Term 2 Week 4    Tues 4th May 2010

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Reporting of Absences:

All Junior, Middle & Senior School absences can now be reported to 9430 5299 (answering service).

Please advise:- name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.


Principal’s Report

Student Leadership

I wish to congratulate all members of the Principal’s Advisory Group (‘PAG’) and look forward to our continued work throughout the 2010 school year.  These students have been identified as representatives of the student body through the sub-school structure.  These students are from Year 7 through to Year 12 and have direct input into the decision making processes of the school.  The group is highly motivated, forward thinking and committed to the work that we do together.  Our brief is to focus on teaching and learning and all areas of the school’s organisation, policies and processes that have input and influence in this area.  I congratulate the following students and thank them for their leadership and support:


Year 12:      Dylan Tucker

                   Rachel Young

Year 11:      James Burke

                   Ben Hague

                   Monica Knoll

                   Chris Moffat

Year 10:      Adam Gray

                   Catherine Irving

                   Saari Nigol

                   Callum Walker

Year 9:        India Heys

                   Adam Witbooi

Year 8:        Bridget Bassett-Smith

                   Neesha Nurmohamed

                   Scott Van Gemert

                   Jules Vinckier

Year 7:        Kate Glynatsis


Sister School Visit

I welcome Mr Muhommed Han Hassan to Eltham High School from our sister school in Malaysia, Malacca High School.  Mr Hassan will be our guest from 3 to 8 May 2010.  During his time here, Mr Hassan will engage in classroom observations as well as conversations and discussions with teachers and members of the Leadership Team in relation to the educational program and agenda of Eltham High School and the Victorian Government Schools’ system.  Mr Hassan is an Information Technology teacher at Malacca High School and his visit will support the development of the partnership between our two schools.  Part of the discussions that will take place will focus on the development of a joint program or project between our two schools for the benefit of students at Eltham and Malacca High Schools.  I trust that Mr Hassan will have a very positive experience of our school and learning community and I look forward to a very long and extended partnership with Malacca High School and its community.


Anthology Launch

On behalf of the Anthology Committee I wish to extend an invitation to all members of our community to attend the Anthology launch which will take place tonight, 4 May at 7:30pm in the 400’s Inquiry Learning Space.  I would like to remind you that the student anthology is a collection of student writing, edited by the student committee and the collection is used as a school text across all levels of the school.  At this evening’s launch we are very pleased to have Danielle Clode and Elizabeth Campbell as our guest speakers.  This promises to be a very enjoyable, informative and interesting night.


Staff Acknowledgement

It is important to acknowledge the excellent work of Tricia Fitzpatrick who has fulfilled the role of Student Support Worker in the school and who has been very much part of the student services team of Eltham High School.  Tricia’s appointment came into effect approximately two years ago through the National Chaplaincy Program funding (a Federal Government initiative).  I wish to acknowledge the support and commitment of Melbourne City Mission who have been our partner in this Program, and have worked with us to ensure that the best possible person for the job was appointed.  In her support of the student services team, Tricia worked with individual students, but mainly worked from a program based approach, initiating and implementing such programs as the Body Image Program and ensuring the successful running of the Peer Mentor Program.  Tricia has now decided to take her professional life in a different direction and completed her work with us as of 3 May.  I take this opportunity to thank Tricia for her hard work and commitment and also to wish her all the very best with any new venture she wishes to take on in her professional life.  In collaboration with Melbourne City Mission we are currently in the process of interviewing for a new Student Support Worker.  The appointment of this person will be finalised within the next week and I hope to be in a position to announce the appointee in next week’s newsletter.  I wish to thank all members of the interview panel for their commitment of both time and effort and we look forward to continuing our strong partnership with Melbourne City Mission.


Term 2 Working Bee

I wish to personally thank all members of our community who participated in last Sunday’s working bee.  A great deal of work was achieved and this is very visible as you walk through the school.  I wish to congratulate the members of the Grounds Committee for their organisation and planning which ensure that the work that needed to be done was clearly identified and the materials required were ready to be used.  Once again I would like to emphasise the strong community culture in our school and encourage all members and friends of our school to support this very worthwhile initiative.


Vincent Sicari, Principal


May 2010


3-7th SAC Week

Wed 5

Sport – DV & Warringal Athletics

Year 7 Verbal Combat (inschool play)

Thur 6

Music – Jazz Night

Fri 7

Music – Ensembles Concert

Sat & Sun

Year 12 Cycling - Barmah Forest

Mon 10

Year 12 Art - Top Arts

Year 11 Legal Fieldwork – Supreme & County Crts

Tue 11

Year 7 & 9 Naplan Testing (11-13 May)

Sport - DV & Warringal Senior Round Robin

Music – Choir Performance

Finance Committee Meeting



A very respectable 50 volunteers turned out to the Grounds Committee Working Bee on Sunday and lots of tasks were addressed around the school.  Thanks to all those that made the sacrifice to give up their Sunday morning to make a difference to the learning environment of students and their teachers and those who organise the activities, manage personnel and the provision of food and drink.  Thanks to Sue Washington, Philip Green, Mark Croft, Leo Adamson, Steve Moon, Kamilla Laxton, Mick Kennedy, Chris Morrison, Bruce Voisey, Matthew Jones, Sue Gwilym, Naughty and Vincent Sicari for their leadership and organisation on the day.  As an indication of the enthusiasm for the event, 20 of the volunteers had signed prior to the 9.00am starting time.  How good was that!!!  The following is a list of the tasks that were achieved for the day:-

1.   Removal of a 15m section of post and pipe fence adjacent to the hall.  The recovery of these materials prior to the Hall demolition later this year was a good recycling activity.

2.   Removal of a number of seats and bin holders on the east bank oval adjacent to the 600’s, in preparation for a major garden development in that area.  Several seats were relocated to the Ely St path leading to the Bus Bay.

3.   Pruning and weeding was completed in the Junior School Courtyard and on the South side of the 700’s.

4.   Pruning and weeding was completed adjacent to the tennis courts as well as a number of plants relocated in that area.

5.   Pruning and weeding was also completed adjacent to the 400’s wing.

6.   Sweeping was completed adjacent to the stadium complex as well as the Courtyard areas.

7.   A significant amount of mowing and brushcutting was completed in a range of areas around the campus.

8.   All the drains in the Courtyard complex were cleaned.  What a job and thanks.

9.   Soil was removed from the planter boxes at the front of the school and replaced with some new soil in preparation for some new plantings

10. The fern garden in the Arts courtyard was weeded, pruned and swept.


Again an excellent result for the environment of the school.  Below is acknowledged a list of those volunteers who contributed on the day.  Thank you and well done.


John Coates, Naughty, Paul Smith, Linda Smith, Sue Washington, Philip Green, Mark Croft, Leo Adamson, Steve Moon, Kamilla Laxton, Zofia Laxton, Mick Kennedy, Andrew Evans, Chris Morrison, Bruce Voisey, Brendan & Leslie Nihill, David Rosel, Simon MacDonald, Matt Jones, Mark Felton, Keith Robinson, Jenny, Nicole, Rachel Cavanagh, Anne Grieves, Christine & Andrew Muscat, Julia Cannon, Judy McLachlan, David Norden, Vincent Sicari, Doug Sterry, Ann, Colin & Ben Hague, Erin & Andrew Russell, Sue Gwilym, Rachel Bishop, John Underwood, Katrina Kelly, Sarah Holt, Derek & Jean Russell, Petra & Reeve Leaford, Richard Laxton


Our next Working Bee is planned for Sunday 6th June and hopefully we will have some construction activity on the agenda instead of the deconstruction activities.  Thank you in anticipation of your support in the future.


John Coates – Environment Coordinator for the Grounds Committee






Anthology Committee are hosting an official launch for last year’s anthology “Just Before the Beginning”.  We will be distributing awards to contributors for outstanding pieces of writing.  We also have the pleasure of welcoming guest speakers Danielle Clode and Elizabeth Campbell.  Please join us for a supper and a night of literary fun.

Tuesday 4th May – 7.30pm (400’s space)






A new study group run by Year 10 Peer Mentors and supervised by a member of the Junior School team will be held in Room 905 on Tuesday’s after school from 3.20pm – 4.20pm.

The students will be able to get help with homework, organisation as well as specific subject tutoring.

Students will have access to computers and some snacks will be provided.

It’s a great way to get on top of your work.

Students can attend on a casual basis.

Pick up a form from the Junior School office now!




ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS are now available from the General Office.  You can make thousands of dollars of savings at restaurants, accommodation and on leisure activities and there is also a discount opportunity for Coles supermarkets.  Purchase price is $65.




This Thursday the talents of the Stage and Jazz Bands, along with the Sax Ensemble, and some surprise singers, are being showcased at Dizzy's Jazz Club, 381 Burnley St. Richmond.  The entertainment starts at 8pm.  If you're wanting to book a meal from 6pm, ring the club on 9428 1233.  Tickets are at the door.

In two weeks time the Concert Band are on tour to the Geelong area.  Later in the month we have recitals for the senior students and of course, mark on the calendar the 'Mid Year Concert' - all large ensembles involved ... at Yarra Valley Grammar, Friday 28th May, concert commencing at 7.30pm.

If you have any queries, please contact the music office on 9430 5127.


Jill Browne, Music Administration




Nina Kelabora, a local designer who recently returned from working in Indonesia, generously gave her time to come to the school and talk to the VCE Visual Communication and Design classes. She spoke briefly about her life and where she grew up before she talked us through some of the design projects she has completed and the processes she used in detail. One design campaign Nina worked on called ‘Hypergreen,’ for the supermarket company Hypermart in Indonesia, was targeted at getting the local customers to buy re-usable bags instead of using plastic ones which are constantly harming their environment. She designed the bags, along with posters and even animations which would appeal to the regular local customers. Nina showed us all the many different designs she developed and how each small detail affected the final products.

Nina was a great speaker to listen to and gave us a clear insight into the life of a designer. We are all very grateful that she volunteered to share her career with many students who are looking forward to going into a career of design themselves.


Rebekah Fischer

Yr 11 VCD Student




On Tuesday the 27th of April, 30 students and 10 staff were lucky enough to visit the AG ideas presentation for 2010. We saw 8 of the world’s most creative and inspiring people who ranged from Alex Alvarez an America, the creator of the Gnomon school for Visual effects who is a visual effects creator for movies like ‘Avatar’ and ‘Star trek’, all the way to Javier Mariscal a Spanish Barcelona based designer who has worked in a range of areas like furniture design, multimedia, landscaping etc. As well as these amazing designers there were many Australians who captivated our minds and inspired us to design. It was a great experience and along with the massive book we all received which has every presenter from the 20 years AG ideas has been around, I certainly can’t wait to go next year.


Clara Mullings, Year 11 VCD



Canteen Roster

May 2010

Wed 5

Yvonne Herringa

Thurs 6

Christine Carroll, Margaret Cunningham

Fri 7

Wendy Dixon, Petra Leaford,

Tracey Clark, Greer Harvey

Mon 10

Lesley Nihill, Robyn Holt

Tues 11

Laura Barr, Sally Malkoutzis

URGENT volunteers required (one person) for Wed 12, Thu 13 & Thur 20 May.  Please contact Gael to assist.

Canteen volunteers - Gael Carter, Manager   9430 5122.



Dance 2010

This year Rock Eisteddfod, as many may know, was cancelled due to issues with government and corporate funding. To still get the benefits of the Rock Eisteddfod experience, a number of schools that have previously participated in Rocka - St.Helena, Diamond Valley and Eltham High School -have organised a competition of the same nature.


It includes costumes, hair and make-up and performing as it has in the past years, though as it is a smaller, regional competition, the venue will be smaller. Due to this, and a shorter timeline, it also means fewer performers and full commitment is required by all participating students.

The auditions have been running over the past week and this week performers will be announced. Hard work and dedication is being placed into this by many senior school students who have been placed in leadership roles of sound, media and choreography and hope to have the support and keen enthusiasm of many others for the performance that will be on the 7th of September, 2010. After performers are announced the rehearsals will be held on Tuesday night and various lunchtimes.


Ashlea Witoslawski ; Senior Leader - Media.





Thursday night Volleyball

A draw is on the volleyball notice board. Please note that each week two teams play at 4.10 pm.  All other teams play at 3.25pm. This week these teams play at 3.25 pm.

Court 1 – The Funk Brothers v CWPN

Court 2 – Breach v Fabulistics

Court 3 – Rangas v Darcy is a babe

Court 4 – JCA v EPH

Court 1 at 4.10 pm - Team ? v T-Diddly and friends.


Nationals Celebration

Keep Friday lunchtime free. On Friday we invite all volley-ballers to a special get together where we will celebrate last years Australian schools cup competition. Team photos will be given out and video highlights will be shown. New players will be welcomed. This will be held in the hall at lunchtime.



Important Dates

13th May – Senior VSSSA final

20th May – Inter VSSSA final

6th, 7th and 8th August - Victorian Schools Volleyball Cup

5th – 10th December – Australian Volleyball schools cup 


If your child is selected in a state team or has a significant ‘sporting moment’ please contact me so that we can share the good news on the parent newsletter.


Greg Thomas

Volleyball Coordinator


The house cross country will be run on Friday May 14 during periods 3 and 4.  All year 7 and 8 students will compete along with competitors only from Middle School and VCE. Middle School and VCE classes will run as per normal. Any Middle School or VCE student wishing to compete needs to sign up with Mr Nicholson in the PE office by Thursday May 13. No Middle School or VCE students will be able to sign up on the day of the race.  All competitors must be changed into running gear for the race. Course maps will be posted up around the school.


Peter Nicholson



Year 10 Work Experience

This year Work Experience is for one week only, May 24 – 28. Students should aim to gain a placement in a job/industry that they are considering for the future. The due date for forms to be handed in is next Monday, May 10.


Careers Night

Every second year there is a Careers Night where ex-students and parents of current students talk about their jobs: what they do, pathways into the industry, employment prospects and so on. It’s a great way for Year 10-12 students to gather information to help them with their post-school decision-making.  This year it will be held on Wednesday 16th June. If parents would like to volunteer, call me on 9430 5133 or email careers@elthamhs.vic.edu.au All types of jobs and industries are needed – “tradies”, creative, IT, health & beauty, engineers, financial, etc.


Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT)

Applications have opened for this test. If you are in Year 12 and plan to apply for Medicine, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy/Commerce or Pharmacy at Monash University or for Oral Health (Therapy or Hygiene) at Melbourne University you must sit the UMAT as part of the application process. Several interstate universities require the UMAT as well. Registration deadline: 5pm AEST Friday 4 June 2010; Test date: Wednesday 28 July 2010. See: http://umat.acer.edu.au for details.


Focus on Melbourne

This is a seminar series for Year 10-12’s to take a look at the many flexible study options available to them. Obtain informaion on specific courses and employment, hear about the Melbourne Experience and ways to enrich your degree.

Engineering – 4 May, Commerce – 13 May, Biomedicine – 19 May, VCA and Music – 25 May, Information and Communication Technology – 27 May, Law – 8 June, Environments – 10 June, Arts – 16 June, Science – 22 June. All: 7pm-8.30pm; Register/Information: www.futurestudents.unimelb.edu.au/focusonmelbourne or 8344 6543.


At Monash

Monash is again conducting their ‘At Monash’ Series of presentations for Year 11 and 12 students and parents in various faculty areas. These provide an opportunity to hear from staff, current and past students at one place. Coming up soon (all at 6.30pm):

·         Tues 4 May: Education, Sport and Outdoor Recreation at Peninsula campus

·         Wed 5 May: Arts (Humanities), Drama and Theatre Studies at Clayton

·         Tues 11 May: Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Cossar Hall, Parkville

·         Wed 12 May: Architecture at Caulfield

·         Mon 17 May: Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy at Peninsula

·         Wed 19 May: Business and Economics at Caulfield

·         Thurs 20 May: Engineering at Clayton

·         Tues 25 May: Science at Clayton

In June, IT, Law, Health Sciences & Social Work, Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedics, Medicine, Biomedical Science, Radiography and Nutrition and Dietetics, Psychology and Behavioural Neuroscience and Design, Fine Art and Multimedia will also be featured (details later). Bookings: www.monash.edu.au/atmonash   


Careers in Sports Medicine and Science Seminars

• Hear practitioner presentations about their profession, education pathways and get university information. When: 9.30am-1.30pm, Sun 23 May; Where: Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre, Aughtie Drive, Albert Park; Cost: $35 (student), $25 (one parent); Reg’n: vic.sma.org.au; Info: Tamara, ph 9674 8707, tamara@vic.sma.org.au

• A careers evening will be held with short talks by practitioners, handouts and question time. When: 6.30-7 (reg’n), 7.30-9pm (talks), Fri 28 May; Where: Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre, Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Olympic Blvd; Cost: $25 per student, Registration forms available from the Careers Room


Peter Goddard

Careers Teacher



We currently have a large volume of lost property, including sports shorts and shirts.  If your son/daughter has recently lost any clothing please either have your child see Michelle in the Sick Bay, or you are welcome to come into the General Office to look in lost property.”



Have you changed your contact details?

Please notify Ms Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 9430 5113 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au



BPay at EHS………. Almost Too Easy

Simply use the biller code and reference number listed on your statement.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify what items your payment relates to, so please provide us with details at the time of your payment so it can be allocated in accordance with your request.  Email your payment details to accounts@elthamhs.vic.edu.au otherwise it will be allocated as follows:

1.          Essential education items

2.          Optional extras

3.          Voluntary financial contributions.


Please note that biller code 87361 will show DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) NOT Eltham High School.  The Department initially receives the payment and then distributes to schools the next day so there is a processing delay of two days.

If you require any further information, please call the office on 9430 5111    Kathleen Hannan, Business Manager



Community Announcements/Advertising appear on the web this week www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club need YOU!

There are some vacancies in lower sections in Under 9, Under 11 and Under 13 teams.

A special discount applies for those who wish to join today, which would help us out a lot!  


If you are interesting in having some fun, meeting new people and making friends, please contact Lisa Mac on 9439 5686 or lisamac@elthamwildcats.net.au



Under 13-14 Girls Needed!

Players are needed for our Girls Under 13-14 Soccer Team at Eltham Redbacks Soccer Club.

If you enjoy team sports and would like to play soccer, we’d love to hear from you. Practice is Monday and Wednesday evening, and we play on Sunday.

Contact Michael Hodgson 0418 588 143 or Mitzi Tuke 0438 017 963



Surviving Your Adolescents

When: Thurs 13 & Thurs 20 May 2010 from 6.30-9.30pm

Where: Year 12 Study Centre – Montmorency Sec College

To register please contact Heather Douglas on 9422 1500


Watsonia Heights Soccer Club has a number of opportunities for girls and women to play soccer in our under 12 girls, Under 16 girls and Open Women’s age division teams.   Our club’s ambition is to grow and develop our female competition, and in recent years we have been quite successful with several of our girls being selected to play in the junior Champion’s League competition.  We have two under 16 girls teams, and our senior Under 16s team is undefeated this season.  The under 16 girls team was also successful at the Total Girl Tournament, winning its division.  While our under 14 girls squad is full, our women’s team is open for players turning 14 and over in 2010.  Our home ground is located at Elder Street Reserve, in Watsonia.  Beginner players are most welcome.  For further information visit our website at www.whjsc.org.au  or for juniors contact David Ryan on 0419 801 512, and for open team John McKee on 0414 436 285, or email mckeeje@gmail.com.



We need you !!!!! to complete an application


ABN 56 079 715 735



   Thank you



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