Term 1  Week 4

Tuesday 24 February 2009


Important drive for Diamond Creek Bushfire relief centre….wanted NOW!!!!

Aeroguard      Fly spray      Sunscreen      Rubber gloves & chux       Size D batteries

Please place in collection boxes in the main foyer – items will be collected by the Relief Centre THIS Wednesday, thanks


Principal’s Report

VCE Season of Excellence – Top Designs

Congratulations to Owen Gregory having been recognised in the Top Designs 2009.   The Exhibition will officially open at 6.00 pm, Friday, 20th March and will be held at the Melbourne Museum.   It will continue until 26th July.   Owen has demonstrated outstanding ability and skill in the area of VET Multimedia and in achieving this accolade it is important that we also recognise the skill and talent of Ms. Marian Stoney who has supported Owen to achieve such a result.

Ministerial Visit

On Wednesday of last week we were pleased to welcome Minister Pike to our school.   In her role of Education Minister, the Minister was interested in speaking to students and staff who have been, both directly and indirectly affected by the recent bushfires.   The students, irrespective of their own feelings, presented very eloquently and were able to communicate the scope and depth of the affect that the fires have had on our community.   Similarly, staff supported the students’ contribution and comments.   The visit was a very casual visit and rather low key.   No media were involved which was very respectful and full of integrity to the nature of the situation.   Minister Pike commented on how impressed she was with the way that students engaged with her.   She was extremely impressed by the connectedness of our students, not just to the school, but also to our community which was evident through their expressions of hope.   I thank the Minister for taking the time to visit Eltham High School on this rather solemn occasion and extend an invitation to her to visit our school and community in better times.

Japanese Professors visiting Eltham High School

I wish to welcome Professor Koichiro Komikawa from Hosei University, Tokyo and Associate Professor, Tetsuya Yamada from Osaka University as well as a PhD student from Osaka University, to Eltham High School.   These three people are undertaking a research project into the teaching of English and Mathematics in the Junior and Middle years and we are very pleased to be hosting them at our school.   During their time here Professor Komikawa and Associate Professor Yamada will be viewing examples of best practice in both Mathematics and English classes.   We trust that our Japanese guests will have an outstanding experience which will inform their research and teaching in Japan.

Nillumbik Network

The Nillumbik Schools’ Network consisting of four secondary schools, twenty three primary schools and one special development school is currently working on the development of its Strategic Plan.   This is a new DEECD initiative where schools are asked to work collaboratively towards improvement of student learning across all schools in the network.   Whilst principals in schools have been working collaboratively for quite some time the development of a Nillumbik Strategic Plan clearly focuses the work of educational leaders and structures an accountability framework where we are responsible for teaching and learning and the achievement of excellent learning outcomes for all students in our broader community.   This provides a range of opportunities for us to review current performance, set goals for improvement, develop targets of achievement, both short and long term in relation to improving student achievement in the network and ultimately in the Northern Metropolitan Region.   I anticipate a level of deep educational discussion which will provide us with both agreement and creative conflict as we work our way through the early stages of this new direction.   The Network will be led by our Regional Network Leader, Mr. Mark Thompson who will be supported by the Network Executive of which I am pleased to be a member.   The focus of the improvement is across the three areas of student learning, student engagement and wellbeing and student pathways and transition consistent with the improvement areas in the Strategic Plans of individual schools.  I will keep you informed as the work of this network progresses.

Working Bee

I take this opportunity to thank all members of our community who attended our first working bee last Sunday, 22nd February.   As always the working bee, which was organised through the hard work of the Grounds Committee in collaboration with Mr. John Coates, achieved a great deal on the day, not the least of which was the social interaction and the building of relationships that we developed between the school and new members of our community.  In recognising that this day was the designated National Day of Mourning the group of seventy people took some time to reflect on our community’s loss through a moment of silence.   Once again I congratulate the organisers and participants amongst which  were a number of students and staff and I look forward to joining with you at the next working bee on 29th March.

Note of Condolence

Our sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to the Savage and Holcombe families as they commemorate the loss of their loved ones.


Vincent Sicari, Principal


February / March 2009

Wed 25

Art-Yr12 Fieldwork – Ian Potter Gallery

HPE MS Rec & Rac Ten pin bowling Greensborough am

L&LN Photoshop in Room 418

Thurs 26

Sport – Cricket Quarter Finals

Fri 27

HPE MS Rec & Rac Ten pin bowling Greensborough am

Thurs 26

Immunisation day Yr7 & Yr 10

Fri 27

HOPE MS Rec & Rac Ten pin bowling

Mon 2

Yr 11  Rock Climbing 2 groups

Meeting Egypt/Turkey Comm Tour 7:30pm

Mar 3-6 & Mar 11-13

Year 8 Surf Camp see details inside

Wed 4

Yr 11 Rock climbing

L&LN Photoshop in Room 418

Mon 9

Labour day holiday

Tues 10

Yr 7 Instrumental Music lessons commence

OES Ocean Kayaking & camp


2009 SWIM SQUAD – Thursday Morning

Be in it!!!… just come along to the Eltham Leisure Centre Thursday from 7 until 8am.


A fantastic day at the Doncaster Aquarena saw some fantastic racing throughout the program.  The venue was excellent, the standard of swimming high and level of spectator interest was great. It was fantastic to see everyone getting into the spirit of the day.













Special congratulations to Emily Voss who set a new record of 39.69 in the girls 14 yr old 50m breast stroke and to Alexander Blanco who set a new record of 45.55 in the boys 12/13 yr old 50m breast stroke.

Peter Nicholson, Sport Co-ordinator

The Eltham High School Volleyball Program


The Spikezone competition we usually run for primary school kids will not start until second term this year.  I will send information out to our feeder primary schools for their parent newsletters in Term two.

Junior Volleyball for year 7 students

A regular volleyball competition for any year 7 students interested in playing will start on Wednesday the 25th Feb and will be held each Wednesday after school between 3.25 and 4.00 pm in the Eltham High sports stadium.  Any interested students are welcome to participate.  Entry forms are on the volleyball notice board in the stadium foyer.

Junior Volleyball for year 8 and 9 students

A regular volleyball competition for any year 8 and 9 students interested in playing will start on Thursday the 26th Feb and will be held each Thursday after school between 3.25 and 5.00 pm in the Eltham High sports stadium.  Any interested students are welcome to participate.  Entry forms are on the volleyball notice board in the stadium foyer.

Round Robins

Congratulations to our year 8 boys and girls volleyball teams on winning the Diamond Valley Group volleyball competition last week.  Our year 7 teams will play on Thursday 19th March.

New Zealand Volleyball Tour

Final payments should have been made by now.  Participants should also have their passport and travel insurance organised. See Mr Thomas if you need travel insurance but haven’t sent your forms yet.

Important Dates

Thurs 19 Mar

Year 7 Volleyball Round Robin

Wed 25 Mar

Quarter finals for 7,8, inter & senior teams

4 – 17 April

New Zealand Volleyball Tour

7, 8 & 9 Aug

Victorian Schools Cup

7 – 11 Dec

Australian Schools Cup


Greg Thomas, Volleyball coordinator


It's a busy time in the music department!  After a very successful 'Expo' for the year 7 students last Tuesday evening, letters have been given out to those students wanting to enter the music program. We look forward to many new faces!

The bands have all started rehearsals, and the students their lessons ... back into full swing.

A very important meeting is coming up ... The Music Support Group AGM - Monday 2nd March, 8pm in the main rehearsal room.  All welcome - don't be turned off by the title of the meeting! 'General' members are always needed, as well as the executive.

Any queries, please ring Jill in the Music Office on 9430 5127

Jill Browne, Music Administration


We’re all aware of the terrible loss facing so many people.   One such story is of Strathewen Primary School … at the school and in homes, the students of this small school have lost their musical instruments.

If you have a recorder, violin, keyboard or another instrument (a cello was requested!) that you don’t need any more but are in good working order please drop them off at the Music Office at Eltham High School.

If you have any queries please ring Jill on 9430 5127


All community announcements on the web version this week


LOTE & Learning Part 3

Did you know?

Did you know that there are many benefits of learning a LOTE. Research indicates that children who have grown up learning 2 or more different languages are better problem solvers. (Professor of Linguistics, Monash University)

LOTE at home: How can parents help their children to learn French /Indonesian if they do not know these languages? The following advice from Peta Lowrey’s article answers this frequently asked question. (Read more at http://www.lote-at-home.com.au ) Immersion in a language is the simplest and fastest way to learn a new language. Every day use of the language brings meaning and relevance to your children's LOTE classes. It encourages the use of language and tests the knowledge gained in class on a regular basis. If you're not familiar with your child's LOTE you may find the pronunciation of some of the words challenging. Encourage discussion with your child / children on how to pronounce the words and if there is confusion suggest that they ask their LOTE Teacher for some guidance and then get them to teach you the correct way of pronouncing the words. This will help them to understand the word and give them a sense of pride in being able to teach you something too.


Pompa Brady, Teaching & Learning Leader LOTE

Youth Science Space Experience USA 2009

Raffle: 1st prize: Oil painting by renowned local artist Alan Satori – value $2000

2nd prize: Kodak C813 digital camera with 4 bonus 1228MB memory cards - value $200

Tickets $5 each

Drawn Friday 20th March 2009 at Eltham High School, Withers Way Eltham.  Winners notified by phone

Tickets available/prizes displayed in the Admin foyer.


Canteen Roster

February / March 2009

Wed 25

Joanne Fischer, Belinda Dowel, Tracey Jarvis, Natalie Lawon

Thur 26

Christine Carroll, Wendy David

Fri 27

Leonie Knoblock, Suzie Gerrard, Chris Williams

Mon 2

Vivian Heath, Lesley Nihill, Jacqui Hodge

Tues 3

Alice Eastwood, Lilly Pillot

Wed 4

Joanne Agar, Jane Clayton, Yvonne Heeringa


Middle School Homework Club

Middle School Homework Club will commence 25th February and will be held every Wednesday from 3:20 until 4:20pm in room 105.  Students are free to attend on a casual basis to catch up on homework in a supervised setting.  A healthy snack will be provided.  For more information see Soile Keskinen in the Middle School Office.

Science Semester 1 Trial Exams

Year 12 students: Trial Exams Orders are being taken now, students should pay the cashier by Monday 6th March.

Please bring your order form (available from your teacher) with the money.

Amanda Mc Ternan, Teaching & Learning Leader Science



Families who would like to use the DVC bus that travels to/from Kangaroo Ground and connects with the MET bus service at Research, would you please contact the school to register your interest in using this service?  New arrangements are being put in place with DVC so that students can use this service.

While details are being finalised with DVC, please let us know who will be using the bus, and what the usual days of travel would be.

Student name:

Mon       Tues      Wed      Thurs       Fri

Day used:                                                am      /      pm

School Photos taken Mon 23 February

Any student with no envelope/payment was photographed and recorded as a non-buyer; this can be changed to a purchaser after payment has been received by Fotomakers.  Payment must be received in 5 working days – phone 1300 660 626 to arrange payment.

Working Bee Report – Sun 22 February

A mild overcast 28 C day greeted to 60+ volunteers who made the sacrifice on Sunday to lend a hand to our first Working Bee for the year.  After 3 plus hours of full on work the place i.e. Eltham High School was renewed, cleaned, swept, pruned, fenced and above all loved and respected by those who attended on the day.  Thanks to all those who came and made a difference.  As always these events don’t happen without preparation and organization and as usual our Grounds Committee crew are always aon the ball with this execution.  Thanks to John Prenc, Leo Adamson, Bruce Voisey, Frank Metcalf, Martin Stenborgh, Sue Wasahington, Mick Kennedy, Philip Green, Steve Moon, Sue Hamilton-Green, Bronwyn and Michael Cervinka, Andrew Wilson, Vincent Sicari and Bob Ackland for their leadership on the day.  The school couldn’t do without you.

Below are listed some of the positive results for the day.

ü  A new 20m section of post and pipe fence was constructed on the south side of the stadium.  The group involved also prepared the next section of construction for the 29th March.

ü  Three new seats were constructed on the Bell St fence

ü  Significant amounts of pruning were completed in the courtyards and around the stadium

ü  Watering of the garden complex ongoing with the tank water during the day.

ü  A significant amount of sweeping was completed adjacent to the stadium, front of school and courtyard complexes.  The brooms are almost worn out.

ü  Brush cutting and mowing exercises were completed around a significant part of the school complex to clean up the many untidy areas.

ü  A significant number of drains were subjected to intense cleaning below ground level.

Again I would like to acknowledge on behalf of the Grounds Committee those who turned out for the day and made a difference.   I think that is all we can ask.  Make a difference and feel proud of what you have done.  Make suggestions for improvement and if you want to join a “cool” group in the school join the Grounds Committee and make that “environmental difference”.

John Coates for the Grounds Committee

Families/Volunteers on the day

John Coates

John Prenc

Leo Adamson

Bruce Voisey

Hector Hart

Frank Metcalf

Martin Stenborg

Sue Washington

Mick Kennedy

Melanie Granville-Smith

Philip Green

David Rosel

Steve Moon

Darren Squires

Carol Galea

Andrew Wilson

Isabel Hamilton -Green

David McKindlay

Mark Goodridge

Phillip Howe

Paul Kirkwood

Jackie Campbell

Michael Cervinka

Bronwyun Cervinka

Vincent Sicari

Mary Beswick

Martin Hasan

Kerry Laing

Greg Laing

Philip David

Terry Phillips

Craig Lacey

Mik Becker

Simon Biddiscombe

Bill Taylor

Bob Ackland

Rick Kline

Helen Van Gemet

Anna Thamm

Georgie Thamm

Willow Conway

Colin James

Katrina Kelly

Phil Robertson

Wendy & Hariff Gunnoo

Leanne Ipsen

Jean & Derek Russell

Adam Laing

Sue Hamilton-Green

The Cooke family



Junior School Notices Yr 7 & 8

Homework Club will run for Junior school students and start on Wednesday mornings from 8am until 8:45am – please report to the Junior school office.


Yr 7 Immunisation cards have been collected by Nillumbik Health, please return your cards directly to 917 Main Road, Eltham 3095 thank you

Year 8 Surf Camp

Year 8 surf camp is drawing close.

The schedule is as follows:

Camp 1             Tues 3rd / Wednesday 4th March    8C and 8E

Camp 2             Wednesday 4th / Thursday 5th March    8B

Camp 3             Thursday 5th / Friday 6th March    8A  and 8G

Camp 4 Wed 11th / Thurs 12th March    8F and 8J

Camp 5 Thursday 12th / Friday 13th March                8D and 8H

Meetings for each of these camps will be held Lunchtimes starting Wednesday.  Full equipment lists and detailed programs will be given out.  If you can’t wait both able to be downloaded from the document library under the Junior School section of the intranet.

Any late forms and or payments need to finalised as soon as possible.

“Surfs Up” Mr Seymour, Yr 8 Camp organiser


Education Maintenance Allowance

Submit your application to the school by 27 February 2009 (for first instalment)

Applications are available from the General Office.


At Monash Seminar Series 2009

      Faculty, student & graduate speakers


Arts & Humanities

Wednesday 1 April Clayton campus


Wednesday 13 May Caulfield Campus

Business & Economics

Wednesday 20 May Caulfield Campus


Tuesday 16 June Caulfield Campus

Drama & Theatre Studies

Tuesday 19 May Clayton Campus

Education, Sport & Outdoor Recreation

Tuesday 5 May Peninsula Campus

Fine Arts

Wednesday 24 June Caulfield Campus


Thursday 21 May Clayton Campus

Information Technology

Tuesday 2 June Caulfield Campus


Wednesday 3 June Caulfield Campus

Medicine, Biomedical Science, Nutrition & Dietetics

Wednesday 17 June

Multimedia & Digital Art

Wednesday 15 July

Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedics

Wednesday 10 June Peninsula Campus

Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Tuesday 12 May Parkville Campus

Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Health Sciences

Thursday 7 May Peninsula Campus


Monday 18 May Clayton Campus


Tuesday 31 March Clayton Campus


For more information & to book online

http://www.monash.edu.au/study/events Tele 9903 4758

Email valerie.foster@adm.monash.edu.au


Peter Goddard, Careers Teacher


EHS is offering a heavily subsidised place on the tour to Turkey and Egypt in January 2010 to a Yr 9 student who can write the best response to a history topic. The details are yet to be finalised but we would expect to cover about $3500 of the total tour cost.  Details will be given to Yr 9 students soon.  Please come and see me for more information.

Seamus Robertson, Teaching & Learning leader SOSE

Turkey/Egypt Community Tour Jan 2010

Have you always dreamt of visiting the Pyramids or cruising down the Nile?  Of learning first hand where King Tut was buried?  Or standing at Gallipoli and looking out to the Dardanelles?

Here is your chance.  A tour is being organised to Turkey and Egypt for approximately 18 days in January 2010.  Students who are interested are asked to speak to Mr Monigatti, Bu Brady or Ms Parry to register your interest and get a detailed itinerary.  Priority will be given to students wishing to travel, with other places available to parents, ex-students and staff.

An information session with Ian Williams from World Expeditions will be held in the EHS Staffroom on Monday 2nd March 2009 at 7:30pm

Community Announcements…………….


Are you 12-18 and want to make a difference in your community?  Ever wondered what it would be like to be the Mayor?

Banyule City Council is offering you a great opportunity to be involved in the Banyule Youth Express (BYE) 1st April 2009.  This event is an opportunity to have your opinion heard by government and youth agencies on issues that impact on all young people in Banyule.

Be a driver for change in your community and get yourself involved in this major event.

If you would like to nominate yourself or a friend to be “Mayor for the Day” or to take part in the Banyule Youth Express discussions go to www.banyule.vic.gov.au/youth/#8

Further info Katy 9457 9939 – katy.capdevila@banyule.vic.gov.au

Nillumbik Immunisation may be able to assist you

Following the devastation and destruction caused by the bush fires and loss of properties to the Nillumbik area, we are aware that some families may be unsure of the current immunisation status of their children, both infants and school children.   Contact Nillumbik Community Health Service on 9430 9138 or 9430 9124 or enquire about the immunisation timetable for 2009


What is it?

A free group for girls aged 13 – 17 years in Banyule/Nillumbik.

Every Wednesday at the Banyule Community Health Centre, West Heidelberg this group will run fun activities with food and fitness as well as lots more. A great way to connect with others and make new friends!

For more information, contact Shae on 0428 522656

FREEZA – rockthehill productions – 28th Feb doors open 5:45pm

$10 Entry fee

Bus from Hurstbridge Station to venue & return call 9433 3150 or SMS 0418 904 21see info@rockthehill.org.au

New location: Hurstbridge Community Hall Melways 263 A8

Rockthehill is a Fully supervised smoke, drug & alcohol free event


Active Parents Participating in Learning, Experiencing & Sharing

Wednesday evenings 7-9pm

March 5 – open information session @ shop 72 youth lounge

Main Street, Greensborough

Surviving you Adolescents Series

3 sessions Mar 11, 18, 25

Monthly Parental Info & Support Meetings

More info or to register your interest for these free events contact Lisa 9457 9907 / lisa.said@banyule.vic.gov.au

Red Chair – arts and artists

a series of artists talks on the first Wednesday of each month. Wed 4 March 2009 – 6:30pm registration for a 7pm start

Professional practice for artists – Getting the show up – Tamara Marwood with AMAG

Nillumbik Shire Council Chamber (Melway 11 A10)

Entry is free but places are limited

Cheese, wine and hot drinks provided

RSVP early to Nillumbik Arts & Cultural Services 9433 3359 – email artsinfo@nillumbik.vic.gov.au


Pro Vocal offers contemporary voice lessons for teenagers and is located in Briar Hill.  For information or to book an introductory lesson call Jayne on 0413352733 or email jayne@provocal.com.au

Melbourne Chorus (current Australian Champions of Sweet Adelines)

We sing 4 part harmony barbershop style.

You do not need to read music but be able to sing in tune and hold your part in your section.  Learning recordings are provided for all new songs and for the existing repertoire.

Membership drive commencing Wed 4 March for 4 weeks…phone 0431 140 450 see website www.melbournechorus.org.au for all details

Malaysia Trip 1st week Sept holidays 2009

We encourage students and parents to support this trip because having a firsthand experience is a wonderful way of learning the culture and language of any country. We encourage all students but particularly middle school and senior school students to give this serious consideration. Our fund raising efforts will start up again shortly. For details please see me or Pak Oliver.

Bonne chance and selamat belajar

Pompa Brady, Teaching & Learning leader LOTE

Mastering the VCE - February 2009

FREE lectures held at the University of Melbourne

Sat 28 Feb., & Sun 1 March

These lectures are guaranteed to motivate students and improve VCE scores!  Detailed course notes will be provided to all students.  Valued at over $200, these powerful lecturers are FREE OF CHARGE to students.  However students participating are asked to donate (minimum $5 to OXFAM –reps will be in attendance on the day)

Obtain an application form  9663 3311 or website www.tsfx.com.asu


Interested in Skateboarding??

A team of volunteers led by a local from St. Andrews has begun a project in Afghanistan teaching kids at school to skateboard. It’s all about a group of people trying to make a difference and giving the kids in war torn Kabul a chance to be children and smile. Their project, ‘Skateistan’ with the support of Afghan authorities, is now planning to start a school.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can help with fundraising, contact Denzil Bentley, Youth Outreach Worker, Nillumbik Shire Council on 9433 3327.

Tricia Fitzpatrick, Student Support Worker

Nillumbik Immunisation Service

Nillumbik Community Health Service Immunisation Team will be visiting our school to administer Hep B and Chickenpox vaccine to Year 7 students and Bootrix (Diptheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough) vaccine to Year 10 students, and HPV Cervical Cancer to female students in Year 7 on March 26.

Consent cards, an immunisation fact sheet and instructions have been forwarded home with your student. 

Only the perforated completed consent card (both YES & NO) is required to be returned by the end of this week please for collection by the Health Team.  Please note it is a requirement from DHS that all student consent cards are returned for data collection and immunisation coverage rate purposes.

Thank you for giving this matter your immediate attention.

Trevor Jenkins, Assistant Principal


Manningham City Council invites you to the opening of

four letter word

To be officially opened by artist Deborah Halpern, 6pm - 8pm

Wednesday 25 February 2009.

RSVP by Thursday 19 February 2009 to the Gallery on 9840 9367.

By The Very Stuff

A group of artists exploring the use of a variety of materials

including thread, tin, paper, ink, cloth, wood and beads.

Free Admission email gallery@manningham.vic.gov.au

website www.manningham.vic.gov.au/gallery

telephone 03 9840 9367

Interested in People from Other Countries?

Have you ever considered becoming a volunteer host family?

World Education Program (WEP) is looking for Volunteer Host families for International Students arriving in July 2009.  Students from Belgium, Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland are looking for families that are prepared to welcome them into their homes.  If you would like more information on beco0ming a Host family, please contact our National Office.  Full support is provided to all host families and their students!

Nikki Medwell, In bound Exchange Administrator, World Education Program.    Toll Free 1300 884 733….wep@wep.org.au 

Education Tax Refund

See web edition of Parent News week 1 2009

Student Welfare Notice

EGG is a group for young people in Nillumbik and Banyule who want to talk about their gender or sexuality.  We have discussions, activities, food and fun!  The group is free and meet Monday’s 4:30pm to 6:30pm at a venue close to Eltham Station, starting Feb 9th until Mar 23 2009. 

Get in touch with Roz  0439 812 316 / 9430 9153   email rozw@nchs.org.au  For info text: ‘EGG’ to 0439 812 316


Diamond Valley Table Tennis Association

Where:  Diamond Valley Sports Complex, Greensborough

(off Civic Drive ) Melways 11/A10.

Just turn up on any Friday  night during school  term.

The  cost  is  $20  for  the  term  for Juniors or $4 per night. While numbers are insufficient  for  Junior competition, we  are  inviting  parents  to  play  with  the  children for  free.  All  standards  welcome.

Rex & Lesly Rouse-Junr Coords  Ph 9435 5588


Annual Guide Dogs Victoria Open Day

a great family fun day - on Sunday 1 March from 10am - 4pm.

Located on Chandler Hwy, Kew (Melway 45B1)

Free Parking off site with shuttle bus service

Meet Wags the Dog and loads of our adorable puppies for

Guide Dogs Victoria’s annual Open Day.

With Guide Dog demonstrations, live entertainment, giveaways, show bags, competitions and loads of fun activities for the kids, Open Day is a fantastic family day out.

Entry via gold coin donation


Visit www.guidedogsvictoria.com.au for full details and parking information or phone 9854 4444

Sorry no pets allowed


Topline tennis coaching

Tennis Coaching Term 1 2009.  Tennis Coaching is available at Eltham High School.  Topline Tennis caters for all standards and ages with a number of group lesson places available at times to suit.  So come and learn to play tennis and get some exercise at the same time.  For more information please call David on 9432 3706

Learn all about student exchange, WEP Australia and the 2009/2010 exchange programs available at one of WEP’s FREE information sessions in Melbourne.

10 March 7.30 - 9.30pm Kingston Arts Centre, 979 Nepean Highway/Moorabbin 3189 

31 March, 16 June 7.30 - 9.30pm Hawthorn Library,

584 Glenferrie Road/Hawthorn 3122

Chess for Charity: Bush Fire Appeal

all monies raised go to the Red Cross Bush Fire Appeal

Where: Eltham High School

When: Sunday 15 March

Time: 10:00am to 3:30pm

Cost: $20 per player to be paid on the day

Prizes: Trophies, medals and certificates

Divisions: Primary school, Secondary school & Open

Format:Rapid rated tournament. 7-round Swiss

            Each player plays 7 games against a different opponent

Time Control: 15 minutes per player per game

Refreshments: Sausage sizzle and drinks available

To Enter: Entries open Tuesday 24 February, log on to

www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au and follow the chess link to complete the online form.

Entries close Friday 13 March.

Platform Youth Theatre and Curious Legends

•Ages 13 to 15

•What: Performance Workshops

•Where: Northcote Town Hall

• •Details: Term 2, Group-devised Performance Project, April 20th to June 15th

•Cost: $15 per class ($120 for term 1)

•Why: 'Cause it's fun, to build confidence, and make new friends!

If you'd like to book in for classes, or want more information, please contact Curious Legends on 8682 8577, or go to: www.curiouslegends.com.au



Register to receive an email version of this newsletter – this is a guarantee your copy reaches home – simply go to the web site – www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the newsletter link choose subscribe and follow the prompts.

Thank you for helping save paper & considering the environment.