football Club

Players wanted for U10/12/13/15/16s sides for season 2003

Enquiries Chris Cahir 0408 230 344

                 Ben Brown 0415 243 779


Eltham Jazz Festival

1st and 2nd March

Venues: Town Square

The Pelican New Orleans Brass Band /Glen Miller Swing Band/Andy Baylor’s Cajun Combo/ Eltham High School SUNDAY 11am / Judy Jacques

Eltham Terrace

The Pelican New Orleans Brass Band/ Andy Baylor’s Cajun Combo/ Glen Miller Swing Band

Volumes Black Cat Bone/Dene & Sunny Ford

LaZanya’s Cheek to Cheek/ The Pelican New Orleans Brass Band/Black Cat Bone

Alta Vita Aajinta

Any queries contact Lucy Anderson 9431 44989 or 4019351640



Please see the General Office


Aireys Inlet/Fairhaven

Self-contained unit – ocean views one min. walk to Fairhaven Beach.  Phone 9459 0174/0417 318 377



Visit Drew’;s place to experience and view a variety of his work on display.  Most recent pieces follow a landscape theme but with the usual/unusual Gregory twist.

Also on display will be a selection of finely crafted, delicately painted soft leather handbags.  These one-off pieces reflect the range of skills and artistic talent inherent in textile designer Leah Gregory’s work.

Open Studio – Sat 1& Sun 2 March 10am - 6pm

5Gregory’s Lane, Strathewen

1km past Strathewen Primary School off Bowden Spur Rd

refreshments available ph 9714 8324


Fifteenth Annual Nillumbik Artists Open Studios


On Saturday, 1 and Sunday 2, March 2003, studios scattered throughout Eltham, Diamond Creek, St Andrews, North Warrandyte, Kangaroo Ground and Strathewen will open their doors to provide a rare opportunity for the public to talk with and see artists at work.

This is a free event representing twenty-one studios and 34 artists.  Collectively they offer a wide range of art and craft disciplines including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, textiles and jewellery

The program provides amazing first hand insights into the methods and workings of established local artists and crafts people.  By seeing artworks in the flurry of a studio environment rather than in  a sterile white gallery space, we perhaps gain a closer understanding of the artists’ intentions and hence gain greater value from the experience.

The 2002/2003 Artists Open Studio program is jointly presented by Nillumbik Shire Council and participating Nillumbik artists.

For further information, pleaser contact Nillumbik Shire Council 9433 3126 or nillumbik@nillumbik.vic.gov.au


Diamond Valley Netball Competition

Vacancies exist for JUNIOR Netball teams and players in U11, U13 and U18 Mixed teams and U15 and U17 Girls teams.  Matches are held at Diamond Valley Sports Complex, Civic Drive, Greensborough on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Cost $4:40 per game, $8 registration per season and $13 insurance per year.  Further details from Susan Rose 9435 1129



Greenhills Neigbourhood Centre – Community Drive Greensborough Melways ref map 21 B1

Applications are now open for 2003 classes helping both Primary and Secondary students.  Tutoring and homework help is available in English, Maths, Chemistry and Physics as well as Primary/Junior Secondary English, Maths, Science, Reading, Spelling and Comprehension.  For information or bookings call the office on 9435 9287 or Peter on 9471 4242 (24 hrs) to leave a message




Tutoring Available

Chemistry: Yrs 11 & 12 / Specialist Maths: Yr 12 / Maths Methods Yr 12 / Further Maths Yr 12 / Physics: Yrs 11 & 12 Biology Yrs 11 & 12 / English all levels / General Maths all levels

Phone 57 861 406 or 0417 585 912


Maths Tutor

BA Honours in Economics, Pure Maths and Statistics (Sheffield University, UK) looking to tutor Yr 7 & 8 students

Call Martin Darke 0409 540 290


As part of the recent Curriculum Day, EHS staff were asked to identify the qualities they believed were important to be developed in students before they left school.

We are interested to know how complete the list is and how parents rate these qualities, if you would like to participate, add any qualities and rate each of them


Very High




Very Low

respectful of self, community & environment

interested in the world & community


life long learners

adaptable, resourceful, persistent

independent & self motivated, individuality

wide group of friends

tolerant, considerate, compassionate

confident, happy, self worth

active in social justice

high level communication & people skills

broad skills base


clear life & career goals

literate, numerate, analytical, curious

Other Qualities



Return to the box at the general office. Thanks to David Scott, Parent member of the School Council for this suggestion.




Eltham skate park Site Survey

Have your say

Council has identified two sites for the Eltham Skate Park.  The potential sites are Pitt Street (behind the Eltham Community and Reception Centre) and Alistair Knox Park West (cnr Susan and Bridge Streets).  To have your say go to www.nillumbik.vic.gov.au or visit the Eltham Library for further information.  Written submissions should be addresses to Leisure Services Unit, PO Box 476, Greensborough 3088.  All submissions close 4pm Friday 28 February 2003

For further information 9433 3161



Women of Vision

International Women’s Day Celebrations

Melbourne Town Hall – Swanston St, Melbourne

Thursday 6th March 2003    5pm Community Expo    7:30pm start

Special Performance by Y’ld Women

Light refreshment so for sale

Cost $17/$12:50/$5 for young women and teachers as part of a school group of 10 or more (GST inclusion)