Text Box: Term 1  Week 7
Tuesday, 11th March 2003



Wednesday 12

EHS Runners Group 8am meet outside the stadium

Yr11 &12 Drama Excursion Speaking in Tongues 1:30-5pm

SOSE 102 Geography to Pt Lonsdale & Torquay 7:45am-4: 30pm

Yr7 Orientation - Sticks & Stones in the library

Thursday 13

M/S Enviro Manag’t.Excursion Ceres Brunswick all day

Eltham High School Swim Squad 7am Leisure Centre

Friday 14

Music Stage Band performs Government House 9:45am-1:45pm

Tuesday 18

Parent/Teacher Interviews 1:30-4:30pm & 5:15-7:30pm

ALL Students dismissed 12:34pm




Swarms of red, yellow, blue and green, echoed the chants of Rutter, Everard, Stewart, Andrew! filled the Doncaster Athletics arena last Thursday.  Girls running in their pyjamas sporting their house colours, year 12 house leaders in wild costumes, the “blues’ brothers and of course, the events – running, walking, javelin, shot put, discus, high jump, long jump, hurdles….  So many events, so many athletes!  It was a day of winning and having a go, even if you make a fool of yourself.  And as always, the face painting brightened up everyone’s face and bodies – from swirling designs to house names written on participants’ bodies!  But after all the glitter, costumes and incredible athletes, the winner was Stewart with 1295 points, followed by Everard with 1271 points, and Andrew with 1171 points, and finally, Rutter with 786 points.

Angela Allan Yr12

Congratulations to all competitors and the following

new record holders from the day.


U16 Boys hurdles



U16 Boys 100m



U16 Boys 200 m



U16 Boys triple jump



U17 Boys 800m



U16 Boys 1500m



U13 Girls High Jump



U21 Girls Discus


Peter Nicholson Sports Coordinator





Tuesday March 18th

VCE & MIDDLE SCHOOL PARENT/TEACHER SESSIONS1:30pm-4:30pm and 5:15pm-7:30pm

All students dismissed at 12:40pm this day


Principal’s Report

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a principal of a school such as Eltham High School has been the opportunity to take ultimate responsibility for the human dimension of our partnership.  It is an ultimate responsibility because it is, by role definition, removed from the immediacy of the personal interaction of students with teachers, students with each other and teachers with their colleagues.  Nevertheless, when the accolades or concerns come, it is the Principal that they reach.  Thus the Principal is the recipient of all aspects, all results of the school.  In this, it is a very privileged position.


I have immensely enjoyed the opportunity to engage in the life of the school in this different and unique manner.  I have benefited greatly from the advice and support of the leadership team: Assistant Principals Judy Boyle, Trevor Jenkins and Hermi Burns, and Business Manager, Bruce Martyn.  I have certainly gained a great deal more insight into the significant task that being a principal involves: the organisational matters that are so important for such an active and vibrant school; the departmental issues and the manner in which networks of principals interact for the improvement of public education as a whole; the functioning of School Council and its important role in providing parents with a formal avenue to influence the growth of our school; the human-ness of the whole enterprise – as a workplace, a seat of learning, a place of growth, innovation and consolidation.  The intellectual and physical energy that is invested in our school is stupendous!


This has never been more obvious to me than in my recent role.  And, so, it is with more than a little regret that I come to the end of my time as Acting Principal on Friday and welcome Paul Rose back to Eltham as of Monday 17th March.  With Paul’s return we will once again have the incalculable benefit of his ability and experience.  There are a number of issues awaiting Paul’s return and his skill at negotiating a better resourcing model for our school, his roles in the various school networks, his judgement and leadership at the school level will all be in demand. 


The role of principal in such a vibrant school as ours is multifaceted and a wonderful challenge.  Thank you to all who have assisted and supported me.  It has been a privilege.


Allana O’Kane, Acting Principal




Tuesday March 18th from 1:30pm-4:30pm and 5:15pm-7:30pm

All students are dismissed from school at the end of Period 4 on this day.


Parents of VCE & Middle School students are invited to the Parent/Teacher Sessions on Tuesday 18th from 1:30pm-4:30pm and 5:15pm-7:30pm.  Due to the number of students involved we are running two sessions, one in the afternoon and one early evening session.  Please book interviews either for the first or second session, not for both sessions.  Students will be given a booking sheet and will need to schedule a time with their teachers before the P/T sessions.  We encourage students to attend the interviews.  These interviews provide a valuable opportunity for staff, parents and students to talk about the progress and needs of the students.

Hermina Burns, Assistant Principal




last week of Term 1

Reminder for students to please return their forms – places at the camp are limited.

A letter outlining camp activities and payment details has been forwarded with students, copies available from Ms Davis in the Junior School Office.

Junior School Coordinators


Do you know the missing word?

A tsunami is also

called a. . . . .  . . wave.




Alice Wegner, Year 12 2002, has been selected to receive A Premier’s Award for Excellence in Media.

Alice is undoubtedly a very talented student that talent equally undoubtedly nurtured by her media teacher, Kathy Hughes.

Well done Alice and Kathy.



Congratulations to all those auditioned for the Cabaret. 

Rehearsals will commence Thursday 13th March.

The following students have been accepted:


Elissa Hofman


Brydie Taylor


Molly Hanlon


Cassie Gregory-Heydon


Rhiannon Tracey


Danae English


Emma Buckler


Jedda Cacioli


Emily Darling-Filby


Katherine Gaiser


Siobhan Myring


Sascha Vandersilk


Nikki Cacioli


Emily Buffham-Friedrichsen


Cell Block Girls

Katie Nass


Emily Mason


Stacey Millar


Mirrella Bottarelli


Tanya Hofman



Elissa Hofman


Emily Van Der Zee


Rhiannon Tracey


Jedda Cacioli


Siobhan Myring


Miranda Powell


Tanya Hofman


Sascha Vandersilk


Bethany Rush


Emily Buffham-Friedrichsen


Miriam Fishwick


Rochelle Downing, Kathryn Farrell, Alexander Jenkins Yr12




Training Band

Our new Training Band had their first rehearsal on Wednesday.  Sixty five very excited students had a great time playing their first “sounds” and certainly impressed teachers and senior students who came to listen.  Their first concert is already scheduled, Thursday 22nd May, put it in your diary; it will be sensational


Flute Ensemble performance

On Thursday 6th March the EHS Flute Ensemble were invited to play at the Brunswick Town Hall to celebrate International Women’s Day.  The 2003 flute ensemble has been rehearsing for 5 weeks and we were extremely keen to get the year off to a good start.


We performed for 45 minutes a selection of Baroque, Swing and Classical pieces.  The performance sounded strong and smooth and was enhanced by the amazing acoustics of the town hall.

The Flute Ensemble and our conductor, Ms Danaher, were very pleased with our stylish performance on the night.  We are excited about the year and eager to move onto more challenging pieces and concerts

Caitlin Borchers Yr12





Important Notice to all parents/guardians of Yr7,10,11,12

Regardless of whether you are having the forthcoming vaccinations you must return the consent form as this is be collected and audited by the Government Health Department






Student Injury Personal Accident Protection Plan

Jardine’s Insurance is again offering insurance coverage.  This covers students for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year.  For annual coverage, the cost is $17.  Payment is to be made to the school cashier.  Application forms are available from the general office.

Bruce Martyn, Business Manager





Please note collection times for students are before school, recess, lunchtime and after school.

Marika Smith, Finance Manager



Choir at EHS

We are very excited about the progress of our choral program.  Our new choir director, Ms Alex Cameron, brings to the school a wealth of experience in this area and has now established both a Junior and Senior Choir, both with in excess of 25 students in each group.  We look forward to upcoming performances of both groups. 

For those interested in joining one of the choirs rehearsal times are as follows:

Senior Choir  Yr 10/11/12

Wednesday 12.50pm – 1.25pm 

Junior Choir Year 7/8/9

Friday 8am – 8:45am






Beach Volleyball

This week a number of students will be taking part in the Victorian schools branch volleyball cup at Mordialloc beach.  Students should dress appropriately for a day in the sun, as there is limited shade at Mordialloc beach.  Bring a hat, sunscreen, lunch and plenty of drinks.

Wednesday 12th March – Yr8 students should be at school at 7:30am for a 7:45am departure from in front of the stadium.  We should be back at school about 4-4:30pm.

Thursday 13th March  - Yr9 & 10 students should meet at the bus bay in Ely Street at 7:30am (travelling on Panorama coach with Mr Whiteley and Ms Traeger).  We should be back at school at about 4-4:30pm

Friday 14th March – Yr11 & 12 students should meet Mr Lynch outside the stadium at 7:30am.  We should be back at school about 4pm.  There is the possibility that we could be later than we expected if the competition runs behind time.


Junior Volleyball

Round two of the competition starts at 3:25pm Thursday.  A copy of the draw is available from Mr Thomas.


National School Cup (Dec 2002) photos

Collect a copy of your team photo from Mr Thomas.


Competitions in March

Teams have been selected for the Yr7&8 competitions.  These are displayed on the volleyball information board in the stadium foyer.


Tuesday 18th March at EHS 11am-3pm


Wednesday 26th March at EHS 11am-3pm

This means that students will attend class period 1 & 2 as usual these days.

Greg Thomas, Volleyball Program Coordinator




CANTEEN  R O S T E R    ____________




A.Fogarty, J.Oates, L.Alford, L.Burleigh

Thurs 13

A.Hennel, G.Guilfoyle, C.Butler, M.Schotterlein, M.Car

Fri 14

D.Holman, C.Tilley, M.Mayall, M.Young

Mon 17

J.Rachim, R.Burke, K.Daniel, C.Deylen, A.Collins

Tues 18

B.Bensaude, P.Beauchamp,

D. Arrowsmith, G. Carter

Wed 19

S.Costelow, S.Carr, L.Richards, L.Burleigh, R.Hall

Are there any parents/grandparents who would be willing to serve at lunchtime on Fridays?  We can always use extra help - ring 9439 5111.  Thanks.

The Canteen is open for business from 8am.

Bev Cust, Canteen Manager


The School Calendar on our website carries all Sport events; including Round Robin dates- please note space does not permit these to be published weekly in the newsletter calendar section.



S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R


Wed 12

EHS Runners Group 8am meet outside the stadium

Yr11 &12 Drama Excursion Speaking in Tongues 1:30-5pm

SOSE 102 Geography to Pt Lonsdale & Torquay 7:45am-4:30pm

Yr7 Orientation Sticks & Stones in the library

Thurs 13

M/S Enviro Manag't.Excursion Ceres Brunswick all day

Eltham High School Swim Squad 7am Leisure Centre

Fri 14

Music Stage Band performs Government House 9:45am-1:45pm

Tues 18

Parent/Teacher Interviews 1:30-4:30pm & 5:15-7:30pm

ALL Students dismissed 12:34pm

Wed 19

O&ES M/S Camp to Anglesea-3 days

SOSE Yr11/12 Politics to Parliament House

School Council Meeting 7:30pm

Thurs 27

Mini & Junior Volleyball starts

Fri 28

Injections – Yr7 Hepatitis B first injection (follow up 31 July)

Injections Yrs10,11,12 Meningococcal


Tues 1

Intermediate Band Tour Healesville area 2 days

Wed 2

Parent/teacher Interviews Junior School 4-7pm



Community Announcements/Advertising




Ever Thought about Fostering?

Children and Adolescent Foster Care

Foster Care shares the care of children when families are in a situation of crisis and do not have family or friends who can help out.  Anyone can apply to become a Foster Carer.  You may be working full or part time, unemployed, retired, living alone or as a couple with or without children of your own.  Foster Care can give you a child or adolescent a chance to experience another family’s life style and provide the support and encouragement they need until they are able to return home.

Phone Trish Clarke – 9458 5788 for further information





Accommodation (full board) required for male Yr12 student (for Term time only)  Excellent references provided. 

If you can assist please contact Brendan Monigatti 9439 5111 /0417 364 940




Yr12 VCE Study cards Accounting Unit 3, Accounting Unit 4,as new $6 per pack.

Study guides for Maths Methods, Snr English, Chemistry $5 each

Smart Study Unit 4 VCE Chemistry  $5

Please see the General Office




Please see the General Office



Melbourne Citymission Winter Sleepouts 2003

Friday 8 August

Obtain a registration form by phoning 1300 364 507. request more information online www.wintersleepout.org

Get a group of friends in and join in the fun/locate a safe and legal venue/plan your own fun activities on the night…. you and your group have the chance to win great prizes for your best fundraising efforts.



Please note parking for Parent/teacher sessions Thursday 18th March