Text Box: Term 3  Week 2
Tuesday, 22nd July 2003




Wednesday 23

Music camps Training, Intermediate, Concert bands this week

Maths Games Day Yr 8 at Penleigh

Friday 25

Music-Stage Band extended rehearsal until 7:30pm

Yr 11 Health to Mercy Hospital

Monday 28

Music Jazz Band extended rehearsal until 7pm

Tuesday 29

Yr 11 & 12 Studio arts visit

Yr7 Orientation Verbal Combat





To ensure that effective use of all new areas of the school can be made as soon as possible, all students will be dismissed at the end of period 4 this Thursday.  The bus company will be informed and arrangements made for students to either be bussed as usual or for supervision at school.



Principal’s Report


Aim Test

We have received details of the 2003 Achievement Improvement Monitor (AIM) Test for Year 7 students. It is now compulsory for schools to administer this test, whereas previously some schools undertook this test on a “voluntary” basis.  The test is not a diagnostic test and does not provide assistance to teachers about ways for students to improve.  Its purpose is to make an assessment of standards (a snapshot) in English and Mathematics.  The AIM Test comprises 4 elements: Short Answer Questions In Mathematics, Extended Answer Questions in Mathematics, Short Answer Questions In English and a Writing Task. Each element will take either 40 or 45 minutes. The whole AIM testing will take place over two days.


The AIM Tests for Year 7 Students at Eltham High School will occur on the afternoons of Tuesday 5th August and Wednesday 6th August.


Parents may seek an exemption from the AIM test for their children. Exemptions are granted at the school level. Exemptions are available for students with disabilities or impairments, or for students who have been learning English in Australia for less than two years and in other circumstances. If you wish your child to be exempted from the AIM test then you need to contact the school and ask for an Exemption Form, which will be mailed to you.


Staff changes

Student Welfare Coordinator, Brendan Monigatti, will be absent from the school for the next three weeks for medical reasons. During his absence students needing welfare support will be assisted by our current guidance officers and a new social worker employed by the school on a temporary basis, Ms Lorraine Kromadimoeljo. We welcome Lorraine to the school and hope that she enjoys her time with us.


Thursday Afternoon

Parents will already have received a notice regarding the change to the school day this Thursday, 24th July. The need for additional time to complete the move into the new buildings and the consequent re-arrangement of teaching and resource spaces across the school became very obvious by the end of last week. Classes, teachers and students, need ready access to necessary resources to operate efficiently. I anticipate that these issues will be sorted by the end of Thursday and will be back to effective operations from Friday onwards.


Recognition for Music Program

I have received a special letter of praise for our Musical Director, Ken Waterworth, and the students of our music program, particularly the Symphonic Band. Mr Robert Feller is a visiting American conductor who workshopped the Symphonic Band in Sydney. He has made special comment on the band members’ behaviour, concentration, receptiveness to the new concepts that he offered and made the comment that the Symphonic were the best group that he had worked with in Australia. Robert also commented on how impressed he was with the band’s performance standard, which was directly related to the work of Ken Waterworth as conductor and Director of Music. This is high praise indeed and I thank Robert, compliment the musicians of the Symphonic Band for their commitment to excellence and, once more, celebrate the outstanding work that Ken achieves with our young musicians.


Paul Rose, Principal.





Newsletter via email

Are there some parents who would like to receive the newsletter via email? If so, go to our website, www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the Newsletter link and choose subscribe, fill in the form and the newsletter will be emailed to you each week.





Mathematics - Year 9 Games Day

Near the end of last term, Eltham High School sent 2 teams, each of 4 students, to compete in a Year 9 Mathematics Games & Problem Solving day.

More than 200 students attended, representing 40 schools from across the metropolitan area.

Our teams were Hannah Jones, Ebony Mitchell, Jess Morton, Megan Velo, Nick Cannard, Doug Scott, Keillan Wong and Tom Shakespeare.

The day consisted of a number of tasks including a game of strategy where individuals competed against students from other schools, a group problem solving activity in which teams had to answer as many challenging problems as they could in a limited amount of time, and a ‘problem relay’ where teams had to work their way through a series of problems of increasing complexity and difficulty.

Our students showed their considerable mathematical talents and performed very well on these demanding but stimulating tasks.Well done to all and thanks to Mr. Jenkins and Mrs. Boyle for assisting with transportation.

A number of other Mathematical Games days are coming up, with the next one (for year 8 students) being held this week at Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School in Keilor. We have also entered teams for the year 7 and year 10 days to be held later in term 3 and we are planning an internal games day which will initially involve all of our year 7 students.

Australian Mathematics Competition

Students who have entered this competition are reminded that it will be held on Tuesday July 29th during periods 3 & 4 in the school library.  Students should bring pencils (2B preferably), a sharpener, an eraser and a ruler.  No calculators are permitted.

Garry McKelvie for the Maths faculty.



Volleyball Banner Competition

Congratulations to Ben Phillips and Bill Pearce on their entries.  It was decided that the new banner will incorporate both of their ideas in the design.

Junior Volleyball

There will be no junior volleyball competition held after school this Thursday due to classes being cancelled Thursday afternoon.  Year 7 girls will be having a special training session from 1:30 til 3:30pm in the stadium.


Mini Volleyball for Primary School teams will still take place at 4:10pm


Victoria Schools Cup

Any students who still haven’t collected details from Mr Thomas should do so this week.  Entries for Vic schools cup close tomorrow.


Other important volleyball dates

August 30- September 5

U16 Vic teams to Canberra

September 13, 14 & 15

Victorian Schools Cup

December 2

Yr 7 & 8 VSSSA state finals

December 7 to 12

National Schools Cup

Greg Thomas, Volleyball Program Coordinator






Towards the end of last term our Yr8 Indonesian classes went to the Zoo to study the endangered animals of Indonesia and the rainforest as part of a cross curriculum theme.  Students followed the elephant trail, the rainforest trail and attended a Zoo education unit on why wild animals are endangered and what can be done to overcome this problem.  In class Indonesian students have just completed a project by focusing on a wild animal of their choice and writing about it in Indonesian.  Some students presented their project as a poster, others a booklet or power point presentation.

Later this semester these classes will be looking at the Ecosystem of the rainforest as part of their studies in science and endangered species and the rainforest in SOSE.

Students really enjoyed this activity particularly as it is relevant to several other subject areas they are studying.  The problems of the environment as part of their Oral Examination in October and endangered species form part of their elective topic.  Hence prior knowledge obtained in earlier years come in handy.

Coming in the future: Middle School will be attending an Indonesian Cultural Event at Dallas Brooks Hall, students will be sitting for the Australian Language Certificate Tests and senior French students will be taking part in the Alliance Francias Competition.  More reports then.

Bu Brady, Teaching & Learning Leader LOTE



30th July 2003 – Australian Stock Exchange

Download registration form: www.icaa.org.au/cacareerforum

Helen Morris, Accounting teacher




Choose a Bright Future… Choose a career that goes…

Planning a career or study pathway is one of the most important decisions that students will make and Term 3 is the time to start thinking about subject selection for 2004.  When considering options, it is important to remember that many of today’s jobs rely on skills in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), maths and science.

The New Realities campaign is a Victorian Government initiative to help students understand the opportunities ICT careers offer – whether they’re interested in creative, scientific, business or people-orientated pursuits.

Don’t make decisions that might cut off potential career options until you have visited www.careersthatgo.com.au.  The website gives practical and up-to-date information on hundreds of careers that use ICT, maths and the sciences.  Almost 100 young Victorians explain the pathways they took to get in to their current jobs.  This website also helps students match interests with career and study options.




During Term 2, 7 members of staff undertook the Workplace Level 2 Certificate course.

Jeanette Carazza, Bev Cust, Lois O’Meara, Orietta Wheatley and Judy Taylor all updated their skills.  Greg Thomas had not done the training for a few years and Tania Cocco it was the first time.  Congratulations to all participants.

Joy Snow, Course Instructor




Applications for Semester 2 EMA are now open.  If you have already received the EMA during Semester 1, there is no further action required. 

For new applications, forms are available from the office.  Applications must be lodged no later than the 22 August. 

Bruce Martyn, Business Manager



Yr 9 Classes

Whilst the Yr 10s are out on Work Experience for one week, beginning Monday 28, July, the Yr 9’s will be continuing with ‘normal’ core classes but will be involved in an alternative program during ‘elective’ times.

This will include an excursion to the City and sessions on Tax File Number Registration, Indigenous movies, Work Experience preparation for December, Work Safety Issues, and electives.

Total cost of $10 including a train & tram ticket.

Students have given further details.


Open Days UNIS & TAFES 2003

Vital for year 10-12 students planning on tertiary study.  (University and TAFE). 

Open Days let you check out courses, facilities, location, transport and nature of courses by going to the institutions.

Open Days are usually Sundays, during August. Parents are strongly encouraged to take senior students or to encourage them to organise for a group of friends to go together. Year 10-11students can pick up a Timetable of Open Days from the Careers Room.



Year 10 Work Experience

one week only Week 3 Term 3

July 28 - Aug 2.

New government regulations regarding work experience require employers to complete a risk assessment form. Students must ensure that this ‘pink’ form is completed and attached to the arrangement form.

Is your work experience form in?  Please take action NOW


Psychometric testing

The total cost of this service is $90, for all details of this testing see Week 8 edition of the Newsletter dated 17th June via our website

Test Date

Saturday, August 2

Eltham High School library - 9am

Julie Allen Careers Coordinator



2003 School Immunization Program

July 31, 2003 – Year 7 & 8 Meningococcal serogroup C and second dose of Hepatitis B for year 7 only.

NOTE CHANGE OF DATE FOR Year 9 NOW August 5 2003 for Meningococcal serogroup C only.

Trevor Jenkins, Assistant Principal Management


Your parent members on School Council

Helen Cahill

Sue Dyet

Tamara Knowles

David Scott

Jill Tait

Grace Tham

Robert Ackland


Parents wishing to make contact with parent members of School Council need only phone the School and arrangements will be made



CANTEEN  R O S T E R    ____________



Wed 23

K.Baxter, J.Oates, C.Morrison, J.Browne, L.Lillie

Thurs 24

M.Russell, G.Guilfoyle, J.Samphier, P.McGregor

Fri 25

M.Mayall, M.Davis, D.Lopez, G.Gallacher

Mon 28

J.Rachim, S.Bowles, F.Whittlemore, C.White

Tues 29

S.Malkoutis, S.Dimech

Wed 30

W.Waghorn, R.Wembridge, T.Anderson

Bev Cust, Canteen Manager




S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R


Wed 23 to

Tues 29

See front page

Wed 30

School Council; Meeting 7:30pm

Thurs 31

Yr 7 & 8 Immunisation program

Remote Area Literacy Festival to Northern Territory – 9 days

Music Symphonic Band Rehearsal Camp at Ferngully Lodge Healesville until Saturday 2 August


Sat 2

Careers Testing in the Library 9-12 noon

Tues 5

O&ES Yr 11 Cross Country to Lake Mountain


Community Announcements/Advertising




Bills could win your school $5000

Australia Post’s Postbillpay Competition gives schools the chance to benefit from a $5000 prize.  Whenever you pay a bill by phone, Internet or in person, through Australia Post from July 7 to September 26, you can enter a competition to win $5000 for yourself and $5000 for your school. 

For more information, log on to www.auspost.com.au/postbillpay or www.postbillpay.com.au


Community Announcements/Advertising




Ti83 Calculator as new with instruction book.

Please see Ms Wilkins in the General Office


Recycle your empty egg cartons.  A box for collection is located at the General office, please deposit here.  Thank you


“Take the Pressure Down”

A better health self-management program


High blood pressure is a long term health issue that can cause problems over many years including stroke, heart attack, heart failure and kidney disease.  The good news is that changing your lifestyle and the way you deal with your blood pressure may help you avoid these and other health problems.

The Banyule Nillumbik Primary Care Alliance is running a number of Better Health Programs that can help you learn new ways to manage your blood pressure.  Diet, exercise, medication management, stress reduction and communicating with health professionals are some of the topics covered to enable you to take control of your health.

Programs are run at a variety of settings throughout Banyule and Nillumbik, including day and night programs.  For further information and to register please call: Shaunagh Reidy 9430 9157 or Janine Scott 9430 9142 at Eltham Community Health Centre.


RMIT University

Department of Psychology & Disability Studies

Support for Separated Families

RMIT Uni Psychology Clinic, as part of its research focus, is offering a number of free parenting programs to mothers in recently separated families.  These programs aim to assist young people to adjust to parental separation.

If you’re a parent of a child aged 11-15 years, have separated during the previous 2 years, and would like assistance adjusting to this transition, the programs offered by RMIT University Psychology Clinic may be helpful.

If you are interested in finding out more info please contact Many Kienhuis 9925 7376 or email mandy-kienhuis@optusnet.com.au


Diamond Valley Netball Competition

vacancies for Junior Netball teams and players in U11, U13, U18 mixed teams and U15, U17 girls teams.

Matches are held at he Diamond Valley Sports Complex, Civic Drive, Greensborough on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday afternoons.

To find out further details or to register a player contact Susan Rose 9435 1129


Coming soon Georgina Butterfield (VCE 2000) exhibition at Eltham Library Gallery titled RED

23 July until 12 August. 

Official Opening Sunday 27th July at 2pm





The Lit Exchange: Discussions

Transformations – Long Live the Giant!

11:30-1pm Friday 25 July Montsalvat

Bookings: 9433 3126

Cost $2 per person


This is the story of a story.

Of the transformation of a written story to a performed story.

Of a journey that starts with the literary arts, travels via the visual arts, and culminates with the performing arts.

This session will discuss the impulses and creative processes behind the transformation of text into performance.

Long Live the Giant! is a play that ponders the question of our existence – of truth and illusion.  A fairytale written for a modern audience, it is a poetic interplay of image and word.


Author Isobelle Carmody

Theatre director Karyn Kamminga (Theatre de Luna)

Puppeteer & Puppet-maker Paul French (Unique Creatures)

Gemma Mather, Briana Barling (EHS Students) and Lee Ferraro (Nillumbik Youth Arts Scholarship holders)

Long Live the Giant! a short story by Isobelle Carmody, was transformed into a play script by Isobelle Carmody and Steve Taylor and is now in the process of being transformed into a theatre performance combining puppets and actors.


Venturers are members of Scouts Australia aged 14-17 years

Start your Adventure into excitement now!

Contact 1st Lower Plenty Group or see the flyer at the General Office.  For more information please call

Lynne Hoare 9435 8586 / Duncan Mc Coll 0418 416 812 or Andrew Boak 9458 1035


Childcare Worker


Occasional Childcare Centre

Job Share Position during school terms

Resumes to PO Box 235 Greensborough or phone 0418 121 074


Warm Someone’s Heart this Winter

An opportunity to be part of an exciting new program commencing at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital – by joining the Aged Care Services Volunteer Program.

Volunteer co-ordinator Geoff Baker is seeking prospective volunteers (chatting with patients, assisting them with tasks or hobbies or even taking them on group outings) who may attend a two day Orientation Program last this month.  No prior training is requires, just a warm heart, a responsible attitude and a desire to assist aged persons.

Ring Geoff on 9496 2152 for details.


Come & Try Day – Sat 26th July 11am – 12:30pm

Starburst Drama & Movement.

Meet the staff.  Refreshments provided.  Drama Programme for people with an intellectual disability.

Contact person: Desiree

Diamond Creek Living & Learning Centre

119 Cowin Street, Diamond Creek Tel 9438 5350