Term 3 Week 6    Tue 17th August 2010

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VTAC BRIEFING – Wednesday 18th August 7:30pm in the Library

VCE ENHANCEMENT INFORMATION EVENING – Wednesday 18th August 2010 8:00pm in Rooms 402-404


YEAR 8 TO YEAR 9 2011 INFORMATION NIGHT – Tuesday 24th August 7:30pm in the Hall




Principal’s Report

Student Achievement:

Congratulations to Annie-Rose Armour (Year 12) who on Tuesday 10th August was announced the winner of the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize (Secondary Division). Her photograph entitled “Brother” was selected for both artistic quality and also for the emotional response that it arouses in the viewer. This prize is one of the most prestigious photographic prizes in Australia. In being recognized for her work Annie Rose was awarded with a cash prize and the school will also be recognized in the same way. Annie Rose joins a long list of students whose artistic endeavours have previously been rewarded across a range of fields and in a variety of ways. In congratulating Annie Rose, I extend my congratulations to Mr Ian Clark and other members of the Eltham High School Community who have encouraged and supported Annie Rose (especially her mum – Kathleen) and continue to encourage and support our students into reaching heights they never thought possible. We will continue to follow their love of the arts with interest.


Director of Music Selection Process:

I am pleased to inform our community that the selection process for the Director of Music position is now complete and an appointment has been made. The process was an extensive one involving the following five stages:

1.     Submission of application based on Key selection criteria (short-listing of applicants from the applications),

2.     Interview of shortlisted candidates by a panel of students (representatives of the student body),

3.     Interview of shortlisted candidates by the selection panel, (consisting of the Principal; Assistant Principal; Acting Director of Music; Staff Representative and Parent Representative from the Music Support Group),

4.     Conducting a rehearsal of the Eltham High School Symphonic Band, and

5.     Referee Checks.


The field of applicants was outstanding and this made the decision very difficult, a good position to be in. However, we believe that we have made the right decision from every perspective. I congratulate all the applicants and in particular all the shortlisted candidates. Unfortunately due to the selection process requirements which include a two week timeline during which an appeal may be lodged, I am unable to publish the name of the successful candidate at this time. We have waited so long and I ask you to be patient for two more weeks whilst the process to take its course.


I congratulate and thank all the members of the student panel: Melanie Simpson (Chairperson), Year 12; Jamie Yung (Year 11); Saari Nigol (Year 10) & Maddison Carter (Year 9),

for their outstanding contribution to the process. Their insights were invaluable in arriving at our decision and they were exceptional ambassadors for our school. They conducted themselves with a high level of maturity and professionalism. Furthermore, I thank the members of the selection panel, Meg George, Lynlee Williams, Dean Notting and Trevor Jenkins for their commitment to the process and their ongoing guidance.


We look forward with excitement to the next phase of development of both our Instrumental and Classroom Music programs.


Year 10 Portfolio Day:

I remind all Year 10 students and their parents of the Portfolio Day which will take place this coming Thursday, 19th of August. Students have been informed that they will only be required at school for their interview. It is important that students arrive a few minutes in advance so that they are present as they are called in by the interview panel. Students have also been reminded of the standard of dress required. These are formal interviews with members of the local and broader community. They provide a great opportunity for students to reflect on their aspirations for their future pathway and to gain some feedback on their current preparation and future plans to achieve their goals. Once again I thank the members of our community who are taking time out of their very busy schedules to join our staff in support of our students. Many thanks to Mr Peter Goddard for his work in the organization of this initiative.


Term 3 Working Bee:

I congratulate the 60 people who attended our Term 3 Working Bee last Sunday. Whilst the weather was not in our favour we persevered to complete a range of works around the school. I want to make particular mention of all the students both present and past who attended and thank them for their contributions on the day. It was great to see a number of new faces join us in this very worthwhile activity. Once again I thank the Grounds Committee for its organization of the work for the day and for its ongoing commitment to our school. In particular I thank Mr John Coates who I know would prefer to go about his work unnoticed but without whom what we do and achieve would not be possible. Congratulations to all for a very productive and fun day.

Vincent Sicari, Principal   


VCE Subject Selection Process 2011

VCE Subject selection sheets have been distributed to Year 10 & 11 students for completion and submission to Senior School Office by Monday 30th August, 2010.

The VCE subject selection handbook has been designed to assist students in their selection of VCE subjects. It should be used in conjunction with the Parent Information Evening held for Year 10 students, and the class and individual careers counseling that is provided to students.

The Senior School subject selection handbook can be accessed via the Eltham High School web site, further information is also available from the VCAA web site (http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au), or from the Study Designs held in the school library.

Apart from these sources, students are advised to consult widely with staff and family for assistance in selecting their VCE studies. Senior School Coordinators, Middle School Coordinators, subject teachers and the Careers Coordinator are more than willing to work with individual students who may require some additional assistance.


Current Year 10 students must select six units for study in Semester 1 & 2, 2011. Students must choose at least one of English OR English Language OR Literature in both semesters. Students who undertake a VCE Mathematics study are advised to discuss the varying options with their Mathematics teacher who will sign the recommendation section on the VCE selection sheet. Students are able to select from the following Unit 1/2 sequences: Foundation Mathematics; General Mathematics (Further); Mathematical Methods (CAS) and General Mathematics (Methods).


Current Year 11 students must select five units for study in Semester 1 & 2, 2011. Students must choose English OR English Language OR Literature as a Unit 3/4 sequence. Students who are selecting VCE Mathematics are required to use the following information as a guide in making their subject selections. General Mathematics (Further) Units 1/2 leads to Further Mathematics Units 3/4. Mathematical Methods (CAS) and General Mathematics (Methods) Units 1/2 lead to Mathematical Methods CAS OR Mathematical Methods CAS and Specialist Mathematics OR Mathematical Methods CAS and Further Mathematics.


VTAC Parent Seminar for Bushfire Affected Schools

The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre will be conducting a briefing session for Bushfire Affected Schools on Tuesday 31st August, 2010 commencing at 7.00 pm at Whittlesea Secondary College, Laurel Street, Whittlesea. Participating schools include: Eltham High School, Whittlesea Secondary College, Epping Secondary College, Diamond Valley College and Ivanhoe Grammar School. Members of the Eltham High School community are welcome to attend the information session. No bookings are necessary.


VCE Enhancement Information evening

Current Year 9 students who may be interested in undertaking a VCE Enhancement study in 2011 are advised of the upcoming Enhancement Information evening re-scheduled for Wednesday 18 August 2010 commencing at 8:00pm in the open learning area in the 400’s wing.


Anna Panas

Senior School Team Leader



Have you changed your contact details?

Please notify Ms Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 9430 5113 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au




Sophie Paine & Sam Brisbane


The Victorian Schools Cup

Congratulations to all Eltham teams on winning the Victorian schools cup. All teams contributed to returning the cup to our trophy cabinet.

The final champion school points were:-


1. Eltham High  248

2. Billanook       197

3. Monbulk        127

4. Upwey          107

5. Girton           72


Cassie Stockton, Hannah Williams and Andrew Hague were also awarded the most valuable player trophy for their age group.

Thank you to all members of the Eltham volleyball program on your commitment to your team.

Teams that have been selected to play in the Australian schools volleyball cup in December have been place on the volleyball notice board in the stadium foyer. All teams that won a medal plus the next best three results have been invited to take part. Information concerning Australian schools cup will be distributed soon.


Important Dates:

9th November  - Northern Zone volleyball for year 7 and 8.

25th November – Year 7 and 8 VSSSA final.

5th – 10th December – Australian volleyball schools cup 


Congratulations to Aidan Smith on being selected in the VCSA Under 16 Victorian Soccer team. Aidan is heading to Newcastle on 30th September to take part in the National titles.

We wish him and his team the best of luck.


If your child is selected in a state team or has a significant ‘sporting moment’ please contact me so that we can share the good news on the parent newsletter.


Greg Thomas

Volleyball Coordinator



All Junior, Middle & Senior School absences can now be reported to 9430 5299

(designated answering service).

Please advise:- name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.




The cold inclement weather didn’t deter out 55 plus volunteers on Sunday.  Despite periods of light rain and the threat of a major downpour the group achieved a range of impressive results by 12:30pm.  Thanks to our willing volunteers, particularly the Grounds Committee members, who provided significant leadership on the day as well as the provisioning of food, drink and a hot barbeque lunch for all to enjoy.  Summarised below as the tasks that were completed along with the attendees on the day.


1.   Removal of 40 plus pine bollards adjacent to the 600’s block to make way for the redevelopment of this area in line with the “Robert Boyle” plan for this area

2.   Reinstatement of 15 metres of post and pipe fence in the same area as above. All of those materials have been recycled from the reclamation of the fencing around the hall area

3.   Planting in 4 areas of ~150 plants (a) north west corner (b) environmental area (c) south of room 904 (d) front door of school

4.   Staking, bagging and mulching of most of the plants above

5.   Sweeping in a variety of locations – stadium, courtyard complexes and around the 100’s block

6.   Drain cleaning in a variety of pits.  Apparently according to my 1976 past students they found evidence of past teachers plus a 1930 penny in mind condition! How much more incentive do you need to come to a Working Bee.

7.   Mowing and brush cutting in a variety of locations around the school

8.   Pruning and weeding particularly in the north west corner of the school where a lot of decaying plants were removed and replaced

9.   Two student seats were repairs and reaffixed to their positions on the front oval.

10. 12m3 of crushed rock was spread adjacent to the skip area to make it more accessible to the waste removal contractor


John Coates, J Prenc, M Croft, S Macdonald, Sue Washington, Nicky Bourne, Leo Adamson, Bruce Martyn, Anne Owens, Bruce Voisey, Catherine Neil, Frank Medcalf, Taran Medcalf, Gina Moore, Matt Jones, Ruth Panaccio, James Deague-Hall, Bob Ackland, Anna Thamm, Georgie Thamm, Colin Sievers, Philip Green, Richard Laxton, Kamilla Laxton, Grace Cox, J Freeman, Geoff Cox, Chris Stevens, Sue Gwilym, Jenny Zhang, Tim Robertson, Weichmann, M Rosenthal, Mary-Lou Proppe, Eric Nigel, David Cowen, Simon Kennedy, Catherine Laycock, Jodie Stephens, Rachel Bishop, Lily Bishop, Vincent Sicari, Jane Thomas, Sweeney Thomas, Leanne Lillie, Leanne Ipsen, Jessica Green, Mal Sinclair, Rachael , Mark Goodridge.


Again a very successful day was had by all with lots of positive community involvement.  It was inspiring to see so many students coming along and making a difference to their learning environment. Thank you and well done. In particular it was great to see past students Jessica Green and Taran Medcalf who came along and added their skills and effort for the day. It was great to catch up. As always we are looking for new enthusiastic members to join our group who think they can make a difference so don’t be afraid we don’t have steak knives, just great community spirit!


John Coates

Environment Co-ordinator for the Grounds Committee


PS. Thank you to Leanne Ipsen who organised morning tea on short notice.



Tuesday the 10th of August I was invited to fly to Sydney to attend the Media announcement of the winners of the Moran Prize.  I was told I was one of the finalists for the VCE photography section with my interpretation of “Contemporary Life in Australia.” This Australian wide prize allows all ages to enter, with four school sections, primary school, junior school, middle school and VCE sections, as well as an open section for applicants above 18 years. The judge of the works was well known Australian photographer Stephen Dupont.

I was extremely excited for this opportunity, and was very keen to see all the other photographs in the exhibition held at the State Library in Sydney. As I got into the state library itself, I was able to spend a great deal of time immersing myself in the amazing works that were displayed so beautifully. Then the cameras were out and the announcement was seconds away. The most memorable way in which I have heard a presenter announce a prize, was today. Stephen Dupont described the winning photographs with such emotion and passion. He said he focused on the “in the moment” photograph which touched him emotionally and that the photograph depicted “a moment caught in time exploring the extraordinary within the ordinary”. This made me feel so humbled and privileged as he read my name as the winner of the VCE section.

As Mark Moran handed me a cheque for $5000, he said the school will be receiving a cheque for the same amount in the coming weeks.  It was a very overwhelming experience and I feel very honoured to be a part of such a process. I would like to thank much of the school community for their support and congratulations, it truly was a day never to forget.

Annie Rose Armour. Year 12



August 2010

Tue 17

Junior & Middle School – Student Progress Interviews 11:00am – 7:00pm

NO STUDENTS REQUIRED AT SCHOOL (except when attending progress interview sessions)

Wed 18

SAC Week

Photoshop Course 418

School Council Meeting

7:30pm Transition – Parents VTAC Meeting

8:00pm Transition – VCE Enhancement

Information Night 402-404

Thur 19

Sport – Yr 7 Round Robin Basketball, Table Tennis, Hockey

Transition – Yr 10 Portfolio Interview Day

Music – Training Band – Melbourne Bands Festival - Monash Uni

Mon 23

PAG Week

Tue 24

Yr 7 City Camp 3 – third day

Transition – MS Information Night

Reminder to all families that payments and notices for all excursions are due back to school at least 2 days prior to the event.



Proposed Bus Services – St Andrews and Panton Hill areas.

Panorama Coaches are talking to the government bus authorities seeking to establish a bus service from St Andrews to Diamond Creek Station via Panton Hill.  While this is still in the early stages of being developed, families may like to contact Panorama to support them to have this service commence.  Contact John Griffiths at Panorama on 9438 3666.



Term 3 Programme

It’s been a busy time in Term 3, the main events still to come:

• August 18: Parents VTAC Briefing

• August 19: Year 10 Portfolio Interview Day


Parent VTAC Briefing

Want to help your Year 12 son or daughter with their tertiary application but are a bit confused by: the myriad of options available; the VTAC application process; all those acronyms - HECS-Help, SEAS, VGF; etc. Then come along to this info session, 7.30pm on Wednesday 18th August in the Library. Anna Panas and I will help decipher all those mysteries.


Year 10 Portfolio Interview Day

On Thursday 19th August Year 10 students will only be required at school to do their Portfolio interview. This will take fifteen minutes and there are no other school commitments for them on that day. Students are expected to dress as if applying for a job but the interview will be about them - Work Experience, VCE subjects, post school intentions, passions and goals and their Personal Portfolio will contain supporting evidence. Thanks to the English teachers for helping students prepare for the interview.


University & TAFE Open Days

Students in Years 10 – 12 are strongly encouraged to attend Open Days so as to help them choose appropriate tertiary courses. Most Open Days are on Sundays in August.

Open Days still to come:

·         Sat 21 Aug – Holmesglen TAFE

·         Sun 22 Aug – Box Hill TAFE; Deakin Uni (Melbourne)

·         Sun 29 Aug - ACU (Ballarat); Ballarat Uni; La Trobe Uni (Bundoora)


Super Thursdays at NMIT

NMIT is opening every metropolitan campus door (Collingwood, Epping, Fairfield, Greensborough, Heidelberg and Preston) on the third Thursday of every month for the rest of the year. This is a great opportunity for potential students to check out the facilities and join in many events ranging from information sessions to interactive classes. The inaugural Super Thursday is on 19th August and the calendar of events can be accessed at www.nmit.edu.au/information_enrolment/super_thursdays.aspx


Work Experience at the Zoo

Applications for next year have now opened and close on Friday 8th October. Best suited to current Year 9’s though Year 10-11 students may be able to fit it into their studies. Applications must be endorsed by the school, those submitted directly by students will not be considered. See me for more details.


Monash Parent Information Evening

This event is for parents of Year 11 and 12 students to find out about course and campus options, application and selection, equity and access schemes, student support services and scholarships. It will be held on Wednesday 8th September at the Caulfield Campus. For more information and to reserve a place: www.monash.edu/study/events/parents


Peter Goddard

Careers Teacher




We're on the 'home stretch' for the Melbourne School Bands Festival, only Training Band remaining, and their performance is this Thursday morning.  All bands have performed very well. If one of our bands is invited to the Finale Concert on Saturday, the members will be notified immediately.

Royal South Street Competitions ... it can't be that time of year?  First week of September.  Students will receive paperwork this week during band rehearsals.  Please read carefully!  They'll also receive information regarding the 'Celebration Concert' to be held on Monday 13th September, 7.30pm at Yarra Valley Grammar.

Any queries, please contact Jill in the Music Office on 9430 5127.


Jill Browne, Music Administration


Parent Forum – Year 7 Inquiry Program

Year 7 Inquiry teachers and Assistant Principal Darren Squires met a large group of parents at the discussion forum last Tuesday, August 10. The lively conversation and question and answer session helped inform all the participants. Teaching and Learning Coach Marian Stoney was there to act as independent note-taker. Parents who attended who have had additional thoughts and those who were unable to attend but would like to add to the discussion are invited to submit their comments to Marian by email on sto@elthamhs.vic.edu.au. Your contribution is valued and will be included anonymously in the record of the conversation.

Register to receive an email version of this newsletterthis is a guarantee your copy reaches home – simply go to the web site – www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the newsletter link, choose subscribe and follow the prompts. 

Thank you for helping save paper & considering the environment.


Canteen Roster

August 2010

Tue 17

No Canteen – Student Progress Interviews

Wed 18

Joan Bull, Robyn Walsh

Thurs 19

Nicky Bourne, Maritta Car

Fri 20

Jackie McEvoy, Kerrie Stringer, Matthew Watts

Mon 23

Terrie Bayliss, Christine Farrugia

Tues 24

Margaret Hilton, Kerrie Lester

Canteen volunteers - Gael Carter, Manager   9430 5122.




Nillumbik Youth Services Network - www.nyp.com.au   provides a range of programs, events and services for young people and families. Plus heaps of fun stuff and more!

Outreach – if you would like NYP outreach to attend your school or another venue where you and your friends hang out, contact Jess Sayers on 9433 3168. For more information visit www.nyp.com.au


EGG is a group for young people in Nillumbik and Banyule who want to explore their sexuality or gender.  We have activities, discussions, arty stuff, food and fun.  This group is FREE and we meet on Monday’s 4:30pm-6:30pm at a venue close to Eltham Station.

For more information: Text/call: 0439 812 316, 9430 9100 or email: davidf@nchc.org.au or contact Brendan Monigatti or Jenny Fowler on 9430 5123.

Parenting/Carers Workshop FREE

This workshop will be run by Jeneanne Eastaway an experienced relationships counsellor


Ingredients for a healthy relationship with young adults

WHEN: Wednesday 1st September

WHERE: Diamond Valley Learning Centre

  Cnr Diamond Creek and St Helena Roads

TIME: 7-9pm

Contact: Jeannene or Graham on (03) 9435 9060.

Bookings essential.  Supper provided.





To mark the start of 2010’s Body Image and Eating

Disorders Awareness Week, Eating Disorders Victoria presents a special screening of Beauty Mark:  Body Image and the race for perfection. Image & the Race for P

This courageous film examines popular culture’s obsession with weight and looks through the eyes of former world-class triathlete Diane Israel.

The film will be followed by a panel discussion about why the pursuit of excellence in sport can become dangerous and how this might be avoided.

When: Sunday 5 September

Time: 3.00pm for 3.30pm screening until 5.15pm

Where: Kaleide Theatre, RMIT Building 8, Level 2,

360 Swanston St, Melbourne

(Refreshments will be served prior to screening)

Register Online:  




“What kids are doing online and how to keep them safe!” by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.

On August 30th at the Novotel St. Kilda (7 to 8pm) Dr Michael Carr Gregg will give an important  presentation to parents and teachers giving an insight into what children are doing online and how to keep them safe.


Following the presentation there will be the opportunity to stay back for an hour or so to mingle with other parents and teachers from all over Australia and NZ.


Finger food and drinks will be provided (8pm to 9pm) as part of the $49 admission charge.

To book online please click here: http://www.stickytickets.com.au/3996

To book by phone please call Danielle on (03) 8591 2280 or email admin@criticalagendas.com.au

As places are limited a prompt booking is absolutely essential.


Brendan Monigatti & Jenny Fowler


Community Announcements/Advertising appear on the web this week www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Volunteer Drivers required for 12 week Pilot Program. Community Shuttle Bus, St Andrews to Hurstbridge Station. Saturdays only 8.00am - 5.00pm 02/10/10 to 18/12/10. 12 seater bus WWC required. Contact Ron 0439 669 122.


Billanook College Chess Championship Cup

Final Tournament – Saturday 21st August 2010

Format: 7-Round Swiss                      Cost: $15 

Time: 9:30am-2:30pm

Where: Billanook College 197-199 Cardigan Rd, Mooroolbark

Register online:-


GCC_logoGreensborough Junior Cricket Club

2010/11 Season BOYS AND GIRLS


Players for all age groups required:  U/16’s, U/14’s & U12’s.

All coaches are ACB accredited Level 1 or Level 2.


We are a friendly, family orientated club. Our goal is to assist junior players achieving their potential with sportsmanship and fair play.


Competition Cricket

v Venue:     War Memorial Park, Greensborough.Mel 20-H2

v Contact :  Gary Cameron  0412 680 116

v Training:  Elder Street Reserve, Elder Street, Watsonia. Melways 20-G5

In2Cricket (formerly Milo)

v Venue:    War Memorial Park, Greensborough. Mel 20-H2

v Contact:  Blair Meaney, In2Cricket Co-Ordinator

0423 411 186


Contact: Gary Cameron  0412 680 116


For further information, or visit





AUSTRALIAN PLANTS EXPO 2010: A native gardener's delight, this year's expo showcases Native landscaping, Bush food, and Wildlife, as well as the usual magnificent native flower show, plant sales including indigenous plants, book sales, art, other gift and product stalls. Speaker program. Activities for children - extra attraction of 'water bugs' Saturday afternoon. Lots of prizes to be won. Wheelchair friendly. Ample parking. Refreshments courtesy of 1st Eltham Scouts.Organized by Australian Plants Society Yarra Yarra Inc.

$5 Adults, $4 Concessions, Children free.

11/09/2010 - 12/09/2010 10am-4pm

Eltham Community & Reception Centre

801 Main Road (Mel 21 J6)

or phone Jill  03 94397228


BPay at EHS………. Almost Too Easy

Simply use the biller code and reference number listed on your statement.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify what items your payment relates to, so please provide us with details at the time of your payment so it can be allocated in accordance with your request.  Email your payment details to accounts@elthamhs.vic.edu.au otherwise it will be allocated as follows:

1.          Essential education items

2.          Optional extras

3.          Voluntary financial contributions.


Please note that biller code 87361 will show DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) NOT Eltham High School.  The Department initially receives the payment and then distributes to schools the next day so there is a processing delay of two days.

If you require any further information, please call the office on 9430 5111    Kathleen Hannan, Business Manager