Term 2 Week 10 - Tue 28th June 2011

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End of Term 2 – Friday 1st July (2.30pm dismissal)

Reports - Junior & Senior School Reports will available via School Intranet from Friday

Start of Term 3 – Monday 18th July

VCAL Information Night – Thursday 21st July

VCE Information Night (for all Yr 10 Students) – Tuesday 26th July

(see newsletter notice for further details on times)



Principal’s Report


Student Achievement:

I congratulate all the members of the D grade debating team who last week won their debate against Eltham College. Our team argued for the negative on the topic of “Private Schools should not receive funding from the Government.” I congratulate Carly Notting (Year 7 – Everard House) who was recognized as the “best speaker” on the night and the other members of the team; Michaela Prunotto (Year 7 – Everard House) and Kate Dance (Year 7 – Everard House). I also congratulate Ms Leanne Ipsen for her continued support of this team and all the other debaters in the school. A great effort!


I congratulate Sam Richards who has been selected to represent Victoria in the Volleyball Championship event to be held in Mandurah, Western Australia from Saturday 13 to Friday 19 August, 2011. This is a great opportunity for Sam to exhibit his exceptional skill in the sport. We wish him and his team mates well with the competition and we will continue to follow his achievements with great interest.  All the very best!


Once again, I am very proud to announce that two of our students have been selected to take part in the 2011 Victorian State Schools Spectacular. Adam Witbooi (Year 10 – Everard House) auditioned and has been selected to be a featured vocalist in this year’s performance. Scott Van Germert (Year 9 – Rutter House) auditioned and has been selected to be an orchestra member. The State Schools Spectacular is currently rehearsing for two performances at Hisense Arena on Sunday 18 September followed by a 90 minute broadcast of the show on Channel 7. This year’s production will showcase over 3000 Victorian government school students in a performance of music, song, dance and circus arts. It is fantastic that our school and our community will be represented by the selection of both Adam and Scott. We wish them both all the very best with their preparation for the performance and telecast.



Symphonic Band Tour to Canberra and Sydney:

The Symphonic Band tour was a great success and the students were exposed to a variety of musical experiences. Their performances were very well received across the board and they received a number of complimentary reports and accolades. I congratulate all the students and their director Ms Ingrid Martin and all the other staff who participated on the tour, Mr Mark Shiell, Miss Monica Lamperd, Mr Aaron Vreulink and Mr Trevor Jenkins. In particular I acknowledge the work of Mrs Jill Browne who had a major part in the organization of such a successful tour.



Staff Acknowledgement:

I take this opportunity to thank Ms Nina Bursian for her contribution to our school, replacing Mrs Manuela Nicassio during her period of leave during Term 2. Mrs Nicassio will be returning to her teaching position as of the start of Term 3. Ms Bursian took on the role of teacher of French at the start of Term 2 and worked to provide a positive experience for the students in her care during her time with us. In Term 1 Ms Bursian replaced Mrs Jeannette Carter in the Arts area during her leave. I wish Ms Bursian all the very best with any future ventures she wishes to take on.


A small number of other staff will be on leave during Term 3 for various periods of time.  I will communicate changes to teaching allotments in the first edition of the Community Newsletter for Term 3. I do wish to inform you that Mr Monigatti and Mrs Fowler, our two Student Welfare Coordinators will be on leave for the first four and three weeks of Term 3 respectively. Mrs Diane Parry will be acting in this role during the first four weeks of Term. She can be contacted via the general office.



Grounds Committee:

The Grounds Committee is a Committee of the School Council. Its main role is to support the ongoing development and maintenance of the school environment and its work is greatly valued and enjoyed by the entire school community. The Committee is made up of a group of highly dedicated volunteers who identify, plan and undertake (with the support of the community) the necessary work to ensure a safe and pleasant learning environment for students, staff, and other community members who make use of the school facilities after school hours. Further to this The Committee provides an avenue for the development of very positive relationships amongst members and the camaraderie that it supports is fundamental to the work that gets done. There are still members in The Committee whose children have long left Eltham High School. The Committee is looking for new members. You don’t need to have any particular skills to join the group any skills that you bring to The Committee will be highly valued. I ask that new families to the school consider becoming part of The Committee, particularly parents of our Current Year 7 and 8 students who will benefit from the work of the group for many years to come.  Please consider becoming part of this group and supporting the succession of the wonderful work that we do together. If you are interested please contact Kate Scalzo on 9430 5111 or sca@elthamhs.vic.edu .au. Your name and details will then be passed on to Mark Croft (President of the Grounds Committee) who will be in contact with you.


Student Safety:

I ask all members of our community to take great consideration around student safety during peak traffic times of the day; the morning drop off and the afternoon pick-up. Of recent we have had a small number of uncooperative drivers who have impinged on the safety of our students.


There is a weekly report on the newsletter as to what work is planned to be carried out over the following week in relation to the building works and how this will affect the traffic management system particularly at the Withers Way entrance of the school. I ask that all parents who drive their children to school make a point to read this so that you are informed of what is happening and how this may affect you. Student safety is the number one priority and once again I ask you for your support.


It is important that you support your child’s timely arrival to school of a morning. There have been a number of occasions of late when parents arrive at the front of the school close to 9:00 am or even later; classes start at 8:55 am, the warning bell for period 1 sounds at 8:45 am, every child should be in the school by this time. Late arrivals tend to cause a level of panic in both the driver and the student and safety is often compromised.


Members of staff on duty have been placed in difficult situations because of thoughtless driving and or parking which impinge on student safety. They have had to deal with some less than ideal situations and on occasions have been verbally abused. This is not appropriate behaviour and it is unacceptable.


In order to minimize the amount of traffic during the period of the building program, if your child can arrive at school via some other means outside of being driven to the school I ask that you encourage them to do so. If you must drive and pick up your child from school then I ask that you plan with your child where an appropriate and safe drop-off and pick-up point might be. I suggest that you consider the Ely Street end of the school or some other place close by which alleviates you having to drive right up to the front gate of the school.


We need to work on this together and again I ask for your support. Unfortunately if the situation does not improve both at drop-off and pick-up times, in the interest of student safety we will have no other option but to engage the support of traffic officers from the Shire of Nillumbik or the police.



Eltham Community Trip:

The Eltham Community trip to Kenya and Tanzania will take pale during this coming break. I take the opportunity to wish all members of our community, students, parents, staff and friends of Eltham High School a very enjoyable trip and an experience of a lifetime.  During its travels the group will visit St Jude’s School near Arusha for whom the group has been fundraising for some time.  I wish to thank Brendan Monigatti, Pompa Brady and Diane Parry who together have planned, designed and implemented the program for these very lucky travellers. All the very best and we look forward to hearing all about it on your return.



End of Term 2:

With the end of Term 2 on Friday 1 April, I take this opportunity to wish all the students and staff a very well deserved break. I hope that you all have a very relaxing and safe time away from school and work and I look forward to seeing you all back full of energy on Monday 18 July.


Students will be dismissed at 2:30 pm on Friday 1 July and I ask that as necessary parents make appropriate arrangements for the safe travel home of all students.



Vincent Sicari





The VCE Information night is being held on the evening of Tuesday 26th July, 2011 for all current Year 10 students. Students, parents & guardians will be requested to attend in House groups commencing with Andrew & Everard Houses at 7:00pm in the 400’s open learning area (Library entrance).

Students in Rutter & Stewart Houses are requested to attend session two commencing at 8:10pm in the 400’s open learning area (Library entrance). 

VCE Handbooks will be distributed at the allocated times and VCE, VCE VET & VCAL program requirements discussed.  The evening provides an opportunity to meet with Key Learning Area teaching staff and view KLA displays.

This week, students will receive a notification slip informing them of their scheduled session time.

Further details are available from the Senior School Office.

Anna Panas

Senior School Team Leader




Year 10 students Not sure about next year? Or where you wish to go once you finish your secondary education. Perhaps VCAL is for you?



Thursday 21st July in the Eltham High Library

Beginning promptly @ 7:30pm


Application packages will be handed out, interviews and selection completed by the end of Term 3.


If you wish to have an invitation or a reminder posted home for your parents please email vetvcal@elthamhs.vic.edu.au

with your name, your parents/carers/guardians names and a POSTAL address.


Julie Allen – VET/VCAL Coordinator



Australian Mathematics Competition

Reminder for all entrants in this year's competition, it's time to start practising. Visit the Australian Mathematics Trust website and try some practice papers. The address is: http://www.amt.edu.au/. The competition is on Thursday 4th August periods 1 and 2.



Middle School Cross Country Ski Trip

On Wednesday August 3 there will be cross-country skiing day trip offered to any interested Middle School students. There will be a meeting this Thursday (June 30) at 1.00pm in room 908 to discuss this trip, answer any questions and to find out how to get a place on this exciting trip. Places are limited so make sure you come along to find out how to get one. See Mr McKinnon in Junior School if you can't make it on Thursday




This week sees auditions for Grade 6 students aspiring to enter Eltham High School on music grounds.  We hope to see some of these students in the program next year.


The Symphonic Band are back from their tour which was hailed as 'fantastic'!  Some of the highlights were playing to 500+ students at school concerts, workshops in Sydney with Steven Williams and David Worrall [feedback from these were extremely complimentary], watching the Sydney Symphony rehearse, touring the Opera House and playing at the Conservatorium in Sydney.  Thankyou to the staff who attended - Ingrid Martin, Trevor Jenkins, Mark Shiell, Aaron Vreulink and Monica Lamperd.


On Thursday evening there will be a 'Woodwind Evening' in the music centre, starting at 7.30pm.  'Selected' students are working with their teachers to give the students the opportunity to perform in front of family and friends.


Any queries, please contact the music office on 9430 5127.


Jill Browne, Music Office




Over the past few weeks there has been a significant change in the look of the new building.  Most noticeable has been the installation of the precast concrete panels for the new performance centre as well as the steel work for walls and roof.  Today has also seen the steel being erected for the front entrance area.  The size of the buildings is certainly much larger than many expected.


There is much happening with other aspects of the project.  The timber framing and block work internal walls are all most complete.  Roughing in of services has commenced and it will not be long before roofing starts to be put in place.  

During the term break there will be more activity happening around the school.  A new electricity supply is to be connected, new storm water drainage near the stadium.  

Completion of stage 1 is now expected to be late September early October.


With the Department now approving a number of items to be reinstated into the project, the builder is starting to price these.  This includes some fit out of the performance centre for audio and lighting facilities.  Also the construction of locker pavilions has been approved to be re-introduced into the project.  Discussions will be held with the landscape architects (Robert Boyle from Eltham) and our architects Gray Puksand on how these works will fit in with the overall project layout.


There has been some interruption to access into the school at Withers Way over the past week.  This is unavoidable while some aspects of the works are taking place.  In particular is the need to provide a safe place for our students, staff and visitors while large items are being delivered to site and also when large items of equipment need to use the area near the performance centre or other places.  As you will appreciate, all care is being taken to ensure that a safe environment is maintained throughout the project.  There is likely to further interruptions with concrete pours occurring and when roofing materials are being delivered to the school.


Bruce Martyn – Project Manager







EHS has a tax deductable Building Fund.  This is used to improve school facilities.  Over the years there have been many areas where the funds have been used around the school to improve facilities. Over the past two years there has been an extensive use of Building Fund donations.  Some of the works undertaken includes; upgrade of the Library and adjoining 400s Block classrooms, installation of data projectors and LCD televisions throughout the school as well as upgrading rooms in the 600s Block for Media, Photography and Technology subjects.  


These works have made real improvements for student learning.  Your donation is tax effective and now is the ideal time to make a Tax Deductible donation just prior to the end of the financial year.





Victorian Schools Volleyball Cup

This year we have 17 teams playing in the three day tournament on Friday 29th to Sunday 31st July. Please make sure you are available to play on that weekend. If you play another sport on the weekend that would clash with Vic schools cup, then it would be courteous to inform your coach in advance that you are not available that weekend.

With only a few weeks till the competition it is important that all team members attend their scheduled training.

Team performances at Victorian schools volleyball cup will determine which teams represent Eltham High at the Australian schools cup in December.


School Sport Victoria State champion hoodies should arrive this week. Pay and pick up from Mr Thomas when you have training.

Volleyball Jackets and volleyball uniforms should also arrive this week. Keep your eye on the daily bulletin for an update.


Congratulations to Shaun McLachlan

Shaun competed in the Trans Tasman Boxing Cup which was between Victorian and Tasmania State Champions over the weekend.  Unfortunately Victoria did not win the cup this year but Shaun was presented at this event with the Most Consistent Junior Boxer for the 2010 season by Boxing Victoria. 


A big thank you to Peter of "Just Great Prints" for the wonderful framed print of all of the Eltham teams that played in the Australian school volleyball cup last year. We will soon hang it proudly for all to see.


Important Volleyball Dates for 2011

29 - 31st July - Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup

8th November – Northern Zone Volleyball finals – yr 7 & 8

16th November – North East Conf Volleyball finals – yr 7 & 8

24th November – State Volleyball Finals – year 7 and 8

5th - 9th December - Australian Volleyball Schools Cup


If your child has a unique sporting moment or is selected in a state or National team please let us know so we can share the good news. I have copies of the Nillumbik sporting achievement grant application form if you require one.

Email: tho@elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Greg Thomas

Volleyball Coordinator



Northern Metro Region Cross Country

The NMR Cross Country was held on Thursday 23rd of June at the Warringal Parkland in Heidelberg.  Eltham was one of the most represented schools in the competition with 32 runners attending.  A wet and muddy day sorted the field out with plenty of Eltham High Students performing well! Congratulations to the following runners who have cruised through to the state finals to be held in Bundoora on 19th July. 


Taylor Ramsdale 10th (13 yrs Boys),

Michaela Prunotto 6th (13 yrs Girls),

Louise Alford 1st (15yrs Girls)

Jessie Black 3rd (15yrs Girls)

Jacquie Harrington 7th (15yrs Girls)

Talen Pettie 4th (15yrs Boys)

Tim Logan 6th (15yrs Boys)

Billy Marshall 11th (15yrs Boys)

Josh Turner 3rd (16 yrs Boys)

Romy Stevens 6th (16 yrs girls)


Boys 14yr Boys Team- 1st consisting of:

Braydon Turner 2nd

Andrew Kelham 8th

Joel Clamp 13th

Jack Fitzgerald 19th

Will Bull 32nd


Boys 17-20 yrs Boys Team

Rory Kelham 1st

James White 3rd

Amos Fun  8th

Aiden Smith 9th

Daniel Seymour 10th


Eltham also scored a close second in the team’s event in the 13 yrs girls and 15 yrs boys.


Well done to all who have attended the interschool and regional cross-countries and Good luck to all our competitors in the State finals next term.




Boys 14yrs Team Champions – Braydon Turner, Andrew Kelham (back), Joel Clamp and Jack Fitzgerald.






Boys 17-20 yrs Team Champions - Daniel Seymour, Aiden Smith, James White, Amos Fun, Rory Kelham.








Lucy Bowman – PE Department


More Cross Country

Victorian All Schools Road Relay Championships

Saturday 25 June 2011

Eltham HS entered a team in the Boys Under 18 4 x 3km Relay Championship. The team of Rory Kelham, Aidan Smith, Andrew Kelham and James White finished in 11th position out of a field of 26 teams. The course, set in the parklands around Albert Park was flat and fast and all team members ran very well to finish the total distance of 12km in a time of 41:52.


2011 Victorian All Schools Cross Country Championships

The 2011 Victorian All Schools Cross Country Championships will be run at Bundoora Park on Saturday 23rd July. The Championship races are the compulsory selection trials to represent Victoria at the Australian Cross Country Championships, this year to be held in August in Canberra.

For any student who enjoys Cross Country running, the races provide a chance to experience top level running under the best of conditions.

Entries for the Championships close this Thursday – 30th June.  For further information, visit the Athletics Victoria website or contact Max Balchin in person at school.

Students interested in Cross Country running are always welcome to join a junior training group at the Diamond Valley Athletics Club on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at Willinda Park, Greensborough, from 5:00pm. Each session is supervised by a qualified coach. For further information, contact Max Balchin.



Canteen Roster


Wed 29

Christine Williams, Greer Harvey

Thu 30

Rhonda Constantinou, Teresa Reid, Kerrie Laing

Fri 1 July

Margot McDonald, Wendy Dixon, Petra Leaford

Canteen volunteers - Gael Carter, Manager   9430 5122




Thu 30

HPE – Yr11 HHD Fieldwork  - Mercy for Women

Fri 1 July

Community Tour – Africa & Tanzania

TERM 2 ENDS at 2:30pm

Mon 18 July

TERM 3 COMMENCES at 8:50am

Tue 19

Sport – SSV Cross Country

Music – Training Band Rehearsal (Fern Gully)


Reminder to all families that payments and notices for all excursions are due back to school at least 7 days prior to the event and sporting events are due to the teacher on the day of the event.





Have you changed your contact details? Please notify Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 9430 5113 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au




ALL absences can now be reported to 9430 5299

(designated answering service)

Please advise:- name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.




Sixteen year10 female students attended the Nillumbik Shire's first 'Girls' World Forum' on Tuesday June 21st. The forum was held at the Eltham Community Reception Centre and was conducted by Nillumbik Youth Services led by two former Eltham High students in Sophie Grange and Holly Teagle. Students from Diamond Valley Secondary College and Eltham College also attended the diverse and informative discussion workshops.


The format of the day included introductory addresses by:

* Tracey from Diamond Creek Police whose topic was 'Sexual Assault' talked about taking responsibility for personal safety. In particular she highlighted the importance of safe 'facebook' practices.

* Meg from Nillumbik Community Health whose topic 'Love Control' examined abuse, self esteem and respect in relationships.


Following the keynote speakers the girls formed groups of 8 and rotated around 'TABLE TALKS' for the morning session.

Representatives from different agencies led informative discussions on a variety of topics including:

* Campus Life at Latrobe University seen through the eyes of 4th year science student Sophie.

* 'Simply Skateboarding' a successful business owned and run by Vivienne who stressed the importance of 'chasing your dreams' even when facing difficult opposition.

* Eating Disorders and focus on 'healthy body Image'.

* NMIT and an explanation of the availability of pathways open to students from yr 11 onwards.

* Nillumbik Youth Services. This table provided the opportunity to chat and to create a woven 'friendship wrist band'.


The afternoon session of a ZUMBA class was taken by one very energetic performer. Far too energetic for most of us!

An excellent morning tea and lunch was provided by the catering class from Diamond Valley College.


Lyn Davis

(accompanying teacher)




The following Middle School Students have been involved in the second phase of the Mosaic Project. Charlotte Edwards, Clarissa Sparnen, Morgan Taylor, Kathleen Lund Alison Avram, Maddie O’Toole, India Heys, Paige Goodwin, Jessie Neil, Peta Scully-Wicks, Lucas Goodridge, Ashkr Audet, Isobel Rosenthall, Marie Price, Mikayla Alderton and Ruby Oakley.

Over several weeks the group has developed design ideas and explored the meaning and concept of Hope. They have worked as a team to come up with an overall design and implemented a team approach to creating four large panels of Mosaic which will continue the work done in term one with the Junior school group.

We are grateful to CAVE (Community and Volunteers of Eltham) for their generous donation of $500 to provide us with materials to create the Mosaic and ensure the growth and continuation of the project.

Again, the group has worked in collaboration with art therapist/artist Kerry Kaskamanidis and myself. The students’ insight, creativity and ability to work as a team; exhibit leadership and commitment to the project and process have been a wonderful thing to observe and be a part of. I commend each and every one of them for their effort, persistence and team work. The panels will be installed in the Arts Courtyard (600’s) early next term and I hope parents will take the opportunity to have a look at the work.

The third phase of the project will extend an invitation to the wider school community to create the final mosaic panel for the courtyard starting with a working-be in term three. If you are interested in being a part of the next phase of the project please contact me via email hea@elthamhs.vic.edu or phone – 9430 5177.

Louise Heathcote

Student Support (Bushfire Recovery)





The Junior School Homework Club (Years 7 and 8) operates on Tuesdays between 3.20pm and 4.20pm and is supervised by a member of the Junior School team as well as a volunteer group of Middle School and Senior School students.       

The group meets in Room 706 so computers will be available. The Program aims to assist Junior School students in developing organisational skills and computer skills and to provide assistance with homework tasks in general. Homework Club is voluntary, and can provide valuable assistance to students.  To minimize disruption to other students, those who do attend will be required to stay for the full session.

If you would like your son/daughter to participate in the Junior School Homework Club for the remainder of this term, please contact the Junior School Office for a permission form.  So that the Program can run effectively, those students who elect to participate would be required to attend all sessions for the remainder of this Term.  A member of the Junior School Team will contact you if your son/daughter does not attend any session.

If you have any queries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Junior School Coordinators by telephone on 9430 5111.


Ross McKinnon, Junior School Leader



Cashier Open Hours

Payments by cash can be receipted by the cashier from 8.40am – 3.00pm and EFTPOS payments until 4.00pm (excluding pupil free days).

Students can only make payments at the cashier window from 8.40am until 8.55am then at recess or lunchtime. 

Parents are welcome to contact the cashier on 9430 5118 to arrange payment by credit card at any time.


BPay (Almost too easy….) is our preferred method of payment


Are you aware that you can set up a regular payment schedule to pay your account using BPay?


Refer to your banking provider for details.





Community Announcements/Advertising



Living&LearningLOGO-CMYK 519 KBJuly to December 2011

Program now available!

Choose from over 120 different career, employment,                               lifestyle and social programs

Art and cooking classes for kids • Arts for health • Life drawing • Painting • Hebel block sculpture • Wire sculpture • Linocut printing • Mosaics • Pottery • Art and pottery open studios • Christmas crafts • Jewellery making • Felting • Soap making • Flower design • Knitting for beginners • Sewing for beginners • Digital photography • Photoshop • Guitar • Piano/Keyboard • We can all sing! • Creative writing • Genealogy • Public speaking • Bookkeeping • MYOB • First aid • Food Safety • RSA • Computer courses • Hairdressing at home • DIY double glazing • Mums’ wellbeing group • Kinesiology • Massage • Yoga • Reiki • Pilates • Tai Chi & Qi Gong • Meditation • Natural skin care • Feng Shui • French, Italian & Spanish language courses • Home brewing • Wine appreciation • Nationally Recognised Qualifications in Children’s Services, Aged Care, Home and Community Care, Disability • and much more!


Eltham   9433 3744     Diamond Creek   9433 3766     Panton Hill   9433 3799





School Holiday Rides

Hourly 10am. – 4pm.

Sundays and Wednesdays


Opening Dates – July 3, 6, 10, 13,17


For more information visit our website at www.yvr.com.au