Term 4 Week 7 - Tue 16th November 2010

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Principal’s Report


School Achievement:

Through the initiative of the LOTE department under the leadership of Mrs Pompa Brady, Eltham High School has been successful in being awarded a Federal Government Grant of $20,000 to support the enhancement of Studies of Asia through an integrated approach to curriculum. While the school has already embarked in this direction, the grant will support enhanced professional development of teachers and the extension of programs across the school.

The Hon Peter Garrett MP, Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth, announced the successful schools on 10 November 2010.

122 projects representing 191 schools across Australia have been funded at this time and our school was one of 32 government schools in Victoria to receive the grant.


This initiative will provide $7.24 million to Australian primary and secondary schools through three annual competitive funding rounds between 2009 and 2011.


These grants will assist schools to promote the teaching and learning of Asian languages and/or the studies of Asia related to one or more of the four National Asian Languages and Studies In Schools Program (NALSSP) target countries - China, Indonesia, Japan and Korea.


Asian languages and studies will equip the students of today with the skills to excel in the careers of tomorrow in our increasingly globalised economy. A greater cultural understanding and the ability to engage with our regional neighbours in their own language will help to build a more productive and competitive nation.


At Eltham this grant will provide some time release and professional development to enable teachers of LOTE, Music, Arts, ICT and Technology to work collaboratively and in an integrated way across their subject areas to develop outstanding units of work embedding aspects of Asia including Indonesia. These units of work will target junior school students. We will also use the grant for the purchase of new technologies which will open up further the communication channels between ourselves and our sister school through such pathways as web conferencing.


I congratulate Mrs Brady who has been the driver behind the application process as well as all the other staff that supported her in achieving this very positive outcome which I am certain will benefit not just our students but our entire community.


Student Achievement:

I congratulate Siena Hyland of 7J who at the most recent Whittlesea Show was awarded a range of prizes for her entries in the categories of Wood Work and Ceramics. Siena was awarded the following:

·         Best Exhibitor in Junior Handcrafts

·         Best Exhibit in Junior Handcraft

·         one first prize

·         two second prizes, and

·         one third prize.

This is an outstanding achievement, we look forward to seeing Siena’s entries and encourage her to continue in her love of the arts.


Eltham High School Swim Team Lap-a-thon:

The swim team lap-a-thon will take place this coming Thursday 18 November, from 7:30 am in the Eltham Leisure Centre pool. This has become and annual event and I wish to encourage all members of our community to support this initiative through sponsorship. The funds raised will be donated as Christmas gifts to the Smith Family for distribution as appropriate. The students are ready, the staff is ready, now we ask you to be ready by opening your pockets to this major fundraising event for the benefit of members of both our local and wider community. I will report on the outcome of the event in next week’s newsletter. I take this opportunity to thank all the staff and parents who have supported the swim team during the year and throughout this event.


School Working Bee:

The last working bee for the year was held on Sunday 14 November and it was a great success as the weather was also in our favour. A great deal was achieved as you can read in a following section of this newsletter. I take this opportunity to thank all those present for their contribution. In particular I wish to commend the effort of the large number of students who attended on the day. It was great to have them there and to work alongside them in various areas of the school environment.  I take this opportunity to acknowledge the fabulous work of our Grounds Committee. Its members work tirelessly to plan and implement a range of projects throughout the year. Without their vision and initiative what we achieve would not be possible. I wish to thank John Prenc who has led this team over the last few years and who will hand over this responsibility to Mark Croft from 2011. I also wish to thank Mr John Coates whose work is so pivotal to the functioning of this team. John is the liaison between the committee and the school and further to this is the one who ensures that everything is ready for when people arrive to work. I congratulate John and the committee for what they have managed to achieve during 201 and I look forward to further outstanding outcomes in the New Year.


Vincent Sicari, Principal  



Building Works Update


The building works will commence shortly and continue over the next 15-18 months.  Early in the project it was decided to undertake the work in two stages, thereby reducing the impact upon the whole school operations.  While the construction phase might have been a bit quicker the overall impact to how the school operates would have been particularly difficult.  That is not to say that it will be all easy running through to the end of the works, however we will try to minimise the impact of a large building project on site as much as possible. 

The first aspect that you will notice will be the establishment of the builder’s compound.  This will cover a large area around the Hall and 200s block classrooms.  Access to the General Office will be difficult from the Withers Way end of the school, easier access will be from Ely Street.  Parking will not be available in front of the General Office.  Also, part of the hard courts and some of the rear oval has been taken over by some relocatable classrooms.  This has been necessary so as to provide the necessary number of classrooms for our students.

The first part of the project will involve demolition works.  The Hall and adjoining classrooms will be the first to be demolished.  This will commence in December.  Construction of a new administration block, a  performing arts space and  a dance and drama room, Year 12 student space, a commercial kitchen for food technology and a new canteen will then commence.  Some of the flooring from the existing Hall be utilised as a feature in the new building. 

After the completion of Stage 1 the remainder of the building works will commence.  Demolition of the canteen, first aid and staff rooms will occur.  These will be replaced with 8 new learning spaces with breakout spaces. The Spanish Mission building will be retained and modernised to provide better facilities for students and staff.

There will be regular updates on the School web page so that you can view progress.

Bruce Martyn

Project Manager


A message to parents of

Year 11 English students in 2011

Year 10 Students going into Year 11 English need to retain their copy of 'Insight Persuasive Language in Media Texts' by Iris Breuer and Melanie Napthine. This text is a very useful reference that will assist students in their learning and assessment in English in Years 11 and 12.


Sophie Jacobsen

English KLA leader



DVC provides buses to outlying areas.  This service can be accessed by Eltham High School students provided that an application and payment has been received.  For details of the bus services, application forms and commonly asked questions, go to


If you wish to use this service, please forward your application and payment to EHS.  We will then process the application.

Applications and payment of fares for 2011 are due by Friday 2 December 2010



Second Hand Books Sales for 2010


Year 12 students have been advised of the titles suitable for sale at this year’s Second Hand Book Sale and may leave their books for sale with Brenda Wilkins who will be operating a temporary collection point outside the VCE common room from 1 – 3pm on Friday 19 November 2010. The book room will be open for collection after these dates.

Year 11 students will receive their booklists for 2011 shortly and may now view 2010 titles suitable for sale on the list outside the common room.  They may also leave their 2010 books for sale and their 2011 second hand book order at the temporary collection point outside the VCE common room from 1 – 3pm on Friday 19 November 2010. After this date please go to room 616 with books and orders.

2010 students in years 7, 8, 9 & 10 will also be receiving their 2011 booklists shortly with a list of 2010 texts suitable for resale.

As from Monday 22 November the second hand book room will operate from room 616 and families wanting to sell 2010 texts or order 2011 texts may do so until Friday 10 December.

Year 9 & 10 students can bring their books for sale during the week commencing Monday 22 November

Year 7 & 8 students can bring their books for sale during the week commencing Monday 29 November

Any queries please contact 0427 327 399 – Brenda Wilkins.




The last of the AMEB exams are happening this week ... it's percussions turn! 

Performances ... our bands, small ensembles and individual students are often out in the community showing their musical talents.  We'd like to acknowledge the Clarinet Choir and 'Section 4' for their participation at the South Street Showcase Concert, with feedback from outside sources being very appreciative.

Unfortunately, one of the scheduled performances was the Jazz Band at the Eltham Festival, which was cancelled.  But make note that the Stage Band will be performing at the Eltham Food and Wine Festival on Sunday 23rd January 2011.

The Stage Band are also supporting our Primary School Program by performing at a concert this Thursday evening 7.30pm at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School.

And two more dates to keep note of ... the Strings Ensemble have a concert for family and friends, including YOU! That's on Friday 26th November, 5pm in the main rehearsal room.

And of course, on Thursday 2nd December we have the Twilight Concert in the courtyard, 6.30pm start. Bring family, friends, chairs, rugs and an appetite ... the MSG will have BBQ sales throughout the evening.  All bands will be performing!


Any queries, contact the music office on 9430 5127


Jill Browne – Music Administration




All Junior, Middle & Senior School absences can now be reported to 9430 5299

(designated answering service).

Please advise:- name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.




Australian Volleyball Schools Cup

THREE weeks to go. Students will receive further details this week at training.

Super League Volleyball

The competition that now runs on Thursday nights after school is a very important match practice for all teams playing in the Australian schools cup in December. It is very important that all team members attend and that when you have duty that you perform it. This is a free competition but we rely on duty teams umpiring matches.

Check the new draw on the volleyball info board.

This week’s games - 11th November

On the show court.  U/17 girls honours vs U/16 girls honours 

             Duty U/17 boys div 1

Court 1. U/16 Boys Honours vs U/15 boys Honours

 Duty U/17 boys div 1

Court 2. U/15 girls Honours vs U/15 girls div 1  

 Duty under 17 boys div 2

Court 3. U/16 girls Div 1 vs U/15 boys div 1

 Duty - under 17 boys div 2


Northern Zone Volleyball Final

Congratulations to our year 7 girls and our year 8 boys and girls on winning the northern zone volleyball finals last week. All three teams will now progress on to the state VSSSA volleyball final at MSAC on Thursday 25th November.


Important Dates

18th November - Diamond Valley Group - Year 8 Round Robin ( 2011) for 2010 year 7's.

25th November – Year 7 and 8 VSSSA final.

5th – 10th December – Australian volleyball schools cup


If your child is selected in a state team or has a significant ‘sporting moment’ please contact me so that we can share the good news on the parent newsletter.


Greg Thomas - Volleyball Coordinator




A very solid number of 50 plus parents, students and teachers turned out for the final 2010 Working Bee at the school on Sunday to achieve a great range of tasks. Given the weather forecast leading up to the event with Saturday a rainy day, we were relieved that Sunday was a great day for the event. How lucky! I will give out my 6 lucky numbers on Facebook next week to Philip Green who has organised a site on Facebook for our Grounds Group. How out there! On a more serious note what a great outcome for the school’s environment. Lots of grass cut to 5cm and lots of materials recycled for the future. Thanks go out to all those proactive parents, students and teachers who see this structured organisation as a way of expressing their support for the environment, the school and the place in which they teach and learn and have their children educated. Especially thank you to Sarah Klink who attended – having reinvigorated the Student Environment Group. Thanks also to the Grounds Committee members who provide leadership and provisions on the day. You all make my job so easy. Thank you.

The following are the tasks that were achieved on the day:

1.     Hundreds of pavers were removed and recycled from around the 100’s block and relocated to the back oval for reuse next year

2.     3 seats were removed from the 100’s block and relocated to the back oval

3.     4 bin holders were removed from around the Hall complex and stored for the future

4.     Some mulching was completed on the Western boundary as well as the fern complex in the 600’s block

5.     A significant amount of pruning and weeding was completed around the bike shed complex

6.     Mowing and brushcutting and more mowing and  brushcutting was completed at a wide range of locations around the school. Have a look!

7.     Sweeping was completed around the Stadium complex as well as the Courtyard Precincts

8.     Lots of pruning and weeding was completed around the Junior School Courtyard and the Memorial Garden

9.     The cypress pine posts adjacent to the 600’s complex were stained

10.  The barbeque was cleaned, fired up and cleaned again after the event

11.  The fern garden in the 600’s complex was upgraded with the addition of more ferns and mulch

John Coates, John Prenc, Leo Adamson, Matt Jones, Sue Washington, Mike Lester, Mark Croft, Bruce Voisey, David Norden, Mick & Bron Cervinka, Michael & Dana Hume, Richard, Kamilla & Zofia Laxton, Mary Ann Rosenthal, Trevor Trotter, Phillip Green, Pete Davies, Anna Thamm, Lisa & Rich Klink, Kyle Westall, Mal Heys, Alison Bond, Robert Ashlen, Leanne & Bernard Harries, Bill Taylor, Naughty, Sue Pickett, Russell Bullman, Christine Farrugia, Gabrielle Cornford, Chris Morrison, Sue Gwilym, Vincent Sicari, Derek & Sean Russell, Rob Clarke, Terry Phillips, Sue Moss, Sue Hamilton-Green, Leanne Ipsen, Campbell Pickett, Jai & Cal Croft, Mal.


As this is the final Working Bee for the year thanks to all those 400 individuals who have made a contribution to the events staged throughout the year, especially the organisers of the Grounds Committee. Just imagine what this learning environment would look like without the input of the Grounds Committee. Maybe give some thought to making a contribution to the Environment of our School in 2011. Looking forward to your support in 2011.


John Coates

Environment Coordinator for the Grounds Committee 2010



Canteen Roster

November 2010

Wed 17

Susan Liistro, Ruth Robinson

Thurs 18

Jane Woollard, Linda Alford

Fri 19

Craig Lacey, Sally Wadham, Greer Harvey

Mon 22

Kimbra Shrubshall, Kim Butler

Tue 23

Ruth Glynatsis, Rhonda Steele

Canteen volunteers - Gael Carter, Manager   9430 5122.


Have you changed your contact details?

Please notify Ms Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 9430 5113 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au



November 2010

Wed 17

Unit 2 & 4 Exams, PAG Week

Science – Yr10 Science Fieldwork – Scienceworks

SoSE – Yr 10 Geography Fieldwork Pt Lonsdale

Photoshop Course 418

School Council

Thu 18

Unit 2 & 4 Exams, PAG Week

OES – MS Ocean Kayaking – Lorne

SoSE Yr 10 Geography Fieldwork Pt Lonsdale

Yr 12 Bar & Waiting Skills Course

TIMMS Research

Music – Combined Primary School Bands Concert

Fri 19

Unit 2 Exams, PAG Week

OES – MS Ocean Kayaking – Lorne

Yr 12 Bar & Waiting Skills Course

HPE – MS RRS Lawn Bowls

Uniform Day Sausage Sizzle

Sat 20

Chess Coaching Sessions 400’s

Mon 22

SAC Week

Transition Yr 11- Yr 12 Orientation at School

Reporting – Yr 12 Issued at Valedictory

HPE – MS Swim & First Aid – ELC

Chess Club 400’s

Valedictory Night – Yarra Valley

Tue 23

SAC Week

Transition Yr 11- Yr 12 Orientation at School

Sci – Yr 9 Science Fieldwork Latrobe Uni

Sausage Day – Relay for Life

Wed 24

SAC Week

Transition – Yr 11- Yr 12 Orientation CAMP

Sci – Yr10 Science Fieldwork – Scienceworks

Photoshop Course 418

Thur 25

SAC Week

Transition – Yr 11- Yr 12 Orientation CAMP

Sport – Volleyball Yr 7 & 8 VSSSA Final

Fri 26

SAC Week

Transition – Yr 11- Yr 12 Orientation CAMP

Transition –Last Day MS Classes

Yr 10 Exams Finish

Music – Strings Soiree



The LD Parent Education and Support Group

For parents/carers of teenagers and young adults with learning disabilities, including dyslexia.


This Program consists of six (6) session that have been created to empower parents by providing them with vital information, strategies and resources that will help them further support their children with LD. 


Each session will begin with a presentation on a relevant topic by a leading professional in the field of LD.  The second half of the session will be a parent-driven discussion facilitated by Jennifer Finemore, Psychologist, M.A.P.S., who has extensive experience in the identification, diagnosis, intervention, remediation and accommodation of learning disabilities. 


Wednesday 24 November 7-9pm

Matsuda Room Box Hill Town Hall, 1022 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill

Topic Understanding LD and how it affects your child’s learning, social skills and wellbeing.

Book NOW

To book please email Deborah at info@Idnetwork.net.au with your name and contact details.


Sue Pickett


Board Required

A 16 year old – Year 10 girl requires full board from beginning of 2011 school year or earlier. Please contact Megan on 0400 239 256.


Youth Escape - final activity - Day Out at Funfields Amusement Park.

Meet @ Employment Focus 11.15am - 73 Burgundy Street Heidelberg.

When 26 Nov 12 - 2pm Transport and lunch included.

To register call Skye 0447313402 or Email Youth Connections empfocus.vic.edu.au


FREE event at Fed Square (at the big screen)

Thursday 25 November for Schools and Young people

A dedicated hour for schools and young people at 11.00am

This year Fed Square will host a dynamic White Ribbon Day with an event especially organised for young people (14-18 years).

Schools and young people are invited to participate in a session focusing on respect in relationships.

Comedian Nelly Thomas will showcase segments from the acclaimed ‘NO Means NO’ show that focuses on building good relationships based on equality and mutual respect.

We will get to see a demo of ‘Love: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ relationships website on the big screen.

Plus, lots more with special guests including an appearance from The X Factor’s Ashlee Bell Chambers accompanied by singer/guitarist Nick.

Competitions and prizes to be won!

The day also features special segments for local government, sporting organizations, unions, emergency services, Indigenous communities and interfaith groups. ‘Walk Against Violence’ will arrive in the Square at 12.30 We will be joined by entertainers Greg Champion and the former choir of Hard Knocks. A whole day of events from 10am-7.30pm

For more info about the youth segment contact:

Kiri Bear kbear@dvrcv.org.au



For Sale

Ti Nspire Calculator $120

The Texas Instruments Nspire calculator is the essential and

required calculator for year 10 core Mathematics

RRP $220

Purchased from EHS second hand a few weeks ago, no longer required. Please contact Paula in the General Office 9430 5111 for details of the seller.



BPay at EHS………. Almost Too Easy

Simply use the biller code and reference number listed on your statement.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify what items your payment relates to, so please provide us with details at the time of your payment so it can be allocated in accordance with your request.  Email your payment details to accounts@elthamhs.vic.edu.au otherwise it will be allocated as follows:

1.          Essential education items

2.          Optional extras

3.          Voluntary financial contributions.


Please note that biller code 87361 will show DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) NOT Eltham High School.  The Department initially receives  the payment and then distributes to schools the next day so there is a processing delay of two days.

If you require any further information, please call the office on 9430 5111    Kathleen Hannan, Business Manager

Community Announcements/Advertising appear on the web this week www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Public Transport Forum


7-9pm Wednesday 17th of November, 2010 at the

St Andrews Hall (at the market)

 ALL WELCOME - Come and hear what our local state candidates have to offer and let them know what is important to you.   All welcome - representatives from Nillumbik Council, Department of Transport, local bus companies and Metro trains will also be invited.




 The Eltham High School Swim Squad meets every Thursday morning at 7.00 am at the Eltham Leisure Centre.  We receive swim coaching for an hour and then meet back at school for hot chocolate.  Lots of fun and a great way to feel healthy and get fit for the beach this Summer!

Hoddie tops have been ordered and will arrive within the next few weeks!

Lap a thon this year will be on Thursday 18th November - looking forward to seeing lots of past and present members.

For further info please contact Phil Boyd - bod@elthamhs.vic.edu.au






An international high school exchange student wishes to study in Australia from February through June 2011 for the following reasons:


ü  good schools                      

ü  strong economy         

ü  international presence welcomed in schools                

ü  friendly people

ü  good weather                                                              

ü  renowned successful S.C.C.E with 24/7 support

ü  popular outdoor activities

ü  intercultural tolerance developed

ü  popular and widely available wholesome food               

ü  future education and careers enhanced


Australian volunteer host family chooses compatible selected international student and makes him/her a family member.


Tick the above box and make it happen!






Southern Cross Cultural Exchange 1800 500 501 or scceaust@scce.com.au



Register to receive an email version of this newsletterthis is a guarantee your copy reaches home – simply go to the web site – www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the newsletter link, choose subscribe and follow the prompts. 

Thank you for helping save paper & considering the environment.



NZ Logo (Ho#AEFB38                                                                                          

Experience another culture


family  letzter tag 028 -editIn January 2011, students aged 14 – 19 years from Japan, Europe, the USA and South America will be arriving in Australia to study at local schools for 2-10 months.  Opportunities are available to act as a host family in a volunteer/unpaid capacity. Hosting can be on a temporary, short or long term basis. 


Host families help provide each student with the chance to study and experience life in Australia.  This is a great way to practice another language, share your stories, learn about another country and culture, establish a lifelong link to a family in another country and contribute to international goodwill. 


Our students bring with them their own spending money, health insurance and a wonderful attitude and desire to learn about their new host country. Your whole family….and your relatives and friends….will grow and learn as you all get to know your new ‘son’ or ‘daughter’ from another land. If your family can offer a friendly, supportive and caring home environment, contact us today. 


Spain PhotoMelanieLu_04To learn more about this opportunity call Student Exchange Australia New Zealand on 1300 135 331 or visit our website. http://studentexchange.org.au/host








and lots more


7.00PM – 9.00PM

Gold Coin entry - includes a complimentary glass of bubbles and a ticket for the prize draw

Pop the date in your diary now! - Tell your friends