Term 2 Week 8 - Tue 14th June 2011

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VCE Unit 1 & 3 Exams – until 15th June

General Assessment Task (GAT) – Thursday 16th June

Report Writing Day – Friday 17th June (no students required at school)

End of Term 2 – Friday 1st July (2.30pm dismissal)

Start of Term 3 – Monday 18th July



Principal’s Report


VCE Exams :

The Year 10 exams have been completed and the VCE Exams are well underway with the GAT scheduled for this Thursday 16 June. Students across the school have been made aware of this and have been asked to be mindful of exam rooms particularly during breaks.  Unit 3 exams that are currently running are external exams and I wish all the students involved in these all the very best. All students have been reminded of the time left for this term and the importance of ensuring that their work is up to date and submitted on time. For those students who are considered to be at risk of not satisfactorily completing a unit of work, letters have been sent home. I ask parents and guardians who receive one of these letters to discuss the issue with your child and to support her/him to address the situation. If you have any queries or concerns please contact your child’s coordinator or the teacher of the subject where s/he has fallen behind.


Donydji Community Visit:

Four of our staff: Jon Baly, Linda McLeod, Phil Boyd and Cameron Laurence, and eight of our Students: Kristine Alford (Year 12 – 2010 -  Everard House);  Lucy Robertson (Year 11 -  Rutter House); Oscar Weichmann (Year 10 -  Stewart House); Tess Newport (Year 10 -  Stewart House);

Aiden Somers (Year 10 – Everard House); Alicia Fueggle (Year 11 – Rutter House); Robert Scherini (Year 11 - Rutter House); Dominic Page (Year 10 -  Andrew House) as well as a teacher from Arthurs Creek Primary School: Dianne Zobel, left Melbourne on Saturday 11 June for the Donydji  and Gapuwiyak Communities in central Arnhem Land. This is our third visit in three years to the Donydji Community and our first visit to the Gapuwiyak Community and we hope that our students and teachers as well as the members of the two Communities gain a great deal from the experience. You may recall from an earlier article that this is a collaborative initiative between Eltham High School, LaTrobe University, Arthurs Creek Primary School and Doreen Primary School. A major consideration of this initiative is to learn from indigenous culture and to also support teacher development within the two Indigenous Communities. Over the last two years we have had visits from two trainee teachers as well as a short visit from a group of young people from the Community. I trust that this year’s trip will provide a further link to the community which will work towards the strengthening of the partnership that we so greatly value. I take this opportunity to thank the Donydji Community for providing what has been previously described as an “unforgettable experience” for the third time and the Gapuwiyak Community where I am certain that the feedback of this visit will be similar.  I congratulate all members of the trip and wish them well. We await to hear of their experiences with interest.


Grounds Committee:

The Grounds Committee is a Committee of the School Council whose main role is to support the ongoing development and maintenance of the school environment. Its work is greatly valued and enjoyed by the entire school community. The Committee is made up of a group of highly dedicated volunteers who identify, plan and undertake (with the support of the community) the necessary work to ensure a safe and pleasant learning environment for students, staff, and other community members who make use of the school facilities after school hours. Also the Committee provides an avenue for the development of very positive relationships amongst members and the camaraderie that it supports is fundamental to the work that gets done. There are still members of the Committee whose children have long left Eltham High School. The Committee is looking for new members. You don’t need to have any particular skills to join the group any skills that you bring to the Committee will be highly valued. I ask that new families to the school consider becoming part of the Committee, particularly parents of our Current Year 7 and 8 students who will benefit from the work of the group for many years to come.  Please consider becoming part of this group and supporting the succession of the wonderful work that we do together. If you are interested please contact Kate Scalzo on 9430 5111 or sca@elthamhs.vic.edu .au. Your name and details will then be passed on to Mark Croft (President of the Grounds Committee) who will be in contact with you.


Term 2 Working Bee – Sunday 19 June:

I extend a personal invitation to all members of our community to the second working bee for this term. There is a great deal of work to be done and you would be amazed just how much of it gets done when we work together in a concerted effort.  The identified works appear in a further section of this newsletter and I ask that if you can attend even for an hour or so, your contribution will be highly valued.  Our work begins at 9:00 am and concludes with a delicious barbeque at 12:30 pm. In addition to getting a great deal of work done, the working bees provide an opportunity for us to continue to build community. You will have the opportunity to meet a number of other parents and to engage in conversations as you work side-by-side to complete a task. Students are also encouraged to attend with their parents. Morning tea is provided. Whilst we work we also gain a great deal of enjoyment from the satisfaction of our achievements. I look forward to seeing you all there. 


Staff addition:

I take this opportunity to welcome Mr. Andrew Wilson as an Education Support Staff Member (Laboratory Technician).  Andrew only joined us a couple of weeks ago and I wish him a very positive experience as a member of our learning community.


Report Writing Day:

I draw your attention to the Report Writing Day which will take place on Friday 17 June.  Whilst Schools may organize this day to occur on a different date this is one of the Statewide approved student free days and as such students will NOT be required at school on this day.


I ask that parents make appropriate arrangements for the supervision of students at home on this day.



Vincent Sicari








EHS has a tax deductable Building Fund.  This is used to improve school facilities.  Over the years there have been many areas where the funds have been used around the school to improve facilities. Over the past two years there has been an extensive use of Building Fund donations.  Some of the works undertaken includes; upgrade of the Library and adjoining 400s Block classrooms, installation of data projectors and LCD televisions throughout the school as well as upgrading rooms in the 600s Block for Media, Photography and technology subjects.  


These works have made real improvements for student learning.  Your donation is tax effective and now is the ideal time to make a Tax Deductible donation just prior to the end of the financial year.




This Saturday sees the Symphonic Band heading off on their tour to Canberra and heading north to Sydney.


We wish them a very enjoyable and musical experience!

The Junior Choir are off to 'Eisteddfod by the Bay' on Thursday morning. Apart from the performing opportunity they'll also be able to listen to other school choirs.


If you have any queries, please contact the music office on 9430 5127.


Jill Browne, Music Office


Reminder to all families that the Report Writing Day is on Friday 17th June (THIS WEEK).

Students are not required to attend on this day.




The Grounds Committee has scheduled its second Working Bee for term 2 on Sunday 19th June.  Following on from our last successful event we are again looking for a healthy number of volunteers to complete the range of tasks that have been planned. Again the main focus of our attention will be the new landscape project adjacent to the 600’s block and the cricket nets. If you have nominated the 19th June as your volunteer day you will be contacted by phone over the next few days to help with the organisation and catering requirements for the day.

The Working Bee kicks off at 9:00am and concludes at 12:30pm. Both morning tea and barbeque lunch are provided.  If attending this event you will need to make your way to the Canteen Courtyard where you will be signed in by a member of the Grounds Committee and assigned and directed to one of the tasks on offer.  The following tasks have been identified as priorities for the 19th June Working Bee:-

1.   Further construction of the retaining wall seating on the eastern side of the 600’s block

2.   Extension of the post and pipe fence in the same area as above

3.   A cleanup and prune of the gardens surrounding the stadium complex

4.   Pressure cleaning of the pavers and bricks adjacent to the 700’s block

5.   Mowing and brushcutting across a range of areas on the campus

6.   Some planting along the western boundary

7.   Further mulching and cleanup of western boundary

8.   Repair of the rabbit proof fence surrounding the environmental area at the end of the tennis courts

9.   Sweeping in a variety of areas, in particular the carpark adjacent to the stadium and courtyard precincts

10. Further weeding of the environmental area at the end of the tennis courts

11. Cleaning of drains in the courtyard precincts

Please remember to bring protective clothing, hats, gloves and sunscreen.  Looking forward to your anticipated supported on the 19th June.

John Coates for the Grounds Committee



Maths staff are available after school on Mondays to assist students with their classroom Mathematics across all year levels. The sessions will be held in the 700’s wing and conclude at 4pm. Students wishing to take advantage of the opportunity should go to room 702 at the end of period 6 on any Monday.

Lyn Ivory KLA Coordinator Mathematics







Volleyball Payments

Volleyball payments for participation in the volleyball program and Victorian Schools Cup are due now. Victorian Schools Cup will be upon us soon so please pay a.s.a.p. Students are also responsible for payment of registration to Volleyball Victoria this year.


Victorian Schools Volleyball Cup

Students have received a notice concerning participation in the Vic schools cup. As it costs $350 per team to enter the competition we do not wish to be in the position where we are forced to forfeit any games over the weekend of July 30 and 31. If you are a member of a team and have a clash that prevents you playing any Vic schools cup volleyball game that weekend – please contact Mr Thomas-. tho@elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Level One Referees Course

Has your team got a level one referee? On Monday the 20th June a referee course will be run for students. It will take place in room 003 in the stadium from 4.00 – till 5.00 pm each Monday, after the year 7 competition, for three weeks (June 20, 27 and july18). Students interested in becoming a level one volleyball referee should see Mr Thomas for details.


Important Volleyball Dates for 2011

29 - 31st July - Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup

8th November – Northern Zone Volleyball finals – yr7&8.

16th November – North East Conf Volleyball finals – yr7&8

24th November – State Volleyball Finals – year 7 and 8.

5th - 9th December - Australian Volleyball Schools Cup


If your child has a unique sporting moment or is selected in a state or National team please let us know so we can share the good news. Email: tho@elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Greg Thomas

Volleyball Coordinator


Cashier Open Hours

Payments by cash can be receipted by the cashier from 8.40am – 3.00pm and EFTPOS payments until 4.00pm (excluding pupil free days).

Students can only make payments at the cashier window from 8.40am until 8.55am then at recess or lunchtime. 

Parents are welcome to contact the cashier on 9430 5118 to arrange payment by credit card at any time.


BPay Logo Vector DownloadBPay (Almost too easy….) is our preferred method of payment


Are you aware that you can set up a regular payment schedule to pay your account using BPay?


Refer to your banking provider for details.



Have you changed your contact details? Please notify Ms Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 9430 5113 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Collecting unwell students from school:

Now that Term 2 coughs and colds are running rampant, some students are feeling so sick that they would like to go home. Whilst this is not necessarily a problem, there is a process that needs to be followed to ensure that the school is aware of what arrangements are being made. The process is as follows: 

·         If a student is unwell during class, they should ask the teacher for permission to go to the Sick Bay

·         If a student is unwell during recess or lunchtime, they should go directly to Sick Bay

·         Once at Sick Bay, our School Nurse (Michelle Ford) will assess the student and decide if they need to go home, spend some time in Sick Bay or return to class.

·         If the student needs to go home, Michelle will contact the student’s parents to discuss the situation and arrange for the student to be collected from school.

·         When a student is being collected, parents need to report to the Office where they will be directed to Sick Bay.

It is important that this process is followed as informal arrangements such as students contacting parents directly can result in lots of wasted time as well as students leaving the school without the school knowing.  Please help us to implement this process and ensure that your child understands what to do if they are feeling unwell at school. 


Ross McKinnon – Junior School Leader


ALL absences can now be reported to 9430 5299

(designated answering service)

Please advise:- name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.




Work is progressing quickly with steel work erected for the dance room and timber framing going up in other areas.  The builder has now provided us with some important dates concerning the construction of the new performance space. 

 This work will impact upon car access to the Withers Way car park and drop off point.  This area will not be available for parking or dropping off and picking up of students for the following times:

16 – 17 June 2011: Pre-cast concrete panels arrive

                    NOTE NEW DATE

20 – 23 June 2011: Steel work is being delivered and erected

Of course these dates are dependent upon weather conditions.  More information will be provided in next week’s Community Newsletter.

Traffic management arrangements will be in place to manage pedestrian and vehicle access.  Nevertheless, the use of alternate drop off points for students near the Leisure Centre or in Ely Street would help reduce traffic in the vicinity of the works.


Bruce Martyn



Do you want to work with animals?  Healesville Sanctuary presents a full-on day of activities for aspiring zookeepers where you get to spend a day working alongside our Zookeepers. Learn more about the busy lives
of keepers, meet beautiful animals and visit the secret off-limits areas where keepers work. Find out how you can make a difference and help care for Australia's wildlife.

Dates: School holidays, Year 7-8 July 5th, Year 9-12 July 6th and 12th. Bookings: 9285 9406 More information: http://www.zoo.org.au/learning/holiday/HS-Zoo-Keepers



In early term 3 all year 12’s will take part in an information session about the VTAC application process and important dates. Prior to that they should access the website    www.vtac.edu.au/   and become familiar with the layout and the courselink component. It would also be a good time to start making a list of possible courses keeping in mind that TAFE institutions also require application through VTAC for many of their courses. There will also be a Parent VTAC information session on Thursday 1st August in the library.



All year 11 students will be provided with the opportunity to attend year 12 subject selection sessions in early term 3. They should access the website    www.vtac.edu.au/   and become familiar with the layout and the courselink component if they have not already done so.


YEAR 10 to 11 VCE Information Night Tuesday 26th July

This night will provide parents and students information on subject selection for year 11 and the VCE process. Due to restrictions in meeting space the night will have two sessions with ANDREW/EVERARD students/parents at 7.00pm and RUTTER/STEWART students/parents at 8.00pm. There will also be displays from the faculties which will be available for viewing from 7.00pm. Staff will also be available to assist with subject information and questions. Your prompt arrival would be much appreciated on the evening. The night will take place in the 400’s and library area.


Ross Pringle – Careers and Pathways Co-ordinator








Canteen Roster

JUNE 2011

Wed 15

Jenny Alford, Chris Campbell

Thu 16


Fri 17

Report Writing Day – no school

Mon 20

Linda Mountford, Carol Guille

Tue 21

Kathy Smith, Dianne Milankovic

Canteen volunteers - Gael Carter, Manager   9430 5122





JUNE 2011

Wed 15

VCE - Unit 1 Exams

VCE – Unit 3 Exams

SAC Week

Donydji Camp

OES – MS OES Camp – Mt Kooyoora

School Council Meeting

Thu 16

GAT Exam

SAC Week

Donydji Camp

Music – Choir Comp

Fri 17


– no students required at school

Mon 20

VCE – Units 2 and 4 Commence

Donydji Camp

Music – Symphonic Band Tour

Arts – Yr12 Photography Gallery Visit

Tue 21

Music – Symphonic Band Tour

Wed 22

Music – Symphonic Band Tour

OES – Unit 4 Fieldwork (Queenscliff)

Thu 23

Music – Symphonic Band Tour

Science – 6 x Yr12 Enviro Ed Students Kids Teaching

Sport – NMR Cross Country

Fri 24

Music – Symphonic Band Tour

Science – 6 x Year 12 Enviro Ed Students Kids Teaching


Reminder to all families that payments and notices for all excursions are due back to school at least 7 days prior to the event and sporting events are due to the teacher on the day of the event.






The Junior School Homework Club (Years 7 and 8) operates on Tuesdays between 3.20pm and 4.20pm and is supervised by a member of the Junior School team as well as a volunteer group of Middle School and Senior School students.       

The group meets in Room 706 so computers will be available. The Program aims to assist Junior School students in developing organisational skills and computer skills and to provide assistance with homework tasks in general. Homework Club is voluntary, and can provide valuable assistance to students.  To minimize disruption to other students, those who do attend will be required to stay for the full session.

If you would like your son/daughter to participate in the Junior School Homework Club for the remainder of this term, please contact the Junior School Office for a permission form.  So that the Program can run effectively, those students who elect to participate would be required to attend all sessions for the remainder of this Term.  A member of the Junior School Team will contact you if your son/daughter does not attend any session.

If you have any queries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Junior School Coordinators by telephone on 9430 5111.


Ross McKinnon, Junior School Leader







Community Announcements/Advertising



Chess Club News

A puzzle for this week on the Elastic Band Combination (see article in last newsletter for theory)


Series 03, Card 37 – Puzzle Card












Black to move: The White Bishop is pinning the Black Knight to the Black Bishop. How can Black execute an ‘elastic band’ combination?


Answer next week.





How AUSTRALIA could achieve



Speaker: Marguerite Marshall of  Beyond Zero Emissions.


Top world scientists say the world's green house gas emissions must peak by 2015 if we are to have a safe climate.

Can we move quickly enough? Effective action is being taken in other parts of the world but Australia is lagging behind.  However an Australian plan demonstrates how we could achieve zero carbon emissions in ten years. The Zero Carbon Australia Plan has been endorsed by international and national experts including the International Energy Agency and Professor Tim Flannery


The Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan shows how Australia could switch to renewable energy to emit zero emissions in ten years.   ZCA by Beyond Zero Emissions with the Melbourne University Energy Institute      Eltham Library, Panther Place.  Sat. June 18. 2-3pm All welcome. Free entry.


Living&LearningLOGO-CMYK 519 KBJuly to December 2011

Program now available!

Choose from over 120 different career, employment,                               lifestyle and social programs

Art and cooking classes for kids • Arts for health • Life drawing • Painting • Hebel block sculpture • Wire sculpture • Linocut printing • Mosaics • Pottery • Art and pottery open studios • Christmas crafts • Jewellery making • Felting • Soap making • Flower design • Knitting for beginners • Sewing for beginners • Digital photography • Photoshop • Guitar • Piano/Keyboard • We can all sing! • Creative writing • Genealogy • Public speaking • Bookkeeping • MYOB • First aid • Food Safety • RSA • Computer courses • Hairdressing at home • DIY double glazing • Mums’ wellbeing group • Kinesiology • Massage • Yoga • Reiki • Pilates • Tai Chi & Qi Gong • Meditation • Natural skin care • Feng Shui • French, Italian & Spanish language courses • Home brewing • Wine appreciation • Nationally Recognised Qualifications in Children’s Services, Aged Care, Home and Community Care, Disability • and much more!


Eltham   9433 3744     Diamond Creek   9433 3766     Panton Hill   9433 3799



‘Come and try day!’
All abilities netball

(for young people with a disability)

 14 years and up girls and boys

Where: Diamond Creek Netball Courts

Melway Ref: 11 K 6
When: 18th June 2011   Time: 12 noon


Make sure you wear comfortable clothes! e.g. track pants and runners!

Be sure to bring a water bottle.

Join us for a sausage sizzle afterwards!

Contact Marg Hayes on 0400 008 394 or e-mail at mmhayes99@hotmail.com

We would love you to come along for the day and possibly a Netball Season full of fun, fitness and friendship!!!








Registrations from past, existing, new or inexperienced players for boys & girls Under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 teams are now being taken. Fees: "EARLY BIRD SPECIAL": $80: before Saturday, 18 June (or $90: after 18 June but before start of season or $100: after start of season). Please see www.hurstbridgehurricanes.org.au (for registration form, DOB's & other info) or contact Sonia Cuthbert: 0417 594 426 or sonia.cuthbert@hurstbridgehurricanes.org.au