Term 3 Week 6 - Tue 23rd August 2011

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         Senior School                                              Junior School & Middle School

Tuesday 23rd August 4:00pm – 7:00pm             Wednesday 31st August 11:00am-7:00pm

                                          (TONIGHT)                                                                (students are required to attend only during their interviews)



Principal’s Report


Student Achievement:

I congratulate all the students who participated in the 2011 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, Secondary School Section and in particular I congratulate all the students who out of 122,000 entries nationally have been honoured by having their work selected as semi-finalists: Harry Foote (Year 10, Everard House) had one entry selected; Haley Deards (Year 11, Andrew House) had three entries selected; Hayley Owens (Year 11, Rutter House) had one entry selected; Isabella Simjanoski (Year 11, Stewart House) had three entries selected; Nicola Burgess (Year 11, Stewart House) had three entries selected; Ruby Franklin (Year 11, Everard House) had one entry selected; Sean Miles (Year 12, Rutter House) had two entries selected; Stephanie Deacon (Year 11, Andrew House) had one entry selected; Tessa Mitchell (Year 12, Andrew House) had two entries selected. This is an outstanding achievement for our students and our school and we are very proud of the creativity, talent, skill and professional manner with which our students approach their work. I congratulate their teachers (Mr Ian Clark; Mr David Matters and Mr Mick Lyon) for the support, guidance and encouragement that they continue to provide for our young people so that they can rise to the challenges offered to them. Our students’ work can be viewed on the following website www.moranprizes.com.au An exceptional outcome!


Cassie Bleechmore (Year 12, Stewart House) and Sarah Klink (Year 11, Rutter House) will be our student leader representatives at the 2012 Jagajaga Student Leaders Forum on the 26 August. Cassie and Sarah will be in the company of other student leaders from neighbouring schools who will meet with Jenny Macklin MP the Federal member for Jagajaga. The forum is a yearly event which gives student leaders the opportunity to raise and discuss concerns relevant to young people in our community and in so doing influence the decision makers around policy and programs that affect our youth. I know that both Cassie and Sarah will be outstanding ambassadors for our student body and for our community and wish them well as they engage in this very worthwhile initiative. 


Congratulations to Harry Smyth (Year 10, Stewart House) who has been selected to be part of the WEP (World Education Program Australia) student exchange to France departing in January 2012. Harry will be in France for the entire year. Through his application and personal interview, Harry displayed maturity and curiosity. His application was supported by Michelle Harper. Whilst in France, Harry will live with a volunteer host family and attend a local school full time. This is a unique opportunity for Harry to further develop his knowledge and skills in French, learn about a different culture, develop self-awareness and meet interesting new people. I congratulate Harry on his achievement and wish him all the best throughout 2012.


Rock Eisteddfod 2011:

Last Thursday evening I was in the audience at Hisense Arena waiting for the first performance of the Rock Eisteddfod to begin. There was a real excitement in the air and the audience was energised by the anticipation of the performances. The curtain went up and an explosion of colour, passion, movement, dance and energy surged from the stage. What a performance. The bar was set at a high standard but each performance after this first one rose to the challenge. The Eltham High School Team (too many to mention individually) not only met the challenge but raised the bar. What an exceptional ensemble of music, dance, performance and story-telling. Everything was in sync, the music, the miming, the dance routines, the colourful costumes, the sets and of course the back stage support. I had seen bits and pieces of the performance as I walked through the 400 wing from time to time but I had no idea just how amazing these young people were in managing to bring all the bits together in such a cohesive way that culminated in an outstanding performance. I congratulate them all. I know that this was a group effort, students, parents, teachers, past-students and friends and I want to thank you all for your contribution no matter how big or small. It is the sense of community that allows us to achieve remarkable heights. This has been recognized by the team receiving a number of awards. In particular I congratulate, Brooke Gannon for her vision and her passion and of course her hard work in supporting the student and in leading this wonderful initiative. I am told that the students are already planning for 2012.  You should all be proud of your performance, it was outstanding!


Eltham High School Drama Ensemble Performance:

I draw to your attention the upcoming Drama Ensemble performance “The Remarkables” which this year will run from the Agora Theatre LaTrobe University on the 7 and 8 September. Booking can be made online from the school website www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au  This performance is not to be missed and I look forward to seeing you all there. More on this after the event.


Eltham Music:

There has been great activity in and around the Music Department with various bands and ensembles taking part in the Melbourne Bands Festival.  Most certainly Term 3 is the busiest time of the year for the Instrumental Music Program as the students prepare for the various competitions and eisteddfods. I have to acknowledge that this term is probably also the busiest time for parents as they provide the transport to the various venues and support their children to meet the demands of the program. I want to thank you for your support and in doing so I also want to thank the Music Support Group and of course all the teachers and conductors who put in a lot of work to enhance the artistic development of our young people. I take this opportunity to remind you of our “Celebration of Music Concert” on Monday the 19 September at the George Wood Performing Arts Centre at Yarra Valley Grammar School. This is the final concert for the year featuring all bands and ensembles. Information about ticketing will be available soon but I encourage you to mark this date on your calendar. It is a performance not to be missed.


A reminder about On-line bookings for Student Progress Interviews:

You were informed in last week’s newsletter that we are moving to a new system of bookings for the upcoming student progress Interviews. You are now required to make your bookings on-line. A letter outlining the process including instructions, your family login name and password has been sent out to each family last week. This is the first time that this process is going on-line. I ask for your patience with this initial trial as we test the software package that we are employing. We expect it to run smoothly and I ask that should you encounter any difficulties that you report these as they arise to Mr Darren Squires (Assistant Principal) on squ@elthamhs.vic.edu.au  or 9430 5103. Often glitches can be resolved quite easily if we know about them.  Whilst the Senior school interviews will take place this evening, the Junior and Middle school Interviews will take place on Wednesday 31 August from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. The bookings are currently open and you have ample time to register. I strongly encourage you to attend.


A reminder about Student Safety:

I ask all members of our community to take great consideration around student safety during peak traffic times of the day; the morning drop off and the afternoon pick-up.


There is a weekly report in the newsletter as to what work is planned to be carried out over the following week in relation to the building works and how this will affect the traffic management system particularly at the Withers Way entrance of the school. I ask that all parents who drive their children to school make a point to read this so that you are informed of what is happening and how this may affect you. Student safety is the number one priority and once again I ask you for your support.


It is important that you support your child’s timely arrival to school of a morning. There have been a number of occasions of late when parents arrive at the front of the school close to 9:00 am or even later; classes start at 8:55 am, the warning bell for period 1 sounds at 8:45 am, every child should be in the school by this time. Late arrivals tend to cause a level of panic in both the driver and the student and safety is often compromised.


In order to minimize the amount of traffic during the period of the building program, if your child can arrive at school via some other means outside of being driven to the school I ask that you encourage them to do so. If you must drive and pick up your child from school then I ask that you plan with your child where an appropriate and safe drop-off and pick-up point might be. I suggest that you consider the Ely Street end of the school or some other place close by which alleviates you having to drive right up to the front gate of the school.


I remind all drivers that the maximum speed in the area of the school is 40 Kph and inform you that both the police and the traffic officers from the Shire of Nillumbik have begun patrolling the area of the school during peak times to help deter reckless driving and unlawful parking.


This may result in reprimand and fines.


Vincent Sicari





There has been a big increase in the number of trades people now on site.  With the first concrete pour for the floor in the Performance centre, there is a great deal of activity taking place.  Internal framing has commenced, services are being roughed in and the in-slab heating system is being prepared for installation. 

In other areas, the roof has been made water tight following the delivery of the last boiler to be installed.  This has allowed the plasterers to commence lining walls and for the fitting off of services. 

Over the upcoming term break we will have a new electricity supply provided to the school.  This will take some time to wire up the new switchboards being provided.  This work is likely to occur in the 2nd week of the term break.  It does mean that there will be no power to the school for three days during this time and internet and telephone services from the school will not be available however the security system will still be operational.

The completion date for Stage 1 of the project is now likely to be mid November.  This is only 10 weeks away.  So things are moving ahead quickly.  


Bruce Martyn – Project Officer


The Remarkables returns….

The Eltham High School Drama Ensemble is proud to present this year's production "The Remarkables". The story of a high school rock band in a country town in the turbulent years of the late sixties and early seventies, the Remarkables combines humour, live rock music and insights into the social world of the Seventies. This show was a much loved hit when it premiered at the school in 2005, and returns with new scenes devised by the cast, new music and a talented group of performers.

For two nights only at the Agora Theatre at La Trobe University Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th of September 2011. To purchase tickets go to http://www.trybooking.com/13624



A reminder to families that payments for all excursions are due 7 days prior to the date of the excursion. If sufficient funds have not been received at this time the excursion will be cancelled.

Please support the teachers planning these events by ensuring your payment is received by the due date.




Diamond Valley College Bus Network will not be operating on Thursday 1 September as Diamond Valley College will be holding parent teacher interviews. There will be no formal classes as students are attending interviews with their families.



Student Photo ID Cards

Now Available

All students who had their photo taken by the school photographers this year can now purchase a Student Photo ID card for only $5.


COMING SOON to a location near you – dedicated recycling bins for cans and bottles at Eltham High School.



ALL absences can now be reported to 9430 5299

(designated answering service)

Please advise:- name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.



Have you changed your contact details? Please notify Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 9430 5113 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Working Bee Report

The Grounds Committee held its only Working Bee for Term 3 last Sunday 21st August. Great weather greeted the 35 participants on the day and lots of worthwhile tasks were completed with efficiency and enthusiasm. Much progress was made on the new garden precinct adjacent to the 600’s block with seat tops attached, rails affixed and now uprights positioned and concreted. Another major objective was to salvage seat tops from the 2nd stage of the building project prior to demolition in November. Again this was efficiently concluded with over 30 pieces of timber salvaged  potentially to be recycled in 2012. Pavers salvaged from the present building site have now been relayed in the new garden precinct adjacent to the 600’s block, which is a real bonus in terms of recycling and waste management. New plantings in the environmental area, pruning, weeding, mowing, brushcutting as well a some pressure cleaning were features of the day. Thanks to all participants on the day particularly the Grounds Committee members who managed the tasks and provisions, food and drinks for our volunteers.

Summarised below are the tasks that were completed on Sunday:-

1.   Further construction of the retaining wall construction seats adjacent to the 600’s block. It is now really taking shape and student friendly

2.   Salvage of seat tops and other sleepers in the Courtyard precinct which were then stacked in the area adjacent to the bike shed

3.   A significant amount of pruning and weeding was completed around the 400’s block, between the 80 and 900 block and on the south side of the 700’s

4.   The entire campus was mowed and brush cut. A great look at the end of the day.

5.   90 plants were given new homes in the Environmental area at the end of the tennis courts. All of these plants were mulched, watered and some given protective bags

6.   A significant amount of sweeping was completed in the Courtyard precincts along with some follow up pressure cleaning


Thanks again to all those who made the supreme sacrifice to give up their Sunday and make a difference to the Environment of this learning and teaching institution. Having being involved in Workings Bees at E.H.S. for the last 20 years it is interesting to reflect on where we have come from and where we are now. Looking at records from the last 4 years 2007-2011, average attendance would be between 50 and 60 which is healthy and manageable. This Working Bee was below expectations with 35 attendees and a breakdown of participants as follows (17% teachers, 37% Grounds Committee members, 11% students and 35% parent volunteers other than Committee Members).  I just hope this is not a portent of things to come. If you want an attractive, healthy and environmentally engaging precinct for your children to learn you need to put your hand up and volunteer. Jeff Kennett taught me that a long time ago.


John Coates, John Prenc, Mark Croft, Sue Washington, Philip Green, Matt Jones, Frank Medcalf, Naughty See Monkey, Henry, Bruce Voisey, David & Lisa Norden, Simon MacDonald, Fiona, John, Sorcha & Cade Murphy, Mick Cervinka, Jenny & Michael Fowler, Hermi Burns, Brett Ditchfield, Graham Hilton, Sue Harvey, Mark Nelson, Gordon Moses, Nigel Alexander, Vincent Sicari, Derek Russell, John Underwood, Geoff Hall, Lee, Maddie & David Nelson, Leanne Ipsen


Kind regards,

John Coates for the Grounds Committee




Australian Volleyball Schools Cup

Teams and details concerning AVSC will be available later this week. Check the volleyball information board and the school volleyball link for details.


Students are invited to submit a design for this year’s Eltham High T-shirt at the Australian Volleyball schools cup competition.

The design is for the front of the T-shirt and should have ‘Eltham High Volleyball’ on it. It may have other wording if required.

The winner of the competition will get free entry to the Aust Volleyball  schools Cup competition and a Free T-shirt (value $250). Non players are welcome to enter and could win $75 and a free T-shirt.

This year the T-shirt will be white.

Entries must be submitted to Mr Thomas by the end of August 2011.

Get designing.


Victorian Beach Volleyball State Team Trials

U/17, U/19 and U/23 students are invited to try out for the Victorian Beach Volleyball team.

The trials will be held at the State Volleyball Centre. The first trial will now be held on Sunday 28th August – times as follows.

U/17 boys – 8.30am to 11.30am  

U/17 Girls 11.00am to 2.00pm

U/19 Boys and Girls – 1.30pm to 4.30pm  

U/23 Men and Women – 4.00pm to 6.30pm

Details are on the volleyball notice board in the stadium

Northern Volleyball League

Any girls in year 7 or 8 who would be interested in playing in a Friday night volleyball competition at Coburg stadium at 4.40 or 5.20 pm should see Mr Thomas for details.


Important Volleyball Dates for 2011

8th November – Northern Zone Volleyball finals – yr 7 & 8.

16th November – North East Conf Volleyball finals – yr 7 & 8.

24th November – State Volleyball Finals – year 7 and 8.

5th - 9th December - Australian Volleyball Schools Cup



Congratulations to Gabby Seymour, Louise Alford, Caitlin McGregor, Daniel Notting and Sam Richards on their successful week in Perth last week.

The Victorian Under 16 girls won the School Sport Australia competition defeating Queensland in the final and the boys finished 3rd. Well done all. More details next week.


If your child has a unique sporting moment or is selected in a state or National team please let us know so we can share the good news. I have copies of the Nillumbik sporting achievement grant application form if you require one. Email:



Greg Thomas

Volleyball Coordinator






Congratulations to the Senior Girls, Senior Boys and Intermediate Boys who were selected to take part in the Mc Donald's Cup this week. The Mc Donald's Cup is an elite basketball tournament in which teams have to nominate to play. All teams played exceptionally well rising up to the challenges of some talented opposition. Thank you to all students and Mr. Cooper for driving the bus and coming along to support the teams. 

On Monday, the Senior Girls will be travelling to Shepparton to play in the Conference Final. If successful, they will play in the State final which they finished Runners Up last year. Hopefully they can go one better this year! Good Luck Girls.


David Allender




We're well into the Melbourne School Bands Festival now! The Jazz, Stage and Symphonic Bands have performed wonderfully.  The Symphonic Band so much so that they've been invited to the Gala Evening this Saturday. Congratulations!  Today the Concert Band are making the trip, tomorrow [Wednesday] it's the Training Band and Friday the Intermediate Band.


Then it's straight into the Royal South Street Competitions in Ballarat!  Remember, the Training Band do not take part in this event but the following ensembles do ... Intermediate, Concert, Symphonic, Eltham Combined Primary Schools, Jazz and Stage Bands. There's also percussion, clarinet, saxophone, flute and VCE groups, plus Junior and Chamber Choirs.


PLEASE NOTE ... THERE WILL BE NO EARLY MORNING TRAINING BAND REHEARSAL THIS THURSDAY! A reward after a great performance tomorrow [Wednesday] afternoon!


Information has been given to these students ... please ring the music office if you have any queries!


AMEB - percussion students have been given forms for the optional exam.  Forms are due back this Friday.


Also due back are the requests for Melbourne School Bands Festival photos!


Yesterday we had a visit from band members from Canberra Grammar School.  They did a workshop with Ingrid Martin.  It was a great opportunity to return the hospitality given to the Symphonic Band when they were on tour earlier in the year.

A reminder of the 'Celebration Concert' on Monday 19th September at Yarra Valley Grammar.  This is the final BIG concert for the year showcasing all our ensembles.  Ticket information etc will be soon!


Auditions ... dates will be advertised soon! A reminder to the Symphonic Band applicants that they have the 'cycle of 4ths' included in their audition.


If you have any queries please contact the music office on 9430 5127


The Music Support Group are again overseeing the Eltham Mudbrick Tour ...


Do you have a business or workplace that would benefit from reaching a target audience? If interested, please email the Music Support Group at msg.ehs@gmail.com or

ring Stephe Dean on 0411 406 227



YEAR 12  2011  VTAC Information Sessions

Year 12 students who are intending on applying for TAFE or University courses should attend one of the sessions occurring this week in the common room. Please check out the booking sheets outside the common room and select an appropriate time. For students who can't make a session there will extra sessions next week at lunchtime in room 106.


Year 11 and 12 Parents

There will be VTAC Parent Information Session for any yr 11 or 12 parents who wish to better understand the process ie dates, Special Entry Scheme, Scholarships etc. The meeting will be held Thursday September 1st in the library at 7.00pm.


Year 10 2012 – Box Hill TAFE Pathways Program

Students in year 10 2012 have the opportunity to attend  Box Hill TAFE Pathways program. You will attend one day a week for  semester  1 with the program repeated in semester 2 for new applicants. Please visit the following site to view the program options.


 If interested please see Mr. Pringle to obtain a parent approval form which needs to be signed prior to applying. Applications close October 14th but positions are filled in order of application.


Zoos Victoria Secondary School Work Experience 2012

So you want to participate in Work Experience at the zoo?
This is your chance to answer the call of the wild.

Zoos Victoria, incorporating Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary, is inviting students in Years 10, 11 and 12 (15 years and over) to apply to participate in the 2012 Work Experience program. This invitation goes out to those who have a passion for wildlife and the environment and who would love to experience aspects of life within a Zoo/Sanctuary setting from animal husbandry to horticulture, and works to retail.

Applications for 2012 are now open until Friday 7th October 2011.



Ross Pringle – Careers and Pathways Co-ordinator




Wed 24

SAC Week

Music–Melbourne Bands Festival (Training Band)

Music – Royal South Street Competition

Thu 25

SAC Week

Music – Royal South Street Competition

Sport – Yr 7 Round Robin (Basketball, table tennis, hockey)

Fri 26

SAC Week

Music – Melbourne Bands Festival (Intermediate Band)

Music – Royal South Street Competition

Sat 27

O&ES – Yr12 Whitewater Rafting  (until 29/8)

Mon 29

Music – Royal South Street Competition

O&ES – Yr12 Whitewater Rafting (returning today)

Transition – MS Information Night

Reminder to all families that payments and notices for all excursions are due back to school at least 7 days prior to the event and sporting events are due to the teacher on the day of the event.

Arthur across the Globe

Having travelled to Los Angeles for an exchange program for three weeks in the past, it only made sense for Arthur Blanc to take part in another exchange http://web3.elthamhs.vic.edu.au/oneNet/NetStorage/DriveI%40SHARED/Photos/2011%20Stop%20Press/Arthur/P1010081.JPGprogram for a longer period of time. Sixteen year old Arthur is from Metz in the North East of France.

Arthur is involved in the NACEL exchange program, and has two weeks left of his two and a half month exchange in Australia. To be eligible to participate in the program, Arthur had to take tests, do an interview and have good grades.

The school Arthur attends is called ‘Jean XXIII’ and is very strict. School starts at 8am and on most days will finish between 5pm-7pm. On Wednesdays and Saturdays school finishes at noon. Every subject is compulsory. The number of people that attend Jean XXIII is roughly about the same as Eltham High School, though the grounds are smaller.

Arthur said that he found that sport seemed more important here at Eltham High, as sport classes can be taken, whereas the majority of people in France do not participate in sport because they are too busy at school or doing homework. The canteen here at Eltham High also seemed to impress Arthur more than the one at his school in France. At Jean XXXII, the students don’t get to choose their meal, and are each given the same hot meal, which is hard to eat because it is, “very disgusting.”

When Arthur finishes his exchange in Australia, he will have spent a total of two and a half months here, but will only have missed twenty days of school in France as it’s the summer holidays there now. Arthur will have ten days left of his summer holidays when he goes back to France, and plans to spend a few days in Paris, seeing his grandparents and partying with his cousins. Although Arthur loves the Metz town square, he said that he would “prefer to live in Paris.” For a sixteen year old, Arthur has travelled a lot, saying he like the beaches in Los Angeles and the city of Hollywood and also saying, “I really like Melbourne, it’s really nice.”

By Beth Silverman (MS Stop Press class)


 Canteen Roster


Wed 24

Ruth Robinson

Thu 25

Ali Burley, Erin Russell

Fri 26

Sue Anderson, Linda Turner, Tracey Maher

Mon 29

Elaine Thompson + 1 VOLUNTEER NEEDED please

Tue 30

Rhonda Constantinou, Anne McDonald


Please contact Gael 9430 5122 to assist.




Community Announcements/Advertising





Parenting Anxious Children

Free Community Education Seminar


Wednesday 31st of August, 1-3pm

Eltham Library, Multi-purpose room

Panther Place (off Main Road) Eltham


This session has been designed to suit parents of pre or primary school age children.


Topics to be covered include:


·       Understanding anxiety

·       Identifying the signs and symptoms in children

·       How anxiety is influenced by personality, environment & developmental stages

·       Helpful ways to support your child

·       Tips on building resilience

& where to go for more information/help


This is a free event although bookings are required.


Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria – 9886 9233 or 1300 ANXIETY or 1300 269 438

email – admin@arcvic.com.au  or  register via the website @ www.arcvic.org.au



Eltham Cricket Club

Junior Registration Day


When: Friday 2nd September 4pm-8pm

Where: Clubrooms, Central Park Eltham, Panther Place, Under the railway bridge

Age Groups: In2Cricket 5-10yr olds, Under 10’s, 12’s, 14’s, 16’s


Sausage sizzle and FREE coloured playing top with name on back upon registration

Come and join the PANTHERS & have some fun!

Further details contact Stuart Biddle (Junior Co-ordinator) on 0409 412 167 or email sjbiddle@bigpond.com  - PO Box 44 Eltham 3095





Greensborough Cricket Club

Season 2011 /12

Greensborough Cricket Club is looking for players for the coming season.

Teams in Under 12, 14 & 16 available.

New players – no membership fees.

We believe in fostering fair play and sportsmanship in all levels of sport, whilst providing excellent coaching to bring out the best in kids both on and off the field.

Player Registration Day, Sunday 28th August 9am – 11:30am.

War Memorial Oval, McDowell Street, Greensborough (next to Safeway)

Training commences early September, season commences early October.

Contact:            Gary Cameron  0412 680 116








SAT 8th & SUN 9th October

10:00 am - 4:00 pm










What about me?

A Group for 12-16 year olds in Stepfamilies

Come along to our after-school group and discuss the challenges of being in a stepfamily with other kids just like you…because even though every family is different, there are some things that can help you adjust to this new family life.


When: Tuesday afternoons 30th Aug, 6th and 13th September

Where: Drummond St Services – 195 Drummond St, Carlton

How: Call Kate M. to book a spot on 9639 2576