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Absences:  9430 5299


Student Progress Interviews

Wednesday, 21 August: 4.00pm – 7.00pm


Tuesday, 27 August: 11.00am – 7.00pm

(no classes will be held on this day, however, students are required to attend interviews with their parents/guardians)

Principal’s Report

Student Achievement

The UK Song Writing Contest:

Congratulations to Jaron Natoli (Year 7, Everard House) who through his amazing talent has won “The UK Song Writing Contest” (UKSC) in two categories: Pop (song: ‘Running Away’) and Rock (song: ‘Down the Road’). Further to this, Jaron was a Finalist in the General Singer/Songwriter category (song: ‘Running Away’); Rock category (song: ‘Better off on my Own’). Jaron was also a Semi-Finalist in the RnB/Urban category (song: ‘Lost and Lonely’) and received a commended entry in the General Singer/Songwriter category (song: ‘Smiling’). Jaron was the only entry from thousands worldwide to win two categories, as well as the only person to have achieved this in the entire history of the contest. This is a prestigious competition within the music industry. Part of the prize will involve Jaron travelling to London to engage with some world renowned producers. Jaron has already been contacted by Grammy award winning producer Stuart Epps who has worked with Elton John, Robbie Williams, Led Zapplin, Bill Wyman, George Harrison, Paul Weller, Oasis and many others. Stuart is very keen to work with Jaron.  The UKSC website states the following under the two categories that Jaron won:


“Jaron Natoli is a young songwriter from Australia and he has already been contacted by UKSC judge and producer Stuart Epps (well known for his work with Elton John, Robbie Williams and Oasis among many others) who was very impressed by Jaron's entries this year and is very interested in working with him. Other music business contacts of the UKSC have also shown interest and are keeping a close eye on Jaron following his success in the contest. The judges had a difficult time choosing the Pop winner from many very strong entries this year.”


“This song entry is written and performed by the very young Australian songwriter Jaron Natoli. Jaron also won the pop category this year with another one of his songs and through this contest he is already attracting the attention of a number of UK industry figures including legendary British producer Stuart Epps. Jaron's dream is to visit London and record in the UK and the UK judges felt that this fresh, atmospheric and original song has the makings of an outstanding rock track.

Jaron’s winning songs can be accessed through the UKSC Website at:

Jaron’s other links include:

This is an amazing achievement for such a young and prolific musician and I wish him all the very best with his future pathway in the music industry. Get the autographs now because I am sure that before long Jaron’s autograph will be worth a fortune! Jaron will appear in the Today Tonight TV show sometime this week, as well as the Morning Show. Stay tuned!

“MY24” TV Series:

I extend my congratulations to Romy Stephens (Year 12, Andrew House), who will be appearing in the TV series for ABC3 called “MY24”. This program is a new series all about young people who have experienced one day that changed their lives forever. Each episode will present the participant’s life before the life changing moment, the “MY24” event itself, and how the participant’s life has changed since their “MY24”.

The program presents aspirational stories from youths across Australia, from diverse backgrounds, outlining the passions that they pursue. The series is a mixture of documentary style filming edited with the participant’s home footage and photographs.

For Romy, losing her home in the Black Saturday Bush Fires was her “MY24” moment and what followed was a greater passion to live for the moment; throw herself into her studies, tennis training and embrace her passion for music.

Senior Boys AFL Football Finals:

Congratulations to the Senior Boys AFL Football Team for making the finals in the 2013 season. This is a fantastic achievement for this group of students and their very committed coach, Mr Steve McCrystal. 

They have all worked very hard to reach this point, and this needs to be acknowledged. I wish them all the very best in the Final on Tuesday, 20 August which will be the decider for the Premier State School Team in Victoria. Win or lose, this team has achieved a great deal in this season so congratulations to all!

Eltham Debaters:

Congratulations to the A Grade and D Grade debaters that achieved a convincing win in the Final Round of the Victorian Debating Association Interschool Competition. Nathan Kerwood (Year 11, Andrew House) and Indigo McKinnon (Year 8, Stewart House) were both awarded 'Best Speaker' in their Grade and this is a great achievement. However, this was a team effort and the debates were won through the contribution and wonderful talent of each speaker. I congratulate Ms Leanne Ipsen for her continued support of the program and of all the students that continue to rise to the challenge; a great effort by all. A full report appears in a further section of this Newsletter.

ICT Parent Forum

An ICT Parent Forum, primarily for parents of Year 7 students and others, was held last Tuesday evening, 6 August. The forum was aimed at supporting the learning of parents around two software packages that our students, staff and parents have been engaging with, in support of student learning and communication with parents and students: Edmodo and Compass respectively.

I congratulate our staff involved in running the forum: Katie Reed; Michelle Bregar and Darren Squires. The parents who attended had a great time and found the forum very informative and helpful in supporting their children at home with their learning.  It helped them gain a deeper understanding of how they can better communicate with the school using technology. Further forums will be run later in the year and I encourage all parents to attend and be part of this learning experience.

Term 3 Working Bee: Sunday, 18 August

A Working Bee will take place this coming Sunday, 18 August from 9:00am to 12:30pm. The Grounds Committee has been involved in the planning for this month’s event and a range of tasks have been identified. Not only do the Working Bees offer all members of our community the opportunity to contribute, even in the smallest of ways, to the upkeep and further development of the school environment, they offer a great deal more:. The opportunity to get to know other members of our school community; to engage in meaningful conversation about student engagement and learning, and to find out a bit more about our school cannot be underestimated. I look forward to working alongside you all this coming Sunday. I invite you to take up the opportunity to contribute in a positive way to the environment in which your children learn and spend a good deal of their waking hours in.  I look forward to seeing you all there. As always, a delicious morning tea and barbeque lunch will be offered to all participants.

Vincent Sicari


Assistant Principal’s Report

Student Progress Interviews

The Semester 2 Student Progress Interviews will be across two sessions:

Wednesday, 21 August:                    4.00pm-7.00pm

(Normal classes)


Tuesday, 27 August:                         11.00am -7.00pm

(No scheduled classes on this day, however, students are required to attend interviews with their parents/guardians)

Bookings are now available via Compass.  We encourage all students to attend the interviews with their parents/guardians.

VCE Courses

The Senior School Team is currently creating courses for students based on the selections and preferences that they have submitted on-line. This is complex process as the team works very hard to ensure that students are allotted a course which is closely aligned with their individual preferences. In some cases individual subjects do not proceed, based on insufficient numbers to form a class, and in other situations subjects can clash.  If this is the case, and a student cannot be given a place in one of their other preferences, the team will consult individually with students to help them choose a new subject.

Students VCE courses for 2014 will be published before the end of this term, and at this stage there will be a period of time available to consult with the Senior School Team if a student believes that an error has been made.

Enhancement Program

Many students in Year 9 have now applied to complete a Unit 1 & 2 subject in 2014, as an enhancement subject. These applications will be reviewed by the Middle School Team in order to determine whether or not they will be suited to accessing a VCE study during Year 10. As discussed at the Enhancement Information Night, these decisions will be made on the basis of their academic progress in Year 9, their attendance and their organisational skills: All of these factors combine to create the conditions for successful participation in the Enhancement Program. Students in Year 9 will be notified before the end of Term 3 as to whether or not their application has been successful.

Tim Natoli

Assistant Principal

Middle School News

Middle School Subject Selections

To be Completed by Thursday, 15 August 2013

All current Year 8 students and Year 9 students must complete their Middle School subject selections on-line.  The range of electives available in Year 9 and Year 10 is listed in the Middle School Handbook.  The handbook can be accessed from the EHS web page and details the course content of each subject. 

Subject selections must be completed on-line as well as a signed, printed copy of the subject selections to be returned to the Middle School Office by Thursday, 15 August 2013.

Attention: All Middle School Students with Lockers Numbered 1 -198

Could all Middle School students, who have a locker in the roller door bays, numbers 1 – 198, please empty their locker, after school, on Monday, 26 August.  On Tuesday, 27 August, which is a student free day, the roller doors will be repaired.  To do this all the lockers have to be moved and it will help a great deal if the lockers are empty.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Jodie Sutton

Middle School Team Leader

Junior School News

Year 7 City Experience Camps

The final Year 7 City Experience Camp will be taking place from Wednesday 14 August – Friday 16 August.  Please ensure all appropriate paperwork has been returned, and payments finalized. There are two things on the equipment list that are worth emphasizing: 

·         Make sure your suitcase is small/light/easy to carry (because that is what you will be doing!)

·         Make sure you have practical footwear.

Ross McKinnon

Junior School Team Leader

Musical Notes

Symphonic Band Tour to Adelaide:

Sunday 11 August – Saturday, 17 August


This week our Symphonic Band will be on their tour in Adelaide, working through lots of performances, including a festival. The Stage and Percussion Groups will also be taking part, as their main ensemble is the Symphonic Band, with the exception of Kelsey Uwland, who is taking part in the tour so that the Stage Band has its double bass player!  We look forward to hearing about the tour next week.

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Victorian Schools’ Music Festival: Tuesday, 20 August

On Tuesday, 20 August our Intermediate and Concert Bands will be taking part in the remainder of the Victorian Schools’ Music Festival. They have been working on their repertoire with extended rehearsals.  We wish them well.

Royal South Street Competitions:

Sunday 25, August - Saturday, 7 September

The annual Royal South Street Competitions will soon be taking place, with our Senior Strings, Symphonic, Concert and Intermediate Bands, Clarinet Choir, Saxophone, Flute and Percussion Ensembles, Stage and Jazz Band and our Choral entries: Junior Jazz choir, Jazz choir and Junior School Choir all taking part.

As you can see, this is a very busy term, with the competitions listed above, as well as:

·         Performances at the Greensborough Salvation Army Centre by our small Senior Ensembles.

·         A Pre South Street Concert for our large participating bands.

And, finally our 'Celebration Concert' for all our Music Program Ensemble students, taking place:

Date:                     Monday, 16 September

Time:                     7.30pm

Location:              George Wood Performing Arts Centre, Yarra Valley


A detailed schedule of all forthcoming events will follow shortly.

If you have any queries regarding the events mentioned above, or the Music Program in general, please contact the Music Office on 9430 5127 or email Jill at

Rick Plummer
Director of Music


We are proud to report our success in what was our final round of the Victorian Debating Association Interschool Competition, held at Loyola College on Tuesday, 6 August.  Both our A Grade (Luke Gundry, Tayler Heaney and Nathan Kerwood) and D Grade (Jessarne Palmer, Madi Holland and Indigo McKinnon) teams were successful against Loyola College, with Nathan Kerwood and Indigo McKinnon being awarded ‘Best Speaker’.  With both teams presenting a negative argument the Secret Topic for our A Grade Team was "That we should legalise music and film piracy", and for our D Grade "That we should reserve seats in parliament for Indigenous Australians”.

Leanne Ipsen

Debating Coordinator

Working Bee: Sunday, 18 August

The Grounds Committee has scheduled the one and only Working Bee for Term 3 on Sunday, 18 August, from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm, with both morning tea and barbeque lunch provided.  As usual, we have a broad range of activities planned that will, once completed, enhance the look of the School grounds.  As well as a range of construction tasks planned, there will be lots of the predictable maintenance jobs that will need to be addressed.  It is hoped that families who have nominated for this event will be contacted by me for their confirmation in terms of attendance and job preference.  The following tasks have been prioritised for this event:

1.    Rails and tops to be attached to the raised box garden adjacent to the Stadium complex. Carpentry skills will be required.


2.    A short section of post and pipe fence needs to be erected on the west side of the new school building.  Crowbars, shovels and spirit levels will be required.


3.    Placement of 4m3 of soil in the raised box gardens on the south side of the Stadium complex.


4.    A quantity of soil needs to be moved away from the brick wall adjacent to Room 601.


5.    Pruning, weeding and mulching in a range of locations across the campus complex.


6.    Staining of the remaining bollards in the Central Courtyard complex and around the Pin-Oak adjacent to the bike shed.


7.    Brush cutting and mowing in a range of locations across the campus complex.


8.    Paving around the edges of the raised box garden adjacent to the Canteen.


9.    Weeding and pruning in the Environmental area adjacent to the tennis courts.


10.  The wire fence on the western side of the back oval needs to be repaired and re-tensioned.

Please park your vehicle on the hard courts adjacent to the Stadium or on the back oval.  Follow the directional signage to the School Canteen where you will be signed in by a member of the Grounds Committee and directed to a task.  Please remember to bring protective clothing, gloves and your drink bottle on the day

I look forward to your anticipated support on Sunday, 18 August.

John Coates

For the Grounds Committee


Senior Boys AFL Football State Finals

On Tuesday, 6 August the Senior Boys Football Team, following an impressive 12 goal win over Roxburgh Park, ventured to Craigieburn for a 3 game Round Robin against three of the top football schools in the State; the prize being a spot in the State Final!

Macca’s pre-game address had the team primed for action and his motto of “see ball get ball”, echoed loudly throughout the changing rooms.  Being at this level of competition, down to the last 8 teams in the State, was something many of the boys will never experience again, so he also stressed to “take your opportunities” as the boys ran out to play.

Round 1 saw our team up against a keen St Brigid’s College from Horsham. Although the opposition looked impressive in their marathon warm-up, Eltham surprised them with a fierce attack on the ball and their impressive skills, leading throughout the match. If not for inaccurate kicking for goal, and a few dodgy umpiring decisions, the final margin of 21 points could have been greater.

Round 2 saw Eltham take on a determined Echuca High School.  Echuca lead early and played some good football, and we found ourselves in a real tussle by half time. Fortunately, our intensity lifted in the second half and some impressive running play into the strong breeze gave us the edge.

The Grand Final against the undefeated Oberon High School was much anticipated and, although the opposition looked more skilled than Eltham, this match was to be decided by who wanted it the most!  Eltham’s aggression and desire was well and truly on display as the boys threw themselves into contests and chased down their opponents.  With Oberon struggling to cope with the Eltham pressure, the game was close. At each of the intervals there was less than a goal in the scores. With 3 minutes to play, Oberon continued to attack and had whittled the margin down to one point. With Eltham desperate to maintain the smallest of margins, they tackled, smothered and hit the boundary repeatedly.  When the siren sounded there were jubilant scenes on the ground as the players rejoiced in a frenzied huddle of jumping and hugging.

So off we go to the State Final on Tuesday, 20 August to decide the Premier State School Team in Victoria. We believe this is the first time an Eltham High School team has been to the AFL Football State Finals, so good luck Macca and the team!

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:NIH:Pictures:iPhoto Library:Previews:2013:08:07:20130807-132907:IMG_0383.jpg

          Eltham High School Senior Boys Football Team


The Spikezone Semi Finals take place this Thursday, 15 August, with the Grand Final taking place on Thursday, 22 August.

Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup: 8 – 13 December

Teams selected to represent Eltham High School at the Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup Tournament in December will be announced this week.  Details will appear on the volleyball notice board.

AVSC T-Shirt Competition

Students are invited to submit designs for this year’s Australian Schools’ Cup T-shirt Competition.  The winning design will be printed on our Eltham High School T-shirt, to be worn by our players and coaches at the Nationals this year. The design should include “Eltham High Volleyball” and will need to be handed in to Mr Thomas by Friday, 23 August.

Important Volleyball Dates for 2013:

17 October                   Year 8 Volleyball Round robin

29 October                   Year 8 Northern Zone Volleyball

30 October                   Year 7 Northern Zone Volleyball

30 October (2014)       Intermediate Round Robin (Year 8 and 9 students)

26 November               Year 7and 8 State Volleyball Final

8- 13 December          Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup

If your child has a unique sporting moment, or is selected in a State or National Team, please let us know so we can share the good news. (I have copies of the Nillumbik Sporting Achievement Grant application form if you require one).

Greg Thomas

Volleyball/Elite Sports Coordinator

Parents and Carers

School Buses

Pease note the following dates are Diamond Valley College student free days for the remainder of 2013. Buses will NOT run on these days and times will alter for END of terms.

Diamond Valley College student free day: 14  August

Last day for buses 19 December at 3.00pm

Eltham Psychology Clinic -  Parenting Group

Peace for parents at their wits end: A group for parents experiencing distressing relationships with a child or adolescent.

Target group:

Parents who feel they have lost, or are losing, their relationship with their child.

The goal of this group:

To educate parents about the nature of the pain in their relationships with their children, including the effect of:

·         Misleading expectations

·         Recurring disappointment

·         Feelings of anger, failure and rejection

Sample of topics:

·         The Invisible Twin: How expectations create emotional pain

·         Recognising and enjoying differences

·         Getting along with differences

·         Reconsidering expectations

·         The surprising benefits of children who are not like their parents


Herald Sun Careers Expo: Melbourne Convention Centre

Friday, 16 August – Sunday, 18 August 2013

This event is a must for all senior students, to get information from a large range of tertiary providers, private institutions and career resource agents.  For further information, please visit the site below.

All senior students have been sent an e-ticket to allow free entry. There is also a free excursion for Year 12 students on Friday, 16 August. Permission forms are available from outside the Careers Office. There is a maximum of 48 seats on the bus, so be quick to return your completed form.

Zoos Victoria Work Experience: February – April 2014

Are you keen to be part of the workforce at Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo or Healesville Sanctuary?  If you are, then access the site below and download the application forms.  Please note, to take part in this work experience you will need to be 15 years of age by the time of the placement.

Your application must be handed into the Careers office for checking and confirmation. All completed applications will then be sent by Mr Pringle to Zoos Victoria.

Tertiary Information Night for VCE Students and Parents/Guardians

Date:               Thursday, 29 August 2013

Time:               7.00pm – 8.00pm

Location:        Library

The session will provide a better understanding of course pre-requisites, the application process, consideration of disadvantage, and scholarship opportunities.  Booking is not required, but please note the meeting will begin at 7.00pm prompt.

Victoria Police Future Employment Experience Program 2014

Applications for work experience with the Victoria Police will open in late August.  Further information will follow, when available.

Year 9 Work Experience:

Monday, 2 December – Friday, 13 December 2013

All year 9 students, who will be 15 years of age at the time of the work experience, are eligible to participate. For students who will not yet be 15 years old, there is still the opportunity to work at a pre-school or primary school.  The normal ‘Work Experience Arrangement Forms’ are used in both instances.

If your child is not going to participate, a written note must be handed into the Careers Office, or an email sent, detailing alternative arrangements.  Please note there will be no alternative school program provided during this period for students who are not participating in the Work Experience Program.

Now is the time to get something organised, whether it be with one or two employers for the period.  Please contact Ross Pringle on 9430 5133 or email for further information.

Ross Pringle

Careers Coordinator


Seeking Accommodation/Board for a Senior Female Student in Local Area

Please contact Louise Heathcote (Student Services Leader) on 9439 5123 if you think you can, or know of any suitable person who could provide board for a senior female student of Eltham High School.

Girl Talk Yoga

A yoga class for gorgeous young women, ages 16 to 21.

Yoga is all about balance and building up strength and flexibility.  It also supports organ health and relaxation. 

Yoga is a great balancer for Years 10, 11 and 12 and University life, studying or life generally!

When: Wednesdays 7 – 8pm (Free Introductory Class)

Where: Eltham

Numbers are limited to 9 and newcomers are always welcome.

For more information contact Natalie Will on 0415823998.

Louise Heathcote
Student Services Leader




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Banyule Youth Services

Opportunities for Young People

Skate & BMX Comps

Want to get PAID for calling Skate and BMX comps?

Banyule Youth Services are looking for people to complete a few hours training with the YMCA and then help out with the Northern Skate Titles at Greensborough, with the possibility of ongoing work being available.

If you are interested, please call 9457 9855 or email Maddie at for more information, before Monday, 19 August.

YouthFest 2013 Promo Team

A great opportunity is currently being offered to young people from Banyule to get involved with our Promotion Team for YouthFest 2013.  Learn skills in event management, promotion and marketing, and find out what it takes to run a youth event.  Participants will be asked to use their creative skills and social media to let friends and peers know about the Youth Festival being held on Sunday, 15 September.  Be rewarded for getting involved – gift vouchers, VIP access, prizes, (including gift vouchers of up to $100 value), are up for grabs!

Applications are closing soon, so make sure you apply by Monday, 19 August.

Go to to find out more and fill out an application form.














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School Calendar

Wed 14

Year 7 Camp 3

(Wed – Fri)

Year 11 ‘Fit to Drive’ Program

Thu 15

Middles School Subject Selection due

Fri 16

Interim Reports online

Herald Sun Careers Expo

World Challenge Trivia Evening

Sun 18

Working Bee

Wed 21

Student Progress Interviews: 4.00pm – 7.00pm

Mon 26

Year 7 Maths Games Day

Tue 27

Student Progress Interviews:

11.00am – 7.00pm

Wed 28

Year 9 Maths Games Day

School Council Meeting


Thu 05

VTAC Parent Information Evening

Sat 07

Royal South Street Symphonic Band

Sun 08

Middle School Snow Camp

(Sun – Fri)

Wed 11

Curriculum Day – Student free day

Thu 12

Year 12 Assembly: Safe Partying and Valedictory Rehearsal

Donydji Cross Cultural Partnership

(12 – 23 Sep)

Fri 13

2014 VCE Subjects published

Mon 16

Celebration Concert – Yarra Valley Grammar: 7.00pm

Space Camp

(16 – 30 Sep)

Wed 18

School Council Meeting

Fri 20

End of Term: 2.30pm Finish

Canteen Roster


Wed 14

Jenny Alford

Shirley Diez

Thu 15

Ali Burley

Volunteer Needed

Fri 16

Janine Aldred

Jemima Chianta

Mon 19

Tracy Abdallah

Kylie Ward

Tue 20

Kate Wall

Volunteer Needed












Upcoming Canteen Menu

Wed: Quiche

Thu: Lasagne

Fri: Hamburgers

Mon: Wedges

Tue: Chicken Hokkien Noodles




School Term Dates:

Term 3:

Finish    Friday 20 September – 2.30pm

Term 4:

Start     Monday 7 October






School Absences

All Junior, Middle & Senior School absences can now be reported to:

9430 5299

(designated 24 hour answering service)

Please advise: name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.




Music Fees Due

New students to the program (Training Band and Junior Strings):

3nd Instalment (20%) due 9 August 2013

All other music students:

3rd Instalment (20%) due 26 July 2013

Contact Cashier: 943 05118

Log into Compass Parent Portal for Information on:

Compass ID Cards & Lateness Procedure

Dates of Interest for Diamond Valley Bus Network

Middle School Subject Selections

School Term Dates

Student Progress Interviews








Smart not Scattered

After school support group to assist students with time management and organisation skills.

When: Tuesday

Location: Room 136

Time: 3.15pm – 3.45pm

Melissa Hughes











Extra Maths Help

When: Tuesday

Location: Room 706

Time: 3.10pm – 4.00pm

Mrs Milner

Maths KLA Coordinator

Homework Club

When: Tuesday

Location: Room 908

Time: 3.15pm – 4.00pm

Julia List

Junior School Coordinator
























Japanese Language Classes

Japanese Language Classes are available:

When: Friday

Location: Room 136

Time: 8.10am – 8.45pm

Madame Hughes




Why Not Get Involved!

Chess Club

When: Wednesday

Location: Library

Time: Lunchtime

Ben McLeay

English/Drama Coordinator


When: Tuesday/Thursday

Location: 111 Drama Space

Time: 3.30pm – 5.00pm

George Franklin

Art/Technology KLA Coordinator

Drawing Club

When: Friday

Location: Room 168

Time: Lunchtime

Melissa Hughes

Eltham High School Swimming Club

When: Thursday

Location: Eltham Leisure Centre

Time: 7.00am – 8.00am

Phil Boyd

Junior School Coordinator

Interschool Debating Team

When: Wednesday

Location: Room 166

Time: Lunchtime

Leanne Ipsen

Debating Coordinator

Manga and Anime Club

When: Friday

Location: Room 156

Time: Lunchtime

Melissa Hughes



Girltalk Yoga

Loving yourself

Loving life!

These yoga classes are designed to help students learn some of the basics of Yoga.  Each week we will explore some of the main postures and central themes of yoga to enhance our daily lives and wellbeing.  Come to learn more about your natural posture, natural medicine, core strength, meditation and deep breathing!

Description: MCj04114620000[1]

Starting:  15 July 2013

When:      Mondays 3.20 – 4.20pm

Where:     Room 134

                 Eltham High School

Cost:        $100 for a 10 week term

Phone Natalie Will on 0415 823 998 for bookings & inquiries

Facilitated by Natalie Will - Oki-do Yoga teacher, acrobat and dancer trained in Psychology, Remedial Massage and Dance Movement Therapy












Topline Tennis Coaching

Be one of the first 20 players to sign up for lessons at Eltham High School and receive a FREE Racquet values at $40.00!


Topline Tennis has been the Diamond Valley’s No. 1 tennis coaching business for over 20 years.

We specialise in lessons for beginners with affordable lesson pricing.

We focus on our students learning in a fun, social environment and at the same time developing their tennis skills.

For more information please call 9432 3706









Weight Watchers

Life is a grand, messy thing!

With ups and downs and twists and turns! But, that’s what keeps it fun.

So when it comes to losing weight, why try and fit your busy life around a weight loss plan, when there’s already one that fits you? Family friendly, dinner party proof and socially sound, Weight Watchers is approved by Life TM.

Come and join the team and other members at our Eltham High School Meeting, Withers Way, Eltham.

Meetings are held in the 400’s block near the Library. Enter from Withers Way basketball courts.

Doors open THURSDAY 6‑7pm.

New members please arrive at 6pm for enrolment and you’re getting started session.

Let our motivational Leader and Meeting team start you on your weight loss journey.

For more information call: 13 19 97 or visit

Yoga at Eltham High School

Feel a sense of wellbeing - Invigorate the body –

Calm the mind.

Term 3, 2013
Wednesdays 4:45pm

All teachers, students and parents welcome.

·         Dynamic Yoga for flexibility in hips, shoulders and spine;

·         Standing poses for strength and balance;

·         Pilates for core strength and tone;

·         Deep relaxation.

8 Week Course Commences  Wednesday 24 July

Yes, You can start in the 2nd week and pay for the remaining course


1 hour sessions.  No experience required.

Where: Room 408

Cost: $96  (students: $84)

Instructor: Gillian Lazenby

Phone: 9444 0700

Register and pay at:

Description: Title: Child's P