Term 4 Week 11 - Tue 20th December 2011

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Principal’s Report


Class of 2011 VCE Results:

I congratulate the class of 2011 on their results. A range of excellent results have been received and an analysis of these is currently on the way. The number of ATAR scores above 90 has surpassed that of previous years and this is very pleasing. I wish all members of the Class of 2011 the very best in gaining entry into their chosen pathway. I remind them all that the school is here to support them through this process and that they should take advantage of the offer if needed. I will provide a more extensive report on the results in an early edition of the 2012 Community Newsletter.


Living Spirit Fellowship Award:

I congratulate Chelsea Heaney (Year 10, Everard House) on being awarded the Living Spirit Fellowship by the Greensborough RSL. The requirements for the award included a presentation to the RSL Branch which Chelsea completed with great passion and eloquence. The Award takes Chelsea and one of her parents on a fully escorted trip to a country less often visited by tourists. Chelsea and her parent will be visiting Cambodia around the time of Anzac Day in 2012 and will attend Anzac Day ceremonies accompanied by a member of Federal Cabinet. I wish to thank the Greensborough RSL for providing such a wonderful opportunity for the young people of the local area, this year being Chelsea. I wish her all the very best, she is a very worthy recipient and an excellent ambassador for our school and our community. Chelsea is now left with the very difficult task of deciding which parent will accompany her. I don’t envy her in this!


Staff Acknowledgements and Farewells:

On behalf of the Eltham High School Community  I say thank you to all the staff both teaching and non-teaching for all that they do in support of the young people in our care. Each one of them strives to support the learning of our students in a variety of different ways more so than not way beyond the call of duty. I congratulate them all for the academic success achieved and for the exceptional level of pastoral care provided to each student through the variety of co-curricular programs and initiatives that have been implemented throughout the year.


As is the case at this time of every year we farewell a number a staff and we wish them all well in the future. I do want to acknowledge Mr Glen Pearsall, Ms Elizabeth Campbell and Mr Chris LaRosa. Glen, Elizabeth and Chris have been on leave throughout 2011 and have now decided that they will not be returning to Eltham High School. I acknowledge the work and contribution they have made to the education of our young people and wish them all the very best with their chosen pathways. Ms Kristina Stanton, Ms Ruth Lindsey, Mr Bill Feruglio, Mr Ewan Humphries, Mrs Anna Taifernopoulos, Mr Raymond Chan, Miss Rosie Anastasiou, Mr Peter Laurence, Mr Greg Lambert, Mr Andrew Wilson (Laboratory Technician) and Ms Heather Bresciani (Education Support) will be leaving Eltham High School at the end of this year and I want to thank them for their work throughout the year and wish them well in the future.


Miss Michelle Harper will be on leave for 2012, Mr Ian Clark and Mr Ross Pringle will also be on leave during Term 1. I wish them all the best during this break from work.


Mr Brendan Monigatti will be relinquishing his Leading Teacher position as Student Services Leader at the end this year and I congratulate Louise Heathcote who has been appointed to this position from 2012. Brendan’s work has been invaluable in the support of young people and families over many years. His passion, dedication, energy, commitment and hard work need to be acknowledged and congratulated. I thank him for all he has done to sustain learning at Eltham High School. Brendan will continue to work in the school two days a week in a support role in student services.


Mrs Jenny Choong and Mrs Denise Frankenberg (Cashier) will be retiring from their positions at the end of the year. Jenny has been an excellent educator. During her time at the school she has held a range of leadership roles and I thank her for her contribution to our learning community and wish her well in the future. Denise has been a member of the Education Support staff for 16 years and during this time has had various roles, I wish her all the very best with the next phase of her life.


The end of 2011 in a sense brings an end to an era and a change to the Executive Leadership Team. Mrs Hermina Burns and Mr Trevor Jenkins have decided to retire from the teaching profession. I am sure that they will not rest idle but pursue other interests. Hermina and Trevor together have contributed a considerable number of years to the education of students in State Education and most of this time to the young people at Eltham High School. Both have been members of the English Key Learning Area and prior to moving into their Assistant Principal positions held a range of leadership roles within the school. I take this opportunity to recognize their enormous contribution to education and to congratulate them and thank them for their unfailing commitment, their engagement with ongoing learning and their passion for and dedication to the profession. I want to thank Hermina and Trevor for their leadership of the Student and Staff Well-being and the Accountability and Community areas of their work respectively and for the way that they have effortlessly and professionally represented Eltham High School within our local and wider communities.

From a personal note I thank Hermina and Trevor for all the support that they have provided to me in my role and I wish them all the very best with the next phase of their lives. In farewelling both Hermina and Trevor, I welcome Ms Fran Mullins and Mr Tim Natoli who have been appointed to the position of Assistant Principal. Fran and Tim will begin their work with us in 2012.

Christmas Wishes:

I take this opportunity to thank you, the Eltham High School Community, for your ongoing support throughout this year. I thank the School Council under the leadership of Mr Guy Metcalfe, the Finance and Facilities Team; the Grounds Committee; The Music Support Group; the Planning and Policy Review Team, the School Foundation Team, and all the other volunteers whose work is so valuable and appreciated.

Finally, I wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Please look after each other and our young people.


I look forward to our work together in 2012.


Vincent Sicari






Years 7, 11 & 12 – Thursday 2nd February

Years 8, 9 & 10 – Friday 3rd February


Term 1 – 1 February (teachers start) - 30 March

Term 2 – 16 April - 29 June

Term 3 – 16 July - 21 September

Term 4 – 8 October - 21 December





Reports for all year levels will be available via the intranet from Wednesday 21 December.

Parents are able to access reports by using their student’s login credentials. It is expected that families will download and store reports electronically, either on their computer hard drive, a CD/DVD or a flash drive. Reports will be available online during your student’s time at EHS.





Please note that the immunisation cards for all students in Year 7 and 10 will be issued on Week 1 of 2012.


All cards ie. YES or NO are to be returned to the General Office by Friday 17 February.


Year 8's will have a number of guest speakers centred around sexual health and legal issues, as well as some physical activities delivered by Life Be In It.  Students will also be provided with a BBQ lunch, and will attend a final farewell assembly for the year, where a number of awards will be presented.






Wed 21

Year 7 & 8 End of Year Program Part 2 – Well being

REPORTS - Junior School, Middle School & Year 11 Reports available online

LAST DAY – TERM 4 (2.30pm dismissal)



Wed 1 Feb

First day for staff

Thu 2 Feb

First day for Years 7, 11 & 12

Fri 3 Feb

First day for Years 8, 9 & 10