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2014 Year 7 Parent Information Evening

Wednesday, 4 December: 6.30pm

Principal’s Report

Student Achievement

I congratulate Siena Hyland (Year 10, Stewart House) on her selection into the Class of 2015 Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program at The University of Melbourne. This is an outstanding achievement and I wish Siena all the very best as she engages with the opportunities that the program offers.

The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program will afford the participants the opportunity to mix with like-minded peers and future leaders. A tailored program of events and activities will support and enhance these students’ secondary studies, inspire their career plans and provide opportunities to interact with the University community.  Siena joins a large group of Eltham High School Alumni that have already benefitted from the Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program.

On the 5 December, the University will host a Welcome Event for all selected Year 10 Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars. Students will be officially welcomed into the Program and participate in a number of information sessions on the day, including a welcome address from former Vice-Chancellor and the Program’s namesake, Professor Kwong Lee Dow.

Siena is a worthy recipient of this award and she will be a great ambassador for our school.  Well done!

Twilight Music Concert 2013

The 2013 Twilight Concert took place on the evening of Monday, 2 December.  I have to say that it was amazing that the weather actually held out and we were finally able, out of a number of years, to stage the concert outside in the courtyard area.

It was fantastic to see our community gather for this wonderful end of year celebration that gave our students the opportunity to perform one last time this year. Parents, grandparents, siblings and friends all came along to enjoy the music and savour the culinary delights supplied by the Music Support Group. It was a very relaxed evening of celebration and fun.

A highlight of the evening was the presentation of a number of string instruments to the school by the Board of Montsalvat. I take this opportunity to thank Jeannette Davison for her attendance at the concert and for presenting the beautifully handmade instruments to our school. We are very grateful to the Board of Montsalvat and to Ms Morag Fraser, Chair of the Board.

A further highlight was the presentation of the Claire Edgoose Awards for Excellence in Music which, this year were awarded to Taliesin Sterry (Year 10, Everard House, Bassoon) and Jemima Longworth (Year 10, Andrew House, Bassoon). Similarly the Ferngully Lodge Bursaries were awarded to Anna Telfer (Year 11, Andrew House, Flute) and David Sutherland (Year 9, Everard House, Saxophone).

Congratulations to these award recipients and to all the students that performed so well at the concert. I further wish to acknowledge the commitment and hard work of the Music staff and our Director of Music, Mr Rick Plummer, and of course the ongoing commitment of the Music Support Group, without whose hard work in planning and organisation of events, what is achieved, could not be achieved. Congratulations to all!

Morph Program

A great deal of work and planning has gone into the organisation of the Morph Program for all our current Year 7 and 8 students. This program begins on Monday, 9 December and will run until the end of the year. Attendance is a must and I ask parents for their support in ensuring students attend for the entire length of this program. A letter has already been sent home to individual families outlining the aims and content of the program, and in line with the Head Start Program, the Morph Program is a good introduction into the subsequent year’s program of study, although it is structured very differently. I take this opportunity to commend the staff that have been involved in the planning, under the leadership of Mrs Katie Reed, as well as all the staff that will take part in the program, to make it a real success. I am sure that it will be a valuable program for every student.

Student Safety

The issue of student safety through the circular drive is once again raising its ugly head. Student safety is of imperative importance, and once again I ask parents to take care when driving through the circular drive at the front of the school. At these times there are a number of students walking through that area and we would not like to see an accident occur. It would also be very much appreciated if parents did not park in the area of the circular drive; the purpose of the drive is that it is a ‘pick up’ and ‘drive through’ zone. Particularly, parking along the edge of the green area causes added congestion, thus compromising student safety. I look forward to your support with this.

Riding Bikes etc. and Wearing Helmets

Can I ask parents to ensure that if their child is riding to school in any form that he/she wears a helmet at all times. It is a legal requirement to wear a helmet when riding on the road and unfortunately over the last week or so I have noticed that some students are riding bikes etc. without using a helmet. It has been made clear to students that if they ride without a helmet their bike etc. will be locked up and that their parents will be called up to collect it. This is not about the school being difficult but purely about your child’s safety. Please speak to your child about this concern. Once again I thank you for your support.

Vincent Sicari


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Student Leadership: Student Growth and Leadership Working Party

I always look for opportunities to acknowledge student leadership across the school, and can report back on the work of a number of students who have demonstrated leadership potential within our school community.

The Student Growth and Leadership Working Party, comprising staff and student representation, have been working hard to define a model for Student Growth and Leadership for 2015. To date the recommendations that the working party have made include:

·         The introduction of a vertical model across Years 10-12 in 2015. This means that there will be an opportunity for students across Years 10-12 to meet together on a regular basis. While details of this program are being developed, we know that this will allow for enhanced leadership opportunities across the Senior School with students in Years 11 and 12 able to support Year 10 students and provide some guidance to these students as they start to explore their future pathways.

·         Development of separate programs across Years 7, 8 and 9 that will incorporate opportunities to further explore the value of Social and Environmental Responsibility through Community Service programs.

Both Christine Andrews and I would like to acknowledge the work of Liam Samat (Year 9) and Molly Townsend (Year 10) as student members of the working party.

School Publications:

In preparation for our next school brochure I have worked with a number of students to both get feedback on the school and also conduct a photographic shoot. This feedback and the photos will be included in the brochure.

Our focus on the school values is evident in the feedback from our students, such as:

“Eltham High encourages everyone to reach for their full potential. If you are not good at one thing, there are thousands of other things you can do, and all the teachers will help you.”

“Through the school values I learnt the importance of respecting others as I would expect others to respect me, and just being myself.”

The photo shoot, working with individual students, was also great fun, with students representing the values of the school through use of some simple props.

While the audience for the brochure will predominantly be families of primary school students, it will be shared with the school community through the school website.

Fran Mullins

Assistant Principal

Senior School News

Visiting Italian Student Nicolo Returns Home Soon

Nicolo Notargiacomo has been in Australia for about 5 months, as a year 11 student, visiting from Italy and attending Eltham High School. Nicolo’s host family in Eltham has been the Tibbets, who have a connection with a local primary school here. In Italy Nicolo lives in Rome and attends a Science secondary school, the ‘Liceo Scientifico Statale Marcello Malpighi’ as a year 11 student. Nicolo’s father is an IT programmer, his mother works in the office of an Italian bank, and his 22 year old sister is at university studying civil engineering.

Nicolo’s favourite subject is Mathematics and he is considering a career in mechanical engineering or astronomy. Nicolo has enjoyed his stay in Australia, finding the people relaxed, kind, nice, polite and hospitable. Nicolo has been a dedicated and enthusiastic student.

Nicolo said:

“My experience in Australia as an exchange student has been just fantastic. This place is also better than I thought. People here are very nice and kind and life is much more relaxed than in my country Italy. I’d like to thank my host family, that has been hospitable and always present for me. My mates that made my experience here unforgettable and all the staff at Eltham High School have been available at any time that I needed. Thank you all. Cheers, Nicolo.”

Lyn Milner
KLA Coordinator Mathematics & Nicolo’s Maths Teacher

Middle School News

Middle School Students - Please Empty Lockers

Could all Middle School students please ensure they empty their locker by Friday 6 December 2013.  If you do not empty your locker the items will be removed and donated to a worthy cause.

Jodie Sutton

Middle School Team Leader

Book Listed Maths Resources for Year 9 and Year 10 2014

The following information is regarding the book listed Maths resources for 2014:

A Year 9 student needs the following items for Year 9 Maths:

1)    ICE-EM Year 9 books 1 & 2 (may be purchased second-hand)

2)    HOTMaths access code

3)    Texas Instruments TI30XB scientific calculator (or a similar scientific calculator)

A Year 10 student needs the following items for Year 10 Core Maths or Maths Extension:

1)    ICE-EM Year 10 books 1 & 2 (may be purchased second-hand)

2)    HOTMaths access code

3)    CAS Nspire calculator (In addition: retain the TI30XB calculator from year 9)

Please Note:

·         If the ICE-EM books are purchased new, they are bundled with the HOTMaths access code.

·         If the ICE-EM books are purchased secondhand, the HOTMaths access code must be purchased separately via North of the Yarra Bookshop.

To activate HOTMaths two codes are required: HotMaths code and a current book code

HotMaths is an interactive on-line product that provides the student with access to Australian Mathematics Curriculum resources to Year 10 across year levels. HotMaths includes tutorials, videos, self-assessments and a variety of practice and teaching materials. Students are linked to their class and class teacher. The material can be used both at home and at school. Each topic is organised to match the current text book. The codes are active for 12 months and expire in January.

A Year 10 student studying Foundation Maths 10 needs the following items:

1)    Jacaranda Foundation Maths set of books

2)    Texas Instruments TI30XB scientific calculator (or a similar scientific calculator)

Lyn Milner

KLA Coordinator Mathematics

Junior School

Going the Distance

The pressure is on! With just one week to go, four groups have collapsed, given up!  The remaining groups continue, their bridge building setting a cracking pace. It’s all hands on deck as “The Foodlepoppers” work to complete their combination truss and suspension bridge.

But into the mix enters a new contender; me! By collecting the members of “Kittens with Mittens” and “The Turtles” we will build a bridge to my design. But will there be enough time! Can Mrs McDonald and Mr Baly inspire their groups to greater effort? Can they take the lead and span the distance?

Rob Coventry


Musical Notes

Twilight Evening Concert

Monday night saw the Music Department's last concert for the year.  The 'Twilight Evening', rain free, was held outside and attracted a large audience. Some residents from Chatswood Terrace also attended the concert and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. 

Many of the Ensembles had only been rehearsing together this term, yet showed parents and friends what wonderful things can be achieved in a short time!  

We also enjoyed the talents of our Community Choir; always looking for new members. 

Jeanette Davison presented the conductor of the Strings Ensembles, Amberley Bremner, with some beautiful handmade string instruments.  We sincerely thank them for these.

The recipients of two Scholarships were also announced. The Ferngully Lodge Award was given to Anna Telfer (Year 11, Andrew House, Flute) and David Sutherland (Year 9, Everard House, Saxophone) and the Claire Edgoose Award to Taliesin Sterry (Year 10, Everard House, Bassoon) and Jemima Longworth (Year 10, Andrew House, Bassoon).


This week we have rehearsals for Symphonic, Jazz, Stage, Strings and Thursday morning Training Band.

Due to the large number of students who are in Middle School and Concert Band, there will be NO rehearsal for Concert Band this week.

These will be the last rehearsals for this year.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved: the Music Support Group, instrumental teachers, ensemble directors and parents for your support, and for getting your child to early morning rehearsals!  And not forgetting our students who have worked so hard and achieved so much.  THANKYOU!

Instrumental Lessons (Years 8 – 12) and Ensemble Rehearsals: 2014

Instrumental lessons for Years 8 – 12 students and Ensemble Rehearsals commence the week of Monday, 3 February 2014.

Special Mention

A special mention to one of our departing instrumental teachers, Aaron Vreulink.  Aaron was a student at Eltham High School and in the Music Program playing trombone.  He did his studies, including a Diploma of Education, and has been tutoring trombone students at Eltham High School, as well as teaching at other schools.   Aaron has now got a position as a full time music teacher and Head of the Music Program at a local primary school.  We wish Aaron all the very best for the future.

Chamber Ensemble Evening

On Friday, 22 November we had a Chamber Ensemble Evening. One of our Year 7 students was inadvertently not mentioned, but here she is: Charlie Evans played flute in one of our young ensembles.  Congratulations to Charlie and all the young performers who took part that evening.

Second Hand Instrument Register

Any instruments going on the register have to first be checked by a music staff member; the cost is $10.  

If you have any queries regarding this or any other aspect of the Music Program, please ring the Music Office on 9430 5127 or email Jill, the Music Secretary at 

Rick Plummer
Director of Music


Australian Volleyball Schools Cup

Team lists are displayed on the volleyball information board in the Stadium and on the volleyball home page on the Eltham High web page: ‘Teams for Australian Volleyball Schools Cup’.  

Final information is now available on the volleyball web page. Simply select ‘volleyball’ on the Eltham High web page. On the volleyball home page select ‘Downloads’. The document ‘Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup 2013’ has all the details you will need leading up to this National Tournament.

A small number of players still have to make their final payment.  This should be paid to the Cashier. Parental permission can be given on Compass.

Should you need more information, or clarification regarding the above, please free to contact me at

Competition Draw

A draft draw will be posted on the AVSC web site on Friday, 29 November 2013. To access the draw simply follow the instructions below.

Go to

Click on the link to ‘Preliminary Draw now available’

State Volleyball Finals

Congratulations to the Year 8 girls on winning the State Volleyball Competition last Tuesday.

They went through the day undefeated; a great team effort. The State Champions are Madi Hart, Brianna Dalgleish, Sophie Foote, Maddie Vincent-Gilmartin, Hinako Eyre, Georgia Williver, Indiah Johnstone, Elise Henderson and Tanisha Giordano. Thanks go to Ms Pascoe for coaching the girls on the day.

The Year 8 boys, coached by Dan Simpson, were unlucky to miss out on making it through the crossover match, being beaten in three sets by the eventual winner.

The Year 7 boys played very well in a very close competition. They also were denied a place in the Final by Kew High in the crossover match. Maffra went on to win the competition. Thanks go to David Dunn and Mr Pringle for looking after the boys.

Australian Schools' Volleyball Cup – Practice Matches

Thursday, 5 December: 3.30 pm

CRT 1: Under 16 Boys Hon vs Under 16 Boys Div 2 vs Under 16 Girls Hon

(3 games – each team plays 2 sets and referees one set)

Senior Boys and girls: Training at 9.00am  Matches at 3.30 pm

CRT 3: Open Boys Honours vs U/17 Boys Hon vs Open Girls Hon

3 games – each team plays 2 sets and referees one set

Year 7 Students have the opportunity to play each Monday at 3.30pm

Important Volleyball Dates for 2013:

8 - 13 December         Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup

Gymnastics Success

Victorian State Levels Championships: The Victorian State Levels Championships were at Maffra and a team with Cleo Lowery, Year 8, Adele & Elise Hepworth, Year 7 and Grace O’Toole, Year 7 placed 3rd overall, which was a wonderful achievement in a competitive Level 7 competition. The girls also qualified for the individual Victorian Championships and had a solid performance on all apparatus.

National Clubs Competition: At the National Clubs Competition in Geelong, Isis Lowery, Year 11 competed in the Senior International Level and placed 1st on vault, 2nd on beam, 3rd on floor & bars and 3rd all around. This was a two day competition and Isis’ first time competing since her hip surgery 11 months ago. Emily Dean, Year 9 also competed in the Women’s National Level 10, which is a level above her age, and had a wonderful competition hitting many routines with new skills for the first time. All girls train at Jets Gymnastics in Diamond Creek and Eltham.

The girls train between 10 – 30 hours a week and work very hard, so we congratulate them on their recent success.

If your child has a unique sporting moment, or is selected in a State or National Team, please let us know so we can share the good news. (I have copies of the Nillumbik Sporting Achievement Grant application form if you require one).

Greg Thomas

Volleyball/Elite Sports Coordinator

Parents and Carers





Second Hand Book Sales For 2013

We still have unfilled orders for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 10 second hand texts books.  We are extending the timeline for these books to be collected to Wednesday, 4 December so please bring your books along to the Year 12 Study Centre if you are wanting to sell them (with parental permission).

The texts available to sell for Year 7 and Year 8 are:

To the Top

Year 7                                     Year 8

English:                                   English:

Invention of Hugo Cabret         Tales from Outer Suburbia

Alice in Wonderland                 The Outsiders

Indonesian:                            Indonesian:

Bagus Sekali 1 (text)                Kenalilah Indonesia Book 1


                                                Tapis Volant 1 Student book (3rd Edition)

The book room will be closed as from Thursday 5 December, so please finalise all purchases prior to this date.

All booklists are available at Click on Information/Second Hand Book Sales.

Kathleen Hannan

Finance Manager

Dates of Interest for Diamond Valley College Bus Network

Diamond Valley Bus Network - Term Dates for the Remainder of 2013:

Pease note the following Term dates for the remainder of 2013.  Bus times will alter for END of terms.  Term dates are:

Term 4:            Last day for buses 19 December at 3.00pm


Year 9 Work Experience:

Monday, 2 December – Friday, 13 December 2013

All Year 9 students, who will be 15 years of age at the time of the work experience, are eligible to participate. For students who will not yet be 15 years old, there is still the opportunity to work at a pre-school or primary school.  The normal ‘Work Experience Arrangement Forms’ are used in both instances.

If your child is not going to participate, a written note must be handed into the Careers Office, or an email sent, detailing alternative arrangements.  Please note there will be no alternative school program provided during this period for students who are not participating in the Work Experience Program.

Now is the time to get something organised, whether it be with one or two employers for the period.  Please contact Ross Pringle on 9430 5133 or email for further information.

Ross Pringle

Careers Coordinator

Hospitality Training Australia: Summer School

Hospitality Training Australia is looking to run a summer school at Eltham High School for students interested in obtaining skills and qualifications in the hospitality industry.  The course commences on Monday, 16 December and will have a break over Christmas and New Year before resuming in mid-January 2014. 

Fliers concerning the course are available from the Careers office and also on line.  There is a minimal cost ($21) that is paid directly to HTA.

If you are interested you can contact HTA on 9369 5551 or email:   You can also enrol on line.

Student Wellbeing

Eating Disorders

If you have a child or loved one with an eating disorder or are concerned that someone you love may have and would appreciate some expert advice and information please be aware that Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) provide a very comprehensive web site and now offer a Psychology service which is Medicare rebatable

EDV are very excited to announce that the EDV Psychology service has expanded and have recently welcomed psychologist Dr Dion Nowoweiski  to the team. All psychologists at EDV have extensive experience in the field of eating disorders, and bring their knowledge and expertise to helping adolescents and adults, as well as their families. If you would like to book an appointment with one of our psychologists, please call 1300 550 236.

Wellbeing for Young People – Contact with Nature can be Restorative

Being in natural settings is intrinsically soothing and is shown to reduce unhealthy behaviour. Exactly why isn’t clear, but there is probably an evolutionary factor, as human beings and their predecessors were raised in, evolved in and likely designed for natural settings.

This affinity to natural life forms, what researchers term “biophilia,” is now being incorporated into new therapy techniques such as walk-and-talk therapy and adventure-based counselling, according to clinical psychologist Mary Gregerson of Heartlandia Psychology in Parkville, Mo. Being outdoors, she says, allows individuals an opportunity to “decompress” and can be a meditative experience. “You give yourself a change of pace and are able to lose a sense of that time pressure. It’s about being in the moment. That in and of itself is the achievement that you’re looking for.”

While the positive effects of nature have been illustrated in numerous studies, researchers are just beginning to understand why and how this happens. So heading in to the holiday period, make sure you and your family take time to "decompress" and commune with nature; we are lucky in Nillumbik to live close to it.

Via link: Contact with nature can be restorative Republican American.

Louise Heathcote

Student Services Leader
































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School Calendar



Wed 04

2014 Year 7 Parent Information Evening: 6.30pm (Performance Centre)

EHS Community Choir Rehearsal: 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Sun 08

Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup

(08 – 13 Dec)

Tue 10

2014 Year 7 Orientation Day

Wed 11

EHS Community Choir Rehearsal: 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Mon 16

Year 12 VCAA Results available to students

Wed 18

Symphonic Band Performance: 7.00pm (BMW Edge, Federation Square)

School Council Meeting: 7.30pm – 9.30pm

EHS Community Choir Rehearsal: 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Thu 19

Year 7 – 11 Reports Online

End Term 4: Finish 2.30pm

(Year 7 and Year 8)

Fri 20

Staff Day



Wed 29

Start Term 1: Years 7, 11 and 12

Thu 30

Start Term 1: Years 8, 9 and 10









Canteen Roster

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Adrienne Harris

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Catherine Rainey

Mon 09

Jana Eustance

Marianna Sparks

Tue 10

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School Absences

All Junior, Middle & Senior School absences can now be reported to:

9430 5299

(designated 24 hour answering service)

Please advise: name of child, year level, reason for absence and length of absence.




Final Notebook Instalment

The final instalment of the Year 7 and Year 8 2012 Notebook Program is due  30 November

Any queries, please contact Paula on 9430 5118


Smart not Scattered

After school support group to assist students with time management and organisation skills.

When: Tuesday

Location: Room 136

Time: 3.15pm – 3.45pm

Melissa Hughes

Coach: Whole School Professional Growth


Extra Maths Help

When: Tuesday

Location: Room 706

Time: 3.10pm – 4.00pm

Mrs Milner

Maths KLA Coordinator


Homework Club

When: Tuesday

Location: Room 908

Time: 3.15pm – 4.00pm

Julia List

Junior School Coordinator


Japanese Language Classes

Japanese Language Classes are available:

When: Friday

Location: Room 136

Time: 8.10am – 8.45am

Melissa Hughes

Coach: Whole School Professional Growth


















Why Not Get Involved!

Chess Club

When: Wednesday

Location: Library

Time: Lunchtime

Ben McLeay

English/Drama Teacher


When: Tuesday/Thursday

Location: 111 Drama Space

Time: 3.30pm – 5.00pm

George Franklin

Art/Technology KLA Coordinator

Drawing Club

When: Friday

Location: Room 168

Time: Lunchtime

Melissa Hughes

Coach: Whole School Professional Growth

Eltham High School Swimming Club

When: Thursday

Location: Eltham Leisure Centre

Time: 7.00am – 8.00am

Phil Boyd

Junior School Coordinator

Interschool Debating Team

When: Wednesday

Location: Room 166

Time: Lunchtime

Leanne Ipsen

Debating Coordinator

Manga and Anime Club

When: Friday

Location: Room 156

Time: Lunchtime

Melissa Hughes

Coach: Whole School Professional Growth