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Principal’s Report

Student Achievement

The Victoria Flute Guild’s 20th Annual Flute Ensemble Competition:

On Sunday 26 May the Eltham Flute Ensemble took part in the 20th Annual Flute Ensemble Competition held in the J. T. Auditorium at Methodist Ladies College. The ensemble performed admirably in the 18 Years & Under - Large Ensemble section taking out first prize from a list of 10 competing ensembles. This is an outstanding achievement and one that we are very proud of. I congratulate: Lauren Scalzo (Year 11, Rutter House), Anna Telfer (Year 11, Andrew House), Emily Everett (Year 11, Rutter House), Kate Glynatsis (Year 10, Stewart House), Gabriella Alberti (Year 10, Stewart House), Rebecca Gawler (Year 10, Rutter House), Georgia Vatch (Year 9, Stewart House) and Michaela Prunotto.  I congratulate Ms Carol Galea (conductor of the ensemble) and Mr Mark Shiell (flute teacher) and thank them both for their ongoing encouragement and support of our young adults in this well-deserved recognition! In particular, I recognize that in providing this opportunity for our students Carol did take time away from her own family on this weekend and I thank her for this.

Senior Strings Ensemble:

On Sunday 19 May, the Senior String Ensemble represented Eltham High School at the AUSTA Strings Festival. The students, combined with over 150 other musicians, were given the opportunity to perform a piece they have worked on during school rehearsals as well as workshop a new piece by Australian Composer, Stephen Chin.

The individual piece they performed featured: solos on electric violin by Katta O’Donnell (Year 10, Stewart House), Bhavani O’Donovan (Year 9, Stewart House) and Chrissy Fitzmaurice (Year 8, Andrew House); mandolin played by Bailey Hume (Year 8, Rutter House); drum kit, played by Harry Symons (Year 11, Stewart House). The students were

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extremely professional and very motivated to share their hard work. Their performance was very well received. There was extensive positive feedback from staff and students from other schools, audience members and most significantly the students. Abigail Wilson (Year 7, Stewart House), a new member to Senior Strings this year, stated that this opportunity encouraged her to develop a closer connection with the individual members of the ensemble. Zac Petrou (Year 9, Rutter House) stated that it was amazing to contribute to such a large orchestra, especially such a large viola section! Both Amberley Bremner and Gideon Bosua (Instrumental Music Teachers) have indicated that they felt extremely proud to belong to the Eltham String Ensemble, observing students maximize their skills, love of music and leadership benefits. I take this opportunity to congratulate all the students as well as their exceptionally talented teachers and coaches and in particular Amberley and Gideon who were prepared to give up their weekend to support our young people and provide this wonderful experience for them.

Drama Ensemble Performances:

Congratulations to all the students that participated in the Units 1/3 Drama Ensemble Performances last Thursday evening. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but I am told that the performances were very well received by the audience. I did ask Mr Natoli (Assistant Principal) to attend on my behalf and somehow he became embroiled in the performance. I wonder how that happened! Anyhow, a great night was had by all.

State Volleyball Finals:

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the State Volleyball finals as well as all the coaches that have been preparing the students for this event. The results were outstanding and these are outlined in a further section of this newsletter. As an example for the fifth year in a row the Senior Boys’ Team remains the undefeated champion.  A great effort!

EHS Cross Country:

Congratulations to all the students that participated in this year’s Cross-Country run. Some great times were achieved by a number of students who I am sure will represent Eltham High School at forthcoming competitions. I thank our Sports Co-ordinators Nic Cooper and Lucy Bowman and all the staff that supported the event.

Artist’s Talk Initiative:

Last Thursday, 23 May, saw the inaugural Artist’s Talk being presented to students and staff at our school. We welcomed artist Ruth Marshall who as we found out through her art has reached out to many people across the world. Ruth Marshall is an Australian Artist who was employed by the Bronx Zoo in New York as an artist in residence. Her work is currently exhibited at Montsalvat. Ruth’s presentation gave us an insight into her work which focuses on the subject matter of endangered animals presented in a most creative form as well as an insight into her career path. After studying at

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RMIT University, Ruth won the Samstag Foundation Study and Travel Grant (South Australia) that allowed her to study at the Pratt Institute of Art and Design in New York. Her work is strong and important and her career is inspiring and relevant to all aspiring artists. What a great opportunity for our young people to hear from a renowned practising artist right on their door step. I congratulate Ms Ute Leiner for her initiative in getting this off the ground and I look forward the next Artist’s Talk presentation.

Gonski Reform:

Last Saturday, 25 May, I attended the community rally at Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens  aimed at giving Premier Napthine the message that for the benefit of our young people and their education he must sign up to  the National School Funding reform. It was great to see a number of both current and past parents and students at the rally as well as staff. This was one of the many rallies taking place at around the same time across the State and we hope that these will have an impact on the State Government’s decision in relation to the Gonski Review funding reforms. I want to thank every member of our community that came out on the day in support of the future of our government school education system and ultimately of our young people.

Student Safety:

A reminder to both students and parents of the importance of student safety around the school at peak times of the day. In the mornings and in the afternoon rush periods it is important that drivers into and around the school remain vigilant of student movement. It is just as important that students remain very aware of vehicle movement, particularly through the drive-in area at the front of the school.


I acknowledge that everyone wants to move out as quickly as possible but everyone is in the same boat and a little patience I am sure will serve us all well. Strange car manoeuvres and students moving in and out and around cars will impinge on student safety. I ask students and parents to take note of this request and to be prudent in traffic in and around the school.


Vincent Sicari


Assistant Principal’s Report

Student Engagement and Wellbeing

In the School Strategic Plan for 2013 – 2016, the goal for ‘Student Engagement and Wellbeing’ is to build students’ independence and enjoyment of learning and increase their capacity to take responsibility for their own learning. While this is an ongoing focus in all aspects of our work at Eltham High School, I would like to report on some recent work that has a focus on two of the identified Key Improvement Strategies;

·         Strengthen student relationships and sustain a harmonious learning environment

·         Strengthen opportunities for student leadership


These Key Improvement Strategies were evident in the planning for the program for Middle School last week. With year 10 students out of the school on Work Experience, the focus for year 9 students was on growth and leadership. The program for the week included an ‘Amazing Race’ based in the CBD which was a fantastic opportunity for small groups of students to work with a staff member to complete a range of challenges. School based programs included a Reach program, Careers seminars and a Leadership seminar. Students actively engaged in all aspects of the program and by all accounts had a great week.




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I worked with a group of year 9 students for the Leadership seminar. It was inspiring to hear students talk about the qualities of a good leader, observe them working collaboratively on building a tower and then reviewing the contributions made by members of the group, and proposing ways that students can have more of a voice in decisions being made about their school. This work will inform the next stages of work being done to identify further opportunities for student leadership.


New VCE Subject – VCE Extended Investigation

Extended Investigation is a new VCE subject at Eltham High School which will be study scored in 2014.  The subject has been piloted at Eltham High through VCAA for 2 years with much success.  The subject is a Unit 3/4 sequence only and is available to all Year 11 and 12 students.

The focus of the subject is on students developing and conducting a research project in an area of interest to them.  Students are able to pursue almost any area of interest through their investigation.  The research project is an individual project although students work collaboratively to support each other through the research process.  Students are taught skills including developing research questions, critical thinking, research ethics and method design, academic writing and presentation.  Eltham High School has also developed a partnership with LaTrobe University who pair Extended Investigation students with a university based academic mentor.  The skills taught in this subject are of benefit not only in other VCE subjects but as students’ transition to high education.

Further details are available in the Senior School Subject Selection Handbook.  Anyone who would like further information can also speak to Ms Clarke (Office Room 304), Mrs Reed and Madame Hughes (both in Room 144), all of whom teach the subject. These teachers will also be available at lunchtime on Wednesday 29 May in room 301 to answer any questions for those who wish to attend.


Fran Mullins

Assistant Principal, School Community Wellbeing and Support

Senior School News

Year 11: Semester 1 Examinations

The Year 11 Semester 1 examination period commences on Thursday 30 May and concludes Friday 7 June, 2013. The examination timetable has been forwarded electronically to students, who are requested to read this document carefully taking note of the date, time and venue for each of their exams. In the event that two examinations are scheduled simultaneously or an absence occurs during the course of the examination period, students are requested to access the Google Drive (forms) links to re-schedule their examination(s) to the last day Friday 7 June, 2013 during periods 3-4 and 5-6 as listed in the exam timetable. Year 11 students enrolled in a Year 12 subject are required to attend their scheduled examination as a priority and liaise directly with teaching staff in relation to completing the set working tasks missed. Where this occurs, student absences will be recorded as 'approved' on Compass.

SAC/SAT Redemption

This notice is to remind students who are absent on the day of a scheduled SAC/SAT that the redemption must occur within ONE week of a student's return to school. The SAC/SAT redemption day is each Tuesday afternoon between 3:30pm and 5:10pm. Year 12 students are expected to complete their SAC/SAT redemption during their next scheduled 'spare' periods upon their return to school prior to the Tuesday after school session. A medical certificate is required, dated on the day of the absence for students to qualify for a scored assessment.


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An additional SAC/SAT redemption session has been scheduled for Year 11 students on Thursday 23 May to support the completion of Unit 1 assessments due Monday 3 June, 2013.

Forthcoming dates for VCE:

VCE Unit 1 concludes

Wednesday 29 May

VCE Year 11 Examinations

Thursday 30 May Friday 7 June

VCE Unit 3 concludes

Friday 7 June

Queen’s Birthday public holiday

Monday 10 June

Report Writing Day

Tuesday 11 June

VCAA GAT examination for all students undertaking a Unit 3/4 subject

Wednesday 12 June 10am–1:15pm

Units 2 & 4 commence

Thursday 13 June

Year 11 Written Examination Timetable:
Semester 1, 2013

Examination period:  Thursday 30 May Friday 7 June

Starting times: Each examination commences with a 5 minute reading period which is included in the times shown in the timetable.

Examination length:

English 2 hours;

General Maths Methods & Maths Methods 2 examinations:

1x 1 hour & 1x2 periods.

All other examinations are two periods in length.

Venues: The Performance Centre;

Music Performance & Music Styles examinations Room 322;

VET Interactive Digital Media examination Room 418


30 May

8:55 am – 10:35 am



LoTE French

Food Technology

10:55 am – 11:43 pm (12:55pm extended supervision time)


1:30 pm – 3:10 pm


SA Photography

SA 3D Art

Maths Methods Exam 1 (1 hour)

31 May

8:55 am – 10:00 am

English Language


10:55 am – 12:35 pm

General Maths Further

1:30 pm – 3:10 pm

Visual Communication and Design


General Maths Methods Exam 1 (1 hour)

3 June

8:55 am – 10:35 am


Business Management

10:55 am – 12:35 pm

Classical Studies

LoTE Indonesian


1:30 pm – 3:10 pm

Health and Human Development


4 June

8:55 am – 10:35 am



10:55 am – 12:35 pm

General Maths Methods Exam 2

Outdoor Education

1:30 pm – 3:10 pm

Legal Studies

Music Performance

5 June

8:55 am – 10:35 am

Maths Methods Exam 2

10:55 am – 12:35 pm


1:30 pm – 3:10 pm

Music Styles

6 June

8:55 am – 10:35 am

Physical Education


10:55 am – 12:35 pm



1:30 pm – 3:10 pm

VET Interactive Digital Media


7 June

8:55 am – 10:35 am

PD Fibres

PD Wood

10:55 am – 12:35 pm

Re-scheduled exams

1:30 pm – 3:10 pm

Re-scheduled exams

Extended Investigation Student Survey – Request For Help

Bridget Bassett-Smith is a student in VCE Extended Investigation.  She is conducting research investigating different generational perceptions of global warming.

Parents are invited to be a part of this investigation if they are representatives of either the Baby Boomer Generation or Generation X, depending on their age.

If you consent to be involved you will be asked to complete a short survey about your perception of  global warming, which will only take 5-10 minutes to complete. Participation is completely voluntary and your identity will be kept anonymous in the final report.  

You are not being judged on incorrect answers, it is just your perception of global warming that is the focus.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Bridget at or the supervising teachers of this investigation, Miss Loren Clarke at or Mrs Katie Reed at 

Thank you for your time and support of the Extended Investigation students.

To complete the survey:

For those born between 1946 and 1964 - Baby Boomer Generation:


For those born between 1965 and 1980 - Generation X:


Loren Clarke

Literacy Support Coordinator

Middle School News

The Year 9 and 10 students in Middle school were very busy last week with work experience for the year 10’s and a range of Pathway programs and challenges to engage our year 9’s. Some of the interesting work place arrangements were Jordan Gough: Whitsunday Seaplanes, Whitsunday Island QLD; Molly Townsend: Melbourne Museum; Murphy Shallard: The Reach Foundation. The program for year 9’s consisted of a leadership seminar, a Reach program, career information seminars, some core classes and On Demand testing in numeracy.

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The leadership seminar focused on student voice, characteristics of a good leader and discussions around what programs and activities students would like to see in the future. The Reach program encouraged students to explore and express their beliefs, values and emotions within a safe and supported environment. Moreover, the Amazing race supported these programs by enabling students to put leadership and teamwork skills into action.

The week was extremely successful and all the students benefited from the program. I would like to thank the following people for their hard work as part of the organisational team: Christine Andrews, Cindy Ahern, John Gioskos, Ross Pringle, Luke Herring, Cathy Cukier, Jane Nicholson, the Middle school sub school team and all the staff involved in supporting these programs during the week.

Student Thoughts from the Amazing Race:

·         In the city we have been

·         Lots of sights we have seen

·         From Southbank to Chinatow

·         Somehow we ended up at Crown

·         Team Eggplant is pretty cool

·         Now we’re heading back to school

(composed by the Eggplants)

Jodie Sutton

On behalf of the Middle School Team

Junior School News

Year 8 Students

Do you think that you would like learning in an outdoor environment?

Would you like to undertake a learning project to bring back to Eltham and, as well, develop leadership and personal skills in an outdoor environment?

If the answer is yes look at the website then come along and hear about opportunities for you in Year 9, 2014:

The School for Student Leadership offers opportunities on 3 campuses:

Term 1 - Alpine School, Dinner Plain

Term 2 - Snowy River, Marlo

Term 3 – Mount Noorat (near Camperdown) in the Western District

Want to Know More?  Meet in room 134 at 12.45pm on Wednesday 29 May

Mrs Andrews

Student Growth and Student Leader Coordinator


Units 1 & 3 VCE Drama Performance on 23 May

The highly talented students of the VCE Drama class presented their self-devised Ensemble performances to an enthusiastic audience of around 100 people in the Drama Room on the evening of Thursday 23 May. The presentations were the culmination of a semester of research, writing, workshopping and rehearsal. The students began in term 1 by discussing the idea of a collapse of trust in the established pillars of society, particularly politics and the churches, which was topical at the time. They then selected Absurdist theatre as a theatrical style with which to explore this idea. They studied the history, styles and conventions of Absurdist theatre, particularly the works of Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco. They refined their topic down to a statement: "In X we trust", then each group created their own

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theatrical explorations of the topic, each group choosing their own "X". These were innocence, justice, mystery, technology and family. The students had to create, perform and direct their own pieces. As well as demonstrating their understanding of Absurdum the students had to employ a range of non-naturalistic techniques and exhibit use of the 12 elements of Drama.

The outcome was 5 thought provoking, energetic, controlled, fast paced and intricate pieces of theatre that had their audience enthralled. All students are to be congratulated on their splendid efforts.

George Franklin

VCE Drama Teacher

Musical Notes

On Wednesday 29 May, ALL string ensemble members will be travelling to the Iwaki Auditorium for the VSMF String Orchestra Eisteddfod.  We're sure they'll be wonderful representatives as they were for the recent AUSTA performance.

Friday this week, the Intermediate Band are going on a 'day tour'.   They will be performing at primary schools and taking part in a workshop with students.  It will be a very busy day but one that will give them lots of performance opportunities.

Our Mid-Year Concert for all 'large' ensembles is on 6 June at Yarra Valley Grammar. Your child received a flyer at last week's rehearsal outlining the details.  If you haven't received it (still in the bottom of the school bag!), please email me and I'll forward a copy to you.

Tickets are $20 Adult & $10 Child/Concession & are purchased through Try Booking.  To make the purchase log onto

Any queries about this or any aspect of the Music Program, please contact the Music Office on 9430 5127 or email Jill,


2013 EHS House Cross Country

The Cross Country was held on Tuesday 21 May in brilliant sunshine and ideal running conditions.  All year 7 and 8 students participated, along with competitors from years 9, 10, 11 and 12.  The results are as follows:

1st Place:       Andrew House

2nd Place:      Everard House

3rd Place:       Rutter House

4th Place:       Stewart House

The first 5 students in each Age Group have qualified for the Division Cross Country Event, to be held at Eltham Lower Park Thursday 6 June.  The Sports Staff will be in contact with more information for those who have qualified.

Individual results were as follows:

13 Boys


L White

J Yummoni

F Bourke

R Doville

R Cooper

C Colley

L Robertson

N Wall

C Eates

L Johns


13 Girls


M Saill-Dilnot

E Hepworth

A Hepworth

T Weddle

B Minge

E Leaford

T Wyndham

S Molinaro-Lawrence

L Lingman

R Price 

N Carter

14 Boys


L Staggol

R Murray

D Ditchfield

J Pullman

J Field

N Sowden

G Sprague

D Mitchell

L Pouw

B Charles

L Fyffe

14 Girls


A Collins

A Barr

M Kamalabaskaran

A Jolley

E Turner

S Solar

S Townsend

A Samat

A Weeding

E Mackenzie

L Byrne

15 Boys


D Mimmo

M Strebinos

M Dunstan

W Kennedy

J Harkness

R Hayes


15 Girls


M Prunotto

S Weichmann

E Bourke

E Schillaci

M Temby

A Chapman

F Neil

Open Boys


T Logan

N Phillips

C Bridge


Open Girls


L Alford

G Seymour

J Black


Nic Cooper

Outdoor and Environmental Studies Teacher



The Victorian All Schools Cross Country Championships will be held on Saturday 22 June at Bundoora Park.

The distance raced for each age group is:



WU15/16 & MU15/16










Further details of the program can be found on the Athletics Victoria website: Entries must be done on-line.

Entries close on Monday, June 17.

Interested students are invited to join training sessions for the event at the Diamond Valley Athletics Club:

Where: Willinda Park, Greensborough (Melway 21 A4)

When: Tuesday & Thursday

Time: 5.00pm onwards

For further information, please contact: 0409 350 280

Max Balchin



State Volleyball Finals

Congratulations to the senior boys’ volleyball team on winning the School Sport Victoria State Volleyball title last week. They defeated Kew in the final and were undefeated in all rounds and competitions leading up to the final. Our thanks to Mr Allender for coaching the boys. This is the fifth year in a row that Eltham has won the senior boys’ competition.


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Congratulations also to the intermediate boys and senior girls that were runners up. The inter boys were runners up to McKinnon and the senior girls were runners up to Monbulk.


The mini volleyball competition for primary school students runs each Thursday from 4.15pm until 4.55pm in the Sports Stadium.

Important Volleyball Dates for 2013

26 – 28 July              Victorian Volleyball Schools’ Cup

17 October                Year 8 Volleyball Round robin

29 October                Year 8 Northern Zone Volleyball

30 October                Year 7 Northern Zone Volleyball

30 October (2014)    Intermediate Round Robin (year 8 and 9 students)

26 November            Year 7and 8 State Volleyball final

8- 13 December       Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup

If your child has a unique sporting moment or is selected in a state or National team please let us know so we can share the good news. (I have copies of the Nillumbik sporting achievement grant application form if you require one).

Greg Thomas

Volleyball/Elite Sports Coordinator

Career News

RSPCA Animal Career Discovery Day

Hear from RSPCA staff currently working in the industry in various roles and gain helpful insider knowledge on planning pathways to a fulfilling career with animals.

Dates:             Tuesday 18 June, Tuesday 3 September and
Thursday 5 December


Time:              9:00am – 3:30pm


Location:        Burwood East RSPCA


Cost:               $55 includes registration, morning tea, RSPCA career show bag, and all activity costs.

For more information and to download a registration form visit :

Applying for a Tax File Number

Are you intending to look for part-time work or are currently employed? If so then having a TFN will avoid you having to pay tax on the pay you receive from your employer. As of 2013 the tax free threshold will be $18,200 so to ensure you are not taxed you can get an application form from outside the Careers Office. Please ensure that the form is filled out neatly and with either your birth registration number or passport number. Copies of documents are NOT required with the application form. Return the form to the Careers Office to be checked and mailed out. The processing time by the ATO is about 4 weeks and any contact with the ATO following your application needs to be done by the applicant.


Ross Pringle

Careers Coordinator

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Notebook Initiative 2013

Notebook Care

Students are required to bring their notebooks to all classes fully charged unless told otherwise by their teacher.  Students should carry their notebooks in their carry case.  Chargers are not permitted in classrooms under any circumstances.  Protective skins are supplied to keep the notebook clean and to provide an address in the event of loss.

Dell can be contacted on 1800 634 560 (select option 1) for any hardware faults. You can arrange for a repair at home or in school. A service number will be required from Dell for repairs organised in school. The notebook should be delivered to our IT team as soon as possible.  Software issues can be repaired at school by our dedicated IT Support Team.  Student repairs will be undertaken from the service desk at the entrance to the Library.  This desk is operational before school, recess, lunch and after school.


Craig Bradley

eLearning & ICT Leader


Girl Talk Yoga

A yoga class for gorgeous young women, ages 16 to 21.

Yoga is all about balance and building up strength and flexibility.  It also supports organ health and relaxation. 

Yoga is a great balancer for Years 10, 11 and 12 and University life, studying or life generally!

When: Wednesdays 7 – 8pm (Free Introductory Class)

Where: Eltham

Numbers are limited to 9 and newcomers are always welcome.

For more information contact Natalie Will on 0415823998.

Louise Heathcote
Student Services Leader

Parents and Carers

Hospitality Training Australia

Hospitality Training Australia is running a Certificate course in Hospitality (Coffee, Bar and Waiter).  The 12 week course commencing in 6 June is being run at Eltham High School after school.  See the attached brochures for more details.  Any questions about the course, please contact HTA directly on 1300 659 557.

Dates of interest for Diamond Valley College Bus Network

Please note the following Term dates and student free days for the remainder of 2013. Buses will NOT run on student free days and times will alter for END of terms.  Student free days are:

14  June

14  August

Term Dates are:

Term 2:                Finish    28 June 2.10pm

Term 3                 Start 15 July          

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                                           Finish 20 September at 2.10pm

Term 4                 Start 7 October

                            Last day for buses 19 December at 3.00pm

Entertainment Book

The 2013/14 Entertainment Book has arrived.  Looking quickly through the book, there is a great range of both fine and bistro dining options plus plenty of other great value offers. Again the book is only $65. Order early and you will receive some further discount offers.  There are a number of my favourites included and many new restaurants.  Orders are being taken via the Cashier.  Call 9430 5118 to order you copy. 

Bruce Martyn

Business Manager


2013 Community Based Immunisation Program

Age Eligibility for Male Students HPV Gardasil Program 2013

The HPV Gardasil® Program is currently only funded for the Secondary School Immunisation Program for Year 7 students, and is being offered for Year 9 boys in 2013 and 2014.

Male students up to the age of 16 are eligible to receive the vaccine at our Community Based Immunisation Program as a “funded” vaccine. This may include some male students in Year 10, 2013.

A copy of our timetable is on the reverse of this letter, or may be accessed at our website

The course of three vaccinations must be completed before the age of 16 years to receive the funded three dose course.

The Vaccination schedule is ideally given Dose 1 - DAY 0, Dose 2 -2months after 1st Dose and Dose 3- 4 months after Dose 2.The vaccine costs approximately $150 per dose if you are unable to complete the funded course of vaccines in a timely manner.

(see details below from the Department of Health Website)

“Community-based HPV vaccine programs”

“Ongoing: Gardasil® vaccine is provided to boys and girls who are 12 and 13 years of age.

Time-limited: Gardasil® vaccine is provided to boys only who are 14 and 15 years of age in 2013 and 2014. Boys must be less than 16 years of age to access free Gardasil® vaccine.

HPV is a very common virus in men and women. It is very common to be infected with one or more types of HPV shortly after sexual activity starts. Most HPV infections cause no symptoms and are cleared from the body in less than a year without the person knowing they were infected. Some types of HPV can cause genital warts and some cancers. These cancers include cervical cancer in women, cancers of the genital area in men and women, and some cancers of the mouth and throat.”

Sharon Harris                                                  Samantha Cattley 

Immunisation Coordinator                              Immunisation Administration

9430 9124                                                       9430 913


*Please see on-line Newsletter on School Website for the 2013 Immunisation Program



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Diamond Creek


Diamond Creek

2nd Friday

9am - 11am

2nd Saturday

9am - 11am

3rd Monday

5.30pm - 7.30pm

4th Wednesday

9am - 11am


Melway 21 J5

Melway 12 B5

Melway 21 J5

Melway 12 B5



Eltham Library




Panther Place


Senior Citizens Centre



Gipson Street

Diamond Creek

Nillumbik Community Health Service


917 Main Road


Senior Citizens Centre



Gipson Street

Diamond Creek








































Public Holiday No Session


*Appointment Only


*Appointment Only

1st Wednesday

9am – 11:00 am

4th Saturday

9am – 11:00 am

Melway  185 J9

Melway 21 J5

Hurstbridge Community Hall


974 Heidelberg Kinglake Rd


Nillumbik Community Health Service


917 Main Road

















Centre Closed

Please attend session 15 minutes prior to advertised finishing time to allow for processing, immunisation & post immunisation observation period of 15 minutes


For all immunisation or medical concerns after hours please call Nurse-On-Call 1300 606 024

For current information & schedule go to:

Eltham Mudbrick Tour - 20 October, 2013

Did you know?

1)       The first Eltham Mudbrick House tour was held in 1965.

2)       Since 1976 there has only been one year when it has not run in Nillumbik; the year of the Black Saturday fires, 2009. 

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3)       Eltham High School has been the custodian of this event since 2010.

Last year’s Eltham Mudbrick House Tour was a great success and allowed the purchase of the Hoffman Grand Piano that is now located in the Performance Centre at Eltham High School.  I send my thanks again to the Eltham High School, Councillors, staff, parents and home owners who made this possible.  Thank you!

Eltham High School is running the fund raising event again this year and preparations are already advancing well. The School Council is about to begin selling advertisement space in the guide booklet and the process of sourcing houses for the tour is well underway.

Now I need your help:  We particularly need a volunteer now to take control of and drive promotion of the 2013 event.  If this is you or someone you know please contact Andrew Evans on 0417 575 061.  I am very keen to get this function started now.


We also need introductions to owners of mudbrick houses of note in the South Eltham area.  There are many great "muddies" down there; we just need your help to successfully interest a few more owners in participating and keeping this great tradition going.

The following program is supported by the Banyule Council Youth Service and is free for young people to participate in:

Express Yourself

We are looking for young people aged 12-29 years who have a migrant or refugee background to be part of an exciting creative expression and writing workshop series. The FREE workshops will be held fortnightly between May and November. Your submission will be published plus you will be paid $100 for your final piece.

Where:  The Hub@ 155 Oriel Road Heidelberg West, starts in May.

To enquire or apply contact Alia on 9094 7891 or















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Middle School News  6

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2013 Community Based Immunisation Program

Canteen Roster  3

Log into Compass Parent Portal for Information on: 4

Compass ID Cards & Lateness Procedure 

School Absences  5












Artist’s Talk Initiative: Ruth Marshall



School Calendar

Wed 29

Unit 1 Concludes

EHS Community Choir

Information Meeting: Alpine Leadership School

Thu 30

Year 11 Exams Commence


Mon 3

Career Voyage Information Sessions

SAC Week

Tue 4

Crepe Day

Wed 5

EHS Community Choir

Thu 6

Nillumbik/Banyule Division Cross Country

Mid-Year Concert: Yarra Valley Grammar

Fri 7

Unit 3 Finishes

Mon 10

Queen’s Birthday

Public Holiday

Tue 11

Report Writing Day (Student Free Day)

Unit 3: Solo Recitals

Wed 12

EHS Community Choir

Immunisation Year 7/9 boys


Senior School House Meeting

Fri 14

World Challenge Meeting

Mon 17 – Fri 21

Middle School Examination Week

Mon 24

VCE Year 10 into Year 11 Information Evening

Enhancement Information Evening

Wed 26

Chamber Ensemble performances

Fri 28

End of Term 2: 2.30pm finish

Canteen Roster

Wed 29

Tania Weddle

Beth Buckton-Smith

Thu 30

Paul Spotswood

Stephen Stone

Fri 31

Denise Di Petta

Narelle Hart

Jacqui Harley


Mon 3

Tracy Abdallah

Marianne Sparks

Tue 4

Kylie York

Leonie Knoblock

Wed 5

Christine Campbell

Victoria Kirwood

Upcoming Canteen Menu


Wed: Fried Rice

Thu: Nacho’s

Fri: Lasagne



Log into Compass Parent Portal for Information on:


Compass ID Cards & Lateness Procedure

Extra Maths Help

Dates of Interest for Diamond Valley Bus network

Outdoor Ed Learning

Malaysia Language Safari 2013 Trip

Girltalk Yoga

Opportunities for year 9 students (2014)

Certificate in Hospitality
(Coffee, Bar & Waiter)


Opportunity for Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students, past students and friends of the college community to undertake a VET qualification, with job placement opportunities, within the familiar surrounds of their school.


Cost $105.00


Representatives from HTA will be at the school at Recess and Lunchtime on Wed 29 May to answer any questions.







Year 11 Geography Field Trip to the Goulburn/Murray Irrigation Region





Smart not Scattered

After school support group to assist students with time management and organisation skills.

When: Tuesday

Location: Room 136

Time: 3.15pm – 3.45pm

Melissa Hughes


Extra Maths Help

Extra Maths Help for Term 2 has commenced:

When: Tuesday

Location: Room 706

Time: 3.10pm – 4.00pm

Mrs Milner

Maths KLA Coordinator



After school Drama Ensembles have commenced:

When: Tuesday/Thursday

Location: 111 Drama Space

Time: 3.30pm – 5.00pm

George Franklin

Art & Technology Co-ordinator






School Absences

All Junior, Middle & Senior School absences can now be reported to:

9430 5299

(designated answering service)

Please advise: name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence. 



Japanese Language Classes

Japanese Language Classes are available:

When: Friday

Location: Room 136

Time: 8.10am – 8.45pm

Madame Hughes


Girltalk Yoga

Loving yourself

Loving life!

These yoga classes are designed to help students learn some of the basics of Yoga.  Each week we will explore some of the main postures and central themes of yoga to enhance our daily lives and wellbeing.  Come to learn more about your natural posture, natural medicine, core strength, meditation and deep breathing!

Description: MCj04114620000[1]

Starting: 3 June 2013

When:  Mondays 3.20 – 4.00pm

Where: Room 134

Eltham High School

Cost: $5 per class or $20 for 4 weeks 

Phone Natalie Will on 0415 823 998 for bookings & inquiries

Facilitated by Natalie Will - Oki-do Yoga teacher, acrobat and dancer trained in Psychology, Remedial Massage and Dance Movement Therapy




VCE Drama Performance


Staff enjoying the Year 8 SOSE Excursion to Montsalvat







Lost Mobile Phones

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 mobile phone lost in the park, on the corner of Beard and Grove Street, on Friday 24 May at approximately 5.30pm.  Reward for return.

Sony Xperia P - silver in a black fold-over case.


Please contact the school office on 9431 5111.

Darren Squares

Assistant Principal










VCE Drama Performance

Concert Band on Tour in Healesville


Eltham High School Music Support Group Annual Raffle

Each year the music support group hold a raffle to raise funds for Eltham High School’s music program. Tickets are usually sold only on the night of the school bands mid-year concert, but this year we’re making raffle tickets available to the whole school to purchase. 

What you could win!!!

* 2 A Reserve tickets to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performance of ‘Passion of Tristan and Isolde’.

* 2 A Reserve tickets to any Arts Centre Melbourne performance by the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

* 2 tickets to the Melbourne Theatre Company’s Melbourne performance of ‘The Book of Everything’. 27 Nov – 22 Dec.

* 2 audience tickets to channel NINE’s The Footy Show, live recording.

* Makeup & hair services voucher from award winning makeup artist Tracy Bradley - value $200.

* Paul Mitchell hair care products pack - value

* Dining voucher to ELEMENT Restaurant, Lower Plenty – value $100.

* Dining voucher to Henry Hursts, Hurstbridge – value $40.

* Winery experience voucher and wine pack from selected Yarra Valley wineries.

* Facial treatment voucher from VYVE Body & Skin Eltham.                                                    Vyve are also offering a 15% discount to any student at EHS, as an ongoing offer to our school, just present your compass ID card.

Tickets are $5 each and can be purchased at the Music Office



Topline Tennis Coaching

Be one of the first 20 players to sign up for lessons at Eltham High School and receive a FREE Racquet values at $40.00!

Topline Tennis has been the Diamond Valley’s No. 1 tennis coaching business for over 20 years.

We specialise in lessons for beginners with affordable lesson pricing.

We focus on our students learning in a fun, social environment and at the same time developing their tennis skills.

For more information please call 9432 3706


Email: info@toplinetennis.com1






2013 EHS House Cross Country






2013 EHS House Cross Country



Weight Watchers

Life is a grand, messy thing!

With ups and downs and twists and turns! But, that’s what keeps it fun.

So when it comes to losing weight, why try and fit your busy life around a weight loss plan, when there’s already one that fits you? Family friendly, dinner party proof and socially sound, Weight Watchers is approved by Life TM.

Come and join the team and other members at our Eltham High School Meeting, Withers Way, Eltham.

Meetings are held in the 400’s block near the Library. Enter from Withers Way basketball courts.

Doors open THURSDAY 6‑7pm.

New members please arrive at 6pm for enrolment and your getting started session.

Let our motivational Leader and Meeting team start you on your weight loss journey.

For more information call: 13 19 97 or visit























Notebook: Instalment No. 4

Parents of Students in Year 7 (2013)

$150 due by 1 June 2013

Contact Cashier: 94305118








Yoga at Eltham High School

Feel a sense of wellbeing - Invigorate the body –

Calm the mind.

Term 2, 2013
Wednesdays 4:45pm

All teachers, students and parents welcome.

·            Dynamic Yoga for flexibility in hips, shoulders and spin;

·          Standing poses for strength and balance;

·           Pilates for core strength and tone;

·          Deep relaxation.

9 Week Course Commenced Wednesday 24 April

1 hour sessions.  No experience required.

Where: Room 408

Cost: $108

Instructor: Gillian Lazenby

Phone: 9444 0700

Register and pay at:

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