Term 4 Week 6 - Tue 15th November 2011


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Principal’s Report



Student Achievement

I congratulate Madeleine Charisis (Year 9, Andrew House) on having been awarded a statewide scholarship aimed at supporting her with her enhancement in the study of Indonesian language.  Maddie will be travelling to Malaysia and will take part in the Indonesian Language Student Study Tour from 24 February to 9 March 2012.  Maddie has been studying Indonesian at Eltham High School since Year 7 and in so doing, has developed both a real passion for the language and the Indonesian culture, as well as a high level of competency in the oral, aural and written components of the study.  This scholarship is an initiative of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD). 

On arrival in Malaysia Madeleine will be living in hotel accommodation in a shared arrangement with other students from across Victoria under the care of DEECD staff. For most of her time away Maddie will be mainly staying with a host family where she will have every opportunity to practise her language skills.  She will attend a local school and take part in a range of cultural activities.  This will provide a truly fun, yet rigorous way to learn a language.  Maddie was required to write a detailed application outlining why she should be chosen for this award, in which she was able to clearly articulate her passion for both the language and the culture.  Maddie supported her written application with a short video, presenting a very impressive and inspiring speech in Indonesian about why she chose to study Indonesian, bringing with this some of her personal qualities.  In congratulating Maddie, I take this opportunity to commend the work of her teachers who supported Maddie through the years to achieve such outstanding results in the language.  I do wish to thank Mrs Pompa Brady and Ms Erin Oliver (Asia Literacy Support Assistant, employed through the NALSSP Asia Literacy Grant) who supported her throughout this process.  We wish Maddie an unforgettable experience and look forward to hearing from her on her return.  Well done!

Writer’s Notebook’ – Featuring the Eltham High School Student Anthology on Channel 31:

A number of our students were filmed during term 3 for the Writer’s Notebook’ series on Channel 31. The film highlights the great work that our students have engaged in the development of the 2011 Student Anthology. Writer’s Notebook’ will be broadcast on Channel 31 each Wednesday at 4:30pm and repeated each Saturday at 8:00am, beginning Wednesday 7th December 2011. Each episode will also be available online for two days after the Wednesday broadcast, for those who miss an episode, or for those who don’t have access to C31. www.c31.org.au  ‘Catchup TV’. I take this opportunity to congratulate the students who have taken on this initiative with a great deal of passion and commitment and it is great to see that their work have been deemed worthy of a television broadcast. I wish to thank Jenny Isaac (Anthology Co-ordinator) who has provided exceptional support and ongoing encouragement to these young writers. Finally I thank Lisa Keskinen who has shown great interest in our students and staff and has selected their work for the broadcast. An outstanding effort all round.

Eltham High School Arts/Technology Festival 2011

Once again the Eltham High School Arts/Technology Festival was an outstanding success.  I commend the exceptional talent of our Art students and staff.  The official opening that took place on Friday evening, 11  November, was very well attended and I thank our guest speaker, former student Andrew Sinclair (class of 1996), for his willingness to share with us his chosen pathway post Eltham High School.  Andrew works as a print maker and was able to articulate his passion for the Arts, and the way Arts have supported him to find his place in the world.

Students across Years 7 to VCE were recognised for their outstanding achievements in the Arts and Technology and a number of students were selected for the following awards:

The Claire Edgoose Awards for Excellence

Sunday Weichmann (Year 7, Stewart House)

Korey Baruta (Year 8, Andrew House)

Hannah Jones (Year 10, Everard House)

Sally Meikle (Year 10, Everard House)

Aimee Rytenskild (Year 11, Andrew House)

Zoe Kaskamanidis (Year 11, Everard House)


I take this opportunity to thank Mr Andrew and Mrs Patricia Edgoose for their generosity in providing the bursaries in memory of their daughter, and for their attendance on the night to present the awards.

The Peter Brock Arts/Technology Award

Lochlan McKechnie (Year 11, Andrew House)


The Steve Herbert Excellence in Arts Award

Cassandra Bleechmore (Year 12, Stewart House)


The Principal’s Recognition of Excellence in Technology Inaugural Award

Jamie MacKinnon (Year 12, Andrew House)


The Wes Muir Art Acquisition Prize

Aimee Luczkowski-Gibson (Year 12, Everard House)


The Principal’s Art Acquisition Prize

Aimee Rytenskild (Year 11, Andrew House)


A number of students who were involved in the Mosaic Mural Project were also recognised for their efforts and I congratulate them for the dynamic visual that they produced.

The curating of the exhibition was a joint effort between staff and students and I congratulate them for their efforts.  Many areas of the disciplines were brought together, including Art, Studio Arts, Media, Mixed Media, Visual Communication and Design, Materials and Technology-Fibres, Materials and Technology – Wood, Materials and Technology – Food, Ceramics and the Performing Arts.  This was truly a celebration of student and staff achievement in Arts/Technology and an exceptional showcase of these areas of the school program.  I thank everyone who attended to celebrate our young people.

Examination Period

Year 12 exams are progressing well and will conclude on 23 November, the last exam being Indonesian.

Year 11 exams will begin on 16 November and these will be followed by the Year 12 (2012) Orientation Camp and Program.

Year 10 exams are scheduled to start on 28 November and these will also be followed by the Year 11 (2012) Orientation Program.

I wish all these students the very best for the exams and their preparation for the coming year.  I ask that parents make themselves aware with their child’s examination timetable and provide the necessary support during their preparation, as well as throughout the exam period.

End of Year Working bee

Thank you to everyone who attended the last working bee for the year last Sunday, 13 November.  A great deal was achieved in preparation for the summer months ahead.  I take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Grounds Committee for their hard work and commitment over the year.  I wish to particularly thank Mr John Coates for his vision and continued effort to ensure that the learning environment for our young people is well looked after and maintained on a continuous basis.  John’s commitment over many years is evident as one moves through each of the courtyards of the school, the design and uniformity in the choice of native plants that adorn the surroundings.  I thank him for his commitment and hard work and congratulate him for what he has been able to achieve with the ongoing support of the Grounds Committee and volunteers.  I look forward to our work in 2012.

Eltham Music

I take this opportunity to remind you all of the Twilight Concert scheduled to take place on Monday, 28 November starting at 6:30pm in the school courtyard.  We ask that you bring a chair and, depending on the weather, a rug.  The Music Support Group will be running a BBQ.  I am certain you will enjoy the evening and there will be one or two surprises install for you, so come along and join in the celebration.


Vincent Sicari, Principal



Dear Parents,

The Federal Government has provided funding for 1:1 computer access for students from years 9 to 12.

In relation to this funding the school has started several initiatives to provide student access to Personal Learning Devices (Notebook) in 2012 and beyond.

Students in years 9 and 10 will be provided with their own device at the start of 2012, while years 11 and 12 will have dedicated access through existing and upgraded computer labs.

Students in year 7 and 8, although not catered for with the Federal Funding initiative, will have the option to engage with their own Personal Learning Device (Notebook) through a parent contribution arrangement that will run for 3 years.

To support the implementation of these initiatives information will be provide through the following information nights:

Year 9/10 in 2012 – Tuesday 22nd November 7:30pm in the 400’s inquiry space

Year 8 in 2012 – Thursday 24th November 7:30pm in the 400’s inquiry space

Year 7 in 2012 – Information Evening – Wednesday 7th December 7:30pm in the 400’s/Library space

Darren Squires

Assistant Principal




Year 12 students are reminded about selling their textbooks through the Second hand Book Sales. Students may leave their books for sale with Jeremy Taylor who will be operating a temporary collection point outside the VCE Common Room from 1:00pm-3:00pm on Friday 18th November & 11:00am-1:00pm on Tuesday 22nd November.

Year 11 students have received their booklists for 2012 and may now view 2011 titles suitable for sale on the list outside the Common room. They may also leave their 2011 books for sale and their 2012 second hand book order at the temporary collection point outside the VCE Common room from 1:00pm-3:00pm on Friday 18th November & 11:00am-1:00pm on Tuesday 22nd November. After this date please go to room 616 with books and orders.

2011 students in years 7, 8, 9 & 10 have received their 2012 booklists with a list of 2011 texts suitable for resale.

As from Monday 28th November the second hand book room will operate from room 616 and families wanting to see 2011 texts or order 2012 texts may do so until Friday 16 December.

Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 students can bring their books for sale during the week commencing Monday 28 November.



Appreciation Award

Mikayla Alderton, Ashkr Audet, Alison Avram, Teri Bartolo, Jesse Black, Lauren Buckingham, Shauna Carter, Charlotte Edwards, Jess Fredricksen, Lucas Goodridge, Paige Goodwin, Chelsea Heaney, India Heys, Genevieve Hughes, Amber Kirkwood, Olivia Kreutzer, Taylor Lacey, Kathleen Lund, Jessie Neil, Maddie O'Toole, Marie Price, Isabel Rosenthal, Peta Scully Wicks, Clarissa Sparnen, Lucy Wilkins, Ella Souquet Wigg


Year 11

Caitlin Boswell - Food Technology Units 1&2, Nicola Burgess - VET Interactive Digital Media Units 1&2, Brianna Collins - Food Technology Units 1&2, Madeline Dawson - Design and Technology Wood Units 1&2, Stephanie Deacon - Studio Arts Photography Units 1&2, Hayley Deards - Studio Arts Photography Units 1&2, Tom Edgoose - Media Units 1&2, Ashleigh Holland - Visual Communication and Design Units 1&2, Zoe Kaskamanidis - Visual Communication and Design Units 1&2

Michael Langmaid - Design and Technology Wood Units 1&2, Lachlan Rowland - Media Units 1&2, Aimee Rytenskild - Art

Isabella Simjanoski - Studio Arts Photography Units 1&2.


Year 10

Mitchell Ashby - Wood Technology, Simone Beattie - Fabrics to Fashion, David Bulman - Film Studies,  Lisa Burgess - Studio Arts Photography Units 1&2, Ashley Butler – Illustration, Stephanie Chapman – Art, Mitch Green - Furniture Construction, Andrew Hague – Patisserie, Chelsea Heaney – Photography, Ana Jacobsen - Visual Communication and Design Units 1&2, Fiona MacDonald - Visual Communication and Design Units 1&2, Casey McCormick - Film Studies, Fiona McDonald – Illustration, James McQuillan – Photography, Laura Panteljenko – Patisserie, Yasmin  Pringle – Patisserie, Isabel Rosenthal - Food Studies, Peta Scully-Wicks - Film Studies, Jessica Smith-Long  - Painting, Amy Temple - Creative Cuisine.


Year 9

Genevieve Bennett - Creative Cuisine, Jessica Black - Food Studies, Shakira Daisley – Patisserie, Nathan Heywood - Furniture Construction, Jett Jennings - Furniture Construction, Zofia Laxton - Furniture Construction, Jacob Martin – Electronics, Campbell Pickett – Patisserie, Marie Price – Patisserie, Alessandra Prunotto – Drawing, Alia Quin – Patisserie, Gabby Seymour - Creative Cuisine, Amy Smith – Patisserie, Kelsey Uwland - Creative Cuisine, Logan Walsh – Electronics, Stephen Whitling – Painting.


Year 8

Ben Guest - Mixed Media, Joel Passey - Metal Technology, Kira Robertson - Visual Communication and Design, Braydon Turner - Metal Technology, Brody Weinert - Visual Communication and Design, Gabriella Alberti - Visual Communication and Design, Kyle Keenan - Metal Technology, Bianca Langan - Metal Technology, Dimitri Stamatopoulos - Visual Communication and Design, Hayley Revitt - Visual Communication and Design, Carolann Deakes - Visual Communication and Design, Louise Rosenthal - Visual Communication and Design, Curtis Baines - Food Technology, Lachlan Campbell - Metal Technology, Darcy Goodridge - Food Technology, Dougal James - Visual Communication and Design, Samuel Lyons - Metal Technology, Darcy Moore - Visual Communication and Design, Jordan Pascoe - Metal Technology, Chase Chequer - Metal Technology, Amber Deague-Hall - Mixed Media, Niamh Felton - Food Technology, Leia Marras - Metal Technology, Annie Yu Yao Mai - Metal Technology, Nick Johnson - Visual Communication and Design, Alanah Thornbury - Visual Communication and Design, Alexandra Ashmore - Mixed Media, Maddison Coates - Mixed Media, Kate Dance - Food Technology, Jordan Gough - Visual Communication and Design, Siena Hyland - Food Technology, Alex Posterino - Visual Communication and Design, Kaneisha Tancredi - Mixed Media, Sarah Culy - Metal Technology, Pip Hubbard - Mixed Media, Genevieve McNiff - Mixed Media, Amber Robertson - Metal Technology, Molly Townsend - Visual Communication and Design, James Banger - Mixed Media, Grace Francey-Bourke - Metal Technology, Brandon Lazenby - Mixed Media, Jordan Peterson - Visual Communication and Design, Jesse Vasiliadis - Metal Technology


Year 7

Ruby Boyes – Art, Jordan Carozzi – Art, Demi Lacey – Ceramics, Liam Samat – Art, David Sutherland – Ceramics, Emma Bourke – Art, Katelin Smith – Art, Emily  Dean - Wood Technology, Cade Pettie - Wood Technology, Kyle Burns – Ceramics, Angus Hulsmann-Graydon – Ceramics, Ruby Zogopoulos – Art, Holly Blanco - Wood Technology, William Healy - Wood Technology, Carly Notting – Art, Michaela Prunotto – Art, Courtney Davis - Wood Technology, Isobel Dickinson – Art, Tom McInerney - Wood Technology, Alexander Lanham – Art, Jemima Portman - Ceramics, Skye Robinson – Art, Kiarna Weinert – Ceramics, Max Chubb - Wood Technology, Jacana Drill - Wood Technology, Bailey Eustace - Wood Technology, Riley Howe - Wood Technology, Alicia Muscat – Art, Grace Barr – Ceramics, Jaime Sacchero – Ceramics, Oliver Zagorski - Wood Technology.


Multiple Awards

Korey Baruta - Metal Technology, Food Technology, Visual Communication and Design Yr8

Sally Meikle - Film Studies, Fabrics to Fashion, Drawing Yr10

Evelyn Bourke - Wood Technology, Art Yr7

Kelsey Eades-Sedgers – Art, Wood Technology Yr7

Rachel Gregg – Ceramics, Art Yr7

Nada Hasan – Art, Ceramics Yr7

Jennifer Lyons – Art, Wood Technology Yr7

Laura Stevens - Wood Technology, Ceramics Yr7

Sunday Weichmann – Ceramics, Art Yr7

Cameron Yung – Ceramics, Art Yr7

Ben Dixon - Food Technology, Metal Technology Yr8

Ellis Evans - Food Technology, Visual Communication and Design Yr8

Jack Liu - Metal Technology, Visual Communication and Design Yr8

Isabella Mulholland - Visual Communication and Design, Mixed Media Yr8

Rhys Trevithick - Metal Technology, Mixed Media Yr8

Keely Farrugia - Digital Design, Photography Yr10

Hannah Jones - Digital Design, Art Yr10

Austin McKay – Electronics, Furniture Construction Yr10

Tom Ross – Photography, Wood Technology Yr10

Lochlan McKechnie – Art, Visual Communication and Design Units 1&2 Yr11



·       Year 10 Exams will occur on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th November. 

·       All year 10 students must attend the scheduled exams for their core classes for semester two and are only required at school during these exam times.

·       All year 10 students must attend the English and Maths exams at the time specified.

·       If students are completing Geography and Science this semester they must also attend these exams.

·       A student studying Indonesian or French must attend this exam also.


MONDAY 28th November

9.00am – 10.30am



11.00am – 12.30pm



1.30pm – 3.00pm

LOTE – Indonesian


Tuesday 29th November

9.00am – 10.30am



11.00am – 1.00pm



1.30pm – 3.00pm

LOTE - French



All year 9 students are expected to attend school on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th November, as all core classes and most electives will be running as normal.



For those students who haven't done music as a subject or done an AMEB exam [some percussion students have an exam in the next couple of weeks] they are required to do an assessment.  There is a list of students and the day/date and time that their assessment is taking place, on the window in the music foyer area.  The times listed are during next week.
Our Stage Band opened the Eltham Festival in the Town Square on Saturday.  The response from the public was very appreciative!

They will be performing again at our associated Primary School Concert on Thursday evening this week at Ivanhoe Girls.

Our Strings students will have the opportunity to participate in a Combined String Concert at Loyola College on Thursday 1st December commencing at 6pm, and the 15th December sees our Symphonic Band celebrate Christmas at the Montmorency South Primary School Carols evening - always well attended and very enjoyable.

So lots of 'community' performances happening!
And the BIG one ... our Twilight Concert on Monday 28th November commencing at 6.30pm in the school's courtyard. 


Students are to arrive by 6.15pm and remember to bring a chair or rug.  The Music Support Group will have their BBQ sales, and there'll be 'a touch of Christmas' about the evening.


Jill Browne – Music Administration


The Grounds Committee held the final Working Bee for 2011 on this last Sunday the 13th November. 35 staunch supporters of the Grounds Committee turned out in steamy but fine conditions to complete a range of tasks which left the Environment of the school looking a whole lot better at 12.30pm than when most arrived at 9.00am for the day to begin. Thanks to all those important volunteers specially members of the Grounds Committee who take charge of tasks and provision of food and drink at morning tea and lunch and help clean up at the end of the day. It is a big operation but we seem to always run without too many hitches and end up with a very satisfying result at the end of the day. The following is a summary of the tasks that were completed for this event:-

1.   The retaining wall seat construction progressed significantly under the guidance of Gordon Moses and is now approximately 75% complete. With some further paving this area will be a great asset to students in 2012

2.   Some further repair work was completed in relation to post and pipe fences around the campus

3.   Pruning and weeding was concentrated on the western and southern sides of the 400’s block and it now looks well and truly loved

4.   A significant amount of mulch was placed in those areas that had been weeded and pruned

5.   An amazing amount of mowing and brushcutting was completed over the range of the school campus. It now looks so good.

6.   Pressure cleaning of bricks and pavers on the north side of 700’s block has made a significant difference to the cleanliness of the area

7.   50 plants were provided with new homes on the Western boundary. There were then staked and bagged

8.   The Canteen Courtyard was blown clean, swept and refuse removed. It is now very clean!

Volunteers on the day were:- John Coates, Gordon Moses, Matt Jones, Sue Washington, John Prenc, Philip Green, Frank Metcalf, Naughty See Monkey, David & Lisa Norden, Leo Adamson, Simon MacDonald, Malcolm Heys, Eric Migol, Shane Pike, Bill Taylor, Steven Neate, Carolyn Westall, Teresa, Richard, Kamilla & Zofia Laxton, Sue Gwilym, Sue Pickett, Roger Carter, Ali Burley, James Neill, Veronica Curmi, Vincent Sicari, Nigel Alexander, R Achland, Leanne Ipsen, Jenny Fowler, Sandi & Jake Pike.

This brings us to the end of another successful year for the Grounds Committee. Lots of tasks completed, lots of new friends made and a great community effort in relation to making this school the pinnacle of environmental care for students who learn and teachers who teach. Thank you again to all our 350 volunteers for the year who have made a difference at E.H.S in 2011. The first two Working Bees for 2012 occur on 26/2 and 25/3. When the volunteer form comes out at the end of this year, make sure you tick a date and return to the school. You are then a phone call away of a date with a Working Bee and a good day out.

Looking forward to your further support in 2012.


John Coates for the Grounds Committee





Aus Volleyball Schools Cup –19 days to go!

Permission forms and the balance must be returned to the cashier by November 18th. Any students who require the necessary forms for the Australian volleyball schools cup may collect them from Mr Thomas in the PE office or from the volleyball link on the Eltham High school web page. The volleyball web page also has a blank parent permission form on it that can used for any volleyball event. So if little ‘Jimmy’ loses his permission form – you can print off a blank one and get the details off the calendar (also on the volleyball page).


North East Conference Volleyball Finals

Congratulations to our year 7 and 8 students on winning the Northern Metropolitan Region Volleyball last Tuesday. All four team – year 7 boys and girls and year 8 boys and girls- now have to travel to Bendigo on Wednesday the 16th November to play in the Northern Conference finals.  If they win this competition they will qualify for the state volleyball competition on Thursday the 24th of November at MSAC.


Northern Zone Referees

Eltham High School has a reputation for having many students with volleyball experience, not only as players but also as referees. We are often asked to provide referees for zone and state volleyball finals. Last Tuesday we provided refs for both the primary and secondary schools northern zone volleyball finals. Congratulations to Louise Martin, Colleen Mann, Olivia McInerney, Gabby Seymour, Lucy Boyes, Katie Bett, Daniel Notting and Harrison Symons on doing a great job as a referee. Your services were greatly appreciated.


Diamond Valley Group Round Robin

The group volleyball competition for year 8 and 9 students was postponed due to the weather and will now take place this Thursday 17th November. Boys will play at the Eltham Leisure Centre and girls play at Eltham High School. The competition starts at 10.00 am so students should attend period 1. Team lists are on the volleyball notice board in the stadium foyer.


Important Volleyball Dates for 2011

16th November – North East Conf Volleyball finals – yr 7 & 8

17th November – Intermediate Group Volleyball Competition

24th November – State Volleyball Finals – year 7 and 8.

5th - 9th December - Australian Volleyball Schools Cup



Congratulations to Siobhan Geers of 7J who will be competing in the National Martial Arts championships this week. We wish her luck.


If your child has a unique sporting moment or is selected in a state or National team please let us know so we can share the good news. I have copies of the Nillumbik sporting achievement grant application form if you require one.

Email: tho@elthamhs.vic.edu.au


Greg Thomas - Volleyball Coordinator


 Canteen Roster


Wed 16

Ruth Robinson, Anna Whittley, Adrienne Harris

Thu 17

Marg Cunningham, Lisa Emmins

Fri 18

Sue Anderson, Leonie Knoblock, Kylie York

Mon 21

Nicole Brittain & 1 volunteer required

Tue 22

Margaret Hilton, Karen Smith

Please contact Gael 9430 5122 to assist.


Year 12

Are you interested in obtaining your RSA (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) accreditation. There will be a course on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th December to be held in the year 12 study room. The course also includes training in waiting skills. The cost is $125 and you can obtain a registration form from outside the study room. Please forward the form and cash/cheque to Mr. Pringle in the Careers office.  Best of luck with exams!!


Year 10 Portfolio Day

Due to organisational issues the program cannot be provided this year. A replacement program will be organised for year 11 in 2012. Students should however continue updating their resume, considering further work experience in year 11 and start investigating post secondary pathways. Please see Mr. Pringle for any assistance with the portfolio components.


Year 9 Work Experience: Mon Dec 5th – Fri Dec 16th

Students should be actively seeking a placement for the two week period. The final date for submission of forms for processing is Tuesday 29th November.  It is advisable to try different placements for each week but two weeks with the one employer is quite acceptable. The program is an alternative to the normal curriculum so all students over 15 are expected to participate. If a student will not be completing one or both of the weeks please forward a letter of explanation to Ross Pringle or e-mail on   pri@elthamhs.vic.edu.au   


Ross Pringle – Careers & Pathways Co-ordinator




Wed 16

Unit 4 Exams

Unit 2 Exams

SAC Week

School Council Meeting

Music – Combined PS Band Camp

Thu 17

Unit 4 Exams

Unit 2 Exams

SAC Week

Sport – 2012 Intermediate Round Robin (baseball, cricket, softball, tennis, volleyball)

Music – Combined PS Band Concert

Fri 18

Unit 4 Exams

Unit 2 Exams

SAC Week

Eng – Yr 9K HEADSS Learning Partnership Project

Boys’ Challenge Program

Mon 21

Unit 4 Exams

Unit 2 Exams

P&DC Week

Tue 22

Unit 4 Exams

Unit 2 Exams

P&DC Week

HPE Racq & Rec - Bulleen Driving Range



The EHS Swim Squad will conduct its annual Lapathon on Thursday 24th of November at 7.00am.  We are encouraging all squad swimmers along with past members and friends to get on board to make this year’s event bigger than ever. 

This year we will be focusing our swim on raising money to buy a farm for Oxfam. We hope to beat our previous lap count of 4602, and in doing so raise over $2500.  Everyone is welcome – every lap counts.  Sign up now – See Phil Boyd to register.




Community Announcements/Advertising