Term 4 Week 2 - Tue 18th October 2011

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Principal’s Report


Student Achievement:

Planning Excellence Awards Victoria 2011 – Planning Institute of Australia:

Congratulations to Casey McCormick (Year 10, Everard House) who has won the Stapley Medal in the Outstanding Secondary Student Project category of the Planning Institute of Australia, Victorian awards with her project entitled “Eden Estate”. I also congratulate Adam Laing (Year 10, Everard House) who received a commendation for his work entitled “Design of a Sustainable Estate” in the same category. The students entered the competition as part of their Geography work. The judges report that Casey’s and Adam’s work reflects “best practice environmental principles” and that it is truly outstanding. In congratulation Casey and Adam, I also congratulate Miss Danielle Cotter who not only has taught them this year but has encouraged these and other students to achieve their very best and submit their work for the competition. An excellent outcome all round. A more detailed report is provided in a further section of this newsletter.


Language Perfect – World Championships 2011:

I congratulate Sarah Gerardson (Year 9, Everard House); Hannah Kammerhofer (Year 9, Stewart House); Natasha Jarvis (Year 9, Stewart House) for their excellent results in this championship. These three students are all studying French and have put their language skills to the test with Sarah being awarded a Gold Medal (placing her in the top 1% of the 80,000 competitors from around the world); Hannah being awarded a Bronze Medal (placing her in the top 10% of the 80,000 competitors from around the world) and Natasha being awarded a Certificate of Credit (placing her in the top 20% of the 80,000 competitors from around the world). This is an amazing achievement and one worthy of recognition. I also congratulate their teacher Mrs Melissa Hughes who has been a great support for the students and continues to fuel the flame for the love of studying LOTE.


Year 12 School Year coming to a close:

Year 12 students will complete their formal classes on Wednesday afternoon, 26 October, with the traditional countdown in the Canteen Courtyard at 3:10pm.  This will be followed by the Year 12 Breakfast on Thursday morning and the Year 12 Formal on Thursday evening, 27 October. 

A number of sub-school and year level assemblies are taking place over the next week to firstly congratulate students on their school achievements so far this year and secondly to remind them of the school’s expectations in relation to behaviour during this period of Year 12 Celebrations. Year 12 students have already been made very aware of the school’s expectations of their behaviour.

I ask all parents for your support to ensure a safe and very positive closure to the Year 12’s secondary education as has been customary at our school over the past many years. I take this opportunity to once again wish the Class of 2011 all the very best with their upcoming exams and with their chosen future pathways and I look forward to enjoying the celebrations with them.


Term 4 Working Bee:

I extend an invitation to all members of our community to be part of this wonderful experience. The School Working Bee is much more than a ‘Working Bee’. It is an opportunity to meet with other parents, staff and students in a very social environment whilst at the same time working together to achieve a common goal. The Working Bee is on this coming Sunday 23 October, starting at 9:00 am and finishing with a delicious barbeque at around 12 pm (a further section of this newsletter details the work that is planned for the day). I look forward to seeing many of you there. At the conclusion of the Working Bee it would be fantastic if you could support the Eltham Mudbrick Tour initiative. See Below.


Eltham Mudbrick Tour 2011:

The Eltham High School Music Support Group invites you to a tour of Eltham's world class mudbrick houses. The tour features five homes in Eltham providing different perspectives on the creative and functional use of mudbricks which are a feature of the architectural landscape in Eltham and its surrounds. The tour has been organized for this Sunday the 23rd of October from 10am-4pm. For further information, please visit the events section of the school webpage http://www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au/  This is the major fundraising event in support of the school’s renowned Music Program. Please support this initiative.


The Melbourne Cup Period

Historically the day before the Melbourne Cup holiday, Monday 31 October, has had a very poor student attendance.  As a consequence, and as a way of causing the least disruption to the educational program of the school, the last few years has seen this day used as time‑in-lieu for teachers.  As clearly expressed in the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2008 and supported by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, this compensates teachers for the time that they allocate beyond work hours throughout the year to student progress interviews involving students, parents and staff.


In the past, irrespective of the time-in-lieu arrangement, the school has remained open on the Monday before Melbourne Cup Day as Year 12 exams were on during that time, and the school is an examination centre.  Irrespective of the fact that this year the Year 12 exams do not begin until the following week, the school will be open on this day.  However, whilst this day would seem to be the most appropriate in terms of minimising disruption to the educational program of the school in the provision of time-in-lieu, I am writing to ascertain your intention to your child’s/children’s attendance on Monday 31 October in order for us to plan effectively.  The school will be open on this day and based on previous experience, due to poor student attendance, it is most likely that an alternative educational program will be in place.  Your information will be valuable in ascertaining staffing requirements for this day.


I ask you to confirm with us only if your child will be attending on Monday 31 October 2011 by contacting the appropriate Sub-School Office either by telephone on 9430 5111 or by e‑mail through each of the Sub‑School Team Leaders by Friday 21 October:

Senior Sub-School          Anna Panas                              pan@elthamhs.vic.edu.au

Middle Sub-School         Christine Andrews                     and@elthamhs.vic.edu.au

Junior Sub-School          Ross McKinnon                        mki@elthamhs.vic.edu.au


A letter relating to this was sent home to you via your child on Friday 14 October.

I thank you in anticipation of your co-operation with this matter.


November 15 - Have your say on School Funding Day:

The biggest review of school funding in over 30 years finishes in December. It’s an opportunity for you to make a difference by ensuring that State Government Schools are effectively resourced through the replacement of the current federal funding system that delivers only one third of funding to our public schools which in turn teach two thirds of the student population. I invite you all to join other parents, teachers and principals across Australia in sending a final message on Tuesday November 15 to the head of the review about the importance of investing more in our public schools. Send your message at www.forourfuture.org.au


Student Tour to Malaysia:

It was remiss of me to neglect to thank one of our wonderful parents in my article of last week for having participated in the tour. I take this opportunity to apologize to Rebecca Connell and at the same time thank her for having taken the time to be part of the Malaysia tour and for her support of our staff and students. It is much appreciated.


Vincent Sicari, Principal





Among the topics studied in year 10 Geography is the issue of global population increase and urbanisation. For the urbanisation unit, students learnt about Government strategies to prevent urban sprawl and its associated impacts. Students were to apply this knowledge and design an estate within the Urban Growth Boundary, with reference to best practice environmental initiatives.


Among these projects were two outstanding designs which were nominated to the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) planning excellence awards for the Outstanding Secondary Project – Stapley Medal. Casey McCormick won the award with her design of Eden Estate and Adam Laing received a commendation for his design of Ville Serine.


Casey’s project is an outstanding example of student work. The calibre of the project exemplifies her passion for planning, but also a high degree of professionalism well beyond her years.


It articulates the problems associated with urban sprawl and then redesigns an estate that capitalises on the existing flora and fauna values and incorporates best practice environmental principals.


The use of ecological vegetation class mapping and the location of high density housing close to commercial centres and parkland illustrate that she is attuned to best practice and understands through application how it can be solved.


Casey wishes to continue with her studies in Geography in VCE and has made every effort to assist in the development of the year 10 course to encourage other year 10 students to continue with geography in VCE. She has shown great passion and enthusiasm in assisting her peers with geography, and has spoken to my semester two year 10 geography students about her project, providing guidance and inspiration to others.


Casey has indicated her plans to pursue a career in planning and wishes to complete a double degree in Landscape Architecture / Urban and Rural Planning. It is clear that Casey will be a future ambassador for the planning profession in years to come.


Adam Laing’s project recognises the importance of being innovative. The project presented entirely in Media Flash Player illustrates a willingness to question conventional methods of project delivery. His consideration of existing characteristics in the final road and zoning map illustrates a deep understanding of the subject area and the issues that need to be addressed.


The awards ceremony was held on Friday night at RMIT Storey Hall. It was a fantastic opportunity for Casey to network with others in the industry both private and public sectors, and to arrange work experience and future tertiary pathways.


It was encouraging to hear that Eltham High School is the first government school to have a student win the award, let alone a award and commendation. Well done Casey and Adam and I look forward to teaching Casey VCE Geography next year.


Danielle Cotter – SoSE Department

Working Bee Term 4

The Grounds Committee has scheduled 2 working bees for Term 4, the first on Sunday 23rd October and the final Working Bee for the year on Sunday 13th November. The focus for the remainder of the year will be the new landscape area adjacent to the cricket nets and further salvage of materials around the staffroom prior to that area being given over to the builders when Stage 2 of the building process is initiated in late November. Given all the rain we have experienced over the last month there are lots of maintenance tasks that need to be attended to as well. So in all there are lots of jobs in hand. For the 23rd October event the main priorities are as follows:-

1.   Continuation of the construction of raised box retaining wall seats in the area below the 600’s block. Crowbars, shovels, spirit levels required.

2.   Drainage established around the 2 completed raised box seats using plastic and 20mm screenings.

3.   Some repair work to post and pipe fences in a number of areas around the campus.

4.   Salvage of sleepers and plants around the staffroom precinct.

5.   Further pruning and weeding around the 400’s complex and the garden adjacent to the Science block.

6.   Sweeping in the area adjacent to the stadium complex as well as the courtyard precincts.

7.   Mowing and brushcutting across the entire campus.

8.   Mulching of plants in the environmental area at the end of the tennis courts.

9.   Pressure cleaning of concrete adjacent to the locker area near the 600’s block.

If attending this event park your vehicle on the hard courts adjacent to the library and make your way to the canteen courtyard where you will be signed in by a member of the Grounds Committee and directed to an appropriate task. Again I would like to emphasise that both Working Bees this term are Sunday events that start at 9:00am and conclude at 12:30pm with barbeque lunch provided. Morning tea is also included in this package. So don’t miss out on this opportunity.

I look forward to your anticipated support on the 23rd October.

John Coates for the Grounds Committee



The fine weather has allowed the concrete works to the internal courtyards to be complete.  Access is now available between the new building and the stadium.  There is still more work to do on the west side of the courtyard.  However this work cannot occur until the portable classrooms are removed from site.

The most noticeable outside work is to the new entry.  The canopy is now being lined, the stairs and ramp have been poured and planter box brickwork is in place.

The building is now watertight with all windows, doors and cladding in place. 

Elsewhere, there is a hive of activity occurring inside the building.  Services people are working hard to have the inside areas fitted out.  The building management system and heating and electrical fittings are being installed.  Specialist lighting and audio services are being installed in the Performance Centre and drama room.  Plasterers are back and are busy finishing off the last of the internal cladding so that painters can come in.  Floor coverings and fit out of offices, food technology room and canteen will also start in a few weeks time.


The finish date for stage 1 is expected to be early December and work will commence shortly after for Stage 2 works.


Bruce Martyn – Project Officer


An Exciting and NEW Community Choir is starting up in Eltham

Come and give it a go at our first rehearsal workshop


When:    Wednesday 26th October

Where:   Eltham High School

                Music Department

                Withers Way, Eltham

Time:      7.30pm

Bring:     Yourself and all your friends



Come and be a part of this wonderful community activity.


Mark Shiell – Director of Music


Don't miss out on your copy of the


Orders will be finalised on 28 October and will be mailed early in 2012 to all families who have paid the 'School Magazine' voluntary charge on their family statements.

If you are not sure if you have paid, please check your current September statement.


Don't be confused, MERCURY is a record of the school year and is very different to the student ANTHOLOGY of writing. MERCURY includes the class photos, samples of artwork, stories of student achievements and Faculty adventures as well as photos and details from some of the major school events - Swimming and Aths sports, Drama production, Arts festival, Outdoor Ed, Overseas trips etc.


In fact you can even become involved - if you have ideas about what should be included or can write a paragraph about a significant school event or have some good photos that show our students in action, then please email them to cla@elthamhs.vic.au Get them in before the end of November!


The magazine serves as a great record of our school community's achievements. By being published at the beginning of the following year, it doesn't get lost in the Christmas rush and will hopefully inspire students, staff and parents to get involved in the new year in a multitude of ways


Ian Clark - Mercury Coordinator



Year 9 Work Experience Dec 5th – Dec 16th

Forms are available from outside the careers office in room 102. They need to be completed and returned to the careers office no later than Tuesday 27th November. If there are different employers for each then a separate form needs to be completed. Students also have to complete the required OHS modules via the safe@work website. There is the General module and the module specific to the work to be undertaken. A copy of the work experience form and the specific modules has been e-mailed to all year 9’s.   Please access the modules and tests at     http://www.education.vic.gov.au/safe@work

YEAR 11 and 12 students

Are in you interested in obtaining your RSA ( Responsible Service of Alcohol) accreditation. Each year an RSA provider comes to Eltham to offer such a service. The cost is $125 and is the course will take place on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th December in the Year 12 study room. Please look for the posters around the school and if interested let Mr. Pringle know asap.

Year 12 students

Students have been e-mailed the final “Career News” publication and it deals with the change of preference process. Please be sure to contact Ross Pringle on 9430-5133 or pri@elthamhs.vic.edu.au if there are any further questions about tertiary selection.

Ross Pringle – Careers & Pathways Co-ordinator




Aus Volleyball Schools Cup

Thanks you to the volleyballers who returned their T-shirt order and deposit by last Friday. Permission forms and the balance must be returned to the cashier by November 18th. Any students who require the necessary forms for the Australian volleyball schools cup may collect them from Mr Thomas in the PE office.

Tracksuit pants

I still have a few pairs of tracksuit pants that were ordered when volleyball jackets were ordered, on my desk ready for collection. If you ordered track suit pants please see Mr Thomas.

Congratulations to Aiden Somers

Aidan Somers, year 10 (Everard House) was a member of the Victorian Junior Equestrian Games Team which won the National Championship for the Prince Philip Trophy. The team, consisting of the five best under 17 year old games riders from across Victoria competed against the best riders from the other Australian States in the 21 race competition. This is only the second time in the 30 year history of the competition that a Victorian team has won the junior section of this Australian Championship event. In a remarkable display of fitness, hand-eye co-ordination and horsemanship the team were convincing winners. Riders do not compete on their own horse; they must change to a new horses every three races and have about 2 minutes to get to know their new horse.


Congratulations to Sasha Pollnitz and the other Eltham students that were involved in the successful Lacrosse tournament over the holidays.


Important Volleyball Dates for 2011

8th November – Northern Zone Volleyball finals – yr 7&8

16th November – North East Conf Volleyball finals – yr 7&8

24th November – State Volleyball Finals – yr 7&8.

5th - 9th December - Australian Volleyball Schools Cup


If your child has a unique sporting moment or is selected in a state or National team please let us know so we can share the good news. I have copies of the Nillumbik sporting achievement grant application form if you require one.

Email: tho@elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Greg Thomas - Volleyball Coordinator



Eleven EHS students competed for the Diamond Valley Athletic Club in Round 1 of the Athletics Victoria Shield Track & Field competition on Saturday 15th October. Their results are listed below. Personal best performances are marked with an asterisk. For further information on athletics training and competition contact Max Balchin through the school.



U16 200m: Maddison Coates-McClaren 27.9;

Shot Put: Maddison Coates-McClaren 5.97m;

U18 800m: Sarah Taylor 3:08.1;

Triple Jump: Sarah Taylor 8.92m;

Shot Put: Amy Stirling 8.53m;

Hammer Throw: Amy Stirling 40.23m*



U16: 200m: Joel Clamp 31.6; Braydon Turner 31.6;

800m:  Andrew Kelham 2:26.8; Nicholas Phillips 2:31.1*; Joel Clamp 2:33.7;

3000m: Braydon Turner 10:36.4*; Joel Clamp 11:06.2*;

Triple Jump:  Joel Clamp 7.93m; Braydon Turner 7.71m;

Shot Put: Lachlan Dalgleish 4.95m*;

U18: 200m: Sam Geers 26.0;

3000m: Rory Kelham 9:31.9;

U20: 200m: Christopher Moffat 23.8*

High Jump: Christopher Moffat 1.60m*



On Tuesday 25th October 14 EHS students will be competing at the State Schools Victoria Championships at the new Albert Park athletics venue. The students who have qualified through to the State finals are: Daniel Seymour, Chris Moffat, Kaitlyn Smith, Andrew Kelham, Louise Alford, Anneli Maley, Amy Stirling, Rory Kelham, Hannah Beattie, Simone Beattie, Eddie Maugher, Maddison Coates-McClaren, Lachlan Dalgleish and Tessa Mitchell.


The 2011 All Schools Track & Field Championships will be held at the new Albert Park track on Friday 4th Nov, Sat 5 Nov & Sun 6 Nov. A Draft Time-table is already published on the AV website. On-line entries are now open. Entries close on Thurs 20th October.


Max Balchin




Wed 19

SAC Week

VCE Studio Arts Photography Exhibition “Wide Asleep” (until 30/10)

School Council Meeting

Fri 21

Boys Challenge Program

HPE Racq & Rec – Archery

Middle School Assembly

Mon 24

VCE Studio Arts Photography Exhibition “Wide Asleep” (until 30/10)

O&ES Yr11 Fieldwork Surfing & Bushwalking

LOTE Yr12 French Oral – NMIT Preston

Year 11 Assembly

Year 12 Assembly

Tue 25

VCE Studio Arts Photography Exhibition “Wide Asleep” (until 30/10)

O&ES Yr11 Fieldwork Surfing & Bushwalking

Sport  – SSV Athletics

VCE Media Presentations – 400’s

Wed 26

VCE Studio Arts Photography Exhibition “Wide Asleep” (until 30/10)

O&ES Yr11 Fieldwork Surfing & Bushwalking

Year 12 Last Day for Classes


Reminder to all families that payments and notices for all excursions are due back to school at least 7 days prior to the event and sporting events are due to the teacher on the day of the event.




As part of our language and culture study tour trip for Indonesian, we undertook a trip to Malaysia. I wish to thank all staff involved with this trip, including parents Rebecca Connell and Katrina Kelly as well as teachers Shahnaz Shukor and Matthew Barker who were invaluable as fellow teachers in charge. I also wish to thank each of the students who undertook this trip.  Our students conducted themselves responsibly and with dignity. Some comments from our student travellers: Going to meet our sister school

(Malacca High School) was very exciting. They showed us their school and shared around their culture and history with us. Six of our middle school students (Ebony Saddington, Tara Hardy, Michelle Williams, Clarissa Sparnenn, Peta Scully Wicks and Mitchell Green) prepared a speech each in Indonesian and delivered them in front of many students in the school. It was nerve racking but in the end, we were all proud of each other. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had- Michelle Williams.

On the Malaysia Trip, we made many friends, we got the chance to do so many things such as batik making, went to places like one of the oldest rain forests in the world. Taman Negara, Sunway Lagoon, night markets, Batu Caves, riding and swimming with the elephants, releasing baby turtles in the sea in the evening at a Turtle Conservation Centre and visit the very historical Malacca. The food was different but really delicious. We used our Indonesian to bargain for things and the locals really appreciated our effort. The culture of Malaysia is unique because so many different racial groups live together in harmony.  Travelling to these places was the best experience we have had and we are glad for the opportunity. (Michelle Williams, Tara Hardy, Mitchell Green, Ebony Lee Saddington year 10)

Before going on the Malaysia tour in 2011 I didn’t feel that there was much need to learn a second language such as Indonesian, I was actually going to give up Indonesian. But after travelling to Malaysia and seeing how useful it is to have a second I have decided to continue learning Indonesian in 2012.

On Tour in Malaysia we went to many markets and I used so much Indonesian, I was even teaching my mum some Indonesian to use while we were in Malaysia. I believe that after travelling to Malaysia and using so much Indonesian that it is very worthwhile to learn a second language especially Indonesian as it is spoken in many countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, Singapore, Southern Thailand and parts of Phillippines.  (Nelson Rouw year 9)

Pompa Brady – Lote Co-ordinator



 Canteen Roster


Wed 19

Nicole Clarke, Julie Temple

Thu 20

Karen Cochrane, Danielle Ashby

Fri 21

Alice Eastwood, Tracey Maher, Annabelle Preston

Mon 24

Joanne Agar, Jan Williams

Tue 25

Robyn English, Jacqui Howe

URGENT HELP required for Fri 28 Oct (x1)

Please contact Gael 9430 5122 to assist.


Student Wellbeing Report

Peer mentor program

As a representative of the student support services at Eltham High School, I have worked in collaboration with staff and students to continue the momentum of the Peer Mentor program. As a team, we believe in the importance of early intervention for students who require that extra bit of care and attention to stay ‘afloat’ in their studies and manage their social relationships with students and teachers at school and their general homework and study habits.


This semester, I have seen the program grow to 66 students, with an additional 6 recruits, 3 of whom were middle school mentors and 3 junior school mentees. The feedback forthcoming from students has been positive, they feel they have benefited greatly from the extra input of their mentors, and the leadership skills and maturity developed by these students. The junior school students appreciate the support they have received by the weekly catch ups, and many have expressed the desire to continue the partnership beyond 2011.


I have met with the students in groups and individually to gauge their progress and am astounded at the growth made and connection forged by the relationships! The mentors have received training and support from me to cater for the needs of their mentees and expressed concerns that have arisen when the meetings have been missed. Each student has been carefully monitored, particularly their integration in the classroom. I envisage this will continue in a similar vein next year as friendships continue to be strengthened!


Boys challenge

The boys challenge, an initiative of Jon Baly has made a positive impact on a select group of boys in the junior school who find the challenges of the classroom and expectations of school at times overwhelming. The boys are taking part in a 14 week program aimed at increasing their confidence and social skills in a supportive environment. The emphasis has been on participation, fun and ‘doing alongside’ the conversations that have increased their interest in school based activities.


Some of the activities include: video and music recording at Jets Studio, creating a garden, shadow boxing, cooking skills and some motivational talks by community representatives like Stephen McPherson and Jamie Germantis and an ex student, Simon Wright. I would envisage that the boys learn something about themselves and what it means to be a member of the Eltham High School community in a way that reflects their growing character.



Recently, a small team of interested students stepped forward to initiate a social change committee. They are called IMPACT. As someone interested in Social Justice on a local and global scale, I felt it was important to find a mechanism by which students expressed their concerns and their convictions in a manner where they were empowered to do so. I was interested in giving students a voice, and that their voice counted and echoed a longing to be heard about issues they were passionate about vocalising. At the moment, as a newly formed ‘grassroots’ group, we are exploring the issues they feel are important at school, and raising awareness of global issues and kindle them in a desire to become more active in contributing to constructive social change. The aim is to see these students motivating other students to view themselves as purposeful global citizens and to develop the mind sets and practise the skills they need to lead their peers in social change. On a practical level, the students have expressed interest in the 3 Things project with Oxfam, a useful concept they feel that would help them act ethically and live sustainably. I would hope to see this translate into action in the coming days and months!                        



From 1 November, it will be illegal for adults to supply alcohol to anyone under 18 in a private home, unless they have parental permission.


Minister for Mental Health, Mary Woodridge and Minister for Consumer Affairs, Michael O'Brien announced on Monday 10th October the start date of the law, and launched an awareness and education campaign to support it.


Acting CEO of VicHealth, Associate Professor John Fitzgerald, commended the Government's decision to take action to reduce risky drinking among Victoria's young people.

"Alcohol consumption is one of the biggest social issues facing Victoria's young people," Associate Prof Fitzgerald said.

"The new legislation will support parents, providing them a greater opportunity to make positive and responsible decisions about their children's contact with alcohol. It provides clarity for parents, and makes it clear that all adults need to think twice before they provide someone else's child with alcohol.


"The message is clear - no permission, no alcohol."


This initiative is important because of the great harm that alcohol causes Victorian young people. Between 2001/02 and 2004/05:


Alcohol-related harm - crime and violence, medical treatment, loss of productivity and death - costs Victorian taxpayers $4.3 billion a year.



Eva Natsis - Student Support Worker





This week some of the students are commencing rehearsals with accompanists for the AMEB exams.  Their teachers will assist them with checking the timetables.


Rehearsals ... please note an amendment to last week's information [all students were individually contacted regards the change] ... INTERMEDIATE BAND [which is this year's training band and those students remaining in Intermediate Band] - rehearsal is Thursday mornings commencing at 7.30am.  These arrangements are for the remainder of the year [next year it will be Wednesday mornings] CONCERT BAND - rehearsal is Wednesday afternoons 3.30-5.15pm and SYMPHONIC BAND - rehearsal is Tuesday afternoons 3.30-5.30pm and Friday mornings 7.30am.  STAGE BAND - Monday afternoon 3.30-5.30pm and JAZZ BAND - Friday afternoon 3.30-5.30pm.


STRINGS - your rehearsals remain lunchtime [JUNIOR] and after school [SENIOR] on Fridays.


Our senior students during music performance as a subject have commenced their recitals [within the school] followed by the external performance exams.  We wish them well.


AND ... watch this space!  We are trying for the Twilight Evening!  We'll keep you informed of the date!  Let's hope whatever we choose ... it doesn't rain!


Jill Browne, Music Administration



In the spirit of growing Comedy and the Arts throughout metropolitan and regional areas of Australia, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, in collaboration with Nillumbik Community Health Services, are offering a 2-hour workshop to students brought to our performing arts centre or school on request.

A professional Festival comedian puts the students through their paces in a fun workshop environment, exploring styles and genres of comedy and a variety of performance and collaboration skills.


We are seeking 25 interested students who wish to be part of this workshop. It would suit any student, irrespective of their subject selection. There is a ‘class clown’ lurking cheekily in every classroom, just busting for their moment in the limelight!

The Crash Course can be a great warm up for students interested in the competition – helping them prepare their first five funny minutes to unleash on an appreciative audience. Or the workshop can be beneficial for simply assisting students meet curriculum requirements centered on public speaking, listening, problem solving, collaborating, creative thinking and analysis etc.

The workshop will be fully subsidised by the Nillumbik Community Health Service – Bushfire Recovery fund.


For more information or to register, contact:

Eva Natsis (Student Support Worker on 9430 5177)

George Franklin Art Co-ordinator/ Drama Dept (9430 5202)


All Junior, Middle & Senior School absences can now be reported to 9430 5299

(designated answering service)

Please advise:- name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.

Have you changed your contact details?

Please notify Ms Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 9430 5113 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au



The EHS Swim Squad offers students a one hour structured program at the Eltham Leisure Centre on Thursday mornings from 7.00am under the guidance of coach Neroli Nixon.  With summer around the corner now is a perfect time to improve your swimming as well as your fitness.  Students from all year levels and of all ability levels will find the squad a friendly and supportive one.  On Thursday November 24th the EHS Swim Squad will conduct its annual Lapathon to raise money for Oxfam.  This effort has raised over $2000 for each of the past 4 years and is worthy of support by the school community. If you wish to get involved, just register with Phil Boyd and turn up on the 24th ready to put in the hard yards – remember it’s ‘all for a good cause’.  Weekly sessions cost $10 to cover lane hire and coaching fees.  Hope to see all the crew there this coming Thursday – bring a friend!



Eltham High School Mudbrick House Tour 2011

You’re invited to an open house tour of

Eltham’s World Class Mudbrick Houses

The tour features five homes in Eltham providing different perspectives on the creative and functional use of mudbricks which remain a feature of the architectural landscape in Eltham and it’s surrounds.

Coinciding with the Practically Green Festival, the tour will be a great opportunity to see these beautiful homes and a great day out for the family... But best of all you will be supporting the students at Eltham High School in their ongoing renowned Music Program.

The Music Support Group thanks you in advance!


Eltham Mudbrick House Tour

Presented by the Eltham High School Music Support Group

Sunday 23rd October                10am – 4pm

Ticket Sales                             10am – 2pm

The veranda, Eltham Library, Panther Place, Eltham

And stall at Practically Green Festival, Edendale Farm, Gastons Road, Eltham

Adults $15        Concession $10

Children 12 and under FREE – must bring a parent!

Please bring Photo ID               Cash sales only


The Practically Green Festival - Come and see the very best in sustainable building technologies and everything green at this free family festival with food, children’s entertainment and music! Get tips on eco building, renovating and retrofitting; watch as local builders make mudbricks and get simple tips to help you and your family live more sustainably.




Barefoot - Teenage girls copy.jpg







Community Announcements/Advertising









Do you love to do art? Do you love hanging out, talking and socialising with other girls?

Are you aged 14 to 17 years?


Then the ARTreach Program is for you!


What is it?  ARTreach is a unique eight week community arts program for young women.  You get to choose your visual arts medium, whether it be film-making, print making, photography and more.


When: TUESDAYs, 18th Oct. – 13th Dec. ‘11

(excluding the 1st Nov. - Cup Day)


Where: Banyule Community Health at 21 Alamein Rd, West Heidelberg & Jets Studio at Bundoora

(Transport to Jets will be organised)

Time: 4:00pm – 6:30pm

For further information or to book (places strictly limited) please contact:
Jane Casey
Youth worker at Banyule Youth Services
e. jane.casey@banyule.vic.gov.au
p. 03 9457 9907 or 0427 833 321




2011 Diamond Valley “Oxfam” Bookfair

One day only

Saturday 22nd October 8am-6pm

Eltham Senior Citizens Hall

Main Road, Eltham

Enquiries – Stephen 9439 2063 or Louise 9437 1504