Term 3 Week 4

Tuesday 4 August 2009



Principal’s Report

The BRIDGE Project

We welcome Mr Fransiskus Xaverius Salim from our sister school, Santo Yosef in Denpassar, Bali.  Mr Salim arrived at Eltham High School on 27 July to work primarily with Mr Oliver (SOSE and LOTE - Indonesian).  Both teachers are working on the second phase of the BRIDGE Project.  From 20 July to 9 August Australian and Indonesian participants of the BRIDGE Project will undertake professional learning about inter-cultural understanding, ICT and have opportunities to work together during the two week home stay. This program aims to increase inter-cultural knowledge between Australia and Indonesia through the use of Web2 Technology between schools across the two countries.  It promotes and supports the use of an interdisciplinary approach to increase this cross cultural knowledge.  BRIDGE teachers are starting to work together, not only at a local level, but also at national and international levels through the use of technology.  Currently 30 schools are part of the BRIDGE Program nationwide.   These schools are able to share ideas and expertise regularly.  All school communities involved can view our work in progress at www.bridge.edu.au.  To view the Eltham High School partnership please go to ‘partnership 7’.  It is hoped that a range of learning areas will contribute examples of student work or activities to the BRIDGE Project to showcase our school.  The BRIDGE Project aligns with the Eltham High School Principles of Teaching and Learning and our school value of respect for diversity. The Project funding and provision of professional development of BRIDGE Program teachers is across two years with the hope that it will become embedded in the School’s culture and hence become sustainable in the future.  I commend the work of Mrs Pompa Brady and thank her for her leadership of this initiative. 

Instrumental Music Program

I commend the work of all the instrumental music teachers and in particular, the leadership of Ms Meg George and the support given to the program by Mrs Jill Browne.  Recently all the large ensembles have been part of the music camps program.  This is a major initiative each year which prepares students for the upcoming competitions, including the Melbourne Bands Festival and of course, Royal South Street Competitions.  Feedback from staff and students has indicated that the work that has been carried out during the camps has been phenomenal and the level of skill developed by our students is outstanding.  I wish to congratulate all the band conductors and all the instrumental music staff who have supported our students to achieve their high level of performance and skill development.

Changes to Curriculum Programs for 2010

A number of major changes have been considered for implementation in 2010.  Of particular interest to students moving into Year 11, students will be required to select six subjects moving away from the previous expectation of seven subjects.  The VCE program will be established across six blocks where students in Year 11 will be expected to undertake a subject in each block.  Each subject will consist of five 50 minute periods.  In support of this the Middle School will also undergo some changes with all subjects having five periods.  These subjects will be distributed across six blocks which will align with the VCE blocks.  This initiative will allow a greater opportunity for students to select enhancement subjects from Year 10 into Year 11 and provide an opportunity for them to be better prepared for the tackling of VCE in 2011.  The Middle School elective program will continue to operate based on student choice.

An additional change that will take place is the elimination of early morning classes for all Year 12 programs.  Classes for Year 12 students will all be organised within the structure of the school day.  In an earlier edition of the Newsletter I communicated to you our approach in terms of an interdisciplinary curriculum for students in Years 7 to Year 10 across the next three years, with the view that the implementation of this will begin in 2010 addressing the needs of students in Years 7 and 8.  More on these developments in further editions of this Newsletter as work continues. 

I thank all teachers for their contribution to the consultative process and I look forward to working with them in this new direction.  The improvement of student learning has been the major focus of our change agenda and staff have remained committed to ensuring that the needs of all students in our care are met through the curriculum and co curricular program offered at our School.

Term 3 Working Bee

A reminder that the Term 3 Working Bee will take place on Sunday, 16 August and I wish to extend a personal invitation to all members of our community to join me on that day in working together to ensure that the School environment is maintained in the most pleasant of ways.  A range of work has been established by the Grounds Committee and this work is outlined in a further section of this Newsletter.  Once again I thank and commend the work of the Grounds Committee and in particular, John Coates through which the organisation of this great initiative ensures a very positive outcome for all.  I look forward to seeing as many members of our School community as can make it there.  The day begins at 9:00am and finishes with a barbecue lunch at 12:30pm.  Come and join us in the fun!

Ambulance Fees

The school provides a first aid attendant to support students if they are unwell during the day.  However there may be times when we need to call an ambulance to manage a particular situation.  Parents are advised that the Metropolitan Ambulance Service now charge a call out fee whenever an ambulance is sent to the School to attend a student.  This fee is charged by the Ambulance Service regardless of whether the student is then taken to hospital or not.

Any decision to call an ambulance is not taken lightly and the best interest of the student is always our prime consideration.  Obtaining the most appropriate care for the student is the deciding factor as to whether or not an ambulance is called.  The cost is not a contributing factor.  Please note that staff will not transport sick or injured students for medical treatment rather than calling an ambulance.

While we hope that your child will never need ambulance support, families might like to consider becoming a member of the Ambulance Service to cover the costs of what can be an expensive trip by ambulance.

Note of Condolences

On behalf of the Eltham High School community I wish to extend our sincere condolences to Peter Webster and his family on the recent passing of his mother.   Our thoughts and prayers are with Peter and his family at this difficult time.

Vincent Sicari, Principal


August 2009

Wed 5

LoTE Endangered species Yr8 Excursion to Zoo

Thurs 6

VCAL World of Work Presentation-selected students

Music Melbourne Bands Festival

Grounds Meeting 7:45pm 33 Sinclair Ave., Lr Templestowe-apologies 9852 4990/John COA

Fri 7

Volleyball Vic School Cup at MSAC

Yr12 Literature speaker in Room 301

Tues 11

Yr 7 City Experience 7A & 7E

Finance Sub Committee meeting 7:30pm in Principal’s office

Wed 12

Year 7 City Experience 7C & 7D

VCE 11 & 12 Student progress interviews 4-7pm

Thurs 13

Year 7 City Experience 7B & 7G

Rock Eisteddfod Prelim’y Final HiSense Arena

Tues 18

Year 7 City Experience 7F & 7J

Wed 19

Year 7 City Experience 7H

Sport Yr8 Round Robin

Yr 9 maths games day to Wesley, Elsternwick

Transition Yr 8 to Middle School Info Night 7:30pm in the hall


Middle School Homework Club is held every Wednesday from 3:20 until 4:20pm in Room 105.  Students are free to attend on a casual basis to catch up on homework in a supervised setting.  A healthy snack will be provided.  For more info see Soile Keskinen in the Middle School Office.

Cancelled – Wed 12 and Wed 19 August - Junior school students is on Wednesday mornings from 8am until 8:45am – please report to the Junior school office.

Canteen Roster

August 2009

Wed 5

Kim Butler, Kimbra Shrubshall, Natalie Lawson

Thurs 6

Kym Parberry, Julie O’Brien

Fri 7

Sally Bowen, Nicole Hassall, Suzanne Bix

Mon 10

Renate Burke, Debbie McCormack, Carol Gille

Tues 11

Alice Eastwood, Lily Pillot, Jacqui Howe

Aug 13

Volunteers needed please……ph 9430 5122



Thursday 6th August periods 1 & 2 in the Library.

Students need to bring grey lead pencils and an eraser.  Payment of $5 to the cashier ASAP for those still owing money.  Certificates for all and prizes for some. 

Have fun and good luck to all participants! Ms Ivory


Only a little over a week to go!!

Friday's full day rehearsal went off!! Each group met in the morning to go over specific dances and had costume call - a final fitting before the costumes are handed out. We then worked as a group on the finale to perfect the final minutes of the performance. The day finished with a number of full run-throughs that helped us dissect the performance to fine tune over the next two weeks.

The back stage crew also joined the cast. Our sets are all constructed, and while we’re still waiting on a final layer of paint, the crew were able to rehearse with the performers to the music. This year the sets have an added dimension - our stairs are on wheels - giving a dynamic effect on the stage. The group will rehearse a number of times in the following weeks to prepare for the event as not only is the performance judged on stage, the backstage crew have their own judging panel that goes towards our final score.


The lighting design this year is being designed by two middle school students. Andrew Page and Callum Walker have been viewing the performance over the past few weeks and have created spectacular combination of follow spots and lighting designs that will hopefully provide the edge over our competitors.


We will be looking forward to the final rehearsal on Monday 10th that will be extended for an hour and finish in costume. The performers are already looking forward to the day and are full of nerves and excitement

Brooke Gannon, Rock Eisteddfod coordinator


The next couple of weeks its Melbourne School Strings and Melbourne School Bands Festival at Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University, Clayton.  This is a great opportunity for our large ensembles to perform to audience and adjudicators and to hear other schools perform.  Tickets are available at the door.

The Music Camps are over - a very beneficial time for the ensembles to work together on their 'major' pieces.  A good time to do a bit of housekeeping ... there are MANY outstanding ties, sashes and bow ties that haven't been returned from previous 'years'.  Please, drop them into the music office ... no questions asked! 

Students, and parents, please check the music uniform - is it in good condition, fitting correctly?  Have it ready before the busy season!

Jill Browne, Music Administration

Legends of Brass present: Last Night of the Proms

Featuring: Watsonia RSL Pipes & Drums

Lynlee Williams as guest vocalist and the O’Connor school of Irish Dancers…….this Sun 9 August 2pm at the Eltham Community and Reception Centre

$10 bookings 9439 6637


 ‘Battle of the Bands' at the Hurstbridge Wattle Festival Sunday August 30th.  The stage is being sponsored by Bendigo Bank and a cash prize will be offered for the winning group.

Look out for posters etc. coming soon!!


The Grounds Committee has scheduled the only Working Bee for Term 3 on Sunday 16th August from 9am to 12:30pm with morning tea and lunch provided for all the willing participants.  If attending the event please park your vehicle on the asphalt courts adjacent to the library and proceed to the Canteen Courtyard where you will be signed in by a member of the Grounds Committee and assigned a task.  As usual we have a variety of tasks  on offer which will no doubt enhance the environs of our teaching and learning environment.  Summarised below are a list of tasks planned for the day along with the requirements to complete these tasks.

1.      Construction of a raised box garden and seats on the south side of room 807.  Crowbars, shovels, stringlines, spirit levels and gloves required.

2.     Construction of 2 short sections of post and pipe fence inside the Courtyard complex to enhance the safety of students.  Crowbars, shovels, spirit levels and gloves required.

3.     Removal of the redundant concrete drain arrangement on the western side of the front oval.  Crowbars, shovels and spirit level required.

4.     Installation of a goal post on the front ovalCrowbars, shovels and spirit level required.

5.     Pruning of the callistemon hedge adjacent to the 700’s block.  Gloves required.

6.     Pruning of plants and a cleanup along the Ely Street fence.  Secateurs and gloves provided.

7.     Mulching of established gardens in a number of locations.  Gloves required

8.     Moving and brush cutting in selected locations.  Mowers and brush cutters required.

9.     Sweeping adjacent to the Stadium complex as well as the courtyard precincts.  Gloves provided.

10.  A cleanup and evaluation of the Environmental area at the Eastern end of the tennis court complex.  Gloves, shovels and wheelbarrows required.

11.  A cleanup and prune of the plants between the plants between the 100’s and 200’s block.  Secateurs and gloves required.

12.  Removal of plants on the south side of the400’s to make way for the construction of a ramp.

As usual we have the tasks and all we need is you to make it happen, so come along and make the difference to your child’s learning environment on the 16th August. 

Looking forward to your anticipated support.

John Coates for the Grounds Committee

The Mental Health Foundation Creative Writing and Poster competitions

The Mental Health Foundation is conducting 2 competitions to raise awareness of Mental Health. There is a poster competition, which is mostly targeted at rural students, however the Foundation will accept entries from any student across the state. The poster/image needs to represent positive feelings that go to make up mental wellbeing. The winning poster will be used to promote Mental Health Week in October.  Entries close August 14th.

There is also a creative writing competition where grief, loss, loneliness or other mental health issues can be explored through either poetry, a play or story writing. Prize money will be awarded to winning entries. Entries close August 11th.

For further details, contact Tricia fit@elthamhs.vic.edu.au ) or in Rm 609 Mon and Tues.


Register to receive an email version of this newsletterthis is a guarantee your copy reaches home – simply go to the web site – www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the newsletter link choose subscribe and follow the prompts.  Thank you for helping save paper & considering the environment.


Eltham High School’s Body Image Project group, as-u-r is made up of students from Middle School. During last term the group was involved in a number of workshops and sessions including those run by Nillumbik Community Health Service’s dietician and counsellor, The Women’s Circus and a former body builder.  The Butterfly Foundation and Indigo Magazine for Girls also presented on self esteem and how body image is represented in the media.

Having spent last term learning about body image and eating disorders, the group is now planning activities around the school for the rest of the year. We will be organising fundraising for The Butterfly Foundation to be held in early September during Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Some in the group will be visiting 2 local primary schools to conduct an information and improvisation session on body image. Others will work on a presentation to some of our Junior School students, others are creating posters, others are compiling reflections and factual snippets to go in the student bulletin and newsletter, others are creating posters, some are working on creating a small book of positive inspiration and also we will develop a webpage for the school intranet.

There will be more in the newsletter as the project unfolds and as the fundraising gets closer.

Catherine Irving, Year 9 as-u-r



Thought for the week: ‘Appreciate yourself and others for characteristics other than the way you look’


Wanted for photography students

Old SLR film cameras in working order, if you can help, and have a camera you are no longer using please send it along to Mr Lyon or Mr Clark. 


Parents VTAC Info Briefing

Want to help your Yr 12 son or daughter with their tertiary application but are a bit confused by: the myriad of options available; the VTAC application process; all those acronyms – HECS-Help, SEAS, VGF; etc.  Then come along to this info session, 7:30pm on Wednesday 26th August in the Library.  Jenny Choong and I will help decipher all those mysteries.

Experience Research Excellence

Attend a public lecture and find out about research impacts

Topic/time/venue:1. Towards two billion cars: transforming cars, fuel and mobility, 6-7pm Thurs 20 Aug. State Library2. The American Drug Court Movement: A personal journey, 6-7:30pm, Mon 24 Aug, Monash Uni Law Chambers, Melb; 3. Forecasting our Future: Climate change and air quality, 6.15-7.15pm Thurs 27 Aug State Library; 4. Intelligent life is common in the universe, 6-7pm, Thurs 27 Aug, Monash Uni, Clayton. Info/register: www.monash.edu/researchmatters.

Making a Difference to the environment

Do you know that RMIT University is one of Australia’s first Fair-Trade universities with industry links in green careers? RMIT runs a range of programs focussing on environmental, sustainability and a social responsibility issues.  To find out more, go to RMIT Open day on Sun 9 Aug.  There will be information sessions (12 noon and 2pm), displays and detailed program information.  Info www.rmit.edu.au/openday

Marine Science Career Days

Discover a range of careers in Marine Science at the Melbourne Aquarium.  The program includes: expert presentations from marine science professionals, guided tour of the Aquarium and lunch pack.  Dates: Thurs 17 Sept and Mon 30 Nov. Time:9:30am-3pm. Cost $35. Bookings and enquiries: 9923 5911 or www.melbourneaquarium.com.au/education.aspx

OPEN DAYS in August– GENERALLY 10am to 4pm

Sun 9

Deacon Uni (Geelong); RMIT Uni/TAFE; Victoria Uni/TAFE (Footscray)  William Angliss TAFE

Sat 15

Holmesglen TAFE

Sun 16

Australian Catholic Uni (Melbourne) Deakin Uni (Warrnambool), La Trobe Uni (Bendigo), Swinburne Uni/TAFE; Melbourne Uni.

Sun 23

Box Hill TAFE; Deakin Uni (Melb); LaTrobe Uni (Albury/Wodonga)

Sun 30

La Trobe (Bundoora); Australian Catholic Uni (Ballarat); Ballarat Uni

Advertising seminar atr RMIT – 22 August; www,rmit.edu.au/bus/events/careers/ad

Public Relations Seminar at RMIT – 5 Sept; www.rmit.edu.au/bus/events/careers/pr

Peter Goddard, Careers Teacher

Community Announcements/Advertising on the web this week www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Run for the Firies

Help  Research and Kangaroo Ground Fire Brigades raise funds….Run for the Firies Fun Run

Sunday 13th September 8am start – at Research Park, Main Rd., Research – visit www.runforthefiries.com   for info/entry


EHS Cross Country

2009 VSSSA State Cross Country Championships

EHS was represented by 20 students, 9 girls and 11 boys at this year’s VSSSA State Cross Country Championships held at Bundoora Park on Friday 24th July.  In cold and windy conditions, the students had to contend with the hills of Bundoora Park as well as large and competitive fields.

The highlight of the day for the Eltham team was the win by Louise Alford in the Girls 12-13 years.  Jaimee Solar, Amelia French and Gabby Seymour backed up the great effort by Louise to form the EHS team that finished in 5th place.  The only other complete EHS team was in the Boys 16 years, where Sam Brisbane, Tom Walker, Jordan Richards, Joel Reichel and James Hawking were placed 6th in the teams’ competition.

Every student who competed on the day is to be congratulated for their endeavour in the face of fierce competition.  Well as on the way they supported each other.  Thanks go to Mr Peter Seymour for his excellent management of the team.               


Girls 12-13

Years 3000m


Team 5th

Louise Alford

Jaimee Solar

Amelia French

Gabby Seymour









Girls 14 years 3000m

Romy Stephens

Alicia Wilson

Ashley Butler







Girls 16 years 3000m

Tessa Mitchell



Girls 17 years 3000m

Petra Manduka



Boys 12-13 Years 3000m

Talen Pettie

Connor Dalgleish

Nick Phillips







Boys 14 years 3000m

Oscar Weischmann

Shaun McLaughlan





Boys 15 years 3000m

Amos Fun



Boys 16 years




Team 6th

Sam Brisbane

Tom Walker

Jordan Richards

Joel Reichel

James Hawking












Important dates in August

Tues 11 Aug

Year 7 Melbourne City camps begin

Wed 12

Senior School Progress Interviews

Wed 19


Transition Yr8 -> Middle School Information Night 7:30pm

Thurs 20


Transition Yr 10 Portfolio Day

Transition VCE Information Night  in the hall this evening is for Yr10 & new Yr 11 2009 students & parents

Tues 25


Junior & Middle School Progress Interview sessions – 11am-7pm

Wed 26

Careers Parents VTAC Info Session in the library 7:30pm


Victorian Schools Cup

Teams have been training hard and should do well this year. As advertised already teams playing early on Friday should be at school at Ely St bus bay at 6.30 am on Friday. These teams are – U14 girls div 2, U15 girls div 1, U15 boys honours, U15 boys div 1, U16 Girls Hon, U16 boys honours, U17 girls div 1, Open girls Honours, Open Boys honours, Open Boys honours(17’) U16 boys div 1.

All other teams should meet at school at 9.45 for a 10.00 am departure.

Students should have been given a copy of their team draw detailing their game times over the weekend. If any student does not have a draw, a permission form or a uniform they should see Mr Thomas this week.

Parent permission forms for Friday should be returned to Mr Thomas by Thursday.

A coach has been provided for each of the 18 teams but parents are responsible for transporting players to and from Dandenong Sports Stadium, 270 Stud Rd Dandenong on Saturday and Sunday.

Year 7 Volleyball Competition

Practice matches for Vic Schools Cup continue after school Wednesday. It is important that all team members attend. Games start at 3.25 and finish at 4.00pm. This Week:

Court 1


U14 boys Div1A   v   U14 girls Div 2  

Duty - U 14 boys div 2

Court 3


U 14 girls div 1   v   U 14 boys div 1B  

Duty – U 14 boys div 2

Super League Volleyball

In preparation for the coming Victorian and National schools cup competitions a special ‘super league’ competition will run each Thursday night after school. The purpose is for Eltham teams to have a regular quality game of volleyball to prepare them for the matches they will encounter in coming competitions. Students will play in their school team in a separate boys and girls competition. Both will be held on Thursday nights at 3.25 pm.       This week’s games:

Court 1

U16 boys div 1 v U17 boys  honours

Court 2

U16 boys honours v U 15 boys div 1

Duty team – U 15 boys honours

Court -3   

U 16/17 girls div 1 v U17 girls honours

Court 4

U 15 Girls div 1 v U 16 girls honours

Duty team – U 15 girls honours

There will be no charge for games and it is very important that all players attend games.


Players in the senior boy’s volleyball team and players who recently represented Victoria in Brisbane should bring uniform for a photo at training this week.

Volleyball Important Dates

Aug 7, 8 & 9

Victorian Schools Cup

10th Nov

Northern Zone Volleyball for 7 and 8

26th Nov

VSSSA Volleyball Final for 7 and 8

7 – 11 Dec

Australian Schools Cup

Greg Thomas, Volleyball coach

EHS Swim Squad – Thurs morn 7am

Come join us and our coaches Neroli Nixon and Simon Wright on Thursdays mornings at 7am at the Eltham Leisure Centre.  Sessions finish at 8am and then it’s HOT CHOCOLATE back at school.

Phil Boyd, Swim Squad leader


CUP CAKE DAY is coming…..Monday August 17 lunchtime in the canteen courtyard………all money raised to the RSPCA ……….. Alison Avran & Charlotte Edwards Yr 7

VCE – Year 11 & 12 students & parents……

Student Progress Interviews will take place next Wednesday 12th August from 4-7pm.  Students have been issued with appointment sheets today.  This is an important meeting for each VCE student. 

Hermina Burns, Assistant Principal

Community Announcements/Advertisements…………….

Interested in Training…..then this is for you!

Training Runs at EHS

Each Friday morning a group of students, girls and boys from Year 7 to Year 10, meet at the Junior School office at 8:00am and set off on a training run.  The runs vary according to age and ability and make use of the local parklands that EHS is fortunate to have on our doorstep.  Members of staff accompany the groups.  A hot chocolate awaits students when they return to school. New members always welcome.

Training at Willinda Park, Greensborough

Students interested in training with the Diamond Valley Athletic Club are invited to join in a training group on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 5:00pm. Club coaches, Max Balchin and Lyn Davis will be on hand to explain the arrangements. Sessions usually go through until 6:30pm.


Currently there are 2 scholarship opportunities available:

1)     The Department of Human Services in partnership with Kids Under Cover, is offering Housing Week Scholarships worth $1000 for students studying Yr 11 or 12 or the equivalent through TAFE in 2010. To be eligible, students must be living in public or community-managed housing, or at risk of homelessness. Closing date: August 4th.

2)     Opportunity Scholarships – up to $1000 awarded to students enrolled in Government primary or secondary school for school approved, curriculum related programs. Eligible students are those who lack financial and practical resources and are in receipt of an allowance. Students also need to be able to demonstrate a special ability in a specific learning area with potential to develop further. Closing date: August 24th.

To find out more about the various criteria/ preparing an application, see Tricia, Student Support Room 609, MON and TUES or Student Welfare Coordinators Mr Monigatti/ Mrs Parry.


An offer has been made via Wattle Glen Basketball Club to two under 14 children, (not turning 14 this year) who would love to play basketball, but are unable to due to financial constraints. The offer is a full membership and uniform until December 2009. Funding will be sort to continue this offer next year.

The contact for this offer is Sheryl Harris, 0408 173 938.


Did you know that you can now pay your accounts using BPAY?

BPay Logo Vector DownloadSimply use the biller code and reference number listed on your July statement which was mailed out during the holidays. 

If you provide us with details at the time of your payment we will allocate it in accordance with your request.  Email your payment details to accounts  at  elthamhs.vic.edu.au otherwise it will be allocated as follows:

1.     Essential education items

2.     Optional extras

3.     Voluntary financial contributions.

Please note that biller code 87361 will show DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) NOT Eltham High School.  The Department initially receives the payment and then distributes to schools the next day so there is a processing delay of two days.

As confirmation of this new process we will be posting receipts to families for all BPay transactions during term three only, after this time receipts will only be issued upon request. 

Kathleen Hannan, Acting Business Manager

Education Maintenance Allowance Instalment 2

The second instalment is due from mid August onwards.  Parents and guardians who lodged an application at the beginning of the year need not lodge another application to receive the second instalment. 

If you did not apply for the EMA in the first instalment, you must submit the second instalment application to the school by 7 August 2009.

Key dates – eligibility day 13 July 2009

Parent applications close 7 August 2009

EFT payments mid August 2009 onwards

Cheque payments – late Aug/early September 2009

Education Tax Refund

Parents hold on to your receipts.

Eligible parents can now claim a 50% tax refund on:

Laptops, home computers ( and related costs), home Internet connections, printers, education software, trade tools (for use at school), text books, stationery – maximum refund of $375 per primary school child or $750 per high school child.

For further information call the office of Jenny Macklin MP Federal member for Jaga Jaga 9459 1411

Have you changed your contact details?

Please notify Ms Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 94305114 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au

Student Report Folders- available for pick up

In 2009 EHS is providing access to student reports online via the school intranet. Parents have been accessing reports by using their student’s login credentials and will soon be able to access past reports for previous years.  It is expected that families will download and store reports electronically, either on their computer hard drive, a CD/DVD or a flash drive. Reports will be available online during your student’s time at EHS. If you wish to print reports and store them in hard copy, the school has a limited number of report folders available. If you would like one they can be collected from the General office by parents while the stock lasts.

Darren Squires, Assistant Principal Curriculum.


Seeking in the Technology Dept

Our Technology Department requests any materials - fabric (especially block coloured) beads, buttons, old jewellery, etc that can be re-used for Mixed Media projects. Please bring items to the Art/Technology office.  We are also making a special appeal for a decommissioned sewing machine.  Hoping you can assist our creative Technology students.

Thank-you Jane Thomas, Art/Technology teacher

Available now at the General Office: $3 bumper/wheelie bin stickers help us support this Strathewen community initiative to raise money to rebuild the local hall.  Thanks to K&G labels of Whittlesea for their donation.


Clothing and articles are collected daily from classrooms and environs.  Parents and students are invited to check for lost property as soon as they suspect something may be missing.  All items with names are returned as soon as possible to students, however many items of clothing and text books, etc regrettably, do not have names,.  These items cannot be held indefinitely.  A full list of property was published on the web site – see the Parent NewsletterLost Property list.  The list is also available for students to check, please ask at the General Office.

Parents and students have an opportunity to check all collected and unclaimed items at the next Parent/Teacher interview session – Wednesday 12th August – please ask for directions to the Admin area.


Photographic Exhibition

Journey of Change an Andrew Follows exhibition at the Black Spur Inn, 436 Maroondah Hwy., Narbethong.

Aug 21,22,23 August.

Andrew is a photographer with retinitis pigmentosa – a degenerative disease that renders him legally blind.  He captures the essence of everyday life that many of us simply take for granted.

Melbourne Dance Theatre

Presents Tchaikovsky’s SWAN LAKE

28-29-20 August 2009 - 360 Centre – 360 Main Rd., Lower Plenty.       BOOK NOW!!!  139090 326 234 or www.melbournedancetheatre.com.au/SwanLake


KIDS use their imagination; songs & games through postures, relaxation/meditation. TEENS take a break from pressures of every day life, skills in stress management, yoga postures and meditation/relaxation.

Qualified Primary/Special Ed & Yoga Teacher Greenhills Neighbourhood Centre. Greensborough.
Info & Bookings

Dianne 9444 0645/ 0406024160



Ever pictured yourself working in the USA?

Cultural Care Au Pair 18-26 years

One incredible year providing live-in childcare for an American family. – travel and discover the USA, training at our New York school, earn a $ US allowance

www.culturalcare.com   1800 677 373 or 02 9252 2977


(essential for VCE students)

·                     Develop lifelong skills that will improve your child’s ability to retain and recall information.

·                     Learn a variety of study techniques, including how to effectively use graphic organizers to make learning easier.

·                     Assistance in getting organised for study.

·                     Learn how to develop a glossary that really works.

·                     One-On-One help with studying for exams.

·                     Learn skills that can be applied to any subject.


I will come to you and we will develop a study program that will help your child achieve their full potential at any stage in their secondary schooling.

·                     Experienced Secondary School teacher (10 years).

·                     One-on-one tuition (or small groups).

·                     In your own home or at an agreed location.

·                     Hourly rates.

Call Liz on 97182821 or 0402346893 or email at studyskillssuccess@yahoo.com.au.




Want to expand your knowledge of other countries, cultures, languages or cuisines? Then consider opening your door to an international exchange student. 

World Education Program (WEP) is looking for Volunteer Host Families for International Students arriving in February 2010.

Students from Belgium, Italy, Brazil, France, Japan, and Switzerland are looking for families that are prepared to welcome them into their homes.

These young ambassadors are looking for life long friends and a place to call home during their stay. Apply now & start corresponding with your student upon approval. Getting to know them & their families before they arrive brings fun & joy to everyone involved!

If you would like more information on becoming a Host Family, then please contact our National Office.

Full support is provided to all host families and their students!


Nikki Medwell, Inbound Exchange Administrator

World Education Program Toll Free:          1300 884 733

Email: wep@wep.org.au


An information pack can be sent on request which includes student photos and profiles.


It’s easier than you think & a fantastic experience for all!

Outbound programs also available




Multicultural Program – 2009 AFL Academy camp - Sun 20 – Thurs 24 Sept (5 day live in camp)

Year 7-8 Male (Female camp in 2010)

For all the details see posters at school and to register your interest contact Yuta Kobayashui


Street Art Open Sessions

1st & 3rd Sundays in Term 3

Dates: Aug 16th, and Sept 6th

Venue: Shop 72, Youth Lounge @ Greensborough

Time: 2.30pm – 4.30pm.

Come and paint – we have some “legals” coming up that we need YOU to come and prep and design.

Develop your skills with professional street artists.

For more info call Katy at Banyule Youth Service on

9457 9939 or 0412 850 479.


The Hurstbridge Bushfire Relief Centre is open to provide long-term support to people affected by the bushfires.

The centre – 982 Main St Hurstbridge. Phone 9718 2759 - is open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 on Saturday.

Services provided include morning tea, clothes washing/drying, working bees organized etc.  etc. 

We are desperately in need of volunteers to help at our centre.  A few hours a day is all that is required.

Flute for Sale


- handmade

- Sterling silver head

- closed or open hole

- split E

- B foot

12 months old, excellent condition, as new.  Hardly played.                            fully serviced.

$ 1750.00                         97197518      /     0418170180

For Sale

Sonar Drum Kit - Top quality

5 piece sonar drum kit with “paiste” Hi hats & ride & crash cymbals.   Excellent condition only $400 valued at $1000 phone Andrea 04230 83711/9435 5724

Student Focus

Student Focus is a lunchtime get together for year 7’s and 8’s every Tuesday in room 101. Come, hang out and join in some crazy, random games! We might even give away a prize or two… If you have any questions, please contact Neale at ngrimes@elthambaptist.net

Run by Eltham Baptist Church

The Diamond Valley Athletic Club also offers interested EHS students a chance to gain further assistance and coaching in Cross Country or other track & field events. Training sessions are held at Willinda Park, Greensborough (Melways 21 A4) from 5:00pm on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Contact Max Balchin on 0409 005 406 for further information.


Host Families Needed for Exchange Students

We are hoping that you and your family are interested in the idea of choosing an exchange student to come and live with you for a half, one or even two semesters, sharing your lifestyle with a 15-18 year old girl or boy from Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Brazil...So if you can afford one extra at mealtimes, which is almost the only cost to you, have a spare bed and wish to make an overseas friend, possibly for life, I'd be very pleased to hear from you - (03)97584279.

Klaus Schumann WEP Community Coordinator