Text Box: Term 4  Week 4
Tuesday, 28th October 2003


Excellence in the Arts              Invitation to the VCE Arts Festival

All parents, students and friends are invited to attend the VCE Arts Festival. 

On Thursday evening an exhibition of Art, Visual Design, Photography, Ceramics, Textiles furniture and Multi Media will be displayed in the school hall.  The program will include the chamber ensembles, the Senior Choir, Solo Dance performances, Media presentation and a fashion parade.  The festival will be officially opened by Paul Hogan, past student and corporate entertainer at 7pm.

The viewing times are: Thursday 6-9pm & Friday 9am-4pm


Note: On Wednesday 5th November at 6:30pm the VCE photography exhibition

will be officially opened by Gale E Spring in the Long Gallery at Montsalvat.


Come along and enjoy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Excellence in the Arts

Jeanette Carter, Teaching and Learning Leader Arts



Monday Nov 3 - Curriculum day –only students required for Unit 4 exams on this day


Principal’s Report

Premier’s Visit a Success

The Premier of Victoria, Steve Bracks’ visit to Eltham High School last Wednesday was a great success The Premier, escorted by Year 12 students Jessica Choong and Michael Luckman, inspected the new buildings, listened to our school choir, meet with senior students, met with the Year 10 Working Community Group and with staff.  The Premier was accompanied by Deputy Leader of the Federal Opposition, Jenny Macklin MHR, local member Steve Herbert MLA the Member for Eltham, Hon. Lidia Argondizzo MLC for Templestowe and Ms Victoria Triggs, Regional Director Northern Metropolitan Region.  All were most impressed with the very large number of students that they met during the visit.  We also had some interesting discussions with Premier Bracks about the future building program at the school.


Leading Edge Festival

Our students’ efforts at the Leading Edge Festival last Thursday were celebrated in this Monday’s “Education Age”. Congratulations to our Multimedia students, puppeteers, drummers, radio reporters and singers and to their teachers, Marion Stoney, Sue Pickett, Mitzi McRae and Alex Cameron, on a great celebration of the breadth and depth of life at Eltham High School.


Year 12 Celebration Day

Last Thursday’s Year 12 celebration was a highlight of the year. Despite the rain, students and staff had a fantastic breakfast and the Formal was something very special.  I was most impressed with the affection shown be students to Di Parry who had a special role in helping the student organising committee.  It was also very pleasing to hear the great attitude and outstanding behaviour of our students receiving well-earned praise in ABC radio on Friday. 

Thanks to all and good luck for the exams.

James Morrison Concert

Don’t forget this marvellous event – James Morrison in Concert with Eltham High School, which is being held on Thursday 27th November. Tickets from the Music Office.


Paul Rose Principal


Tuesday 28

OES M/S activities Eltham Leisure Centre

SoSE 7D & 8C Mock Trial to Old Eltham Court House

Music AMEB Exam Period begins in Music Centre

VET Sport & Rec Yr10 camp to Rowsley

Yr 11 O&ES Bushwalking & Surfing

SoSE M/S Crim Law to Broadmeadows

VCE Drama Solo Performance

Wednesday 29

VET Sport & Rec Yr10 camp to Rowsley

Yr 11 O&ES Bushwalking & Surfing

LOTE Yr10 &11 Indonesian Cultural Day CERES Brunswick

SoSE M/S Legal Studies to Heidelberg & City

SoSE 8J walk to Eltham Court House

Thursday 30

SoSE 8H Mock Trial at Old Eltham Court House

Friday 31

SoSE Geog 103 &105 to Bells Beach & Pt Lonsdale

VCE Exam English 9-12:15pm

Saturday 1 Nov

Arts Photography Exhibition “Frozen” at Montsalvat until Wed 12th

Monday 3

Curriculum Day program details inside this issue

VCE Exam Further Maths 1/Specialist Maths 1/


Tuesday 4

Melbourne Cup Day – Public Holiday

Wednesday 5

VCE Exam Drama/Further Maths/Specialist Maths/ Economics




ü       Yr 7 excursions to Australian Electoral System and the Shrine commenced this week.

ü       Eltham Kids have been in court again-M/S Criminal Law to Broadmeadows Magistrates Court

ü       M/S Environ Studies to aquarium last week and Yr10 Geog have been to Bell’s Beach and Point Lonsdale.

ü       Tomorrow M/S legal are appearing at the Old Eltham Court for a mock murder trial.


Fact of the week

The export income earned by Australia from one backpacker is equal to 17 tonnes of wheat or 77 tonnes of exported coal.

source weekend Australian Magazine

Answer to last week’s quiz

Norma Jean Baker was known as Marilyn Munroe

Marion Morrison was known as John Wayne


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Thank you to parent Linda De Toma who took our ceramic kiln shelves home during the holidays and ground the glass from them.  She also made some cutting wires for class use.  Linda has been assisting us in the ceramics room on a Thursday morning recycling clay and loading and unloading the kilns.

Thank you for your valuable help.  The Arts faculty.

Thank you to student Tom Deylen and teachers Warren McCullough and Marion Stoney for producing the music invitation for the James Morrison concert on 27th November.

Congratulations to Kathy Hughes and the Media students.  Nine Media video lots have been submitted to the Board of Studies Top Screen for consideration for the 2004 screening.

Jeanette Carter, Arts faculty



The curriculum focus for this year has been on developing ways to make student work, especially in the junior and middle years, more interesting, effective and relevant.

We have had many meetings dealing the latest theoretical findings about the best ways to engage students and have determined the course we want to take as a school. We have already begun to alter topics and assignments and we are looking forward to the opportunity on November 3rd to tailor content and teaching strategies in line with our new approach.

In addition, there will be teachers involved in preparing for the VCE revised studies in 2004 in Art, Economics, Health and Human Development, Physics, Studio Arts, Visual Communication and Design as well as Accounting and IT which were reaccredited in 2003.


The day’s timetable will be as follows:

The morning will be devoted to planning and writing courses of work in KLA groups.

Selected teachers will organise the new VCE units.

In the afternoon, staff will watch a video on learning styles and how to accommodate students with special learning difficulties. The video is produced by SPELD, a Melbourne organisation specialising in assisting students with special learning difficulties.

Roger Kibell, Curriculum Convenor



On the afternoon of October 23rd, 52 of our year 7 students took part in the Mathematics Challenge. Each team of four students participated in three activities, scoring points for answering questions correctly or for doing well at competitive games of strategy.

The aim was to provide an environment where students were challenged by a variety of mathematical problems, with elements of fun and friendly competition thrown in.


The first activity required teams to work cooperatively to solve as many questions as they could from a collection of 25 problems. A time limit of 20 minutes added to the level of difficulty. This was followed by a game of strategy in which teams competed against each other playing a mathematical game called Nim. The rules were deceptively simple but players quickly realised certain strategies enabled them to increase their chances of winning. Identifying and developing these strategies were key objectives.


The final task was a ‘Problem Solving Relay’. Teams were given one problem at a time – they had to work cooperatively to solve the question then take their answer to the recording table. A correct response earned access to the next problem, but an incorrect response meant the team had to spend more time on the original question. After 3 attempts the team was able to progress to the next question even if they had not found a solution. A 20-minute time limit was set for the 10 demanding questions and the combination of intensive problem solving work and frantic sprints to the recording table made for an exciting session.


At the end of the day all students had certainly earned their Certificates of Participation, with prizes being awarded to the following teams:

First Place…….7H Team 1   Lara Beissbarth, David Morrison, Caitlin Rytenskild and Kathryn Knight.

Second Place…7E Team 1  Nick Pernice, Nick Taylor, David Williamson and Rachel Jones.

Third Place…   7A Team 1   Indrek Adamson, Nathan Cadee, Steven Van Oosterwijck and Fletcher Driscoll.

Equal Fourth… 7C Team 1  Alex Gurling, Max Massingham, Will Murphy, Jon Bowden.

7J Team 1  Ashlee Higgins, Alysha Holder, Daniel Greig, Taran Corrigan.


The levels of enthusiasm and enjoyment shown by the students indicated this was a very successful afternoon. Well done to all participants and to the mathematics teachers and senior students who gave their time to supervise and run the activities.

The Mathematics Faculty.



Choir performance

Last Thursday the choir sang at the Melbourne Museum as part of the Leading Edge Festival.  We sang four unaccompanied songs and enjoyed performances of other schools at the festival.  It was a good opportunity and also gave us some time to look at various exhibits at the museum.  Thanks to Ms Cameron and Mr Drysdale for their time and effort into making this a great day.

Connie Brown. Yr8


Jazz Band Performances

The Jazz Band represented EHS well at the Eltham South Pre School Fete last Saturday.  Thanks to Eugene Ball, students and parents for their involvement in the day.

James Morrison Concert – Thurs 27th November

The Symphonic, Concert and Intermediate Bands will be performing with James on this occasion, which will be a fantastic experience for all the students.  Tickets are available from the music office.  Adults $25 Child/Conn $20

A great opportunity to invite family and friends to a really exciting and fun filled night of entertainment.

Saxophone Ensemble

The saxophone ensemble has been invited to play at the annual Fred Hollows Dinner at the Collingwood Football Club.  This fundraising event will be held on Friday 31st October.

Theory Exams

If you wish to prepare for theory exams in May 2004 you should speak to Ms Cameron ASAP.

Ken Waterworth, Director of Music



Don’t forget to get your tickets NOW for the James Morrison Concert – call in at the Music Office or ring 9431 4324!

Uniforms …. Here is your opportunity to sell uniform items if you are no longer taking part in the program or have grown out of them!

Skirts - $10.00, other items i.e. trousers, shirts and vests (suggested is ½ the original price), pin a name tag (with your name and address AND selling price) to the clean item.  For each item sold a $2 handling charge will go to the Music Support Group.


Instrument Register …. Please keep in mind that the MSG has a register through which second hand instruments can be bought and sold.

Visit the Music Office with details of your instrument and pick up a registration form.

For further details ring Kathy Skeen on 9439 3597.

Music Support Group’s next meeting is Monday 17th November. 

We have, unfortunately, ‘lost’ some wonderful members now their children are no longer in the program.  Many thanks for all your help to Sandra and Steve Bain, Robin and Peter Wembridge (we’ll call them ‘life members’) and Chris and Janet Jameson.

Yes, we need more members!  If you’ve been ‘thinking’ about joining the group – here’s your opportunity.  The meeting is at 14 Moola Place, Eltham 8pm.  Contact Jill Browne 9439 9673 if you have any queries.


Your parent members on School Council

Helen Cahill

Sue Dyet

Tamara Knowles

Robert Ackland

Jill Tait

Grace Tham

Parents wishing to make contact with parent members of School Council need only phone the School and arrangements will be made



Australian Language Certificate Tests 2003-10-28 Great News – Once again congratulations to all students who participated in this test.  Some did exceptionally well students who scored in the top 10% out of thousands who took part across New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea and South East Asia are:

Sacha Courtot


Jenny Martius


Alex Rousell

listening & reading

Ben Norman


Megan Hall

listening & reading

Annabelle Ryan-Morris reading and listening

Elisha Hayley


Sarah West


Students who scored distinction in both listening and reading are:

Hannah Banks

Elisha Hayley

Sarah Frith

Jasmine Putra-Rachim

Kristina Galli

Keillan Wong

Jenny Martius

Kim Young

Ben Norman


Students who scored distinctions in at least 1 category are:



Olivia Harson

Rebecca Tralaggan

Tom Lipshutt

Eleanor Veitch

Hannah McMaster

Jeremy Taylor

Cody Wilson

Kim Marriner

Cara Skeen

Rochelle Monteleone

Rebecca Apostolo

Campbell Black

Jessica Wheeler

Stephanie Boulter

Everyone did very well and we look forward to next year’s middle and senior school participating in this great competition.

Bonne Chance and Semoga Sukses

Pompa Brady, Teaching & Learning Leader LOTE




Volleyball committee meeting next Thursday 30th October to discuss National Schools cup details 7:30pm – Corowa Cres. Greensborough.

National Schools Cup


Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre, Albert Park- Dec 7to 12


Under 14 Girls A

Under 14 Boys A

Under 14 Girls B

Under 14 Boys B

Under 15 Girls Division 1

Under 15 Boys Division 1

Under 16 Girls Honours

Under 16 Boys Honours

Under 17 Girls Division 1

Open Boys Honours

Open Girls Division 1


General details

This year we will be travelling to and from MSAC each day.  Each team will have their own 12-seat bus, which will allow flexibility to fit in with their own game and duty schedule.

List of players, coaches and managers have been put up on the volleyball notice board in the stadium foyer.

Cost per player

$160  This covers entry fee ($473 per team), duty bond, referee levy, Kew tournament entry fee and bus rental and petrol for the week.  Please pay the cashier the total $160 by the end of November.


Kew High Tournament

Kew is running a day tournament on Sunday 9th November.  All teams will benefit from the match practice prior to the Nationals.

Other important volleyball dates:

November 16 – Under 15 Sate finals

December 2 – Year 7 and 8 VSSSA State Finals

December 7 to 12th – National Schools Cup

Greg Thomas, Volleyball Program Coordinator

CANTEEN  R O S T E R    ____________



Wed 29

J.Tait, H.Sloggert, R.Wembridge

Thurs 30

A.Hennel, M.Deam, S.McEwin

Fri 31

D.Edgell. G.Gallacher, K.Bleiswick, G.Guilfoyle

Mon 3

Curriculum Day

Tues 4

Melbourne Cup Day holiday

Wed 5

K.Finkelde, J.Oates “help needed”

Few hours to spare?? Canteen would love some extra help, especially on days marked help needed

Bev Cust, Canteen Manager






S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R


Wed 29 to

Tue 4 Nov

See front page


Wed 5

Arts M/S Dance Excursion

VCE Exams Drama/Further Maths/Specialist Maths/Economics

Thurs 6

Arts Photography Exhibition “Frozen” at Montsalvat until Wed 12th

VCE Arts Festival in the school hall

official opening at 7pm tonight

VCE Exams Psychology/Accounting/PE /Literature

Fri 7

Arts Festival continues in the hall

VCE Exams Maths Methods1/Design & Tech/ PE/VET Arts Interactive Multi

Mon 10

Music Primary Schools camp

O&ES M/S Ocean Kayaking

VCE Exams Maths Methods/IPM



Community Announcements/Advertising

Can you help us?

In a recent mail out to past students, the Photography Exhibition “Frozen” opening was listed incorrectly as the 6th November.  Please tell any past students that you know that it is actually on Wednesday 5th November at 6:30pm at Montsalvat Long Gallery.  Thanks.


MinevaNET – The complete Internet Service

Run by a former Eltham High School student


phone 9431 3955

Mineva Micro Pty Ltd.

PO Box 731 Eltham Vic 3095


Heidelberg Threatre Company

Turnham Avenue, Rosanna

Christmas Confessions – Auditions…………………..

We are looking for actors aged 15 to 25 to come and audition for a wide range of male and female roles

Auditions 29th October 2003 at 7:30pm

9455 3039 / 0417 996 108 for any questions


English and Maths Tuition

Years 7-10, VCE, Upper Primary


1 George Road, SOUTH MORANG

Ø       individual programs to suit your child’s needs

Ø       Introductory VCE programs for years 10 & 11

Ø       qualified and experienced teachers

Phone now and give your child a head start

9436 8647



Silver scooter brand new $50

contact Jeanette Carter C/- EHS


The Eltham Leisure Centre YMCA is looking for expressions of interest from persons with an indigenous background who live in the Nillumbik Shire to be involved in an art project at the Leisure Centre.  The project will be based around indigenous art/culture and will include a mural as well as art pieces.  No previous experience necessary!

The YMCA is also interested to hear from any artist with an indigenous background who is interested in being involved.

Please contact Marnie Wadsworth on 9439 2266 at the Eltham Leisure Centre to register your interest no later than Friday 31st October.


Eltham Little Theatre

Music Hall including Love or Lassos by Leo Regan

Performances Thursday 6, 13, 20, 27 Nov, 4 Dec, Friday, Saturday  - booked out!                     8pm start

Bookings ph 94371574………………….don’t miss out


Recycle your empty egg cartons.  Permanent collection point located at the General office.