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Absences:  9430 5299


Student Progress Interviews

Wednesday, 21 August: 4.00pm – 7.00pm


Tuesday, 27 August: 11.00am – 7.00pm

(no classes will be held on this day, however, students are required to attend interviews with their parents/guardians)

Principal’s Report

Symphonic Band Tour

I congratulate all the students on their return from the Symphonic Band Tour. From all accounts the tour was extremely successful and the students gained a great deal from the experience. Once again our students represented our school and our community in an admirable way and the feedback that they received was positive and very complimentary of the students and the program itself. I do want to thank all the staff that took on the challenge and participated in this very worthwhile venture. I particularly wish to thank Mr Rick Plummer, our Director of Music, and Mrs Jill Browne our, music secretary, for their organisation of the tour. A full report is included in a further section of this newsletter.

World Challenge and Donydji Trivia Night

A big ‘thank you’ to all the members of our community that attended the fund raising event last Friday night, 16 August. The funds raised go to support the students involved in the World Challenge Expedition this year, and in particular, the community project that will be undertaken in the village in Lao/Vietnam, as well as the community/school in Northern Arnhem Land, as part of the Donydji Project.

I commend the organisational talents of our staff and congratulate them on putting together such a successful event. I also congratulate the staff band on its performance throughout the evening. I am certain that everyone that attended had a great time, whilst supporting our students and the two very distinct projects that they will be involved in.  Well done to all!

Wear it Purple Day

Each Year Eltham High School supports “Wear it Purple Day” which will be held this year on Friday, 30 August.

Wear It Purple is a youth-led organisation that exists to support and empower rainbow (i.e. sexuality and gender diverse) young people. These are young people, working for young people.

Wear it Purple believes that every young person is unique, important and worthy of love. It believes no one should be subject to bullying, belittlement or invalidation whoever they are.

The Wear it Purple Organisation is working toward a world in which every young person can thrive; irrelevant of sexuality or gender identity. Their aim is for rainbow young people to be safe, supported and empowered in each of their environments.

‘Respect for Diversity’ is one of our school values which underpins our belief that social justice is the cornerstone of our community. Everyone has the right to feel safe, to be themselves without prejudice or fear. A diverse learning community brings richness to the learning environment and is a process that benefits both the individual and the community.

Support “Wear it Purple Day” by wearing PURPLE on Friday, 30 August.

For further information please refer to the links below:


Term 3 Working Bee

I wish to thank everyone that took part in the Working Bee last Sunday, 18 August. In particular, I wish to acknowledge and congratulate all the young people that were in attendance. As always the day was a huge success with a great deal being accomplished around the school: Planters were constructed, additional railing was positioned in different locations, posts were painted, paving was completed and a great deal of gardening was achieved.

I commend the work of the Grounds Committee who consistently ensure that the work for the day is clearly identified and that the allocation of the workforce is done with reference to their interests and skills. If you would like to be part of this dynamic and fruitful team, please contact Kate Scalzo at who will be more than happy to pass on your details to a member of the Grounds Committee for a follow-up chat.

Stay tuned for the next Working Bee and I look forward to seeing you all there.

Vincent Sicari


Assistant Principal’s Report

Student Progress Interviews

The Semester 2 Student Progress Interviews will be across two sessions:

Wednesday, 21 August:                    4.00pm-7.00pm

(Normal classes)


Tuesday, 27 August:                         11.00am -7.00pm

(No scheduled classes on this day, however, students are required to attend interviews with their parents/guardians)

Bookings are now available via Compass.  We encourage all students to attend the interviews with their parents/guardians.

Symphonic Band Tour to Adelaide

Last week I was lucky enough to join the Symphonic and Stage bands on their tour of Adelaide. I would like to congratulate all students for their magnificent performances throughout the week and thank the students and staff for the opportunity to spend the week with them.

Every day I observed student leadership in action. While there were students in designated leadership roles, leadership was demonstrated by each and every student at different times. Examples of how the students showed this included: Ensuring that they were all in the right place at the right time, never having to ask them to do anything more than once, being respectful of others and leaving a good impression wherever they went. This made the role of teacher an enjoyable experience and meant that the music staff could stay focused on their core business of helping the students to hone their music skills.

I would also like to comment on the support and care that the students showed for each other. The encouragement that was shared within the group during rehearsals and after each performance was heartfelt and natural. It was evident that the students wanted the best for their peers, and this support was extended to other performers as well.

Finally, I would like to comment on their willingness to reflect on their experiences. The students were constantly engaged in informal conversations with their teachers, seeking feedback, clarification and advice, with a view to continual improvement.

These experiences could not have happened without the commitment of the Instrumental Music team. The students are very lucky to have access to such a talented group of teachers. Their ongoing encouragement and support both challenged the students and led them to their best performances.

This experience encapsulates what we strive for as a school, in terms of growth and development opportunities for our students. To me, we are doing the best for our students when we know them well and provide them with challenges to encourage them to be the best they can be. Students at Eltham High School are lucky to have such a range of opportunities available to them which allows them to demonstrate their talents and strive for excellence in their chosen field.

Procedure for Illness and Injury

A reminder to parents and guardians that there is a clear procedure that needs to be followed when a student is injured or unwell at school.

While students may find it easier to make a call to their parents directly and arrange to be picked up from school, this is not the correct procedure. This is because it is important for the school to be aware when students are injured or unwell.

Students must let a teacher know that they are unwell, and they will be directed to the First Aid Room. Michelle Ford, our First Aid Attendant, will monitor students and will contact families and make arrangements for pick up as needed. 

It is important that we can account for the whereabouts of all students at all times. When students leave school they must be signed out by a parent or guardian at the General Office; this ensures that our records are always accurate. Thank you for your co-operation with this matter.

Fran Mullins

Assistant Principal

Senior School News

Tertiary Information Night for VCE Students and Parents/Guardians

Date:               Thursday, 29 August 2013

Time:               7.00pm – 8.00pm

Location:        Open Learning Space – New Building

The session will provide a better understanding of course pre-requisites, the application process, consideration of disadvantage, and scholarship opportunities.  Booking is not required, but please note the meeting will begin promptly at 7.00pm.

Anna Panas

Senior School Team Leader

Middle School News

Year 9 School for Student Leadership: Alpine School 2014

Eltham High School has been successful in obtaining 6 places (3 male and 3 female) for the Snowy River Campus of the ‘School for Student Leadership’ (formerly the Alpine School) in Term 2 2014.

The cost will be $1050 per student.

The Snowy River Campus is situated just outside of Marlo, Gippsland. You can visit the website to see the activities that students are currently undertaking by going to

Student participants will be selected in Term 4, through a process of written applications, and following this interviews for shortlisted candidates. Criteria for the written application and the timeline will be posted on Compass early in Term 4.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on 9430 5147, or email me at

Christine Andrews

Student Growth and Student Leadership Leader


Attention: All Middle School Students with Lockers Numbered 1 -198

Could all Middle School students, who have a locker in the roller door bays, numbers 1 – 198, please empty their locker, after school, on Monday, 26 August.  On Tuesday, 27 August, which is a student free day, the roller doors will be repaired.  To do this all the lockers have to be moved and it will help a great deal if the lockers are empty.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Jodie Sutton

Middle School Team Leader

Junior School News

Cross Country Ski Trip: Monday, 12 August

On Monday, 12 August 21 brave students ventured to the lofty heights of Lake Mountain. The plan was to spend a day cross country skiing on the beautiful snow gum lined trails. However, the weather gods had a different plan: Extreme winds, combined with a significant number of dead trees (following the bushfires), resulted in all trails being closed for the day.

Some creative thinking by the Lake Mountain Ski School, and co-operation from the Resort Management, resulted in an alternative that still allowed us to do some skiing. Using the ski school teaching area, and the toboggan slope, students were able to learn and refine their technique. Everyone had an enjoyable day on the snow, and should be well placed for next year’s outing. An early finish allowed us to visit Steavenson’s Falls on the way home, which were looking spectacular with high river flows and lots of regrowth.

Students enjoyed the day and I would encourage Middle and Junior School students to place it in their calendar for next year.

Ross McKinnon

Junior School Team Leader

Musical Notes

Symphonic Band Tour to Adelaide:

Sunday, 11 August – Saturday, 17 August

Thank you to Ed Fairlie, Vanessa George, Monty Mackenzie, Fran Mullins and the Symphonic Band students for an outstanding week in Adelaide. To spend a week away creating such beautiful music was an experience that will live with us forever. I would like to make special mention of our Symphonic Band Leaders, Sarah Abdurazak and Maddison Carter, who were invaluable in their support for both myself as Conductor and the Ensemble as a whole. Under their leadership, the team of Symphonic Band Leaders were exemplary with their work ethic and professionalism at each performance and throughout the week.

The focus throughout the week was on the development of our musicianship and repertoire through the various performances and rehearsals. Each performance was outstanding and captured the essence of the composers’ intent, allowing us to take our audiences on a profound emotional journey. It was also nice to be recognised at the Australian Band and Orchestra Directors Association Band Festival where Percussion Ensemble, Symphonic Band and Stage Band were all awarded First Place in their sections. Stage Band was equal First Place in their section, drawing with Marryatville High School, who are the current National Stage Band Champions.

Every band and conductor that heard the Symphonic Band perform was impressed with the level of musicianship and technical ability that we demonstrated. They were extremely appreciative of the music that we shared with their students and the impact that it made. We received so many humbling accolades throughout the week, and to quote one of the conductors:

“Great to see a band and conductor who have taken it to the next level. Thanks for coming to Adelaide and giving us a master class in how it should be done.”

Andrew Newhouse, Director of Music, Prince Alfred College

The highlight of the week for the students was their very first performance on Monday morning at Wilderness School. We produced one of the most beautiful performances of Dusk by Stephen Bryant that you will ever hear; creating a musical moment that will live with them forever. 

Music Paperwork

The music paperwork for the Senior Strings, Intermediate, Concert and Symphonic Bands and for the Choral Groups has now been handed out. This includes details of the Royal South Street Competitions.

Royal South Street Competitions:

Sunday, 25 August – Saturday, 7 September

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Jazz Choir

Sunday, 25 August

Junior Choir and Junior Jazz Choir

Monday, 26 August

Senior Strings

Saturday, 31 August

Intermediate Band

Monday, 2 September

Percussion Ensemble

Tuesday, 3 September

Small Senior Ensembles

Wednesday, 4 September

Concert Band

Thursday, 5 September

Jazz and Stage Bands

Friday, 6 September

Symphonic Band

Saturday, 7 September

As you can see, this is a very busy term, with the competitions listed above, as well as:

·         Performances at the Greensborough Salvation Army Centre by our small Senior Ensembles:

Date:                     Friday, 23 August

·         A Pre South Street Concert for our large participating bands:

Date:                     Thursday, 29 August

Time:                     7.00pm

Location:              400s Block

And, finally our 'Celebration Concert' for all our Music Program Ensemble students, taking place:

Date:                     Monday, 16 September

Time:                     7.30pm

Location:              George Wood Performing Arts Centre, Yarra Valley


A detailed schedule of all forthcoming events will follow shortly.

If you have any queries regarding the events mentioned above, or the Music Program in general, please contact the Music Office on 9430 5127 or email Jill at

Rick Plummer
Director of Music

Working Bee: Sunday, 18 August

Despite wind, wind and more wind almost 40 volunteers, comprising parents, ex-parents, students and teachers turned out and supported the Sunday Working Bee, with some impressive results to show for their efforts.  Along with a range of construction tasks, there were lots of maintenance tasks carried out that really made a difference to the overall look of the school by the end of the day. Thanks goes out to all those in attendance on the day, but special thanks goes out to the Grounds Committee volunteers who take leadership roles on the day; supervising tasks and provisioning food and drink at morning tea, as well as the barbeque lunch at the conclusion of the event.  Well done!

Below is a summary of the tasks completed on Sunday:

·         Rails and tops were affixed to the second raised box garden adjacent to the Stadium complex.

·         A short section of post and pipe fence was constructed on the west side of the new building complex to enhance student movement.

·         Fourteen metal uprights were concreted into position around the two major ironbark trees in the Courtyard complex.  Sleepers will be slotted into position in the coming weeks.

·         Pruning and weeding was completed in the Central Courtyard complex, as well as between the 800 and 900 blocks.

·         Mulching was completed on the garden beds between the 800 and 900 blocks.

·         A signification number of bollards were stained in the Central Courtyard complex, as well as around the Pin-Oak adjacent to the bike shed.

·         Soil was moved back from the wall of Room 601 and made tidy.

·         A significant amount of mowing and brush cutting was completed across the campus precinct.

·         Paving was completed around the base of the raised box garden adjacent to the Canteen.

·         A significant amount of pruning and weeding was completed in the Environmental area adjacent to the tennis courts.

Special thanks to the following volunteers who gave up their Sunday to make a difference to the environment of the school: 

Robert Ackland, Leo Adamson, Robert A, Marian Birkett, Rob Clarke, John Coates, Veronica Curmi, Lester & Mara Dale, Ivan Dickinson, Bret Ditchfield, Tref Gare with Ned Kiely, Barry & Anne Gration, Philip Green, Peter Hepworth, Sid Lancia, Kamilla Laxton, Simon MacDonald, Frank Medcalf, Chris Morrison, Tim Natoli, Lisa & David Norden, Marli Parker, Vincent Sicari, Mal Sinclair, Stephen Stone, Jeremy Taylor, Sue Washington, Julie Watson, Toni Zuzic with Celeste & Danica

Thanks also to the Canteen staff for providing food for the day.

There are two more Working Bees for the year: Sunday, 27 October and Sunday, 17 November (both in Term 4).  It would be good to see a few new faces at the events in Term 4.

John Coates

For the Grounds Committee


Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup: 8 - 3 December

The 29th Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup (ASVC) will be held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, the State Volleyball Centre (Dandenong) and the State Netball and Hockey Centre. It is to be held from Sunday, 8 December to Friday, 13 December and is expected to involve more than 3500 students from all over Australia and New Zealand. It is expected over 370 teams will participate in 28 Divisions across five age groups.

The following Eltham High School Teams will be competing:

Under 14 Girls Division 1 and Division 2

Under 14 Boys Division 1 and Division 2

Under 15 Girls Honours and Division 2

Under 15 Boys Honours and Division 2

Under 16 Girls Honours/Division 2 and Division 3

Under 16 Boys Honours and Division 2           

Under 17 Girls Division 2

Under 17 Boys Honours          

Open Girls Honours

Open Boys Honours

Details will appear on the volleyball notice board in coming weeks, and will be given to students participating at training.


The Spikezone Grand Final is taking place this Thursday, 22 of August.

AVSC T-Shirt Competition – LAST CHANCE

Students are invited to submit designs for this year’s Australian Schools’ Cup T-shirt Competition.  The winning design will be printed on our Eltham High School T-shirt, to be worn by our players and coaches at the Nationals this year. The design should include “Eltham High Volleyball” and will need to be handed in to Mr Thomas by Friday, 23 August.

Important Volleyball Dates for 2013:

17 October                   Year 8 Volleyball Round robin

29 October                   Year 8 Northern Zone Volleyball

30 October                   Year 7 Northern Zone Volleyball

30 October (2014)       Intermediate Round Robin (Year 8 and 9 students)

26 November               Year 7and 8 State Volleyball Final

8- 13 December          Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup

If your child has a unique sporting moment, or is selected in a State or National Team, please let us know so we can share the good news. (I have copies of the Nillumbik Sporting Achievement Grant application form if you require one).

Student Achievement

Sophie Paine (ex-Eltham High School student) was awarded the ‘Overall Female MVP’, at the Blue and White Jacket Dinner on Saturday night, for the Best Female Athlete in all the Victorian teams at Junior Nationals. Congratulations Sophie, Eltham High is very proud of your fantastic achievement.

Greg Thomas

Volleyball/Elite Sports Coordinator

Parents and Carers

Dates of Interest for Diamond Valley College Bus Network

Pease note the following Term dates for the remainder of 2013.  Bus times will alter for END of terms.  Term dates are:

Term 3:                        Finish 20 September at 2.10pm

Term 4:                        Start 7 October

                                    Last day for buses 19 December at 3.00pm


Year 9 Work Experience:

Monday, 2 December – Friday, 13 December 2013

All year 9 students, who will be 15 years of age at the time of the work experience, are eligible to participate. For students who will not yet be 15 years old, there is still the opportunity to work at a pre-school or primary school.  The normal ‘Work Experience Arrangement Forms’ are used in both instances.

If your child is not going to participate, a written note must be handed into the Careers Office, or an email sent, detailing alternative arrangements.  Please note there will be no alternative school program provided during this period for students who are not participating in the Work Experience Program.

Now is the time to get something organised, whether it be with one or two employers for the period.  Please contact Ross Pringle on 9430 5133 or email for further information.

Zoos Victoria Work Experience: February – April 2014

Are you keen to be part of the workforce at Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo or Healesville Sanctuary?  If you are, then access the site below and download the application forms.  Please note, to take part in this work experience you will need to be 15 years of age by the time of the placement.

Your application must be handed into the Careers office for checking and confirmation. All completed applications will then be sent by Mr Pringle to Zoos Victoria.

Victoria Police Future Employment Experience Program 2014

Applications for work experience with the Victoria Police will open in late August.  Further information will follow, when available.

Ross Pringle

Careers Coordinator


Study for Change’ Excursion to NAB, The Docklands

On Friday, 16 August 2 staff and 14 students participated in a day of professional training at the NAB head office training facilities at the Docklands, together with two other state schools: Noble Park and Bellarine Secondary College. The focus of the day was to work in teams to brainstorm ways to increase understanding and awareness of human trafficking and homelessness through mediums of social media, marketing, creative thinking, finance, team management and positive thinking. The students participated in workshops arranged to enhance their public speaking skills and develop a punchy ‘elevator pitch’ for their social justice campaigns. There was an opportunity for personal reflection and a laughing meditation to promote positive thinking. The sessions culminated in a flash mob on human trafficking with an enthusiastic display of collective, collegiate involvement. 

Students at Eltham High School are currently investigating ways of raising awareness and support for a prominent campaign - The Big Umbrella Anti Human Trafficking Campaign - Child Labour and Slavery Rescue Mission. The Big Umbrella's Campaign 147 aims to raise over $52,000 in the next 12 months to fund Blue Dragon's rescue missions. Each rescue mission costs a minimum of $1000. Through this campaign, students are hoping to find at least 147 people to get involved and donate $1 a day for 365 days. All the proceeds are generously donated to this cause and will help rescue 52 children currently living a life of slavery and abuse. You can support this campaign by following the links to this website:

Eva Natsis

Student Support Worker









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Symphonic Band Tour to Adelaide


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School Calendar

Wed 21

Student Progress Interviews: 4.00pm – 7.00pm

Mon 26

Year 7 Maths Games Day

Tue 27

Student Progress Interviews:

11.00am – 7.00pm

Wed 28

School Council Meeting

Thu 29

VTAC Parent Information Evening

Year 9 Maths Games Day


Sat 07

Royal South Street Symphonic Band

Sun 08

Middle School Snow Camp

(Sun – Fri)

Wed 11

Curriculum Day – Student free day

Thu 12

Year 12 Assembly: Safe Partying and Valedictory Rehearsal

Donydji Cross Cultural Partnership

(12 – 23 Sep)

Fri 13

2014 VCE Subjects published

Mon 16

Celebration Concert – Yarra Valley Grammar: 7.00pm

Space Camp

(16 – 30 Sep)

Wed 18

School Council Meeting

Fri 20

End of Term: 2.30pm Finish


Term 4


Fri 08

Art & Technology Exhibition

(Fri 08 – Sat 09)



Canteen Roster


Wed 21

Adrienne Harris

Leisa James


Thu 22

Sue Ball

Carol Steward


Fri 23

Jacqui Harley

Suzie Gerrard

Mon 26

Joanne Mills

Robyn Flanagan


Tue 27

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Upcoming Canteen Menu

Wed: Fried Rice

Thu: Chicken Schnitzel Rolls

Fri: Hamburgers

Mon: Nachos

Tue: Quiche






Cross Country Ski Trip:

Lake Mountain Ski Resort


Lake Mountain Ski Resort


Steavenson’s Falls




School Term Dates:

Term 3:

Finish    Friday 20 September – 2.30pm

Term 4:

Start     Monday 7 October





Music Fees Due

New students to the program (Training Band and Junior Strings):

3nd Instalment (20%) was due 9 August 2013

All other music students:

3rd Instalment (20%) was due 26 July 2013

Contact Cashier: 9430 5118





School Absences

All Junior, Middle & Senior School absences can now be reported to:

9430 5299

(designated 24 hour answering service)

Please advise: name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.


Log into Compass Parent Portal for Information on:

Compass ID Cards & Lateness Procedure

Dates of Interest for Diamond Valley Bus Network

Middle School Subject Selections

School Term Dates

Student Progress Interviews







Smart not Scattered

After school support group to assist students with time management and organisation skills.

When: Tuesday

Location: Room 136

Time: 3.15pm – 3.45pm

Melissa Hughes







Extra Maths Help

When: Tuesday

Location: Room 706

Time: 3.10pm – 4.00pm

Mrs Milner

Maths KLA Coordinator










Homework Club

When: Tuesday

Location: Room 908

Time: 3.15pm – 4.00pm

Julia List

Junior School Coordinator
























Japanese Language Classes

Japanese Language Classes are available:

When: Friday

Location: Room 136

Time: 8.10am – 8.45pm

Madame Hughes




Why Not Get Involved!

Chess Club

When: Wednesday

Location: Library

Time: Lunchtime

Ben McLeay

English/Drama Teacher


When: Tuesday/Thursday

Location: 111 Drama Space

Time: 3.30pm – 5.00pm

George Franklin

Art/Technology KLA Coordinator

Drawing Club

When: Friday

Location: Room 168

Time: Lunchtime

Melissa Hughes

Eltham High School Swimming Club

When: Thursday

Location: Eltham Leisure Centre

Time: 7.00am – 8.00am

Phil Boyd

Junior School Coordinator

Interschool Debating Team

When: Wednesday

Location: Room 166

Time: Lunchtime

Leanne Ipsen

Debating Coordinator

Manga and Anime Club

When: Friday

Location: Room 156

Time: Lunchtime

Melissa Hughes



Girltalk Yoga

Loving yourself

Loving life!

These yoga classes are designed to help students learn some of the basics of Yoga.  Each week we will explore some of the main postures and central themes of yoga to enhance our daily lives and wellbeing.  Come to learn more about your natural posture, natural medicine, core strength, meditation and deep breathing!

Description: MCj04114620000[1]

Starting:  15 July 2013

When:      Mondays 3.20 – 4.20pm

Where:     Room 134

                 Eltham High School

Cost:        $100 for a 10 week term

Phone Natalie Will on 0415 823 998 for bookings & inquiries

Facilitated by Natalie Will - Oki-do Yoga teacher, acrobat and dancer trained in Psychology, Remedial Massage and Dance Movement Therapy












Topline Tennis Coaching

Be one of the first 20 players to sign up for lessons at Eltham High School and receive a FREE Racquet values at $40.00!


Topline Tennis has been the Diamond Valley’s No. 1 tennis coaching business for over 20 years.

We specialise in lessons for beginners with affordable lesson pricing.

We focus on our students learning in a fun, social environment and at the same time developing their tennis skills.

For more information please call 9432 3706









Weight Watchers

Life is a grand, messy thing!

With ups and downs and twists and turns! But, that’s what keeps it fun.

So when it comes to losing weight, why try and fit your busy life around a weight loss plan, when there’s already one that fits you? Family friendly, dinner party proof and socially sound, Weight Watchers is approved by Life TM.

Come and join the team and other members at our Eltham High School Meeting, Withers Way, Eltham.

Meetings are held in the 400’s block near the Library. Enter from Withers Way basketball courts.

Doors open THURSDAY 6‑7pm.

New members please arrive at 6pm for enrolment and you’re getting started session.

Let our motivational Leader and Meeting team start you on your weight loss journey.

For more information call: 13 19 97 or visit

Yoga at Eltham High School

Feel a sense of wellbeing - Invigorate the body –

Calm the mind.

Term 3, 2013
Wednesdays 4:45pm

All teachers, students and parents welcome.

·         Dynamic Yoga for flexibility in hips, shoulders and spine;

·         Standing poses for strength and balance;

·         Pilates for core strength and tone;

·         Deep relaxation.

8 Week Course Commences  Wednesday 24 July

Yes, You can start in the 2nd week and pay for the remaining course


1 hour sessions.  No experience required.

Where: Room 408

Cost: $96  (students: $84)

Instructor: Gillian Lazenby

Phone: 9444 0700

Register and pay at:

Description: Title: Child's P