Term 4 Week 1 - Tue 5th October 2010

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Principal’s Report


Welcome to Term 4:

Welcome back to all students and staff to the final term of the year. I trust that you have all had a restful and relaxing break and that you are all geared up for the challenges of Term 4. This term demands real focus on preparation for the upcoming assessment component of the various programs which we run. In particular I wish to draw attention to all the Year 12 students who will be completing the formal part of their secondary education on Thursday 21 October. And who will shortly after embark on the period of written examinations. The examination period has in fact begun with all Performance and LOTE students already undertaking their performance and oral exams respectively. The remaining two and a half weeks is of crucial importance and it is the time to review your work and understandings as well as to take advantage of the support that the school is offering you. Be mindful that your teachers and parents are going through your Year 12 with you and that they are there to provide that added encouragement and support as required. I ask parents to be mindful that the following weeks can be stressful on your Year 12 student and if at all avoidable this is not the time to address major issues with your child. I ask that you maintain close contact with the school and in particular with your child’s teachers and the Senior Sub-school Co-ordination Team and convey any concerns that you may be faced with during this time. If we are aware of issues then we may be able to help if we are not then it is very difficult for us to extend the greatest level of support possible to your child.


Similarly Year 11 students need to be focused on their preparation for their exams as well as their preparation for their Year 12 program in 2011. There are a number of things in place to help you embrace these challenges. The Year 12 Study Camp and Orientation program are just two things that have been organized to benefit you and support your transition into the final stage of your secondary education. There is a strong expectation that ALL students participate in both the Study Camp and the orientation program. Appropriate guidance can be obtained from the Senior Sub-School Office.


For students in Years 7 – 10, this term is also a critical time for your preparation for the conclusion of the school year. Whilst I understand that you may think that there is still quite a lot of time left for you to concentrate on your work and your ongoing assessment and exams (as relevant) time will move very quickly and before you know it, it will be the day before a major submission of assessment period. It is important that you remain focused and that you work towards the completion of all required work and consolidation of your study by the set dates. I look forward to continuing our work together as a learning community in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for all our students.


I take this opportunity to welcome back, Ms Elizabeth Campbell, Ms Chantalle Wigley, Ms Soile Keskinen, Ms Panayiota Gogos, Mr John Elordieta, Mr Jon Baly, Ms Cassy Kreymborg and Mrs Brenda Wilkins, who have returned to their positions in the school after a period of leave.


School Trip to New Caledonia:

I congratulate all the students, staff and parent who participated in the 2010 trip to New Caledonia for an outstanding representation of Eltham High School and our Community values in the international arena. I thank and congratulate the staff, Manuela Nicassio, Sue Keating and Matthew Barker for their willingness to take part in this tour which ran during the term break and provided an exceptional experience for our students. In particular I wish to commend the work of Manuela Nicassio who was instrumental in the organization of this trip and who provide the necessary leadership to bring this trip to fruition. Furthermore I thank Mr Tim Beattie who also participated in the trip and supported the work of the staff. Last but not least I thank the students for the role that they played in making this trip a real success. Well done to all!


Student Achievement:

I was honoured to have been invited to the Queen’s Scout presentation ceremony of Kirsten Langmaid on Saturday 18 September. I congratulate Kirsten for this outstanding achievement which has demonstrated her determination, prowess, commitment and dedication to achieving her very best across all the challenges that confronted her.  The Queen’s Scout Award is highly regarded in the community at large. The requirements of this award are designed to be inspiring and challenging and to take each young person to a much higher and demanding level.

To achieve this award a young person must be able to:

•  Set a goal.
•  Plan their progress towards that goal.
•  Organise themselves and others.
•  Maintain the determination to complete the task while overcoming setbacks and difficulties.

The requirements for this award are:

1. To have achieved the Venturing Skills Award.

2. To qualify to Venturer Award level in all 13 Activity Areas of the Venturer Award.

3. Complete requirements for four Queen's Scout Award activities. An activity must be chosen from each of the following Activity Areas:

·         Leadership Development

·         Outdoor Activities

·         Personal growth

·         Community Involvement

In addition to the previous requirements, the Queen's Scout Award recognises that the Venturer Scout is of good character and a worthy member of the Scout Movement. Therefore, the additional requirements are:

4. Be recommended by the Unit Council and the Venturer Scout Leader.

5. Be recommended by the Group Leader on behalf of the Group Council.

6. Be recommended by the District/Region Venturer Scout Leader or equivalent.

7. Have a personal interview with, and be recommended by, the District Commissioner or equivalent.

8. The District Commissioner (or delegate) will recommend to the Branch Chief Commissioner that the Queen’s Scout Award be presented.

Kirsten has excelled in each of the above requirements and hence is a most worthy recipient of this award. Once again, congratulations on this outstanding achievement.


Whole School Assembly:

Our Whole School Assembly for this term will be held on Thursday 14 October, 9:00 -10:30 am. This assembly will focus on the School Value of “Individuality”. Furthermore, it will be at this assembly that we will formally recognize and farewell our Year 12 students, the Class of 2010 and wish them all the very best with their exams and their transition into further education, training and/or employment. I extend an invitation to parents and other members of our community who would like to attend this assembly. This is the last Whole School Assembly for this year. For planning purposes, I ask that you R.S.V.P. by contacting Kate Scalzo on 9430 5111 or sca@elthamhs.vic.edu.au  no later than Tuesday 12 October.


The Melbourne Cup Period

Historically the day before the Melbourne Cup holiday, Monday 1 November, has had a very poor student attendance.  As a consequence, and as a way of causing the least disruption to the educational program of the school, the last few years has seen this day used as time‑in-lieu for teachers.  As clearly expressed in the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2008 and supported by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, this compensates teachers for the time that they allocate beyond work hours throughout the year to student progress interviews involving students, parents and staff.


In the past, irrespective of the time-in-lieu arrangement, the school has remained open on the Monday before Melbourne Cup Day as Year 12 exams are on during that time, and the school is an examination centre.  This will again be the case in 2010.  However, whilst this day would seem to be the most appropriate in terms of minimising disruption to the educational program of the school in the provision of time-in-lieu, I am writing to ascertain your intention to your child’s/children’s attendance on Monday 1 November in order for us to plan effectively.  The school will be open on this day and based on previous experience, due to poor student attendance, it is most likely that an alternative educational program will be in place.  Your information will be valuable in ascertaining staffing requirements for this day.


I ask you to confirm with us only if your child will be attending on Monday 1 November 2010 by contacting the appropriate Sub-School Office either by telephone on 9430 5111 or by e‑mail through each of the Sub‑School Team Leaders by Friday 15 October:


Senior Sub-School        Anna Panas


Middle Sub-School        Soile Keskinen


Junior Sub-School         Ross McKinnon



I thank you in anticipation of your co-operation with this matter.


Vincent Sicari, Principal  



The Grounds Committee has scheduled two Working Bees for term 4. The first event will be held on Saturday 16th October and the final Working Bee for the year will occur on Sunday the 14th November. Both events kick off at 9.00am and conclude at 12.30pm. Both morning tea and lunch are provided.


The Working Bee that will be held on Saturday 16th October is a combined event between the Eltham High School community and the Eltham Baptist Church community. Traditionally this even has been well supported by both groups with lots of tasks completed by the end of the day. The other great thing about this event is that the EBC community supplies the morning tea which has always been superb and great to look forward to mid morning. If attending the Working Bee please park your vehicle on the hardcourts adjacent to the library and then make your way to the central courtyard where you will be signed in by a member of the Grounds Committee and directed to a task.


The main tasks that have been prioritised for this even are summarised below:-


1.     Construction of a further 20mtr of post and pipe fence adjacent to the cricket nets

2.     Further planting in the environmental area adjacent to the tennis courts. These 50 plants will need to be staked, bagged and mulched.

3.     Removal of 2 seats adjacent to room 103 and 104

4.     Relocation of some lomandras from the central courtyard to the area between 802 and 912

5.     A cleanup and mulch of the western boundary fence line

6.     Repair of the wire fence on the western boundary

7.     Mowing and brush cutting in a variety of locations

8.     Sweeping in a variety of locations – stadium, hall and courtyard precincts

9.     Pruning and weeding in a variety of locations

10.  Staining of bollards in two locations

11.  Pruning of some shrubs on the south side of the stadium


As usual we have lots of tasks on our agenda. So all we need is you to make it a success. Looking forward to your anticipated support.


John Coates for the Grounds Committee



Coles are running a promotion whereby if you collect vouchers after shopping at Coles, Bi-Lo or PacknPay you can bring them in to school and place them in a box at the office. The school can then convert the vouchers into sports equipment.

If you spend more than $10 dollars ask for your vouchers and then have your child bring them to the school office so they can be collected and redeemed at the end of the promotion on Oct 31.


Peter Nicholson

Sport co-ordinator




A reminder to students to return their 2011 Intention Forms to the Music Office by Friday 8th October.


The year 12 students will be presenting their final recitals over the next few weeks. Today (Tuesday5/10) will be the Saxophones, Trombones and French Horn. Commencing at 7.00pm in the Music Band Room.


Next Monday 11th October will be the Group Performances and Tues 12th October will be Percussion and Voice. All family and friends are encouraged to attend and support our wonderful students.


Auditions will be underway later this week for the Symphonic Band of 2011.


Students are reminded to check lists for rehearsal times with the piano for their AMEB exams.


Meg George, Music Department


Calculators for year 10 and VCE Mathematics

A limited number of second hand Texas Instruments Nspire click pad calculators are available for sale at the school for $120. Students wishing to purchase one of these calculators should pay the cashier and bring the receipt to Ms Ivory in 704 at recess or lunchtime.

The Texas Instruments Nspire calculator is the essential and required calculator for year 10 core Mathematics and the following VCE Mathematics subjects:

General Maths (Further) (1&2), General Maths (Maths Methods) (1&2), Further Maths (3&4), Maths Methods (1&2,3&4) and Specialist Mathematics (3&4). This calculator is NOT required for Foundation Maths (1&2).

A new touch pad model has recently been released and the current click pad version is now only available second hand. Either the click pad or touch pad calculators are suitable for use by students in year 10 core Mathematics and the listed VCE subjects. There are no plans to change calculators at this stage.

The school is currently arranging for a calculator supplier to visit in November to sell new Texas Instruments Nspire calculators directly to students/families, the cost will be approximately $200.

For further information contact your child’s Maths teacher or Ms Ivory, KLA Coordinator Mathematics.


Lyn Ivory

Maths Coordinator



It might be hard to see the connection between Crowded House and the Junior School Picnic, but if you think about the song 'Four Seasons in One Day' the link becomes obvious. On the last Wednesday of Term 3 all the Junior School students walked to Eltham Lower Park where they enjoyed a sausage sizzle, a ride on the miniature train and for some students, sharing their picnic hamper with friends. Despite the varied weather conditions, everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves. It was great to see our grown up Year 7 and 8's having a ball on the train - worth considering it as a venue for the next birthday party! Thanks to all the students (and staff) who helped with all the jobs that needed to be done to make this an enjoyable afternoon.  


Ross McKinnon

Junior School Team Leader



DVC provides buses to outlying areas.  This service can be accessed by Eltham High School students provided that an application and payment has been received.  For details of the bus services, application forms and commonly asked questions, go to


If you wish to use this service, please forward your application and payment to EHS.  We will then process the application.


Applications and payment of fares for 2011 are due by Friday 2 December 2010




Year 9 Work Experience

If they haven’t done so already, Year 9 students need to be arranging their Work Experience placement now. Work Experience is for two weeks, Monday 29th November to Friday 10th December, giving students the opportunity to do two different placements if they wish. Maybe one week with an employer with the view to gaining a part-time job and one week to explore a possible future career. The deadline for forms to be submitted is Monday 8th November. Year 10 Work Experience next year is for one week only, May 23 – 27 and students should be applying now for hard to get positions.


University Enhancement Studies for high achieving Year 11 students

These programs are for very high achieving Year 11 students who want to study a first year university subject as part of their VCE.

1. Monash University Enhancement Studies

Program guides available from the Careers Room, applications close on December 10, more details at www.monash.edu/enhancement There is an information evening on Wednesday 13th October at the Caulfield campus, bookings can be made on the enhancement website.

2. University of Melbourne Extension Program

Applications close 19 November (Music 29 October) and the information evening will be held on October 21. All details about this program at www.futurestudents.unimelb.edu.au/school/aust/umep


Pathways Program at Box Hill TAFE

The Pathways Program at Box Hill TAFE (formerly called the GAP program) allows students to explore career options in the following areas: allied health, automotive, building trades, children’s services, electrical, engineering & manufacturing, extreme engineering, fashion design, hospitality – cookery, hospitality – event management, hospitality – restaurant, IT technologies, IT technologies – computer systems, patisserie, outdoor recreation, retail, trade taster, welding.

Students attend one day a week for a semester. Semester 1, 2011 applications are now open to those who will be in Year 10 in 2011 (must be 15 years old at 01/01/11). See me in the Careers Room if interested.


Super Thursdays at NMIT

NMIT is opening every metropolitan campus door (Collingwood, Epping, Fairfield, Greensborough, Heidelberg and Preston) on the third Thursday of every month for the rest of the year. This is a great opportunity for potential students to check out the facilities and join in many events ranging from information sessions to interactive classes. The calendar of events can be accessed at www.nmit.edu.au/information_enrolment/super_thursdays.aspx


Peter Goddard - Careers Teacher




Australian Volleyball Schools Cup

Students will be receiving information about National schools cup this week. Please return the $100 deposit and T-shirt order to the cashier by the 15th October so that team entries can be confirmed.

I was disappointed at the end of term three with the commitment of some teams to training for National schools cup.

This tournament is not something you should consider entering unless you are keen to do well. It is the premier volleyball competition in the country and only the best teams deserve to play in it.

Teams taking part in the tournament must realize that by entering they take on a team commitment.  This commitment includes the following –

  1. Attendance at training of all team members.

  2. Attendance at scheduled games by all team members

  3. Carrying out duty requirements as required by your team


If teams are not prepared to train at least one lunchtime a week and play in the scheduled Thursday night competition then their team may not be entered in AVSC.


Super League Volleyball

The competition that now runs on Thursday nights after school is a very important match practice for all teams playing in the Australian schools cup in December. It is very important that all team members attend and that when you have duty that you perform it. This is a free competition but we rely on duty teams umpiring matches.


This week’s games - 7th October

On the show court. Open girls honours vs U/16 girls honours.

Duty - U/17 Boys Div 1

Court 1. U/17 Girls Honours vs U/15 boys Honours.

             Duty - U/16 boys Hon.

Court 2. U/15 Boys Div 1 vs U/17 Boys Div 2. 

             Duty - U/15 girls Honours

Court 3. U/15 Girls Div 1 vs U/16 girls Div 1.  

             Duty - U/15 girls Honours


Staff vs Year 12 Students Volleyball Match

This Friday at lunchtime on the show court. Come and watch an amazing group of athletes play a great game. The staff will be playing too.



Jordan Bayliss and Emily Voss who took part in the VICTORIAN AGE SHORT COURSE SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS over the holidays


12 y/o Girls - Jordie Bayliss (year 7), 5 personal bests

50m freestyle BRONZE medal (28.99s) (also came 3rd in this event for EHS at State VSSSA) 100m freestyle 5th 200m freestyle 12th 100m backstroke 22nd 100m individual medley 16th.


Important Dates

9th November  - Northern Zone volleyball for year 7 and 8.

25th November – Year 7 and 8 VSSSA final.

5th – 10th December – Australian volleyball schools cup


If your child is selected in a state team or has a significant ‘sporting moment’ please contact me so that we can share the good news on the parent newsletter.


Greg Thomas

Volleyball Coordinator


2010 Victorian All Schools Track & Field Championships

The 2010 Victorian All Schools Track & Field Championships will be held at Olympic Park from Friday 5 November to Sunday 7 November. The Championships will be conducted in the Under 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 age groups; all age groups are taken as at 31 December 2010. There are no qualifying standards to enter the Championships.

Entry forms and a draft timetable can be found on the Athletics Victoria website. Entries close on Thursday 21 October.


2010 VSSSA State Track & Field Championships

This year’s VSSSA State Track & Field Championships will be held at Olympic Park on Tuesday 19th October.

Five EHS students qualified for the VSSSA State Championships on their results at the Northern Zone (Metro): they were Hannah Beattie (GU16 100m Hurdles), Simone Beattie (Girls U15 90m Hurdles), Louise Alford (GU14 800m and the GU14 1500m); Madison Coates (GU13 100m), and James White (BU16 1500m).


Diamond Valley Athletic Club

The Diamond Valley Athletic Club invites any student or their parents interested in a season of Track & Field athletics to join in club training sessions at Willinda Park on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 5:00pm. Athletes will find qualified coaches on hand to assist with their preparation.

For further information check out the club website www.valleyaths.org or contact Max Balchin on 0409 005 406.

The season of competition with Athletics Victoria commences on Saturday 9th October 2010 and is open to women and men from Under 14’s through to open age.

Max Balchin




October 2010

Wed 6

HPE - MS Dance & Gym Aust C&AC – State Netball Centre

Photoshop Course – 418

Fri 8


Phoenix Tree Planting Ceremony

Sun 10

Music – Community Performance Stage & Jazz Band – Panton Hill

Mon 11

SAC Week

Tue 12

English – Yr 11 Macbeth

English – Yr 10 Romeo & Juliet

Finance Committee Meeting

Wed 13

SoSE & Eng – 8A & 8B Titanic Exhibition

HPE – MS RRS Roller Skating

Photoshop Course – 418

Thu 14

VET Comm Rec – Initiative & Surfing Camp – Lorne

Whole School Assembly

Fri 15

VET Comm Rec – Initiative & Surfing Camp – Lorne

HPE – MS RRS Boxercise


Canteen Roster

October 2010

Wed 6

Linda Alford, Jenny Alford

Thurs 7

Karen Biddiscombe, Pearl Yung, Michelle Jones

Fri 8

Julie Wright, Catherine James, Jenny McCormick

Mon 11

Jill Rachim, Lesley Nihill, Robyn Holt

Tue 12

Ali Burley, Erin Russell

Canteen volunteers - Gael Carter, Manager   9430 5122.

From the St Andrews to Hurstbridge Bus Service Group

The Department of Transport has pressured Panorama to cancel their new St Andrews to Hurstbridge bus service at the last minute. The bus was scheduled to start Monday but DoT told Panorama it had not received Departmental permission to run the service.

We have started a petition which will be in the General Stores at St Andrews, Smiths Gully and Panton Hill and have sent out a press release to state and local media. Danielle Green is pursuing the issue and we hope to hear from the Minister for Transport at some point.

FOR UPDATES AND COMMENTS go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/St-Andrews-Hurstbridge-Bus/111906302203472?ref=ts



Yr 12 Students: SEAS applications

SEAS is the umbrella program run by most institutions for applicants who experienced educational disadvantage. There are ten categories including family circumstances, disability or medical condition, under-represented schools, socio-economic background...


Melbourne University recognises disadvantaged financial circumstances. If you receive Centrelink benefits or your family receives Family Tax Benefit A. Entry for Arts is guaranteed with an ATAR of 78 and Biomedicine or Commerce with 88. See the poster outside the Study Room.


If this applies to you a reminder that SEAS applications close on Friday 8 October. This is the date when all the required information has to be in to VTAC.


That means that you need to have:-

a) applied for SEAS by logging into MyInfo and filling out your response in the relevant category/s (after you have completed your VTAC course application)

b) checked the supporting evidence required and obtained this, either online or on the specialised SEAS statement of support form. 

c) used the personalised cover sheet to send evidence


If you wish to have a teacher/co-ordinator/SWC provide supporting statements, that needs to be done before the end of this term.


VCE co-ordinators 




Register to receive an email version of this newsletterthis is a guarantee your copy reaches home – simply go to the web site – www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the newsletter link, choose subscribe and follow the prompts. 

Thank you for helping save paper & considering the environment.





All Junior, Middle & Senior School absences can now be reported to 9430 5299

(designated answering service).

Please advise:- name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.



BPay at EHS………. Almost Too Easy

Simply use the biller code and reference number listed on your statement.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify what items your payment relates to, so please provide us with details at the time of your payment so it can be allocated in accordance with your request.  Email your payment details to accounts@elthamhs.vic.edu.au otherwise it will be allocated as follows:

1.          Essential education items

2.          Optional extras

3.          Voluntary financial contributions.


Please note that biller code 87361 will show DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) NOT Eltham High School.  The Department initially receives the payment and then distributes to schools the next day so there is a processing delay of two days.

If you require any further information, please call the office on 9430 5111    Kathleen Hannan, Business Manager


Have you changed your contact details?

Please notify Ms Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 9430 5113 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Community Announcements/Advertising appear on the web this week www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Diamond Valley (OXFAM Australia) 2010 Bookfair

One day only!!

Sat 16 October (8am-6pm)
Eltham Senior Citizens Hall

Main Rd Eltham

Enquiries – Beth 9439 1716


Proceeds from the Bookfair go to Oxfam’s Development Work – this year is the Emergency Relief Department for the floods in Pakistan.



Kids Come ’n Try Fishing Day

Sunday 17 October, Yarrambat Park Lake, Yan Yean Rd., Yarrambat (Golf course entry), 9.30am-2pm

A free community event hosted by the Northern Suburbs Flyfishing Club Inc. to teach kids to fish. All equipment, tackle and bait are provided free of charge. No experience needed – expert anglers are on hand to bait hooks and demonstrate techniques. Fly-casting and fly-tying tuition is available for all ages and abilities. For more information visit the club website: www.flyfishing.org.au or contact Cain Polidano: 0409 703 296.



This is the opportunity to make a difference for your future by hosting a S.C.C.E international student. You could enhance your studies, your travels, your career. Learn of new opportunities, attitudes, and have fun teaching Australian culture. Carefully-selected students arrive in early February from Europe, the U.S.A., Japan and Canada. Check out our brochure “BRING THE WORLD TO YOUR HOME” on the Southern Cross Cultural Exchange website www.scce.com.au. If you want to seize this opportunity while still in secondary school, contact S.C.C.E on 1800 500 501 (we may have a representative in your area), fill in the Host Family Application Form (also available on our website). The February students are being matched now!