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TUESDAY 25 June 2013




PHONE (03)9430 5111 – FACSIMILE (03)9431 0448 – EMAIL:

Absences:  9430 5299


End of Term: Friday 28 June 2013

2.30pm Finish


Principal’s Report                  

School Funding Reform

A further reminder about the importance of the State Government signing up for the Federal Government’s funding reform.  In last week’s Newsletter I outlined what this will mean for our school and once again I urge you to take action now.

Tell Minister Dixon and Premier Napthine to stop playing politics with our kids' futures and sign up to Gonski so that much needed funds can be delivered to Victorian schools. 

By taking five minutes to make these calls, you can help ensure a fairer funding model for the young people in our school and for our public education system.

Tell the Government what you know: that extra funds would mean more individual attention, more resources and more support for the kids who need it most.  

·         Call Premier Napthine on 03 9651 5000 

·         Call Education Minister Martin Dixon on 03 9637 3196  

·         Call your local MP - click here for a phone list

Here's a link to some tips to help you make the call. Please support this very important agenda.

Student Achievement

Recognition of Excellence – Australian Girls’ Choir (AGC):

Congratulations to Maddie (P) Nelson (Year 9A, Everard House) and Aisha Samat (Year 8, Andrew House) for having been awarded an Outstanding Potential Award for 2013 in their age bracket by the Australian Girls’ Choir during their Annual Winter Showcase, held at Monash University last weekend. Choristers are nominated in each level by their tutors to audition for an Outstanding Potential Award.  One chorister in each level is then chosen by a panel of judges. This is a most prestigious award within the choir.  This is an exceptional achievement for both girls who have been members of the AGC for a number of years and it is great to know that two Eltham High School students were recognised together for all round vocal performance talent. 

Furthermore, Maddie has once again been selected, through audition, to represent the AGC on their upcoming National Tour throughout Queensland and New South Wales, to be held over the school holidays and the first week of Term 3.  There is also the chance that we will see Maddie on TV this coming weekend, as she has been selected as part of the "Qantas Choir" entertainment for the British Lions v Wallabies game.

Student Leaders’ Forum:

Five of our Senior School Leaders: Alex Domaille (Year 12, Rutter House), Mitchell Green (Year 12, Stewart House), Amelia French (Year 12, Andrew House), Shirin Nurmohamed (Year 12, Rutter House) and Jesse Ishai (Year 12, Stewart House) took part in the Steve Herbert Student Leaders’ Forum.  The forum provided an opportunity for young people across a number of schools in Steve’s electorate to express their views and ideas about issues of relevance to them. Steve has made the commitment to progress the ideas and concerns raised by students with the relevant level of government and provide feedback on the response.  The students discussed a number of ideas and concerns together and our students returned to school feeling positive about the experience. I would like to thank Mr Steve Herbert for making the time to listen to the voice of the young people in his electorate and I congratulate our young ambassadors.

CLASAX Competitions:

Congratulations to all the students that participated in the CLASAX (Clarinet and Saxophone) Competitions, the results of which appear in a further section of this Newsletter. Once again our students have presented outstanding performances and in such have been recognised for their high level of skill and talent. I particularly congratulate Alessandra Prunotto (Year 11, Everard House) who was awarded a first place in the 16 and Under section of the competition and the Intermediate Small Ensemble members: Harry Petrou (Year 9, Rutter House), Ben Evans (Year 8, Andrew House) Jes Broeren (Year 8, Everard House), Liam Samat (Year 9, Andrew House), for also having been awarded a first place. In congratulating the students I also take the opportunity to congratulate their tutors and Ensemble Conductors for their work and for their continued support of our students.

Victorian State Schools’ Spectacular:

Congratulations to Jessica Mullin (Year 7, Stewart House) who has been selected to be part of the choir for The Victorian State Schools Spectacular which will be presented in two performances at Hisense Arena on Saturday, 27 July. There will be over 3000 Victorian Government school students showcased within this year's production in the performance disciplines of music, song, dance and circus arts. Jessica is a commendable ambassador for our school and we all wish her and all the other students well.

If you would like any further information on the Victorian State Schools Spectacular please telephone 9415 1700 or email:

Retirement Function

We will be celebrating the careers in Government Secondary School Education of Mr Brendan Monigatti, Mrs Marian Stoney and Mr Raymond Chan at a retirement function being held this coming Thursday afternoon at the school. Whilst Mr Chan only joined our learning community recently he has made a positive contribution to the education of the young people at Eltham High School and more widely in Government Schools. Ms Stoney has been a remarkable educator who has worked both in and on the system. Ms Stoney is one of the key founders of the state-wide Interactive Multimedia Course and is currently the Chief Examiner of the study. Students have benefited greatly from her expertise and talent in the areas of Arts and Design as well as Mathematics. Mr Monigatti has held various roles in the school from classroom teacher to Year Level Coordinator to Student Welfare Coordinator.  An excellent teacher in his own right, he has touched the lives of many students and families that have come through our school through his vary caring and supportive nature and through his innate belief that every child, no matter what, can learn and deserves to be supported to achieve their potential.  I take this opportunity to thank Raymond, Marian and Brendan for what they have given to the young people in their care and I wish them all the very best as they move into the next phase of their lives.

End of Term 2

The end of this week will mark the midpoint of the academic year for most students (even though VCE students are already well into their Unit 3/4 studies). Reports for Senior and Junior School Students have been uploaded onto Compass and Middle School reports will be available at the start of Term 3. 

A number of things have taken place this semester and we have ended the term with the beginning of the course selection process for VCE 2014 for our current Year 10 Students and the Enhancement Program 2014 Information Evening for current Year 9 Students. It’s time for a rest!

I take this opportunity to wish all students and staff a very safe, relaxing break and whilst it is important that particularly Year 12 students spend some of this time in quiet study it is also important that they do have a break in preparation for Term 3 which every year seems to be filled with lots to do and little time to do it in.

As is normally the case on the last day of term school will be dismissed at 2.30pm.  School resumes on the 15 July and I look forward to our continued work together.

Vincent Sicari


Assistant Principal’s Report


As we move into the final week of a long and busy term, students across the school are engaged in a number of important events:

·         Students in Year 7 have just celebrated their learning with the Integrated Studies Expo evening which ran last Thursday. The evening was a success and it was fantastic to circulate amongst the students and explore the range of activities that they had been engaged in during term two. Next term students’ learning will be focused around their upcoming City Experience camps.


·         Students in Year 8 should now be thinking forwards to the upcoming Middle School Information Night. The session will be held on Monday, 29 July at 7.00pm and is an important introduction for Year 8 students to the Middle School program that they will experience next year. The evening is a good opportunity to get an overview of the program and to explore the range of subjects that are on offer.


·         Middle School students have recently returned to normal classes from their exams. The way that students in both year levels approached their exams was excellent and I am sure it has been a positive learning experience for them. Year 10 students attended the VCE Information Night on Monday, 24 June. This is a vital step in setting students up for a successful entry into Senior School and any student who was not able to attend should contact the Middle School office as soon as possible. Year 9 students also had the opportunity to attend the Enhancement Information Evening. Enhancement into VCE is an excellent option for many students and any student considering this, who was unable to attend the evening, should speak to Mrs Kerry Lambert in the Middle School office.

·         VCE and Junior School reports are now available online via Compass. It is important that students review these reports carefully and think about what they can do to improve throughout the year. Reports are a good way of celebrating what has been achieved, but should also be a learning tool for the future. Please note that Middle School reports will be available on Monday 22 July.

I congratulate all students on their efforts this term and wish students and their families a happy and safe holiday.

Tim Natoli

Assistant Principal - Curriculum

Senior School News

New VCE Subject – VCE Extended Investigation

Extended Investigation is a new VCE subject at Eltham High School which will be a scored study in 2014.  The subject has been piloted at Eltham High through VCAA for 2 years with much success.  The subject is a Unit 3/4 sequence only and is available to all Year 11 and 12 students.

The focus of the subject is on students developing and conducting a research project in an area of interest to them.  Students are able to pursue almost any area of interest through their investigation.  The research project is an individual project although students work collaboratively to support each other through the research process.  Students are taught skills including developing research questions, critical thinking, research ethics and method design, academic writing and presentation.  Eltham High School has also developed a partnership with La Trobe University who pair Extended Investigation students with a university based academic mentor.  The skills taught in this subject are of benefit not only in other VCE subjects but as students’ transition to higher education.


Further details are available in the Senior School Subject Selection Handbook.  Anyone who would like further information can also speak to Ms Clarke (Office Room 304), Mrs Reed and Madame Hughes (both in Room 144), all of whom teach the subject.


Loren Clarke & Katie Reed

Extended Investigation Teachers

Middle School News

VCAL Information Night - Current Year 10 Students

When:             Wednesday 26 June 2013

Where:            Eltham High School Performance Centre

Time:               7.00pm – 8.00pm

The VCAL Information Night will inform current Year 10 students about the VCAL opportunities available in 2014.  It is important for all current Year 10 students, who are considering completing the VCAL Course, to attend the VCAL Information Night.

Jodie Sutton

Middle School Team Leader

Junior School News

Year 7 City Experience Camps

Year 7 City Experience Camps will be taking place in August this year. Year 7 classes will be divided into three groups, with each class attending camp on the dates shown below:

·         Camp One: Wednesday July 31 – Friday August 2: 7A, 7B & 7C


·         Camp Two: Wednesday August 7 – Friday August 9: 7D, 7F & 7H     


·         Camp Three: Wednesday August 14 – Friday August 16: 7E & 7G

Paperwork was sent home with students on Friday, June 21 and included consent and medical forms, gear list, program, transport information and emergency contact details. If you have any questions about the Year 7 City Experience Camp please contact Ross McKinnon on 94305111.

Ross McKinnon

Junior School Team Leader

Musical Notes

Small Chamber Evening

When:             Wednesday 26 June

Where:            Room 111 (Drama space)

Time:               7.00pm

Entry:              Gold Coin Donation

The following groups will be performing: Junior Jazz Band, Jazz Choir, Junior Jazz Choir, Flute Ensemble, Clarinet Choir, Saxophone Ensemble, Tuba Quartet, Percussion Ensemble, VCE Jazz Quartet, VCE Soloists and the Community Choir!

AMEB Exams

This week we have AMEB exams taking place at both the school and at AMEB Headquarters in Hawthorn. Good luck to all the students taking part!

CLASAX Competitions

Recently the CLASAX (Clarinet and Saxophone) Competitions took place.

We had 3 Ensemble entries and several students entered under Solo sections.

Solo results were

16 & under: Alessandra Prunotto 1st

18 & under: Alessandra Prunotto 2nd & Tom D'Ath 3rd

Open Unaccompanied Work: Alessandra Prunotto an Honorable Mention and in another section Cameron Yung came 3rd. Ben Evans also performed very well.

The Ensemble results were:

Senior Small Ensemble: VCE Quartet 2nd & Clarinet Trio an Honorable Mention

Senior Large Ensemble: Clarinet Choir 2nd & Saxophone Ensemble 3rd.

The Intermediate Small Ensemble: Harry Petrou, Ben Evans, Jes Broeren & Liam Samat came 1st. They were then invited to attend the Mid-Year Prize Winners’ Concert last Friday night.

Congratulations to all these students on their achievements.

CLASAX Competitions.  Winners of the Intermediate Small Ensemble:

Harry Petrou, Ben Evans, Jes Broeren and Liam Samat

Music Camps

The Music Camps take place from the first weekend of Term 3!  The camps have been listed on your Music Calendar from the beginning of the year. All camps are held at Ferngully Lodge in Healesville.

Students will receive their paperwork at rehearsal this week.

The Music Camp schedule will be as follows:



Symphonic Band

18 – 20 July

Junior and Senior Strings

22 – 23 July

Training Band

23 – 24 July

Intermediate Band

24 – 25 July

Concert Band

25 – 26 July

After School Program

We have vacancies in voice lessons:

Cost: $260 per Term (8 individual lessons)

Lesson Time: 30 minutes

If you have any queries about any of the items mentioned above or the Music Program please contact the Music Office on 9430 5127 or email Jill at

Rick Plummer
Director of Music

Eltham High School Building Fund

With the end of the Financial Year coming upon us, have you considered making a tax deductable donation to the Building Fund?  All donations over $2 are tax deductable and your money will be used to support improved facilities for our students. 

The money received by the Building Fund allows us to improve the build facilities around the school.  Over the recent years the school has committed significantly to providing better learning spaces for our students.  In particular, with the placing of data projectors and speakers in virtually all learning spaces.  Classroom spaces have been modernised and a program has commenced to provide cooling systems in rooms.

There remain areas where the school still has work to do:

·         Firstly, to continue with the installation of cooling systems to make areas much more pleasant during what is becoming much hotter summers.  The more funds available, the quicker the whole school can be completed. 

·         The other priority is to use some of the Building Fund to assist with the ‘fitting off’ of the Performance Centre.  Seating and acoustic treatment are important aspects that are still to be completed.  We will be setting up a Cooperative to make a sizable contribution to fund this work.  However, with changes to the way Cooperatives are organised we must now make a considerable financial contribution from the Building Fund so that we can commit to this work.

We do hope that you can make a tax deductable donation to the Eltham High School Building Fund to help with the continual improvement of our student facilities.

Bruce Martyn

Business Manager



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Level One Volleyball Referee Course

The final session of the Volleyball Referee Course will be held this Wednesday at 3.20pm in room 203. Participants are reminded to bring their exam to the session.


Volleyball shirts and shorts have arrived and will be given out at training during the week. Jackets should arrive soon.

Knee Pads

Any student new to the Volleyball Program this year should receive knee pads. If you haven’t got your knee pads yet please see Mr Thomas.

Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup

This event is the premier volleyball event in Victoria for schools. This year Eltham High has entered 19 teams. Please be aware, in advance, that we require athletes for this 3 day competition on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 26 – 28 July. If your child plays weekend sport for another team could you please ask their coach to roster them off for this weekend so that they are available to play volleyball in the event of a clash with draws. All teams will be transported by bus to and from the State Volleyball Centre, Stud Road Dandenong on Friday 26 July. Parents will be required to drive their children or make other transport arrangements over the weekend.

Important Volleyball Dates for 2013:


26 – 28 July                 Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup

17 October                   Year 8 Volleyball Round robin

29 October                   Year 8 Northern Zone Volleyball

30 October                   Year 7 Northern Zone Volleyball

30 October (2014)       Intermediate Round Robin (year 8 and 9 students)

26 November               Year 7and 8 State Volleyball Final

8- 13 December          Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup



Emily Dean (Year 9) and Brianne Allen (Year 9) have both been selected to represent Victoria at the Australian National Gymnastics Championships in Sydney, 13 - 19 July 2013.  Emily will compete as a member of the National Level 8 Team and Bri as a member of the National Level 9 Team.  This is the fifth consecutive year that the girls have been selected to represent their State at National Competitions.  The girls train at the Jets High Performance Centre in Diamond Creek under the guidance of Coach Sally Young, who has also been selected as the Victorian Level 8 Team Coach. We wish them all the best of luck at the National Championships.

Many Eltham students will be taking part in the Australian Junior National Volleyball Championships in Canberra over the holidays. We wish them all the best of luck.

If your child has a unique sporting moment, or is selected in a State or National Team, please let us know so we can share the good news. (I have copies of the Nillumbik Sporting Achievement Grant application form if you require one).

Greg Thomas

Volleyball/Elite Sports Coordinator




Year 9 Work Experience:  Monday 2 December – Friday 13 December

Although it is a long way off, why not think about placements now for December? To start with have a look at the Employer File sent to all Year 9 students which list, by occupation, placements other students have undertaken. Have a think about how far you are willing to travel and whether you would like one or two employers for this period. Forms are available from outside the Careers Office (next to Drama) and need to be fully completed before returning to the Careers’ Office. You do not need to organise the Principal’s signature as this is done once the form has been checked and approved by Mr Pringle. Good luck and get in early to avoid the rush!

RSPCA Animal Career Discovery Day

Hear from RSPCA staff currently working in the industry in various roles and gain helpful insider knowledge on planning pathways to a fulfilling career with animals.

Dates:             Tuesday 3 September and Thursday 5 December

Time:              9:00am – 3:30pm

Location:        Burwood East RSPCA

Cost:               $55 includes registration, morning tea, RSPCA career show bag, and all activity costs.

For more information and to download a registration form visit :

Applying for a Tax File Number

Are you intending to look for part-time work or are currently employed? If so then having a TFN will avoid you having to pay tax on the pay you receive from your employer. As of 2013 the tax free threshold will be $18,200 so to ensure you are not taxed you can get an application form from outside the Careers Office. Please ensure that the form is filled out neatly and with either your birth registration number or passport number. Copies of documents are NOT required with the application form. Return the form to the Careers Office to be checked and mailed out. The processing time by the ATO is about 4 weeks and any contact with the ATO following your application needs to be done by the applicant.

Ross Pringle
Careers Coordinator

Notebook Initiative 2013

Notebook Care

Students are required to bring their notebooks to all classes fully charged unless told otherwise by their teacher.  Students should carry their notebooks in their carry case.  Chargers are not permitted in classrooms under any circumstances.  Protective skins are supplied to keep the notebook clean and to provide an address in the event of loss.

Dell can be contacted on 1300 662 087 (select option 1) for any hardware faults. You can arrange for a repair at home or in school. A service number will be required from Dell for repairs organised in school. The notebook should be delivered to our IT team as soon as possible.  Software issues can be repaired at school by our dedicated IT Support Team.  Student repairs will be undertaken from the service desk at the entrance to the Library.  This desk is operational before school, recess, lunch and after school.

Craig Bradley

eLearning & ICT Leader


Seeking Accommodation/Board for a Senior Female Student in Local Area

Please contact Louise Heathcote (Student Services Leader) on 9439 5123 if you think you can, or know of any suitable person who could provide board for a senior female student of Eltham High School.

Girl Talk Yoga

A yoga class for gorgeous young women, ages 16 to 21.

Yoga is all about balance and building up strength and flexibility.  It also supports organ health and relaxation. 

Yoga is a great balancer for Years 10, 11 and 12 and University life, studying or life generally!

When: Wednesdays 7 – 8pm (Free Introductory Class)

Where: Eltham

Numbers are limited to 9 and newcomers are always welcome.

For more information contact Natalie Will on 0415823998.

Louise Heathcote
Student Services Leader

Parents and Carers

Important News Regarding the Schoolkids Bonus!

The second instalment of the Schoolkids Bonus for 2013 will be paid by Centrelink from 4 - 17 July. If you haven't received your payment by 18 July, but think you're eligible, please contact Centrelink to discuss your personal circumstances.

If you receive Family Tax Benefit as a lump sum the Schoolkids Bonus will be paid after your Family Tax Benefit claim is assessed.

For further information go to

Dates of interest for Diamond Valley College Bus Network

Please note the following Term dates and student free days for the remainder of 2013. Buses will NOT run on student free days and times will alter for END of terms.  Student free days are:

14  August

Term Dates are:

Term 2:                Finish    28 June 2.10pm

Term 3                 Start 15 July          

Finish 20 September at 2.10pm

Term 4                 Start 7 October

                            Last day for buses 19 December at 3.00pm

Entertainment Book

The 2013/14 Entertainment Book has arrived.  Looking quickly through the book, there is a great range of both fine and bistro dining options plus plenty of other great value offers. Again the book is only $65. Order early and you will receive some further discount offers.  There are a number of

[To the Top]

my favourites included and many new restaurants.  Orders are being taken via the Cashier.  Call 9430 5118 to order you copy. 

Bruce Martyn

Business Manager


Music Industry Workshop: Rock the Schools



Eltham Leisure Centre - Social Volleyball Competition

Eltham Leisure Centre is running a social Volleyball Competition each Wednesday Night (A, B and C Grades). Any students, staff or parents interested in playing volleyball are invited to take part any Wednesday night.

When: Wednesdays (including school holidays)

Time: Matches begin at 8.15pm

Cost: $10 per player

Community Bus School Holiday Bus Timetable!

Catch the community bus this school holidays

School Holiday Bus

A community bus will be running for four days during the next July school holidays connecting the St Andrews and Panton Hill areas to Hurstbridge and the train. This will assist high school aged children, and other residents to get around the Shire to places they need to be. The bus will travel along the same route as the Saturday Bus, and coincide with the Hurstbridge train times.

School Holiday Dates:

Tuesday 2 July

Friday 5 July

Tuesday 9 July

Friday 12 July

Look out for upcoming timetable information on the Saturday Bus Facebook page, Nillumbik Shire Council Facebook page, Young People of Nillumbik Facebook page and throughout the local community at general stores, post offices and the Hurstbridge train station.

For more information about the holiday timetable, or the Saturday Bus please contact Kate Beckford, Project Officer for Community Transport, Nillumbik Shire Council on 9433 3156, or email

Our Drivers

All our volunteer drivers:

·         Are friendly and helpful

·         Are fully trained and registered Council volunteers

·         have a medical certificate

·         have a police check

·         have a Working with Children Check

Saturday Bus

The Community Saturday Bus has been running every Saturday since 2011. Nillumbik Shire Council in partnership with the Saturday Bus Committee has successfully been operating a bus with the help and commitment from a group of trained Council volunteer drivers.

The aim of the bus is to assist teenagers from the rural areas to access the Hurstbridge train station. There is currently no public transport option available to residents who live beyond the Hurstbridge train line.























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School Calendar  2

Canteen Roster  3

Upcoming Canteen Menu  3

School Absences  4

Log into Compass Parent Portal for Information on: 4

Compass ID Cards & Lateness Procedure  4

Extra Maths Help  4

Dates of Interest for Diamond Valley Bus Network  4

Year 7 Camp 2013  4

Malaysia Language Safari 2013 Trip  4

Girltalk Yoga  4

Smart not Scattered   5

Extra Maths Help   5

Drama  6

Japanese Language Classes  7

Weight Watchers  9









School Calendar


Wed 26

VCAL Information Night: 7.00pm – 8.00pm

Small Chamber Evening: 7.00pm


Fri 28

End of Term 2: 2.30pm finish



Thu 18 – Sat 20

Symphonic Band Camp

Fri 19

Senior School Course Selections: Due on Sun 21 July

Mon 22

Middle School Reports online

Mon 22 – Tue 23

Junior & Senior String Camp

Tue 23

Jenny Macklin’s Disability Forum: 6.00pm – 7.00pm

Tue 23 – Wed 24

Training Band Camp

Wed 24

School Council Meeting

Wed 24 – Thu 25

Intermediate Band Camp

Thu 25 – Fri 26

Concert Band Camp

Fri 26 – Sun 28

Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup

VCE Enhancement Subject Selections: Due on Sun 28 July

Mon 29

Middle School Information Evening: 7.00pm – 8.30pm

Wed 31 – Fri 2 Aug

Year 7: Camp One




Canteen Roster

Wed 26

Matthew Watts

Christine Williams

Thu 27

Joan Bull

Angela Brajkovic

Fri 28

Ruth Ginatsis

Suzie Gerrard



Mon 15

Louise Messenger

Natasha MacLeod


Tue 16

Samantha Saill

Lisa Wilson


Wed 17

Carolyn Hayes

Christine Cambell

Beth Buckton-Smith








Upcoming Canteen Menu

Wed: Chicken Schnitzel & Meatball Subs

Thu: Toasted Cheese & Ham Sandwiches

Fri: Leftovers





School Absences

All Junior, Middle & Senior School absences can now be reported to:

9430 5299

(designated answering service)

Please advise: name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.
















Log into Compass Parent Portal for Information on:


Compass ID Cards & Lateness Procedure

Extra Maths Help

Dates of Interest for Diamond Valley Bus Network

Year 7 Camp 2013

Malaysia Language Safari 2013 Trip

Girltalk Yoga



Smart not Scattered

After school support group to assist students with time management and organisation skills.

When: Tuesday

Location: Room 136

Time: 3.15pm – 3.45pm

Melissa Hughes






















Extra Maths Help

Extra Maths Help will be continuing in Term 3:

When: Tuesday

Location: Room 706

Time: 3.10pm – 4.00pm

Mrs Milner

Maths KLA Coordinator





Reminder to parents of ALL year 7 Students

Notebook Instalment No. 4:

Due: 1 June 2013

Amount: $150

Contact Cashier: 94305118






















After school Drama Ensembles have commenced:

When: Tuesday/Thursday

Location: 111 Drama Space

Time: 3.30pm – 5.00pm

George Franklin

Art/Technology KLA Co-ordinator





Japanese Language Classes

Japanese Language Classes are available:

When: Friday

Location: Room 136

Time: 8.10am – 8.45pm

Madame Hughes





















Lost IPod

IPod with pink cover lost in Main School Building on 20 June.  Reward for return.

Please contact the school office on 9430 5111.

Darren Squires

Assistant Principal






Girltalk Yoga

Loving yourself

Loving life!

These yoga classes are designed to help students learn some of the basics of Yoga.  Each week we will explore some of the main postures and central themes of yoga to enhance our daily lives and wellbeing.  Come to learn more about your natural posture, natural medicine, core strength, meditation and deep breathing!

Description: MCj04114620000[1]

Starting:  15 July 2013

When:      Mondays 3.20 – 4.20pm

Where:     Room 134

                 Eltham High School

Cost:        $100 for a 10 week term

Phone Natalie Will on 0415 823 998 for bookings & inquiries

Facilitated by Natalie Will - Oki-do Yoga teacher, acrobat and dancer trained in Psychology, Remedial Massage and Dance Movement Therapy












Weight Watchers

Life is a grand, messy thing!

With ups and downs and twists and turns! But, that’s what keeps it fun.

So when it comes to losing weight, why try and fit your busy life around a weight loss plan, when there’s already one that fits you? Family friendly, dinner party proof and socially sound, Weight Watchers is approved by Life TM.

Come and join the team and other members at our Eltham High School Meeting, Withers Way, Eltham.

Meetings are held in the 400’s block near the Library. Enter from Withers Way basketball courts.

Doors open THURSDAY 6‑7pm.

New members please arrive at 6pm for enrolment and your getting started session.

Let our motivational Leader and Meeting team start you on your weight loss journey.

For more information call: 13 19 97 or visit