Term 3 Week 1

Tuesday 14 July 2009


Principal’s Report

I welcome all students and staff back to Term 3 and trust that you have all had a relaxing break.  In particular, I wish to welcome staff who are joining us for the first time:

Amanda Egglestone (English)

Viv Isaac (LOTE – French)

Greg Lambert (English/History)

Elissia Demetrious (PE)

I also welcome back:

Dianne Pollard (LOTE – Indonesian)

Lyn Davis (Art)

Liam O’Neill (VET Recreation/PE)

Ivan McKinnon (SOSE);

Liz Lacey (English/Drama); and

Kevin Speary (Art). 

I wish to formally welcome Rhonda Bonfante in her new education support role.  Rhonda will be working with the sub-school teams. 

A number of students are also joining us this term and I wish to welcome each and every one of them.  Some of these students are returning to us from other educational experiences, both overseas and interstate, and it is great to see them come back into our learning community. 

A range of initiatives are planned for this term, in particular, the redevelopment of the 400’s wing with the support of the Federal Government’s economic stimulus package funding.  The designs for this redevelopment are currently being finalised and it is hoped that work will begin towards the end of term 3 with most of the work during the term 3 break.  We will be continuing with our work on the school improvement agenda as outlined in our Strategic Plan.  The focus of this work will be on curriculum, and in particular on the development of an integrated approach to curriculum for students in years 7 and 8, to be implemented in 2010.  Leadership positions will be advertised towards the end of term 3 for 2010.  These positions will be aligned with the School’s direction, focused on the improvement of student learning across the whole school, and hence supporting what takes place within the learning environment.  The support of staff in the implementation of new pedagogies will be a primary consideration and the leadership structure will support this direction.  Whilst it seems that a great deal of work is ahead of us, this also creates a very exciting and interesting time for the whole school community. 

Plans for the redevelopment of the Withers Way end of the School are well on the way and we are currently working with both the architects and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to move forward.  The Department envisages that planning will be completed by the start of term 4 and that we will go out to tender some time during term 4 with the view that work may begin in early 2010.  I have to say that I am somewhat sceptical of this timeline.  Currently we are having a range of discussions with a number of community organisations to engage their views for the design of these new facilities so that outside of school hours they may also meet the needs of our local and wider community.  This project is an extensive project which will see the removal of the relocatable buildings from the front of the school and these being replaced with permanent buildings.  Our aim is to ensure that the learning process continues without interruptions throughout the building phase and we will be doing all we can to ensure that student learning remains priority one.  Having said this, the comforts that we have become accustomed to will be challenged, however I do believe that both our students and staff are resilient enough to cope with the changes that need to take place to ensure that the building continues in the most efficient of ways alongside student learning.

History Essay Competition – Egypt/Turkey Tour Prize

Congratulations to Sarah Klink of Year 9 for having been awarded the History Essay Competition – Egypt/Turkey Tour Prize.  Sarah’s essay was outstanding and showed a real depth of understanding of the contribution of both Egyptian and Turkish societies to our modern world.  The essay was executed with great literary skill and Sarah demonstrated that she had put in a great deal of effort into researching the topic.  I also wish to congratulate Alexandra Mooney, Jessica Wright, Deborah Morrison, Lisa Girbau and Niamh Dowling for their excellent entries in the competition and I thank all students who participated.  The prize consists of a $5,000 contribution to the Egypt/Turkey community trip which will take place in 2010.  Sarah will travel with staff from the school, other students and members of our community.  I wish Sarah all the very best with the tour and trust that she will have a very positive experience stemming from her participation in this outstanding competition.

Symphonic Band Tour to Queensland

The Symphonic Band Tour to Queensland took place in the last week of term 2.  I wish to congratulate all the students and their conductor, Ingrid Martin, for their outstanding performance.  We have received a number of emails from members of the Queensland public who heard the band perform, congratulating them for their high level of skill and quality in both their discipline and their performance.  A tour such as this takes a great deal of organisation and I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate Ms Meg George, Acting Music Director and Mrs Jill Browne, who is the Music Secretary, for the work they put in to ensure that the experience of the Symphonic Band was a great success.  Once again, our students have done us proud and have acted as outstanding ambassadors both for Eltham High School and Victoria.  I thank all staff who took part in the tour and supported our students, Carol Galea, Ingrid Martin, Monty McKenzie and Trevor Jenkins.

Student Achievement

I wish to congratulate Sarah Turback of Year 7 who in the last week of Term 2 was presented with the Nillumbik Junior Athlete of the Year award.  Sarah has achieved very high standards in the sport of In-line Hockey and she needs to be commended for her commitment and efforts to the sport.  This is a great achievement for Sarah and we not only congratulate her, but will continue to follow her sporting career with great interest.  Well done Sarah!

National Volleyball Championships

Congratulations to all the students that represented Victoria in Brisbane last week in the National Volleyball Championships.  The exceptional talents of both present and past students was on show during the competition.  Once again these students have made us proud and have represented our school as well as our state in these national challenges.  I wish to congratulate Mr Greg Thomas, our Volleyball coach, for the support and effort that he puts into the Eltham High School Volleyball Program that produces such outstanding young sportsmen and women.

Vincent Sicari, Principal



July 2009

Mon 20

Full day Rock Eisteddfod Rehearsal

Music Rehearsal camps begin at Healesville

Careers Yr 10 Interview skills workshop

Evolve camp to Typo Station until 26 July

Wed 22

Careers Yr 11 Tertiary visit to LaTrobe / NMIT am

Mon 27

Rock Eisteddfod performance for school

OES Yr 11  Forest study to Toolangi

Tues 28

Transition VCAL Information evening in Library

Wed 29

OES Yr 11 Forest study Toolangi

Careers Yr 11 Tertiary visit to LaTrobe / NMIT am

Art Yr12 Fieldwork Dali Exhibit NGV

Thurs 30

VCAL selected students to Darebin




Thursday 25th June the grade 7 classes all compete against each other! 

First things first Greek day kicks off with every class doing a parade to show off to the judges that they’re actually dressed Greek, then all the classes marched to the 2nd basketball court to wait for the other classes.

This person was standing inside the rubbish bin and the person was waving at the Greeks he was saying some things and he opened the bag of McDonalds.  We opened the box and he ate the big mac. Now it gets more interesting where 3 classes dance at the same time to show off to the other classes.  7a, 7b and 7c danced first and they did pretty well. then 7d, 7e and 7f stepped up to show off their Greek dances. Then they finished 7G, 7H and 7J showed their dances.  Now the 3rd part is  a game where the person at the front has a ball and the ball has to go through all the Greeks’ legs and the people at the end of the line had to run up to the front and again, again and again.  Every class has their eyes on the prize, free pizza and drinks that’s all.  Shame on 7J who lost the ball against the other 2 classes, good on 7A who won against their 2 classes, everyone was cheering for their class really loudly!  Plus a lot of screaming as well!  7A was winning with 62 points ahead of the other classes 7F was losing to the classes with 43 points. The charity race begins at the front oval when one person is in the cart and two people push the cart until the cone and back. 7B came last in the chariot race and fell and fell, unfortunately 7B came last again in the 2nd round. All the classes walked back to the stadium for the man to read the results 7A won Greek day which was good with 104 points I think.

Alejandro Vivado, Official Greek day reporter, year 7C


Middle School Homework Club is held every Wednesday from 3:20 until 4:20pm in Room 105.  Students are free to attend on a casual basis to catch up on homework in a supervised setting.  A healthy snack will be provided.  For more infor see Soile Keskinen in the Middle School Office.

Homework Club for Junior school students is on Wednesday mornings from 8am until 8:45am – please report to the Junior school office.


We hope everyone had a relaxing and refreshing holiday break.

Term 3 in the 'music area' is the busiest of the year.  We start off with our music camps, then Melbourne School Bands Festival, Royal South Street Competitions and capped off with our final concert of the 2009 bands.

The Symphonic Band are involved with the Sounds Great! event this weekend with a performance and a clinic as the presenting band.   A great opportunity for all.

But, back to the Music Camps ... forms are due back today ... Tuesday 14th [not the 7th!]  Please note, payment is part of the Activity Fee put in place at the beginning of the year.  Please check that you are up to date with the fees payments - the second was due on the 12th June.

The Music Camps are held at Ferngully Lodge in Healesville.  Monday 20th - Tuesday 21st July, is Training Band; Tuesday 21st - Wednesday 22nd July, is Intermediate Band; Wednesday 22nd - Thursday 23rd July is Concert Band and Thursday 30th - Saturday 1st August is Symphonic Band.

If you have any queries please contact Jill in the music office on 9430 5127


Jill Browne, Music Administration


Middle School LOTE Links with Eltham Primary

Recently, Bu Ostapeev’s year 9 Indonesian class went to Eltham Primary School to run an Indonesian workshop with Ibu Willett’s class. Our students had to create, prepare and conduct an activity with the grade 6 students using their knowledge of Indonesian. Our students worked really well and produced enjoyable, educational and engaging activities for these students. I thank Ibu Ostapeev for organising this whole event and many thanks to Ibu Willett for receiving our students and enabling them to run this workshop. We thank all students who participated in this event and I have had several requests from other year 9 classes to run a similar activity in the coming terms.

Here are some comments from students who participated in this activity:

On Tuesday the 9th of June, we visited Eltham Primary School to teach the grade three and four kids some Indonesian vocabulary. Before the visit we spent a few lessons planning what we would teach the children. In pairs we had to pick ten words on a certain topic of our choice. We chose to do our topic on animals. We left school at about 9.40am to walk up to the primary school. When we got there we were given three or four kids to teach. During the next 45 minutes we showed them cue cards, did a worksheet, played a game and did a cultural activity using the ten words. We played memory with our cue cards and taught them how to make origami animals, using paper from Indonesia. At the end we wrote up some certificates for the children for their great work and made our way back to school. Overall it was a very good experience and the children seemed to enjoy the interaction between the two schools.

Maddy and Saari, Middle School students

New Caledonia 2008 Reunion Night

The New Caledonia reunion night will be on July 15th. For more information please see Madame Nicassio.

Terima Kasih Ibu Ostapeev

We thank Bu Ostapeev who replaced Bu Pollard for semester 1 this year for all her work. Bu Ostapeev has displayed enormous dedication, a high level of student focus and excellence in everything she has done for our students in the short time that she has been at our school. Our year 12 students thank her as well for support with their Indonesian conversation practice in preparation for their school assessed tasks and final examinations. We wish her all the best for the future.

Pompa Brady, Teaching & Learning Leader LOTE


We have just received our water bill for the period March – June 2009.  It made interesting reading when comparing our water consumption with the same period in 2008.  Our bill has shown that our water consumption has decreased significantly.  Since we commenced our water harvesting project in June 2008, we have had water tanks installed throughout the school and we have completed alterations to our toilet flushing systems. 

Our average daily use in 2008 was 9,845 litres per day. 

In 2009 this was down to 6,618 litres per day.

This is a massive 33% reduction.


We will be keeping an eye on water usage for the next quarter.

Bruce Martyn, Business Manager


Register to receive an email version of this newsletterthis is a guarantee your copy reaches home – simply go to the web site – www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the newsletter link choose subscribe and follow the prompts.  Thank you for helping save paper & considering the environment.



Currently there are 2 scholarship opportunities available:

1)     The Department of Human Services in partnership with Kids Under Cover, is offering Housing Week Scholarships worth $1000 for students studying Yr 11 or 12 or the equivalent through TAFE in 2010. To be eligible, students must be living in public or community-managed housing, or at risk of homelessness. Closing date: August 4th.

2)     Opportunity Scholarships – up to $1000 awarded to students enrolled in Government primary or secondary school for school approved, curriculum related programs. Eligible students are those who lack financial and practical resources and are in receipt of an allowance. Students also need to be able to demonstrate a special ability in a specific learning area with potential to develop further. Closing date: August 24th.

To find out more about the various criteria and preparing an application, see Tricia, Student Support (Room 609, MON and TUES) or the Student Welfare Coordinators - Mr Monigatti or Mrs Parry.


Not sure about next year? Or whether you wish to go to university?

Perhaps VCAL is for you?

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) suits those students who are looking at an EARLY pathway into training at TAFE,

doing an apprenticeship,

or gaining employment after completing their secondary education and are unsure of their interest or capacity to attempt VCE.


Tues 28 July in the Eltham High Library

Beginning promptly @ 7:30pm


As part of interest in VCAL for 2010, an excursion to the Northern Careers Employment Expo focusing on School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships will be held on Thursday 30 July 2009 at the Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre. Permission forms required but no cost to the students.

Canteen Roster

July 2009

Tues 14

Anne Hawting, Jenny Fluck

Wed 15

Jenny Alford, Linda Alford, Robyn Kaires

Thurs 16

Liz Deacon, Volunteer needed

Fri 17

Julie Wright, Jenny Mc Cormack, Catherine James

Mon 20

Shelley O’Connell, Jill Rachim

Tues 21

Kerri Lester, Karen Mc Donald



Year 10 Interview Skills Wokshop

Next Monday, July 20th, Year 10 students will undertake a two period Interview Skills Workshop with James Lynch. The workshop will prepare them for their Personal Portfolio Interview to be held on August 20 as well as for employment and tertiary selection interviews. James Lynch has been a professional executive recruiter and a head-hunter in the finance sector, as well as interviewing hundreds of prospective university students. He knows what interviewers are looking for and teaches students how to succeed at behavioural based interviews.

University & TAFE Open Days

These are coming up and are a great way to explore tertiary study options. Yr 10 is not too early to start visits. For courses which require an interview, audition or folio presentation in Year 12 as part of the selection process, attendance is essential. A full list is on the VTAC website (www.vtac.edu.au) but dates for the major metropolitan institutes are:


Sun 2 Aug         Monash (Clayton, Caulfield)

Sun 9 Aug          RMIT (City, Brunswick, Bundoora)

                        Victoria Uni (Footscray Park)

                        William Angliss TAFE

Sat 15 Aug        Holmesglen TAFE (Chadstone, Moorabbin, Waverley)

Sun 16 Aug       Australian Catholic Uni (Melbourne)

            Melbourne Uni (Parkville and VCA)

            Swinburne (Hawthorn, Lilydale, Prahran)

Sun 23 Aug       Box Hill TAFE (Elgar, Nelson, Whitehorse)

                        Deakin (Burwood)

Sun 30 Aug       La Trobe (Bundoora)

To get the most out of Open Days preparation is the key. Try the following suggestions:

Obtain an Open Day Program beforehand so you can plan your visit. Some copies in the Careers Room, best to go on-line, eg. www.latrobe.edu.au/openday

Read the program before attending to check the times of talks of interest.

Arrive early, and allow yourself a couple of hours at each campus you visit.

Write out questions you want answered and find staff to answer them (eg What ‘majors’ can you study? Are there limits on numbers in any subject?)

Ask questions about career prospects of graduates.

Collect brochures about courses which interest you.

Talk to current students about their course to get their perspectives.

If you are concerned about not obtaining the ENTER for the course that interests you, ask about the possibility of transfer after 1st year. What is recommended?  

Look at the facilities available and make comparisons with other universities offering the same/similar courses.  Where would you prefer to be?

Find out about clubs and societies available.

Consider transport/parking issues.  Perhaps travel to Open Day the way you will travel if you enrol there.  Will you will be happy with this for three or four years?

Northern Careers Employment Expo

3.30 – 7pm: Careers and Employment Expo

Exhibitors include: Universities, TAFE’s, Training providers, Support services, Employers, Employment services, Apprenticeship Centres.

6pm – 6.30pm: Adapting to a changing labour market

Jan Moody from Apprenticeships Plus will talk about apprenticeships and traineeship opportunities (including school based) currently available to young people in the region.

Free entry, win 1 of 3 iPods just for attending. When: Thursday 30 July Where: Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre,  Cnr Bell St & St Georges Rd,  Preston.

Herald Sun Career Expo

The Herald Sun Melbourne Career Expo is an education, training & employment exhibition, showcasing tertiary institutions, training colleges, employers and government initiatives. Aimed at: school leavers, students, parents, graduates, job seekers, any looking at career change.  When: 10am-3pm, Fri 24 July; 10am-4pm, Sat 25 & Sun 26 July; Where: Melb Exhibition Centre, Clarendon St, Southbank; Cost: $6 (cons), $12 (general), free (u/13); Info: www.careerexpo.com.au.

La Trobe University Year 10 VCE Information Evening

The event will provide Year 10 students and their parents with information about university prior to beginning their VCE Studies. All faculties will be represented and students and their parents will be able to ask questions, collect information and discuss courses with faculty course advisers. There will be a presentation specifically for students which will provide information and advice about dealing with VCE expectations and university, and how to plot study pathways – current La Trobe students will be there to relate their experiences first-hand. A separate parents’ session will cover resources, scholarships, career paths, the issue of ‘heart versus head’ when choosing a university course, and general support for children throughout VCE and beyond. When - Wednesday 29 July. For more info and to register: www.latrobe.edu.au/vceexpo


Peter Goddard, Careers Teacher

All Community Announcements/Advertising on the web this week www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Multicultural Program – 2009 AFL Academy camp

Sun 20 Sep – Thurs 24 Sept (5 day live in camp)

Year 7-8 Male (Female camp in 2010)

For all the details see posters at school and to register your interest contact Yuta Kobayashui


EHS Swim Squad – Thurs morn 7am

Blow those lazy holidays out of the water…….. Come join us and our coaches Neroli Nixon and Simon Wright on Thursdays mornings at 7am at the Eltham Leisure Centre.

The squad resumes this week and there is a water games session planned for this term.  Sessions finish at 8am and then it’s HOT CHOCOLATE back at school.

Phil Boyd, Swim Squad leader


Level 1 Referees Course

Congratulations to all students who completed the course and passed the exam. All 15 level one refs will get certification from the Australian Volleyball referees Commission later in the year.

Eltham Volleyball Jackets

These have been ordered but will take some weeks to be delivered.

I have had enquiries from a few parents wanting to purchase a second hand jacket. If any ex-players have jackets they no longer need and would be looking to sell they can contact me and I will put them in touch with the prospective purchaser.

Vic Schools Cup teams

Teams for the Victorian Schools Cup this year have been put up on the volleyball information board in the stadium. Please check the list. If I have made any errors please let me know. The list also details how much students owe for Vic Schools Cup. Students will get a payment form at training this week. Year 7 students have already paid for this event.

Year 7 Volleyball Competition

The grand final of the year 7 volleyball competition will take place after school Wednesday. Trophies will be presented after the final match is finished.

Super League Volleyball

In preparation for the coming Victorian and National schools cup competitions a special ‘super league’ competition will run each Thursday night after school. The purpose is for Eltham teams to have a regular quality game of volleyball to prepare them for the matches they will encounter in coming competitions. Students will play in their school team in a separate boys and girls competition. Both will be held on Thursday nights at 3.25 pm.

Teams competing in the girls competition will be – U/15 girls honours, under 15 girls division 1, u/16 girls honours,  u/16 and u/17 girls division 1(combined team), and u/17 girls honours.

Boys teams – u/15 boys honours, u/15 boys division 1, u/16 honours, u/16 division 1 and u/17 boys honours.

Teams will also be required to do duty so that referees’ can gain practice prior to schools cup.

There will be no charge for games and it is very important that all players attend games.


This term we will be running a ' Spikezone' or mini volleyball competition.  Any primary school kids interested in entering the competition should organise a team from amongst their class mates, think up a cool name and get ready to play.

The first night of competition will be Thursday the 16th of July 2009. Games will be played between 4.00 and 5.00p.m. in the Eltham High sports stadium.

Any keen individuals who don’t have a team can enter one on the first night.

Junior National Volleyball Championships

Congratulations to the Eltham students that represented Victoria in Brisbane last week. You showed great skill and sportsmanship. The Eltham students involved were Hilary Grubb, Sophie Paine, Petrice Fatchen, Johanna Young, Hannah Martin, Georgina Burley, Hayley Pringle, Sam Brisbane, David Fletcher, Jordan Richards, Jamie Yung, Elliot Bowden. Adam McCormick, Luke Van Noorden, Joshua Vendramini and John Van Noorden. Your teams will greatly benefit from your experience as we move towards Vic Schools Cup.

Volleyball Important Dates

7, 8 & 9 Aug

Victorian Schools Cup

10th Nov

Northern Zone Volleyball for 7 and 8

26th Nov

VSSSA Volleyball Final for 7 and 8

7 – 11 Dec

Australian Schools Cup

Greg Thomas, Volleyball coach

Seeking in the Technology Dept

Our Technology Department requests any materials - fabric (especially block coloured) beads, buttons, old jewellery, etc that can be re-used for Mixed Media projects. Please bring items to the Art/Technology office.  We are also making a special appeal for a decommissioned sewing machine.  Hoping you can assist our creative Technology students.

Thank-you Jane Thomas, Art/Technology teacher

Have you changed your contact details?

Please notify Ms Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 94305114 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au

Community Announcements/Advertisements…………….


Available now at the General Office: $3 bumper/wheelie bin stickers help us support this Strathewen community initiative to raise money to rebuild the local hall.  Thanks to K&G labels of Whittlesea for their donation.



Student Exchange Australia, a not-for-profit organisation which is registered with all state and territory departments of education, is pleased to extend an invitation for Eltham High School students to attend an information evening in Melbourne on Thursday July 23 at the Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens, 380 William St, Melbourne. The session starts at 7:30pm. Further details are available www.studentexchange.org.au.    This evening gives students and families the opportunity to learn more about becoming an exchange student and the various scholarship options that are available.

Student Exchange Australia Ltd., PO Box 1420, Mona Vale, NSW, 1660, Australia

Tel:    +61 2 9997 0700   Fax:   +61 2 9997 0701Web:

2nd Eltham Sea Scouts

are running a screening of

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

at the Palace Cinema Balywn

 on Sunday the 19th of July at 11.00am.


(children’s admission price)

Tickets now available for purchase.

Please contact Simone Redfern 9439 4464 

or 9439 4464 for further details.



Street Art Open Sessions

1st & 3rd Sundays in Term 3

Dates: July 19th, Aug 2nd & Aug 16th, and Sept 6th

Venue: Shop 72, Youth Lounge @ Greensborough

Time: 2.30pm – 4.30pm.

Come and paint – we have some “legals” coming up that we need YOU to come and prep and design.

Develop your skills with professional street artists.

For more info call Katy at Banyule Youth Service on

9457 9939 or 0412 850 479.


The Diamond Valley Athletic Club also offers interested EHS students a chance to gain further assistance and coaching in Cross Country or other track & field events. Training sessions are held at Willinda Park, Greensborough (Melways 21 A4) from 5:00pm on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Contact Max Balchin on 0409 005 406 for further information.


(essential for VCE students)


·                     Develop lifelong skills that will improve your child’s ability to retain and recall information.

·                     Learn a variety of study techniques, including how to effectively use graphic organizers to make learning easier.

·                     Assistance in getting organised for study.

·                     Learn how to develop a glossary that really works.

·                     One-On-One help with studying for exams.

·                     Learn skills that can be applied to any subject.


I will come to you and we will develop a study program that will help your child achieve their full potential at any stage in their secondary schooling.

·                     Experienced Secondary School teacher (10 years).

·                     One-on-one tuition (or small groups).

·                     In your own home or at an agreed location.

·                     Hourly rates.

Call Liz on 97182821 or 0402346893 or email at studyskillssuccess@yahoo.com.au.

Student Report Folders- available for pick up

In 2009 EHS is providing access to student reports online via the school intranet. Parents have been accessing reports by using their student’s login credentials and will soon be able to access past reports for previous years.  It is expected that families will download and store reports electronically, either on their computer hard drive, a CD/DVD or a flash drive. Reports will be available online during your student’s time at EHS. If you wish to print reports and store them in hard copy, the school has a limited number of report folders available. If you would like one they can be collected from the General office by parents while the stock lasts.

Darren Squires, Assistant Principal Curriculum.


KIDS use their imagination; songs & games through postures, relaxation/meditation. TEENS take a break from pressures of every day life, skills in stress management, yoga postures and meditation/relaxation.

Qualified Primary/Special Ed & Yoga Teacher Greenhills Neighbourhood Centre. Greensborough.
Info & Bookings

Dianne 9444 0645/ 0406024160


Please see this week’s full edition of The Newsletter on the web site for more local community announcements/events

Eltham Little Theatre Inc


Directed by Galye Poor and Lois Fleming

Performance- Fri Sat & Sun - July 17,18 at 8pm

July 19 - - Sun 2pm

Bookings 9437 1574    ticketbox@elthamlittletheatre.org.au

Adults $20 Con $16 (student pensioner/healthcare card).  Tickets must be prepaid – pleased send chq/money order to The Ticket Secretary, ELT PO Box 114, Eltham 3095

Credit card facilities avail via phone or ticket booking


NCASA letterhead header.pdf

Support group for adult men recovering from childhood sexual abuse

WHEN?             Starts mid-July 2009

Tuesday evenings 5:30 – 7:30

Group will run for 8 weeks

WHERE?          Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault

                        Repatriation Campus

                        Austin Hospital



The group is primarily intended to benefit men who have attended, or are currently attending, counselling in regards to their experience of childhood sexual abuse. Northern CASA also offers individual counselling for men who are not sure about attending a group.

The group will be co-facilitated by a male and female counsellor from Northern CASA.

There is no cost to participants.

For more information or referrals call NCASA on 9496 2240 during business hours, and ask for Merilyn or Cameron.


WANT TO PLAY NETBALL IN THE SPRING SEASON? Ryan Central Netball Club is now taking registrations for the Spring season starting 18th July 2009.  Games are on a Saturday and we train on Thursday nights 5.00 to 6.00.  Player reg’n is only $10.00 with Insurance starting at $28.00 We have limited vacancies in all age groups.  If you would like more information contact Julie on 0433 786 506 or look on our website at <http://www.ryancentralnetball.com/> www.ryancentralnetball.com


Eltham Leisure Centre

Starting from next term 14 July – there will be taekwondo classes for females every Tuesday from 7 to 8pm .  Instructor Evelyn Banister, 2nd Dan Black Belt.  Enquiries 9435 6000


Wanted for photography students

Old SLR film cameras in working order, if you can help, and have a camera you are no longer using please send it along to Mr Lyons or Mr Clark. 

The Hurstbridge Bushfire Relief Centre is open to provide long-term support to people affected by the bushfires.

The centre – 982 Main St Hurstbridge. Phone 9718 2759 - is open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 on Saturday.

Services provided include morning tea, clothes washing/drying, working bees organized etc.  etc. 

We are desperately need volunteers to help at our centre. A few hours a day is all that is required.

Flute for Sale


- handmade

- Sterling silver head

- closed or open hole

- split E

- B foot

12 months old, excellent condition, as new.  Hardly played.                            fully serviced.

$ 1750.00                         97197518      /     0418170180

For Sale

Sonar Drum Kit - Top quality

5 piece sonar drum kit with “paiste” Hi hats & ride & crash cymbals.   Excellent condition only $400 valued at $1000 phone Andrea 04230 83711/9435 5724

Student Focus

Student Focus is a lunchtime get together for year 7’s and 8’s every Tuesday in room 101. Come, hang out and join in some crazy, random games! We might even give away a prize or two… If you have any questions, please contact Neale at ngrimes@elthambaptist.net

Run by Eltham Baptist Church

Southern Cross Cultural Exchange

An Australian not-for-profit organisation specialising in international student exchange programs, is seeking volunteer host families for high school students scheduled to arrive in Australia in July 2009 from Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark Finland, Japan, Brazil, Canada and the USA. Host families can choose from students staying for a range of either 3, 5 or 10 months and they all attend local high schools whilst they are in Australia. The main purpose of cultural exchange is to challenge youth towards international understanding and tolerance, encourage further learning, self knowledge and awareness - invaluable characteristics in today's world. We organise all the flights, school enrolment, transportation, insurances and support systems. Just imagine your son or daughter having a brother or sister for a few months from another country. It’s a great opportunity for Australian students to learn that there is a world of variety and opportunity waiting for them – different languages, foods, sports, customs, and perhaps an overseas visit to look forward to later on.

To enquire, call Southern Cross Cultural Exchange now toll free on 1800 500 501, visit www.scce.com.au or email scceaust@scce.com.au



Clothing and articles are collected daily from classrooms and environs.  Parents and students are invited to check for lost property as soon as they suspect something may be missing.  All items with names are returned as soon as possible to students, however many items of clothing and text books etc  do not have names, regrettably.  These items cannot be held indefinitely.  A full list of property was published on the web site – see the Parent NewsletterLost Property list.  The list is also available for students to check, please ask at the General Office.







 OPEN for all

 12-17 y.o


OPEN for all

12-17 y.o


OPEN for all

12-25 y.o     

Week 1


Open activities



Open activities

3:30pm -6:30pm


Open activities


Week 2


Open activities



Open activities



Open activities


Week 3


Open activities



Open activities



Open activities


Call the NYC on 8470 8491 for more information.

Hours are subject to change on a term-by-term basis.

The NYC located at Shop J63A next to the Commonwealth Bank where the Bus Stops are!

NYC provides:

Internet Access * Employment & Training support programs * Music Events & Gigs * Referrals, counselling and support * Homework support * Fun Activities and Games * PS3, Will, XBOX* Pool Table* Soccer Table* Air Hocky Table* Afternoon Flicks & Jewellery Making * Social space to hang out and chat.



H. i. Skills Inc community youth education program

a ministry of the Ivanhoe Baptist Church


Opportunity is knocking at your door…for...

v  Youth participation (10—!8 years)

v  Youth leadership

v  Flexible skilled volunteering opportunities

v  Business opportunities

Come along and learn all about this exciting new youth program commencing in Ivanhoe in Aug 2009.

 Presentation sessions at LCC1

Livingstone Street, Ivanhoe.
Thursday July 16th: 7.30—8.15pm  (RSVP: July 13) Tuesday July 21st: 12.30—1.15pm  (RSVP: July 17)

Don’t  miss  YOUR   0pportunity!!  More info/RSVP Susan McLaughlin 94972014 / 0417 051 402


Whittlesea Material Aid Centre

We are happy to come and collect any donations if need be if you would be happy to get the word out there and start a collection on our behalf  Locally residence can purchase wood but, as it is fresh cut, it isn't appropriate for burning for at least 12 months.

Warm Regards, Katherine Horsfall, Whittlesea Material Aid Centre   bushfirereliefwhittlesea@hotmail.com      0415582998