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TUESDAY 26 February




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**  All school charges and subject levies are now due. 

Payments can be made by credit card, Bpay or at the General Office **


Principal’s Report

Student Achievement:

State Show Jumping Championships 2013:

Congratulations to Lisa Burgess (Year 12, Everard House) who in December last year was chosen by the Hurstbridge Horse & Pony Club to compete at the Northern Metropolitan State Qualifier in C-Grade Show Jumping. After a gruelling day of show jumping in temperatures above 35°C, Lisa successfully qualified as one of four to represent the Northern Metropolitan Zone at the State Show Jumping Championships. Lisa was thrilled to be part of the team representing our zone and under similar extreme weather conditions the team put in an awesome effort, this weekend at Yarrambat, to place fourth. This is an outstanding achievement for Lisa and the team. They competed against the best of the best, from ten zones in the State. The satisfaction and personal achievement experienced by Lisa is awesome seeing that this was her very first State Competition. Well done Lisa on an exceptional result!

Lisa is now looking forward to competing with fellow students, to represent Eltham High School at the upcoming and very prestigious, Interschool Teams Horse Trials, that will be held on the 20-21 April and hosted by Tintern. I wish Lisa and all her team mates the very best in this upcoming competition and look forward to yet another outstanding outcome.





Year 7 – 2013 Meet the Teachers:

I extend a personal invitation to all parents of Year 7 students to join me, the Junior school team and teachers for an informal session next Thursday 28 February to meet some of your child’s teachers and to hear a little bit about what they are learning this term. There will also be an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have regarding the program at Year 7.

Whilst you are involved in the information session, your child is invited to participate in a Cyber Smart session. Students will require their netbooks for this session and library notebooks will be available to those without their own machine.

Whilst we would love to see you all there, we wish to assure you that if this time is not suitable, there will be other opportunities to meet with the teachers later in the semester.

Program for the afternoon:

Welcome and light refreshments from 3:15pm

Information session: 3:30pm- 4:30pm

Venue: 100s (Meet at the General Office)

Year 12 Study Centre:

The new Year 12 Study Centre is up and running and available to students from 8:00 am through to 5:30 pm each school day. This is a quiet working space and Year 12 students should take advantage of this great opportunity to support them with their independent learning and work throughout the school day. Whilst in the past Year 12 students used the Resource Centre during Private Study periods, now with the availability of the Study Centre, students will not have access to the Resource Centre with the exception of course of when they need to visit the centre to borrow / make use of the resources. Notebook computers are available in the new Study Space and students can borrow these through the same process used in the Resource Centre.  The Resource Centre has now been handed over to the whole school for class and individual research and theory work. Teachers have now greater opportunity to book classes into the Resource Centre or to send small groups of students to use the space in any one time.

The Study Centre is a supervised work space and the conditions of working in this space have been clearly outlined to the students. To provide an opportunity for team/work; group discussion and group problem solving additional furniture has been ordered which will be located in the foyer outside of the study centre for this to occur.

The process for SAC Redemption will also be run from the Study Centre and Year 12 students will now be able to take advantage of the Private Study periods to redeem a SAC; however, to do this they must book in a day and time with the Administrative Officer in the Senior Sub-School Office (Mrs Jan Baddeley). Year 11 Students and Year 11 and Year 10 Enhancement Students can now redeem SACS on a Tuesday after school in the Year 12 Study Centre. They too will need to book in a day with the Administrative Officer in the Senior Sub-School Office.

The Year 12 Study Centre is an outstanding resource that with time will also develop into an information centre for Careers and Pathways for our Year 12 students. Alongside other initiatives, the Year 12 Study Centre will add to the promotion of a positive learning environment which will in turn support our ongoing improvement focus around learning outcomes for our young people. I encourage all Year 12 students to use this resource wisely and to their advantage.

Teachers Industrial Campaign:

You will be aware through the media that at the rally on the 14 February the Australian Education Union membership voted to continue its Industrial Campaign. In response to the perceived Government’s inaction toward a resolution, the meeting of members re-affirmed its commitment to the rigorous implementation of the 38-hour week classroom teaching and Education Support campaign. Further, members called on the AEU to plan a sustainable campaign which includes:

·         On-going implementation of the 38-hour week classroom teaching and Education Support campaign.

·         Consideration of all existing industrial bans and limitations.

·         A wide-ranging political campaign focusing on targeted Coalition seats, including member and community activities which target Coalition politicians; and

·         A schedule of half-day rolling regional stoppages commencing Term2, 2013 targeting Coalition politicians, which may include rallies, marches, leafleting of the public both during and after the half day activities.

I know that negotiations between the AEU and the Government are taking place and I will keep you informed if/as these progress.

Eltham High School Working Bee:

I wish to thank all members of our community that joined me on Sunday 24 February to take part in our first Working Bee of the year. There was a fantastic turn out of Parents and students: Close to 60. This shows a real commitment to the building community and I congratulate each and every one for the great work that was achieved on the day. I do want to acknowledge the hard work of the Grounds Committee and once again thank Mr John Coates for his commitment to The Committee and to the work that was planned and achieved on this day. I also acknowledge the work of Mr Frank Cappozza (a member of our Maintenance crew) and Mr Bruce Martyn (Facilities Manager). For those of you that could not make it last Sunday there is another Working Bee scheduled for this term. Stay tuned to the newsletter for further details.

Vincent Sicari


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Assistant Principal’s Report

With the continuing hot weather it has been important to ensure that students have a clear understanding of the Student Dress Code policy.  Included in this newsletter is a series of illustrations that will further clarify what is appropriate clothing to wear to school.


The Student Dress Code policy defines clothing appropriate for school and therefore applies in the classroom and in the school grounds. Further to this we encourage students to be ‘Sunsmart’ at all times when in the school grounds, where they need also to consider the use of sunscreen and wearing of hats.

We thank families for their support in the implementation of the Student Dress Code policy.

Fran Mullins

Assistant Principal

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Senior School News


Students who are applying for Special Examination Arrangements for Unit 3/4 examinations are reminded that applications are due back to school on Wednesday 27 February2013 in time to reach the VCAA by Friday, 1 March, 2013.  Categories for Special Examination Arrangements applications include: Severe Health Impairment; Significant Physical Disability; Learning Disability; Severe Language Disorder; Hearing Impairment and Vision Impairment.  A Formal application incorporating medical assessment and supporting documentation for long-term, known conditions is a necessary part of the application process.  Students who seek further advice and/or clarification in relation to this process are requested to make contact with their respective Coordinator this week. The application forms are available in the Senior School Office.


Absence from a SAC or SAT must be supported by a Medical Certificate dated on the day of the student’s assessment.  Students are required to present their medical certificate to the Senior School Office on their day of return to receive an Authorised Absence Slip and arrange a day/time for SAC/SAT redemption with one week of returning to school.  For Year 12 students- redemption can occur during scheduled spare periods in the Study Room while supervised.  Year 11 students and Year 10 students undertaking enhancement studies are required to attend the SAC/SAT redemption session scheduled on Tuesday afternoons between 3.30 pm and 5.10 pm in the Study Room.

Anna Panas

Senior School Leader

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Working Bee

The first working bee for 2013 was a great success with 60 students, families and staff attending.  Much was achieved despite the warm weather.  Groups concentrated on a number of activities including weeding and watering garden beds, mowing grass (and weeds), clearing areas of bits of concrete rubble from the building project, staining bollards, sweeping courtyards and also almost completing the next planter box near the canteen.

The results of Sunday’s labours have been well worthwhile.  The amenity around the school is much improved since our last working bee before the Christmas break. 

At the morning tea break, Mr Sicari thanked all for their attendance and work.  It was pleasing to see a good number of our students participating.  Special thanks were extended to Mark Croft for his continued commitment to working on the construction of planter boxes.  Calling all carpenters!  Are you able to volunteer your time at an upcoming working bee to help build more planter boxes?   Please contact me so that we can organise a number of activities for you.  As the planter boxes are completed we will be able to start planting shade trees.

The Grounds Committee would like to thank all those who participated at this working bee and to invite you to the next one, or one in the near future.  The next Working bees are, 24 March, 5 May, 16 June, 18 August, 27 October and 17 November.   Even if you cannot make it for the full morning, we do look forward to you coming along for a few hours.

We have had a look at further works around the school that can be readily completed by our volunteer teams.  Just in the area west of the new building there is much to do this year.  This includes 2 more raised garden beds, post and rail fencing to protect some of the newer garden beds and of course, as the weather cools, we can do some planting.

Special thanks go to; Philip Green, Mark Croft, Sue Washington, Leo Adamson Lisa & David Norden, Simon McDonald, Frank Medcalf, Olga Sanca, Sonia Randle, Michelle Norman, Bill Taylor, Peter Lucas, Brendan White, Catherine Rainey, Liam White, Seamus White,  Tania & Jarrod Weddle, Peter Hepworth, Sharyn & Steve Lanham, Lynne Siejka, Ivan Dickenson, Jeremy Taylor, Christine Farrugia, Steve, Finn & Rohan Marshall, Rachel Bishop, Veronica Curmi, Andrew, Riley& Madelyn Mills, Nicky Bourne, Tim Natoli, Tess Williver, Deb Milne, Matt Dilnot, David Kirkpatrick, Vincent Sicari, Philippa Charlton, Sue Harvey, Jeff Liversidge, Tref Gare, Finn & Ned Kiely, Joi & Rianna Xin, Lia Wilson, Robim, Rben, Ethan & Conor Hayes, Anne & Barry Gration.

For more information concerning the Grounds Committee and their activities, contact Philip Green at

Bruce Martyn

Business Manager

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Career News

Applying  for a Tax File Number

Are you intending to look for part-time work or are currently employed? If so then having a TFN will avoid you having to pay tax on the pay you receive from your employer.  As of 2013 the tax free threshold will be $18,200 so to ensure you are not taxed you can get an application form from outside the Careers office. Please ensure that the form is filled out neatly and with either your birth registration number or passport number. Copies of documents are NOT required with the application form. Return the form to the Careers office to be checked and mailed out. The processing time by the ATO is about 4 weeks and any contact with the ATO following your application needs to be done by the applicant.

RSPCA Animal Career Discovery Day!

Hear from RSPCA staff currently working in the industry in various roles and gain helpful insider knowledge on planning pathways to a fulfilling career with animals.

Dates: Thursday 14th March, Tuesday 18th June, Tuesday 3rd September and Thursday 5th December

Time: 9:00am – 3:30pm

Location: Burwood East RSPCA

Cost: $55 includes registration, morning tea, RSPCA career show bag, and all activity costs.

For more information and to download a registration form visit :

YEAR 10 WORK EXPERIENCE  May  20th-24th ( term 2 )

It’s never too early to think about a placement so put it in your calendar and start to think about occupations of interest.  Make it your focus to find a placement that you may have considered as a future career. Work arrangement forms can be found outside the Careers office and should be returned when completed. The form will be checked over and authorised by the principal then a copy will be mailed home and to the employer. So don’t wait. Make it happen!

Ross Pringle

Careers Coordinator

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Notebook Initiative 2013

Final orders for Notebooks for 2013 are currently being taken by the office. Any families that wish to take part at any year level are to complete their paperwork and payment by Friday 1st March. The final order will be placed on this date. Payments can be made via credit card or BPAY to Paula Hogan (Cashier) who can be contacted on 9430 5118 or by email at  If you require any further information regarding the Initiative, including paperwork please contact Craig Bradley via email

Notebook Initiative 2012

The second payment date for families who commenced the program last year was 30 November 2012.  If you have an outstanding payment then this is required to be paid immediately. As per the agreed terms of the lease, regular payments are required to continue the use of a school notebook.

Payments can be made via credit card or BPAY to Paula Hogan (Cashier) who can be contacted on 9430 5118 or by email at

Notebook Care

Students are required to bring their notebooks to all classes fully charged unless given different instructions by their teacher.  Students should carry their notebooks in their carry case.  Chargers are not permitted in classrooms under any circumstances.  Protective skins are supplied to keep the notebook clean and to provide an address in the event of loss.

Dell can be contacted on 1800 634 560 (select option 1) for any hardware faults. You can arrange for a repair at home or in school. A service number will be required from Dell for repairs organised in school. The notebook should be delivered to our IT team as soon as possible.  Software issues can be repaired at school by our dedicated IT Support Team.  Student repairs will be undertaken from the service desk at the entrance to the Library.  This desk is operational before school, recess, lunch and after school.

Notebook Re-image: 2013

All student notebooks will be re-imaged with the Eltham High School 2013 image when students return in February. This important task will be completed in class time with as little disruption as possible to student learning. All students will need to back up their personal files. School work can be stored in the home drive (H:) as this will be backed up by our server. Any accidental damage will be logged and repaired. Any malicious damage, including removal of protective skins, will require a payment for repairs before the notebook is released by IT.

Notebook Re-imaging: Week Beginning 

Monday, February 11 - Year 11

Monday, February 18 - Year 10

Monday, February 25 - Year 9

Monday, March 4 - Year 8

If you require any further information regarding this planned work please contact Craig Bradley via email


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What to do when your child becomes unwell at school:

If a student becomes unwell at school the procedure we would like both students and parents to follow is described below.  It is important that this process is followed to ensure that the school is aware of what arrangements are being made:

•     If a student is unwell during class, they should ask the teacher for permission to go to the Sick Bay;

•     If a student is unwell during recess or lunchtime, they should go directly to Sick Bay;

•     Once at Sick Bay, our School Nurse (Michelle Ford) will assess the student and decide if they need to go home, spend some time in Sick Bay or return to class;

•     If the student needs to go home, Michelle will contact the student’s parents/guardians to discuss the situation and arrange for the student to be collected from school;

•     When a student is being collected, parents need to report to the General Office where they will be directed to Sick Bay.

It is important that this process is followed as informal or alternative arrangements, such as students contacting parents directly, can result in lots of wasted time, as well as students leaving the school without the school knowing.  Please help us to implement this process and ensure that your child understands what to do if they are feeling unwell at school. 

Ross McKinnon

Junior School Leader

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Musical Notes

We've had a great response by year 7s joining the music program.  If there are any students who didn't make the 'Try an Instrument Evening' and would like to be part of the program, please come to the music office for advice and some instrument demonstrations.  Parents wanting more information can contact the music office on 9430 5127 or email Jill

Lessons for the year 7s will commence this week with the exception of double basses ... your teacher is available from next week and due to the setting up of the new string instruments, strings students will be notified when your lessons commence ...

Rehearsals for the Training Band and Junior Strings start on Thursday 14th March at 7.30am!

Eltham Jazz Food and Wine Festival ... our Jazz and Stage Bands performed at this event on Saturday in spectacular form.  The large audience were entertained with great music from these two bands. Thank you to all those who assisted with the bands' participation in the festival, with a special mention to Stephe Dean for transporting the gear.

Music Support Group ... parents of children in the music program are invited to join the "MSG"!  This group assists the program with fundraising, stage management, equipment transport and provision of special services. Their recent efforts allowed the school to purchase our first Grand Piano!
If you are interested in joining please contact the music office and we will pass your details onto the MSG.

The group's AGM is on Monday 18th March at 7.30pm at the school.  It will be followed by a general meeting. All are welcome!

Rick Plummer

Director of Music

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Congratulations to our senior boys and girls teams on winning the group volleyball round robin last week. They now progress onto the Northern Zone finals on the 23rd April.

State Champion Hoodies

The students that were members of the year 7 and 8 state champion teams last year who have not collected their hoodie yet can collect it from the P.E. office ($25).

Volleyball training

Training this week for the year 7 teams. Girls = Monday and Wednesday. Boys = Tuesday and Friday lunchtime.

EMVA Girls Volleyball Trials

The Eastern Instutute of Volleyball was established to identify and develop talented athletes for the sport of Volleyball. The EMVA is run by Bill McHoul and offers athletes elite coaching for beach and indoor volleyball , strength and conditioning etc. Trials are being held Monday 4th of March  at 6pm and 7.30 pm at Luther college, Plymouth Rd, Croydon. For more information please contact Bill on 0417 341 685 or email

Want to get better at volleyball ?– join a club.

Here are a couple you can contact or go to

Heidelberg Volleyball Club

Trainings from 6.00 - 7.30pm at Catholic Ladies College, Diamond Street, Eltham for all those interested in improving individual skills and playing in tournaments.

Falcons Volleyball Club

They start preseason training on Tuesday 5th Feb at Luther College from 7pm to 9pm.for students interested in playing division 1 or 2 state league. Contact Bill McHoul if you need more details.

Volleyball and the teacher industrial action

Unfortunately work bans that are currently in place will not allow some activities to take place.

Spikezone (mini volleyball for our local primary schools) was planned to start this Thursday but will have to be postponed till late in the term.

The year 7 Monday night volleyball competition and the Thursday night year 8 to 11 volleyball competition will also be postponed until further notice.

Victorian Schools Beach Volleyball Cup.  We usually compete in this competition but this year we are unable to staff this excursion that leaves at 7.30 am and does not return until 5.00pm

I apologise for the break in our usual program. We would rather be providing opportunities for students.

Important Volleyball Dates for 2013

19th March – Year 7 round robin

23rd April – Senior Northern Zone Volleyball

26th April- Intermediate Northern Zone Volleyball

22nd May – Intermediate State Volleyball Final

23rd May – Senior State Volleyball Final

26th – 28th July – Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup

8th- 13th  December - Australian Volleyball Schools Cup

If your child has a unique sporting moment or is selected in a state or National team please let us know so we can share the good news. (I have copies of the Nillumbik sporting achievement grant application form if you require one).

Greg Thomas

Volleyball/Elite Sports Coordinator

Senior Boys Win Cricket

Congratulations to the Senior boys cricket team who defeated St Helena to progress to the north zone semi-finals. Brilliantly captained by Hayden Spargo the team set St Helena a total of 179 to chase off 34 overs. We managed to hang on in a close game by just 4 runs !

Batting : Billy Jenkin 42, Riley Williams 24, Ciaran Porter 23

Bowling : Nelson Rouw 1 for 13 / Billy Marshall 1 for 14 / Riley Williams 2 for 21 / Matt Amenta 1 for 14 / Aiden Amenta 1 for 7 / Josh Turner 1 for 13

Peter Nicholson


Interschool Sport

School sport at Eltham High is already underway for the 2013 school year.  Our Yr 7 Cricketers kicked off the extensive sports program last week, competing in a Round Robin competition with schools from the Nillumbik Division.  This week, our Senior Teams are competing in their term 1 round robin.  The remainder of term 1 yr 7 sports will compete later in the term, Tuesday March 19th.

Below is a summary of the inter-school sports available throughout the year.


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Yr. 7










Cross Country


Table Tennis







Yr. 8

Comp took place Term 4 2012





Cross Country


Table Tennis








Comp took place Term 4 2012





Cross Country


Table Tennis



















Cross Country 



Students should monitor the Newsfeed on compass for the online signup sheets (term 2 is online now!) and training times for sports they wish to play.

Continuing our use of technology this year, parents are able to give permission and make online payments through Compass for our sports excursions.  Please ensure that this is done before the activity as students without permission or payment will not be able to attend the excursion.  Parents are still able to print out a paper permission form and return it, along with cash payment to the supervising teacher on the day of competition.

For more information, including dates of State Finals, State team tryouts etc, the School Sports Victoria Website is a fantastic resource.  Parents can access this online at

School Carnival Dates

Our School Carnival competitions are approaching with the Swimming Sports very close!  Students are required to attend both days.  It is an Eltham High tradition that students ‘dress-up’ in House colours, so we hope to see everyone continuing this tradition!  The dates for our Carnivals are:

House Swimming Carnival

Monday 4th March, 2013

Aquarena, Doncaster

House Athletics Carnival

Tuesday 30th April, 2013

Doncaster Athletics Track, Doncaster

If you have any questions about sport throughout the year, please feel free to contact us at school, either by phone or email.

Nic Cooper & Lucy Bowman

Sports  Co-ordinators

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Student Services (Wellbeing)


Eltham High School is committed to supporting the emotional and social growth of students alongside their academic and cognitive development. The aim of the Student Services Team is to support the emotional and social wellbeing of students across the school.


If Parents or carers are concerned about the social and emotional progress or wellbeing of their student or believe there is information that needs to be conveyed to teachers to enable them to best support the students engagement at school the first contact should always be the students’ Sub School Coordinator. Parents and Students are encouraged to bring concerns or questions regarding Student Wellbeing to the students’ Sub School Coordinator or Sub School Head first who will implement an appropriate level of confidentiality in order to either deal with the matter directly or refer the student to the Student Services Leader (Ms Louise Heathcote). The Student Services Leader has the ability and capacity to briefly counsel students and or refer students to a range of school based (eg: Educational psychologists; student support workers; external and internal programs; peer support) or external services (eg: Nillumbik Community Health; alternative school settings; Community Youth Services).

At various times throughout the year the school newsletter will contain a brief report from each member of the Student Services Team introducing their role within the school and updating you on any opportunities available to students.

The Student Services Team consists of:

Ms Fran Mullins:

Assistant Principal

Student wellbeing, engagement and community involvement. Days at school: Full time.

Ms. Louise Heathcote

Student Services Leader

Coordinate the Student Services team; triage student need; advise and support staff in their pastoral care of students; advise and support students and parents/guardians in regard to social and emotional developmental needs in relation to student engagement at school. Days at School: Full time

Ms. Sue Picket

Integration Team Leader

Manages a team of student support officers assisting students with disabilities.

Mr. Ross Pringle

Career/Pathways  Advisor

Advises student career pathways and organises work experience and careers evening. Days at School:  Full time.

Ms. Michelle Ford

First Aid attendant

available at school every day during school hours

Ms. Eva Natsis

Student Support Worker

Coordinates wellbeing programs for student groups; Peer Mentoring Program and Pastoral Care. Days at School: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mr. Brendan Monigatti

Alternative School Setting Support

Supporting student engagement and attendance. Days at school: Wednesday and Thursday.

Ms. Lisa Thepvongsa:


Funded through Berry Street to support Students and Staff affected by the 2009 Bush Fires. Days at school: every Tuesday, also works with students and families in the community. This publically funded position will terminate in June 2013.

Mr. Peter DiLeo

Educational Psychologist.

Provided by the Northern Metropolitan Regional Office Department of Education. Days at school: Thursday

Mr Vaughan Losewitz

Educational Psychologist.

Provided by the Northern Metropolitan Regional Office Department of Education. Days at school: Wednesday

Louise Heathcote

Student Welfare Leader

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Parents and Carers


Please return immunisation forms to the General Office as soon as possible.

Changes to the Secondary School Immunisation Program

The Department of Health immunisation website has a new fact sheet titled Immunisation information for parents of school-aged children available at:

From 2013, the HPV program will include both boys and girls in Year 7.  Additionally, a time-limited catch-up program will be provided to Year 9 boys only in 2013 and 2014. 

From 2013, the course of hepatitis B vaccine will no longer be offered as a school-based program. Most children entering Year 7 in 2013 will have had    the course of hepatitis B vaccine as an infant. The hepatitis B vaccine will be available in 2013 from local medical clinics or council immunisation services only to students who have not previously received the course of vaccine

The other vaccines administered through the school-based immunisation program (chicken pox in Year 7 and diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis in Year 10) will remain unchanged.

Information regarding the Y9 2013 Male students only and Year 7 & 10 2013 Secondary School Immunisation Program will be sent home shortly with 2013 booklists.

Back to School Checklist

Welcome to another school year. With term one approaching it is time to get your children ready for their return to school or attendance at a children’s service. While their asthma is just one of the many things to get ready, this checklist will hopefully make the process easier.

Throughout the year there are significant increases, or ‘spikes’, in asthma presentations to hospitals and emergency departments. Approximately 1 in 10 children and adolescents in Australia have asthma, and for children and adolescents with asthma these ‘spikes’ usually occur towards the end of holiday periods as they return to school or preschool. A significant ‘spike’ in asthma presentations and admissions to hospital, of children and adolescents experiencing severe asthma exacerbations, occurs throughout the first few weeks of February. For this reason, we have compiled a quick checklist for parents and carers to go through to prepare their child for the school year.

Is your child ready for new school year?

·            My child has had an annual asthma management review with their doctor and has had their Asthma Action Plan reviewed?

·            My child has up to date ambulance membership?

·            My child knows how to recognise early symptoms of asthma and knows when to seek help from staff if they experience asthma symptoms?

·            My child understands the importance of taking reliever medication when necessary and knows how to use their puffer and spacer, either independently or with assistance?

·            An updated Asthma Action Plan has been provided to my child’s school/children’s service. Even if their Asthma Action Plan has not changed from last year it is important that a letter is provided to the school/children’s service informing staff of this. It is vital that staff know what to do for your child in an asthma emergency?

·            A reliever puffer and spacer (and mask for children under 5 years old) has been provided to the school/children’s service for my child. With the change in infection control guidelines, spacers can no longer be shared between children and it is vital that each child has their own equipment?

I have read and understood the school/children’s services asthma policy

For more information, resources or assistance completing this checklist please contact The Asthma Foundation of Victoria on 1800 ASTHMA (278 462) or visit

1 Australian Centre for Asthma Monitoring (2011), “Asthma in Australia: with a focus chapter on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease”, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Canberra 2011.

 Care of: The Asthma Foundation Victoria 479-481 King Street, West Melbourne, Vic, 3003 03 9326 7088

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Entertainment Book

The 2013/14 Entertainment Book will be arriving soon.  Looking quickly through the book, there is a great range of both fine and bistro dining options plus plenty of other great value offers. Again the book is only $65. Order early and you will receive some further discount offers.  There are a number of my favourites included and many new restaurants.  Orders are being taken via the Cashier.  Call 9430 5118 to order you copy.  These are expected to be available after the term break.

Happy dining - Bruce Martyn


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Calculator Sales

The Organiser & Calculator King

For VCE Maths, Year 10 Maths extension or Year 10 Core Maths 2013  the

Required calculator is:

TI-Nspire CX CAS

Cost: $185

Order and pay for your calculator at

·          1. Search for TI-Nspire CX CAS, (Code: TINSCX)

·          2. Add to cart and enter discount code ELTHAMHS in the coupon area

·          3. Fill in your billing information

·          4. Fill in shipping information

For further information contact the shop in South Melbourne

Telephone: (03) 9696 3366


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Information Session for Parents: Bullying, Resilience at School

This information session is presented by Evelyn Field, Consultant Psychologist

Date:      Wednesday 6 March 2013

7.30pm – 9.00pm

Kingston Arts Centre (Theatre)

979 Neapean Highway, MOORABBIN, VIC (Melway Ref: 77/D5)

Cost:      $22.00 Non-Members ($12.00 ADAVIC members)


Phone: ADAVIC (03) 9853 8089

Email: (Website:



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Eltham Junior Football Club

Eltham Junior Football Club is seeking new players in the following age groups:U10, U12, U15 & U17 (NFL JUNIOR CLUB OF THE YEAR 2009)

Eltham Junior Football Club offers a great family atmosphere. We offer opportunities for all levels of playing ability, whether that is developing your skills or just to join your friends.  Players can aspire to join our many recruits at the Northern Knights which is a pathway to the AFL.

U10,  U12 & U15 Players required for Season 2013.

U/17 Players required - Come and help the 17’s defend their 2012 Div 1 Premiership Flag.

Please contact:

Deb Mallard - Registration Secretary,  Phone:  0414 442 195


Research Football Club

The Family Club

Research Junior Football Club has teams from Under 9’s to Under 17’s as well as a fantastic Auskick program. We have specialist coaching programs for skills improvement for all players.  All coaches are accredited and have received specialist training with an emphasis on kicking, speed and agility. Weekly team bbq’s and team photos are also included in the registration fees.

Any queries please call Justine Girdlestone (Secretary) on 0417 844 493.

Montmorency Junior Football Club
(Junior Club of the Year – 2011)

Come and play at Montmorency in 2013. This season the Magpies have

Auskick:  3 girls’ teams (U12, U15 & U18) and Boys’ Teams from Under 9 – Under 17.

We are actively seeking new families in all age groups to Para Rd in 2013 to become part of a progressive and highly awarded Junior Football Club. Our Club has outstanding facilities and excellent Coaches. The Club place a premium on participation and enjoyment for the entire family.

For more information visit m/pages/Montmorency-Junior-Football-Club/149809768445100 or contact President Peter Gray or 0412 480 809

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Want to play netball in 2013

Eltham Netball club is now taking registrations for the 2013 seasons. We cater for all ages from U9 to open and all abilities from beginner to experienced. We train on Tuesdays and Thursday nights and games are on a Saturday commencing 16 March.  If you would like any information please contact Julie on Players are welcome to come to training for a "come and try" session.

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Youth Auditions For



Music by Alan Menken

Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice

Book Adapted and Additional Lyrics by Jim Luigs

Music Adapted and Arranged by Bryan Louiselle

Based on 1992 Disney Film Aladdin

By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd

Exclusive agent for Music Theatre International (NY)

Eltham Little Theatre Inc. will be conducting auditions for its 2013 production of Aladdin Jr. to be performed during and after Term 2 school holidays. Rehearsals begin April 2013.

Auditions will be open to boys and girls ranging in ages from 10-18 years of age. Auditions will be held in small groups. Each group will be required for one hour. A song will be taught to you along with some choreography. We want this to be as non-stressful as possible and for all of you to have an enjoyable experience. If you wish to try out for a lead role, please bring a song with backing music to showcase your vocal range. You must book an Audition time.

Audition Bookings:

Please e-mail Maxine at

Closing date: 3rd March 2013

Audition Dates:                            Call backs (if required):
Fri 15th March 7pm – 10pm               Sun 17th March from 4pm
Sat 16th March 9am – 12 noon
Sun 17th March 9am – 12 noon

# More information will be e-mailed to you upon booking

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Principal’s Report  1

Assistant Principal’s Report  3

Senior School News  4

Working Bee  5

Career News  6

Notebook Initiative 2013   6

What to do when your child becomes unwell at school: 7

Musical Notes  8

Sport  8

Welfare  11

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Want to play netball in 2013  16

Contents  1

School Calendar  2

Canteen Roster  2

School Absences  3

Extra Maths Help   3

JS Homework Club   4

Wanted:  ‘Gourmet Traveller’ and ‘Delicious Food’ Magazines  4

Parent Information   5









School Calendar


Wed 27

EHS Choir Rehearsal




Mon 4

SAC Week

House Swimming Carnival

Wed 6

EHS Community Choir Rehearsal 7.30- 9.00pm

Thu 7

Junior School Cyber Safety Drama Presentation

Fri 8

Nillumbik/Banyule Division Swimming

Wed 13

EHS Community Choir 7.30-9.00

Fri 15

NMR Swimming

Mon 18

SAC Week

Tue 19

Year 7 Round Robin

Wed 20

NMR Diving

Student Progress Interviews – all year levels

EHS Community Choir 7.30-9pm

Sun 24

Working Bee

Mon 25

Concert Band Tour

Tues 26

Student Progress interviews
4pm- 7pm – all year levels

Wed 27

SSV Swimming and Diving

EHS Community Choir



28 March – 2:30pm finish









Canteen Roster

Wed 27

Christine Muscat

Alison Jones

Leisa James

Thu 28

Samantha Saill

Danielle Ashby

Fri 1

Denise Di Petta

Jacqui Harley

Mon 4

Matt Watts

Vicky Natoli

Jana Eustance

Tue 5

Serafina Alberti

Jodi Clarkson




School Absences

All Junior, Middle & Senior School absences can now be reported to:

9430 5299

(designated answering service)

Please advise: name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.










Extra Maths Help

Extra Maths Help for 2013 will be put on hold because of the current industrial action. It will recommence once the dispute has been resolved.

Mrs Milner

Maths KLA Coordinator



JS Homework Club

Please note that due to our current industrial dispute the Junior School Homework Club will be put on hold until such a time as the dispute is resolved.


Phil Boyd

Junior School









































‘Gourmet Traveller’ and ‘Delicious Food’

If anyone has any Delicious or Gourmet Traveller Food Magazines from the past 3 - 4 years that they no longer require, the Foods Department would certainly appreciate them.  Please contact Christine Andrews to arrange delivery or drop them into the General Office.

Christine Andrews
VCE Food & Technology Teacher


Parent Information

EMA – Educational Maintenance Allowance

Reminder applications close on 28 February.  Application forms are available at the General Office.

Please ensure you supply a copy of the concession/health card to ensure full completion of your application. No late applications can be processed.

Kathleen Hannan

Acting Business Manager