Text Box: Term 1  Week 6
Tuesday, 4th March 2003



Wednesday 5

SOSE Yr11 Geography – Docklands

Thursday 6

Sport – Athletics Carnival at George Street Doncaster – whole school

Friday 7

All Yr7 to Imax Mysteries of Egypt 9-3pm

Aust Maths Comp $4 entry fee due

Monday 11

Labour Day holiday

Tuesday 12

SOSE M/S 102, 106 Geography Bell’s Beach 7:45am-5pm


Principal’s Report

The school’s building project is proceeding remarkably well.  However, building and renovations are notoriously difficult to manage and we are grateful to Business Manager, Bruce Martyn, and Assistant Principal, Trevor Jenkins, for their invaluable work.  We really have two building projects running concurrently: a government funded project that will give us 9 permanent classrooms to replace 9 of our oldest, ugliest, least wonderful portables, and a School Council funded project, extending and remodelling the Music/English block.  Thank you to the 145 individuals who became members of the Co-operative to make finance possible for the School Council project.  The projects will lead to improved teaching and learning facilities in SOSE, Food Technology, Information Technology, Classroom and Instrumental Music, English and Mathematics.


In the meantime, we are all affected by the building works in one way or another.  We have been very pleased by the cheerful and matter of fact manner in which teachers and students have managed the obvious disruptions, despite having to teach and learn in some barely adequate areas.  Knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that some of the new facilities may be available for use from the start of term 2 helps to keep spirits high.


One group that is feeling the loss of an expected and much anticipated amenity is the Year 12s.  Despite our considerable efforts, we have not been able to provide a single classroom to be used exclusively as a Year 12 Study Room and the Year 12s, like the rest of us, are having to make do with temporary arrangements.  Whilst there is no single dedicated room, for 27 out of the 30 periods that make up our school week we have identified a room that is available for Year 12s to use for study purposes.  In addition, the Library is available to students wishing to work and there are times in the week, including the 3 periods when a classroom is not available for Year 12 study, when the Library is available to Year 12s only.  It’s obviously sensible to acknowledge that different people work in different ways and some environments, such as the Library, are perhaps not suitable for students who wish to work in large, gregarious groups.  In these circumstances, the obvious sensible decision to make is for groups to use the room set aside for Year 12s. 


Please be reassured we are anxious to provide Year 12s with an appropriate space and anticipate the creation of a Year 12 study area with adjacent Senior School Co-ordinators office on the upper level of the Music/English block.  We will all be greatly relieved to move into this facility as soon as possible.  It may be necessary to move back into 503 (the old Yr12 study room) for a short while. 

Nevertheless, there are some realities that are somewhat overlooked in the concern with the current situation:

* The Year 12 study room has never and will not in the foreseeable future, accommodate all Year 12 students not in class at any given time.

* The Year 12 study room as a work area always needs to be supplemented by other work areas – in the Library, or, conferencing with teachers in classrooms and staffrooms.

* The Year 12 study room as a recreational/relaxation facility, while important for some Year 12s, is in competition for limited resources with classroom teaching and learning needs across the entire school.  The provision of a microwave and an urn (plus water supply and a sink) and similar facilities is also desirable.  We are hopeful of providing access to these facilities via the canteen in the short term.


We are convinced that with the co-operation of all concerned our arrangements will provide suitable individual work facilities for all students.  There has been some suggestion that Year 12 students be given permission to leave school during the school day to work at home.  Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to monitor such individual arrangements and still maintain our duty of care to all students.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel… and, yes, I’m sure it’s not an oncoming train.


Political Rallies

I once again, draw your attention to the Department of Education and Training policy on student attendance at political rallies during the school day.  Students attending government schools in Victoria are expected to attend school on each school day.  The Department does not sanction, approve or otherwise support, attendance by students at political rallies regardless of their nature.

We remind parents of our normal procedures regarding student absences: the school will notify parents of student absences, and parents will notify the school if absences are approved by the parent.


Student leaders Clean up

Members of the EHS Environment Group were great ambassadors for the school at last Sunday’s Clean Up Australia Day activity.  Paul Skeen, Amanda Hughes, Kylie Morgan, Megan Brown, Hannah Wykes, Kimberley McMahon (all Year 12), Leah Buckland (Year 7) Joanna Gibson and Scott Phillips (both Year 9) were supported by teachers Nikki Gemmill, Di Parry and Julie Allen (and daughter Kate Buckland) and parents Ray Gwyther-Jones, Kate Hudson, Marion Swinkles, Brenda McMahon, Steve Watts and Steve Hudson.  All cleaned up along Diamond Creek from the Withers Way/Bell Street footbridge to Bridge Road.  Well done.  We look forward to the continued growth of the Environment Group and applaud the students’ choice for their first activity of the year.

Allana O’Kane, Acting Principal



The EHS house sports are on Thursday 6th March at Doncaster Track (George Street).  This is a whole school event and all students are required to attend.  Students will be bussed in class groups to the track after a roll call in their period 1 class.

Students are encouraged to dress in house colours (free face painting is also available) and join in the fun and spirit of the occasion.  A kiosk will operate.  Although there is ample shade, students must wear hats, have sunscreen and also ensure they are adequately hydrated.

Events include: 3000m walk/ 1500, 800, 4,00, 2,00, 100, relays, shot put, discus, javelin, high jump, long jump, triple jump.  All events are marshalled via the PA system so students need to listen carefully to announcements.  Any numbers of events may be entered by an individual competitor.  Parents are most welcome to attend and support the carnival. Peter Nicholson Sports Coordinator



Tuesday March 18th from 1:30pm-4:30pm and 5:15pm-7:30pm

All students are dismissed from school at the end of Period 4 on this day.


Parents of VCE & Middle School students are invited to the Parent/Teacher Sessions on Tuesday 18th from 1:30pm-4:30pm and 5:15pm-7:30pm.  Due to the number of students involved we are running two sessions, one in the afternoon and one early evening session.  Please book interviews either for the first or second session, not for both sessions.  Students will be given a booking sheet and will need to schedule a time with their teachers before the P/T sessions.  We encourage students to attend the interviews.  These interviews provide a valuable opportunity for staff, parents and students to talk about the progress and needs of the students.

Hermina Burns, Assistant Principal


Parent Category:

As three nominations were received for the three two-year vacancies, I now declare the following elected to Eltham High School: Sue Dyet, Tamara Knowles and Jill Tait.

In addition, one nomination was received for the one-year vacancy and I now declare Grace Tham elected to Council.

DE&T employee category:

Trevor Jenkins is declared elected to School Council.

Allana O’Kane, Returning Officer


Parents who nominated for school Council provided a short statement for publication in the event of an election.  As the number of nominations equals the number of positions vacant, an election is not necessary.  However, the statements are published for the information of parents:

Sue Dyet

My youngest son is currently in Yr12, my oldest left in 2000. Eltham High has been a wonderful learning environment for both my sons and I wanted to contribute to the school in some way.

I became a member of the School Council and last year the School Council President.  I believe that all schools are being asked to shoulder the burden of so many aspects of a child’s development not ‘just’ traditional education.  I think that it is important for parents to be involved in the school and to reflect the views of the wider community of Eltham.

I see the role of a school councillor is to listen to the concerns and comments (both good and bad) of other parents, and to pass them onto the appropriate people within the school.  I think it is important to take a long term view of education because the students here today will be the future of Australia, we need to do everything possible to prepare them for a world we cannot imagine.

Tamara Knowles

I am married to Tim and our son Oliver is a student in Yr8 at Eltham High School.  We settled in Australia about fourteen months ago and are now looking forward to making Eltham our home.  Whilst living in England I was always pro-active, both professionally and as a parent, within the educational system, and would welcome the chance to share ideas and experiences with council members and other interested parties.

The one thing that really impressed me about Eltham High School was the brilliant fostering of a home-school partnership that is designed to build on the most important relationship between parents and teachers.  Although I haven’t meet a lot of staff or parents as yet, having only been in Montmorency for a few months, I look forward to changing that as soon as possible.

Jill Tait

I am a new parent to the school, with daughters attending at Yr7 and Yr9. I have always been a strong proponent of State Education and feel being on School Council provides an opportunity for me to demonstrate my continued support.  I believe that for a successful educational outcome continued involvement in my children’s school life is essential.  My current role as School Council President at Wattle Glen Primary has given me a clear understanding of the importance of school Council in the overall functioning of a school.  I look forward to being able to participate in the School Council of Eltham High School.

Grace Tham

I have a son in Year 7 and I have been in the health field throughout my working life, first as a nurse and educator for 25 years and now, as an acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner.

Besides clinical work, I had worked in the university sector for 15years.  During that time, I had developed nursing programs from undergraduate to postgraduate levels.  I was involved specifically in cross-cultural development in education and health care, curriculum development, research, and program and student evaluations.

Since 1987, I have been involved in several boards of management of community heath centres, ethics committees, and the multicultural health resources centre.

I look forward to contributing to the school as a member of the school council.



Shella Swain is a 17year old new student at Eltham High School.  The reason why we interviewed her was because she is not just any average new student.  She is an exchange student who is from Kodiak, a small island off the coast of Alaska.  Kodiak has a population of 15000 people, and gets to a maximum 20C in the summer.  She came here through the Counsel of International Exchange.

She has been here for almost a week so far and has only had a few small problems with our accent.  Shella is staying in Greensborough and hasn’t seen any of our ‘sights’ yet.  Unlike most Americans, Shella didn’t expect to see koalas in all the trees and people riding kangaroos to school.

Back in Kodiak, Shella goes to Kodiak High School along with 750 other students.  She is studying English, history, pre-calculus and a few computer subjects.

In Kodiak Shella can drive by herself, but sometimes it is too cold to start her car, or it is too cold and the seat goes hard and cracks when she sits on it!  The sports that are played over there is basically basketball, running and swimming.

A big hobby over in Kodiak is hunting.  50% of Shella’s diet is hunted by her or someone from her family. There is a range of animals to hunt from over in Kodiak but the main animals are deer, elk, rabbit and of course fish.  School must be different for her down here in Eltham, she starts school at 8:30, has no recess and during her 40-minute lunch break, it is too cold to go outside.

Shella told us that bears kill two people every year, which is not surprising, considering the bears range up to 7ft in size!  The bears sometimes come right up to the house, or garbage bins sometimes, so its not surprising that almost everyone in Kodiak has a rifle.


Shella can have pets in Kodiak, despite the climate.  She has dogs, cats and 3 turtles.  Shella will be at our school until June/July.

Nic Johnstone, Stop Press




All Year 10s will undertake ONE week of work experience in Term 3, beginning on Monday July 28th

All Year 9s will undertake TWO weeks work experience at the end of the year beginning on Monday December 1st until Friday 12th.

Year 11 and 12 students have an opportunity to undertake work experience in the school holidays if they so choose.

Parents please note: although, Students will be provided with information prior to work experience needing to be arranged, students wishing to ‘get in early’ may come to the Careers Room to obtain the appropriate paperwork.


The 11th AGE VCE & CAREERS EXPO will be bigger and better in 2003. The event has moved to the Caulfield Racecourse, Station Street, Caulfield and will be held on Friday March 21st (2pm – 7pm) and the weekend of Saturday March 22nd and Sunday 23rd from 10am to 5pm.
Featuring over 95 organizations including
·         VCE resource and information providers
Seminars for subjects including
·         English
·         Maths
·         Biology
·         Art
·         Business Management
·         Chemistry
·         Legal Studies
·         Psychology
·         Career and study advice
$5.00 admission included entry for all 3 days, seminars and a copy of The Age.
This activity is one of the first for senior students to begin investigation into opportunities available on completing their secondary education
Further information will appear in the Education supplement on The Age on Wed March 19 or visit www.education.theage.com.au or phone the VCE Expoline on 1902210899 (77 cents per min)



Julie Allen Careers Coordinator



The library is open to students from 8:30am when the duty teacher arrives.  Until further notice, the library will close at 3:20pm on Mondays for professional development use.  The library is open after school until 4pm on other days.  Occasionally students may be asked to leave the library due to meetings.  As a guide, the library is generally closed every 2nd Tuesday for whole school staff meetings.

Rhonda Malone, Library Coordinator




The Contact – Mentor program was established at EHS last year.  The aim of the program is to support Yr12 students and to provide a contact person for each student.

All Yr12 students will be contacted by their teacher-mentor over the next week and an initial meeting time made.  This is usually when students have a free lesson.  If students are unavailable at that time they need to arrange a suitable replacement time.

The meeting times are an opportunity to talk about setting up work patterns for the year, raise concerns, reflect on challenges/rewards of the year and consider goals and future directions.

As a teacher-mentor last year I found it to be a very rewarding program, providing another level of support for students.

Di Parry, Yr 12 Coordinator



Success in “Achievement Through Art Program

Painting students Rachael Huggins Yr11 and Matthew Shand Yr10 have had their artwork from 2002 included in the 2003 Achievement Through Art “Book into Art” Exhibition.

Sponsored by the Victorian Department of Education and Training, The Age and Singapore Airlines, the Achievement Through Art Program featuring the Age Photographic Challenge received thousands of entries of which 73 pieces were selected for the exhibition.

Cubist portraits in the style of Picasso’s “Weeping Woman” were painted by Rachael and Matthew late last year.  Congratulations go to both these students on the inclusion of their paintings and congratulations also to the other EHS students who participated in the program.

An ”Exhibition Launch” will be held this coming Friday evening.  The Exhibition will take place between March 7-14 at Horti Hall Gallery, 31 Victoria Street, Melbourne (opposite Trades Hall)

Lyn Davis, Art teacher



Reminder for students to please return their forms – places at the camp are limited.

Two classes at a time will attend one of the four camps (surfing & canoeing activities) to be held at Torquay, on the following dates:

Mon April 7  à

Tues April 8

Tues April 8  à

Wed April9

Wed April 9  à

Thurs April 10

Thurs April 10  à

Fri April 11

A letter outlining camp activities and payment details has been forwarded with students.

Junior School Coordinators




Did you know?

Australia has produced more surfing world champions than all other countries combined.




On Friday all of the Yr7’s went to the Doncaster Aquarena pool.  First of all we had a BBQ lunch and we each went into a certain part of the pool.  I reckon the best part of the day was the water slide although I would have to admit I did not want to go onto it at first.  Then after an afternoon there we went back to school on a bus and arrived just as the bell rang.

Lucinda Smith 7H

On the 21st February the Year 7’s went to the Aquarena for a day to meet new people and have some fun.  It was raining when we got there so everyone was not sure if they wanted to get in, but when we did we had so much fun there was a water slide and a diving pool.  But first we had a yummy sausage sizzle under a tree.  My favourite bit was going in the pool and having water fights with my friends!

Dominique Emerson 7H

On the 21st Feb the year 7’s were in for some fun. We went to the Doncaster Swimming Pool!  But just for good measure the rain decided to come.  So when we got there people were al little worried about becoming ice-cubes.  But in the end, we actually found the water was warm and we had lots of fun.  We swapped activities: diving, going down slides and what were we missing? of course the swimming pool.  It was a good start too. Sausages and drinks, talking to friends and then jumping in.  We had a great time! Thanks to the teachers.

Lara Beissbarth. 7H




Important Notice to all parents/guardians of Yr7,10,11,12

Regardless of whether you are having the forthcoming vaccinations you must return the consent form as this is be collected and audited by the Government Health Department





Cheques are available for collection from the General Office NOW.  Please note collection times for students are before school, recess, lunchtime and after school

Marika Smith, Finance Manager





The Australian Mathematics Competition

The competition will be held on Tuesday July 29th in the school Library.

A Reminder

The entry fee of $4 for the Australian Mathematics Competition should be paid to the Cashier this week.  All students are encouraged to enter.

Garry Mc Kelvie for the Maths Faculty







Intermediate Band at Fawkner Secondary College

On Tuesday 25th February the Intermediate Band had the opportunity to perform at Fawkner Secondary College.  As we departed school in our Double Decker bus there was a buzz of excitement among the students.  When we arrived at Fawkner Secondary College we went to the main hall we set up and warmed up.  Our first performance was for the Year 7’s and even if there were only 70 of them they were very encouraging and obviously enjoyed the performance.  Following the performance we were provided with a can of drink and a bag of chips, which were very much appreciated.  After the break we played for the Year 8 and 9 students who listened very intently to the band.  The school is just starting their own program so this was all new to them but despite this they were very enthusiastic about our performance.  Following the many thank you’s from the staff and students we boarded our bus and arrived back at EHS just on lunch time concluding a really fun morning of performances.

Ashlea Waterworth 8G


Stage Band at Eltham Jazz Festival

The Stage Band once again were great ambassadors for the school, participating in the Eltham Town Jazz Festival on Sunday.  Despite the miserable weather an appreciative crowd gathered at the Town Square to listen to the band’s 30 minute performance of old and new charts, on this occasion being directed by Aaron Vreulink.  Thanks to parents who ably assisted in making this performance happen.  Congratulations to the band for a good first up performance.


Training Band First Rehearsal

Wednesday 5th March will be the first rehearsal for our new Training Band.  Students should be at room 404 at 7:20am for a 7:30am start.  Parents and teachers are welcome to come and enjoy this amazing experience.


Flute Ensemble to play at International Womens Convention

As part of International Women’s Week the Flute Ensemble will be performing at the opening dinner to be held at the Brunswick Town Hall on Thursday 6th March.  Transport for the students will be provided leaving EHS at 5:30 and returning by 8:15pm


Stage Band to perform at Government House

The Stage Band will be performing at Government House on Friday 14th March as part of the awards ceremony for Senior Citizens in Melbourne.



Congratulations to the Yr7’s who have joined the program.

Uniform? some second hand uniforms are available please contact Jenny Samphier on  9439 2065


Would you like to support the Music program? – setting up bands with uniforms, fundraising, moving of instruments to venues and logistics at concerts.  If you’d like to know more about the Music Spport Group please phone Jill on 9439 9673


Example is not the main thing in influencing others.

It is the only thing

Albert Schweitzer



Congratulations to Casey Jarvie whose poem “The Shadow of Love” was recently selected as a semi finalist in the “International Library of Poetry“  Open Poetry Contest.  Casey is currently enrolled in Year 7 and for a junior student to be nominated for such a prestigious open poetry competition is a particularly outstanding achievement.  Good luck in the finals Casey!

Glen Pearsall, English Teaching & Learning Coordinator



In the past few weeks you will have read about the elections for School Council.  Being an elected member of the Council may not be the way that you want to assist Eltham High and your child’s education.  It is possible to become a member of one of the three main working committees.


The Finance Committee meets monthly in the evening and obviously deals with the finances and financial planning for the school.  In this last year two parents, who are not school council members, have attended these meetings and their input has been greatly appreciated.


The Policy & Planning Committee also meets monthly in the evening and has parents attending, this committee investigates issues that the school management and/or the school council think need reviewing or developing and draft policies for further comment. 


The third committee, the Buildings & Grounds also meets in the evenings, and I believe also has a ‘social’ side to the meeting, these people plan the working bees and do the magnificent job of keeping the school as good looking as possible.  When the new building is finished there will be the need for landscape design work to be undertaken.


Each of these committee reports back monthly to the School Council where final decisions are made.


Any parent who wants to become a member of these committees or to attend a couple of times out of general interest, is more than welcome.  Phone the school office for times etc.


Sue Dyet School Council President


Science Laboratory Assistant

Are you an experienced laboratory assistant?

If so, a part time position (0.5) is available until the end of this term, with a possible extension.  Please call the Business Manager (9439 5111) prior to noon this Thursday.


The Grounds Committee held its first Working Bee for the year on Sunday 23rd February.  Fine, sunny and humid conditions prevailed for the 25 contributors on the day with most of the allotted tasks addressed.  It was good to see some new year 7 parents at the Working Bee and we hope this trend continues throughout the year.

In summary the following tasks were significantly addressed:

  1. Paving was professionally laid around the new box seats in the canteen courtyard.  Probably the next working bee should see the completion of this task.
  2. Significant amounts of pruning and removal of dying shrubs (due to the drought) were systematically completed by an enthusiastic team of gardeners led by Linda Hughes.
  3. Eleven new seats were constructed, for student use on the eastern side of the school.
  4. A 30m section of rabbit proof fence was attached to the new environmental reserve at the end of the tennis courts.


Thanks to Phillip Green who supplied the morning tea and to Bob Ackland who organized lunch and drinks at the conclusion of the event.  The Committee would also like to acknowledge all those who attended on the day and made the day such a success in terms of tasks completed.

The following families are acknowledged for their attendance and support: Sinclair, Ackland, Skelly, Mason, Taylor, Miranda, Hughes, Brock, Adamson, Neale, Prenc, Callopy, Schneider, Pearce, Green, Voisey, Minas, Samphier, Marriner and Billy Pearce.  Apologies to any who did not sign our attendance book but thanks to you also.  Well done.

The next working bee will be held on Sunday the 30th March from 9am until 12:30pm.  Watch out in the newsletter for planned tasks we hope to address in the next few weeks.

Again thanks to all who attended.

John Coates for the Grounds Committee 



Student Injury Personal Accident Protection Plan

Jardine’s Insurance is again offering insurance coverage.  This covers students for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year.  For annual coverage, the cost is $17.  Payment is to be made to the school cashier.  Application forms are available from the general office.

Bruce Martyn, Business Manager



State Team Selections

Any students interested in trying out for State Teams should see Mr Nicholson for details of trial dates and entry nominations


U18 Baseball

U19 Basketball

Cross Country

U16 Football

U19 Golf

U16 Hockey

U20 Tennis

U16 Netball

U20 Soccer

U18 Softball

U20 Tennis

U16 Volleyball

Peter Nicholson, Sport Coordinator


PE Uniforms

It is compulsory for all Yr7’s and Yr8’s to wear this uniform for Physical Education classes and for sport.  Andrea Traeger, PE Co ordinator


Mini and Junior Volleyball at EHS

Mini volleyball will start on Thursday 27th March.


Junior Volleyball

Enough students for nine teams turned up last week for a fun hit and team registration.  The regular season will begin this Thursday after school at 3:25pm.  Students participating should bring $3 and pay at the desk as they enter the stadium.

 A copy of the draw is available from Mr Thomas.


National School Cup photos

Collect a copy of team photos from Mr Thomas.


Competitions in March


Tuesday 18th March at EHS


Wednesday 26th March at EHS


round robin

Thursday 27th March 11am-3pm

Congratulations to the Eltham Boys and Girl’s volleyball teams on winning the Diamond Valley Group volleyball competition last Thursday.

Greg Thomas, Volleyball Program Coordinator



The School Calendar carries all Sport events; including Round Robin dates- please note space does not permit these to be published weekly in the newsletter calendar section.






CANTEEN  R O S T E R    ____________



Wed 5

J.Johnson, L.Lindsay, J.James, L.Burleigh, M.Baldwin

Thurs 6

Athletic Sports at Doncaster

Fri 7

S.Paull, D.Edgell, D.Wollaston, M.Openshaw

Mon 10

Labour Day holiday

Tues 11

L.Bligh, S.Way

Wed 12

A.Fogarty, L.Burleigh, J.Oates, L.Alford

Help required Tuesday 11th March 10:30-1:45pm

Are there any parents/grandparents who would be willing to serve at lunchtime on Fridays?  We can always use extra help - ring 9439 5111.  Thanks.

The Canteen is open for business from 8am.

Bev Cust, Canteen Manager








S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R


Wed 5

SOSE Yr11 Geography – Docklands

Thurs 6

Sport – Athletics Carnival at George Street Doncaster – whole school

Fri 7

All Yr7 to Imax Mysteries of Egypt 9-3pm

Aust Maths Comp $4 entry fee due

Mon 10

Labour Day holiday

Tues 11

SOSE M/S 102, 106 Geography Bell’s Beach 7:45am-5pm

Wed 12

SOSE 109 Geography to Pt Lonsdale & Torquay 7:45am-4:30pm

Yr7 Orientation Sticks & Stones in the library

Fri 14

Music Stage Band performs Government House 9:45am-1:45pm

Tues 18

Parent/Teacher Interviews 1:30-4:30pm & 5:15-7:30pm

ALL Students dismissed 12:34pm

Wed 19

O&ES M/S Camp to Anglesea-3 days

SOSE Yr11/12 Politics to Parliament House

School Council Meeting 7:30pm

Fri 28

Injections – Yr7 Hepatitis B first injection (follow up 31 July)

Injections Yrs10,11,12 Meningococcal



Community Announcements/Advertising



Accommodation (full board) required for male Yr12 student (for Term time only)  Excellent references provided.  If you can assist please contact Brendan Monigatti 9439 5111 /0417 364 940



Eltham High Swim Squad

7am Thursday morning at Eltham Leisure Centre – back as usual.



EHS Runners Group

Students wishing to join a running group are invited to join in with other runners on a Wednesday morning at 8am.  Runners of all abilities are welcome.  Meet outside the stadium.  Max Balchin, Athletics coach




Yr12 VCE Study cards Accounting Unit 3, Accounting Unit 4,as new $6 per pack.

Study guides for Maths Methods, Snr English, Chemistry $5 each

Smart Study Unit 4 VCE Chemistry  $5

Please see the General Office




Please see the General Office





Yarrambat Junior Football Club

U14 & U15 Football players required for season 2003 Guaranteed game every week DVFL Division 1 teams

Best club and rooms in the competition

Strong Family atmosphere

Low fees and NO weekly payments

Call Gavin Shaw to register 0414 966 322



Melbourne Citymission Winter Sleepouts 2003

Friday 8 August

Obtain a registration form by phoning 1300 364 507. request more information online www.wintersleepout.org

get a group of friends in and join in the fun/locate a safe and legal venue/plan your own fun activities on the night…. you and your group have the chance to win great prizes for your best fundraising efforts.




Eltham Little Theatre Inc

presents Sing On by Rick Abbott

Eltham Performing Arts Centre Main Road Research

Melway Ref: Map 22 H 1


27 Feb, 6 Mar, 13 Mar


28 Feb, 7 Mar, 14 Mar


1 Mar, 8 Mar, 15 Mar

Commencing 8pm and also Sunday 9 Mar at 2pm

For bookings 9437 1574

Tickets $16 Concession $14




Panton Hill Football Club

Players wanted for U10/12/13/15/16s sides for season 2003

Enquiries Chris Cahir 0408 230 344

                 Ben Brown 0415 243 779




Diamond Valley Netball Competition

Vacancies exist for JUNIOR Netball teams and players in U11, U13 and U18 Mixed teams and U15 and U17 Girls teams.  Matches are held at Diamond Valley Sports Complex, Civic Drive, Greensborough on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Cost $4:40 per game, $8 registration per season and $13 insurance per year.  Further details from Susan Rose 9435 1129




Greenhills Neigbourhood Centre – Community Drive Greensborough Melways ref map 21 B1

Applications are now open for 2003 classes helping both Primary and Secondary students.  Tutoring and homework help is available in English, Maths, Chemistry and Physics as well as Primary/Junior Secondary English, Maths, Science, Reading, Spelling and Comprehension.  For information or bookings call the office on 9435 9287 or Peter on 9471 4242 (24 hrs) to leave a message







Women of Vision

International Women’s Day Celebrations

Melbourne Town Hall – Swanston St, Melbourne

Thursday 6th March 2003    5pm Community Expo    7:30pm start

Special Performance by Y’ld Women

Light refreshment so for sale

Cost $17/$12:50/$5 for young women and teachers as part of a school group of 10 or more (GST inclusion)














This trip is being proposed for September 2004 expressions of interest from students particularly those in Year 9 and above to Mr McCrystal in Room 104 as soon as possible.