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TUESDAY 12 March




PHONE (03)9430 5111 – FACSIMILE (03)9431 0448 – EMAIL:

Absences:  9430 5299



Student Progress Interviews

March 20      11am – 7pm

March 26        4pm – 7pm

There are no classes for students on Wednesday 20 March. Students are expected to attend the Student Progress Interviews with their families at the booked times.


Principal’s Report

Student Achievement

Top Class Music Recitals

Congratulations to Nathan Thompson (Year 10, Andrew House) who is the drummer and co-songwriter of the alternative Rock Band, Pinball Machine. The Band has recently been working with the Refinery Recording Studio in Williamstown recording its first single “The Onlooker.” The single can be downloaded for free via the triple j unearthed site:

To see more about the band visit

I wish Nathan all the very best with this interest and possible career path.

University Enhancement Studies

I congratulate Hannah Jones (Year 2012, Everard House) who as part of her Year 12 program is undertaking studies at RMIT University in Computer Science and Information Technology. Hannah currently attends RMIT on two afternoons per week for lectures, tutorials and labs. Hannah is one of only two students across Victoria taking up this opportunity to study this program at RMIT. Students undertaking enhancement studies at Universities will be credited with these studies if they choose to take up tertiary studies at the respective University.

Nillumbik / Banyule Division Swimming Championships

Congratulations to all the students that participated in this event and brought home the Championship Flag. Every student needs to be commended for such an outstanding effort. I also congratulate all the coaches that supported the students’ training and encouraged them along the way. A number of students have qualified for the Northern Metropolitan Region’s Swimming finals to be held this coming Friday at WaterMarc and we look forward to some outstanding results in this upcoming event. A well-deserved pat on the back!


Creative Minds Exhibition

Nillumbik’s top VCE Art students will be exhibiting some of their work at the Eltham Community Library between Thursday 14 March and Monday 8 April. The exhibition will be officially opened on Saturday 16 March by Nillumbik Shire Deputy Mayor, Cr Helen Coleman (former parent of Eltham High School). The exhibition will feature works of students from Eltham High School, Eltham College, Catholic Ladies College and Plenty Valley Christian College. The Eltham High School Principal’s Acquisition Prize, 2012 (Lochlan McKechnie, ex-student 2012, Andrew House) and the Wes Muir Acquisition Prize, 2012 (Zoe Kaskamanidis, ex-student 2012, Everard House) will be on show. I invite all members of the Eltham Community to view the exhibition and I congratulate all the students whose work will be on show.

Gonski School Funding Review

You will be aware that the Victorian Government’s plan was to abandon the offer of funding proposed by the Federal Government, in line with the Gonski Review, in place of its own unworkable funding plan.

It would be a mistake for us to remain dormant and just allow this to happen. The change of leadership in the Victorian Liberal Party may force it to see reason but we cannot depend on this.

The State Government’s funding plan would result in students in government schools receiving considerable less funding than anticipated by the Federal Government Plan, once again asking government schools to do more with less.

The Gonski Review has produced a blueprint for more equitable, transparent and consistent funding arrangements across all schools providing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to deliver fairer funding arrangements for all students, across all states and territories. The Victorian Government's plan is a recipe for disaster. Effectively it would see the introduction of a failed American voucher model designed primarily to shift funding from public to private schools.

Instead of providing certainty for public schools, as Gonski would, The Victorian Government’s Plan would mean shifting levels of funding that make it impossible to ensure a high-quality education is delivered to every student.

The Victorian Government needs to stop short-changing students in public schools by slashing funding levels. It should negotiate fairer funding arrangements with the Federal Government that will benefit all students.

For the benefit of all our young people both currently in schools and those in the future I ask that every member of this community takes up this cause by registering for Gonski at the website below. I also encourage you to leave a very clear message for the new Premier to ensure that our young people are not short-changed but provided with the funding that they deserve.

Teachers’ Industrial Campaign/ Interim Reports

I wish that I could say that in the last week there has been some breakthrough in the negotiations, particularly due to the change in leadership in the State Government. However, I cannot. As we move into the period of Interim Reports please be aware that the reports will contain a limited amount of information so it is crucial that parents attend Student Progress Interviews to receive more detailed feedback. I would advise you to book early to ensure that you do lock in a time with your child’s/children’s teachers. As with the last round of report the AEU calls on its members to adhere to the bans. The bans include teacher comments; reporting numerical data such as percentage grades, marks out of 10 or letter grade equivalents for student performance in assessment tasks with the exception of VELS progression or equivalent (Years 7 – 10) and S/N for VCE Students. Assessment on student achievement in areas such as work habits, behaviour and social competencies are not to be included.

In light of the structure of our interim reports, teachers will be reporting on the following three areas: Achievement; Homework attempted; Work Progress. In relation to Work Progress in the past, if a student was not up to date the teacher would have been required to write a comment; in the current climate of the industrial bans, teachers will not be writing comments. Teachers that are not AEU members will be required to complete reports in full.

Hopefully by the time that we get to end of Semester 1 Reports a resolution will have been reached with the State Government and the industrial bans lifted.

Excessive Hot Weather

Can I call on parents to support their children during this unprecedented period of extremely hot weather. Please ensure that your children adhere to the school dress code in relation to the decisions that they make each day about their dress. Please provide them with a water bottle that they can fill up throughout the day and encourage them to keep themselves hydrated. Encourage your children to make use of the “Hot Weather Rooms” that are open to them during break times (these rooms are air conditioned). A number of rooms within the school have air conditioning/ evaporative cooling; however others do not. The Finance Committee of School Council has a clear plan to provide cooling to the remaining rooms starting with rooms that are deemed as high priority. Whilst the level of continuous heat that we have experienced to date is unprecedented, we believe that we need to accept that this will become an ongoing issue for us all. 

Vincent Sicari


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Assistant Principal’s Report

Student Progress Interviews

Student Progress Interviews will be held on Wednesday 20 March between 11-7pm, and Tuesday 26 March between 4-7pm. There will be no classes held on Wednesday 20 March, although students will be expected to attend the Student Progress Interviews with their parents.

Bookings for Student Progress Interviews will be available online via the Compass Parent Portal from tomorrow (13 March) onwards. It is important that you access Compass and make a time to meet with your child’s teacher to gain feedback on their progress. Interim reports will be made available online through the Compass Parent Portal from 4:00pm this Friday 15 March. The amount of information in these reports is limited by the work bans that form part of the current AEU industrial action. The limited nature of this feedback makes meeting with your son or daughter’s teacher especially important this year.

Please note the following details;

        Locations for interviews will now be consolidated with all interviews being held in the new building.

        When booking on Compass, you will now be able to see the location of the teacher for the interview.

        As always we encourage you to leave a five minute gap between all of your appointments to allow for movement.

        Extra car parking will be open to reduce congestion.  Some parking will be available on the hard courts (west of the Stadium).  Parking will be available on the rear oval (enter via Ely Street). However this is dependent upon the weather conditions. 

        There will be a staff update sent out through Compass alerting families to changes to staff availability on the day. We encourage all families to check their email for updates on the day.

Interviews can be a highly productive form of feedback for both parents and students, so it is worth considering what information you would like from the teacher ahead of time: general questions such as ‘are they doing their homework?’ and ‘are they up to date’ are important questions to ask. However, equally important are questions regarding the best strategies for the student to implement to move from where they currently are to where they want to be in their learning. Questions such as ‘what does my child need to do at home in order to build their skills?’ or ‘how can my child use their strengths in class and what areas do they need to develop in?’ are also important questions.

Ultimately a general conversation can indicate positive progress or broad areas for improvement, but if you as a parent or guardian are able to reinforce specific feedback regarding student progress and strategies for improvement, student learning is increased. Ideally, having a follow up conversation with children around the dinner table shortly after the interviews and then again throughout the semester is also useful. How are they going with the strategies that they agreed to focus on during Term One? Are things improving? Are they happy and confident with their learning? As a parent / guardian you are able to follow up with teachers and provide feedback to teachers via the email facility in Compass. We encourage you to do so as the more that this can happen, the more we can ensure that student learning is a genuine partnership between teachers, students and home.

Tim Natoli

Assistant Principal

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Working Bee

The Grounds Committee has scheduled the second Working Bee for Term 1 on Sunday 24 March from 9:00am until 12:30pm with morning tea and barbeque lunch provided.  As usual we have lots of tasks to be addressed, ranging from skilled construction tasks, as well as the full range of maintenance tasks.  As well as the construction tasks planned there is lots of weeding, pruning and selective watering tasks planned for the day.  Identified below are activities we see as priorities for the Working Bee on the 24 March.

·         Fixing the timber seating tops to the recently constructed retaining wall seats adjacent to the Canteen.

·         Construction of post and pipe fence on the east side of the new building.  Crowbars, spirit levels, shovels required for this task.

·         Pruning, weeding and selective watering in a range of locations across the campus.

·         Staining of the remaining bollard on the south side of the campus complex.

·         Brush cutting and mowing of a range of areas across the campus complex.

·         Pruning, weeding and mulching of the Environmental Area at the eastern end of the tennis courts.

If attending the Working Bee on the 24 March park your vehicle on the hard courts adjacent to the stadium or on the back oval (enter via Ely St) and then follow the directional signage to the area adjacent to the school Canteen where you will be signed in by a member of the Grounds Committee and directed to a task.  Remember to bring protective clothing, gloves, sunscreen, hat and water bottle on the day.

Looking forward to your anticipated support and involvement on March 24.

Top Soil Required

The school requires a significant amount of good quality topsoil to fill recently completed raised box gardens in the courtyard complex.  We are talking about truckloads rather than a metre or two.  If any member of the school community can help out please contact 9430 5111 and pass the message onto Bruce Martyn or John Coates.

John Coates

For the Grounds Committee

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Career News

Applying for a Tax File Number

Are you intending to look for part-time work or are currently employed? If so then having a TFN will avoid you having to pay tax on the pay you receive from your employer.  As of 2013 the tax free threshold will be $18,200 so to ensure you are not taxed you can get an application form from outside the Careers Office. Please ensure that the form is filled out neatly and with either your birth registration number or passport number. Copies of documents are NOT required with the application form. Return the form to the Careers Office to be checked and mailed out. The processing time by the ATO is about 4 weeks and any contact with the ATO following your application needs to be done by the applicant.

RSPCA Animal Career Discovery Day!

Hear from RSPCA staff currently working in the industry in various roles and gain helpful insider knowledge on planning pathways to a fulfilling career with animals.

Dates: Thursday 14 March, Tuesday 18 June, Tuesday 3 September and Thursday 5 December

Time: 9:00am – 3:30pm

Location: Burwood East RSPCA

Cost: $55 includes registration, morning tea, RSPCA career show bag, and all activity costs.

For more information and to download a registration form visit :

Year 10 Work Experience May 20-24 (Term 2)

It’s never too early to think about a placement so put it in your calendar and start to think about occupations of interest.  Make it your focus to find a placement that you may have considered as a future career. Work arrangement forms can be found outside the Careers Office and should be returned when completed. The form will be checked over and authorised by the Principal then a copy will be mailed home and to the employer. So don’t wait. Make it happen!

Ross Pringle

Careers Coordinator

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Year 7 Students visit Cyberia.

On Thursday March 7 all our Year 7 students attended a performance of ‘Cyberia’, presented by Brainstorm Productions. This is part of our Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Program, and is one part of our goal to develop safe and responsible online habits amongst our students. The performance addressed topics including Cyber Bullying, Digital Citizenship, Social Websites, Internet Security, Exclusion, Alienation, Isolation, Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Addiction, Impulse Control and Online Reputation. Students were highly engaged throughout the performance, most likely because of the relevance of the content. Whilst the school will be organising some follow-up activities, it would be wonderful if you could also take this opportunity to engage your child in a conversation about the performance and the issues it raises. As the old adage goes: ‘It takes a whole community to raise a digitally responsible child’.   

On a closely related topic, parents of all Year 7 students should now have received the login information for their child’s Edmodo account. We welcome you to take a peek through this digital window into your child’s classroom.

Ross McKinnon

Junior School Leader

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Collecting an unwell student from school

It is always a tricky phone call, the one that starts with ‘Mum, I feel sick, can I come home?’ How do you, as a parent, respond? Is your child genuinely sick or just trying to pull the wool over your eyes? How do you assess this over the phone? What does the school require of you? Listed below are a few pointers that may help clarify this dilemma for you, as well as helping to avoided frustrated parents, teachers and support staff.

·         Any student who is not feeling well should go to the Sick Bay

·         At Sick Bay, the School Nurse, Michelle Ford, will assess your child and will do one of three things:

1.    Attend to the problem and send the student back to class

2.    Ring a parent to arrange for the student to be collected

3.    Keep the student in Sick Bay for a short period of time before deciding which of the above (1 or 2) is to occur

·         We are not able to provide extended periods of supervision in Sick Bay

·         If your child rings you directly please advise them to go to Sick Bay

·         Arrangements made between a parent and child (for collection during the day) are not supported by the school as they frequently lead to confusion and frustration.

The short version of this is ‘any student who is feeling unwell should go to the Sick Bay, where the School Nurse will decide on the appropriate course of action. Any other arrangements cause confusion.’

Ross McKinnon

Junior School Leader

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Have you lost your Myki card? 

Over the past weeks a number of myki cards have been handed into the General Office.  Due to privacy regulations we are unable to hand back lost cards the Students with no name on them.

Wondering what to do next?

Please follow the link to find out how to report and replace lost/stolen myki cards:

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Musical Notes

Training band and junior strings rehearsals start this week Thursday 14 March at the bright and early time of 7.30am. Parents are welcome to come and listen to those first wonderful sounds.

Paperwork: Parents of students in Intermediate, Concert, Symphonic, 'established' Junior Strings & Senior Strings: your child has received a multitude of papers at rehearsal this week. For those absent, the forms are in the post. Included are the 'official' enrolment form, hire form (if applicable), calendar of events (for planning ahead) and your invoice. Please read them carefully and return at the appropriate dates.  Please note that those students established in the Program, the first fee payment is due on 22 March.  If you have financial issues regarding this please contact the Business Manager, Ms Kathleen Hannan.

Training Band and Junior Strings: information will be sent.

Chamber Ensemble Concert: This is being held tomorrow evening, Wednesday 13 March at 7pm in Room 111. Ensembles consisting of senior clarinets, flutes, strings and percussion will be performing. Tea & coffee will be provided.  Entry is free.  All welcome.

Music Support Group: The group's AGM is on Monday 18 March at 7.30pm at the school. It will be followed by a general meeting.

Two roles to be filled are Treasurer and Sash & Tie Co-ordinator.

If you would like to know more about what is involved in these roles, please contact MSG president Jane Woollard on 0431 555 481 or

All are welcome to the AGM meeting!

Any queries about the program, please ring the Music Office on 9430 5127 or email Jill Note that Jill does not work on in the Music Office Fridays!

Rick Plummer

Director of Music

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Volleyball training

Regular lunchtime training for all teams will commence this week. A training schedule has been place on the volleyball information board in the stadium foyer.

Monday - year 8 girls and senior boys,

Tuesday - year 7 and year 9 girls,

Wednesday - Year 7 boys and senior girls,

Thursday - year 8 and year 9 boys,

Friday - Year 10 boys and girls teams.

Volleyball Program

On Friday students in year 8 to 12 who have been selected were given payment forms for the 2013 Volleyball Program. The amounts vary for three groups. The fees for girls continuing from last year pay $145.

Students new to the Program (boys or girls) pay $250 (to cover uniform). All boys continuing from last year are required to pay $170 this year. This is an additional $ 25 to cover uniform shorts.

Last year at Australian Volleyball Schools Cup there were a number of problems with boys wearing mis-matching shorts. All players are required to wear shorts of the same style and colour; so this year we are providing matching shorts with the ‘Eltham’ logo on the leg. Only these shorts should be worn for school competitions.

Please pay a deposit of $50 or the balance by March 28 to confirm your position in the Program.

Year 7 Volleyball

The year 7 Volleyball Program will commence after the year 7 volleyball round robin on March 19.

Six teams will be participating in the competition. From this 16 boys and 16 girls will be invited to take part in the Volleyball Program.

Year 7 Volleyball Competition

Each Monday night after school year 7 students have the opportunity to take part in a social mixed volleyball competition. The first night is a free ‘come and have a hit night’ where students can enter teams for the regular season of competition the following week. Games start at 3.20 pm and finish at 3.50pm. This is an invitation to all year 7 students interested in playing volleyball.

Meet in the sports stadium each Monday after school.

Important Volleyball Dates for 2013

19 March – Year 7 round robin

23 April – Senior Northern Zone Volleyball

26 April- Intermediate Northern Zone Volleyball

22 May – Intermediate State Volleyball Final

23 May – Senior State Volleyball Final

26 – 28 July – Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup

8- 13  December - Australian Volleyball Schools Cup

If your child has a unique sporting moment or is selected in a State or National team please let us know so we can share the good news. (I have copies of the Nillumbik sporting achievement grant application form if you require one).

Greg Thomas

Volleyball/Elite Sports Coordinator

2013 Australian Sports Camps

Any students interested in attending Sports Camps in the April School holidays, please collect a flyer from the PE office.

Camps are available in the following sports:






For more information please see the following website 

Nillumbik/Banyule Division Swimming Championships

Eltham High School have been declared the Nillumbik/Banyule Swimming Champions!

A team of 50 Eltham High School students competed in the Division Championship on Friday 8 March at Aquarena.  

There were a number of amazing individual achievements, most notably Paige Goodwin taking out 5 individual races! 

Other individual winners included Jordan Bayliss, Neesha Nurmohamed, Adam Witbooi, Shirin Nurmohamed, Emily Chubb, Kyle Olsen.

We also had success with a number of relay teams winning, and even breaking the 17 Boys 4x50m Relay record!

Students who placed first and second have qualified for the NMR Swimming Finals to be held at Greensborough WaterMarc next Friday 15 March.

Final Results

Eltham 667

Viewbank 467

St Helena 453



Nic Cooper

Outdoor and Environmental Studies Teacher





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Notebook Initiative 2013

Notebook Re-Image

All Notebooks that have not been imaged need to go to IT Support next week for an essential update. On Friday 15 March your network access will stop. This includes your Internet. 

Notebook Initiative 2012

The second payment date for families who commenced the program last year was 30 November 2012.  If you have an outstanding payment then this is required to be paid immediately. As per the agreed terms of the lease, regular payments are required to continue the use of a school notebook.

Payments can be made via credit card or BPAY to Paula Hogan (Cashier) who can be contacted on 9430 5118 or by email at

Notebook Care

Students are required to bring their notebooks to all classes fully charged unless given different instructions by their teacher.  Students should carry their notebooks in their carry case.  Chargers are not permitted in classrooms under any circumstances.  Protective skins are supplied to keep the notebook clean and to provide an address in the event of loss.

Dell can be contacted on 1800 634 560 (select option 1) for any hardware faults. You can arrange for a repair at home or in school. A service number will be required from Dell for repairs organised in school. The notebook should be delivered to our IT team as soon as possible.  Software issues can be repaired at school by our dedicated IT Support Team.  Student repairs will be undertaken from the service desk at the entrance to the Library.  This desk is operational before school, recess, lunch and after school.

Craig Bradley

eLearning & ICT Leader

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Parents and Carers


Please return completed immunisation cards to the General Office by Friday March 22. Nillumbik Community Health Services are scheduled to visit Eltham High School next term on Wednesday 17 April 2013.

Year 7      Chicken Pox

               HPV (both boys and girls)

Year 9      HPV (Boys only)

Year 10    Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis

The Department of Health - Immunisation website has a new fact sheet titled Immunisation information for parents of school-aged children available at:


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Entertainment Book

The 2013/14 Entertainment Book will be arriving soon.  Looking quickly through the book, there is a great range of both fine and bistro dining options plus plenty of other great value offers. Again the book is only $65. Order early and you will receive some further discount offers.  There are a number of my favourites included and many new restaurants.  Orders are being taken via the Cashier.  Call 9430 5118 to order you copy.  These are expected to be available after the term break.

Happy dining - Bruce Martyn



Calculator Sales

The Organiser & Calculator King

For VCE Maths, Year 10 Maths extension or Year 10 Core Maths 2013 the

Required calculator is:

TI-Nspire CX CAS

Cost: $185

Order and pay for your calculator at

·          1. Search for TI-Nspire CX CAS, (Code: TINSCX)

·          2. Add to cart and enter discount code ELTHAMHS in the coupon area

·          3. Fill in your billing information

·          4. Fill in shipping information

For further information contact the shop in South Melbourne

Telephone: (03) 9696 3366

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Eltham Junior Football Club

Eltham Junior Football Club is seeking new players in the following age groups: U10, U12, U15 & U17 (NFL JUNIOR CLUB OF THE YEAR 2009)

Eltham Junior Football Club offers a great family atmosphere. We offer opportunities for all levels of playing ability, whether that is developing your skills or just to join your friends.  Players can aspire to join our many recruits at the Northern Knights which is a pathway to the AFL.

U10, U12 & U15 Players required for Season 2013.

U/17 Players required - Come and help the 17’s defend their 2012 Div 1 Premiership Flag.

Please contact:

Deb Mallard - Registration Secretary,  Phone:  0414 442 195


Research Football Club

The Family Club

Research Junior Football Club has teams from Under 9’s to Under 17’s as well as a fantastic Auskick program. We have specialist coaching programs for skills improvement for all players.  All coaches are accredited and have received specialist training with an emphasis on kicking, speed and agility. Weekly team bbq’s and team photos are also included in the registration fees.

Any queries please call Justine Girdlestone (Secretary) on 0417 844 493.


Want to play netball in 2013

Eltham Netball club is now taking registrations for the 2013 seasons. We cater for all ages from U9 to open and all abilities from beginner to experienced. We train on Tuesdays and Thursday nights and games are on a Saturday commencing 16 March.  If you would like any information please contact Julie on Players are welcome to come to training for a "come and try" session.






Eltham Lacrosse Club - Pre-season (juniors and seniors) new and returning players, girls and boys, come along to pre-season training and start preparing for the 2013 season, the club's 50th season of Lacrosse - it's fun and it's fast!

* Free * ALL Welcome * New Players * Returning players * ALL ages Wednesdays 7pm at Eltham Lower Park

•       March 13th

•       March 20th

•       March 27th

Enquiries - Pauline Maher

9432 0769

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You’re invited to join us to support this worthwhile cause and hopefully help us to improve on last year’s collection total of over $10,000!


Eltham High School, in conjunction with the Pied Pipers, is organising the annual Good Friday Appeal in this area to support the work of the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Students (both past and present) and families are encouraged to join us to help with our door knock collection on Good Friday. Collectors will meet at the school, in the main staffroom at 8.20am on Friday 6th April and in groups of four will be driven to the area where they will be collecting for the morning. At all times students are under the direct supervision of an adult supervisor. All Collectors will return to school by approximately1.00pm.

You will be provided with drinks/a snack/ Easter eggs/hot cross buns throughout the morning and on your return to school.

So, get a group of friends or family together (or come by yourself!), and collect permission forms from Mrs. Lambert and do your bit for the Royal Children’s Hospital!! Permission forms can be collected from Middle school office or Student Services and should be returned to Mrs. Lambert

Parents wishing to assist with the collection can notify me of their intention on 94305213 or by email at

Thanking you in anticipation of your support of the Good Friday Appeal!


Kerry Lambert

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Principal’s Report  1

Assistant Principal’s Report  3

Working Bee  4

Career News  5

Year 7 Students visit Cyberia. 6

Collecting an unwell student from school 6

Myki 7

Musical Notes  7

Sport  8

Notebook Initiative 2013   10

Parents and Carers  10



Entertainment Book  11

Calculator Sales  12

Eltham Junior Football Club  12

Research Football Club  12

Want to play netball in 2013  13


School Calendar  2

Canteen Roster  3

School Absences  3

Compass News Update  4


Extra Maths Help   5

JS Homework Club   5

Wanted: ‘Gourmet Traveller’ & ‘Delicious Food’ Magazines  6









School Calendar


Wed 13

EHS Community Choir 7.30-9.00

Senior School Assembly


Fri 15

NMR Swimming


Mon 18

SAC Week


Tue 19

Year 7 Round Robin


Wed 20

Student Progress Interviews –

all year levels

EHS Community Choir 7.30-9pm

School Council AGM

NMR Diving


Sun 24

Working Bee


Mon 25

Concert Band Tour – postponed until Term 2


Tues 26

Student Progress interviews
4pm- 7pm – all year levels


Wed 27

SSV Swimming and Diving

EHS Community Choir




28 March – 2:30pm finish

Mon 15

Term Two Commences










Canteen Roster

Wed 13

Gail Parsons

Debbie Wood

Tania Weddle

Thu 14

Kathryn Phillips

Joanne Grigg

Fri 15

Janine Aldred

Jemima Chianta

Suzie Gerrard

Mon 18

Robyn Flanagan

Tracey Abdallah

Marianne Sparks

Tue 19

Kylie York

Leonie Knoblock




School Absences

All Junior, Middle & Senior School absences can now be reported to:

9430 5299

(designated answering service)

Please advise: name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.







Compass News Update


Notebook Catch-up

Notebook Reimaging

Part Time Job Opportunity

Middle School Student Leader Positions

Calling for interest – Year 9 Girls Wellbeing Group

Interested in creating and recording music with other people?

Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal

Australian Sports Camps – April School Holidays

Term 2 Sports sign ups

L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program









Extra Maths Help

Extra Maths Help for 2013 will be put on hold due to the current AEU Industrial bans. It will recommence once the dispute has been resolved.

Mrs Milner

Maths KLA Coordinator



JS Homework Club

Please note that due to the current AEU Industrial bans the Junior School Homework Club will be put on hold until such a time as the dispute is resolved.

Phil Boyd

Junior School












































Wanted: ‘Gourmet Traveller’ & ‘Delicious Food’ Magazines

If anyone has any ‘Delicious’ or ‘Gourmet Traveller’ food magazines from the past 3 -4 years that they no longer require, the Foods Department would certainly appreciate them.  Please contact Christine Andrews to arrange delivery or drop them into the General Office.

Christine Andrews
VCE Food & Technology Teacher








































































































































Sunday 17 March, 9am-2pm



Description: Mega CBS logo.pdfLot of White Elephant                                                            $20 per site,

stalls, Cakes, BBQ,                                                       if paid by 7th March

Kids activities, mini golf, Crockery Smash,                           That’s 20% off

Pie Throwing Competition,                                      the regular price of $25

Auskick, Live Music and lots more               Call the school to book a site on

                                                                                              9435 2585






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