Term 1 Week 8    Tues 23rd March 2010

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Tomorrow Wednesday – March 24 Student Progress Interviews for all students in Years 9, 10, 11 & 12 – beginning at 11:30am

No students are expected at school, except when accompanying parents to their respective interviews.        Year 7 & 8 students are not required at school. (Please see letter from the Principal distributed last week)

Reports went on line to parents Friday 19th March.  All Middle School and Senior students have been issued booking sheets.


Reminder for Junior School:

Students in Yr 7 & 8 will have Progress Interviews on Thursday April 15 from 4-7pm – student interview appointment booking sheets will be distributed late this week. 

Student reports will be online to parents this Friday March 26 – accessible via the intranet and your student ID.

Principal’s Report

Student Achievement

Congratulations to Kristina Gorgievska who has been invited to the National Public Education Forum at Parliament House in Canberra on 27 March 2010.  Kristina will be representing Eltham High School and public education in Victoria in the afternoon session of the forum on 27 March beginning at 1:45pm.  Kristina’s participation is at the invitation of the Australian Education Union.  With a number of other students, Kristina will be talking about her experience of public education and its benefits.  I am certain that Kristina will represent our school community and public education in Victoria with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.  We wish Kristina all the very best with this initiative and look forward to hearing back from her once she returns at the start of Term 2.

Isis Lowery of Year 8, recently travelled to the U.S with Jets Gymnastics for the trip of a lifetime!  This was the first international trip for the gym, aimed at its members gaining valuable experience travelling and competing in another country.

Competitions took place in Dallas, Texas, and then in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The first competition was at WOGA Gym in Dallas, home of many Olympic Champions.  In Oklahoma City the team was lucky enough to spend the week with Nadia Comaneci and Husband Bart Connor (dual gold medallist himself) along with the other international competitors, attending dinners and even an NBA game in their suite! This was the ' Nadia Comaneci Invitational ' and had gymnasts from 7 countries competing with the local TV network televising the meet. 

The competitions were of a very high standard and developed their performances as they gained new skills. The usual training regime was in place for Isis and the other members of the team as they settled into living in hotels and being continuously on the move and getting used to all the 'different' experiences offered by another country.

After the competitions, the team flew to San Fransisco for two days sight seeing and then onto Vancouver to the Winter Olympics to cheer on a former local gymnast competing in the aerial skiing.  Last stop was L.A for the trip to Disneyland after which Isis spent some time with family.

Isis has indicated that apart from a few injuries and a bout of gastro, it was an amazing trip, which gave her the experience of meeting many new friends and something to remember and inspire her gymnastics career.  We congratulate Isis on her achievement and continue to follow her progress in the sport with great interest.

Innovating with Technologies Research Project

I congratulate the LOTE Faculty for having been successful in gaining one of the Innovating with Technologies Research Project Grants through the Innovation Next Practice Division of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.  This is an exciting opportunity to highlight and stimulate the innovative work being undertaken by Victorian Government schools to improve student outcomes.  The grant involves an action research project on the use of one to one hand held devices to support learning in language.  The outcome and data collected from this research project will inform policy and practice across the system.  I congratulate all members of the LOTE Faculty and in particular, Melissa Hughes, who has worked very hard at putting the application together.  The grant of $3,000 will support the work that will be done in this particular area of the study of language.  We look forward to the start of this project and even more so, to the outcomes which will guide our work in future years.

End of Term 1

Where have the last eight weeks gone?  As we move into the Term 1 break, I reflect back on a very busy few weeks for all of us.  I take this opportunity to wish all the students and staff a safe and relaxing break.  I wish all of our families and our community a very happy Easter and I look forward to seeing you all back at the start of Term 2 on Monday, 12 April for what promises to be a very exciting, but also demanding Term 2.  School will be dismissed at 2:30pm on Friday, 26 March and I ask all parents to ensure that you organise appropriate transport for your children.

Vincent Sicari, Principal


 [from www.commonsensemedia.org, compliments of Sue Young, Assistant Principal at Serpell Primary School]

Last week FACEBOOK over took Google in terms of the most accessed site on the Internet.  To protect our children the following are some of the things you need to know.

Only the user can control your own online privacy:  Young people are growing up in public – and this is especially true when it comes to Facebook.  Everything they say or do adds up and affects their reputations.  You can help your children protect their privacy by making sure they use their privacy settings. 

What Parents Need to Know:  Every time Facebook makes a change, parents and young people should immediately take the time to redo or review their privacy settings.  The changes themselves can be a mixed bag.  In the most recent overhaul, many of the Facebook privacy options have been set to defaults that allow broad access to what your children post on their pages or on their friends’ pages.  And the default for many privacy options for minors is “friends of friends” which could be thousands of people who your children don’t know.  In other words, your children’s privacy settings must be redone.  The step-by-step video available on www.commonsensemedia.org shows you how to do it.

All About the Settings: 

1.       Unless you or your children have reset their privacy settings, some of their information will be far more public than you’d like;

2.       Even after the new settings are completed, more personal information will show up when people search Facebook for your children’s names (name, profile picture, gender, current city, networks, friend list and pages);

3.       There are two levels to the privacy settings –those that show up under privacy settings and the less obvious ones that show up under “applications settings”;

4.       The overall privacy settings are pretty clear and are improved because they offer consistent choices;

5.       The “application settings” controls have to be gone through one by one.  When your children use an application, it’s the same as “friending” someone.  Their information (and their friends’ information) can be shared unless they go in and manage their privacy levels.  It’s essential that your children go through these options and determine who can see their pictures, birthdays, etc.

What Your Children Need to Know:  They’re really less private than they were before.  With the new changes, Facebook has made users’ personal information widely available – name, profile, picture, gender, networks, friend lists, and any pages that members are fans of.  Another concern lies in the Internet search engines.

If you’re an adult and you don’t want any part of your Facebook information to show up in search engine results, you need to go into the Search Settings page and uncheck the box that says “Public Search” results.  If you’re a minor, you’re automatically excluded from search engine crawls – unless your child goes to Search Settings and actually decides to share their Facebook information.

So, parents, take a look at your children’s settings and be sure you’re comfortable with what they’ve decided.  (Remember, some children lie about their ages, and if they say they’re older than 18, some of their information will show up in search engine results).  Also under Search Settings, you can control who can find you or your children on Facebook.  If you only want friends to be able to find you, for example, then you can set your privacy settings accordingly.  Finally, you can use the “block” tool to put in specific names and e-mail addresses to prevent people from contacting you or your children, although it only works after your children have been contacted in the first place.

Your children have more control over who sees what.  Before, there was a confusing and inconsistent menu of privacy options.  Now, children can make consistent choices about the audience for different activities.  The choices range from “everyone” to Facebook friends and networks”, “friends of friends”, “only friends”, or “a customised group”.  The last option gives you person by person control over what posts or pictures people can see.  But remember, Facebook’s default setting for many of these options is “everyone”.  If you’re a minor, “everyone” means “friends of friends” and any networks that your children have joined.

The Bottom Line:  You and your children have to reset or review every privacy option.  And we urge you to make sure they do it, pronto.  And, parents, even if your children have “friended” you, don’t be surprised to find that you can no longer see their pictures!  That may be bad news for you, but the good news is that it means they’ve used the tools at their disposal.

Canteen Roster

March 2010

Wed 24

Student Progress Interview day

Thur 25

Jane Woollard, Joanne Kersteren, Maritta Car

Fri 26

Leonie Knoblock, Sharon Davies, Janine Petersen


The 'Music Smorgasbord' was a wonderful success on Sunday.  The audience was enthusiastic and appreciative of not only the high standard of musical entertainment but the 'brekky' offerings from the music support group.

A special thankyou to the Strathewen Primary School Strings and Hurstbridge Learning Co-operative for taking part in the event.  They were warmly received!

This week, there are no rehearsals on Wednesday, so Intermediate Band are rehearsing this Thursday in periods 1 and 2.  Concert Band will have an extended rehearsal the first week of term 2.

All 'music' students have received their paperwork - if yours hasn't arrived home ... check your bags!

Training Band has their first rehearsal this Thursday ... those first notes played at 7.30am!  Parents are welcomed to stay and listen.  They will receive their paperwork at the rehearsal.

The Symphonic Band is performing at a concert on Friday evening at Melba Hall.  Tickets are available from the Music Office.

Hope everyone enjoys a relaxing first term holiday ready for a busy term 2.

Jill Browne, Music Administration


Congratulations to 2009 Year 12 students Sean Anderson (VET Multimedia), Shannaya Farkas (VET Multimedia) and Michael Snow (Media) who will be represented in Top Designs 2010.  Top Designs is part of the VCE Season of Excellence managed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

Included are works created by VCE students undertaking Media, VET Multimedia, Design and Technology, Food and Technology, Systems Engineering and Visual Communication and Design. On display are multimedia, furniture, photography, short films, Textiles, electronic and mechanical projects and graphic design products and applications.

Top Designs is presented at the Melbourne Museum commencing Saturday March 27 and concludes Sunday June 27.  Admission is free.

Marion Stoney, VCD Teacher


Students from all year levels are invited to be part of this year’s Australian Mathematics Competition.

Cost: $5 to the cashier

Due: by the end of April

Competition date: Thursday 5th August

Venue: The Library

Your Maths teacher will give you practice papers and help you prepare.

Ms Lyn Ivory, Teaching & Learning Leader Mathematics


A wonderful opportunity for only 6 Year 9 students to be selected to join this exciting tour north.

Students from Years 9 to 12 may register interest with Mr Boyd who will then send you all particulars via email.

Want to know more then check the screen in the library foyer and the reception front desk.

For further details contact Phil Boyd …@elthamhs.vic.edu.au

Tours for prospective families begin at 9:30am . . . . . . .

March 25 then after holidays on April 13

Bookings are essential, please phone 94390 5111 to reserve a place.  These small tours give you an opportunity to chat with an Assistant Principal and visit classrooms to see students working.

Our Information night, mainly for parents, will be on April 22 at 7:30pm in the hall.  A detailed prospectus will be available for families attending this night.  Note - the school will not be open for viewing on this occasion.

The Open Morning will be Friday April 23 from 9:30am and tours with a student escort will leave from the Library, these will continue until 11:30am approx.


Crisp autumn weather greeted the 40 volunteers who turned out for the Working Bee on Sunday.  The courtyards were busy with our volunteers planting and sweeping as well as the music group students plus parents moving from the Junior School courtyard to and from the music block with their instruments.  Music performance and the Working Bee seemed to be working in harmony.  Much was achieved by our group and most tasks were completed by the conclusion of the event.  Thanks goes to our organising group of parents and ex-parents who supervise events, organise food and ensure the days runs smoothly.  The following tasks were completed on the day.

ü  150 plants were provided with new homes in the courtyard.  They were subsequently staked, bagged, mulched and watered.

ü  Garden complexes adjacent to the 600’s and the bike shed were pruned, weeded and cleaned.

ü  A section of 20m of post and pipe fence was removed adjacent to the Hall complex in preparation for demolition of the hall later in the year.

ü  Rotary hoeing was completed in the Environmental area in preparation for some planting in May.

ü  A limited amount of sweeping was completed in the courtyards due to lack of numbers.

ü  Some mowing and brush cutting was completed along the Ely St and Bell St boundaries.

ü  Further mulching was completed in the courtyard complexes.

ü  Repair work to the garden boxes adjacent to the main entry of the school was completed as well as some rendering to their surfaces.

ü  Plants were replaced and others pruned along the eastern face of the administration block.

ü  Plants were also watered in the fern garden as well as on the western boundary of the 400 block.

Thanks goes to all those who made the sacrifice to give up their Sunday morning to make a difference to the environment of the school.  It certainly looked great by the time we all sat down for lunch.  Let’s hope we can get some worthwhile rain to kick on the new plantings.  All those who signed our login book are acknowledged below.  Thanks again.  Our next Working Bee is Sunday 2nd May.  Please put this date in your diaries.  We as a Grounds Committee would like to see a few more fresh faces join our group to carry on the tradition of this important school community event.  40% of the organising group on Sunday no longer have students at the school.  How community oriented are these wonderful people?  Please parents this is your school and your kid’s school.  Please put your hand up.  Looking forward to your anticipated support on a variety of levels.

John Coates Environment Coordinator for the Grounds Committee.

PS Thank you to Michael Pagon who donated 60 Correas that were planted on the south side of 400’s on Sunday.

Families attending Sunday included:

Coates / Ipsen


































Middle School Homework Club will officially resume at the start of Term 2.  The sessions will take place on Wednesday at 3:15pm until 4pm in Room 105.  Each session will be fully supervised by a middle School Coordinator and caters for students who volunteer to come along for extra assistance or simply a set time to work quietly on school tasks.

Mr McCrystal on behalf of Middle School

Junior School Homework Club sessions will be advised in Term 2




Spikezone or mini volleyball for primary school kids has been running at Eltham High school for more than 15 years.  A new season will be held in the Eltham Sports stadium with games being held each Thursday night between 4.00 and 5.00 pm.  This new season started on Thursday the 11th of March with a free ‘come and have a hit’ night. The regular season will commence this week. New teams are invited to take part. Any further information is available from Mr Thomas on 9430 5150.

Year 7 Volleyball Competition

Year 7 students are invited to take part in a regular weekly competition which will be held each Monday after school in the sports stadium.

Important Dates:

22nd April

Senior and Inter Northern Zone Volleyball

13th May

Senior VSSSA final

20th May

Inter VSSSA final

6th, 7th & 8th Aug

Victorian Schools Volleyball Cup

5th-10th Dec

Australian Volleyball Schools Cup 

If your child is selected in a state team or has a significant ‘sporting moment’ please contact me so that we can share the good news on the parent newsletter.

Congratulations to Emily Voss who not only is a champion volleyball player but a champion swimmer also. Emily has achieved a National qualifying time for the 100m breaststroke for the 2010 Australian Age National Swimming Championships held in Sydney. Emily is heading up to Sydney on April 7th to compete in the 14 year old 100m breaststroke event.

We wish her luck with her swim.

Greg Thomas, Elite Sports Coordinator

eNewsletter - to ensure your copy of the weekly Community Newsletter & other Special bulletins from the Principal register for the email version go to our website, www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the Parent Newsletter link and choose subscribe (follow the four steps)   more than 500 newsletters are sent each week!   Imagine the paper we’re saving!!!    Thank you


Best wishes to all students & families for a restful holiday break and just prior to my long service break I wish to thank to all staff & students for their contributions to the weekly newsletter which I have produced since 2000.

Happy Holidays………………….Brenda Wilkins

2010 SWIM SQUAD – Thursday Mornings

The EHS Swim Squad is a one hour swim session at the Eltham Leisure Centre on Thursday mornings from 7 until 8am.  Sessions are organised by swim coach Neroli Nixon, students of all swimming abilities and Year levels are invited to attend.  A fee ($10) is charged to cover the cost of pool hire and coaches.    At the end of each session, students return to school where they are given a free hot chocolate before getting ready for class.


All student photo orders have been received and most were distributed late last week.  Student/sibling orders (Yr 7->10) not collected are available at the General Office to pick up.  Students in year 11 & 12 your orders are at the Senior School Office for collection.

Any queries/questions should be phoned direct to Fotomakers on 1300 660 626  Thank you.


Careers Night

Every second year there is a Careers Night where ex-students and parents of current students talk about their jobs: what they do, pathways into the industry, employment prospects and so on. It’s a great way for Year 10-12 students to gather information to help them with their post-school decision-making.  This year it will be held on Wed. 16th June. If parents would like to volunteer, call me on 9430 5133 or email careers@elthamhs.vic.edu.au.  All types of jobs and industries are needed – “tradies”, creative, IT, health & beauty, engineers, financial, etc.

Year 10 Work Experience

This year Work Experience is for one week only, May 24 – 28. Students should aim to gain a placement in a job/industry that they are considering for the future. The holidays provide an ideal time for students to get their placement organised.

Your Rights at Work

Are you getting paid the right amount in your casual or part-time job? The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has a website that provides students with information about jobs and work experience. Go to www.worksite.actu.asn.au/ and click on ‘Your First Job’.

Take a gap year overseas

Latitude Global Volunteering is a company that arranges unique gap year experiences for Year 12 students. They are holding an Information Night on Wed 24th March at The Latitude Office, Level 1, 95 Johnson St (above Coles, near corner of Brunswick St) Fitzroy. Register your interest at www.latitude.org.au or phone 9826 6266. There will be another info night on Monday May 10 as well.

RMIT Folio Preparation & Career Discovery Courses

Folio preparation and career discovery courses are held at the RMIT City and Brunswick campuses at various times to suit. Courses are mainly designed for Year 11/12. Info: www.shortcourses.rmit.edu.au, 9925 8111.

Marine Science Careers Day at Melbourne Aquarium

Students hear expert presentations from a range of marine science professionals: animal husbandry, wildlife conservation, veterinary sciences and research. There is also a guided tour of the Aquarium that provides insights into the reality of careers in the marine sciences and lunch is provided. Cost: $35; time: 9.30am – 3.00pm; Dates: Thursday 20th May and Thursday 19th August. Places are strictly limited and fill up quickly.

Aquarist for a Day/Week

Melbourne Aquarium also runs these programs, allowing students to experience a day in the life of an aquarist. They run during the school holidays and the cost is $70 for a day and $1300 for a week (includes a dive in the Oceanarium). Bookings and enquiries: 9923 5911 or www.melbourneaquarium.com.au Click on ‘Education’ and then ‘Special Programs’.

Looking for a taste of Hair Design?

Pivot Point Academy is running a two-day introductory course that covers:

• Hairdressing career information

• Hands on styling, drying & long hair techniques

• Introduction to cutting and to colour

• Importance of people skills

• How to get the job – interview techniques

The course will be held at Pivot Point Academy and will cost $99. Three possible dates: April 8-9, July 8-9 and Sept. 30 – Oct. 1. Application forms available from the Careers Room.


Career Expo’s

Two of these are coming up (relatively) soon:

The Age VCE and Careers Expo: 23 – 25 April, Caulfield Racecourse.

• The National Careers and Employment Expo: May 21 & 22 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre



• Engineering Expo, Etihad Stadium, 25 Mar, www.engineeringexpo.org.au

Keeper for a Day program @ Healesville Sanctuary, March 30 & 31, April 7 & 8., http://www.zoo.org.au/Learning/Programs/Student_Conferences/Careers/Keepers

Institute of Forensic Medicine Career Information Afternoon, April 9, www.vifm.org/career_info_session.html

Peter Goddard, Careers teacher


March / April 2010

Wed 24

Student Progress Interviews 11:30am until 7:30pm

Thurs 25

Sport – Northern Zone Finals

Fri 26

Music Symphonic Band Concert at Melba Hall

Last day of term classes finish 2:30pm

Recess 10:19 until 10:39am

Lunch 12:03 until 1:03pm

Mon 12

Term 2    School resumes

Tues 13

Finance Committee Meeting 7:30pm

Wed 14

Sci Yr11 Biology Fieldwork

SoSE Yr 11 History Fieldwork to Holocaust Mus Elsternwick

Photoshop Basics Nillumbik L & L Room 418 7-9:30pm

Thurs 15

Sport VSSSA Swimming at MSAC

Yr 7 & 8 Student Progress Interviews 4-7pm

Fri 16

Sci VCE Enviro Sci Fieldwork to Powerworks Morwell

Tech – Yr 11 & 12 Tech TOP Designs at Melb Museum

Mon 19

SoSE Yr 8 Medieval Day at Montsalvat

HPE MS Rac & Req Boxercise – Shadow Boxer Eltham

Thurs 22

Transition Yr 7 2011 Information Night 7:30 in hall

Fri 23

Transition Open Morning – information & tours 9:30am-11:30am from the Library

April 26

Public Holiday for Anzac Day

Community Announcements/Advertising appear on the web this week www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au

Wanted in the Art department. . . . . .

old hardback novels to be used in a Yr 11 Art project. Also old shirts for smocks.  Please donate direct to the Art office.  Thank you

We need you !!!!!  to complete an application


ABN 56 079 715 735


FORMS AVAILABLE AT THE General Office and the web version week 3 newsletter.   Thank you



You’re invited to join us to support this worthwhile cause and hopefully help us to improve on last year’s collection total of $5,500!

Eltham High School, in conjunction with the Pied Pipers, is organising the annual Good Friday Appeal in this area to support the work of the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Students and families are encouraged to join us to help with our door knock collection on Good Friday.  Collectors will meet at the school, in the main staffroom at 8.20am on Friday 2nd April and in groups of four will be driven to the area where they will be collecting for the morning. At all times students are under the direct supervision of an adult supervisor. All Collectors will return to school by 1.30pm.

You will be provided with drinks/a snack/easter eggs/hot cross buns throughout the morning and on your return to school. 

So, get a group of friends together (or come by yourself!), and collect permission forms from Ms. Choong and do your bit for the Royal Children’s Hospital!! Parents wishing to assist with the collection are requested to notify me of their intention on 94305111 or by email at cho@elthamhs.vic.edu.au  ASAP

Thanking you in anticipation of your support of the Good Friday Appeal!

Jenny Choong

Looking for Fair Trade Easter Eggs this Easter?

Why Fair Trade Easter eggs?

About 70% of the world’s cocoa comes from The Ivory Coast and Ghana in West Africa.  Hundreds of thousands of children work on cocoa farms there and thousands of children have been trafficked in and sold to cocoa farmers.

So this year consider buying Fair Trade certified chocolate – your guarantee that farmers have been paid a fair price for their labour and their cocoa beans and your guarantee that no child labour was involved.

Fair Trade Easter Eggs can be purchased at

Oxfam, Doncaster or

Only Just,  48 Were St, Montmorency

a Fair Trade shop run by volunteers.

Open:  Thursdays and Fridays 9.30 –5.00 pm

Saturdays 9.30-1.30 pm

Opposite Foodworks


The Diamond Valley Athletic Club invites girls and boys interested in Cross Country running training sessions held at Willinda Park, Greensborough (Melways 21 A4) on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 5:00pm. Free coaching is available.

The Diamond Valley Athletic Club will hold a Cross Country Trials & Registration Day on Saturday 17th April at Willinda Park, starting at 9:00am.

The first event on the Athletics Victoria calendar will be the Cross Country relays at Jells Park, Waverley on Saturday 1st May 2010. Competition is conducted in the age categories Under 14, Under 16, Under 18, Under 20 and Open Age.

For further information check the website www.valleyaths.org or phone 0409 005 406.

Max Balchin (Diamond Valley Athletic Club)

Volunteer Needed: Greenhills Playgroup

.......is seeking a volunteer to support parents during playgroup session once per week (2 hours) during school. Also to co-ordinate "special event week" once per school term.  The Volunteer needs to love being around children and be interested in providing support to parents.  For additional information, please contact Volunteers of Banyule on 9458-3777 or visit www.greenhillspg.com for full description of the role.


Footsteps in the Asha very special collection of stories of the St Andrews and Strathewen families in the 2009 bushfires….. copies available NOW $25 through the General Office with all proceeds to the CFAs of St Andrews and Strathewen.


Do you want to be the next Tim Cahill or Mark Schwarzer?

If so then come and play for Watsonia Heights Junior Soccer Club

We are currently recruiting for U15’s to come and join our exciting new team.

Enquiries for other age groups in boys, girls or mixed teams welcome

WHJSC is a family friendly club with competitive fees that focuses on player development.

We run specialist goalkeeper training, winter & summer advanced skills programs and exposure to senior players for coaching & mentoring.

Please register your interest by emailing Lynn Brighton at info@whjsc.org.au

Greensborough Baseball Club

Elder Street Reserve Cnr Elder St and Manfred St, Watsonia Melways Ref 20 F5    ----    Junior Baseball Season 2010

Want to improve your cricket skills during winter??? Looking for a sport that’s different and fun?

If you are interested, please contact our Junior Co-ordinator:

Leesa Butterworth 03 9438 2269 / 0407 322 743

Matt Davine (Club President) 0438 027 629

Check our website for more info

Season Starts: April 24th, 2010

Come and play Baseball at Greensborough Baseball Club!        We are looking for children aged from 7 to 16, playing in Under 11, 13, 15 and 17’s

Saturday Morning Games (8:45 to 10:30am)

Under 11 & 13’s play at Banyule Flats, Viewbank

Under 15’s play at Mill Park Softball Centre,

Under 17’s play at Home & Away games


Footsteps in the Asha very special collection of stories of the St Andrews and Strathewen families in the 2009 bushfires….. copies available NOW $25 through the General Office with all proceeds to the CFAs of St Andrews and Strathewen.

Eltham Youth Expo

24 March 3:30-5pm at the Eltham Town Square……supported by Nillumbik Shire, Victoria Police, Eltham Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc

Wed 24

Melbourne Taekwondo Centre 3:40-4:05pm

Manhattan School of Music 4:15-4:40pm

Free bbq’s and give-aways

Want to try BMX RACING but not sure where to start?

Come along to the Park Orchards BMX Club FREE 'Come and Try Day' on the Saturday 27th March registration at 8:30am, session runs for 2 hours. Fun for all the family from ages 4+: Boys, Girls, Mums & Dads. For more information checkout www.popbmx.com.au , or call Club President Corey Gibson on 0448 403 926

Banyule Youth Services

Youthfest – free rides, live music, street art display, skate ramp, launch of Banyule youth website. . . . . .

Stealing O’neal    Red Ink…plus lots more live music

Sunday 28th March 2010 – 1pm until 5pm at Macleod Park, Birdwood Avenue (right next to Macleod train station)

For more info www.myspace.ciom/fiablender  and see the notice board near canteen in admin passage.



Hoelling and Spangenberg piano……$ 300

Contact Joanne on 0408 438 139


Second hand BUILDING MATERIALS, incl corner spa bath, pump

Contact HENRY 9439-4352

Get your FREE vaccination for Swine fly now… to protect yourself and your community

A FREE vaccine to protect against the H1N1 Influenza 09 (Swine flu) is still available.

Swine flu continues to pose a threat to the population, but you can protect yourself and the community and help stop the spread of Swine flu to others by being vaccinated now.

Get your free vaccination for Swine flu now.

To protect yourself and your community

Department of Health

*Note: Doctors may charge a consultation fee.

What is Swine flu?  Swine flu is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by a new strain of influenza virus. Cases of Swine flu have been confirmed in countries throughout the world including Australia.

Need further information?

For further info visit http://humanswineflu.health.vic.gov.au.

For vaccine enquiries call the Immunisation Program on 1300 882 008.

Who should have the Swine flu vaccine?

Adults and children older than 6 months are encouraged to be vaccinated. Some people are more likely to become seriously ill from Swine flu. Even if you are fit and well, you are at risk of serious illness or infecting vulnerable people.

The vaccine is especially important for:

•People with chronic health conditions (including heart and lung disease, asthma, cancer, obesity, diabetes, kidney and neurological diseases and inherited blood diseases)

•Pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy

•Parents and guardians of young infants

•Children in special schools

•Indigenous Australians

•Health care and community care workers.

Is the vaccine safe?   Yes, the Swine Flu (Panvax® H1N1) vaccine is safe and has been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Where can I get the vaccine?   The vaccine is FREE* and available at your doctor or local health service.

“Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself and others from getting the Swine flu, and is especially important for people at high risk of serious flu complications.” (Sir Gustav Nossal, internationally renowned immunologist and research biologist)

Engage Education Foundation

A non-profit organisation supporting students to achieve their best – VCE Math Methods, Further Maths, Spec Maths

Weekly tutoring sessions start in March.  Leaflets available on the low table in the reception foyer. Visit www.engageeducation.org.au freecall 1800 983 772

Annual Apple Tasting Festival - Petty’s Orchard Templestowe.

A great local community event showcasing around 100 apples to taste, Vasili (Vasili's Garden SBS), David Holmgren (Permaculture author), Susan Mackinnon (SBS doc Honeybee Blues) & Pete the Permie presenting throughout the day.

Bring a picnic rug, water bottle, sunscreen & basket for a great day out!

Sunday 28th March from 10-4, Cnr Monckton & Homestead Roads Templestowe.

Tickets $10 adult $2 child $20 family www.heritagefruitssociety.org

Eltham Lacrosse Club

2009 Club of the Year

Club Registration Day

Sat 10th April 2010

9:30am to 1:00pm

Eltham Lower Park (Mel Map, 21 H10) Main Road, Eltham (near the miniature railway)

Places available in most sections from U12’s to seniors

Fantastic family oriented club. Everyone Welcome!

Junior Director: Jai Arambatzis 0425 328 223

Secretary: Geoff Elliott elthamsec@lax.org.au

Discount Card

Would you like to receive discounts at a variety of businesses within Nillumbik? Then sign up for our membership-based discount card. We currently have over 1800 members who receive discounts throughout Nillumbik.

Having a Nillumbik Young Person's Discount Card (NYPD Card) means you will get: 

Heaps of great discounts

The Youth News (Youth newsletter with upcoming events, latest news and information)

Half price entry into Rock the Hill events

Other info from us every so often

Useful contact for youth information 

To be eligible for an NYPD Card, you must be: 

Between the ages of 12 and 25 years.  

Live, work, study or participate in a youth program within the Shire of Nillumbik. 

To apply for your NYPD card, download our application form and send it to Nillumbik Youth Services. 

For more information phone Denzil Bentley 9433 3327.

Further Information -Business Directory / List of all the businesses currently participating in the Discount Card program. / Discounts / The latest discounts for NYPD Card holders. / Register for Discount Card

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If you’re aged between 13 & 18 want to get fit, have fun and meet new people you should join the Diamond Creek Women’s Football Club.

We now have 2 youth girls teams entered into the AFL Youth Girls Northern Competition in 2010, along with having a Senior & Reserves side in the Victorian Women’s Football League.

Training Wednesday nights 4.30pm. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME

Plenty Park, cnr Yan Yean Road and Memorial Ave Plenty from 4.30pm

Contact Nicole Fisher on 0435 027 152.

Manningham Arts Centre Creative Holiday Fun Program

Creative Fun for Ages 5-12yo   for info and dates of all programs please contact 9840 9382 or 9840 9381

Bookings essential

Manningham Arts Centre,177 Foote St.Templestowe 3106


Doncaster Playhouse,679 Doncaster Rd,Doncaster 3108

Prices per child

One art/craft activity                                               $15/14

Any two art/craft activities                      $28/26
Little Big Shots Kids Film Festival           $5/4


We invite parents/families to use


Student Attendance/Notice of absence/attendance check    Jan Baddeley   94305114

Payments via the cashier- don’t forget we accept BPay    Denise Frankenberg / Helen O’Meara   9430 5118

Enquiries re statements   Kathleen Hannan   9430 5105

Student Welfare coordinators

Brendan Monigatti / Jenny Fowler    9430 5123

Newsletter items / Tutors   Brenda Wilkins    9430 5117

Sick Bay / medical (asthma) plans/ Lost Property check    Michelle Ford     9430 5120

Canteen volunteers   Gael Carter, Manager   9430 5122-

Complimentary Family Passes to VCE Success Seminar For Yr 9/10/11 students.  

Get set for 2010 by attending an upcoming 90 minute VCE Success Seminar.  Learn the secrets top performers used to excel in VCE.  Limited seats. www.VCEsuccess.com.au/free Or call (03) 9531 0531

Reminder to parents . Federal Gov’s 50% Educ Tax Refund.

Kevin Rudd’s Educ’n Tax Refund – Parents hold onto your receipts!

Eligible parents can now claim a 50% tax refund on: laptops, home computers, Home internet connections, printers, educ’n software, trade tools, text books stationery (max refund $375 per primary school child or $750 per high school child.)

Student Report Folders- available for pick up

Parents are able to access reports by using their student’s login credentials.  It is expected that families will download and store reports electronically, either on their computer hard drive, a CD/DVD or a flash drive.  Reports will be available online during your student’s time at EHS.  If you wish to print/store in hard copy, the school has a limited number of report folders available.  If you would like a cover it can be collected from the General office by parents while the stock lasts.          Darren Squires, Assistant Principal Curriculum.


Wanted for photography students

Old SLR film cameras in working order, if you can help, and have a camera you are no longer using please send it along to Mr Lyon or Mr Clark. 


Have you changed your contact details?

Please notify Ms Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 94305114 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au

BPay Logo Vector DownloadBPay at EHS………. Almost Too Easy

Simply use the biller code and reference number listed on your statement.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify what items your payment relates to, so please provide us with details at the time of your payment so it can be allocated in accordance with your request.  Email your payment details to accounts@elthamhs.vic.edu.au otherwise it will be allocated as follows:

1.          Essential education items

2.           Optional extras

3.          Voluntary financial contributions.

Please note that biller code 87361 will show DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) NOT Eltham High School.  The Department initially receives the payment and then distributes to schools the next day so there is a processing delay of two days.

If you require any further information, please call the office on 9430 5117    Kathleen Hannan, Business Manager


Clothing and articles are collected daily from classrooms and environs.  Parents and students are invited to check for lost property as soon as they suspect something may be missing.  All items with names are returned as soon as possible to students, however many items of clothing and text books etc  do not have names, regrettably.  These items cannot be held indefinitely.  A full list of property is posted on notice boards for students to check.

Interested in keeping fit …..then this is for you!

Training Runs at EHS

Each Friday morning a group of students, girls and boys from Year 7 to Year 10, meet at the Junior School office at 8:00am and set off on a training run.  The runs vary according to age and ability and make use of the local parklands that EHS is fortunate to have on our doorstep.  Members of staff accompany the groups.  A hot chocolate awaits students when they return to school. New members always welcome.


Register to receive an email version of this newsletterthis is a guarantee your copy reaches home – simply go to the web site – www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the newsletter link choose subscribe and follow the prompts.  Thank you for helping save paper & considering the environment.

Student Focus on Fridays

Student Focus is a weekly lunchtime get together for year 7’s and 8’s. Come, hang out and join in some crazy, random games! We might even give away a prize or two… If you have any questions, please contact Neale at ngrimes@elthambaptist.net

Run by Eltham Baptist Church

Are you in need of a computer but can't justify the cost?

'Green PCs' is an organisation that distributes internet ready ex-government or corporate computers to individuals or families that hold a current Health Care Card, or other proof of low income status, at an affordable price. Internet and communications service, on-site support and a telephone help desk are also provided.

You can access the 'Green PCs' organisation by visiting InfoXchange Australia at 375-377 Johnson St Abbotsford Vic 3067 Ph: (03) 9418 7400 or at www.infoxchange.net.au