Term 4 Week 9 - Tue 6th December 2011

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Principal’s Report


Year 12 Orientation and Study Camp:

Congratulations to the Senior School coordination team for a successful Year 12 transition program and Study Camp. Having spoken to some of the students I know that they found both the orientation program and study camp very worthwhile and beneficial for their preparation for their Year 12 studies in 2012. I want to thank all the staff who participated in both activities as well as the staff who supported the camp in particular by taking replacement classes for colleagues who were directly involved in the delivery of the program.  A great effort on everyone’s part!


Twilight Music Concert:

The Twilight Music Concert was a great success. In the threat of a storm and with the determination that this year we would not allow the weather to deter us from running the concert, we took the performances indoors. People arrived in large numbers to enjoy the music performed by the new bands and ensembles. The atmosphere was very welcoming and feedback indicates that a great time was had by all. The evening saw the inaugural performances of the newly established orchestra and the Community Choir. I take this opportunity to congratulate all the students, staff and parents for their hard work in making the night a great success. Once again the work of the Music Support group needs to be commended. Their help and support ensures that the Instrumental Music program continued to thrive. A special thanks to Jill Browne for her hard work in supporting the organization of the evening and of course to our Director of Music Mr Mark Shiell for his vision and determination for excellence.


School Sports Victoria - Volleyball:

A very busy week for all the volleyball teams and their coaches as they take part in the National Volleyball Competition. The teams have had some fantastic opportunities this year to prepare themselves for these championships and have given of their all to the sport and to representing the school. These competitions are the culmination of the year’s effort and I wish all the students and the coaches (current and past staff and students) all the very best. Irrespective of the outcome, these people are truly champions! I want to thank all the staff who support the program in a variety of different ways, I know that without this support what is achieved would not be possible. The Volleyball program has the support of the whole school and the community.


2011 Lap-a-thon:

A note of apology: In the last edition of the newsletter I congratulated all the students and staff who took part in this year’s lap-a-thon. In the excitement of the moment I mistakenly congratulated Kellie Voss (past student – Class of 2009) for having swum 170 laps. It was in fact Emily Voss (Year 10, Rutter House) who needs to be congratulated for her outstanding effort. My apologies Emily and well done on this fantastic achievement.


1:1 Personal e-Learning (Notebook) initiative:

I take this opportunity to remind families of Years 9 and 10 Students (2012) that if you wish to be part of this initiative all forms must be completed and returned to the school immediately (If you have not collected a package the forms are available on the school website). I also take this opportunity to remind families of Year 8 (2012) students who wish to be part of this initiative that all forms must be completed and returned immediately (If you have not collected a package the forms are available on the school website). Furthermore if you wish to have a notebook before the Christmas break, the first payment must be made by 16 December. The note books for this group of students will be available for collection on Tuesday 20th December.


A note of Condolences:

On behalf of the Eltham High School Community I extend our most sincere condolences to Carol Galea and family for the recent loss of her mother. Our thoughts are with you all during this very sad time.



Vincent Sicari, Principal







Years 7, 11 & 12 – Thursday 2nd February

Years 8, 9 & 10 – Friday 3rd February


Term 1 – 1 February (teachers start) - 30 March *

Term 2 – 16 April - 29 June

Term 3 – 16 July - 21 September

Term 4 – 8 October - 21 December


Year 7 2012

Orientation Information Evening for Parents, Wednesday December 7 - 7:00pm

 A reminder to parents of Year 7 students in 2012 that there will be an Information Evening for Parents on Wednesday 7 December at 7:00pm in the Open Learning Space. The Office/Cashier will be open between 5:00pm and 6:45pm for payment of fees and levies, and PE uniforms will be on display for sizing and ordering. There will also be an opportunity to hear our Jazz Band in the Canteen Courtyard between 6:30pm and 7:00pm. Information provided on the evening will cover Curriculum, the School Notebook Initiative, Student Welfare and the EHS Music Program. The School Business Manager will provide information about fees, levies and other payments, and a number of Junior School staff will be available to answer any questions you might have. The evening will conclude with a light supper. Year 7 students (2012) are not required to attend this program. Parking will be available on the west side of the basketball stadium, in Ely Street and on the oval off Ely Street.            

Ross McKinnon – Junior School Leader



If you have a child starting Year 7 in 2012, you may be eligible for the School Start Bonus.

The School Start Bonus is provided by the Victorian Government to assist low-income families. To be eligible you must hold a valid Health Care Card, Pension Card, or are a foster parent. 

Application forms are available from the General Office and must be submitted by no later than the 15th December 2011 along with a copy of your Centrelink Card.

For more information about the School Start Bonus, visit:




The first round of payments for the 1:1 notebook initiative for year 7 and 8 students next year will close on Friday 16th December 2011.  All families that have made their first instalment by this date will be able to collect their notebook on Tuesday 20th December.  The computer technicians will be at school between 9.00am and 7.00pm to distribute the notebooks.  Come to the 400s block, and go to room 409.   You will need to present a valid form of ID such as a driving license to collect your notebook.  It is advised that your child log on to their school account when you are collecting your notebook.  This will ensure that your child’s logon credentials are set up correctly so you can use the machine straight away.


A second round of offers to lease notebook computers will be made during Term 1, 2012.  Families who choose to make their payment next year will be provided with their notebook shortly after the machines have been ordered and configured.


Monday 19 December 2011

7.00pm – 9.30pm in the Canteen

To all our wonderful parents who had helped in the Canteen over the years, please join us on this evening to thank you for your support and also to farewell to the canteen as we have known it!!

Drinks and nibbles provided.

Please RSVP to Gael cat@elthamhs.vic.edu.au or 9430 5122 by 14/12/11.



The school Cashier will be closed on Monday 19, Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 December. Due to the end of year processes we are unable to receipt payments received after Friday 16 December until 2012. 

If you have any regarding this matter, queries please Kathleen Hannan, Business Manager on 9430 5105.



We had hoped that Stage 1 works would have been complete by this time, however not to be.  Handover is not far off although we will not be fully operational in the new building until the start of the new school year. 

The general office, canteen, careers and first aid will take up residency before the end of year.  Food technology, drama and the performance centre will come on line for the start of Term 1, 2012.

The new facilities are taking shape with the exterior works basically complete.  Carpenters, joiners, plasterers, painters, electricians, plumbers, carpet layers and glaziers are working hard to complete the building as quickly as possible.

The change over to the new electricity supply is expected to happen on the 18th December.  This will mean that part of the school will not have power and data for part of the weekend.  Move information will be in the Community Newsletter.

The purchase of seating and ancillary equipment for the Performance Space still has to occur.  The school is asking members of our community to become a shareholder in our co-operative by signing and returning the form which can be downloaded from http://www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au/documents/Information%20and%20Help/General%20Information/PerformCentre_Shareholders_RequestV2.pdf   or follow the link from the school webpage Building Futures Program Report

This action will allow the co-operative to take out a loan to purchase this equipment that is not provided as part of the building budget.

Stage 2 works will commence in January 2012.  The builder will take over a large part of the central courtyard.  The first part will be demolition works and then setting out for the concrete slab.  Student safety is paramount.  We have been in discussions with the builder to ensure that a safe environment is always maintained. Temporary fencing will be erected around the building area and along the driveway coming in from Ely Street.

Access through the central courtyards near the canteen and science courtyards will be reduced.  This has been done to ensure that student and staff safety is not compromised.

The builder will soon be providing an updated construction schedule for Stage 2.  Information will be update as we receive it.

While stage 1 works has taken a bit longer to complete than initially planned, we will soon have some excellent facilities for our community. 

Do see the updated photo gallery on the school web page.

Bruce Martyn – Project Officer


2011 EHS LAP-a-THON                                                                              

Thursday 24th November 2011 - The final session of the 2011 EHS Swim Squad was the annual Lap-a-thon. Right on 7:00am the 35 assembled swimmers, (four swimmers had completed their laps before-hand) mostly current EHS students, but also including several ex-students, several prospective students and 2 members of staff, started their 60 minute mission to swim as many laps as they could in that time. The spirit shown by the swimmers as well as the support team was exceptional with everyone totally focussed on achieving their very best result.


By the end of the hour, each swimmer had given their all and the lap counters were busy totalling up the number of laps each swimmer had just completed. Without fail, each swimmer took pride in their achievement. Each one is to be congratulated.


Emily Voss set a new record number of laps when she completed 170 laps in the hour. An amazing effort!


After the Lap-a-Thon, the students were treated to a “BIG” Breakfast back at the Staff Room at the school. Thanks to the team of staff members who made this possible.


The funds raised this year will be donated in support of the work of Oxfam in developing countries. All sponsorship funds need to be received by the school as soon as possible so that funds can be transferred to Oxfam well before Christmas. Anyone else who would like to make a donation can do so through the school Cashier.


The total number of laps for each swimmer is listed below:


2011 EHS Lap-a-Thon Participants:

Emily Voss                                            170 laps

Jordie Bayliss                                      148 laps

Daniel Price                                         146 laps

Page Goodwin                                    142 laps

Rob Whiteley                                       140 laps

Shirin Nurmohammed                      140 laps

Alex Blanco                                         132 laps

Neroli Nixon                                         132 laps

Jonathon Page                                   132 laps

Blake Goodwin                                   128 laps

Holly Blanco                                        128 laps

Will Maude                                            128 laps

Ryan Shinton                                       128 laps

Sean McLaughlin                                               124 laps               

Daniel Sowden                                   122 laps

Phillip Boyd                                         122 laps

Nathan Dorman                                  120 laps

Zach Shinton                                       120 laps

Emily Everett                                       116 laps

Mikayla Alderton                                 116 laps

Nelson Rouw                                       114 laps

Bryn Hider                                             111 laps

Ben Sowden                                         108 laps

Taylor Heaney                                    108 laps

Neesha Nurmohammed                  102 laps

Niamh Felton                                      94 laps

Ryan Grigg                                            92 laps

Alex Leffley                                         92 laps

Maddy Bennett                                    92 laps

Tom Phillips                                        89 laps

Ebony Santin                                       85 laps

Bethany Phillips                                   84 laps

Louise Heathcote                                               80 laps

Nathan Sowden                                  78 laps

Naomi Edrees                                     72 laps

Indigo McKinnon                                68 laps

Nada Hasan                                         64 laps

Simon Wright                                      64 laps

Tom D’Ath                                             58 laps


Grand Total 3741 laps

Average (39 swimmers) 96 laps each swimmer


Year 8 student, Maddison Coates, competed in the 2011 Australian All Schools Track & Field Championships held in Brisbane on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December. Maddison had won the right to compete in Brisbane by finishing second in her age group at the 2011 Victorian Track & Field Championships. Only first and second were eligible for selection.

In the Heats of the Women Under 16 200m, Maddison ran a time of 25.98. This was the first time that Maddison had run under 26 seconds. She narrowly missed out on making the Final.

Congratulations to Maddison on her great run at the Nationals.


Max Balchin



The Twilight Concert on the evening of the 28th November ... first plus was that it wasn't washed out!  There was a wonderful turn up of parents, family and friends.  The evening of music included the debut performances of the Community Choir and the Orchestra, both much anticipated.  Thankyou to the Music Support Group for the running logistics of the evening and the BBQ.


The evening gave the music faculty the opportunity to present the following awards ... The Claire Edgoose Music Awards were given to Hayley Owens and Madeleine Holland.  The Ferngully Scholarships presented to Isaac Gunnoo and Dougal James.  Congratulations to these students.


What's happening in the music department?  Lessons finish at the end of this week.  The Jazz Band are performing at the Orientation Information Evening for 2012 Year 7s.  This will be inspirational for the new students entering the school!


Our Symphonic Band will support the Montmorency South Primary School Carols on the evening of Thursday 15th December...a tradition the students enjoy!


Wanting to sell an instrument?  To go onto the Music Support Group register, it first has to be checked by a staff member. This can be done this week or very early in the school's new year!  The cost of the register inclusion is $10.  A form can be picked up from the music office once the instrument for sale has had the necessary check.


If you have any queries, please contact the music office on 9430 5127


Jill Browne – Music Administration


The Canteen will remain open until Wednesday 21st December with limited stock.


Please pre-order lunches where possible.


Note: There will be no lunch orders, rolls or sandwiches prepared from Friday 16th December.


Reminder – Thank you evening for the canteen volunteers will be held Monday 19/12 (please read notice in newsletter & RSVP)


Thank you

Gael & Canteen Staff


Error on VCE Booklist


Literature (VCE Units 3 &4)

‘THE BOAT’ – should not have been listed


The correct text should be 

'Collected Poems 1909 - 1962' TS Eliot Faber & Faber 2005 (1)




Y9,10, 11 & 12 students may take books to room 616 now between 8.30am – 1.00pm.

Y7 & 8 classes will be given the opportunity during classes commenced on Monday 5 December to take their books for sale to the book room. 

Please organise with your child which books (if any) are to be taken to the book room for sale.

Please ensure you bring your completed sellers list with your books and also complete a sellers slip for each book for sale.



Y7,8, 9 & 10 students may take order forms to room 616 between 8.30am to 1.00pm.

Orders will be processed on a first in basis.  Book room staff will notify you by phone when your order is ready to collect.

When an order cannot be completed, you will be contacted by book room staff and advised of the titles available and time for collection.

Books must be collected within 2 working days of notification. Orders not collected in this time frame will be made available to other purchasers.


Payment of your order is to be made upon collection of your books at room 616 either by EFTPOS, cash, cheque, MasterCard or Visa card.


As from 28 November to 16 December please contact Jeremy Taylor 0427 327 399 at the book room with any queries.

Have you changed your contact details?

Please notify Ms Cathy Cukier of any changes you have made ASAP Contact 9430 5113 or cuk@elthamhs.vic.edu.au



'This year's activity program will be running from Monday 19th to Wednesday 21st. The first two days will build on the successful activities that were offered in 2010. The year 7's will take part in a program that is linked to their Integrated Studies subjects, Science, SoSe and English. The year 8's will take part in a LOTE, Math's, PE/Health and Arts Technology activity program. The program will be linked to the schools concept based curriculum and will offer a varied, engaging and fun two days.

The last day for students will consist of a special program for year 7's and 8's, which will be focussed on wellbeing.  Students in year 7 will be in their classes for year 8, and will be undertaking some getting to know you and team building activities, as well as some important activities around cybersafety, delivered by older students.

Year 8's will have a number of guest speakers centred around sexual health and legal issues, as well as some physical activities delivered by Life Be In It.  Students will also be provided with a BBQ lunch, and will attend a final farewell assembly for the year, where a number of awards will be presented.




Wed 7

Year 9 Work Experience (until 16/12)

Australian Schools Volleyball Cup (until 9/12)

Space Camp (until 17/12)

Transition – Year 10 to 11 Orientation

Transition – Year 7 2012 Parent Orientation (7pm in Library/400’s)

Thu 8

Year 9 Work Experience (until 16/12)

Australian Schools Volleyball Cup (until 9/12)

Space Camp (until 17/12)

Fri 9

Year 9 Work Experience (until 16/12)

Australian Schools Volleyball Cup (until 9/12)

Space Camp (until 17/12)

Transition – MS Last Day

Mon 12

Year 9 Work Experience (until 16/12)

Space Camp (until 17/12)

Tue 13

Year 9 Work Experience (until 16/12)

Space Camp (until 17/12)

Year 7 – 2012 Orientation Day (9am Showcourt)

Wed 14

Year 9 Work Experience (until 16/12)

Space Camp (until 17/12)

School Council Meeting

Thu 15

Year 9 Work Experience (until 16/12)

Space Camp (until 17/12)

Music – Symphonic Band Carols (Monty Sth PS)

Fri 16

Year 9 Work Experience (until 16/12)

Space Camp (until 17/12)

VCE Results available to students

Mon 19

Year 7 & 8 End of Year Program Part 1

Tue 20

Year 7 & 8 End of Year Program Part 2

Wed 21

Year 7 & 8 End of Year Program Part 2 – Well being

REPORTS - Junior School, Middle School & Year 11 Reports available online




Wed 1 Feb

First day for staff

Thu 2 Feb

First day for Years 7, 11 & 12

Fri 3 Feb

First day for Years 8, 9 & 10



Reports for all year levels will be available via the intranet from Wednesday 21 December.

Parents are able to access reports by using their student’s login credentials. It is expected that families will download and store reports electronically, either on their computer hard drive, a CD/DVD or a flash drive. Reports will be available online during your student’s time at EHS.



Could all students who have borrowed books from the Student Welfare Dept please return all books to Brendan Monigatti or Jenny Fowler in Room 102.


If you require book assistance for 2012 could you please bring your booklist to Room 102 or ask you parent[s] to contact our office on 9430 5123 or 0417 364 940


Thanks, Brendan Monigatti & Jenny Fowler



Please note that the immunisation cards for all students in Year 7 and 10 will be issued on Week 1 of 2012.


All cards ie. YES or NO are to be returned to the General Office by Friday 17 February.



THANK YOU to all that helped raise

money towards CanTeen

Through sale of bandannas, raffles and money jars in our school canteen this year we raised a fantastic total of $527.40.


Thank you to all that have supported this great organisation and look forward to another great year in 2012.



All Junior, Middle & Senior School absences can now be reported to 9430 5299

(designated answering service)

Please advise:- name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.



Did you attend EHS in the past?  What are you doing now? 


EHS is wanting to include a small article about past students who attended our school as a regular feature in our Newsletters, starting next year.  We would like to hear from tradespeople and teachers, doctors and dog handlers, businesspeople and bishops - the more unusual the occupation the better! 


If you have a parent, grandparent, friend, cousin who attended EHS and they agree to having their information included in our 2012 Newsletters could you please contact Brendan Monigatti by email mon@elthamhs.vic.edu.au



To the Eltham High School Community,

The Eltham Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the local Lions Club are collecting food and toys in order to provide hampers for families in need. This is an annual event and we would like to show our support by donating toys and food to this cause. The collection of food and toys will be donated to the Christmas tree at Safeway and distributed to families (who will be identified/screened through the Nillumbik Community Health Centre).


If you would like to donate items such as toys or food, please feel free to contact Eva Natsis 9430 5177, Student Support Worker to arrange to deliver these items.

Eva Natsis






Community Announcements/Advertising







The EJFC have teams from under 9’s through to under 17’s in the Northern Football League Competition.

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from players to join the Club in our under 13, 14 & 15 age groups for 2012. 

The U15’s were premiers in 2011 and both U13’s and U14’s were finalists in 2011.   

This would be a great opportunity to join a successful team and become a part of a friendly & welcoming club. 

Come down and meet our coaches and club members on Sunday 12th February 2012.

For any queries relating to the above, please contact Deb Mallard, Registrations Officer on 0414 442 195 or email debmallard@optusnet.com.au.


Research Junior Football Club is having their Registration Day on Sunday, 12th February, 2012 at 10.00am to 12.30pm at Research Park, Main Road, Research.  Come and sign up and play football at “The Family Club”. We have teams from U9’s to U17’s as well as an Auskick program. We offer specialist coaching programs for skills improvement, hold weekly team bbq’s and a footy tipping competition. On registration day there will be merchandise to view and order, fitting and ordering of mouthguards. Any queries email to secretary@researchjuniorfc.com.au.




Where:   Diamond Creek Community Bank Stadium

Diamond Creek (between Diamond Creek East Primary & Diamond Valley College)

When:    Thursdays After School commencing Thursday 16th Feb - 4pm

Who:       9/U, 11/U, 13/U, & 15/U

Cost:       Team Registration $75 (to enter the team)    Game Fee $48 (weekly)

Ins:          Netball Victoria Registration & Insurance      

9/U & 11/U    $30 (per annum)                          13/U, 15/U     $40 (per annum)

Contact: Sue Taylor 0413 725 911/ 9438 6098 for further queries and registration.

Look us up www.diamondcreekforce.com.au         












Text Box: Get ready for 2012 with
Watsonia Heights Junior Soccer Club!
We will have New Clubrooms and New Teams so we need 
Under 7 to Under 18, Boys and Girls
We’re a family friendly club focussed on fun and player development.
Specialised coaching for Goalkeepers, 
Advanced Skills sessions in Summer and Winter, 
Mentoring from Senior Players. 
Registration / Information Day on February 5th, 2012
Further info at www.whjsc.org.au
or contact the club on info@whjsc.org.au or 0457 439 152