Text Box: Term 2  Week 8
Tuesday, 17th June 2003




Eltham High School

Drama Ensemble Presents

The Victorian Inter-School

Improvisation Games Competition


see Eltham High students in a performance battle of witty one-liners and improvisation games.

@ Eltham High School Drama Studio

Tuesday 17th June

@ 7:30pm

Admission: $4 (at the door)


Money raised to ‘2ways’ (Ralf)


Look out for information on the State Grand final to be held Tuesday 24th June @ Eltham High

on Thursday this week



Join the fabulous CABARET girls…and boy, and enjoy a night of thrilling song, dance and camaraderie

(as seen in the Diamond Valley Leader 4/6/03)


Patrons attending this fine event will be DAZZLED by an array of musical showstoppers

Thursday 19th June at 7:30pm in the hall

Tickets $10   pre book by phoning 9439 5111

This promises to be a  fabulous night!!!!




Wednesday 18

Yr 11 exams- Music styles, Geography, Business Management /Psychology/Studio Arts-Photography, VCD

Maths Games Day Yr9 Blackburn Sec

Music Mid-year Concert 7:30pm Yarra Valley Anglican School Ringwood

Thursday 19

Unit 2 commences for VCE students

O&ES Yr12 Marine Discovery Centre at Queenscliff

Cabaret in hall 7:30pm

School Council Meeting 7: 30pm in the staffroom

Monday 23

Music Symphonic Band Tour to Canberra, Sydney – all week



Principal’s Report

Mid Year Music Concerts

Last might saw the first of the two Mid Year Music Concerts. The first concert displayed the talents of our younger players.  Reports indicate that the standard was very high indeed and the quality of the Choir was very good at this early stage of development. Congratulations to all the students involved and to their teachers. I’m really looking forward to the second concert on Wednesday evening.


Kitty-Belle Cabaret

Rehearsals are well advanced for the Kitty-Belle Cabaret. All seems to be on track for a wonderful evening. This is a student developed group activity and the high standard of performance is a credit to all involved.

Inter School Improvisation Games Competition

Have you enjoyed the cut and thrust of Theatre Sports? Are you a fan of “Whose Line Is It Anyway”? Then you certainly need to come along to the Victorian Inter-School Improvisation Games Competition. School Finals are tonight and the State Final is being held here at Eltham next Tuesday.


New Building

Please check and retain the plan and room number schedule for the new building that is contained in this newsletter.


School Council

Please note that School Council will be held on Thursday evening this week. This change is for the June meeting only.


Working Bee

Next Sunday sees the last Working Bee for the Term. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents band friend of the school who have contributed to the Working Bees so far this year. Thanks also to the members of the Grounds Committee and especially to Mr John Coates for the dedication given to this most important activity.


Poetry Goes Two Ways

Congratulations to Mr Jon Baly and all staff and students involved in the Poetry Goes Two Ways and Market Stall. These important fundraising activities are supporting the 2003 Two Ways project. Two Ways is an important part of our action to support deeper understanding between our students and indigenous youth. There will be more fundraising activities in the future so be prepared to dig deep.


Paul Rose, Principal.



Junior Choir - no choir rehearsals on Friday 20th June or Friday 27th June.

Senior Choir will rehearse Wednesday 18th June at 12:55pm as normal, prior to their performance at the 2nd Mid-Year Concert.  Senior Choir will NOT rehearse in the last week of term, due to the Band Tour.

New Members?

If any student is interested in joining either the Junior or Senior Choir, they should speak to me – I am happy to accept new members from the start of Term 3 on a provisional basis.

Alexandra Cameron, Choir Director













[MELWAYS 36 D 12]





Stage Band / Clarinet Choir / Concert Band /

Symphonic Band / Saxophone Ensemble /

Flute Ensemble

VCE Soloists / Percussion Ensemble /

Senior Choir


$10.00 (adult)

$  7.00 (child/concession)

$30.00 (family- 2 adults plus children)


Ken Waterworth, Director of Music



Constable Chris Murtaugh and Senior Constable Paul Griffiths visited Eltham High last week.  Constable Murtaugh spoke to the class about her work in the Victoria Police after many years in the Military Police.  Students were particularly interested in hearing about the worst case she ever had to attend and the different aspects of work that a Police officer is involved in on a daily basis.  The class also visited the Heidelberg Magistrates Court recently where they viewed a variety of cases and saw the changes that have been made to the court buildings.

Helen Morris, Legal Studies Teacher


Newsletter via email

Are there some parents who would like to receive the newsletter via email? If so, go to our website, www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the Newsletter link and choose subscribe, fill in the form and the newsletter will be emailed to you each week.


WORKING BEE – Sunday 22nd June

The Grounds Committee has scheduled its second Working bee for this term next Sunday 22nd June from 9-12pm followed by a barbeque lunch and drinks.

At this working bee we have also invited back past committee members going back 10 years or more to celebrate the results of past contributions and view the developments that have occurred with our new building programme.  We are sure they will be impressed.

Again I will list the tasks we have on offer for the 22nd and even though you may not have attended before at one of our events you will be gratefully acknowledged if you can attend.  Please come and support your school.


  1. Completion of the paving around the major Eucalypts in the Courtyard complex
  2. Completion of the capping on the new seating structure in the Arts Courtyard.
  3. Removal of dead trees in the space between the Science block and the new extended Music room.
  4. Installation of two ponds in the environmental reserve and then backfilling with soil
  5. Further planting in a range of locations around the school
  6. Gardening tasks along the western boundary fence line
  7. Cleaning of the drains in the courtyard complex
  8. Mulching of plants
  9. Replacement of two damaged bollards along the eastern side of the school.

If you are attending our Working Bee on the 22nd June, park your car on the hard courts adjacent to the library and make your way to the Central Courtyard where a member of the Grounds Committee will meet you.  Morning tea and lunch will be provided so all we need is your labour and support.  Looking forward to seeing you on the 22nd.


John Coates for the Grounds Committee



Swinburne Secrets of Science Seminar Series 2003

Swinburne is holding its popular Swinburne Secrets of Science Seminar Series, which has been specifically designed for VCE students interested in a career in science or engineering.  The series will focus on the new and emerging fields in science.  The seminars are suitable for anyone who has a personal or professional interest in science, including VCE students, parents, career advisers and science teachers.

The science series comprises four seminars covering:

Each seminar will include overviews of the Swinburne course options, research in the field, demonstrations and career opportunities.

The first seminar, Biomedical Sciences: Getting into your brain is being held this Wednesday 18 June, 6pm at Hawthorn campus.

Registration is essential and can be submitted via the web at : www.swin.edu.au/seminars


Further information see Gary Bass, Science Teaching & Learning Leader





Put this in your diary – Wednesday 25th June

On the last Wednesday of Term we are holding a special volleyball evening for players and parents at 7:30pm in the hall.  We invite you to celebrate recent successes and see our Year 7 teams presented with their uniforms.  More details coming to you soon.


Other important volleyball dates

July 6 – 11th Junior nationals in Brisbane for students selected in state teams

Also during this week we may be hosting a female team from the USA.

August 30- September 5

U16 Vic teams to Canberra

September 13, 14 & 15

Victorian Schools Cup

December 2

Yr 7 & 8 VSSSA state finals

December 7 to 12

National Schools Cup


Junior Volleyball Grand Finals

This Thursday 19th June at 3:30pm the finals of the Junior Volleyball season will be held in the stadium

Grand final on showcourt

All Stars v No

Bronze medal game  court 1

Confuzzled v Chicken Bats

5th/6th game  court 2

Yabihy Foxes v Salt water fire crows

7th/8th game  court 3

Satan v Bull busters


Volleyball Banner Competition-please enter!

We are currently running a banner competition to collect ideas for an Eltham High banner that will represent Eltham High in the opening ceremony at National Schools Cup this year. We have been underwhelmed by the number of entries so far. Any students, parents or teachers that may have an idea for the banner should draw the design on an A4 sheet and deposit it in the box outside the PE office in the stadium.  The winning design will be announced at the end of term and the winner will win a prize pack including a clock radio along with some other great prizes.

The banner must have ‘Eltham High Volleyball’ incorporated into the design.

Greg Thomas, Volleyball Program Coordinator



Year 10 Work Experience

one week only Week 3 Term 3

July 28 - Aug 2.

New government regulations regarding work experience require employers to complete a risk assessment form. Students must ensure that this ‘pink’ form is completed and attached to the arrangement form.

Work Experience forms are due in this Friday June 20

Psychometric testing

During Term 3, students in Years 10 & 11 will be completing VCE subject selection for 2004.  It is not uncommon for students to be unsure of what they want to do career-wise after they leave secondary school.  As part of that process students need to be as informed as possible as to the options before them.

Something to think about. “If you don’t know what you don’t know, then you can’t do anything about it”

Students who have considered and explored options are more likely to make appropriate choices.  Psychometric testing is one method for students to explore their vocational options.  These tests help to clarify options and suggest career paths, but they do not make the decisions for them.  Psychometric testing is another tool to be used in information gathering and should not be used as a sole measure of interest or career suitability

Since 2000, as a response to parent inquiries about psychometric testing, Eltham High School has facilitated the testing of over 100 senior students, who have found it to be an extremely useful tool in decision-making.


This year EHS has obtained the services of Career Analysts.  Career Analysts use ‘The Morrisby Report’, a careers guidance tool developed in Britain since the 1960s, that provides objective and positive guidance.

It brings together two views of the person:

1.The student’s strengths as measured by a series of twelve timed tests, or objective measures, called the Morrisby Profile. These build a picture of personal strengths and potential.  The profile of an individual points them towards certain types of work.  The whole process takes just over three hours with a break in the middle. 

The abilities assessed include:

·    general reasoning ability; or how you deal with new problems

·    verbal ability; or how you comprehend the meaning of everyday words.

·    numerical ability; or how you deal with information presented numerically.

·    perceptual ability; or how you understand diagrammatic information

·    spatial ability; or how good you are at visualising things in three dimensions.

·    mechanical ability; or how you understand simple mechanical ideas.

2.Student’s vocational interests, as measured through an interest questionnaire (Morrisby Vocational Questionnaire). This takes around 30 minutes to complete, preferably a week or so prior to sitting the Morrisby Profile.

What do you get?

Using advanced computer techniques we produce for you a personal and comprehensive report which students will receive at a Feedback Session with parents.  Over 16 pages, we detail the results from the Morrisby Profile and the Questionnaire. We tell you about your abilities and work style, and highlight any talents that you have not yet had the opportunity to develop.

The total cost of this service is $90.00 GST inclusive, (if you went as a private individual, to a similar company the cost may rise to over $3000.00)

Eltham High School has no commercial interest in this venture and are only providing a service to our students, acting as facilitator and providing the venue for testing and feedback.

Parents who wish their children to participate in this program are asked to contact the Career Coordinator and collect an application sheet as soon as possible.

A minimum of 20 students required for the program to operate.



Julie Allen Careers Coordinator



The building works are nearing completion and we are looking to take over the works during the term 2 holidays.  Rooms will be available for student use from the start of term 3 and a new timetable is being developed that incorporates the new rooms


To ensure that students do not become lost on their return from holidays, this Newsletter includes a plan of the school with the new room numbers listed. 

The new technology wing will use the 400 number series.  In particular will be

o               Food Technology going to room 417. 

o               Information Technology will be in rooms 412, 418 and 420. 

o               SOSE classrooms will be in rooms 402, 404, 405, 406 & 408.

The music wing will continue with the 300 series.  The various practice room numbers are 308 to 314 inclusive.

The new VCE study room (room 327) is upstairs, next to the current Careers office.

Portables near the rear oval will use the 900 series.


This has been a large project for the school and has caused some disruptions over the past eight months.  Special thanks go to all the students and staff for handling the disruptions so well. 

Bruce Martyn, Busniness Manager



CANTEEN  R O S T E R    ____________



Wed 18

S.Gostelow, S.Carr, L.Lillie, T.Anderson

Thurs 19

C.Tilley, S.Corrigan, J.Browne, A. Hennel, P.McGregor

Fri 20

R.McMaster, L.Wilson, D.Lopez, G.Carter

Mon 23

N.Heffernan, R.Burke, K.O’Hara, H.Hunter

Tues 24

J.Corbett, D.Paulka

Wed 25

L.Burleigh, J.Johnson, L.Lindsay, T.Anderson, K.Bleiswick

Bev Cust, Canteen Manager





S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R


Wed 18 to

Tues 24

See front page

Wed 25

Music Symphonic Band Tour to Canberra, Sydney – all week

Student v Staff Netball match stadium 12:40pm today

Fri 27

VCE & Junior School Reports issued

Last day of Term 2 – finish 2:21pm




Community Announcements/Advertising


Your parent members on School Council

Helen Cahill

Sue Dyet

Tamara Knowles

David Scott

Jill Tait

Grace Tham

Robert Ackland


Parents wishing to make contact with parent members of School Council need only phone the School and arrangements will be made



Thursday 19th June 2003 at 7:30pm in the hall

Seats are $10 – please pre – book and collect your tickets from the EHS office.

Remember ONE SHOW ONLY don’t miss out


Swimming Teacher Wanted

9-11am Sundays.  No other shift required.

Start 20th July , Term 3 in Watsonia

Minimum age 17 years

Applicant must have a competitive swimming background.  Applicant may be unqualified but prepared to do a 3-day Austswim course at own expense.  On the job training at an hourly rate of $11 increasing to $14 plus when fully qualified.  Qualified applicants also considered.

Ring Heather on 9434 5804


eclipse nightclub

Friday June 20th 7:30-10:30pm @Roller City Eltham

$15 entry @ door, $12 with pass


heaps of give aways and prizes

a fully supervised, under 18’s Drug & Alcohol Free Event. No Passouts.  As a condition of Entry the doors will be closed till 10pm.  Giveaways for people still in the building after 10pm



red nose day


This year SIDS and Kids Victoria celebrate their 25th anniversary

Red nose day is Friday 27th June


Students will be selling products – pens, noses, bears and badges



I’m counting on you

Converse All Star Basketball Camp

Hosted by Melbourne Tigers’ Lanard Copeland at Mill Park Basketball Stadium

Corner Redleap Avenue & Childs Road

Mill Park

30th June 1st and 2nd July 9am – 3pm

Boys & Girls Aged 7 – 14. 

All skill levels welcome.

For details phone 9329 9921 or email nigel@gaze.com.au


Eltham Foodshare Committee

Food stocks are low – donations of tinned foods are needed.  If you can help parcels are packed at 903 Main Road Eltham 1-2:30pm weekdays (excluding Thursdays) or phone Jennifer on 9431 2728


Tennis Victoria

Future Leaders Semester One Program

The Tennis Victoria Future Leaders Program is for people, particularly senior secondary students, that aspire to work in the tennis or sporting industry.

By completing the program you will be prepared for leadership roles within sporting clubs and associations.

It’s free of charge! Your only commitment is attendance at career presentations and a contribution of volunteer service to tennis.


Tuesday 1 & Wednesday 2 July

Term 2 Holidays

Where is it held?

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club

4589 Glenferrie Road, Kooyong

How do I register?

To receive your free copy of the program booklet and registration form please go to www.tennisvic.com.au or ring Tennis Victoria on 8420 8420

Be quick! only the first 50 registrations into each program will be accepted.


A Retirement Function for Anita Duff will be held at “The Abbey:” Diamond Creek on

Wednesday, June 25th – 5-9pm.

For more information and to book, please contact Jennie or Cheryl at the Diamond Creek Primary School on 9438 1108 by June 18th.


ASC Winter Sports Camps – 20th year

Kevin Sheedy Football Camp – July 7,8,9

ASC Netball Camp – July 8,9,10

ASC Hockey Camp – July 8,9,10

ASC Soccer Camp – July 10,11

An invitation to players aged 6 to 17 of all standards to join a panel of leading players and experienced coaches at the best sports camps in Australia for 18 hours coaching over three days.

Features include a structured program, video analysis, written reports, lunches, drinks & fruit & a coaching ratio of 1:10.

Day or residential places are available.

For brochures & an application form contact Mr Nicholson


Volunteer Expo

Wednesday 25th June 2003

Anytime between 2-4 pm & 6-8pm

Masonic Hall, Main Road, Diamond Creek (next to Austin Op Shop)

9438 5350

Want to Volunteer??

Don’t know how to do it??

pome along and learn more ……

Diamond Creek Living & Learning Centre


Topline Tennis

Head Start Program

Enrol and receive a FREE racquet to get started with! – for 5-7 year olds

Group lessons /Beginners Lessons / Private Lessons / Adult Coaching / Progressive Training Programs – flyer available at EHS office with all details

Venues: Research and Viewbank Tennis Clubs and Eltham High School

All enquiries and bookings can be made by ringing

David Underwood 9434 3480 / 0415 88 11 38


Standing up to Teenage Aggression

Are you struggling with an aggressive adolescent?

Aggression and violence from teenagers towards parents is a difficult and painful experience.

Frank Cheshire and Anne Macvean from Berry Street Victoria’s MATTERS team invite you to an information afternoon or evening where they will:


All welcome at either time.


Evening Session

Wednesday 18th June 6:30 – 8:00 pm


165 Burgundy Street


(corner Hawdon Street)

RSVP Frank or Anne 9458 5788 or email: FCheshire@berrystreet.org.au AMacvean@berrystreet.org.au


20th Anniversary Celebration

Greenhills Neighbourhood Centre will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on Sunday 22 June 2003

To celebrate this momentous occasion you are invited to our Sunday Afternoon Tea

The Centre will be open from 2-4pm


So, if you have ever attended a course, participated in playgroup or used our child care centre please contact anyone you know from the ‘old days’ and invite them to join us in celebrating the achievements of the past 2 decades and the continued development of the idea of a few women who first met in a lounge room in Greenhills.

RSVP’s would be welcome to help us with catering

Phone Chris on 9435 9287 ASAP


The Salvation Army

Greensborough Church & Community Centre

Homework Club!   This is a FREE service


Tuesday’s during term

What time?

3:45pm – 5:15pm


2-3 Flodden Way, Briar Hill

More info call 9434 5870 / 9434 6990


student exchange


We are still trying to place a number of exchange students, boys and girls aged 15-18 from Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Italy, France, Japan and America with voluntary host families.  If you and your family are at all interested for any length of time, in an international friend, can afford a new family member at mealtimes and have a spare bed, share room or own, please contact Klaus Schumann on 03 9758 4279.  Your call would be most welcome.  The students are hoping to be here in early July, coming for 5 or 11 months.

If you would like to go overseas as an exchange student, please ring.