Term 3 Week 5 - Tue 16th August 2011

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Year 9 Enhancement Information Night (Year 10 - 2012)

Wednesday 17th August 7:00pm in Library



         Senior School                                              Junior School & Middle School

Tuesday 23rd August 4:00pm – 7:00pm             Wednesday 31st August 11:00am-7:00pm

                     (students are required to attend school this day)                              (students are required to attend only during their interviews)





Principal’s Report


Student Achievement:

I congratulate Evelyn Bourke (Year 7, Rutter House) for having been awarded first prize in “The Age” and National Gallery of Victoria, Van Guerard Art Competition.  This is a state wide competition and Evelyn’s drawing was selected from a large number of entries including a number of other entries from Year 7 students at Eltham High School. The judges commented on the high calibre of the work submitted by Eltham High School in particular they made the following comment about Evelyn’s work “The delicate pencil sketch of a landscape by Evelyn Bourke captured an interesting variety of textures and details in the vegetation, and also effectively conveyed a sense of depth and space”. Evelyn’s prize includes an invitation for her and her class to attend an exhibition at the NGV. Transport costs are covered as part of the prize. This is an outstanding achievement for a budding artist. I had seen the work before it was submitted for the judging and I have to say that there were a number of outstanding drawings created by the Year 7 group so it is fitting that they share in this prize. I congratulate Ms Ute Leiner for her passion for the arts and the ongoing encouragement that she provides to her students across the school. I know that Evelyn will be an excellent ambassador for our school and for our Arts program. An exceptional effort on everyone’s part! Evelyn’s work as well as the work of five of her classmates (Sunday Weichmann (Year 7, Stewart House), Rachel Gregg (Year 7, Rutter House), Isobel Dickinson (Year 7, Stewart House), Grace Barr (Year 7, Andrew House), and Skye Robinson (Year 7, Everard House) can be seen on “The Age” website: http://education.theage.com.au/cmspage.php?intid=161&intversion=23


I take the opportunity to commend our Year 11 International Politics Class and the Middle School International Politics Class for living the school value of Social Responsibility in reference to the most recent tragedy that took place in Norway where a large number of young people’s lives were cut short through a senseless act of violence. Our students expressed the sincere condolences of the Eltham High School Community to the Norwegian Embassy in Canberra and through their words conveyed a sense of solidarity with the young people in Norway, their grief and their loss. The response from the Norwegian Embassy was as follows:

“The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Canberra would like to thank you most sincerely for your solidarity and sympathy with Norway and her people following the attacks in Norway on Friday 22 July. We have received a large number of messages of friendship and support for which we are very grateful. Once again, thank you very much. Yours sincerely, Håvard Austad (Counsellor)”.


I congratulate and thank Mr Paul Oliver for supporting our students to live our school values.


Year 7 City Experience:

The Year 7 City Experience is progressing well with the second group of students having left for the city on Monday 15 August. I visited the group during their dinner break and I have to say that feedback from both the students and the staff was outstandingly positive. They are having a lot of fun and undertaking a great deal of learning at the same time. I want to thank all the staff who have volunteered their time to support this wonderful experience for our students. There is a very sophisticated tag-team effort in place and the students are being well looked after. Again I wish to thank Ms Jodie Sutton for her work in the planning and organization of the camp as well as Mr Ross McKinnon and the Junior School Team. A great effort on everyone’s part.


On-line bookings for Student Progress Interviews:

You were informed in last week’s newsletter that we are moving to a new system of bookings for the upcoming student progress Interviews. You are now required to make your bookings on-line. A letter outlining the process including instructions, your family login name and password is being sent out to each family this week. This is the first time that this process is going on-line. I ask for your patience with this initial trial as we test the software package that we are employing. We expect it to run smoothly and I ask that should you encounter any difficulties that you report these as they arise to Mr Darren Squires (Assistant Principal) on squ@elthamhs.vic.edu.au  or 9430 5103. Often glitches can be resolved quite easily if we know about them.  A copy of the generic letter sent out to families is included with this newsletter.


Term 3 Working Bee:

A reminder to our community that the Term 3 working bee is this coming Sunday 21 August starting at 9:00 am. Together with the Grounds Committee I look forward to seeing you all there. Remember that this is not just about doing some work together but it provides the opportunity for the school to link with it community and for the community to link with the school. Come along and join in our effort to continue to provide a safe and pleasant learning environment for our children.


Donydji Trip Presentation:

I remind members of our community of the presentation that will take place on Wednesday evening, 17 August at 7:30 pm here at the school on the school’s most recent trip to Central Arnhem Land visiting both the Donydji and Gapuwiyak communities. It is envisaged that the presentation will take 30 minutes approximately. Everyone is welcome but I ask that you RSVP by contacting Kate Scalzo on 9430 5111 or at sca@elthamhs.vic.edu.au. The location of the presentation will be determined after we have an indication of numbers.


A reminder about Student Safety:

I ask all members of our community to take great consideration around student safety during peak traffic times of the day; the morning drop off and the afternoon pick-up. Of recent we have had a small number of uncooperative drivers who have impinged on the safety of our students.


There is a weekly report in the newsletter as to what work is planned to be carried out over the following week in relation to the building works and how this will affect the traffic management system particularly at the Withers Way entrance of the school. I ask that all parents who drive their children to school make a point to read this so that you are informed of what is happening and how this may affect you. Student safety is the number one priority and once again I ask you for your support.


It is important that you support your child’s timely arrival to school of a morning. There have been a number of occasions of late when parents arrive at the front of the school close to 9:00 am or even later; classes start at 8:55 am, the warning bell for period 1 sounds at 8:45 am, every child should be in the school by this time. Late arrivals tend to cause a level of panic in both the driver and the student and safety is often compromised.


Members of staff on duty have been placed in difficult situations because of thoughtless driving and or parking which impinge on student safety. They have had to deal with some less than ideal situations and on occasions have been verbally abused. This is not appropriate behaviour and it is unacceptable.


In order to minimize the amount of traffic during the period of the building program, if your child can arrive at school via some other means outside of being driven to the school I ask that you encourage them to do so. If you must drive and pick up your child from school then I ask that you plan with your child where an appropriate and safe drop-off and pick-up point might be. I suggest that you consider the Ely Street end of the school or some other place close by which alleviates you having to drive right up to the front gate of the school.


I remind all drivers that the maximum speed in the area of the school is 40 Kph and inform you that both the police and the traffic officers from the Shire of Nillumbik have begun patrolling the area of the school during peak times to help deter reckless driving and unlawful parking.


This may result in reprimand and fines.


Vincent Sicari





Work on the new facilities is moving ahead quickly.  Last week the first layer of the concrete floor in the Performance Centre was poured.  This now allows other trades into the area to start framing and roughing in services.  The heating contractors can now start laying the in-slab heating system.  As soon as this work is complete the final concrete pour can occur.  This will require over 80m3 of concrete to finish off the top layer of the floor.  This pour is still some time off.  Once again, announcements will be made to advise our community when the front car park will be closed off.


The other areas are of the works are progressing well.  Windows are being installed, brickwork finished off, electrical, plumbing and heating services are being installed. Plastering of walls and ceilings will commence next week.  The second heating boiler has arrived on site and been lifted into place. Final waterproofing of the roof can now take place.


Over the upcoming term break we will have a new electricity supply provided to the school.  This will take some time to wire up the new switchboards being provided.  This work is likely to occur in the 2nd week of the term break.  It does mean that there will be no power to the school for three days during this time and internet and telephone services from the school will not be available, however the security system will not be affected.


Even with 25+ tradesmen on site, there is still a way to go before the Stage 1 works are handed over to the school.  The builder is pushing hard to finish the works but there can still be those inevitable delays that can cause a slowdown of the works.  The completion date for this is still early November, and this is really only about 10-12 weeks away.  So things are moving ahead quickly.  


Bruce Martyn – Project Officer




A reminder to families that payments for all excursions are due 7 days prior to the date of the excursion. If sufficient funds have not been received at this time the excursion will be cancelled.

Please support the teachers planning these events by ensuring your payment is received by the due date.



Working Bee Sunday 21st August

The Grounds Committee has scheduled the only Working Bee for Term 3 on Sunday 21st August from 9:00am until 12:30pm with both morning tea and barbeque lunch provided. The focus of this event will be continuing construction of the new garden complex below the 600’s block as well as a salvage operation of sleeper materials inside the stage 2 construction area along with all the other usual maintenance tasks. If you have nominated this date on last year’s volunteer form you will be called by me in advance to help with the organisation and catering on the day. The following tasks have been nominated as priority tasks for this event:-

1.   Continuation of the construction of raised box retaining wall seats in the area below the 600’s block. Crowbars and shovels required.

2.   Salvage of a number of sleepers and seat tops from the area adjacent to the staffroom and toilets. Crowbars and lift jacks would be useful.

3.   Some repair work to post and pipe fences in a number of areas around the campus

4.   Pruning and weeding around the 400’s complex

5.   Some planting of indigenous plants in the environmental area at the end of the tennis courts

6.   Sweeping in the area adjacent to the stadium complex as well as the courtyard precincts

7.   Mowing and brushcutting across the entire campus

8.   Pressure cleaning of concrete adjacent to locker areas near the 600’s wing

9.   Further mulching along the Western Boundary.


If attending this event park you vehicle on the hard courts adjacent to the library and make you way to the canteen courtyard where you will be signed in by a member of the Grounds Committee and directed to an appropriate task.

Look forward to your anticipated support on the 21st August.


John Coates for the Grounds Committee



Year 9 Enhancement Program

Information Night

Wed 17th August 7.00pm - EHS Library


EHS offers Year 10 students in 2012 the opportunity to participate in the VCE Enhancement Program. Students who have performed well academically and shown good organisational and management skills should attend this evening with their parents. The process of applying, along with the VCE requirements will be explained.


If you have any queries about this Program please contact Christine Andrews in the Middle School Office.



ALL absences can now be reported to 9430 5299

(designated answering service)

Please advise:- name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.




Volleyball – AVSC

Students are invited to submit a design for this year’s Eltham High T-shirt at the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup competition.

The design is for the front of the T-shirt and should have ‘Eltham High Volleyball’ on it. It may have other wording if required.

The back of the T-shirt will be the same design as last year and reads ‘Australian Volleyball Schools Cup 2011’.

The winner of the competition will get free entry to the Aust Volleyball  schools Cup competition and a Free T-shirt (value $ 250). Non players are welcome to enter and could win $75 and a free T-shirt.

This year the T-shirt will be white.

Entries must be submitted to Mr Thomas by the end of August 2011.

Get designing.


Victorian Beach Volleyball State Team Trials

U/17, U/19 and U/23 students are invited to try out for the Victorian Beach Volleyball team.

The trials will be held at the State Volleyball Centre. The first trial will now be held on Sunday 28th August – times as follows.

U/17 boys – 8.30 to 11.30am   U/17 Girls 11.00 to 2.00 pm

U/19 Boys and Girls – 1.30 to 4.30 pm.   U/23 Men and Women – 4.00 to 6.30pm.

Details are on the volleyball notice board in the stadium


Year 7 Volleyball Competition

The Monday afternoon volleyball competition open to all year 7 students will begin season 2 on Monday the 22nd of August. Students should get a team together and take part in the free ‘come and have a bash’ night on the 22nd.


Northern Volleyball League

Any girls in year 7 or 8 who would be interested in playing in a Friday night volleyball competition at Coburg stadium at 4.40 or 5.20 pm should see Mr Thomas this week for details.


Important Volleyball Dates for 2011

8th November – Northern Zone Volleyball finals – yr 7 & 8

16th November – North East Conf. Volleyball finals – yr 7 & 8

24th November – State Volleyball Finals – year 7 and 8

5th - 9th December - Australian Volleyball Schools Cup


If your child has a unique sporting moment or is selected in a state or National team please let us know so we can share the good news. I have copies of the Nillumbik sporting achievement grant application form if you require one. Email:



Greg Thomas

Volleyball Coordinator




The Satay Man is coming on Monday 22nd August. Indonesian classes will be buying food during class time and the rest of the school will be able to purchase satays and Mi goreng at recess and lunchtime.

One chicken satay $1.00

Three chicken satay with sauce and rice $5.00

Mi Goreng $5.00





It's back...! Melbourne School Bands Festival commences this week for EHS! Tonight [Tuesday] the Symphonic Band head for Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University, Clayton.  We wish them luck.  Then we have Jazz Band [Intermediate] Friday afternoon and Stage Band Friday evening. The following week sees Concert Band on Tuesday evening [23rd August, a one way bus trip!], Training Band Wednesday evening [24th August] and finally Intermediate Band Friday morning [26th August] 


The following week is the Royal South Street competitions.


In preparation for these events take special note of some rehearsal changes / additions...


This Wednesday [17th August] the Concert Band are rehearsing till 6.30pm [incorporating a pizza dinner for those who have paid $6 to Jill]


On Tuesday 23rd August the Symphonic Band will have an extended rehearsal to 8pm. Friday 26th August there will be an extended rehearsal [1 hour extra] for Jazz Band.


Yes, Training Band rehearsal is on this week even though many will be away on City Camp.  This is the last rehearsal prior to MSBF!


If you have any queries, please contact the music office on 9430 5127.



The Music Support Group are again overseeing the Eltham Mudbrick Tour...


Do you have a business or workplace that would benefit from reaching a target audience? If interested, please email the Music Support Group at msg.ehs@gmail.com or ring Stephe Dean on 0411 406 227





The Remarkables returns….

The Eltham High School Drama Ensemble is proud to present this year's production "The Remarkables". The story of a high school rock band in a country town in the turbulent years of the late sixties and early seventies, the Remarkables combines humour, live rock music and insights into the social world of the Seventies. This show was a much loved hit when it premiered at the school in 2005, and returns with new scenes devised by the cast, new music and a talented group of performers.

For two nights only at the Agora Theatre at La Trobe University Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th of September 2011. To purchase tickets go to http://www.trybooking.com/13624




 Canteen Roster


Wed 17

Joan Bull, Robyne Walshe, Greer Harvey

Thu 18

Joanne Kesteren, Lynne Siejka, Liz Deacon

Fri 19

Matthew Watts, Annabelle Preston

Mon 22

Michelle Courtney + 1 volunteer needed

Tue 23

Nicole Clarke, Robyn English


Volunteers URGENTLY required for the following dates:- 

Monday 29 August (x 2)         Tuesday 6th September (x 2)


Please contact Gael 9430 5122 to assist.





Wed 17

Year 7 City Camp (7A, E, F) returning today

Year 7 City Camp (7C, H, K)

Music – Clarinet Choir performing for Legacy Widows (Greensborough RSL)

Transition – Enhancement Information Night

School Council Meeting

Thu 18

Year 7 City Camp (7C, H, K)

Rock Eisteddfod Performance

Fri 19

Music – Melbourne Bands Festival (Jazz & Stage Bands)

Year 7 City Camp (7C, H, K) returning today

Year 11 – Fit to Drive Program

Mon 22

SAC Week

Music – Melbourne Bands Festival

The Satay Man

Tue 23

SAC Week

Music – Melbourne Bands Festival (Concert Band)

Music – Royal South Street Competition

Reporting – Senior School Interviews 4pm-7pm

Wed 24

SAC Week

Music–Melbourne Bands Festival (Training Band)

Music – Royal South Street Competition


Thu 25

SAC Week

Music – Royal South Street Competition

Sport – Yr 7 Round Robin (Basketball, table tennis, hockey)

Fri 26

SAC Week

Music – Melbourne Bands Festival (Intermediate Band)

Music – Royal South Street Competition

Sat 27

O&ES – Yr12 Whitewater Rafting  (until 29/8)

Mon 29

Music – Royal South Street Competition

O&ES – Yr12 Whitewater Rafting (returning today)

Transition – MS Information Night

Reminder to all families that payments and notices for all excursions are due back to school at least 7 days prior to the event and sporting events are due to the teacher on the day of the event.




Diamond Valley College Bus Network will not be operating on Thursday 1 September as Diamond Valley College will be holding parent teacher interviews. There will be no formal classes as students are attending interviews with their families.


Australian Language Certificate Tests

Australian Language Certificate Tests are going to be conducted during French and Indonesian classes for years 9 and 10 in both languages and for year 11 in French. Selected students in year 8 will also be invited to participate in these tests. The tests will run from 9th August to 15th August during class time.  They will consist of questions in listening and reading comprehension with multiple choice answers. Revision can be done in class from past papers and students can revise all topics on www.languagesonline.com.au

Language teachers will explain details to students including costs of tests. Letters will be sent home to inform parents.


Pompa Brady (KLA Languages)



Year 7 City Experience Camp

CHANGE to Pickup Time on Day 3

Due to a minor change in the itinerary for the Year 7 City Experience Camp it has been necessary to change the collection time for students on the last day of the camp.

Please collect your child from the Eltham Railway Station
 at 2.20pm on the last day of camp.
We will assemble near the Eltham Priceline Pharmacy.

Any further queries please refer to the letter being sent home with your child dated 2nd August


Ross McKinnon – Junior School Leader

Text Box:


Coles Sports for Schools!

Junior School lends sport equipment to students at recess and lunch times and are getting low on supplies. Coles is handing out Sports for School vouchers each time you shop there. The vouchers would help us out a lot and would be very much appreciated. The collection box is at the General Office. The vouchers will be distributed until mid-October, the more vouchers, the more gear!  Thank you, Junior School House Leaders – Cody Johnstone, Hugh Heys, Jordie Bayliss, Siggy Burley



Student Photo ID Cards

Now Available

All students who had their photo taken by the school photographers this year can now purchase a Student Photo ID card for only $5.


To place your order, please contact:-


Fotomakers - directly on 9550 3550


Payment can be made by credit card (addition $1 charge applies).




ALL absences can now be reported to 9430 5299

(designated answering service)

Please advise:- name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.



Have you changed your contact details? Please notify Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 9430 5113 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au



EHS Chess News

Wednesday Lunchtime Chess has started for the term.  Casual setting, where students can come and play games, or watch games being play, during lunchtime.  No cost involved, just wander over to the Integrated Studies area and look for the checkered boards!


Secondary Schools chess tournaments.  The next school tournament which EHS plans to attend is on Thursday September 15th.  If your child is interested, please see Mr. Ross McKinnon (Junior School Team Leader) or Mr. Trevor Jenkins (Assistant Principal) or see Pearl at Wednesday lunchtime chess. 


Saturday Chess Coaching is held at EHS on Saturdays.  A new "Entry Level" stream has started up.   Sessions are:


Entry Level        11:00pm to 12:30pm,     ($15 per week)

Squad              1:30pm to 3:30pm         ($15 per week)


For further details, visit http://www.NorthernStarChess/Squad.html


Weekend chess tournament this Saturday. The next Billanook College Chess Championship Cup is happening this Saturday.  It's a fun day of chess, in similar format as the school tournaments.  7 rounds of game of 15mins per player per game.  Cost is $15.  Prizes include cash, medals and trophies.   Details on the Northern Star Chess website




Cashier Open Hours

Payments by cash can be receipted by the cashier from 8.40am – 3.00pm and EFTPOS payments until 4.00pm (excluding pupil free days).

Students can only make payments at the cashier window from 8.40am until 8.55am then at recess or lunchtime. 

Parents are welcome to contact the cashier on 9430 5118 to arrange payment by credit card at any time.


BPay (Almost too easy….) is our preferred method of payment


Are you aware that you can set up a regular payment schedule to pay your account using BPay?


Refer to your banking provider for details.




Volunteerism in Nillumbik - Have your say!

Nillumbik Shire Council and Volunteers of Banyule, in partnership with the Department of Planning and Community Development, invite you to a community forum to discuss the future of volunteerism and support for community groups in Nillumbik.

• Tell us what support your organisation could benefit

from and how you would like it delivered

• Share your ideas about how we can strengthen

volunteerism in your community

• Network with representatives from other not-for-profit


• Learn more about the Victorian Volunteer Portal


September Community Forum

When: Saturday 10 September 2011, 1pm-3.30pm

Venue: Living & Learning Nillumbik Panton Hill,

18 Bishops Road, Panton Hill

RSVP: by Monday 5 September to Anna Maio on

9458 3777 or amaio@volunteersofbanyule.org.au

Places are limited, so book early to reserve your place.

A light lunch will be served at 1pm at both workshops.


Visit www.volunteer.vic.gov.au to find your perfect volunteer opportunity!


Depression Proofing your Kids

advice for parents from well known child psychologist Andrew Fuller

About 20% of people experience depression at some time in their lives. That means that almost every family has someone with some times of depression. Unfortunately once someone has experienced depression, they are at far greater risk of feeling that way again. While I can’t guarantee that we can protect everyone from depression, there are things that we can do to make it less likely.


Sadness is not always bad

Everyone loves being happy but being sad at times is not such a bad thing. Sadness gives us time for thinking things over, sometimes regretting things we have done and helps us to resolve to be better people. Feelings of sadness, disappointment and set backs are part of human lives and without them we don’t live whole lives. We all want our kids to be happy but know that there will be times they will be sad. Helping young people to know that they won’t be happy all the time is important. Realising that all feelings pass and that we can learn from the whole range of feelings, sadness included, is part of being human.


Lower the amount of stress

Try to identify some of the major sources of stress in your life and develop systems to deal with them. If you can’t avoid the stressful situations at least develop a de-compression strategy. This is a way of winding ourselves down after being revved up. Going for a walk, doing some exercise and being active are some of the best ways.


Find some good friends

Friends are a treasure. Along with family, having a few good friends that we can talk things over with enriches our lives and protects us in difficult times.


Eat healthily

What we eat changes our moods. For example, countries that eat low levels of fish have higher levels of depression. Fish contains a fatty acid known as EPA, which is lacking in those with depression. Fatty acids are also found in flaxseed, walnuts and chia seeds and are good fats. These are the good fats so if you are hesitant about eating them don’t be. Whole grain oats have been shown to help with depression as they have folic acid and B vitamins and helps with a slow release of energy versus the crash and burn of blood sugar levels that can happen. Foods high in selenium which is found in meat, fish and cereal grains has also been shown to decrease symptoms of depression. Leafy greens have magnesium in them which helps with depression and helps with sleep patterns.


Have some sources of “Flow”

We experience “flow” when we get involved in an activity that captivates us. At the end of these types of activities people often think, “Where did the time go?” There are many sources of flow – computer games, sports, drawing, dancing, reading, swimming and surfing are some. These are the things that you do that absorb you and take you away from your day to day cares and worries. Losing yourself in a few pleasurable activities that challenge you is highly protective against depression.


Belong to the karma club

Decide to increase good will in the world by doing something positive for someone else. Try this out for one week. Pick someone you know and try to “knock their socks off” as much as possible. Give them compliments, greet them exuberantly and take time to be with them. You’ll be amazed at how much benefit you get from increasing someone else’s happiness.

Copyright Andrew Fuller www.andrewfuller.com.au 2


Be grateful and lucky

Even people who have had rotten things happen to them can rise above them. They usually do this by deciding to be lucky. While we can focus on the things that have upset us, most of us have many things and people to be grateful for. Focusing on that part of your life and deciding that you are lucky makes an enormous difference to your life.


Get enough sleep and rest

Getting enough sleep is one of the most powerful ways we can protect ourselves against depression. The structures in the brain that support the most powerful anti-depressant, serotonin, are built and re-built between the sixth and the eighth hour of sleep.

Over 60% of people who sleep 5 or less hours a night end up obese and depressed.


If you are having difficulty sleeping:

*decrease caffeine consumption late in the day

*decrease sugar in your diet

*go to bed at the same time every day and wakeup at the same time every day.

*avoid late nights

*avoid naps especially after 4pm

*avoid spicy, sugary or heavy foods before bedtime

*have the room at a comfortable temperature (some kids want to heat up the room and sweat the night away)

*block out distracting noise

*don’t sit in bed while studying get in the habit of reserving it for sleep

*warm milk before bed is good as it is high in tryptophan, which aids sleep.

*try relaxation methods before sleeping

*write out a to-do list for the next day before getting into bed.

*have a pre-sleep ritual e.g. reading or warm bath

*switch off the electronics especially phones


Get some exercise

Exercise decreases stress hormones such as cortisol and increases endorphins (happy chemicals). Exercise also helps release dopamine, adrenaline and serotonin, which work together to make you feel good. Endorphins are a hormone like substance, produced in the brain and function as the body’s natural painkillers. During exercise endorphins can leave you in a state of euphoria with a sense of wellbeing. The most effective type of exercise for the release of endorphins is cardiovascular exercise and aerobics. Moderate exercise for 10 minutes a day is enough to improve your mood and increase energy but it is suggested that you do 30 minutes per day.


Laugh more

Laughter raises our levels of serotonin and dopamine. Make a point of watching TV shows or movies that make you laugh. Share funny stories and jokes with friends. People report that laughing even when they don’t feel happy improves their mood and sense of well-being.


Checklist of Signs: When should I worry?

In the childhood and teenage years depression can be harder to pick because it is obscured by heightened emotions and times of grumpiness.

Some signs of depression are:

Loss of interest in usual activities – their get up and go, has got up & gone

Increased use of drugs and alcohol

Sleep problems

Changes in energy levels –either sluggish or agitated and restless

Changes in eating patterns change – either disinterested in food or over eating

Speaking about death and hopelessness

Increased and inexplicable irritability.

Your own feelings of anxiety about your child.

It is worth getting some help if your child or adolescent is appearing to be depressed. One way to do this to say, “I’m worried about you and I want you to come with me to see someone so that I can work out whether I should be worried or not”. Try to find a good local psychologist, psychiatrist or doctor who can relate to young people.







16th August 2011






Dear Mr and Mrs ___________ ,


Eltham High School is about to begin using Compass School Manager as our Parent Portal.


Using our parent portal eventually you will be able to -

• Access your child's Student Semester Reports

• Access your child's progress reports

• View up-to-date class and school attendance information

• Approve or enter upcoming or past absences for your son/daughter

• Download, print and approve upcoming excursions

• Complete your child's course information

• Pay school fees, charges and contributions

• Update your registered email and mobile number (used for SMS alerts) details

• Access information regarding upcoming events and news


As the first introduction to Compass we are using the portal for parents to book Student Progress Interviews. Bookings are now open and will close at the start of the interviews.


Instructions to book interviews

1.            Logon using the link on the School Website or directly at elthamhs.vic.jdlf.com.au using the following credentials


Username: XXXXXXX

Password: XXXXXXX


2.            Click on the ‘Parent Teachers Student Conferences’ link

3.            Select the appropriate interviews (Senior School – Tue 23 Aug, 4pm – 7pm or Junior/Middle School – Wed 31 Aug, 11am – 7pm)

4.            Click on a time you would like to book

5.            Select your child’s teacher from the drop down list

6.            Click update to save

7.            Repeat for each teacher you would like to see.

8.            Be sure to print off your bookings from the link on the right hand side of the screen to bring to the interviews


If you have any problems please contact Darren Squires, Assistant Principal on 94305111 or squ@elthamhs.vic.edu.au









Community Announcements/Advertising




Small Music Teaching Studio Space

Required to rent

Piano and trumpet teacher needs new location.

Timetable of students, afternoons and evenings.


Please contact – Colin McKellar 9499 6832 or 0401 019 529






Eltham Netball Club are currently taking
registrations for the Spring season commencing
27th August.  Games are played on a
Saturday at Templestowe and training is
available on Tuesday's and Thursday's.
All information is available on our website at

or contact Julie on 0433 786 506. 

We welcome all ages and abilities,
beginners are most welcome.







Greensborough Cricket Club

Season 2011 /12

Greensborough Cricket Club is looking for players for the coming season.

Teams in Under 12, 14 & 16 available.

New players – no membership fees.

We believe in fostering fair play and sportsmanship in all levels of sport, whilst providing excellent coaching to bring out the best in kids both on and off the field.

Player Registration Day, Sunday 28th August 9am – 11:30am.

War Memorial Oval, McDowell Street, Greensborough (next to Safeway)

Training commences early September, season commences early October.

Contact:            Gary Cameron  0412 680 116









SAT 8th & SUN 9th October

10:00 am - 4:00 pm










What about me?

A Group for 12-16 year olds in Stepfamilies

Come along to our after-school group and discuss the challenges of being in a stepfamily with other kids just like you…because even though every family is different, there are some things that can help you adjust to this new family life.


When: Tuesday afternoons 30th Aug, 6th and 13th September

Where: Drummond St Services – 195 Drummond St, Carlton

How: Call Kate M. to book a spot on 9639 2576