Term 1  Week 9

Tuesday 31 March 2009


HOUSE ATHS SPORTS-THIS THURSDAY APRIL 2 at Doncaster Aths Track (George St )

Remember this is a compulsory all school activity.  Buses will get students to and from the track and we encourage all students to come in costumes / dress in house colours to support their house.  Face painting will be available. Students can bring their own food or use the canteen at the track.

Students have already signed up for the events they wish to compete in but you can compete in more or less events on the day if you wish.

Good Luck – Peter Nicholson, Sport co-ordinator

Our collection of books/instruments has been picked up…… thank you to all who donated.   It’s not too late though if you would like us to send the wanted items onto Middle Kinglake Primary School   picture story books, that may have had little use and now occupy space on your book shelf, guitars, keyboards & music stands [in good order!] Teachers are beginning to stock their new class rooms and would be most appreciative if our families could help.


Principal’s Report

Farewell to Evonne Locke:

I wish to congratulate Evonne Locke on her retirement and on behalf of the Eltham High School Community I wish her all the very best as she embarks on the next phase of her life. Evonne has been an outstanding member of the Support Staff and has been the voice of Eltham High School for many years (she is generally the first person to answer the telephone when a call comes in). As a staff member, Evonne has contributed tremendously to the education of our young people over her 26 years of service. Evonne began her work with us in 1983 under the leadership of Mr Wes Muir and in her time here she undertaken several roles. Her last position has been as the Principal’s and Executive Team’s Personal Assistant and the person responsible for Human Resource Services. As a parent of Eltham High School, Evonne has also contributed greatly to various aspects of school life. It is beyond the scope of this newsletter to mention all of Evonne’s roles over time and everything that she has achieved. This community will miss not having Evonne to rely on. Personally I know that I will miss her high level of professionalism; exceptional skills; her ongoing support; her calming spirit, her attention to detail and most importantly her understanding of the human element. Evonne, have a great time away from work and I am sure that you will make the most of every opportunity. All the very best from all of us!

End of Term One

The end of term has come upon us very quickly and what a term it has been!   We began invigorated and enthused, only to be challenged by the effects of the bush fires.  Reflecting on this I wish to thank all members of our community for their ongoing support and contribution in dealing with this horrific event which has devastated many families in our immediate and extended community.   But, as a group of people we are resilient in our approach and have been very connected with each other and to provide the needed strength on which to lean.   Realistically, we understand that this is far from over and that as a community we will be dealing with the consequences of this disaster for quite some time yet.   Therefore, it is appropriate that we embark on this term break with a positive view and attitude to have a well-earned rest.   I strongly encourage all staff and students to take a break from their work.   However, we also have to be mindful of our responsibility towards our preparation for Term Two and for the students, particularly those in the senior years to ensure that a continuation of their studies does take place.   I am certain that all Year 12 students, through their teachers and mentors, have been supported to develop a flexible, yet rigorous study regime which will serve them well during the break period.   I take this opportunity to wish everybody a very happy Easter and a safe and restful break and I look forward to seeing everyone back at the start of Term Two.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

The first Parent/Teacher Interviews took place over the last two weeks and it was great to see the number of parents and students who engaged with the process.   The conversations were very valuable to the assessment and reporting process and were able to identify for both students and parents the work required to ensure improvement over the second term of this semester.

Accompanying our first Parent/Teacher conversations was the on-line reporting process.   Since this was our trial I wish to thank all parents and students for the feedback that we have received.   As with any new process a small number of issues have been identified and we are in the process of addressing these prior to the second reporting session at the end of the semester.   Generally, the on-line process was well received and I thank all the staff, in particular Mr. Darren Squires and the Sub-school Co-ordinators for making this as painless a process as possible.

If it was not possible for you to see all of your child’s teachers please do not hesitate to contact them via e-mail.   A copy of all staff members’ e-mail addresses was sent out with the hard copy of the newsletter a few weeks ago and we will include an additional copy with this edition.

Aerosol Sprays and Containers

Aerosol sprays are a health hazard.   We have a number of students and staff in the school who are asthmatic and others who have severe allergic reactions to the propellants in aerosol sprays.

Aerosol sprays, with the exception of medication (e.g. Ventalin etc.) are banned from the school.   Everyone is expected to behave responsibly in relation to this issue.

I ask all parents to ensure that their children leave any aerosol sprays that they may have, at home.   Staff members have been requested to be vigilant and I am informing you that aerosol sprays will be confiscated and disposed of.   This is a serious matter, which if not addressed can result in a fatality, hence we want to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students and staff, so I ask you for your support in ensuring that your children respond to this positively.   Every member of this community has the right to feel and be safe at school.

End of Term Staff Changes

As the term comes to a close I wish to acknowledge the excellent work of Ms. Carly Young and Ms. Clare McKay, both of whom will be leaving us on Friday to embark on the experience of motherhood.   Both Ms. Young and Ms. McKay will be on maternity leave for an extended period of time and I take this opportunity to thank them for their outstanding contribution to our school and the young people in our care.   Furthermore, I wish them all the very best as they embark on this next phase of their lives.   I look forward to welcoming them back to the school with their new family addition.

I also wish Mr. Garry McKelvie all the very best during his extended long service leave for the remainder of this year.   Mr. McKelvie has been an outstanding member of staff and his contribution to our school and student learning will be missed.   I am certain that Garry will have a fabulous time during this period of rest from the profession.

As well, I wish the very best to Ms. Jeanette Carrazza, Ms. Jeanette Carter, and Mr. Greg Thomas who will be on short term leave at the start of Term Two.

I am happy to inform you that replacements for all staff on leave have been appointed as well as a new appointment to the Principal’s PA and HR Services position.   We will welcome all the new staff to the school in the first edition of the Term Two newsletter.

Volleyball Trip to New Zealand

I wish all the very best to the team of staff and students who will be travelling to New Zealand during this vacation for the volleyball tour.   A great deal of excitement is running through the group at this point in time as they prepare for their much awaited adventure.   I am certain that they will have a fabulous time and as always they will represent our school with a high degree of dignity and excellence.   I thank Mr. Greg Thomas for his organisation of this event as well as Mr. Peter Seymour and Ms. Julie Allen for their willingness to be involved in this experience particularly during a break period which otherwise would have been their period of rest.  We look forward to hearing about their adventure early next term.

Working Bee

I wish to thank all members of our community who participated in last week’s Working Bee.   The outstanding number of over seventy people ensured that a great deal of work was achieved.   As we walk through the school grounds the hard work and contribution of our community is evident.   The day turned out to be a day of hard work and socialisation.   I thank all members of the Grounds Committee for their meticulous organisation of the day and in particular, Mr. John Coates for his leadership in preparation for the event, and I particularly recommend his report.   I look forward to seeing you all at the first working bee of Term Two.  

An Eltham Autumn Afternoon

Congratulations to all students who performed at the music event on Sunday, 29th March in the Junior School courtyard.   The function was very well attended by parents, grandparents and friends who all marvelled at the wonderful talent of our students and staff.   The weather was fantastic for such outdoor entertainment and the Music Support Group provided great refreshments throughout the afternoon.   I wish to thank all members of the music staff for their hard work in organising and running the event and furthermore all members of the Music Support Group for their contribution to the afternoon.   Well done to everyone!

Last Day of Term

On the last day of term students will be dismissed at 2.30 pm, as is the usual practice and I ask you to ensure that travel arrangements are in place, particularly for the younger students who are required to travel home outside of normal hours.

Note of Condolence

We wish to express our sincere condolences to Ms. Vinnie Gandolfo on the recent loss of her father-in-law.   Our thoughts and prayers are with her at this difficult time.

Our sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to community members who commemorate the loss of their loved ones following the recent bush fires.  In particular, to the many friends of the Bartlett family who were remembered over the last week.

Vincent Sicari, Principal

Reminder time to register for the AUSTRALIAN MATHEMATICS COMPETITION

All students are invited to enter the 2009 competition developed by the Australian Mathematics Trust at the University of Canberra.  Students complete a paper for their year level.

Date and time: Thursday 6th August, periods 3 and 4

Cost: $5   Register by making payment to the cashier by 30th April (week 2 term 2).

Certificates to all who enter.  Prizes awarded to top students.  Mathematics staff will provide past papers for practice. See also www.amt.edu/events.html

The competition is designed to be fun. Each paper has multiple choice problems of varied levels and a few questions requiring a number answer.  It is an opportunity to enrich the Mathematics of all who enter.

Lyn Ivory, AMC Organiser 2009


For your dose of Art and Culture there are a number of Exhibitions for you to view these holidays.

Close to home you have the “Creative Minds” Nillumbik’s top VCE art and design students from 2008 at the Eltham Community Library Gallery. Eltham High School is very well represented with works by; Bethany Anderson, Martin Bennet, Michael Deuwaarder, James Edwards, Erin Kersing, Bonnie McLeod, Jessie Pittard and Andrea White.  We congratulate all these students on the exceptional quality of their art works and their foray into the world of the exhibiting artist. 

Closer to town you can visit the Museum to view the Top Designs Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum.   Here you will be able to see Owen Gregory’s Multimedia work. Then continue on to NGV Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square to see the Top Arts Exhibition.

On the way stop in at the Heide Museum of Modern Art to have a look at the untold story of modernism in Australia

21 March 2009 - 12 July 2009

Further afield Lyn Davis, recently retired from Eltham High School, has an exhibition of paintings at OAK HILL GALLERY, 100 Mornington Tyabb, Rd, Mornington.  These works show her amazing artistic talents and explain why so many artists have emerged from her class room.

Linda McLeod, Head of Arts


April 2009

Wed 1

SoSE Yr 12 Legal Fieldwork to Supreme Court

Thurs 2

Sport Athletics sports at George St Doncaster

VSSSA Swimming at MSAC

Fri 3

Early finish to school day – revised bell times below

















Period 6 ends 2:30pm

Last day ---happy holidays to all 

Sat 4

Term 1 holidays begin

Sport Volleyball tour New Zealand

Sun 5

Music Symphonic Band Bushfire Relief Concert Eltham Alistair Knox Park

Mon 20

Term 2 begins

Thurs 23

Sci Yr 12 Biology Fieldwork to Uni High

OES Yr 11 City trip

Middle School Homework Club

Middle School Homework Club is held every Wednesday from 3:20 until 4:20pm in Room 105.  Students are free to attend on a casual basis to catch up on homework in a supervised setting.  A healthy snack will be provided. 

For more information see Soile Keskinen in the Middle School Office.

Wanted for photography students

Old SLR film cameras in working order, if you can help, and have a camera you are no longer using please send it along to Mr Lyons or Mr Clark.  Thank you


Last week a number of Year 10 students attended a training day at EHS as part of their induction into the Peer Mentoring Program. This leadership opportunity will enable these students to develop relationships with students from the Junior School and assist them with their connection to the school. Our mentors are to be congratulated for their interest and commitment to be active and genuine role models for our community. Their role will be to support individual students from Term 2 and the work of coordinators and student welfare staff in the school.

The program always needs more mentors, so if you are a Yr 10 or student from Senior School who is interested in informally supporting and being a positive role model for a younger student, could you please email me: fit@elthamhs.vic.gov.au or see me in RM 609 on Mondays or Tuesdays. The program is particularly in need of older boys to act as mentors.   Congratulations to the following students who will act as Peer Mentors in 2009:

Aili Adamson

Lucinda Anderson

James Burke

Rachel Cleary

Rachael Ellis

Grace Wight

Clara Mullings

Madeleine Lewis

Ellen Milankovic

Tess Parker

Zoe Fox

Georgia Smith

Rebecca Van Gemert

Samantha Humphrey

Ashlea Witoslawski

Tessa Mitchell

Gabrielle Ward


Invitation to be part of a Body Image Project, ‘AS-U-R’

Concern with body image is one of the top 3 issues of concern to young people aged 11-19 (Mission Australia, 2007).  Projects designed by young people to identify and promote positive body image are vital in changing dominant messages in the community about what is a positive body image and what does a healthy lifestyle mean for young people.  Young people are dieting and expressing dissatisfaction with their body shapes at an increasingly young age.  Despite this, the average body weight is increasing, however the mixed messages presented by the media are promoting the ideal body type as thinner.

2008 school research indicated that body image, self esteem, the need to fit in, peer pressure and poor eating habits were common across all age groups.

Students from Middle School and Year 11 are invited to participate in a range of sessions aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness of the issue of body image.  The sessions will be presented by The Butterfly Foundation, Women’s Circus, Indigo Magazine, Nillumbik Community Health and a former body builder.

The project, ‘AS-U-R’, will involve attendance at the sessions at the school in Term 2 and then presentations to Junior School students and Year 5/6 students at Eltham North PS.  The final part of the project is the design and construction of a webpage for the school’s intranet to provide information for students on the issue of body image and positive living.

To register your interest in this project, see Tricia Fitzpatrick, Room 609 (Mon & Tues) or email: fit@elthamhs.vic.edu.au

Our Symphonic band will also perform…..Please show your appreciation and donate to the CFA on the day….all ages family event – BYO Picnic, rugs and umbrella – no alcohol – no dogs


Year 10 Work Experience: May 25-29

By now most Year 10 students have undertaken the Career Voyage program and have printed out a list of job suggestions. They should be actively arranging a work experience placement in one of these jobs now. The due date for handing in Work Experience forms is Friday May 1 (second week of Term 2).

Talk and Tour – La Trobe University

Talk and Tour allows students and their families to spend a morning getting to know La Trobe during the school holidays (Tues. 7th April, 9.30am–12noon). Students are able to:

• ask questions about university life and the transition from school

• hear from current students about their experiences

• speak to faculty representatives and get course information

• take a tour around campus

Register at www.latrobe.edu.au/talkandtour

Undergraduate Medicine & Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT).

This is used in the selection of students for certain Australian degrees; eg selection of students to study medicine and physiotherapy at Monash Uni. involves a combination of ENTER, UMAT and interview; pharmacy at Monash use the ENTER and UMAT. The UMAT test date for 2009 is 29 July; registrations open in April. The UMAT Information Booklet is NOW available at http://umatweb.acer.edu.au

NOTE: Some University of Melbourne courses which required the UMAT no longer do so as they are post-graduate entry under the ‘Melbourne Model’ (dentistry, medicine optometry, physiotherapy). The Bachelor of Oral Health still uses the UMAT. The Faculty of Health Sciences at La Trobe University has confirmed that the UMAT will only be a requirement for NON Year 12 applicants applying for Dentistry and Oral Health Science in 2010 and NOT current Year 12 applicants (see page 3 of the 2009 Information Booklet).

Engineering Careers Expo

Engineers Australia invites you to attend the free Engineering Careers Expo to be held on Wed. 29th April at the Melbourne Town Hall, 1 – 7pm. Gain the knowledge to make a choice regarding the engineering and career opportunities available in engineering. More than 60 employers, tertiary institutions and recruitment experts will be present.

Deloitte Traineeship (cadetship) program

This program provides high achieving Year 12 students interested in a career in business or accounting with the opportunity to gain paid employment while completing a relevant university degree. Find out more at www.graduates.deloitte.com.au and at the information evening: Thurs June 11, 5.30–7.30pm, 550 Bourke St Melbourne. RSVP kermarshall@deloitte.com.au June 12. 

Centre of Fashion Holiday Workshops

Kangan Batman TAFE’s Centre of Fashion in Richmond is running two programs in the forthcoming school holidays:

Discover your Personal Style, a 2-day course (April 16 & 17) designed for Year 10-12 students who want to learn to dress and feel confident by selecting the right colours and styles to suit their body shape and features. Look at current fashion trends and colours to personalise your appearance, applying basic styling and makeup techniques.

Ready Set Retail, a 2-day course (April 14 & 15) that provides students with the basic skills and knowledge to gain employment in the retail environment: meeting and greeting customers, using and maintaining retail equipment, communicating with people from diverse backgrounds, basic cash register operations.

For more details and to register: www.kangan.edu.au/courses/short-courses/

The Age VCE & Careers Expo

This event (Friday 24 April – Sunday 26 April, 10am to 5pm, Caulfield racecourse) brings together over 150 organizations providing VCE, tertiary course, career, study skills and gap year information and resources. Exhibitors include all Australia’s major universities. Admission is $10 or $25 for families (children under 14 free) and is valid for the three days of the Expo. Admission includes all seminars, the career forum and a copy of The Age. For more details see the Expo Visitor Guide in The Age on Monday 20 April or www.vceandcareers.com.au/ I still have a few free tickets available.                         Peter Goddard, Careers Teacher

Working Bee Report – Sun 29 March

Don’t you just love autumn in Melbourne.  Lovely crisp mornings sunny skies, no wind, a great day to go fishing, but just not Sunday!  Sunday was Working Bee day for over 65 serious volunteers of our school community and what a great amount of work was achieved around our school.  When you walk away and look back you can say I made a difference to Eltham High School and my child’s learning environment and we acknowledge you for your commitment.  These events don’t happen without preparation and organization on the day and the Grounds Committee members are just brilliant in that department for leading, provisioning and catering for the needs of the attendees on the day.  I would like to acknowledge and thank the following members of our group on the day.  John Prenc, Sue Washington, Michelle Stenborg, Martin Stenborg, Mick Kennedy, Leo Adamson, Vincent Sicari, Steve Moon, Bruce Voisey, Mal Sinclair, Chris Morrison, Matthew Jones, Sue Gwilym, Adam Boulter, Bob Ackland, Philip Green and Sue Hamilton-Green.  You are all fantastic and the school can’t do without you.  Summarised below is what was achieved on the day.

ü  30 metres of post and pipe fence was constructed on the south side of stadium complex.

ü  A significant amount of soil was relocated in preparation for new plantings in May.

ü  An amazing amount of pruning was achieved in a variety of locations around the school.  .

ü  The school been swept, swept and swept.  It looks great in the courtyards as well as out the front.   Thanks to our 8am starters!

ü  A significant amount of mowing and brush cutting was completed in the targeted areas.

ü  A small garden area adjacent to our new tanks was planted, guarded, watered and mulched.

ü  Tree guards in the Junior school courtyard were removed.

ü  The area on the north face of the library was prepared for paving over the holiday period.

ü  Bricks in the courtyard area were removed as they were deemed a tripping hazard.

ü  The front of the school is the eastern face was cleaned up and soil added in preparation for planting in May.  Let’s hope for some decent rain before then.

ü  Some important planning was conducted for further consideration in relation to the eastern bank adjacent to the oval.  More to come from Philip.

In conclusion what a great day; lots of productive work included with a cleanup and barbeque to the entertaining vibes of various bands in the junior school courtyard.  Thanks to all who attended and contributed.

Families/individuals acknowledged for attending Sunday

















































John Coates for the Grounds Committee


Eltham High School students travelling on the DVC bus to Kangaroo Ground need to be on the first Research bus in order to make the connection.  Please quickly make your way to the bus bay immediately at the end of the day.

Students who wish to use the Kangaroo Ground bus for casual travel need to obtain a day pass to travel on this bus.  A day pass can be obtained from the Business Manager, provided that arrangements are made prior to 1:00pm on the day of travel and also that seats are available on that day.

Bruce Martyn, Business Manager


Good Friday is fast approaching and so is the RCH Good Friday Appeal!

Over the past two years Eltham High School students, parents and staff have supported this appeal by being involved with the Pied Piper in the door knock on Good Friday morning. Our team has collected over $10,000 over the two years for this very worthwhile cause. We would like to put together a team to again participate in the Appeal.

If you would like to be involved on the morning of Good Friday (9.00am-12.30pm) in our door-to-door knock, please see Mrs. Choong in the Senior School Office. Students will door-knock in teams (4 students) with an adult supervisor who will remain with them during the time they are out collecting. Food, drinks etc are provided throughout the morning and on your return to school.

Parents interested in volunteering their time to work with our team for the Appeal are asked to let me know of this intention either by phone on 94305132 or email at cho@elthamhs.vic.edu.au

The last two collections have provided our participating student, parents and staff a very pleasant and enjoyable morning supporting the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Looking forward to you support,                    Jenny Choong.

Have you changed your contact details?

Please notify Ms Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 94305114 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au

EMA cheques are available for pick up from the cashier.


Register to receive an email version of this newsletterthis is a guarantee your copy reaches home – simply go to the web site – www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the newsletter link choose subscribe and follow the prompts.

Thank you for helping save paper & considering the environment.

Red Cross Blood Bank – Blood Donations

‘Rutter House leaders would like to encourage everyone over the age of 16 to donate blood to the Red Cross Blood Bank.

During the first week of the school holidays the mobile blood bank will be at the Eltham Community & Recreation Centre, Cnr Pitt St and Main Rd. Eltham.  All students over the age of 16 can donate.  If you are between 16 and 18 you will need to fill in the necessary form giving parental permission (available from Senior School Office).  If you are over 18, photo ID is required.

The Blood Bank is in Eltham……..

Monday 6 April, Tuesday 7 April, Wednesday 8 April, Thursday 9 April from 1-30pm-7.30pm each day

House Leaders have organised a time with the Blood Bank to help introduce new donors to this rewarding experience and to hold your hand if necessary.

Be at the Eltham Community & Reception Centre on Wednesday at 2 or 3:30 and we will all donate together (or go at a time which suits you)

Enquiries: Kerry Lambert in Senior School Office.


A very successful and enjoyable 'Autumn Afternoon' was had by all on Sunday.  Thankyou ... to students for your showcasing the talents at Eltham, to the parents for supporting your children and the program, to the conductors for your enthusiasm and the Music Support Group for all your assistance in the organising of events such as these.

What's next?  The Symphonic Band are playing on Sunday 5th April at 2.50pm on the community stage at 'The Day of Healing' concert.

Jazz Night ... everyone, mark this on your calendar! Thursday 23rd April 7.30pm at the Plenty Ranges Arts and Convention Centre, 35 Ferres Blvd, South Morang.

Ensembles from Eltham High, Blackburn High and Geelong Christian College will be performing ... an evening that's aiding a Bushfire Relief fundraiser.

BYO nibbles, drinks at the bar. You can make up a table of 10 or join others on a table. Tickets are $12 Adult, $8 Concession.

Contact Jill in the music office for tickets.

Please support this great night of music as well as a worthy fundraiser.

Jill Browne, Music Administration

Stage Band Performance at Yea...

On Sunday 15th March the Eltham High Stage Band went to the town of Yea.

As most of you would know Yea was one of the towns affected by the bush fires, and on this day the Yea Autumn festival was held.

On the way up we drove through some areas that were hit by the bushfires and saw firsthand the devastation these fires had caused.  When we arrived in Yea everyone was enjoying themselves shopping at the market, eating at cafes, looking at some vintage cars and listening to live bands.  This included bands such as Little Red, Weddings-Parties-Anything, Spiderbait and of course the E.H.S Stage Band.

We were introduced by comedian Frank Woodley, and after the performance, we were able to get a photo with him, an autograph and have a chat.

Through out the day we got to buy from the wide range of market stalls which supplied items from wood and metal craft to assorted jams and condiments.

The market wasn't the only point of interest: "Shannon's" car insurance company had a line up of vintage cars along the main street; there were children's activities and art and craft exhibitions in the Shires offices.  People who wanted could even get a helicopter ride over Yea and with so many fantastic cafes and restaurants nobody went hungry through the day.

Our performance went for just over half an hour and we played a set of songs which featured many of our band members performing amazing improvised solos and one song arranged by our very own conductor, Ed Fairlie.

The band was very much appreciated and our music was enjoyed by all who watched.  The day provided much needed relief to the town of Yea.

Will Guest, Stage Band Leader


The student leaders have been hard at work this term not only choreographing some awesome routines, but selecting music, getting to know the students and beginning to talk set and costumes.

Danielle Murray, a year 12 student leader, was the mastermind behind the theme this year. She was originally attracted to the fun and costumes that could be involved in telling the story of the Disney classic "Alice in Wonderland", however, when doing some background research she found the story behind the tale was more than meets the eye. While the underlying theme is still Alice in Wonderland, our performance looks at the effects of peer group pressure - Alice follows the White rabbit' as she thinks he looks harmless and wants to party with Mad Hatters because 'it looks fun'.

Next Monday, May 30th, all performers will come together for the first time to work on and perform their part of the production to the other groups. This rehearsal will be important to attend as information regarding next terms rehearsals will be discussed and sent home.

Coming up early next term will be our second fundraising event for the year - ten pin bowling. A heap of fun for all family and friends.

Brooke Gannon, Rock Eisteddfod Organizer

Turkey/Egypt Community Tour Jan 2010


Have you always dreamt of visiting the Pyramids or cruising down the Nile?  Of learning first hand where King Tut was buried?  Or standing at Gallipoli and looking out to the Dardanelles? Here is your chance. 

A tour is being organised to Turkey and Egypt for approximately 18 days in January 2010.  Students who are interested are asked to speak to Mr Monigatti, Bu Brady or Ms Parry to register your interest and get a detailed itinerary.  Priority will be given to students wishing to travel, with other places available to parents, ex-students and staff



Volleyball Important Dates

4 – 17 April

New Zealand Volleyball Tour

27th April

Northern Zone Volleyball –Senior /Inter

14th May

VSSSA Senior Volleyball Final

21st May

VSSSA Inter Volleyball Final

7, 8 & 9 Aug

Victorian Schools Cup

10th Nov

Northern Zone Volleyball for 7 and 8

26th Nov

VSSSA Volleyball Final for 7 and 8

7 – 11 Dec

Australian Schools Cup

Quarter Final Volleyball Matches

Congratulations to our year 7 and 8 teams on winning the quarter finals against the Warringal Group last Wednesday. They now move onto the Northern Zone competition in term 4 – Tuesday 10th November.

New Zealand Volleyball Tour.

Four sleeps to go……. Best wishes for a great trip

AVSC team photos

Students who participated in the Australian Schools Volleyball Cup last December can collect their team photo from Mr Thomas this week.

Mr Thomas will be on leave for the first four weeks of term two. Questions concerning volleyball can be directed to Mr De Korte or Mr Nicholson.  

Greg Thomas, Volleyball coordinator

2009 SWIM SQUAD – Thursday morning

Be in it this week!!!… just come along to the Eltham Leisure Centre Thursday from 7 until 8am and say hello to our coaches Neroli and Simon.  It’s a great way to start the day.

Phil Boyd, Swim Squad leader


More community announcements on the web version

Community Announcements…………….


Walk, run, skate, hop, ride – but be sure to join in and have fun

Help others while having a great day

Free sausage sizzle afterwards, refreshments en route

Register: 9720 1703 digger@netspace.net.au

Sunday 3rd May

Start & Finish at St John Ambulance Hall Elgar Park

Box Hill North      Mel 47 B4   Supporting Oxfam Australia

For Sale

Sonar Drum Kit - Top quality

5 piece sonar drum kit with “paiste” Hi hats & ride & crash cymbals.   Excellent condition only $400 valued at $1000 phone Andrea 04230 83711/9435 5724


Creative Minds 25 March -14 April

Nillumbik’s Top VCE Art Students from 2008

At the Eltham Library Community Gallery

Make a difference to someone’s life! Work in Community Services

Certificate 11 in Community Services CHC 20202

This course is being run on Wednesdays commencing April 22 and we are conducting.  For further information

Contact the Coordinator Vocational Education and Training: George Katsikas Tel: 9433 3742

Email: george.katsikas@nillumbik.vic.gov.au

Or drop in at Living & Learning, 739 Main Road, Eltham

18 Bishops Road, Panton Hill or 119 Cowin Street, Diamond Creek

Mat Pilates

Pilates creates deep abdominal strength, lower back flexibility and muscle tone, bringing a sense of grace & ease in everyday life. The beginners routine is steadily introduced, so you can practise at home.

1 hour sessions. 
* Tues 8pm or * Wed 7.30pm ~ 5 week BEGINNER Course $70 ~ Starting 21st/22nd April ~ Eltham North
* Wed 10.30am ~ Casual $15 during terms ~ Diamond Creek
* 6 Experienced Course times Mon - Thurs 

Iyengar Yoga
The benefits brought by Yoga fulfil and delight the body & mind. Yoga develops strength, suppleness and increases your stamina.   Iyengar Yoga uses props to enable greater accuracy and allows everyone to feel the benefits. 
* Day & Evening casual sessions.

Murray & Gillian Lazenby 9444 0700 www.lazenbyyoga.com.au
Eltham North Primary - Diamond Creek Community Centre (with creche) - Eltham Judge Book Village

Heidelberg Golf Club

“Come and Try Golf”

Heidelberg Golf Club invites students, both boys & girls (10yr+) to participate in our coaching program

Includes coaching clinics plus a game of golf at Heidelberg

Clinics (9:30am) Boys Sat 4 April 09 - Girls Sun 5 April 09

Game of golf Tuesday 7 April 2009      Cost NO CHARGE

All clinics are conducted and supervised – Golf clubs provided free of charge

Bookings are essential   Enquiries/bookings 9435 1160 /email hgcpro@live.com.au

Student Focus

Student Focus is a lunchtime get together for year 7’s and 8’s every Tuesday in room 101. Come, hang out and join in some crazy, random games! We might even give away a prize or two… If you have any questions, please contact Neale at ngrimes@elthambaptist.netRun by Eltham Baptist Church

Canteen Roster

April 2009

April 1

Linda Palmer, Michelle Ord, Jenny Alford

Thurs 2

Athletics day at Doncaster

Fri 3

Canteen staff

Term 2 rosters will be mailed to our volunteers

Please note: No sale of any cough lollies is permitted by the new regulations governing items of confectionary from the canteen.

Junior School Notices Yr 7 & 8

Homework Club for Junior school students is on Wednesday mornings from 8am until 8:45am – please report to the Junior school office.


Good wishes to all staff & students for a safe Easter break



Our popular HOLIDAY PROGRAMME starts on APRIL 6th! Our holiday programme is taught by industry professionals and teaching artists of the highest calibre who are eager to share their techniques and experiences. Our holiday programme is a whirlwind of fun, where young people can learn acting techniques, extend their creativity, build confidence and make new friends!

Our autumn holiday programme for 5 TO 8, 9 TO 12 & 13 TO 17 year olds, will run for 4 days (Monday to Thursday) due to Good Friday Public Holiday so we are offering a 20% discount off the regular Holiday Programme cost! Hurrah!

Our holiday programme runs at our South Yarra location only. 5 to 8 year olds! Monday April 6th to Thursday April 9th 9:30 to 11:30am End of week presentation will run on Thursday at 11am  Cost - $155 Tutors – Jacqui Hoy (she’s back!) and Rob Lloyd!

9 to 12 year olds Monday April 6th to Thursday April 9th 12:00 to 4:00pm End of week presentation will run on Thursday at 3:30pm Cost - $220 Tutor – Lucy Withers

13 to 17 year olds (Screen Skills FOCUS) Monday April 6th to Thursday April 9th 12:00 to 4:00pm End of week presentation will run on Thursday at 3:30pm   Cost - $220 Tutor – Nicholas Coghlan

To enrol simply print out and fill in the enrolment form attached! Contact the office on 9867 2477 or info@stmartinsyouth.com.au if you have any queries! Please note all Stonington Resident places have been filled for this Holiday Programme.

School Photos taken Mon 23 February

Any student with no envelope/payment was photographed and recorded as a non-buyer; this can be changed to a purchaser after payment has been received by Fotomakers.  Payment must be received in 5 working days – phone 1300 660 626 to arrange payment.

Nillumbik Immunisation may be able to assist you

Following the devastation and destruction caused by the bush fires and loss of properties to the Nillumbik area, we are aware that some families may be unsure of the current immunisation status of their children, both infants and school children.   Contact Nillumbik Community Health Service on 9430 9138 or 9430 9124 or enquire about the immunisation timetable for 2009

Education Tax Refund

See web edition of Parent News week 1 2009


What is it?  A free group for girls aged 13 – 17 years in Banyule/Nillumbik.

Every Wednesday at the Banyule Community Health Centre, West Heidelberg this group will run fun activities with food and fitness as well as lots more. A great way to connect with others and make new friends! Contact Shae on 0428 522656


Pro Vocal offers contemporary voice lessons for teenagers and is located in Briar Hill.  For information or to book an introductory lesson call Jayne on 0413352733 or email jayne@provocal.com.au

Interested in People from Other Countries?

Have you ever considered becoming a volunteer host family?

World Education Program (WEP) is looking for Volunteer Host families for International Students arriving in July 2009.  Students from Belgium, Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland are looking for families that are prepared to welcome them into their homes.  If you would like more information on beco0ming a Host family, please contact our National Office.  Full support is provided to all host families and their students!

Nikki Medwell, In bound Exchange Administrator, World Education Program.    Toll Free 1300 884 733….wep@wep.org.au 


EHS is offering a heavily subsidised place on the tour to Turkey and Egypt in January 2010 to a Yr 9 student who can write the best response to a history topic. The details are yet to be finalised but we would expect to cover about $3500 of the total tour cost.  Details will be given to Yr 9 students soon.  Please come and see me for more information.

Seamus Robertson, Teaching & Learning leader SOSE

Masterclasses/Holiday Programme/Term 2 Workshops/ and a very special opportunity for 5 to 12 year olds…

Masterclass! HOW TO EVOLVE AN IDEA INTO A SHOW with KAGE PHYSICAL THEATRE!  Sunday MARCH 29th from 10am to 5pm.

Download an enrolment form from our website or email info@stmartinsyouth.com.au and we can get one to you!

Holiday Programme!

AUTUMN HOLIDAY PROGRAMME FOR 5 TO 8, 9 TO 12 AND 13 TO 17 YEAR OLDS! Monday APRIL 6th to Thursday APRIL 9th Cost: $220Places fill quickly! Enroll now to avoid disappointment! Download an enrolment form from our website or email info@stmartinsyouth.com.au and we can get one to you!

Term 2 Workshops begin April 20th! also 5 to 12 Year old Production!



As well as having a Senior & Reserves side in the Victorian Women’s Football League, the Diamond Creek Women’s Football Club is submitting a team into the AFL Youth Girls Northern Competition in 2009. So, if you’re aged between 13 & 18 and want to be a part of it then contact Nicole Fisher on 0435 027 152. Training is currently on a Tuesday Night at Diamond Valley Secondary College Tennis Courts from 4.45pm to 6.15pm.

Host Families wishing to host an Exchange Student

Should you and your family wish to host an Exchange Student from Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Brazil or Japan for any length of time and can afford to provide her or him with their meal and a bed , please contact their coordinator, Klaus Schumann, on (03)97584279. Look forward to speaking with you.

Southern Cross Cultural Exchange

An Australian not-for-profit  organisation specialising in international student exchange programs,  is seeking volunteer host families for high school students scheduled to arrive in Australia in July 2009 from Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark Finland, Japan, Brazil, Canada and the USA. Host families can choose from students staying for a range of either 3, 5 or 10 months and they all attend local high schools whilst they are in Australia. The main purpose of cultural exchange is to challenge youth towards international understanding and tolerance, encourage further learning, self knowledge and awareness - invaluable characteristics in today's world. We organise all the flights, school enrolment, transportation, insurances and support systems. Just imagine your son or daughter having a brother or sister for a few months from another country. It’s a great opportunity for Australian students to learn that there is a world of variety and opportunity waiting for them – different languages, foods, sports, customs, and perhaps an overseas visit to look forward to later on.

To enquire, call Southern Cross Cultural Exchange now toll free on 1800 500 501, visit www.scce.com.au or email scceaust@scce.com.au

Topline tennis coaching

Tennis Coaching Term 2 2009.  Tennis Coaching is available at Eltham High School.  Topline Tennis caters for all standards and ages with a number of group lesson places available at times to suit.  So come and learn to play tennis and get some exercise at the same time.  For more information please call David on 9432 3706

Learn all about student exchange, WEP Australia and the 2009/2010 exchange programs FREE information session in Melbourne.

Tonight - 31 March, 16 June 7.30 - 9.30pm Hawthorn Library,

584 Glenferrie Road/Hawthorn 3122

Students can choose from over 20 countries to live and study with the support of a host family, school and community. Explore new opportunities beyond the classroom!

WEP is now offering Early Bird Specials and Scholarships to some of its most popular destinations. Apply now and save $500 off the 2009/10 program fee to selected countries or apply for one of our scholarships to French-speaking Belgium and Italy.

Visit wep.org.au to find out more or phone for the cost of a local call 1300 884 733. WEP Australia is a not-for-profit student exchange organisation registered with the education departments.

Platform Youth Theatre and Curious Legends

Ages 13 to 15

•What: Performance Workshops

•Where: Northcote Town Hall

• •Details: Term 2, Group-devised Performance Project, April 20th to June 15th

•Cost: $15 per class ($120 for term 1)

•Why: 'Cause it's fun, to build confidence, and make new friends!

If you'd like to book in for classes, or want more information, please contact Curious Legends on 8682 8577, or go to: www.curiouslegends.com.au

Essay Writing Skills Workshops

Open to all students in year 10 to 12 – to be held at MLC KEW   -   15 & 16 April (Term 1 holiday period)

Essay Writing Skills for yr 10/11 students. Effective essay writing – VCE English – Yr 12 only

Visit our web site for further information.  Class sizes are limited – early booking essential.

Enrolment hotline 9818 3888

Save time – book online www.skillscentre.com.au

Presented by ICS learning group

Getting over it!

A group for young women aged 14-18 who have experienced sexual assault…interested?? Its starting soon!  Please call Heather or Sophie 9496 2240 to book or for further details.

NCASA Austin Health