Term 1  Week 1

Tuesday 3 February 2009


calcking logo

The School has negotiated a special price and a Rep will be in the Conference Rm lunchtime on Monday 9 February to sell……....TI-Nspire  Calculator $185.00

On Wed 4th Feb(tomorrow) a professional photographer will be at school to provide instant colour photos in the format required for the current Student Travel Concession Cards. The current cards expire at the end of February.

Students now need a concession card to buy concession fares when they turn 17. Previously this was when they turned 15.  Students wanting to buy a Half Yearly or Yearly Student Pass still require a VPT Students Concession Card, regardless of their age.

The cost for a set of 2 colour portraits is $6.00 payable to the photographer at lunchtime in room 003

Keep cooooool – join our weekly Swim Squad, students from all year levels welcome ---see inside for more details

Principal’s Report

Welcome to the 2009 School Year

I wish to extend a warm welcome to all  families and students joining us for the first time.   In particular welcome to the Year 7 students and their families.   A number of new students have also joined us across a range of year levels and I look forward to meeting them personally over the next week or so.   A warm welcome also to all the new staff, including Mr. Shannon Argall, Mr. Ralf Fiebiger, Ms. Melissa Hughes, Ms. Kylie McColl, Ms. Lidia Ostepeev, Ms. Bree Pascoe and Ms. Jenny Isaacs and to all staff returning from leave, Ms. Lucy Bowman, Mr. John Coates, Ms. Jane Thomas, Ms. Athena Maslaris and Mr. Michael Darling.

This year will be an exciting year incorporating our work towards school improvement which will involve all sectors of our community and I look forward to working with each of them.

Staff Professional Days 28th – 30th January

All staff arrived at school with a great sense of enthusiasm and a focus to achieve the goals identified for these three days.   The school’s strategic plan and the Eltham High School Principals of Teaching and Learning formed the basis of our work during these days.   Staff members were involved in a range of discussions and decision-making processes involving the identification of short term targets        and strategies across all Key Learning Areas in order to ensure that we meet the identified goals in our strategic plan.   The excessive heat was unplanned for and provided stresses that were not anticipated.   However, regardless of this, staff continued in the most professional of manner to ensure that the work done clearly aligned with the achievement of our set goals.   I congratulate staff and members of the leadership team who were involved in the planning of the three days and in particular, Ms. Anna Panas and Ms. Lyn Ivory who in their role as Professional Development Leaders facilitated an effective programme.

International Study Tour

From the 13th December to 19th January I was fortunate to have taken part in an international study tour which allowed me to visit schools and investigate the education systems in Finland, Germany and the United Kingdom in particular.   The trip was an outstanding success in terms of my professional growth and the learning which I have undertaken will support the ongoing school improvement agenda at Eltham High School.   This tour was partly funded by the DEECD through the development programme for experienced principals with a clear expectation that the learning that would take place would be shared with other colleagues across the system in support of system-wide improvement.   There is a great deal for me to reflect on, too much to put in one edition of the newsletter so I will include further information in the future. The experience was very worthwhile and I take this opportunity to thank the DEECD its support of the building of capacity of principal class officers.   One thing I will say is that I feel fortunate to be working in one of the best education systems in the world and leader of an outstanding education community at Eltham High School.

VCE Results and Pathways

In the last newsletter of 2008 congratulations were expressed for the outstanding results achieved by our Year 12 students.   We are currently awaiting the conclusion of university and other tertiary placements and I hope to be able to report on these in the next newsletter.

Social Responsibility

Congratulations to Zoe Pozzan, James Burke, Amy Muirhead, Samantha Wilson, Zoe Fox and Luke Beswick for their outstanding display of our school value of social responsibility.   On Thursday, 9th December these six students attended the Melbourne City Mission Retirement Centre and supported the staff to serve Christmas lunch to the residents.   The letter of appreciation comments on the outstanding contribution that our students made to the day and I take this opportunity to publicly congratulate each and every one of them.   Many thanks to Mr. Peter Goddard who facilitated transport for the students.   This is another example of our students living our school values.

Days of Extreme Weather Conditions

It is important that we are clear about processes for schooling relating to days of extreme weather conditions.   There is no provision within the Department of Education and Early Childhood’s policy for closure of schools during days of heavy rain or extreme heat.   Schools are asked to identify and put in place strategies that best suit the conditions of the individual school.   Therefore, it is important that in communicating this information parents support the school’s initiative to ensure the health and well-being of students under these conditions.  The times of main concern include the periods of recess, lunch and after school travel home.   As a community we will ensure that similar to wet weather days, class rooms will become available for student use during break times on days of extreme heat.   We are also encouraging students to ensure that they maintain a high level of hydration and support the bringing of water bottles to school and to class.   It is imperative however, that students understand that only water will be accepted in classes.   We also strongly encourage students to wear hats and sunglasses during breaks and whilst in the courtyard areas.   We are fortunate at Eltham High School that through the work of parents and community members, a number of shaded spots are available to the students.   However, on days of 45 deg. as we experienced over the last week the best place to be is indoors.   Furthermore, we encourage parents to ensure that students have a small container of non-spray-on sun block of 30+.   It is the responsibility of the students to ensure that they protect themselves well against skin damage.   Year 7 students in particular will be continually reminded of the importance of sun block, hats and sunglasses on these days.   We are in the process of formalising these strategies through the upgrading of our school policy.   It is also important that parents make a decision early in the day as to whether a child will be able to cope at school under extreme temperatures and make a decision at that point of time re the child’s attendance or otherwise.   It is very difficult for the school to manage numerous requests on the one day for early dismissal of students.   Similarly, the use of sick bay needs to be monitored to ensure that students in real need gain the support that they require as opposed to students attending sick bay complaining of headaches due to heat.   I thank you in anticipation for your support in this matter.

School Dress Code

A reminder to parents and students that whilst the school does not enforce the wearing of uniform the school’s dress code is clearly outlined in the student planner.   Planners will be distributed by the end of this week and I strongly encourage parents to revise with their children the expectations in relation to dress.   During the warmer months of the year particular attention needs to be paid to footwear and clothing needs to be appropriate to a professional environment.   Students who arrive inappropriately dressed will be withdrawn from class whilst appropriate clothing is provided by a parent/guardian.   If you have any queries in relation to our dress code please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Burns.

Student Accident Insurance

Parents are reminded that the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development does not provide personal accident insurance for students and as a result Eltham High School does not have a whole of school student accident insurance in place.   Parents in government schools are generally responsible for paying for the cost of medical treatment for injured students including any transport costs, e.g. ambulance, etc.   Student accident insurance policies are available from the private insurance market.   These cover a range of medical expenses not covered by Medicare.   I would strongly encourage parents who feel that it is important to take out accident insurance cover for their children to do so through one of the commercial channels.   A range of low cost accident insurance policies are available from the commercial insurance sector.

Vincent Sicari, Principal

All community announcements on the web version this week


February 2009

Thurs 5

Year 7’s to Aquarena Doncaster

Mon 9

Music Rehearsals commence

Instrumental Music lessons commence

Tues 10

School Photos

Sport - Year 7 Cricket

Wed 11

Sport – Senior Round Robin

Thurs 12

Swimming Sports whole school Doncaster

Tues 17

Training Band Information Night

Thurs 19

Jnr School Meet the Teachers Evening

Thurs 26

Sport – Cricket Quarter Finals

Mar 3-6 & Mar 11-13

Year 8 Surf Camp



Eltham Library Community Gallery

29 January - 22 February       Emerging Artists

Kristian Rasmussen, Harry Hughes and Lydia Wegner

These ex Eltham High School students are studying at Victorian College of the Arts and RMIT - photography, printmaking and drawing.  The exhibition offers an insight into how Nillumbik's young emerging artists see their world.

I encourage you all to go and see the works of these young artists who are continuing to pursue their passion for making art.

Linda McLeod, Teaching & Learning Leader ART

WSPCA – World Society for the Protection of Animals

“For a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty ends”                Havaianas ‘Design Your Own’ Competition. 

In 2008 the following students provided created a design for a Havaiana thong and explained in 25 words WHY they think that it is important to be kind to animals: Teagan Preston, Taylor Mc, Deborah Morrison, Sophie Merrett, Mitchell Bull, Ki Dower, Zack Ainslie, Alex Romero, Danny O’Donnell, Tiarne Newton, Siggy Gee, Maddy Sutherland, Josey Bremmer, Brendan Allingham, Ashleigh Dolan, Ebba Davies, Tom Berry, Hayden Martin, Alex Marshall, Kristy Kassing

Linda McLeod & Pompa Brady, (A shared activity LOTE & Art)

Education Maintenance Allowance

To be eligible re receive the EMA, you must

·         Be either a parent or guardian of a primary/secondary school student up to the age of 16 OR

·         Be an eligible beneficiary of a Centrelink pension, allowance or benefit within the meaning of the State Concessions Act 2004 OR be a Veterans Affairs (TPI) pensioner OR be a foster parent; and

·         Submit your application to the school by 27 February 2009 (for first instalment)

Applications are available from the General Office.

Canteen news…… A price list covering lunch and snack items is on display in the canteen & on our website



2009 SWIM SQUAD – Thursday Mornings

The EHS Swim Squad is a one hour swim session at the Eltham Leisure Centre on Thursday mornings from 7 until 8am.  Sessions are organised by swim coaches Neroli Nixon and Simon Wright and offer a varied and structured program to improve fitness and swimming ability Students of all swimming abilities and Year levels are invited to attend.  A fee is charged to cover the cost of pool hire and coaches.  Staff member Phil Boyd is always on pool-deck to answer queries and look after new students as they arrive.  At the end of each session, students return to school where they are given a free hot chocolate before getting ready for class.


Australian Schools Volleyball Cup – Results

In the final moments of 2008 Eltham High had eleven teams competing in the Australian schools volleyball cup at MSAC and the state volleyball centre. All teams represented Eltham High well in this weeklong event – some even came home with a medal.  The results follow.

Open boys and girls honours – both 7th.

Under 17 girls honours – BRONZE medal

Under 16 boys honours – 8th

Under 16 girls division 1 – SILVER medal

Under 15 girls honours – 6th ( out of 12 teams)

Under 15 boys division 1 – 5th ( out of 20 teams) 

Under 15 boys division 2 – BRONZE medal

Under 14 boys division 1 – 4th

Under 14 girls division 1 – 6th

Under 14 girls division 2 – SILVER medal.

Eltham High finished 6th overall and there were a number of students that won most valuable player awards in their respective age groups and divisions.

Luke Van Noorden  - 4th in the Open boys honours division

Lena Skipper – 3rd in Open girls honours

Hilary Grubb – 4th in under 17 girls honours

Hayley Pringle – 1st -Won the MVP award in the under 16 girls division 1

Georgina Burley – 3rd in Under 16 girls division 1

Daniel Seymour – 4th in Under 15 boys division 1

Stephanie Harrington – 2nd in under 14 girls division 1

Deanne Dobson – 1st - Won the MVP award in the under 14 girls division 2

Jessica Smith-Long – 2nd in under 14 girls division 2

Thank you again to all players, coaches and managers on their big effort and I hope we can have an even bigger year this year.

New Zealand Volleyball Tour 2009

There was a meeting of all New Zealand volleyball Tour participants Tuesday the 4th of February at 12.45 pm in room 003. This was to pick up important details concerning final payment which is due on 10th February. Any student that missed the meeting should see Mr Thomas to collect the information.

Important Dates

Sun 15th &

22nd Feb

State Team trials for U/17, U/19 and U/21 boys and girls.

Wed 11th Feb

Senior boys and girls volleyball round robin

The Eltham High School Volleyball Program

Trials for year 7 students for the volleyball program will take place next week.

In year 7 we try to identify approximately 32 young athletes who we feel have the potential to develop into future volleyballers.  Students selected take part in a special volleyball skills training program during year 7 sport (2 lessons a week). They would also be expected to attend one lunchtime practice each week. Most students also take part in the junior volleyball competition for year 7 to 9 students which takes place each Thursday after school.

The only weekend commitment is during the Victorian Schools Cup one weekend in October. Eltham High has been quite successful over the last 15 to 20 years winning a variety of Victorian and Australian competitions and 5 players were selected to play for Australia last year and many play state league volleyball for volleyball clubs.

The trials for the year 7 boys will be held on the show court in the stadium on Friday and the following Monday and the girls will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

Volleyball is a great sport to get involved in it’ll keep you fit, strong, healthy and it’ll help you make friends from other schools, year levels and your own school. Volley ball is a fun sport always keeping you occupied and happy.                    Yasmin Pringle 7H(2008)

Greg Thomas, Volleyball Coordinator

From the Business Manager


Student photographs will be held on the 10th February.  Ordering envelopes will be provided to all students before the day.  Please ensure that if you are bringing cash for the photographers that you provide correct change.  The cashier and canteen are unable to provide change. 

All students will have both their class group and portrait photograph taken regardless of whether the family purchases any photographs.  The photo packages available are;

Years 7-10

Deluxe Pack (Group, Portraits, Calender/ Bookmarks)   $31.00

Value Pack (Group & Portraits)   $26.00

Group only   $20.00

Portraits only   $18.00

Calender/Bookmarks only   $18.00

Years 11-12

Deluxe Pack (Group, Portraits, Calender/Bookmarks)   $38.00

Value Pack (Group & Portraits)   $33.00

Group only   $25.00

Portraits only   $18.00

Calender/Bookmarks only   $18.00


Bienvenue and selamat datang:

Bienvenue and selamat  datang as we welcome our two new staff in LOTE:  Madame Hughes who is replacing Madame Delaney in French and Bu Ostapeev who will replace Bu Pollard in Indonesian for this semester. Of course we also welcome all of our students and parents to a great and exciting year in LOTE.

Congratulations: We congratulate Madame Delaney upon the birth of her son Raphael on January 13th. We wish her and her husband Jason and baby Raphael all the best.

Once again we congratulate our 2008 VCE LOTE students who performed very well with 100% pass rates in both LOTEs and one near perfect score in French.

Over the coming weeks there will be a series of articles highlighting the importance of LOTE.

Malaysia Trip 1st week Sept holidays 2009

We encourage students and parents to support this trip because having a firsthand experience is a wonderful way of learning the culture and language of any country. We encourage all students but particularly middle school and senior school students to give this serious consideration. Our fund raising efforts will start up again shortly. For details please see me or Pak Oliver.

Bonne chance and selamat belajar

Pompa Brady, Teaching & Learning leader LOTE


A warm welcome is extended to all the new students and families from the Careers Room. Whilst students in Years 10-12 will undergo an extensive process designed to help them make good future study and/or employment decisions, if more assistance is needed then they should see me in the Careers Room which is open every lunchtime. Year 12’s can also take ‘pot luck’ with their spare periods. Parents are more than welcome to make an appointment, my direct number is 9430 5133. Every week in the Newsletter there is a ‘From the Careers Room’ column and Year 12 students also receive a fortnightly newsletter.

Peter Goddard, Careers Teacher


Working Bees are an integral and important community activity at Eltham High School have traditionally been well supported over many years.  The Grounds Committee organise and support these events which are held throughout the school year.  A total of seven Working Bees are spread throughout the year.  As a result of all this input over an extended period our students are fortunate to have aesthetically pleasant environment in which to relax outside class time.  The Grounds Committee has scheduled two Working Bees for term one, Sunday 22nd February and Sunday 29th March.  More details with respect to tasks and activities will follow in next week’s newsletter. 

Looking forward to your anticipated support in 2009.

John Coates, for the Grounds Committee

Junior School Notices Yr 7 & 8


Aquarena permission forms to be returned NOW

Immunisation cards to be returned by end of week 2

Swimming Sports Doncaster Thurs 12 Feb

Yr 7 Training Band Info Night-Tues 17 Feb

Meet the Teachers evening Thurs 19 Feb


Surf Camp – Mar 3-6 & 11-13 – notices distributed today and forms to be returned by Feb 19 please

Swimming Sports Doncaster Thurs 12 Feb

Education Tax Refund

Following is an extract of information received by the school concerning the Federal Government’s Education Tax Refund.  This provides a general outline of the areas where refunds can or cannot occur.  If you require specific information concerning any issues, either contact your tax agent or view the ATO web site. Information is available from: http://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/pathway.asp?pc=001/002/067/001/001

The Federal Government introduced a new Education Tax Refund on 1 July 2008. The Bill was passed through Parliament in late December, 2008. Claims can be made for the 2008/2009 FY.

Families and approved care organisations can claim 50% of their eligible educational expenses if:

  they received Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A for the child, or

  a payment was made for the child that stopped them from receiving FTB Part A for that child.

The maximum you can claim is 50% of eligible expenses up to:

  $750 for each eligible child in primary school - that is, a refund of up to $375

  $1,500 for each eligible child in secondary school - that is, a refund of up to $750.

Items which qualify as eligible education expenses include the purchase, lease, hire or hire-purchase costs, repairs and running costs of:

·         prescribed trade tools - for example, tools required to complete a school-based apprenticeship.

Expenses that are not eligible


Community Announcements…………….

Bus Travellers please note……….

Bus timetables for Routes 578/579, 582 and 580 have been adjusted to improve bus run and connection times with trains. The adjustments will also improve bus arrival times at school both a.m. and p.m.  For more details please go to panoramacoaches.com.au to view timetables.

Eltham Rugby Union

Ages 5-65 – boys & girls

Beginners welcome

Expert Training & Qualified Coaches

fitness – challenge-fun

Season 2009 Registration day Sunday 8th Feb from 10am to 2pm

Eltham RUFC Club Rooms, 58 Bridge St., Eltham  www.elthamrugby.com.au

Free Information Evening – Student Exchange Australiaa not-for-profit organization

Thurs 5 Feb Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens,

380 William St Melbourne 1300 135 331



calcking logoAttention: Parents & Students TI-Nspire  Calculator $185.00


The School has negotiated a special price with

The Organiser & Calculator King for the sale of these calculators directly to the student on Monday 9 February at lunchtime in the Conference Room

Please bring either Cash OR Cheque

Made out to “The Organiser & Calculator King” for $185.

(All Cheques require name, address, contact phone number on back)

Please note: Calculators are covered by a 1 year warranty

A receipt will be given with each purchase which must be kept for Warranty purposes.




PHONE: 9696 3366 FAX: 96969166



Manningham Gallery 'Preserving the Moment' by Reg Cox

28 January-14 February

Preserving the Moment' is a pictorial survey of paintings based on the redevelopment of Westfield Doncaster by Reg Cox.  

The exhibition will open at 6pm on Wednesday 28 January ‘and will run until the 14th of February 2009 at Manningham Gallery, Manningham Council Offices, 699 Doncaster Road, Doncaster. Manningham Gallery is open Tuesday to Friday, 11am–5pm, and Saturday 2–5pm.

Nillumbik Immunisation Service

Nillumbik Community Health Service Immunisation Team will be visiting our school to administer Hep B and Chickenpox vaccine to Year 7 students and Bootrix (Diptheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough) vaccine to Year 10 students, and HPV Cervical Cancer to female students in Year 7 on March 26.

Consent cards, an immunisation fact sheet and instructions have been forwarded home with your student. 

Only the perforated completed consent card (both YES & NO) is required to be returned by the end of this week please for collection by the Health Team.  Please note it is a requirement from DHS that all student consent cards are returned for data collection and immunisation coverage rate purposes.

Thank you for giving this matter your immediate attention.

Trevor Jenkins, Assistant Principal

Student Welfare Notice

EGG is a group for young people in Nillumbik and Banyule who want to talk about their gender or sexuality.  We have discussions, activities, food and fun!  The group is free and meet Monday’s 4:30pm to 6:30pm at a venue close to Eltham Station, starting Feb 9th until Mar 23 2009. 

Get in touch with Roz  0439 812 316 / 9430 9153   email rozw@nchs.org.au  For info text: ‘EGG’ to 0439 812 316

Diamond Valley Table Tennis Association

Free Round Robin and Family Night.

When:Friday 6th February 2009 starting 7.15 pm.

Where:Diamond Valley Sports Complex, Greensborough (off Civic Drive )Melways 11/A10.

Just turn up on the 6th or any Friday  night during school  term.

After  the  6th  February  the  cost  is  $20  for  the  term  for Juniors or $4 per night. While numbers are insufficient  for  Junior competition, we  are  inviting  parents  to  play  with  the  children for  free.  All  standards  welcome.

Rex & Lesly Rouse-Junr Coords  Ph 9435 5588

In the new St Andrews Hall – the Hero of Queenstown

A mock musical melodrama! Produced by the St Andrews Community Theatre

11-14 Feb 2009   8pm  Sunday 4pm

Book at St Andrews Store NOW  9710 1200     $20/15

Eltham High School

Youth Science Space Experience USA 2009

Raffle: 1st prize: Oil painting by renowned local artist Alan Satori – value $2000

             2nd prize: Kodak C813 digital camera with 4 bonus 1228MB memory cards - value $200

Tickets $5 each

Drawn Friday 20th March 2009 at Eltham High School, Withers Way Eltham.  Winners notified by phone

Tickets available/prizes displayed in the Admin foyer.


TARA Berry Street

Workshop for parents: Teenage Aggression Responding Assertively

Wed 18 February 2009 9:15am to 3:15pm Heidelberg

Open to families from Whittlesea, Banyule, Nillumbik & Darebin

Please contact 9458 5788 – matters@berrystreet.org.au


The Space Performing Arts School in Prahran,

(Melbourne's leading Commercial Dance studio) is offering in 2009:

Certificate II in Dance

Saturdays 1pm-5pm

Open to 15yrs and above including Mature aged,

(students in Year 11 & 12 can contribute it to their VCE or VCAL).

Ph: 9639 5423

The Space Arts Centre located,

Upstairs 318 Chapel St, Prahran.


Annual Guide Dogs Victoria Open Day

a great family fun day - on Sunday 1 March from 10am - 4pm.

Located on Chandler Hwy, Kew (Melway 45B1)

Free Parking off site with shuttle bus service

Meet Wags the Dog and loads of our adorable puppies for

Guide Dogs Victoria’s annual Open Day.

With Guide Dog demonstrations, live entertainment, giveaways, show bags, competitions and loads of fun activities for the kids, Open Day is a fantastic family day out.

Entry via gold coin donation


Visit www.guidedogsvictoria.com.au for full details and parking information or phone 9854 4444

Sorry no pets allowed


Topline tennis coaching

Tennis Coaching Term 1 2009.  Tennis Coaching is available at Eltham High School.  Topline Tennis caters for all standards and ages with a number of group lesson places available at times to suit.  So come and learn to play tennis and get some exercise at the same time.  For more information please call David on 9432 3706

Learn all about student exchange, WEP Australia and the 2009/2010 exchange programs available at one of WEP’s FREE information sessions in Melbourne.

17 February, 10 March 7.30 - 9.30pm Kingston Arts Centre, 979 Nepean Highway/Moorabbin 3189 

31 March, 16 June 7.30 - 9.30pm Hawthorn Library,

584 Glenferrie Road/Hawthorn 3122


Turkey/Egypt Community Tour January 2010

Have you always dreamt of visiting the Pyramids or cruising down the Nile?  Of learning first hand where King Tut was buries?  Of standing at Gallipoli and looking out to the Dardanelles?

Here is your chance.  A tour is being organised to Turkey and Egypt for approximately 18 days in January 2010.  Students who are interested are asked to speak to Mr Monigatti, Bu Brady or Ms Parry to register your interest and get a detailed itinerary.  Priority will be given to students wishing to travel, with other places available to parents, ex-students and staff.

An information session with Ian Williams from World Expeditions will be held in the EHS Staffroom on Monday 2nd March 2009 at 7:30pm


EHS is running a tour to Turkey and Egypt in January 2010. We are offering a heavily subsidised tour to the Yr 9 student who can write the best history essay. The details are yet to be finalised but we would expect to cover about $3500 of the total tour cost.  Details will be given to Yr 9 students early in the term.  Please come and see me for more information.

Seamus Robertson, Teaching & Learning leader SOSE


Environmental Community Development Worker Greener Houses Growing Greener Neighbourhoods

For position summary and all other details email nenhn@jikajika.org.au / phone 03 9486 3691

Applications close 19 Feb 5pm

North East Neighbourhood House Network, 2 East St., Northcote. 3070



Register to receive an email version of this newsletter – this is a guarantee your copy reaches home – simply go to the web site – www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the newsletter link choose subscribe and follow the prompts.

Thank you for helping save paper & considering the environment.