Term 4 Week 6   Tues 17th November 2009

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Attention:  Parents & Students of Year 10, 11 & 12 in 2010

Students in Year 10, 11 or 12 Mathematics are required to have a TI-Nspire CAS calculator for 2010. The School has negotiated a special price with The Organiser & Calculator King for the sale of these calculators

TI-Nspire    @     $195.00  Inc GST

(Normally $219.95 on the booklist) a representative will be at the school

19TH November  2009 from 12.30-1.30 pm in the Conference Room


Twilight Music Concert Thurs 26th November 6:30pm

In the courtyard at EHS, BBQ by the Music Support Group.  Students to arrive by 6.15pm.  BYO chairs, friends and family!  Enjoy a lovely casual evening to wind up the music department's year, with a touch of Christmas!


Principal’s Report

Leadership Team 2010

In last week’s Newsletter I announced the appointees to Leading Teacher positions.  On Monday, 16 November we met for the first time as the 2010 Leadership Team.  The day began with an address from our Regional Director, Mr Wayne Craig, who was able to update us on the impact of new technologies on teaching and learning from around the globe.  Mr Craig has just recently returned from a visit to the United States and the United Kingdom, exploring such areas as video communication and broadband access.   This provided the introduction for setting the scene in terms of the work that we need to do throughout 2010 and beyond.  The day also provided us with an opportunity to build relationships across the team as well as to highlight the various areas of responsibility.  Members of the team were very excited about the future direction of Eltham High School and I look forward to working with each of them as a team whilst we embark on our next phase of development.

Preparation for Year 12 – 2010

Starting on Wednesday, 18 November through to  Friday 20 November our Year 11 students will be involved in a study camp which will include their orientation program for Year 12 2010.  A range of activities have been organised for the students throughout these three days and a range of staff will also be involved to support the program.  Activities will range from enhancing study skills, right through to preparing students to cope with the demands of Year 12.  Feedback from last year’s group in relation to the study/orientation camp was outstandingly positive and we hope that our current Year 11 students will also find the experience and the support provided to be of benefit to them as they embark on their Year 12 studies.  I take this opportunity to thank the Senior Sub-School Team for their organisation and preparation of both the camp and the orientation program and likewise, I also thank all the staff who are supporting this program through either their attendance and participation at the camp, or being back at school covering classes for teachers who are directly involved.  I am sure that the program that has been planned will be of great benefit to all of our students. 

Year 12 Valedictory Night 2009

The Year 12 Valedictory Night will take place on Monday, 23 November 2009.  This is the last formal opportunity for us to recognise the class of 2009 as they leave Eltham High School and embark on the next pathway of education, further training or employment.  I wish to congratulate all the students for having completed their Year 12, a noteworthy achievement and I hope that the results of their efforts will give them the opportunity to achieve their various goals.  I acknowledge the hard work and commitment of all the staff who have supported our Year 12 students, and likewise I also acknowledge the hard work and commitment of parents who have been there for students supporting them, not just throughout Year 12 but throughout their entire secondary education.  The relationship between the school, parents and the community is one that we value greatly and most certainly one that we will continue to build upon.  I wish to remind all Year 12 students that they will always be part of this community and we look forward to their return to our school as past students at various times in the future.

Term 4 Working Bee

The last working bee for the 2009 school year took place on Sunday, 15 November.  At this working bee we were joined by members of the Wildcats Basketball Club and I wish to extend my thanks for their hard work on the day.  A great deal of work was achieved by the group, particularly in preparation for the coming summer months.  I take this opportunity to thank all members of our community who in one way or another have participated in the working bees throughout the year, and in particular I wish to once again recognise the exceptional work of the Grounds Committee who meet prior to each working bee to plan and organise the activities for the day.  I also wish to thank Mr John Coates for the work that he does in communicating the school’s needs to the Grounds Committee.  Without his hard work, commitment and dedication the work that we achieve as part of beautifying and maintaining our environment just would not be possible.  I look forward to working with the Grounds Committee in 2010 as we embark on another list of challenges.  I am certain that we will be able to achieve any goals we set for 2010.  We are a determined lot!


Vincent Sicari, Principal

Student reports on Eltham Swim Squad Annual Lap-a-thon

On 29th October 2009 the Eltham Swim Squad held their annual Lap-a-thon.  In the past years we raised money for the Smith Family Foundation, this year we raised money for Strathewen Primary School to help rebuild their playground and outdoor learning areas.

The Lap-a-thon is open to anyone who wants to swim, it is a fun and a worthy event to be a part of.  It doesn’t matter on your age, whether you’re an amazing swimmer or not just go along for the fun.

In comparison to last year’s lap-a-thon with a total of 30 swimmers, we managed to do 3423 laps of the Leisure Centre 25m pool.  This year with 36 swimmers we reached an outstanding 4010 laps, the best we have ever done in the past 5 years.

We would like to congratulate all the swimmers for their amazing efforts and can’t wait to see what they can do next year, thanks to coaches Neroli Nixon and Simon Wright, who have trained us relentlessly.  Also a special thanks to the swimmers that helped out from other schools Alex Johansson from St Helena SC., Annelise McDonald from CLC and Bethany Phillips from Eltham Primary School.  We appreciate your help very much and hope to see you again next year.

Emily Voss


Kristy Alford


Anneliese  (CLC)


Ben Smith


Will Maude


Maddie Bennett


Nathan Doorman


Daniel Sowden


Alex J (St Helena SC)


Lucy Robertson


Adam W




Dani Santin


Dylan Taylor


Lewis Russell




Tom Walker


Naomi Edrees


Ben Hague


Morgan Taylor


Aleks Leffley


Tom Phillips


India Heys


Genevieve Bennett


Phil Boyd


Issy Simjanovski


Ebony Santin


Ryan Grigg


Neesha Nurmohamed


Bethany Phillips


Ryan Shinton


Simon Wright


Mel Baker


Kaithlyn Leffley




Monique Van Orschost


Taylor Heaney




Once again Congratulations to all the swimmers and we hope to see you all again next year and bring a friend along.

If you have questions about the lap-a-thon or the Eltham Swim Squad please feel free to contact Phil Boyd.

Aleks Leffley, lap-a-thon particpant

Working Bee Report Sun 15th Nov 2009

The working bee held on Sunday 15th November proved just again what a wonderful supportive volunteer group we have when close to 60 individuals from the Eltham High community combined forces with the Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club to spruce up the school environment prior to the summer break.  Lots of significant tasks were expertly executed and the school environment and the stadium surrounds are the beneficiaries of this hard work.  Thanks must go to all those parents, students and teachers who came along and made the event the success it was.  Particular acknowledgement must be extended to the Grounds Committee members who organise and manage tasks on the day.  Your leadership and organisation is greatly appreciated by the school.  Thanks on the day to Sue Washington, Leo Adamson, Philip Green, Steve Moon, Matt Jones, Bruce Voisey, Mark Croft, Mal Sinclair, Anna Thamm, Sue Gwilym, Adam Boulter, Bronwyn Cervinka, Michelle Stenborg, Sue Hamilton-Green, Vincent Sicari, Terri Phillips, Robert Ackland, and John Prenc.  Great work.  Below is a list of the successful tasks completed on the day.

ü  A deconstruction of a 20 metre section of the post and pipe fence adjacent to the 100’s block.

ü  A massive cleanup around the stadium complex.

ü  Several cubic metres of soil were relocated from the back oval to the courtyard to create a new garden next year.

ü  A significant amount of mowing and brush cutting was completed over the entire campus

ü  Sweeping was completed along the eastern side of the school as well as the courtyard  complexes

ü  A major cleanup was also completed in the Environmental area. A pleasing discovery was the presence of lots of tadpoles in the two troughs inside this area.

ü  Repair work was completed to two sections of post and pipe fence

ü  A section of raised garden bed seating was cleverly extended adjacent to the 600’s

ü  Repair work was made to some external seating on the eastern oval.

ü  Approximately 100 bollards were stained around the stadium complex.

ü  A major cleanup, weed and mulch were executed on the western boundary.

ü  Some skilful paving was completed in the memorial garden complex to overcome a tripping hazard. Thanks Mal Sinclair.

ü  Finally, the Junior School courtyard garden was mulched, weeded and pruned as well as the garden adjacent to the 700’s.

This working bee was the final working bee of the year and on reflection it has been as successful as one would hope with a total of around 400 volunteers coming along and giving their time to make the learning environment of the school a better place for all those students and teachers who work together for the combined objective of a better world. Again there are seven working bees in 2010 so tick those volunteer dates and prepare to come along and make a difference. Thanks again to all those contributors in 2009.

John Coates, Environment Coordinator for the Grounds Committee.

Attendees/families at Nov 15 Working Bee















































Community Announcements/Advertising on the web this week www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Canteen Roster

November 2009

Wed 18

Joanne Agar, Tracey Jarvis, Natalie Lawson

Thurs 19

Michelle Ord, Rhonda Constantinou

Fri 20

Camilla McHugh, Suzie Gerrard,

Mon 23

Rhonda Steele, Robyn Flannagan

Tues 24

Karen Mcdonald, Jacqui Howe

Please note that our Xmas afternoon tea for our wonderful volunteers is on Wed 9 December 2pm….no canteen food to be served, it’s a promise!...Gael, Kath & Paula

If you can help fill our roster please call Gael 9430 5122


Calling all borrowed books to SWC

A reminder to all students who have borrowed books from the SWC office that these need to be returned as soon as possible.  If you require books for next year please contact Brendan Monigatti or Di Parry by Monday, 7th December.


A big thank you to the music students for their consideration whilst the music exams took place!  November the 23rd and 25th ...it's the percussion students' turn.  Again exams will be held in the music rehearsal room for the majority of the percussion students to take part in AMEB exams.

What's on the calendar?

The Twilight Concert ... Thursday 26th November, 6.30pm.  In the courtyard at EHS, BBQ by the Music Support Group.  Students to arrive by 6.15pm.  BYO chairs, friends and family!  Enjoy a lovely casual evening to wind up the music department's year, with a touch of Christmas!

A reminder of a couple of music department 'services' overseen by the Music Support Group ... the Second Hand Instrument Register and the Second Hand Unifom Sales.

Any queries, please contact Jill in the Music Office on 9430 5127


Jill Browne, Music Administration


LOTE             TRIP PLANNED-Sept 2010…interested??

NEW CALEDONIA TRIP 2010    (1st week Sept Holidays.)

Expressions of interest can be lodged with Madame Nicassio or your French teacher for this exciting study tour trip. First preference will be given to French students, others next.   New Caledonia is a beautiful tropical paradise in the Pacific. French is the main language of this country.  Itinerary will be available shortly.

EHS Swim Squad..last two weeks for group this year

The EHS Swim Squad offers students a one hour structured program at the Eltham Leisure Centre on Thursday mornings from 7am under the guidance of coaches Neroli Nixon and Simon Wright.  With summer around the corner now is the perfect time to improve your swimming as well as your fitness.  Students from all year levels and of all ability levels will find the squad a friendly and supportive one Weekly sessions cost $8 to cover lane hire and coaching fees.  Hope to see all the crew there this coming Thursday – bring a friend!                        Phil Boyd, Swim Squad leader



November 2009

Wed 18

Yr11->Yr12 Transition camp at Neerim

MS SoSE Legal excursion –Heidel/Old Melb Gaol

HPE Rac & Rec Squash to Westerfolds Sports

Thurs 19

Sport Yr 8 Round Robin

OES MS Camp Kayaking & bushwalking Lorne

SoSE MS Enviro Man Fieldwork to local area

Fri 20

HPE Rac & Rec Squash to Westerfolds Sports

Mon 23

Transition Yr11->Yr12 at school

Valedictory evening

Wed 25

HPE Rac & Rec Squash to Westerfolds Sports

SoSE Greek Festival Prize winners 7A to Greensborough

Thurs 26

SoSE MS Enviro Man Fieldwork to local area

Music -Twilight Concert

Fri 27

Last day Yr 9 & 10 classes

Mon 30

Yr 9 Work Experience begins

Transition Yr 10->Yr 11 Orientation

Are you a past student of Monty South Primary???

Then you may wish to volunteer for a crazy hair/nail stall ( all products supplied) you will need to be available from 10am-2pm on the 21-11-09…..still interested then please contact Tania on 9439 6201…sounds like a great day!




Super League Volleyball

Games Thursday night after school – 19 November.

Court 1

U16 boys honours v U/15 boys honours –

Duty – Open Womens honours

Court 2

U/17 Girls honours v U/16 girls honours –

Duty – Open Womens honours

Court 3

U15 boys division 1 v U15 girls honours –

Duty – U16 boys div 1

Court 4

Under 14 boys div 1 v U15 girls division 1 –

Duty – U16 boys div 1

Year 7 teams continue to have practice matches each Monday after school from 3.30 until approx. 4.15 pm

AVSC – Australian Volleyball Schools Cup

The AVSC is only 19 days away. Please pay the balance of your payment and return the parent permission form to the cashier by Friday 27th November.

At the close of nominations the AVF had 435 teams entered in the Aust volleyball schools cup.

It is going to be the biggest event ever. Students will be issued with final details soon.

Eltham High Volleyball Website

The Volleyball page on the Eltham High website is up and running. Thanks to the hard work of Mr Shannon Argall and Ms Bree Pascoe, who have been busy loading photos and organising links.  Students and parents can now check out team photos from Victorian schools cup.  There is also a list of players, coaches and managers for the Australian Volleyball schools cup on the site.  Very soon parents will be able to access all the AVSC notices and information relating to ‘Nationals’ on the site.  No more checking the bottom of the school bag and wondering if there was an important document given out and lost in transit.  Also very soon photos of this years beach volleyball competition and our New Zealand trip will appear for you to check out. Just go to elthamhs.vic.edu.au/ and click on the volleyball link.

Round Robin Competitions in November

Congratulations to our year 7 and 8 boys and girls teams on their Northern Zone volleyball competition victories last week.  All four teams now progress to the VSSSA state volleyball final on Thursday the 26th of November.

Congratulations also to our year 9 teams on winning the Diamond Valley group competition last week. The next competition, held on Thursday 19th November is for this year’s year 7 students who will be in year 8 in 2010. These competitions are held late in 2009 to ease congestion in a very busy first term. Winners of these competitions go on to represent the Diamond Valley Group at the Northern Zone finals in later in 2010. Lists of students taking part in these competitions are posted on the volleyball information board in the stadium foyer.


Volleyball Important Dates

Thurs 19th Nov

Diamond Valley Group year 8 round robin

(for year 7’s)

Thurs 26th Nov

VSSSA Volleyball Final for 7 and 8

Sun 6th Dec

1st selection trail for the 2010 under 15 Victorian volleyball team

7 – 11 Dec

Australian Schools Cup

Sun 13 Dec

2nd selection trial for the 2010 under 15 Vic volleyball team

Greg Thomas, Volleyball coach


Second Hand Book Sales

The Book Room 105 will operate from later this week.  Students in Year 11 have been issued booklists and are invited to lodge orders for second hand books from Wed 18 Nov.  Year 12 2009 students are invited to hand in books for sale- lists of books to be resold are posted on the windows of Room 105 and in the document section on the web site.

Students in year 8-10 will receive book list packs in the next few days.

Brenda Wilkins, Second Hand Book coordinator

Toy Drive  extended due to the demand expected  by the Shire organisers

we need new toys, books and games suitable for children up to 15 years of age.   This drive is aimed at presenting our generous collection, they will be given to children who live in the shire of Nillumbik only………this drive has been most successful in past years and we hope you will give us your support.  All donations may be left in the canteen.


Middle School Homework Club is held every Wednesday from 3:20 until 4:20pm in Room 105.  Students are free to attend on a casual basis to catch up on homework in a supervised setting.  A healthy snack will be provided.  For more info see Soile Keskinen in the Middle School Office.

Junior school Homework Club is on Wednesday mornings from 8am until 8:45am just report to the Junior school office.


The Anthology Committee are busily finalising the selection of writing and artwork for the 2009 Anthology of Student Writing.  The annual publication is an extraordinary achievement, showcasing the work of students from all year levels and abilities. It is a celebration of the creativity of our students at Eltham High School.   Did your child have something published in the 2008 Anthology?  The office still has copies to sell.  These would make excellent gifts for proud family and friends.  Copies are reduced to $12.               Rai Jones


We invite parents/families to use


Student Attendance/Notice of absence/attendance check

Cathy Cukier    94305114

Payments via the cashier- don’t forget we accept BPay

Denise Frankenberg / Helen O’Meara    9430 5118

Enquiries re parent statements

Kathleen Hannan   9430 5105

Student Welfare coordinators

Brendan Monigatti / Di Parry    9430 5123

Newsletter items / Tutors

Brenda Wilkins    9430 5117

Sick Bay / medical (asthma) plans/ Lost Property check

Michelle Ford     9430 5120

Canteen volunteers

Gael Carter, Manager     9430 5122

Student Report Folders- available for pick up


Parents are able to access reports by using their student’s login credentials.  It is expected that families will download and store reports electronically, either on their computer hard drive, a CD/DVD or a flash drive. Reports will be available online during your student’s time at EHS. If you wish to print/store in hard copy, the school has a limited number of report folders available. If you would like one they can be collected from the General office by parents while the stock lasts.

Darren Squires, Assistant Principal Curriculum.

Missing /Lost

Silver ring  with diamond in the 400’s week of Oct 12

Significant importance to owner ph 9430 5117

Introduction of the Victorian Student Number

Our school is working with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to allocate a Victorian Student Number (VSN) to each student at the school.

The VSN is a student identification number that is being assigned to all students in government and non-government schools, and students in Vocational Education and Training Institutions. The number, which is unique to each student, will be used as a key identifier on a student’s school records, and will remain with the student throughout his or her education, until reaching the age of 25. The VSN is nine digits long, randomly assigned, and tied to stable information about the student (name, gender, date of birth).

The introduction of the Victorian Student Number will provide the capability to accurately detect patterns of student movement through, and departure from, the Victorian education and training system. It will greatly improve the collection and analysis of timely and accurate data about education in Victoria. The Department collects information to track improvements made to the education system, identify areas that require further improvement, and to analyse trends and identify future needs. The VSN will improve the accuracy, reliability and completeness of this information, providing a better basis for assessing needs and developing policies to meet them.

You will see the VSN appear on student enrolment confirmations and exit confirmations.

If you want to know more about VSN please see http://www.education.vic.gov.au/management/governance/vsn/overview.htm


Attention:  Parents & Students of

Year 10, 11 and 12 in 2010


Students in Year 10, 11 or 12 Mathematics are required to have a TI-Nspire CAS calculator for 2010. The old TI83 and TI84 graphics calculators are now obsolete and will not be suitable for use in these classes.

The School has negotiated a special price with The Organiser & Calculator King for the sale of these calculators

TI-Nspire    @     $195.00  Inc GST

(Normally $219.95 on the booklist)

A Representative will be at the school

19TH November  2009 from 12.30-1.30 pm

in the Conference Room

Please note that this is the only time that this special price will be offered.


On the day please bring either CASH OR CHEQUE made out to:

The Organiser & Calculator King


*All cheques require name, address and phone number on the back

Please note: Calculators are covered by a 1 year warranty.

*A receipt will be given with each purchase which must be kept for Warranty purposes.

The Organiser & Calculator King

33 Park Street South Melbourne 3205

Tel: 9696 3366

Fax: 9696 9166

Email: sales@calculatorking.com.au


Community Announcements/Advertisements…         Check the web site for more this week…….


Discover your creative flair for fashion & hair design

Renowned schools, Pivot Point Academy of Hairdressing and Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia are launching an exciting joint workshop 'FOUNDATION STYLING FOR THE RUNWAY'.

This innovative course will provide students with a foundation in fashion and hair design together with make-up artistry to pursue further study within the creative industries.  By providing 'real life' experience, this course aims to give students an understanding of the dynamic and exciting creative world of runway fashion.

Upon completion students will gain:

·          An understanding of fashion styling, hair design and make-up application

·          A hands-on skill creating simple and original styled looks for the face, hair and body

·          An ability to manage time and teams for completed looks

·          Experience in organising and showcasing designs in a live runway show

PRICE: $500 and includes all materials.  For further information on locations and timetable and to book your place on our workshop, please visit www.pivot-point.edu.au/whitehouse or call 03 9604 3321 today.

DATE: This course will run from Monday 18 January to Friday 22 January 2010  COST is $500 and includes all materials

LOCATION: Melbourne   Pivot Point Academy  382 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Whitehouse Institute of Design  Mail Exchange Building,   Level 4 672 Bourke St, Melbourne



Do you know anyone under 13 years old that is the speedster on the sporting ground, or the pace-setter in the playground? Can they burn up the backyard or fly across the field? They could be 'Victoria's Fastest Kid.' With the help of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games silver medallist Sally McLellan,  Athletics Victoria has begun the search for 'Victoria's Fastest Kid,' with the winning boy and girl to receive a 12-month adidas sponsorship, valued at over $1000 each. Eight pairs of adidas running shoes will also be up for grabs to lucky entrants in a random prize draw - one at each venue.  'Victoria's Fastest Kid,' is open to any child aged 12 years and under (as at 31st December 2009), from any sporting background - they don't have to be an athlete. So get your brother or sister, friends and cousins involved and introduce them to the adrenalin rush of sprint racing.  With a qualification rounds to be held at a track near you, racing will be conducted over 100 metres, with the semi-finals and final to be held at the Zatopek:10 at Olympic Park (10th December 2009) to crown 'Victoria's Fastest Kid.' Qualifying rounds will be held on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd November 2009.  For more information on 'Victoria's Fastest Kid,' qualifying round venues, and to download an entry form, please CLICK <http://www.athsvic.org.au/cache/NewsFile/3859VFK%20Information%20%26%20Entry%20Form.pdf>  HERE.  Any questions or enquiries you have about 'Victoria's Fastest Kid' should be directed to Athletics Victoria on (03) 9428 8195 or info@athsvic.org.au   Athletics Victoria Olympic Park, Olympic Boulevard, Melbourne, Vic 3004 | p 61 3 9428 8195 | f 61 3 9427 9183 e info@athsvic.org.au | w  <http://www.athsvic.org.au/> www.athsvic.org.


Step by Step – Community Fundraiser-Lower Eltham Cricket Club – Main Rd., Eltham Wed 2nd Dec 6-9pm entertainment  etc $30 per ticket contact 9404 9528 (BH) Leah 0404 718 607, Brigitte 0412 291 039 ….please join us to raise funds for Rhiannon’s recovery and rehabilitation by part6icipating in our fundraiser..we need as many organisations as we can to get together and donate items for a raffle draw which will be held on the night.


Lalor West PS Celebrations  1973-2009 – Thurs 26 Nov from 5-8pm

Calling all ex-students, parents, staff and ex-staff  -  come and join in the fun!....opening of time capsule, special guest, student performances, lucky gate prizes  etc


In late January 2010, students, aged 15 – 18 years, from over 15 countries will be arriving in Australia to study at local schools for 5 or 10 months.  Opportunities exist to act as a host family in a volunteer/unpaid capacity.  Hosting can be on a temporary, short or long term basis. 


Host families help provide our students with the chance to study and experience life in Australia.  This is a great way to learn about another country and culture, establish a lifelong link to a family in another country and contribute to international goodwill.  If your family can offer a friendly, supportive and caring home environment, contact us today. 


To learn more about this opportunity call Student Exchange Australia on 1300 135 331

or visit our website: www.studentexchange.org.au



The Nillumbik YouthTeam @ Nillumbik Community Health

Introducing the On Track Program

We are pleased to announce the On Track Program which is specifically designed to support the needs of youth aged between 10-21 years affected by the 2009 bushfires and their families. Sarah van den Berg and Stephen Macpherson have been employed to work with youth in the bushfire affected areas and to offer a range of services such as:

Information …..Referral support …..Outreach …..Individual Support …..Youth & Family Counselling …..Mediation …..Activities & Groups …..Community Education …..Secondary Consultation

On Track Counselling Referrals

Referrals are via the service coordination on 9430 9100 for any 10-21 year olds affected by the 2009 bushfires and their families or see Mr Monigatti or Di Parry at school.



Manningham Park PS, formerly Manningham PS, has been an integral part of the Manningham community since 1966. But the time has unfortunately come for the doors to close.  We're looking for past students, teachers, parents & families to join a final reunion and giant assembly (3pm) to say thank you & farewell to an old and much loved friend.  Catch up with old schoolmates & teachers & enjoy an afternoon of reminiscing. Please spread the word!

Thankyou on behalf of the Manningham Park PS Last Hurrah Committee, Roslyn Mackie  (Past Student)


BPay Logo Vector DownloadDid you know that you can now pay your accounts using BPAY?

Simply use the biller code and reference number listed on your July statement which was mailed out during the holidays. 

If you provide us with details at the time of your payment we will allocate it in accordance with your request.  Email your payment details to accounts  at  elthamhs.vic.edu.au otherwise it will be allocated as follows:

1.     Essential education items

2.     Optional extras

3.     Voluntary financial contributions.

Please note that biller code 87361 will show DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) NOT Eltham High School.  The Department initially receives the payment and then distributes to schools the next day so there is a processing delay of two days.

As confirmation of this new process we will be posting receipts to families for all BPay transactions during term three only, after this time receipts will only be issued upon request. 

Kathleen Hannan, Acting Business Manager

Wanted for photography students

Old SLR film cameras in working order, if you can help, and have a camera you are no longer using please send it along to Mr Lyon or Mr Clark. 


Have you changed your contact details?

Please notify Ms Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 94305114 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Clothing and articles are collected daily from classrooms and environs.  Parents and students are invited to check for lost property as soon as they suspect something may be missing.  All items with names are returned as soon as possible to students, however many items of clothing and text books etc  do not have names, regrettably.  These items cannot be held indefinitely.  A full list of property is posted on notice boards for students to check.

Interested in keeping fit …..then this is for you!

Training Runs at EHS

Each Friday morning a group of students, girls and boys from Year 7 to Year 10, meet at the Junior School office at 8:00am and set off on a training run.  The runs vary according to age and ability and make use of the local parklands that EHS is fortunate to have on our doorstep.  Members of staff accompany the groups.  A hot chocolate awaits students when they return to school. New members always welcome.

Training at Willinda Park, Greensborough

Students interested in training with the Diamond Valley Athletic Club are invited to join in a training group on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 5:00pm. Club coaches, Max Balchin and Lyn Davis will be on hand to explain the arrangements. Sessions usually go through until 6:30pm.


Register to receive an email version of this newsletterthis is a guarantee your copy reaches home – simply go to the web site – www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the newsletter link choose subscribe and follow the prompts.  Thank you for helping save paper & considering the environment.

Student Focus

Student Focus is a lunchtime get together for year 7’s and 8’s every Tuesday in room 101. Come, hang out and join in some crazy, random games! We might even give away a prize or two… If you have any questions, please contact Neale at ngrimes@elthambaptist.net

Run by Eltham Baptist Church


Cyber Bullying – Cyber safety

Monday Nov 23rd 2009………..Dingley International Hotel

Free parking on site!  PD 6 hours cost $249 (GST incl)

email critical agendas admin@criticalagendas.com.au


State Schools’ Relief Committee Inc

Family & Junior Great Australian Run Saturday 28th November in Albert Park

Meet Cathy Freeman  and others….for more info and to find out about the discounted entry etc… check out www.greataustralianrun.com.au

Our Favourite Carols

Featuring Golden Guitar winnersCarter & Carter

Internationally renowned organistThomas Heywood

Box Hill Songsters

Camberwell Citadel Brass Band & Mass Choir

$15 adult $10 concession

Sunday 6th December 2009 from 2:30-4:30pm

Melbourne Town Hall tickets at door - ph 9877 9277

An offering will be taken at this event for the Bible Society in China

You could learn a lot from an international brother or sister !

climate change?  further education?

cultural differences?  language?

study habits?  careers?

and what fun teaching him/her about Australian culture.

Carefully selected students will arrive Feb 2010 for 5 months from Europe, Japan and the U.S.A. They will attend local secondary school, are fully insured and have their own spending money.CONTACT 1800 500 501  email :scceaust@scce.com.au



Are you interested in different cultures and languages?

Are you interested in youths and education?

Hosting an EF student may be just what you’re looking for

Our students come from Europe, Asia and South America- just to name a few.

They are fully insured and have their own spending money.

If you would like your family to experience a different culture in your own home and community

And also share your Australia with a deserving young person please call 1800 251 877

www.effoundation.com.au (not for profit exchange organization)


Host Families Needed for Exchange Students

We are hoping that you and your family are interested in the idea of choosing an exchange student to come and live with you for a half, one or even two semesters, sharing your lifestyle with a 15-18 year old girl or boy from Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Brazil...So if you can afford one extra at mealtimes, which is almost the only cost to you, have a spare bed and wish to make an overseas friend, possibly for life, I'd be very pleased to hear from you - (03)97584279.

Klaus Schumann WEP Community Coordinator


Are you in need of a computer but can't justify the cost?

'Green PCs' is an organisation that distributes internet ready ex-government or corporate computers to individuals or families that hold a current Health Care Card, or other proof of low income status, at an affordable price. Internet and communications service, on-site support and a telephone help desk are also provided.

You can access the 'Green PCs' organisation by visiting InfoXchange Australia at 375-377 Johnson St Abbotsford Vic 3067 Ph: (03) 9418 7400 or at www.infoxchange.net.au




Available now at the General Office: $3 bumper/wheelie bin stickers help us support this Strathewen community initiative to raise money to rebuild the local hall.  Thanks to K&G labels of Whittlesea for their donation.

Drop In to the Kinglake or Kinglake West supported homework program

Are you a secondary student from the Kinglake area?

Do you need a quiet place to do your homework?

Would you like some help from a free tutor?

Then drop into the homework program at either of these locations:

Where: Kinglake West—Mechanics Hall (Wednesdays)

Where: Kinglake—Library (Mondays)

Time: 4.00pm to 6.00pm during the school terms

Tutoring available in the areas of Math, Science & English

This free service is provided by Kildonan Uniting Care

For more information call Kildonan’s Youth Services

on (03) 8401 0100 or email info@kildonan.org.au

Proudly supported by SHARE Community Appeal, Rotary Club of Templestowe & Rotary District 9810 Bushfire Relief Appeal


The Hurstbridge Bushfire Relief Centre is open to provide long-term support to people affected by the bushfires.

The centre – 982 Main St Hurstbridge. Phone 9718 2759 - is open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 on Saturday.

Services provided include morning tea, clothes washing/drying, working bees organized etc.  etc. 

We are desperately in need of volunteers to help at our centre.  A few hours a day is all that is required.



ABN 56 079 715 735



The school has received funding from the Federal Government through the Pride in Schools Program to upgrade school facilities.  Design and documentation commenced to improve the learning facilities in the 400s Block and Library.  The work comprises opening up classrooms into flexible learning areas with moveable walls.  This work is part of the school’s overall master plan and is in line with the direction that education is heading of providing new learning environments for students with a view of supporting the improvement of learning outcomes.


We are trying to achieve as much as possible with limited funds available.  The overall project cost, including works to the Library is just under $500,000.  By utilising money from the Federal Government, the donations to the Building Fund and also other sources, some additional funds are still required.  A further $125,000 is required to complete this project.  We also have other works in mind around the school to also create a better learning environment for our young people.  These works are in addition to the money provided through the budget process for the major redevelopment of the school.


While construction has now commenced the full extent of works cannot be completed unless additional funds are available.  Some photos of the works in progress can be found on the school web page. 


The school is now seeking support from our community to establish a co-operative so as to complete the full extent of works.  Schools are not able to take out bank loans as they are not legal entities in their own right.  By forming a co-operative that is distinct from the school, it is the co-operative that can apply for a loan.  The school has successfully used co-operatives where additional funds are required to complete large projects.  Extensions and alterations to the Music Block were funded through a co-operative arrangement. 


How can you help? 

Become a shareholder of the cooperative.  This will assist us to secure a loan.  This is a formal process that includes establishment of a co-operative under the Co-operatives Act and also securing a guarantee over the loan amount that is provided by the Victorian State Treasurer.  Shareholders will be allocated 1500, $1 shares, with the 10% deposit of $150 being paid by the school.  All future payments are made by the school.




If you would like to become a member of the new Eltham High School Cooperative, please complete the attached form and return it to the school.  If you require any additional information please contact Bruce Martyn (9430 5171).


The school looks forward to your support of this worthwhile project that will improve the educational outcomes of Eltham High School students.








Surname of Applicant                                                                                                      

Other Names                                                                                                                   




Address to which notices are to be sent                                                                           





1.         I hereby apply to be admitted as a member of the Eltham High School Building Cooperative No2 Limited and to be allotted 1500 shares therein, and in respect of such obligation, I undertake to lodge in accordance with the rules the sum of $150 dollars which sum is made up as follows:


Entrance Fee                                                                                          $0

Paid up share capital (paid by Eltham High School Council)                  $150

Total                                                                                                   $150


2.         *I am over the age of eighteen years

*I am under the age of eighteen years, having been born on           ...........................


* Strike out the words that are inapplicable


3.         If this application is approved and the shares in Eltham High School Building Cooperative No2 Limited be allotted to me, I agree to pay all charges required by the Cooperative and I agree to be bound by the rules of the Cooperative and by any alterations thereof registered in accordance with the Cooperatives Act 1996.







Signature of Applicant              ..............................................




Witness                                    ..............................................


NB: Pursuant to Section 75(1) of the Act, no rights of membership shall be exercised until the member has made such payments or acquired such shares or interest as specified in the rules in that behalf.